Venus Basalt Composites / Basalt Microspheres and Rigid Airships

(20 kg/m3 of airframe once you've subtracted for the 65+kg/m3 buoyancy = .085 g/cc)

This topic is apparently where those laws of physics should work just fine and dandy, as long as they're not being applied to anything moon or Venus, in which case their politically corrected interpretations aren't worth squat.

Venus basalt; quite similar to Earth basalt as well as somewhat similar to lunar basalt, though Venus basalt is already nicely preheated and probably thoroughly temperature stress relieved. This however is where Venus basalt could become the raw material of choice if you're in need of creating a substance worthy of becoming lightweight structural as well as a super terrific thermal insulating solution.

Quite unlike the harsh and radiation lethal environment of our moon, or Mars for that matter, as especially the moon having no Van Allen zone as well as zilch worth of any atmosphere, whereas the Venus environment is merely a little toasty warm, though otherwise well isolated from the bulk of solar radiation flak as well as from most other cosmic radiation having a rather tough time of it, as far as those cosmic particles getting closer to the sun plus all the way through those thick/dense clouds and of just penetrating the atmospheric depth and density itself, especially if you're residing within the cooler and thereby denser atmospheric season of Venus nighttime.

Of course, life on Venus is currently much like our moon, where humans can't possibly survive without some considerable degree of applied technology, of which there's absolutely no room for stupidity nor arrogance, as to error is most likely as fatal for being exposed on Venus as for that of our moon or even Mars. Biologically speaking on behalf of the sorts of life as we know of, Venus is certainly representing another no-win raw situation if there ever was. Although with some smarts and proper motivation, where there's a will to live there's a way.

Unfortunately, as for our visiting the moon, every molicule of O2 and of H2O plus just about anything else you can think of must be imported, and of the only natrual energy resource (besides TBI) is sunlight that requires a fairly massive (not so easily portable) array of solar tracking PV panels in order to extract at best a couple of hundred watts/m2, though zilch worth of said PV energy is available under lunar nighttime or even nearly zilch via earthshine isn't worth squat, unless perhaps those horrifically lethal cosmic rays along with whatever solar flak that's wrapping itself around the moon can be turned into energy. Thus energy wise, at least of any significant amount of requirement for sustaining humans, not to mention processing upon anything other, will need to be imported unless there's an LSE-CM/ISS tether dipole charging up some rather significant flywheels.

On mother Venus, the energy necessary to afford processing raw elements such as CO2-->CO/O2 and for basalt into fibers and micro-spheres, as for whatever additional heating as well as for creating and sustaining somewhat of a relatively horrific vacuum for further processing benefits is hardly any problem, at least it's not rocket science. Just from the vertical atmospheric differentials of mostly pressure (4+bar/km) is worth gigawatts without all that much applied technology. A nighttime season of those near surface thermal differentials may offer at least 10ºK/km, which simply becomes yet another highly beneficial commodity for kinetic energy extraction, as between utilizing the pressure and thermal differentials there's more than sufficient energy to operate power turbines that'll in turn become converted into those nifty electrons. There's no apparent need to store such energy because it's renewable as well as continuous day or night, though flywheel energy storage would permit 100X peak output for such tasks as communications and/or process laser cannons.

High temperature motor/generators capable of operating continuously at full load, such as at 1000ºF (811ºK) have been in our existence for more than a decade, while hybrid ceramic/metallic bearings have more than proven their worth at such temperatures, which clearly represents that there's no longer any electro-mechanical barriers, only our ignorance compounded further along by arrogance remaining as the obstacles to otherwise obtainable goals of surviving Venus (at least robotically until a new generation of humans can be cloned without all those stupidity DNA/RNA genes, excluding of what's been responsible for the pathetic nature of modern humanity that's lately been spending way too much it's existence in the toilet).

What all of this available energy means is that without having to implement all that much for having to be imported, raw basalt among other elements can be converted into fibers and of microspheres (microballoons) on location, where if these products were to be formed into composites of panels, beams, pipes and of insulating structural barriers of those containing mostly micro-spheres, then all is well and good with respect to creating truly wonderful things that'll more than take the heat while retaining their necessary strengths.

On Earth, such basalt fiber products range from 2.6 to 2.8 g/ccm, though certain chemical binders may increase that density to typically 3 g/ccm. However, on venus we have a couple of slight alterations that seem to benefit this basalt, in that the 0.91 G for starters places the completed highest density composite (3 g/ccm) product at perhaps a maximum of 2.73 g/ccm, while the mostly CO2 environment permits a very pure form of such composites to being created without the nasty intrusion of unwanted O2 nor H2O, thus the density of finished product should yield an even better strenght per ratio to most all metalic alternatives, not that Venus should be short of other mineral deposits that'll provide for obtaining numerous alloys, it's just that for right here on Earth, and as for that of our moon, and of no good reason to believe not on Venus, a basalt composite sort of wins hands down every time.

All that you'll need in order to process raw basalt is a reliable resource of energy, and lo and behold, of such energy is just about anywhere you'd care to look on Venus. In fact, at least for Venus, it should be damn difficult to locate somewhere there isn't surplus energy.

The following is just a couple of examples, descriptions upon of what a cubic meter worth of composite panel that could be considered as fully structural as well as a thermally insulating product. Even though some of my numbers aren't precise, that doesn't exclude upon what others can achieve, though so far, their avoidance and/or preference for electing absolute ignorance plus seemingly unlimited arrogance is pretty much what's blocking any hope for humanity, as the laws of physics certainly are not at fault, nor are the existing applied technologies insufficient nor for lacking proof, as I didn't invent such composites, although as long as they exist, perhaps we should consider their application before those Russians or Chinese accomplish everything.

If to be taking 2% of a cubic meter for accommodating just the inner/outer skin (two sides representing 10 mm each) of this cubic construction block, permitting the core (98% m3) to being made up of those nifty micro-spheres, from this basic outline we can subsequently estimate upon the total mass of the cubic meter as constructed primarily of basalt composites.

Taking the upper most density of 3 g/ccm worth of a basalt fiber panel composite as representing the 2%/m3 portion (involving basalt fibers plus chemical/synthetic or ceramic like binder); inner/outer skins 20e3 ccm = 60 kg maximum.

For a little argument sake, let us assume the core of micro-spheres are taking up 35 kg worth, being that the spheres and of whatever binders making those into a structural core, which is at this point a faily wide variable depending upon the micro-sphere size plus whatever binders get involved along with various methods of assembly.

In order to further complicate things, let us assume that within the process of creating those micro-spheres we managed to have those occupied with all but one bar worth of H2 and, let us further assume a conservative internal sphere volume displacement of H2 is representing just 40% of the total physical volume of spheres and binders (though I tend to believe 65% is perhaps an obtainable displacement goal if utilizing multiple microsphere sizes).

This first run-through is a wee bit on the hefty side of doing things for achieving a wishful 5 kg/m3 end result;

If the interior portion of this construction block = .98 m3 or .98e9 cmm

If we utilized the 65 kg/m3 as for the ambient atmospheric volume of buoyancy offset, of .98 m3, thus 40% H2 buoyancy = 65*.98*.4 = 25.48 kg

Because H2 weighs something, let's just conservatively utilize the 25 kg as for obtaining our rough idea as to exactly what all of the mrcro-spheres should offer; net 25 kg buoyancy.

Now we can further deduce that if there's to be a potential buoyancy offset of 25 kg and if we wanted this panel to remain somewhat heavier than 65 kg/m3, say amounting to an overall 70 kg/m3, we'll obviously need to be adding another 10 kg in addition to the 25 kg buoyancy, whereas along with the 60 kg worth of outer/inner skins of being 10 mm each; 60 + 35 - 25 = 70 kg.

The above was calculated without taking the .91 G into account, so let us say we do just that and still manage to add the necessary mass that'll offset the 25 kg buoyancy and, lo and behold, the outer skins are now 54.6 kg + block core of all these microspheres (.98/m3) can weigh 50.4 kg as allowing for the .91 G; 54.6 + 50.4 * .91 - 25 = 70.55 kg

50.4 kg worth of panel core material that's essentially comprised of a volume filled with various microspheres that are nearly uncrushable, depending upon binders capable of sustaining a certain amount of tension as well as tortion loads, all of which is offering R-1024 per overall meter of thickness, which seems like a rather nifty sort of structural filler product that can't be all that bad.

Even if a few of the basalt fibers were to be inter-mixed (skin to skin) throughout the core of mostly micro-spheres, it's seems rather unlikely that the thermal isolation would drop much below R-1024, especially since we're dealing mostly with conduction mode issues, though those micro-spheres should also greatly impeed most any of those radiated thermal mode issues. I'm not excluding other applications of thin coatings or layers of molybdenum or titanium nitrides as for further accomodating such reflective qualities that'll greatly enhance blocking the transmition of heat via radiant mode, though the basalt spheres containing H2 should manage the bulk of thermal barrier requirements.

Now then, because I'm just the village idiot around here, you'll have to inform me if it seems by having something of R-1024 or better on hand, that's also offering a fairly terrific structural material, of which I'm thinking isn't such a bad thing to have, especially considering that at good temperature is where a basalt composite can deliver ten fold better strength/kg than most alloy steel, plus offering nearly a perfect electrical insulator as well as offering an exceptional chemical resistance plus a sufficiently sealed molecule barrier to boot, that's way more than what's required for keeping CO2 out.

Good grief folks, does life and mechanical engineering for rigid airships get any better or what?

Seems like if one were having to travel anywhere near to and/or into those nighttime acidic/electrolytic clouds of Venus, by having the outer shell of your rigid airship constructed of something that essentially weighs darn little yet is much stronger than, and in more ways tougher than steel alloy, and unlike many metalic alloys is where basalt remains immune to all sorts of acids while also remaining almost entirely of non electrical conduction as substances get, thus of whatever electrolytic issues are absolutely none-issues. As such materials structural and insulating materials are to be applied within the hot and nasty environment of Venus, one needs to ask of what better alternatives are there?

In order to obtain a somewhat greater H2 volume contained (ideally under vacuum such as 1 bar would represent, though 0.1 bar should be obtainable) within the available volume intended for all those captive microspheres, so that the microsphere and of whatever binder could weigh considerably more than the 50.4 kg per .98 m3, here's a three part solution based roughly upon phi (1.618);

This is what a 2% skin/m3 and 98%/m3 of microsphere might have to offer:

If there are .98e9 of those 1 mm spheres having an interior radius of 0.490 mm
ir = 0.490 = a volume of .492807 cmm per sphere, total volume = 483e6 cmm.

plus another .98e9 of those .6 mm spheres having an interior radius of 0.295 mm
ir = 0.295 = a volume of .107536 cmm per sphere, total volume = 105e6 cmm.

plus another 3.92e9 worth of .38 mm spheres having a interior radius of 0.187 mm
ir = 0.187 = a volume of .027391 cmm per sphere, total volume = 108e6 cmm.

The combined sphere volume of H2: 483e6 + 105e6 + 54e6 = 503e6 cmm = 0.696 m3

Of course the various/random sphere alignments are never going to be exact, thus the best volume of potential buoyancy outcome might achieve 65% per volume.

On Venus (.91 G); every cmm worth of solid basalt composite = 2.548 mg

Every mm sphere of 10 micron wall thickness is worth 78.3e-6 g or .0783 g/ccm

The above spheres are those having relatively thick shells (eg; 10 micron), and of the remaining voids surrounding three sizes of basalt spheres (roughly 25% of the volume) will be partially and/or entirely filled with a high temperature binder and/or of whatever isn't of binder could conceivably be displaced with N2 or even plain old CO2 at whatever the ambient pressure. Even more reduction may be obtained if the imnner/outer skins incorporated a blend of microsheres as well as for their basalt fibers.

This is what a 2% skin/m3 at 50% composite density and of 98%/m3 of microsphere might have to offer:

If the outer skins of solid composite = 51 kg

If the combined spheres and binders = 149 kg

Obviously we've managed to accumulate 200 kg/m3 - 65 kg/m3 = 135 kg/m3

If we were to employ the 1%/m3 as outer/inner skins, and cut those sphere walls down to respectively 5, 3 and 2 micron, obviously the overall product density is reduced considerably. Even more so reduced if the inner/outer skins incorporate a blend of microsheres as well as for their basalt fibers.

If the outer skins of solid composite = 25.5 kg

If the combined spheres and binders = 74.5 kg

Obviously we've managed to accumulate 100 kg/m3 - 65 kg/m3 = 35 kg/m3

Thus we have essentially created a near solid m3 panel of basalt composites, whereas the maximum of inner and outer skins of either 10 mm or of 5 mm each, representing all of 2% or as little as 1% total volume, leaving up to 99% of the remaining m3 volume for those assortments of basalt microspheres. I've learned of various high-temperature binders that already exist that'll make this core of microspheres and of the skins into a truly high strength compliant structural solution, while delivering R-1024/m worth of insulation along the way. The thinner the spheres and the more of them the better, including having those blended within the fabricated skin composites may become worthy since the density requirement for fending off meteorites such as on the moon isn't a factor, thus further cutting the skin density of 2.6 g/cc in half is more than likely within good structural specification even if more than half of this product were of microsphere/binder (.076 g/cc), thus enabling a composite fiber/microsphere skin of perhaps 1.3 g/cc, which might still outperform titanium @4.65 * .91 = 4.23 g/cc.

Even though the horrific airship buoyancy of 65+kg/m3 will float an airship constructed of iron, a composite that's much lighter while also being stronger and suitable for penetrating those nasty clouds seems somewhat like the proper sort of thing to be doing, after all, it is supposedly hot and nasty on Venus. I therefore foresee no technological reasons why a target of 20 kg/m3 couldn't be realized, especially considering the cooler and greater atmospheric density of the Venus nighttime which offers greater buoyancy. Leaving the sheer internal volume of H2/N2 containment for primarily attributing to the net buoyancy rather than having to offset so much for the potentially massive airframe, making this format of composite rigid airship relatively compact and sleek enough to slice through the thick CO2 atmosphere of Venus with good efficiency and overall technical proficiency. The basalt composite being suitable for reentry to boot, so that spaceship/shuttle isn't out of the question.

I've since located several high temperature binders; this following report offers a good deal of related graphics and micron imaging along with some good-news/bad-news that pertains to bonding of said spheres, whereas some of the the typical bonded densities amounted to .56 g/ccm. Of course, none of these were of those manufacutred within any vacuum or minimal H2 environment, thus buoyancy potential wasn't an issue.

"Low Cost Ceramic/Ceramic Matrix Composites for Lightweight Space Based Mirrors"

"At This Point, Several Promising Binder/Sphere and Binder/Microballoon Combinations Had Been Manufactured and Characterized Utilizing SEM/X-ray"

"MSNW, Inc. Has Successfully Fabricated"
– Low CTE TiO 2 –SiO 2 microspheres and a corresponding frit
– Two bonded mirror substrate compositions demonstrating
• Low CTE (10 -6 in/ in/ºC or lower)
• Low density (0.5 g/cc or lower)
• Low processing temperature (1100ºC max)

Another generic site offering their relatively heavy commercial Sil-Cel Spherical Microballoon products;

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Microballoons are a lightweight free-flowing white powder consisting of microscopic, hollow, glass ball clusters. Microballoons are a specially processed silica glass, classified to insure uniform particle size and product performance and is hydrophopic (does not readily adsorb moisture). It disperses extremely well when mixed with various resins. Microballoons do not absorb resin and therefore provide maximum filler function. Cured systems are more water resistant and have a higher temperature resistance in addition to being more thermal and electrical resistive.

Specific gravity: 0.18
Effective Particle Density: 11.2 lb/cu ft
Surface pH: 7.0
Free moisture by weight: 0.4%
Dry bulk density: 0.13 g/cc (8 lb/cu ft)
Thermal conductivity (K): 0.36
Average particle size: 75 microns
Melting point: 2300ºF
Natural Color: White
ASTM D1483 Oil Adsorption, g oil/100cc: 30
Water Adsorption: 0.3% max
Average Particle Size: 75 microns
Particle Size Range: 1-300 microns
Approximate compressive crush strength: 1,800 psi

According to Glenn Rambach (
"A glass microsphere with a diameter of 50 microns and a wall thickness of 1 micron can contain hydrogen at a pressure of 9000 psi with a safety factor of 1.5 (the sphere will burst at 1.5 X 9000 psi)"

For certain there's been other applications besides safe liquid H2 storage, such as pertaining to rigid airship structure, where I'll consider that a basalt sphere can offer a wall thickness similar to the LLNL.GOV of 1 micron, thus offering lesser density/cc than either of the previous products, as well as opposed to what I've utilized as 5 micron, 3 micron and 2 micron walls.

Such as also having those solid basalt composite skins amounting to as little as 1%/m3 is certainly doable, although having a cubic meter becoming nearly self buoyant may introduce another advantage/disadvantage depending upon your point of view. Having a 5mm skin instead of 10 mm of solid basalt composite layup is certainly offering a sufficiently tough as nails solution for most any rigid airship skin criteria, except for perhaps the largest of craft, especially if that's backed up with a thoroughly bonded volume of microspheres plus fibers and another internal skin of 5 mm. Being that the airship interior offering H2/N2 containments can be of less pressure than what's exterior, and of what's outside being mostly those relatively big CO2 molecules, leakage inward certainly isn't a factor nor will there be anything H2 escaping, thus porosity of the basalt composite becomes secondary.

Thermal differential requirements being somewhat less if cruising within the nighttime season as well as at 5+km should permit the overall hull thickness to being of 0.5 meters, even though thickness of the microsphere volume isn't all that much of a weight factor, considering that it's the most buoyant portion of the overall composite shell, especially since the required internal structures of airship ribs, beams, bulkheads and compartments will more than bring the average airship density into something that's always less than buoyant, allowing the gas filled portions (hybrid of mostly H2/N2 along with only a relatively small percentage of O2 per existing in the occupied cabin interiors) to accommodating whatever volumes of displacement requirement for obtaining the desired buoyancy, resolving whatever the task demands, especially since size isn't of any significant factor anymore.

Remember that under the atmospheric environment of what Venus has to offer, only a slight percentage of O2 is required for sustaining Earth humans (even really stupid ones), thus the safety factor of any chance combinations of H2/O2 that could be ignited remains absolutely fail-safe. At least the issues of those pesky lunar meteorite impacts aren't going to impose any demands, as the thick atmosphere should pretty much resolve such by consuming nearly whatever is incoming unless those are of 1000+kg and of mostly iron.

Under whatever horrific compression that even you can think of, these sorts of composite basalt panels can withstand far more loading and stress abuse than what's needed and (certainly the ambient temperature isn't a factor), best of all is that the vast bulk of everything required (including the process energy) is already available for the taking. Of course you'll need to be smart enough to figure all this out, as for reading anything NASA or moderated to death by NASA, such as being cloaked by numerous external groups and associations of science and physics types that have been suckling off taxpayers while painting a purely doom and gloom scenario that's entirely beyond our human biological and technological capability, and apparently as well as for being far outside the little smelly little box of human intelligence to even consider, so much so that there's no apparent way in holy hell that anything Venus is going to be worth squat, oddly the same goes for anything lunar.

Admittedly this basalt composite alternative doesn't provide much of a fix for the great roasty/toasty outdoors of Venus, especially as far as humans directly interfacing such in the buff, though at least for the notion of surviving within a suitable basalt composite abode and of the interiors of any sort of surface transport bus, or of remaining aloft via airship certainly isn't insurmountable anymore. Like the LM-1 metro bus I've intended for our moon, while the basalt composite is mostly of solids and relatively thick composite that's responsible for fending off the horrific radiation and whatever zippy meteorites, within the near zilch worth of lunar atmosphere buoyancy certainly isn't a consideration, though basalt simply wins hands down on behalf of accomplishing the structural as well as radiation shield and sufficient thermal barrier requirements for the LM-1 bus, just as well as for about every Venus issue and then some.

Why bother to utilize exotic alloy steels when such a nifty composite of basalt is simply better in just about every classification, plus doable from local raw materials as well as for being processed from local energy resources, then for being entirely reparable on location to boot.

Although a moon suit or even a Venus suit is a bit more challenging objective, there's certainly no reason why basalt fabrics can't be utilized for these applications, by sandwiching a layer or two of those basalt micro-spheres between and/or bonded within layers of basalt fabric should enable a measure of thermal isolation that a personal power pack could manage a sufficient degree of extracting 1000 btu/hr while not allowing all that much of whatever external heat back in. Since we're talking about a Venus suit differential of perhaps 300ºK, achieving an R-64 or better may offer a bit of a portable challenge but certainly not insurmountable, especially if the personal energy pack is capable of sustaining at least 1 kw/hr over a term of 10 hours or 5 kw/hr for a sprint of at least 1 hour.

The way it never was

For those that can't stand the thought of my being the least bit right, much less the thought of those knowingly moderated by our NASA being the lest bit dead wrong, I'm offering no magic solutions, nor industrial grade medications that'll make things that count all better, nor am I offering a clue as to how we're going to get ourselves out of this NASA/Apollo mess.

All that I know for certain, is that if I were looking at such quality satellite images of a given planet that wasn't supposed to be inhabited, and I saw what I thought were unusual (never before identified as being natural) pixel patterns, especially of those pixels looking much like a donkey and of his rocket hauling cart that could just as easily be packing a sufficient stash of said missiles, chances are fairly good that I wouldn't be all that convinced by others insisting those pixels were merely of any common rock formation and thereby of upholding their all natural uninhabited terrain status quo, as no matters what, especially if it were my ass on the line, I'd keep insisting upon what I could see was in fact more likely artificial than not, as well as more likely WMD worthy than not, and worth another look-see before it's too late again.

Every time Venus swings close by Earth (110 times further than our moon) we've missed out on the opportunity to exchange binary packets of smut or of whatever else turns you on. We've also missed another decade of opportunities to deploy something like TRACE-II that could have been efficiently stationkeeping itself at Venus L2 (VL2). Instead we've gotten ourselves worried sick over looking for scruffy warlords and worried to death every time a donkey cart shows up. We're literally too busy blowing up hundreds of billions and losing life at nearly every corner at that (there's not even a measurable DMZ), to otherwise be bothered with advancing humanity through honest sciences and of meaningful direction.

The fact that I've identified a small community of structures having a rational layout of geometrically unified (non-random) and of unusually symmetrical features, along with offering a rather sizable tarmac nearby, then a rather substantial bridge associated with a clearly excavated roadbed that nicely alluded gravity while circumventing an otherwise perfectly natural/rugged mountainous terrain, of my identifying a few too many interconnected reservoirs, then a large horizontal silo like structure clearly indicating an airship like airframe extending out from under a hatch, plus those nearby rows of recessed spheres no less seems just a wee bit beyond the known standards necessary for establishing those observations as for being considered more likely right than not, thereby more likely artificial than not, and certainly worthy of some other life NOT as we know it, even if that's pertaining to some pre-greenhouse era.

Perhaps what I need to keep asking is this; What part of the phrase "more likely right than not" is over your head, or how about the phrase "more likely artificial than not", or perhaps "life NOT as we know it". I'll suppose I could use the traditional 2X4 in order to bash in the heads of those unable to think outside their smelly little box, as otherwise I could barrow a few of those donkey carts and see what happens next.

Taking the warm and fuzzy flak from all angles;
Since others haven't been offering their supposed expertise as to how any of this could be so natural (at least not by any example), nor offering their expertise as to what other this observation could represent that's potentially artificial, so in the mean time I've started to learn more of science and those pesky laws of physics. Lo and behold, I learned of numerous technological solutions and of otherwise doable methods that could have managed quite nicely for life on Venus, not to even mention of what Darwin has to say nor of what using a little survival intelligence kicked in the butt by the onset of the greenhouse era has to offer. I also learned of planetary evolution which clearly indicated that such a greenhouse environment like Venus didn't happen overnight, a more likely transition over thousands of years, giving ample time and obvious incentive as to coming up with solutions or else.

I've since learned (starting as of nearly three years ago) that the esteemed opposition to all of this has much to lose, like nearly everything, so much so that there's no apparent option, except for these cloak and dagger fools and/or snookered nice folks as to stonewalling all of this one into their nearest toilet. Unfortunately, the one they're all trying to use at the same time is of the spendy space toilet verity, that which has been thoroughly plugged solid by excessive carnage ever since their cold-war Apollo ruse/sting.

Sorry folks, if I'm still expected to seeing those pixels as representing the one and only examples of such environment sculptured rocks that oddly matured themselves into looking as a community having such numerous infrastructure attributes, as if those patterns were something natural, I would have used my vast experience of looking out the window of an airplane, plus those of others that should have easily matched those pixel patterns up with numerous other similar recordings of such purely natural stuff existing on Earth, though I oddly can't seem to do that because, out of tens of thousands of SAR images taken of Earth and some of other planets, there's been absolutely no other images of anything so complex existing as natural ever recorded, as anything quite like this Venus community, not even close. The only images of anything remotely close are those taken of Earth that involve artificial attributes, as in man made.

Having to waste my time has given me opportunity and further reason to look into the motives of why there's been so much opposition and otherwise dismay over a relatively simple observational discovery, of identifying other life most likely existing and/or at least of some pre-greenhouse existence on Venus. Sort of duh-101 allover again, as in my having to learn of the cloak and dagger aspects of the Apollo cold-war sting, then learning of all the other closely associated but "nondisclosure" agendas reliant upon upholding this ruse/sting of the century, of which there's been numerous secondary stings plus a whole lot of disinformation delivered via those spendy infomercials, and literally millions of spendy textbooks plus a few hundred million of technical publications, all delivering lies founded upon previous lies, and being promoted by such liars that have absolutely no morals against their further lying.

I've been told that history has nearly always been rewritten by the victor in order to suit the will of whomever is in charge. Every powerful civilization and even the Pope has manage to thoroughly rewrite history and to otherwise burn off those books of whatever previous truth, so that only their cult of survival and current existence is available to be learned and followed. This is not anything new, in fact this is even more true today than ever, as all one needs to do is follow the power and money trails and you'll discover the hidden truths lying all about yourself, which still goes as much for religious cults as much as it applies to politics and of whomever is your commander and chief liar is most likely also your resident warlord liar (gee whiz, whom do we know like that?). If it takes skewed science as well as skewed physics in order to uphold that skewed history, then apparently so be it (if it worked for the Pope, you'd think it should be good enough for NASA).

Earth is basically chuck full of such lying liars that continue to lie their way though life at the expense and demise of others. You don't have to take my word for it, just ask a surviving Cathar or perhaps more recently a survivor and/or whistle blower of the 6-Day war is where you'll discover truths as well as all the carnage you can possibly handle, including those of the USS LIBERTY fiasco and of the more recent associated 9/11 events, with that tit for tat still ongoing as we speak, with no DMZ in sight.

Unfortunately, human memories and our insatiable need to satisfy through revenge goes deep, deeper yet into ethnic/religious cults, and should you care to test those waters you'll soon learn that written history is most often worth only the paper it's written upon and, most likely the newer the paper the less truthful that history gets. Most unfortunately, is that nearly worthless paper still manages to influence and infect a bloody host of other research and of their subsequent publications, thus previous lies become a foundation for skewing nearly everything else into the toilet of life.

BTW; as history has proven out, you can always get your revenge by simply not doing your job or by not interfering with someone other that's about to deliver the one-two punch unknowingly on your behalf. This is how you get those very public individuals assassinated, how you get your cake and able to eat it too, by just sitting back while knowingly withholding information and otherwise knowingly disinforming the public which allows some otherwise relatively insignificant force (Hitler, Lee Harvey Oswald, bin Laden or Saddam) to deliver those lethal death blows, or simply for sustaining civil unrest that you simply can't personally accommodate without becoming another target of mutual retribution.

Throughout history, religions and governments have used their "nondisclosure" cloak of silence to inflict as much damage as possible without their ever firing a single shot, thus spies become invaluable (though highly expendable) and of otherwise by merely covertly training those that'll being doing the dastardly deeds and/or perhaps even supplying them with a few off-the-record weapons certainly can't hurt as long as those weapons can't be traced back to your doorstep, and hopefully not ever utilized against yourself. Thereby inflicting horrific economical as well as physical carnage from the benevolent isolation of being a supposed innocent bystander that just so happens to gain at the demise of someone other, such as through keeping a civil war in full swing disrupts your competition's ability to export crops, goods and/or services, which in turn benefits your empire by essentially eliminating the competition as well as creating an artificial sense of shortages which permits further price gouging, in other words the best of both worlds without becoming blamed for much of anything.

This same process of skewing the truth or of otherwise withholding truths goes for the likes of our wonderful cloak and dagger NASA/NSA/DoD, even though decades have produced thousands of perfectly nice folks into becoming carnage and lots of it on behalf of upholding the cold-war sting/ruse of the century, there's apparently no turning back. Thus when some village idiot comes along, without even being a card carrying Borg member of the collective no less, such as regarding my discoveries and the subsequent research having run itself directly into the muck of what others have been preying wouldn't ever become public knowledge, at least not for another half century, as in not until long after those benefiting have been thoroughly dead and gone without a soul related for ever being heald responsible, somewhat like the current Pope isn't all that likely to being personally held responsible for the horrific discriminations and subsequent exterminations of Cathars plus whomever was associated.

Thus the moon and even Venus remains taboo, off limits as to the truth(s) of history as well as for the truths of science and physics becoming off limits by the orchestrated efforts of those being merely corrected upon by what I've uncovered, as apparently even the likes of bin Laden, Saddam and Hitler wouldn't have taken this one any other way, just as those Popes wouldn't have changed a damn thing even if their deeds were to be done allover, all because power corrupts, even though some day those money trails as well as bloody body counts would be there to prove it, though long after the fact and once again too damn late for humanity.

Wherever there's a documentation void in our history, especially where no such void should have existed, or where the facts simply do not fit the crime scene, there's usually a well orchestrated cover-up of something dastardly and more likely than not loaded with ulterior motives and hidden agendas in order to disguise and/or mask whatever carnage as some otherwise unavoidable act of God, which can certainly become a little embarrassing since most science and physics types don't believe in any sort of God that doesn't provide grants and other tax free perks.

For some reason these supposedly nice folks hiding behind their professions of whatever astronomy, physics and of numerous skewed history dependencies, as being somehow unattached to our reality of what all the rest of humanity must survive within, as in their somehow being devoid of any moral responsibility, would like others to believe that perhaps there is in fact a sort of God that's very politically correct about sanctioning their agendas on behalf of their perverted idea of what the rest of humanity deserves. Unfortunately, I could identify more analogies than both of us can shake that flaming stick at, showing where each and every lie that I've discovered begets another lie and then proliferates liars telling their stories (infomercials) based upon all the previous lies is about all there is, unless whatever truth that accidentally slips in is purely inconsequential and thereby unable to unravel the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

So, the task or perhaps trick is to be looking at all those supposedly minor truths that can be sufficiently verified as true, and then of checking those for patterns of collective minor truths if being artificial rather than of naturally occurring events (artificial meaning moderated by you know whom), which then leads one into discovering the overall understanding of subsequently learning what's actually what. Somewhat like my discovering what the fully solar illuminated moon has to offer in the way of TBI exposure, solar flak plus cosmic being worth 342 rads per sunny day if you're honestly including upon what the secondary worth of all those hard X-Rays is contributing, especially being that you're not only situated in front of the mostly basalt shield but supposedly walking centimeters deep within the absolute worst possible radiation infected environment you can think of that's outside the Van Allen zone of death (I'm still excluding all the horrifically lethal solar flak events of October/November 2003, as that's not even close to being less than 340 rads/hr.).

If you can educate folks like myself as to a better understanding for what the lunar surface environment is actually about, even if that's another supposed "walk in the park" such as those nice Borg folks of must concede if in fact those Apollo TBI measurements per mission were even of 10% truth, as ten fold greater exposures would still have represented the "walk in the park" that I've otherwise determined as being another NASA Borg lie if there ever was.

Those moon suits were capable of offering little more than an air bag, more or less of a lunar thermal consideration as well as a moon dirt shield than of accommodating any radiation abatement because the density simply wasn't there to be had and, that's certainly a fact, not to be discounting upon the truly horrific illumination of a lunar terrain that was typically 50% reflective as compared to the truth of it otherwise having to be 11% upon average, along with those Apollo images indicating damn few (far too few) of those shards of meteorites strewn about. Actually, portions of a lunar landscape would need to have been nearly soot black, at best 5% reflective, while the brightest portions might have obtain a 25% reflective index, again with having lots of those meteorite shards mixed in (no atmosphere thus everything in abundance as well as sharp), thus the infamous clumping moon dirt of mostly basalt, plus other natural elements and loads of all the other debris might average 341 g/cc, which offers an average molecular density that should have been very much reactive to solar and cosmic flak, at least for the first 10 cm worth clumping moon dirt.

In order to best understand and subsequently engineer for the LSE-CM/ISS environment (including the LSE lobby and of the LM-1 bus), I certainly could go on and on about the truths of having to be situated on the moon, of course that would only further exclude any possibility of our previously walking on the moon within the technology at the disposal of those Apollo missions, of which even their lander comprised mostly of paper thin and flat aluminum panels that couldn't have withstood more than 3 psi without bulging at the seems, can't seem to be sufficiently documented as flight functional. Oddly the Russian lander was robust and having no such flat panel areas, so that their .75 atmosphere (11 psi) could be safely accommodated, not to mention the added shielding from radiation and of offering at least some meteorite tolerance.

I believe the lunar surface is collecting it's fair share of space debris, and  without an atmospheric buffer, perhaps at times accumulating those at the rate of at least one particle per day per m2 are managing to impact the moon. Of those particles of even a mm grain of sand (5 mg), if traveling along at 10+km/s, are each potentially lethal to whomever is out and about on the moon, whereas 25+km/s surface impacts should start to prove rather interesting to say the least. Therefore my LM-1 bus having a nearly solid basalt composite of 25 cm may prove to require some heavier elements incorporated as well as field repairs from time to time.

What I'm saying is that our supposedly wonderful NASA has been all along providing the absolute nastiest of butts worth of cloaking on behalf of our beloved NSA/DoD daggers worth of their being entirely chuck full of the worst possible bastards of human incest, of otherwise sustaining the worthless portion of humanity of the most skewed DNA clones you can possibly think of, far worse than Hitler and as nearly the same goes for there being the sorts of religious cult incest per cloning of those Cathar exterminating Popes, as can be directly compared to the likes of our very own NASA/NSA/DoD technology assisted prisoner exterminations by Israeli, that which subsequently brought us the warm and fuzzy likes of the USS LIBERTY fiasco, then lots of continuing cold-war carnage ever since, then 9/11, then onward into some bloody snipe hunting for those WMD, when perhaps all that we actually needed to accomplish was to locate a few relatively low-tec WMD disguised as donkey-carts. This is not to say that all worker bees are those inherently as bad off nor as incest infected with the same degree of skewed DNA/RNA as of their bosses, nor worse yet of our resident warlord, as there are measurable degrees of incest that's worth considering unless all is lost, of which I'm hoping isn't the case, all lost that is.

If it weren't for all the worker bees (snookered or otherwise) doing their level best at whatever nitch expertise, as to please their boss and/or their resident warlord by keeping tightly within their assigned box, as well as for requiring the utmost degree of tunnel hearing as well as tunnel vision, the sorts of disasters and dastardly deeds committed by the likes of Hitler, Oswald, bin Laden, Saddam and even of the Catholic church couldn't have happened, at least not to the extent and for not as covered up as our skewed history has been recorded. Of course, without knowing the truth, there's absolutely no way of preventing the same carnage from happening over and over, no way of learning from past mistakes nor of creating the necessary motivation for focusing what few remaining resources we have upon obtainable goals.

In other analogy words, the basket has already gone to hell and we're not only still in it but being recycled through the toilet of life no matters what. At least that's how I see the response to what I've uncovered and that's not even the tip of the iceberg. Science and especially the physics associated with our NASA is one big ass lie if there ever was, therefore truthful research can't possibly coexist, no more than Cathars can coexist alongside the Pope, nor Palestinian can coexist with Jews.

Of course differing truths can coexist, as honest opinions are the staff of life, giving the very reason to bother getting up in the morning and to share whatever, whereas lies only begets lies until the toilet runneth over, or until there's absolutely no one left. The last one into the toilt flushes the damn thing and that's it (end of story).

All of this Venus airship interest is somewhat more or less going to become obtainable with regard to our first establishing my Lunar Space Elevator and/or GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot, as offering a perfectly valid means to an end (actually many ends), as opposed to the ESE fiasco of just blowing hundreds of billions directly into the toilet, even though somewhat less risky than for those insisting upon walking on the moon or Mars:
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