Don't start off with all the "doom and gloom" aspects of h2o2

by; Brad Guth / IEIS~GASA    updated: December 14, 2003

We already know that just about anything in the hands of an American educated moron is downright lethal. Christ almighty, even milk should become classified as another top level biohazard, and I'm afraid that's the good news.

The bad news is, every hour of every day there are sufficiently nice folks being burned alive by just plain old gasoline, certainly others by way of propane and even natural gas isn't fail safe, especially when it's in the form of LNG is about as lethal as life gets, but then there's also nearly explosive fires from excessive diesel fuel, from the likes of coal dust, from fairly common methanes, from all sorts of fertilizers, from plain old sawdust and of how many times have we been informed about a grain silo leveling everything within 1000 meters. Truly stupid folks have been burn to death over their own selfinflicted grease fires, and even those that specifically delve into the art of concentrating, consumer and commercial repackaging and subsequently playing with really serious volumes of nasty explosives for the purely commercial and/or ritualistic (pagan worshiping) sake of entertaining others and themselves with fireworks, whereas countless thousands have since paid the ultimate price and hardly any of that is outlawed or even being certified by their local hetheons encharge of such common sense enforcements.

So, don't start off by informing me that a dual fuel/oxidiser combination is too freaking dangerous, as surely I cn prove that plain old water is damn lethal, especially if it's eith too hot or in too much volume.

Apparently nothing much is perfectly safe, and as I mentioned not even water if you'd care to tally up the lives taken as a result of there being too much h2o or even a relatively small amout that has gotten too hot. Essentially, too much of just about anything is lethal, such as too much sun combined along with our talents for creating artificial global warming by way of shifting the global albedo by 5% is just another example of humanity's arrogance and utter stupidity.

So, we must need a scale of risk assessment that's understandable if not entirely manageable through reasonable disaster avoidance and safely applied technology. As for an example, obviously too much H2O has been lethal to life as we know it, that is unless you're still sufficiently aquatic reptile or fish like, so therefore water should offer a relatively high risk assessment of perhaps 9 or even 9.5 as far as humanity is concerned. Come to think of it, plain old air is sort of worth squat if your body happens to be uncontrollably falling through it, as opposed to h2o at least you're not falling to your death, so perhaps air should be given a 10+, especially when it contains way too much of that nasty O2 that'll make almost anything burn, and otherwise O2 corrodes and/or prematurely ages whatever it comes in contact with.

At the pressure of one bar (14.7 psi) is where 10% O2 should be the norm, especially since vast numbers of other life on this planet are getting along sufficiently fine and dandy with all of 1 < 2% O2. At least at 10% there wouldn't have been half as many devastating forest fires and, even of those fires most likely would not have created half the damage. In other words, even after a shock-wave blast from a stinger is where the likes of flight-800 which just so happened to have taken the outgoing Tel Aviv departure slot might have landed more or less in tact since the fuel itself shouldn't have added insult to the initial injury, plus thousands of folks working in a couple of tall buildings would still be alive. So obviously living in a 21% O2 (oxygen rich) environment is not such a good thing as to be having so much of, especially once we're easily acclimated to 10%, and whereas other reactions in need of an oxidiser will be starved, but we'll be just fine.

As far as liquid fuel safety issues for the transportation industry (privet and commercial), far more folks seem to die off and/or sustain harsh physical damage from various fuels and/or from whatever other is ignited, than die from collisions. 9/11 is simply another perfectly good example of those folks that unfortunately died from the actual impact, as well as nearly ten times that many having died from the affect of those associated fires and or in the task of rescuing folks affected by those fires. In other words, if it weren't for all the horrific volumes of c12h26 along with the excess of an o2 assisted fire, there'd either be thousands of nice folks still alive and/or the debris from the resulting explosion from all of the h2o2 would have reached into Kansas, which clearly represents that we should all be utilizing the overall safety and efficiency of h2 airships because, there simply wouldn't have been any horrific impact nor disaster to start off with.

As for intentionally creating fire, seems like having a relatively small quantity of fuel substance and then mostly a stable liquid oxidiser as for creating the contained sort of fire that's strickly within an IC engine is offering a whole lot safer alternative than of any impact dispersed tankage of gasoline or even that of open jet engine exhaust and especially of any flaming rocket engine exhaust. Seems rather especially beneficial if that IC manages to obtain a much greater amount of energy per kg while cutting those artificial co2 emissions, as that only seems like a beneficial win-win as far as overall fuel economy as well as for the environment.

Face it, life's a freaking risk, especially if you just so happen to have yourself a perverted warlord running amuck that's been making up lies about WMD, just so that he can utilize our for-real WMD upon undeserving bystanders and even via friendly-fire upon the supposedly "good guys", of which in turn has been specifically responsible for the taking the lives of thousands of other nice folks as being exterminated by way of our WMD that's not nearly so invisible as those stealth donkey-carts, of our WMD acting very much like the Pope/Cathar fiasco, and of way too many similar events throughout recent history. So, on a scale of 0-10, what's a little h2o2 risk factor worth these days?

As compared to pure hydrogen, especially liquid hydrogen, whereas at least h2o2 represents a reasonably stable liquid at 1 bar, where it's boiling and/or vapor point is 150ºC. Increasing that surrounding pressure and making it mostly of CO2 is almost safer than ice cream.

Seems clear that we're worse off by way of having far too much O2, unless you're situated well above 10,000' where the ambient O2 remains more than sufficient for human life without offering much fear of sustaining combustion. By far the most unstable single element that we seem to have way too much of on Earth for our own good is oxygen, and the situation only gets worse off as that's converted into liquid oxygen, as it reacts quite badly with just about everything, including humans.

On the other hand, h2o2 looks much like water because it essentially is water, along with a couple extra margins of oxygen ("O2") invested, thus if it's stored cold enough it becomes nearly 1.45 grams/cc and becomes even more stable. Adding pressure to the storage of h2o2 is yet another proven way of extending it's thermal storage tolerance.

Because the h2 portion of the formula is sort of nicely combined into the matrix, there's obviously darn little free h2 for impacting upon metal embritalment issues, and it remains as a fluid at most ambient temperatures and pressures, nor does it leak so easily. It's also ideal for being hydraulically pumped through tubes and even for being highly pressurized for a process of being injected into a combustion chamber.

But is h2o2 sufficiently moron and/or village idiot safe?

Hardly, at least not as for coming in direct contact with, but if that's the only issue then gasoline is absolutely lethal because it takes so little to ignite, especially if there's any significant amount of that nasty o2 anywhere around, plus the fact if your body should become covered in gasoline, you'll also die from suffocation, as the same probably goes for the likes of h2o2, though intermittent contact with either substance is generally not lethal, as well as the chance of a spontaneous fire is just as unlikely with h2o2.

As for accommodating a common rail of 100 bar delivery into 10:1 compression injectors can deliver a pulse delivery of 1000 bar worth of highly atomised h2o2, and by the freaking way, it's still stable unless there's a specific ignition. Another BTFW is that the current development of pressure boosting injectors can deliver their substances at 2000 bar.

Sort of those same measures go for the likes of c12h26 (kerosene) affording reasonably safe, though still not moron proof, methods of storage and usage.

As long as the h2o2 is contained/isolated from the c12h26, until delivery into a specific combustion environment chamber, all is well and good with those laws of physics as for these two compounds, plus there are numerous other reactants which may be utilized besides c12h26, such as co.

Though it's true that if luck and/or pure stupidity has it's way, there well be complications, injuries and even some unfortunate exterminations of life as we know it, though also will the effort of getting out of bed be just as likely to result in deaths, more likely yet if there's another one of those stealth donkey-carts involved.

Good grief folks; if you must correct my grammar, fix my syntax and math, circumvent my distain for so much of modern day humanity that been running itself amuck, then that's just fine and dandy.

As far as the issues of h2o2/c12h26; of what we've needed is a better and/or clarified understanding of exactly what it takes to produce good volumes of high quality h2o2, as for the storing of it, safe methods for delivery and of course all sorts of involvements as for obtaining the best of ideas and of applied solutions of utilizing the damn stuff. Instead we seem to have ourselves another typically American paranoia based upon utter stupidity (much like the Hindenburg paranoia) fueled along by loads of our own government perpetrated disinformation plus our own ignorance that's been oxidised by absolute American arrogance.

Since h2o2 isn't just laying around, nor even representing the perfect solution for absolutely everything, there's much of what I'd like to learn more about:

1) How much process energy is required in order to produce a kg worth of 98+% h2o2 ?

2) Of how much specific energy (kw/kg) at what ratios can h2o2/c12h26 release ?

3) The upper/lower thermal limitations of the h2o2, at various pressures ?

4) Metal alloys best suited for containment and piping of h2o2 ?

5) Use of various composites, such as basalt for storage and piping ?

6) Use of ceramics for the combustion chamber, perhaps the entire engine ?

7) Various other IRRC engine alternatives for the safe internal combustion utilization ?

I believe I've learned some of the answers to the above questions, although I'd like to share and give credit to those willing to equally share in their expertise, which is obviously something that's just not going to happen with anything NASA or funded by NASA or even by those hoping to becoming funded by the likes of NASA/NSA/DoD.

This phase is definitely another work in progress that's way outside the box, where full body flak suits may be required and even establishing of a defensive perimeter or DMZ that'll protect your butt from those that'll take whatever measures necessary, though at least all the shock and awe action should be seriously hot and nasty, making life either a whole lot more interesting or simply downright testy.

It's quite true that I'm still the village idiot that's firmly believing we should have been operating a lunar space elevator as of at least a decade ago, as well as for recognizing the more likely than not existence of other life still existing on Venus, just as firmly if not more so than I did nearly 3 years ago, as that's when I was still snookered into bothering to inform officials within NASA and, I even informed as many I could discover on my own that were outside of those "nondisclosure cults", only to further discover that way too many nice folks (including myself) had been snookered into falsehoods of worshiping our infamous cloak and dagger pagan religion of cold-war tit for tats (NASA providing the ultimate cloak), which obviously amounted to our Apollo ruse/sting, though always at the expense of all humanity that wasn't entirely on our side, even though the official disinformation surmounted to paranoia which subsequently contributed to secondary/collateral carnage, just as much as our friendly-fire certainly inflicted it's fair share upon anyone standing too close to our blazing hearth, or that of any stealth donkey-cart.

Please continue to check out the following topic and the ongoing page link, contributing whatever you've got. As even if it's only more of that warm and fuzzy flak, as I'll take whatever you've got to spare. I'll only return the warm and fuzzy favor if I feel it'll vent my frustrations in a useful way that others can appreciate, as otherwise I'll certainly learn much from whatever you can share, hopefully without getting yourself and associates into "nondisclosure" trouble, as that I understand could become downright lethal.

"Internal Rocket Rotary Combustion Engine (IRRCE = 15+KW/kg of C12H26)"


I'd like nothing better than to further update this "gv-hybrid-irc" page with corrections and full credits to those willing and able to be working outside their box. For some folks that'll likely be outside of their global warming box, or perhaps that secret box containing the stash of all those WMD donkey-carts.

Speaking of stealth donkey-cart class WMD and of Chinese h2o2;

Regarding the fact that it usually takes energy in order to make alternative (higher density) energy; Seems it'd be darn nice if we could purchase 10 of those well proven as efficient and safe French nuclear reactors for roughly the price of just one of our proprietary (one of a kind) nuclear fiasco utility plants, as then we'd have the surplus energy for not only affordably producing all of our own h2o2, but also for obtaining volumes of plain old hydrogen. As I totally agree that hydrogen as a fuel is super terrific, especially for atmospheric breathing IC engines and/or fuel-cells, as long as it's made available (produced on site) in much the same distribution and outlets as present day gasoline service stations, or even of home brewed hydrogen (h2).

OK, so I'm a wee bit exaggerating about obtaining those 10 French for one US reactor, it's more likely a 4:1 ratio. None the less, 100 or so new reactors should place our country at the 75% nuclear level, as lord knows we seem to have way more than our fair share of (WMD) weapons grade fuel that needs to be diluted into reactor fuel, preferably before it burns a whole all the way to China.

Though now that China has capitalized upon a rather significant renewable resource of surplus energy, as hydroelectric coming on line, perhaps in addition to just about everything else we're obtaining from China we should soon be able to purchase all the quality h2o2 necessary for less than 10 cents on the dollar, then also whatever amounts of pure hydrogen from either China or Iceland.

If instead of honestly dealing with this topic of IC energy alternatives, should anyone care to argue the finer points of no return, of which this nation undertook with the Apollo era, in that case I'd bet our WMD donkey-carts can still blow their donkey-carts right off the face of Earth, even if we must utilize ABL cannons capable of roasting a wing at 100 miles.

Although, the only folks I'd honestly trust with the lock-box associated with our truly world class WMD, of which don't even utilize donkeys, such as the Phantom Works ABL, are those nice Cathars, though since their demise I'd settle for the Dogon, as I'm fairly certain those folks don't have a mean bone in their bodies, and certainly no ulterior/hidden agendas upon world domination by way of capitalizing and/or controlling all of the significant energy reserves.

Of course, if you'd rather be arguing about what never happened on the moon, or about some specific other warm and fuzzy event in recent history, I'll entertain those sorts of "tit for tats" as long as I get in the last word, which might even become an admission of self ignorance should your points actually have what it takes (the right stuff), as I'll stand corrected if in fact I'm intentionally in error rather than merely snookered like the other 99% of Earth.

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