Dear pathetic braille NASA fool(s).

Imagination or not, you simply have to learn to love these guys.

NASA wizards or not, braille image interpreters or simply NSA/DoD puppets. At some point in the evolution of our pathetic human race, these individuals have forged a new yet somewhat perverted slant upon history (you simply create history or merely redefine what really happened). Those three monkeys have nothing over these guys.

Yes in deed, it takes imagination as well as I believe a little reality to see obvious artificial elements, especially as those clearly situated on the planet Venus and those so well otherwise surrounded and differentiated by such common yet obviously random (as to be expected) natural Venus terrain consisting of lava-flows, rock formations, signs of obvious tectonic actions and erosion and, having everything at a pretty damn good perspective viewing angle at that (43).

I guess then it also requires in order to tell the difference between your "death valley" and that of "mountains" (realizing that elevation is apparently very tricky comprehension) and furthermore, it must require a masters degree in comprehending the obvious fact that, at greater elevation it's always (always) cooler then if you are situated in "death valley" per say and, another issue that must also require a highly specialized masters degree is, having to deal with the mysteries of "nighttime" such as that on Venus, where that period of time is 120+ Earth days worth and, damn if that doesn't blow a galactic hole in the equation. Combining thousands of nighttime hours along with commonly available elevated territories (many available at 5km and some of which exceeding 11 km) is just a bit overwhelming for those wishing to believe the entire planet hovers about 450 degrees(C), day or night and, regardless of whatever the upper atmospheres may have to offer or the affect from extended sunset periods and, so I am to suppose, that perhaps we need a team of a hundred or so highly paid researchers plus a few hundred million in applied technology (perhaps a CRAY computer) in order to understand what happens (what the hell, how about a couple of those CRAY or better computers so that we can run a few trillion calculations as well as 3D planetary and atmospheric simulations).

Surface wind (what there is of it) is reported at roughly 2 knots and, atmospheric pressure is 92 Bar. Now these two issues (according to NASA types) must somehow represent that life could never have existed, nor have otherwise adapted to whatever extremes that makes Venus so damn hot today. Boy, are these NASA crack wizards good or what? Remember, these are the same wizards that now concede that there is in fact ice formations on Mercury and, yet nothing whatsoever of such cooler environment (regardless of elevation or nighttime) is apparently possible on Venus, not even the least bit of coolness apparently, even though significant areas of the terrain are not only so much higher (as such as 11 km) but those areas must also endure thousands of hours of nighttime, along with average surface winds of perhaps ten knots. Am I trying to be a bit cynical; could be.

As my detecting anything the least bit artificial goes, the distinctively mechanically shaped as well as functional and/or rational looking arrangements, so as to appear as being that of rationally structural buildings within a community, including that of incorporating an raised platform/runway airport (with equipment on the tarmac) and, a fairly long suspension bridge spanning that wide Venus style Grand Canyon, that of this area clearly depicting multiple (connected) reservoirs, multiple parabolic issues and so on and so on, according to pro-NASA types, these are all purely those considerations which are common to be found as formations caused by purely natural events, of which they can't seem to locate even one such other example. Yah right, natural my freaking ass!

Will, unlike those working for or funded by NASA, with ultimately having nearly everything being paid for by us taxpayers, like you and me, I don't have to account for wasting my time explaining the obvious, or in NASA's case, applied "damage control" because of so many lives lost and ambitions foiled. This time it seems as though our crack wizards are totally without a security net, as they seem to have no evidence whatsoever that supports their so called observational astronomy of Venus (not to mention that of our own moon), at least nothing which pertains to supporting their idea as to what the discovery area at "GUTH Venus" can't possibly represent. I sure as hell have looked in thousands of places, NASA obviously has too and, pretty much their entire community of moles have thus far equally failed to locate even one similar image that supports their pre-ordained notions (I can't but wonder why that is?). Among other issues, I believe this anti-Venus thing is almost as bad as their messing up on that lunar "C" rock and, then also loosing all that film footage of our supposedly successful (1/6th gravity scaled) lunar lander test flights (another bummer) and, by the freaking way, I've also relocated an official Apollo mission photo, taken by an official Apollo camera using the very same official Apollo mission film, showing the lander in space as clearly surrounded by bright stars (so once again, guys, where in the hell are those stars in the lunar landscape photos ?).

Boy, how downright pathetic and, to think, they all could have been just a bit critical yet supportive by offering their superior observational expertise and, by otherwise surrendering images that so well supports their vastly more correct understanding of what such highly complex rational looking formations truly must represent. But no, simply bashing away at anyone or any idea that is the least bit contrary to that of Club NASA's, which seems just a wee bit odd, especially when everyone is so despairing over maintaining what they have let alone securing new funding that the greater public (hell, in this instance the whole damn world) could support. I am to guess, if I could devise something worthy of NSA/DoD agenda, then all the resources possible would be thrown at my discovery, but you know, I can't think of one idea or item worthy of anything up to their cloak and dagger standards, unless we can somehow provoke those on Venus to attack us, now that's an idea that offers some real merit, as such Earthly provocation has faithfully worked in our past and, just recently got a few tens of thousands of US and foreign civilians killed (you can tell I'm obviously anti-American because, I choose to include those humanitarian losses on the other side) and, we are not finished by any long shot.

The only problem which I can foresee, regarding our provoking those on Venus, is that they just may wipe our butts or worse, as these inhabitance could be really thirsty and somewhat tired of all that heat, in other words; real cranky. If we wait around long enough, perhaps they'll come knocking and, just maybe that opportunity will be as soon as October 2002. Thanks to our crack wizards at Club NASA, we simply have no idea as to what we could be up against.

Instead, our crack wizards seem to be off to the races once again and, this time chasing down a lot of humanly unobtainable deep space goals or simply after those multi-hundred-billion dollar microbes from Mars. Will, it seems we almost have categorized and barely understand nearly 10% of the microbes right hear on Earth so, we obviously need a few more (potentially lethal ones at that) so that our NSA/DoD can have new toys to play with and, maybe then we can finally produce a genetic mutation or two (intentional or otherwise) worthy of NSA/DoD standards.

On the other hand, as soon as I obtain another independent planetary image, from anyone and/or from anywhere, that can be verified as showing purely natural formations of such quality as well as quantity, that are depicting formations of so rationally situated and pragmatic patterns and, that image can even be sourced from Earth (I don't really care), then and only then will I concede that what others and I'm seeing on Venus is simply not there at all and, trust me on this, nothing would make NASA happier. I will bet NASA will pay anyone ten million or perhaps even a hundred million would have to be considered a fairly cheap out as to accomplishing just that, as once and for all truly proving me wrong.

So what are all you wizard's waiting for? Go for the gold.

Oh, by they way, as you may already have guessed, if you merely intend to criticize without supportive observational images, a little Apollo counter-support (or not) might just creep in to my replies, so, be prepared to defend yourself and all your cloak and dagger buddies at Club NASA.

Best of luck and, thanks again for hearing me out.

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