photons/m2 and of photons/m3

there are photons as AM/FM energised, plus those at rest as photonic dark matter

(is this the physics of creation and/or of accepting intellectually superior but rational laws of terraforming)

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The missing Mass of the Universe; besides dead stars and physical dust, could be photons

by; Brad Guth / GASA~IEIS     updated: July 13, 2004

As of July 13, 2004; Here's what's new and improved within my three cell brain.

Monochromatic Radiation

Calculating the number of photons in a joule of monochromatic light of wavelength X is straightforward since the energy in each photon is given by: E = hc/X joules

h = Planck’s constant (6.626e-34 J s)
c = Speed of light (2.998e8 m s-1)
l = Wavelength in rn

So the number of photons per joule is: Npl = l x 5.03e15 where l, is in nm (*)

Since a watt is a joule per second, one Watt of monochromatic radiation at k corresponds to Npl photons per second. The general expression is:

dNpl / dt = Pl x l x 5.03e15

Similarly, you can easily calculate photon irradiance by dividing by the beam impact area.

(*) We have changed from a fundamental expression where quantities are in base Sl units, to the derived expression for everyday use.

What is the output of a 2 mW (632.8 nm) HeNe laser in photons per second?

2 mW = 2e-3 W fp = 2e-3 x 632.8 x 5.03e15 = 6.37e15 photons/second

Thereby 3.185e18 photons/watt/second as per 632.8 nm are being created, and available for travel at light speed unless constrained by gravity (blackhole) or boxed in by mirrors, as otherwise within one second those photons have become summarily spread or perhaps superconducted over the vast distance of 2.998e8 meters.

Thus 3.185e18 / 2.998e8 = 1.0607e8 photons/meter in any given second.

Of course, since them photons have but one supposed quantum string like dimention (1D), there's no apparent limit as to the numbers of photon beams that can coexist per m3, nor is there any known limitation as to the original energy source of said photons, or as to crossing paths seemingly is doable without either path being affected. Thus a given 100 MW laser cannon of 0.5 milliradian might just as nicely coexist along with a trillion other such monochromatic beams of 100 MW worth of energised photons. But then there's all them other spectrums worthy photons, whereas yet another factor of a trillion could be a somewhat conservative assesment of all them other chromatic types, especially those heavy hitters of the vast IR spectrum, plus whatever EMF photons, and then of all those others trekking into the UV spectrum should become worth another tad bit.

It almost seems as though the photon is all there is that free to roam about the universe, taking any form necessary as to exist against all odds of having to run into those relatively few and far between atoms, and of accomplishing this feat without terminating either of their existence. Yet a simple mirror can redirect said photon.

100e6 x 1e12 x 1e12 x 1.0607e8 = 106.07e38 potential worth of active photons/m3

But now we may need to consider upon those photons being contained by way of gravity or perhaps mirrors if you'd like, plus accommodating how many of those nearly resting photons?

It seems all the sudden the numbers of said photons per cubic meter(m3) is becoming somewhat outrageous to say the least, especially as compared to some interstellar nullification zone that contains perhaps as few as one atom/m3, whereas the 106.07e38 worth of just them active photons/m3 is only somewhat interesting, in that nearly resting photons could represent yet another trillion upon trillion fold population/m3, whereas again there's but one atom/m3, of which I'm not all that certain that sole atom and of its spinning Oort zone would be all that capable of transferring and/or conducting them photons along, in which case may have to consider such an environment as mostly of resting photons in a very dark-matter collective, at least until something better comes along.

Thus, I believe I'm understanding that the number of actions/photon at one Hz = 6.6260755E-34 in terms of the exact Joule, or thereby offering a maximum of 6.626e34 photons/joule (per watt/sec at 1 Hz), whereas now all we'll have to accomplish is for obtaining some viable consensus of what said photon can represent in terms of their mass or of whatever mass is being hauled about, and of dividing that figure of whatever by 9e16 in order to establish upon the one meter worth per second (nearly resting) photon is all about. Eventually we should come into an understanding of what the interstellar cubic light year represents in terms of photonic mass, or perhaps as dark-matter if not dark-energy to boot.

The soup of the day worth of spinnig Oort zones offers a photonic waveguide as a photon superconductor

It is clear that the speed of light, according to Dr. Wang of NEC, is just yet another given terminal velocity sort of thing, that which spinning atoms (spinning atomic Oort zones) circumvent such to a fairlywell.

The spinning coulomb influence (atomic Oort zone) of a certain waveguide of spinning atoms offers the photon the necessary alignment of the FIFO sorts of spinning Oort zones, as amplifying data/packet nodes, aligned for the task of boosting other photons worth of those supposedly zero-mass dump trucks capable of hauling their packet loads of quantum information at 310X Light Speed.

Physical matter may have a maximum velocity (given unlimited energy) of obtaining .5 LS (1.5e8 m/s), whereas indications of what can be transferred along an existing photonic waveguide is suggesting there are no such limitations as to what a quantum delivered photon packet can manage, that is if given the right environment and applied technology. At least NEC/Wang haven't been the only such wizards leading this "faster than light speed" pack, as others have also demonstrated their transferring of information at greater than light speed.

If we can manage as to transfer a sufficient amount of such as quantum(FM) packets worth of raw data, then perhaps there's no further need of our having to physically travel at such ungodly speeds. Even the notion of 1% LS seems sufficiently lethal to humanity, especially as for running into much of anything at such a velocity is not offering a good outcome, especially since no physical substance (presumably plasma) has ever been recorded as obtaining much past 0.5% LS(1.5e6 m/s), unless it's another in-progress supernovae which hardly looks the least bit enticing to life as we know it.

As such, the practical terminal velocity of actual physical space (such as within our solar system) might be as little as 0.1% LS(3e5 m/s), whereas exceeding that 0.1% LS is going to take excessive energy and becoming ever more lethal should the soup of the day contain anything much greater in mass than mere atoms, whereas even some of those heavier atoms should be avoided at all cost, especially at anything approaching .5% LS, unless you've become a quantum photon, or of something surrounded by such a spinning field of influence as to fending off whatever is in your path.

Thus it has been quit odd, though perhaps not all that unexpected, that as for my notions of those sufficiently resting photons being dark-matter isn't upholding their club rules of engagement, which must always praise the Quantum Lords of photons and General Relativity, such as Plank and Einstein, as otherwise the auto-immune system of their mainstream status quo is going to snap into action, as though a nasty microbe has just invaded their incest cloned borg collective.

"The NEC team creates a region of anomalous dispersion in a nearly transparent medium. Wang and co-workers do this by pumping energy into the caesium vapour to create a kind of optical amplifier. First a laser is used to pump most of the caesium atoms into a particular spin state. Next, two additional pump lasers are used to lend energy to the atoms. These atoms can amplify light from yet another "probe" laser by making an electronic transition in which they absorb "pump" energy and re-emit it into the probe beam. There are two specific frequencies at which such a probe can be amplified in this way. By replacing absorption with amplification, the NEC team can swap the regions of normal and anomalous dispersion (see figure 1b). A region halfway between the two amplification lines appears where there is little loss, amplification or distortion. Here the group velocity becomes negative and nearly constant. Indeed, Wang and co-workers measured a group velocity of -c/310. In other words, a pulse travelling a distance, L, is advanced by 310L/c."

"What is shocking is that such an effect has been observed for the first time without a great deal of attenuation, amplification or distortion of the pulse. It appears as though energy has, in fact, travelled faster than light."

This "faster than light speed" process obviously required an artificially established medium or conduit/waveguide, and a good amount of applied physics and technology, although it clearly demonstrates that a quantum worth of something can be boosted along at 310 times the speed of light. Yet those diehard GR and QM folks are not the least bit impressed, as in Ba-Humbug. I think that's simply because it blows serious holes in the likes of their pagan Gods, such as Plank and Einstein.

At least it seems as though, under the right conditions the NEC team did in fact managed to transport a quantum string worth of something capable of communicating data at 310 times faster than the speed of light, and since those of GR and even most QM folks keep insisting that photos represent absolutely no mass, then what's keeping these photonic dump-trucks of supposed zero mass from hauling something other (such as an FM modulated quantum data packet) along for the ride, or in this instance, and by way of those spinning atomic Oort zones, in transfering and/or handing off said packets at 310 X LS.

By way of utilizing a laser beam as such a carrier waveguide, upon which a few FM photons are being delivered at 310 times the speed of light, this obviously represents that such a carrier beam or sufficient quantum string of those photonic spinning atoms must be established first, somewhat like establishing a superconductor of what's going to deliver those electrons must obviously be previously established from whaever origin of energy source to the intended load or point of final destination, whereas once this superconducting wire has been installed, as then all sorts of good things start to happen.

So, I'll have to concur that of a carrier beam or pathway must either pre-exist and/or coexist before the method of what NEC/Wang accomplished can take affect.

A side notion that only the likes of a photon could in any way interface or bind between matter and anti-matter is another worrisome idea that needs either a decent funeral, or that of a swift kick in the butt if there's anything to it.

It is apparent the semantics as well as syntax of any given topic is of far greater importance than focusing others upon discovering what the truth is all about, in much the same manner as per discussions as to what Kodak film can and/or can not accomplish while frames are being exposed upon the moon.

Such as; when I'm stipulating upon the mass of a resting photon, whereas apparently everyone in the entire world that knows anything assumes that such a resting photon is one specified of only absolute zero speed, and not that of any m/s, 300 m/s, 300 km/s or even 3e7 m/s was to be considered as resting.

In addition to my interpretation of photon mass, it seems that I should have known better, in that I'll concur such photons might have essentially no specific mass of their own, though somewhat like an extremely large and of nearly infinite length and thus extreme payload capable dump-truck that when empty weighs in at zero, but as pointed out by "Nasor" of the "sciforums" community, the photon is merely capable of carrying a degree of RELATIVISTIC MASS as energy, which indeed may sufficiently represent mass. Meanwhile "beta" of this same community keeps insisting upon the absolute zero mass and absolute (never changing) fixed speed of the photon, regardless of whatever the photon is having to travel or conduct itself through, or having otherwise been influenced upon, and/or influenced by way of whatever absolute lack of apparent influence (it's almost as though the photon itself has become this God particle or element that requires none other than itself).

Apparently, the mere suggestion of the word "coexistance" is a non physics statement of absolute zero worth to the likes of GR folks, and even a few QM types are seemingly not exactly happy campers about much of anything those photons might coexist with, unless it upholds thier pagan all-knowing God of the "mainstream status quo", of which these folks are more than willing to die for, or prefferably that of allowing others to die on their behalf because, they're not stupid.

Even though a growing number of folks seem to have documented and thus believe that at least artificially generated photons have been induced into differing speeds, let us further concur that I have absolutely no workable notion as to how said photon should ever become something near to resting, nor of how that sucker remains at rest, much less travels faster than light speed. However, if there's such a slight amount of mass involved as energy, and if this photonic dump-truck of zero mass were being only slightly influenced by the surrounding environment of those few and far between atoms, as such it seems reasonable that a nullification zone could become chuck full of said photons that are no longer going anywhere in particular, especially if the atomic Oort zones were simply of the wrong type or too far apart.

Let me also reapply the notion that such a sufficiently resting photon as merely coexisting between few and far between atoms, say somewhat FM expanding and/or contracting about an average wavelength of 3e6 meters (0.01 light year) is thus essentially coexisting by way of residing in potentially great numbers as invisible to most instruments due to being perhaps shifted out of photonic phase by way of lacking the original light speed momentum of the active photon. Certainly there should be an agreement that of whatever dark-matter is, it is not moving around all that much, nor emitting anything close to light speed.

I'm still asking the following question;
At the resting status or wavelength of something like roughly 3e6 m; what's the potential associated maximum mass or payload of said photonic dump-truck?

Sciforums "Crisp" seems to be afirming that relatively unlimited numbers of said photons (resting or otherwise) could occupy a given m3, and as such I'm still wondering as to the following;

If in fact the photon represents but one dimension, or perhaps even that of two dimensions which excludes upon the 3D worth of any actual volume, thereby the numbers of photon (resting or otherwise) per cubic meter(m3) is essentially unlimited, and as such being unlimited in great numbers seems to be suggesting if said photonic dump-truck were to offer any amount of energy as relativistic mass, as such this could therefore help to define what dark-matter and/or the surrounding dark substance of what a blackhole is all about.

Thus far, the ongoing arguments of this topic are indirectly suggesting that the photon is getting almost into the realm of a God particle, element or potential EMF energy carrying mechanism, of something if not the one and only known item that's worthy of at least coexisting with anti-matter, or of perhaps safely linking between the likes of normal matter and anti-matter.

prior to June 27, 2004

As I've previously attempted to outline; it seems that a great many photons do in fact coexist as per atom, whereas there may be zones hosting as few as one such atom per m3, and otherwise trillions upon trillions of photons coexisting throughout that very same m3.

There have been many efforts by supposedly well educated folks as to identify the given or associated mass of a photon, such as with the likes of team Hubble offering upon one of the least massive photons of 5.81e-66 gram, which of course isn't of one that's resting, but traveling and/or being conducted along as a packet transferred at the good velocity of roughly 3e8 m/s.

Obviously in comparison to the individual atom/m3 of hydrogen which doesn't weigh all that much (1.666e-24), and not even 1e6 atoms worth represents much over 1.666e-18 gram unless we're into talking about something other than hydrogen.

Since it's possible to fit at least 2e6 x 2e6 x 2e6 x 2e6 worth of fully modulated 500nm photons per m3 (that's cubed plus another factor of something of merely two dimensions offering of what's situated in between, that which could actually become yet another cubic factor), thus obtaining at least 16e24 photons/m3, and there's 3e8 of those m3/s taking place, where obviously we've come into a grand total of 48e32, and if each of those active photons weighs in at 5.81e-66, the amount of 48e32 x 5.81e-66 = 278.88e-34 gram per m3/s.

One light year represents 9.4605284e15 m, makes a cubic light year(cly) = 846.7324e45 m3, and as such 278.88e-34 x 846.7324e45 = 2.36e16 grams per cly, or 2.36 e13 kg/cly worth of fully active photons coexisting with few atoms.

Obviously atoms take up space, of which the photon must coexist with but not of consuming the same space as the atom. Thus the more atoms/m3 the fewer photons can coexist without nearly everything within the space-time-continuum being compromised. Thus atoms generally displace a relatively slight portion of every m3, whereas the photon must coexist in greater numbers within the very same volume. Obviously the lesser the photon mass the greater influence the atomic Oort zone per atom, plus the notions of greater numbers of said photon should coexist, and if such photons are less modulated or non-modulated is where conceivably even more of such photons may coexist.

There has been a general consensus that an unmodulated photon is essentially resting, and as such it should weigh and/or represent something less than the Hubble photon of 5.81e-66.

My theory, or conjecture, is that a resting photon weighs 5.81e-66/9e16 is based upon the V2 (speed of light squared) factor being that of 9e16, which should bring that photon energy as well as mass down to .64555e-82 gram. But then far more resting photons might therefore exist per m3 than of fully modulated or active photons. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any limitation as to how many resting photons may coexist per m3, especially of those m3 hosting the fewest of atoms.

In deep space there are gravity-wells or nullification zones where few atoms exist, and there are notions of blackholes where beyond the event horizon there are such few atoms that perhaps not one atom/m3 exist, yet there's seemingly billions upon billions of photons/m3 that seem to manage up until the actual event horizon turns into a blackhole which seemingly takes in all there is.

However, there's another viable outlook of said blackholes being nothing more than a grand collection of dark-matter, or perhaps we should reconsider such dark-matter as being merely a sufficient collective of photons at rest. Whereas there could still be a seed or nucleus of something within said blackhole, of gravity or perhaps even anti-gravity.

The notion of photons having as little as one dimension and so much lesser mass than the atom, this seems to give reason as to consider that a seed nucleus of anti-matter could safely coexist with such quantum string like photons, whereas a sufficient collective of atoms would have represented a serious conflict of physics.

Being that the expanse of space has been acting much like a superconductor that's obviously damn cold, and that seemingly some of those few atoms are of sodium, whereas nice folks like Dr. Wang have demonstrated the notion of 300X light speed (900e8 m/s) could be the norm. In which case the blackhole may not be so much a dead zone of massive gravity, but that of a highly active node or speedy zone of transference per photons taking place, at such great velocity that our instruments are simply not up to the task at hand, other than our detecting upon the event horizon energy fields.

A seed nucleus of anti-matter would certainly accommodate such a photonic node or transference zone of sufficient photon density that normal light and of the spectrum of photons above and below the visible portion would be essentially blocked and/or appear as becoming distorted and/or absorbed into nothingness, as indicated by the red-shift or opposit side blue-shift that's associated with what's entering said blackhole.

Such a massive concentration providing a surround of resting photons would seem to represent a degree of mass that's perhaps exactly equal to the core or seed anti-matter that has created the visual and/or instrument detectable portions of what folks have recorded as a blackhole.

Besides blackholes there's just dark-matter, or dark-energy that's making up the greater portion of the universe, whereas the bulk of such dark-matter could be merely an abundance or soup of resting photons within zones of sufficient nullification, such that there is so little gravity influence that there is not all that much going on, nor much reason for change in the status of such few atoms coexisting with far greater numbers of resting photons.

Obviously I do not have the instruments nor the reams of formula to prove or disprove what I'm suggesting is a worthy conjecture upon what is a photon, and of how such and of how photons interact with atoms. Although, others have accomplished a great deal of research that's clearly suggesting we need to focus upon the photon a whole lot more than the atom, as without the photon nothing much exist, not even the reality of life itself. Without the photons operating as somewhat atomic DNA like binders, there's not much point in those atoms existing, and perhaps vice versa.

The notion of our overlooking and/or ignoring the sheer efficiency of such extremely high frequency photons as opposed to the relative limitations of low frequency RF photons, and the fact that a good spectrum of those extremely high frequency photons can be directly received by and interpreded by biological forms of life without the aid of sophisticated electronics as required of low frequence photon detection that we utilize as radio or microwave, seems almost primitive on our part, like our having to utilize the elements of two soup cans and string in order to communicate over great distances (doable but with lots of compromises).

I realize that microwaves are truly great utilizations of such low frequency photons, while you and I can see those photons of much higher frequency and thereby of greater energy coming from the likes of Sirius and of sources millions if not billions of times further off, of which watt per watt or joule per joule is where microwave isn't going to make 1% that distance at best, and of anything microwave is going to be requiring a great deal of transmitting technology and massive infrastructure, as well as for receiving such, whereas the IR, visible and/or UV/a spectrum photon packet is not going to require squat if it's within the biological rance of whom it intended for, which BTFW doesn't exclude those packets of potentially terabytes/ms worth of qubit packets being processed by a great deal of applied technology.

Some how, the notions that other worlds having any form of intelligent life would still be using those soup cans and string as to communicate with, as opposed to what comes naturally as photons that most any village idiot can detect and thus manage to survive upon, is only pissing off those individuals that want their box containing those mainstream status quo toilets left alone. They must like the stench of their own "skull and bones" community of nondisclosure eliminations, and of preferably not changing a damn thing about the past, present nor future unless their God says it's OK, and/or they manage to get over to the patent house before anyone other (hoping there's no Einstein behind the counter that would just as soon steel your ideas than not), thus suggesting that greed above all else is good for humanity, even if we're all thoroughly dead because such fools were too busy at playing their "skull and bones" games at the expense of humanity.

Update: June 06, 2004

Apparently this photon having mass is a quantum mechanics sort of thing:

It seems to me, that if there's sufficiently little gravity influence about a given null point of whatever expanse, such as within a given nullification zone or gravity-well null that's situated between two or more opposing sources of gravity, that the Coulomb influence per atom essentially expands as to taking up all of the available space, though obviously such influence becoming weaker by the square of the distance, but then so is everything other capable of being mutually affected by far less of an influence.

At some finite distance away from the actual atom, say one billion times radius is where this Coulomb influence or atomic Oort zone is without sufficient force (1e-18) as to being conductive nor responsibly capable of transferring a series of photon packets, thus such photons are either skewed off course or they simply fail to interconnect onto the next spinning atomic Oort zone, whereas within such an environment of nothing much atomic becomes unavailable as for accommodating photons, other than those at rest...

If the atomic diameter of a given atom is as slight as 1e-10, thus the radius being 0.5e-10, whereas if the Coulomb influence were allowed to be extended 1e10 times larger, this makes for the Coulomb radius of .5 meter, and the influence factor being 1e-20 times less. Although, the individual resting photon mass of 6.4555e-83 gram as compared to the hydrogen atom of 1.666e-24 is also 0.258e59:1 less, as such the Coulomb influence seemingly need not be all that great as to attracting and thereby influencing ad/or conducting upon this photon.

Even by the team Hubble measure of the active photon being 5.81e-66, this offers a ratio of .286e42:1, which indicates that perhaps a single atom/m3 (especially of something heavier than hydrogen) could remain sufficient for conducting/transferring said photon as offering a viable FIFO node.

This is also my stipulating upon the argument that perhaps there is such nullification space containing less than one atom/m3 (that's certainly good news for space travel), and otherwise capable of being surrounded by and thus chuck full of resting photons, thereby capable of creating a collective community of dark-matter and/or possibly that of assembling into a blackhole as having a singular nucleus or internal opposing gravity nullification focus point created from something that's quite dead, as in not shedding atoms nor photons, or perhaps representing a wee bit of anti-matter.

In other words, perhaps blackholes are merely large collectors of resting photons, almost entirely exclusive of atoms, and thereby unable to conduct light, much less anything else.

As much as those GR or bust folks insist that their precious photon offers no mass, I obviously beg to differ. At least a photon by way of many respected researchers seems capable of representing mass, whereas the faster that photon travels the greater energy and/or mass is capable of being derived from said photon. And, just because a photon is no longer zipping about, that by itself doesn't exclude the resting photon from still representing a small amount of it's original mass.

Thus the question remains open, as to how many resting photons can reside per m3?

If resting photons are simply too hard for the likes of physics, astrophysics or perhaps cosmology to deliver upon, then perhaps realizing of how many active photons (say those of a fully modulated monochromatic 500 nm and of coexisting within a partial vacuum of 1e6 atoms/m3) exist per m3?

Surely there must be something within all of physics that's known as to the numbers of such conventional photons/m3, as there are notions as to the numbers of photons generated per joule, whereas the universe as a whole seems to have a somewhat unlimited number of joules to go around, much of which remains outside the human visual spectrum at that, with our sun alone delivering at the very least 1370 joules/m2, thus a worth per m3 shouldn't be all that far outside the mainstream status quo box.

Obviously those photons must circumnavigate their way about the atom, whereas the fewer atoms/m3 gives more room for photons, especially of resting or perhaps spare photons that shouldn't take up 1e-36 worth if we're discussing those of one nanometer class.

My latest work on this photon topic is something in progress, and of gradually getting revised, though as usual I'm not all that great at documenting my sometimes dyslexic thoughts, much less compiling notions of others when I'm on that warm and fuzzy "need to know" basis. As such, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Previous contributions and at least somewhat supportive math;

Exotic Mass (dark photon energy) could be of what dark-matter is all about; a community of dormant, unmodulated as in dead or simply stray photons, or perhaps merely loads of spare photons at rest having nowhere in particular to go, as having few if any available atomic Oort zones by which to interface with, so that they simply cling to one another.

Two of my ongoing speculations based upon photons at rest:

1) photonic mass per cubic light year(cyl) at rest = 54.66 grams

2) A cubic light year(cly) worth of dark-matter = < 824.718e32 grams

As for the following calculations, I've taken the liberty of using 3e8 m/s instead of the accepted speed of light = 2.99792458e8 m/s, as well as for other notations being less than of any precise number, with no ulterior intentions nor harboring false agenga as for skewing the outcome.

Hubble photon mass = 5.81e-66 gram (as per multiple qualified sources)

Photon at rest = 5.81e-66 / V2, or 5.81e-66 / 9e16 = .64555e-82

For calculating the mass/m3 we'll need to realize upon the possible number of said resting photons/m3

If we allotted and/or selected a fully modulated photon of occupying one nanometer, the raw numbers of said photons/m3 = 1/1e-9^4 = 1e36 photons per m3

If we were to utilize the photon at rest value of 6.4555e-83 gram

one m3 worth of photons at rest = 1e36 * 6.4555e-83 = 6.4555-47 gram

if one light year = 9.4605284e15 m, a cubic light year(cly) = 846.7324e45 m3

the photonic mass per cly at rest = 846.7324e45 * 6.4555e-47 = 54.66 grams

NOTE: H atom mass = 1.666e-24 g
at one atom/m3, a cly = 846.733e45 * 1.66e-24 = 1405.577e21 grams
at 1e6 atoms/m3, a cly = 846.733e45 * 1.66e-18 = 1405.577e27 grams
at 1e9 atoms/m3, a cly = 846.733e45 * 1.66e-15 = 1405.577e30 grams
The recorded volume of such atoms/m3 surrounding Earth is roughly 1e9/m3
Deep space might contain a lesser number of such atoms, as little as 1e6/m3

Obviously there are other than hydrogen atoms running amuck throughout space, thus the atomic mass/m3 and per cly should be adjusted as to reflect upon those factors, although the many live photons and of those at rest should also be reflected as a contributing factor, and perhaps of those photons at rest being capable of representing far greater mass than of the few atoms/m3. Obviously the greater number of atoms/m3 displace upon the zone within which photons must coexist, whereas of active photons haveing perhaps something greater than one nanometer wavelength and a supposed mass of 5.81e-66 per photon could represent as much as 5.81e-30 gram/m3.

Since a given photon at rest seemingly offers but one dimension, perhaps the maximum number/m3 might be considered as somewhat unlimited, or of at least becoming the reciprocal of the Plank constant of 6.626e-34 = .1509e34

Thereby, If we needed to quantify upon what this greater potential number of resting photons is suggesting, as intended for the notion of calculating the potential worth of dark-matter mass, for that sort of conjecture we might as well (until we know better) utilize this reciprocal of the Plank constant; 1/6.626e-34 = .1509e34

Therefore a total photon density worth of 1e36 * .1509e34 = .1509e70 resting photons/m3

and thereby of one m3 worth of photons at rest = .1509e70 * 6.4555e-83 = .974e-13 gram

thereby a photonic dark mass per cly at rest = 846.733e45 * .974e-13 = 824.718e32 grams.

Since one prevailing notion of our photon at rest seemingly offers but one quantum string like dimension, perhaps there really isn't any one specific density or mass as based upon an individual photon being of one nanometer or one of several metrers worth, whereas any apparent variation of wavelengths (picometer to 3e8 meters) and thereby infinite numbers of such photon strings could reside per cly, thereby easily creating the sort of visual barrier that we perceive as dark-matter, and as such this collective of various resting photon wavelengths should help create the necessary missing component of the universe, whereas instead of the 824.718e29 kg/cly there could actually be nearly any amount(s) of dark-matter mass/cly, dependent upon the gravity-well or null-zones at hand, and of a number of variables impacting the 3 dimensional location, shape and density of every m3 within each and every cly. Obviously a blackhole worth of few atoms and otherwise loads of photons is immeasurable by normal ways of extrapolating such knowledge, however the extended Oort zone and/or event horizon of a given blackhole might suggest upon the necessary mass within.

There's even a remote possibility that blackholes are not so much gravity pits, as they could represent a sphere worth of concentrations of dark matter, and thereby of mostly photons at rest, perhaps surrounding a seed of gravity shedding no atoms nor photons (thus excluding anything star like), whereas obviously I'm suggesting upon rather enormous amounts of resting photons as mutually gathered about and thereby coexisting with some nullification point. The reason I'm thinking of resting photons as being the dark-matter culprit is that based upon my limited perception of atoms and of their mutual attractions should have allowed a purely gravity induced blackhole comprised of various atoms into becoming physical substance(s), thereby transforming into another star or galaxy, whereas resting photons are just resting photonic strings of extremely slight matter having filled an enormous expanse or collective of nothing much at all, though of enough there as for creating an optical and/or instrument dead zone having too few atoms for accommodating the transference and/or atomic Oort node-to-node conduction of photons, being somewhat like an analogy of taking away the wire (pathway of conduction) so that electrons have nowhere to go.

As for estimating upon the mass of a given blackhole, or of some seed like nucleus (perhaps of anti-matter) as opposed to merely an ordinary nullification zone that has become a cloud that's chuck full of dark-matter, as this analogy will require a reasonable 3D image of the universe, of which we hardly have that much of our galaxy to work with, of which our solar system and of a few star systems such as Sirius have been merely cruising through rather than being a part of.

Obviously of active photons as well as those nearly singular dimensional photons at rest must coexist with all of the relatively enormous mass, density and 3D structure of the atom, as such surely being influenced and/or FIFO communicated along by each and every region of Coulomb influence, or atomic Oort zone as I've interpreted such, whereas I believe atoms have been performing this essential FIFO packet node of transference on behalf of the photon, and not the other way around. In other words, in terms of mass, the atom rules our visual universe, but the soup of photons may be the essential bulk and thereby binder of atoms, if not life itself.

It seems somewhat reasonable to perceive the rotation speed of the outer atomic Oort zone as offering that of an extremely fast field rotation, and thereby a velocity capable FIFO coefficient, thus capable of transferring photons along at much greater than light speed is possible (as supported by Dr. Wang) as long as there's a proper sort of atomic Oort zones to work with, and of perhaps not too many of them as to compete and thus impede or deflect this transfer or conduction process. Up to a given point of no return, the fewer atoms the better is what I'm thinking, as a larger Oort zone diameter might suggest as faster moving coulomb influence, which is also another good sort of thing if you're having to physically travel yourself though such a gauntlet at anything near light speed, whereas the fewer atoms the better.

As Einstein stipulated the speed of light not be accessible to physical matter is perhaps more correct with respect to the practical matter of having to travel through the soup of the day at such speeds, thus making the mere atom into a lethal amount of mass. Recalling that the KE=.5MV2 formula is based upon the Joules/second, whereas such impact energy is calculated as being disbursed in one second which is not the case of those unavoidable light-speed impacts as attributed to your closing speed of advance as based upon meters/second (squared), as that's going to transpire most any impact event to within one pico second or less, and being that's there's at least 1e6 atoms/m3 within our solar system (not all of which being of hydrogen), it's certainly going to be difficult as to avoiding such as friction if not for nastier aspects of penetration.

The physical transfer of atoms, and/or portions of atoms, might be somewhat limited to the perceived speed of light, although if the speed of photons can in fact be encouraged into exceeding the speed of light, then perhaps the atom itself can sort of hitch a ride as part of the mutual coexistence that exist between atoms and photons.

Wherever there's a sufficient gravity-well as offering a null point of a near zero gravity zone (such as 8% towards Sirius), there are the fewest numbers of atoms/m3 to be found, thereby more room for photons at rest, and therefore offering little if any available atomic Oort zones as FIFO transfer nodes on behalf of active photons attempting to travel and/or communicate their packets though this expanse of dark-matter or null of photons at rest.

How few atoms/m3 constitutes a nullification zone;
Of what's an absolute vacuum is something that I asked of others, though all I received is their continuing flak rather than any worth of notions upon what's what. My guestimate is that of one atom/m3 is sufficient to being classified as a nullification zone of absolute vacuum, and providing a darn good sort of place for those resting photons to gather, especially since the sole atom is not only out numbered but also out massed by the sheer volume of resting photons.

Not all of space is comprised of dark-matter.
Not all dark-matter is of one dimensional consistency.
All of empty space contains photons of nearly all wavelengths.
Solids may contain/transfer photons, perhaps even more so than atoms.

So, I haven't actually researched into what sort of or amount of mass folks have been looking for, though at the added investment of obtaining 824.718e29 kg/cly seems to be giving us something further to work with that obviously had not previously been given the light of day, especially by the sorts of General Relativity folks that keep insisting that there are only active photons having no variation in speed because, as such their photon offers absolutely no mass, and thereby requires that no such item as a photon at rest as having mass may exist (end of the discussion, period!).

Well honest to God, and foreshame as well as pooy on all them GR folks that can't take a little of their own flak.

Excluding physical means of communications, obviously we do not hear, see nor otherwise exchange data via atoms, nor via any part of an atom, nor have our instruments detected such as atoms, whereas I believe we merely perceive photons as being items influenced by and/or transported along by atoms, and as such there are perhaps trillions upon trillions more photons than atoms within this universe. The relative super-conductivity of vast oceans of active photons being transferred about via the atomic Oort zones of individual atoms should give folks cause to realizing that our existence isn't limited to the mere abundance of atoms, though our intellectual future seems limited by our incomplete understanding of the photon.

From what little I've learned, our wizards barely seem to understand the atom, and as such the next logical level of comprehension as per understanding the physics of our existence is obviously pertaining to the photon, which offers nearly an unlimited quantum sort of item per lenght and of modulations, whereas within and/or below the photon remains the foundations of quantum strings, of supposedly all there is to know.
This nice page explains absolutely why and how the GR photon = zero mass; Go figure. Perhaps it's not been helping the GR or bust cult by way of Dr. Wang exceeding the speed of light by a factor of 300X, and of others stopping light (photons), as in dead zero within a magnetically trapped cold cloud of sodium atoms. How the heck can something of supposed "zero mass" be so affected? and This link offers pages arguing upon a good number of qualifying statements that have long suggested there's been evidence of a profound cult like factor against any notion of exceeding light speed, as essentially a physics de facto conspiracy of folks sustaining their mainstream status quo or else.

Perhaps once mankind has experienced "all there is to know", at which point the vast intellectual universe will have to accept our existence rather than banishing our kind to this God forsaken planet of Earth.

Here's a previous photon mass related contribution as of May 19, 2004

This is where I believe the laws of physics and of the science that follows suite remains in flux, whereas few things are of an absolute constant within this ever changing universe. All remains in motion and is impacted by the surrounding environment, thereby all is in flux, thus a variable equation based upon other variables should be the norm rather than the exception.

Here's my conjecture or basis for insanity;
Even photons at rest are those merely residing in a state of minimum flux (least modulation), of which a sufficient volume of resting photons I could perceive as dark-matter, yet as such NOT standing absolutely still. Whereas the resting photon offers a singular but perhaps variable dimension of length and thereby of the volume of said photons/m3 varies as per the surrounding environment and coexistence with whatever few and far between atoms permit, thereby it seems we have no constant upon the dimension of a photon nor of its' density/volume, whereas the frequency of modulation and/or amplitude aspects of a given photon that is NOT at rest is offering a further variable that's none less complex than the variance upon physical speed or speed of erg/transfer conduction.

The 10 dimensions of a photon:
1-D = Wavelength (as unmodulated, as at rest = 0e0 to 9e16 meters)
2-D = Modulation or erg/photon of 0 to 100% (100% AM/FM = wavelength)
3-D = Volume/m3 (entirely spectrum plus erg/modulation dependent)
4-D = Volume/m3/s (KE/s=MV2 per spectrum plus erg dependent)
5-D = Amplitude/Frequency Modulation (a quantum status of any given photon)
6-D = Photon mass at rest (0 to not more than 1 m/s)
7-D = Photon mass at speed (1 m/s to 3e8 m/s or greater)
8-D = Coexistence with atoms, or rather the atomic Oort zones of atoms
9-D = Photonic mode of conduction (by all standards being a super conduction)
10-D = The quantum matrix of any or all of the above, and perhaps then some

If the technology and minds of today had existed during the time of Einstein, surely there'd be no absolute constant of "light speed", nor would his photon have represented "zero mass".

Only deceptions and continuing lies create and sustain constants. The act of omission or code-of-silence in itself (physics 5th amendment) becomes just another example of a perpetrated lie in the face of a worthy challenge to the mainstream status quo.

I hereby further challenge the mainstream status quo by asking these questions;
1) at absolute zero gravity (inter-galactic gravity-well null), how many atoms exist per m3?
2) how many photons of those at rest are capable of fitting into a zero-gravity m3?
3) how many energised photons per spectrum or community of spectrums are there per m3?
4) is there a monospectrum or monochromatic status of null-wavelength for a typical photon at rest?
5) are photons in motion, or is there a conduction/transference of photon ergs/mass taking place?
6) since speed of a photon or of a transfer/conduction mode isn't constant, what are the limits?
7) within a universe, or a given representative portion thereof, what's the ratio of photons per atoms?

If photons at rest offer zero mass, then perhaps dark-matter = near zero mass:

This near zero mass sounds perfectly good, especially if in fact there's only a few billion of them photons/m3. But what if, as I've suggested above, there's trillions upon trillions of photons at rest/m3?

Since the Einstein notion of there being a constant of "light speed" isn't actually so constant anymore. In fact, depending upon what sort of photons are having to travel about what sort of atoms, or merely as resting within an ocean of other photons (including those of such a mass/density of concentration of resting photons as to becoming perhaps a not-so-zero-mass of "photonic dark-matter" might suggest, whereas there seems to have become a wider margin of error brewing about a good number of other supposed constants based almost entirely upon the previous notion of light speed, which sort of places the likes of Planks constant of 6.626e-34 into the proverbial space toilet, along side their beloved theory of general relativity suggesting if not insisting upon the notion that only non-resting photons exist and as furthermore offering absolutely no mass (how the heck can something of zero mass alter in speed, or much less be affected by gravity?).

It's well accepted that photons travel through the likes of amber a bit slower than through water, and those of water passage having to travel slower than through air, and so forth into deep space where there are much fewer atoms acting as packet nodes as for accommodating the passage and/or transference of photonic energy, as per some atomic sort of FIFO basis as if those photons were utilizing the atomic Oort zone per atom as their photonic node-to-node transfer method of either handing off packets and/or of interconnecting or perhaps via conducting a given photon throughout the considerable volume of all the other existing photons that are mostly at rest.

It's also become sufficiently accepted that photons having to travel via coax or waveguide manage to do so at greater than light speed. Thus from the laboratory efforts of demonstrating the slowing of photons down to essentially zero speed, and of otherwise proving their "faster than light speed" as of waveguide capabilities and/or sodium atoms, whereas these examples are perhaps suggesting that not all photons need travel, but may alternately be interconnected, end-to-end to one another as are the atoms of a conductive wire or those of water in the ocean.

Oddly there seems to be a consensus of there being billions if not trillions upon trillion more photons in existence than atoms within our universe (our universe being mostly of empty space), and of wherever there are atoms there are in fact far more photons, whereas this ratio of such horrific numbers of photons per atom obviously increases dramatically as one travels into deeper into space. Ultimately a m3 of space that's containing one atom is otherwise absolutely chuck full of photons, though perhaps as photons at rest if there's an insufficient number of atoms and their atomic Oort zones as for a photonic conduction and/or transference to take place, thus "dark-matter" happens.

For some reason the likes of sodium atoms is enabling the likes of photons to exceed their speed of light by a good factor of 300:1, at least that's what Dr. Wang seems to have proven and verified. This is suggesting the new speed limit of a photon might become 900e8 km/s

I'm going to suggest that at the density of one atom/m3, there could be as many as a cubic Plank worth of (0.150920615e34)3 = 3.437523e99 photons at rest per m3, or perhaps of some other volume based upon the specific monochromatic spectrum of such resting photons/m3. Although, if there are these vast numbers of photons at rest, obviously those offer little if any specific spectrum, other than one of abslolute darkness or of "photonic dark matter" or perhaps even of some "photonic blackhole" worth of nothingness due to the fact that there are simply too few and far between of those atom Oort zones to go around.

Giving the photon a sigular dimention of 500 nm

@500 nm there's plenty of photon or packet elbow room for 2e6 X 2e6 X 2e6 = 8e18 photons/m3

However, within one second there's going to be a packet delivery volume of 3e8 worth of those photons/m3 transpiring, as for each of those m3 units containing 8e18 worth of those elbow to elbow and fully modulated (500 nm) photons: 8e18 * 3e8 = 24e26

Then there's Planks constant = 6.626e-34 J/Hz, whereas N = J*(nm) / h*c
N = number of photons
J = energy in joules or watts/s
(hc = planks constant X speed of light = 19.864e-26)

It should be argued that of photons thought of as at rest there's little if any "Hz" factor, thus the "J/Hz" skews things to a fairlywell, whereas a moving or of AM/FM energised photon packet clearly represents a perceived value of J/Hz.

In other words; as for something that's potentially so much greater in volume, and of so much more importantance than the mere atom, there seems to be a great deal of unknowns and/or variables that are not hapenstance nor of insignificance.

However folks; within our three dimensional universe, perhaps Planks constant per defining upon such items of essentially one dimension is merely offering at best a 2D proportion of what's what, suggesting upon a maximum number of available photons/m2 per Joule as being 0.150920615e34, or perhaps my interpretation is that this "6.626e-34" should merely have become a basis for determining upon the raw maximum cubic number of one nanometer photons, which then might become more like the previous notation of (0.15092o615e34)3 = 3.437523e99 photons/m3.

Of course, of every second there's yet another 299,792,458 (3e8) worth of those m3 that should contain said photons. It seems logical that the longer the photon wavelength the fewer of those might fit per m3, although the greater amount of energy or mass associated per nm increases. In other words, like an ocean wave or that of a radio photon wavelength, a photon energy level can offer more than a binary worth of merely on/off, as it can also be weak in amplitude or become horrifically strong, as well as for being frequency modulated.

Since there's been and continues various arguments as to the mass of a photon, with zero mass being asserted to death by all those of the General Relativity or bust cult, and otherwise the quantum physics photon mass has been stipulated of various other amounts as suggested by the apparent heretics of General Relativity, whereas quantum mechanics seems to have been running somewhat outside the mainstream status quo box, such as per what those wizards of team Hubble consider as their notion of a photon mass.

I've also found viable arguments being of 1e-51 grams or 7e-19 electron volts per photon, and of others being somewhat more like the recent Hubble photon mass of 5.81e-66 grams or 3.23e-33 eV, in as much suggesting that perhaps some of this horrific discrepancy should be within the consideration that a given photon is perhaps a whole lot more of a constant as a purely linear element of one dimention, and that whatever amount of associated photon energy (intensity by way of AM/FM) is at least somewhat accounting for the variance in mass.

I might further suggest the obvious; that of an extremely dim packet of photons, of thereby received as perceptively low in energy per m2/s or per m3/s, might suggest upon a mass per photon that has become a bit less than of another packet of extremely intensified (100% modulated) photons, of the UV spectrum offering more photonic energy/packet than IR.

In other doubtful words of a village idiot, a question has become; are there more or less photons/m3 associated with regard to the actual intensity of light, or is the quantum number of said photons nearly the same per m3, except as for that factor of modulation per any given m3, and of having more or less of those photons at rest?

It seems sufficiently clear, there are at least billions if not trillions upon trillions more photons than there are atoms per m3, and if energised or not, photons can manage to represent considerable mass, whereas perhaps the vast amount(s) of dark-matter that isn't acting so much as mass is merely nothing more than a great many clustered photons residing within null-zones, in a state of photonic rest.

In a few other words of my inadequate wisdom; the analogy that you can shoot off a composite bullet that will not penetrate the thinnest skin of an aircraft, or otherwise that same item of exactly the same dimension and speed of advance can be created as sufficiently massive to pack enough effective energy as to penetrate 25 mm worth of alloy aluminum, and then some. Or, if there were enough of the composite bullets fired at the exact same spot, eventually there'd be sufficient energy delivered as to penetrate, as in somewhat acting like a packet of extremely light-weight photons busting through a mirror. A bit further would be of making those bullets of equal buoyancy to their surrounding environment, whereas such items becomes of such little individual mass that their speed can essentially become zero, or capable of existing as at rest.

As I believe understood by most, I tend to accept the notion that there can be created more or less photons as associated within any given m3 that's traveling along as a cohesive cluster or quantum packet of said photons, and of certainly not all of those photons need be alike, as some might be extremely slight (short wavelength), while others are much longer and thereby capable of carrying along a greater amount of mass, whereas the photon energy aspect comes from the most basic KE = MV2, where V2 = 9e16 or perhaps much greater velocity can be obtained in the zone of dark mater or as a cloud of sodium atoms suggested a 300 fold speed increase, thus the individual photon energy formula of PE=MV2 might be come as much as 8.1e21 * 5.81e-66 = 47.061e-45

Extremely long photons do offer a capability or perhaps magnitude of transferring tremendous energy (mass) per wavelength, especially as a given wavelength can have an enormous amplitude, although having the attribute and/or disadvantage of involving friction, as the longer the photon and of the more mass that can be associated with such length will subsequently not be able to travel as far. Extremely long photons, say those of 1 Hz, are obviously offering a sense of physical attributes that's certainly limited by so much other physical attributes of their surrounding environment.

Free space (inter-galactic) represents just another sort of physical ocean like environment that's perhaps loaded down with various photons at rest (quite possibly as dark-matter).

Since the laws of General Relativity have been suggesting that these photons seem to be those items of a singular dimension and preferably of zero mass (I'd call that quantum string like) rather than having three dimensions, whereas there's certainly lots of room for such items per m3, though perhaps merely a few of those photons can remain sufficiently energised, while the vast remainder are those at rest.

I believe it's been well documented that a photon can travel somewhat if not a whole lot faster than 3e8 m/s, and otherwise being influenced as for stopping dead in its tracks. Whereas this alone is suggesting that the mass associated with a given photon is in fact real, as otherwise altering the speed of a given photon of zero mass shouldn't be possible, at least according to the likes of Einstein.

Photonic Conductivity via Atomic Oort Zones

If a photon were to be thought of as merely a portion of super conductor, then the notion of photons at rest starts to make a little sense. In that an ocean of water is much like an environment of photons at rest, within such an environment are other forms of energy coexisting and traveling about. Thereby this analogy doesn't exclude a packet of photons themselves from traveling about, it just includes upon the notion of otherwise photons conducting and/or accommodating a transference capability by way of all the other photons at rests, those which can ultimately be utilized and/or energised into facilitating or sharing the FIFO transfer of a given photon packet, as in a atom by atom, node-to-node packet hand-off for best accomplishing the original task.

Of course, this is suggesting upon the notion that a given zone or m3 worth of photons at rest are having to act somewhat in a function of an intelligent family that so happens includes a few atoms and their atomic Oort zones, as otherwise a given photon packet that has been activated couldn't get out of it's own way, much less travel billions of miles without wavering along the way, and as for making good use of those atomic Oort zones (since no photon could ever survive passing through a given atom) is offering further proof that there's a cohesive environment of coexistence that's working primarily on behalf of humanity, as otherwise there's not much point within the universe of anything atomic existing in the first place.

Good grief all mighty, without the photon there's absolutely nothing.

When a given photon packet is brought to rest (near zero speed could even be represented 3e7 m/s or 10% light speed), it's clear that to our instruments and perceptions suggest that there's no longer energy nor mass associated with that given photon, even though such photon(s) still exist. Reinstating the photon with energy (perhaps by adding mass or of sharing more atomic influence) is certainly what appears as most likely transpiring once this nullified photon packet has been reactivated, thus sent on it's way. Instead of FIDO, I'd call this a timed delaied reaction the DFIFO or FIDO, for representing a "First In Delaied Out" node of operation, or perhaps FITDO representing the triggered mode of releasing a photon held within a given FIDO status node.

This analogy is further suggesting that photons of great numbers could coexist more so at rest, and by way of atom interaction of adding and/or accepting a transference of energy and thereby accomplishing the task of taking and/or handing off energy as mass to another given photon as being a normal function of the photon existence and/or coexistence with the 3D size of influence and otherwise enormous mass of the atom.

As small and insignificant as photons are, perhaps like quantum strings, they most certainly do exist, and in great numbers, as our instruments and eyes detect photons and NOT atoms.

If it weren't so discouraging as to think that there's actually a slim worth for anything of honest science and related exploration, as based upon the works of so many folks being associated with the likes of our NASA, as such one may have actually bothered to share these notions by filtering through and bouncing a few ideas off these supposedly folks, along with subsequently each of us trying to learn something new. Ol and behold, obviously that's become an orchestrated allusion worthy of Hudini, as for being a total scientific as well as intellectual waste of time, and then some. This has been somewhat like trying to unplug one of their spendy space toilets while some other incest cloned borg is in the process of dumping another intellectual load, or an analogy like that of trying to put out a massive fire that's being forced fed by an unlimited supply of oxidisers and the additional fuel of intellectual books being destroyed because they do not support the mainstream status quo. I think that's exactly what a certain Pope was accomplishing with regard to fending off those nasty Cathars, thus eliminating the thorn that was getting in the way of their mainstream status quo, as much like Jesus Christ was pissing off the Jews. Apparently nothing has changed.

Of whatever a given photon at rest amounts to is obviously enhanced by way of activating such photons towards the velocity of light-speed, thereby achieving a good value of kinetic energy (V2) as for providing the energy multiplier factor of 9e16. This is suggesting that if a photon of whatever wavelength could be induced into carrying along even a micro gram of whatever, that as such the energy potential becomes the much greater result of having that microgram traveling along at the speed of light or better.

If we're going to ever travel at or greater than the speed of light, it will become imperative that we have the ability of defending ourselves from all that's out there. As for our arriving quit dead, if at all or merely pulverised into bits, isn't a good option. Actually, even 0.1% light speed isn't looking all that great, as Earth and that of our moon makes a mere headway of 30 km/s which is 0.01% light speed, and even at that slight velocity is where life as we know it is easily terminated upon the moon, by way of being impacted by a mere dust-bunny at that.

If science and of those pesky laws of physics can't manage to agree upon a mechanism for what the photon is all about, especially for something that's so imperative in every facet of life as we know it (that's including all those of dumbfounded humanity and of all other life that are blind), that only leaves us with the likes of creation and/or of accepting intellectually superior laws of terraforming as being at least part of the answer. Which is it?

Another reality of a given photon is modulation, that besides it's variable aspect of magnitude or amplitude, as opposed to it's sheer numbers being so much greater than atoms; perhaps any given photon can be quantum and/or frequency modulated about it's core or null string like frequency. If this be the case, then perhaps a single high-magnitude photon is somewhat like an extremely large quantum packet string that's theoretically capable of transferring a terabyte worth of data?

Since photons are apparently everywhere, and obviously capable of coexisting with the relatively massive atom (or without the benefit of the atom if considering upon dark-matter), even as for transferring through solids worth of such atoms. Perhaps we need to better understand the nature of such photons so that our ability to communicate and/or eventually transport ourselves as easily isn't impaired by the limitations of our abilities to coexist with atoms (as for our mortal existence having to utilize photons of such low frequency), in that if we could master the energy freedom and thereby transport mass by way of association per photon, in that manner we should be able to send as well as receive as well as eventually transport matter at great distances, as easily as traveling ourselves safely through an apparent ocean or expanse of photons at rest.

BTW; Here's a little something other of old news about Venus:

A typical NOVA production from PBS Airdate: October 17, 1995, for some reason recently edited as of: © | Updated December 2003
This tells us about some of the complexities of our doing Venus, and more of how the likes of our politics and as always the likes of Arthur Andersen accounting took on such an important roll, but it's also clearly stipulating as of this edited version, that Venus has been cooling itself off rather nicely, as well as for supporting the notions that Venus once offered a pre-greenhouse environment that once upon a time wasn't nearly so damn hot and nasty. At least of every time I've checked up on these edited files of what's usually NASA moderated to death, as pertaining those thermal issues and even per content of remaining H2O is oddly improving as we speak. Secondly worth noting, I'll suppose that if a Venus ET/lizard-folk were sufficiently heathen enough, and that of their one and only option was to dry-up and die, as in roasted to death on the spot, without their ever making an effort of going for them Istar Terra hills is a remote possibility. Although, how absolutely and pathetically stupid and self arrogant to the point of insuring their own demise would that sort of ET actually have to be?

Clearly yourself and I have been informed if not thoroughly indoctrinated by the sort of folks supposedly having "the right stuff", that Venus has always been too freaking hot and nasty for any form of life, much less intelligent, to have ever been created and sustained as for sufficient evolution to have saved their day. Well lo and behold folks, there's certainly been something that's a whole lot bigger and more technologically advanced than any atmospheric diatoms at work, and perhaps even a little hot under their silica collars, as well as quite possibly even sufficiently big and nasty enough as to put up with their mother nature, that either evolved and/or perchance arrived upon Venus via terraforming, and as such has subsequently managed to have survived upon Venus, and apparently it wasn't even nearly as smart as our NASA, as to knowing that once it got too hot it was supposed to have just rolled over and died (much as we'd like Osama bin Laden to die, although he was just over-reacting from being provoked by our resident warlord that had been running amuck by way of his planning all along to overthrow Iraq, as perhaps much like folks on Venus may have instinctively over-reacted to their being provoked by their shift in environment, whereas they obviously elected to go for broke by applying a little butt saving ingenuity, smart usage of energy and applied technology as to their surviving in spite of what damn little Earth thinks of Venus).

Instead of dying off simply because it was gradually getting too hot and nasty, perhaps intelligent folks merely applied a little imported technology and/or that of a little evolution intervention as to expediting their surviving in spite of our inability to realize upon the truth when we see it. Of course, there are a good number of things you don't even have to see to believe, as with the laws of physics clearly proves upon what's possible to exist and/or coexist, in that such need not be seen to have appreciated that it's entirely possible, as opposed to those rejecting all the facts and disregarding and/or skewing those laws of physics in order to protect their mainstream status quo degrees of apparent arrogance and bigotry against all other humanity, and at all cost and with absolutely no regard nor remorse for the consequences of their actions, and/or inactions of their essentially doing nothing until them Apollo cows come home, which if we're to be going by way of those skewed photos, or rather photos that were clearly not skewed enough by near-UV and huge amounts of UV/a, as such them cows are not ever coming home..

It seems logical if Earth were to be gradually getting itself hot and nasty (much like it is, with CO2 levels trekking way off the charts and thereby releasing mega tonnes worth of natural freons), that I'd certainly become real smart about my surviving, and I'd certainly be associating with the likes of others smarter than myself, of which at this point might have to automatically exclude the likes of our cloak and dagger NASA/NSA/DoD, rather than not. In other words, good grief almighty folks, if there's anything that would have created the need and by way of ample motivation as for implementing upon enhancing ones survival intelligence (which need not include anything radio), the likes of your home world receiving a super amount of greenhouse heat influx as advancing along at perhaps 1ºK/year, and of subsequently having a for-real shortage of fresh water would certainly have done that sort of trick for myself. Whereas meanwhile, I'll have to suppose that our swift NASA/NSA/DoD wizards would rather remain on the illusive trail of all those invisible WMD, at least up until those same Apollo cows come home, or hell freezes over, either of which isn't ever going to happen, especially the part about an hell on Earth freezing over.

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