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ID: ©"GUTH Venus"

Discovery date: December, 2000 / ongoing research: 2002
Raw image source: (NASA/Magellan: mgn_c115s095_1.gif)
The discovery of ~"GUTH Venus"~ by: Brad Guth / IEIS

First off: our space research and exploration teams are too damn serious for their own good, and thereby too unimaginative as to permit a little reality from creeping in. Club NASA is just one such example, having a little too much focus upon NSA/DoD domination of Earth and eventually over all of humanity. To be placing our humanity on hold while supporting deep space probes and cosmic searches for the most part as intended for the financial benefit of the privileged few, by and for those able to ride the backs of others towards gathering highly specialized knowledge, which at best our next 100 generations will perhaps never sufficiently materialize benefits (unless of course you consider great looking cosmic wallpaper as being vital), this all seems a bit convoluted or ulterior.

Do you think our official search for life elsewhere is essentially over?. Will think again. Not so, as apparently our beloved NASA has other far more costly plans and internal commitments in the works (favors and perhaps hidden agendas) to comply with, none of which (including that of the past 10 and next 15 years) involves anything for Venus. So, don't hold your breath, at least not until NASA blows away another 250 billion or so of your moneys, and all those responsible are either quite dead or have been long retired, as they and their extended families live the high life (at your expense). I just recently reviewed another fine list of expensive (very costly) planned research and explorations through the year 2016, which if one really wants to believe the truth (that pretty much excludes NASA types), all of these planned missions, if being fully inclusive of the necessary and resulting Earth and space based support, plus global educational followings and, then naturally supporting all those hidden agendas, I believe this schedule should run (over the next 15 years) a mere few hundred billion and, still nothing whatsoever from Venus. This "obligate and spend and obligate and spend and spend forever", and then hide behind that "non-disclosure crap" as though whatever happened yesterday is a none-issue (as a tried and proven NASA concept) should not impose any new problems because, NASA apparently knows you as well as the rest of the world has far more then you need to live on, so stop your whining, stop asking questions and simply fork it over (all of it).

I have personally found that many well educated (even none-NASA soles) are quite proud of what their specialized community has accomplished, as well as where their future is headed (as long as that endeavor is ultimately at someone other and preferably taxpayer expense), and perhaps in their eyes, it is those such as myself that should be disqualified, regardless of the "truths", lest we unquestionably contribute our fair share of additional taxpayer funding onto their projects (then all is to be forgiven). A serious problem seems to develop when an overlord agency formulates an internal tribal cult, that which is reinforced by a purely and potentially motivated by a potentially lethal internal "non-disclosure" pact, clearly where those privileged few can with impunity accomplish nearly anything (good or bad) without reguard or even remorse.

Coming to a theater near you: October 2002; "GUTH Venus"  communication via light

OK, this ongoing effort is for all those braille NASA image interpreters; here is your latest and perhaps last reprieve offering from the taxpayers.  The planet Venus is soon going to essentially be right next door (under 0.271 AU), and that's so close we can damn near throw a rock at it. So, once again, as I've stated time after time (for the past 16 months and counting), we are clearly running out of what we obviously need the most of, as with respect to fairly expensive space travel and associated best research and exploration opportunities (technically that means; getting the most bang for our buck) that essence is essentially and nearly always pertaining to distance and therefore time. We flat out have the technology to revisit Venus, and quite possibly even a manned mission, however, this coming October 2002 is perhaps going to become just another pathetic example of a woefully failing "put up or shut up" fiasco by our crack wizards at Club NASA. Of course, what am I thinking; our beloved NASA never has to truly take such mundane fiscal responsibilities nor humanitarian issues into account (after all, it's not their moneys), so therefore, we one again must sit back while the central HVAC systems of NASA are being feed by stacks and stacks of thousand dollar bills, and it naturally requires virtually tons of that stuff (day after day) to heat and air condition all those elaborate cathedrals.

We should have, and most certainly could have established a viable Venus mission plan, at least in the works as of 12 months ago, but no way is NASA apparently going to budge on this one because, that just might force them into being the least bit accountable, possibly uprooting additional disclosures and thereby interfere with their true game plans, which in the recent past clearly had an offal lot to do with supporting and playing with all those nifty NSA/DoD toys and supporting their agendas (and we should all know by now [9/11] where that got us).

Secondly, this "GUTH Venus" discovery is simply no half baked theory or unproven rash new concept (unless you consider our most basic fundamental human abilities, that of simply being conscious and thereby recognizing artificially established attributes as perhaps witchcraft). And, unlike the past, present and ongoing into the vast future of space investments (as those secured and/or already underway by NASA), several pertaining to deep space and cosmic theory research, where the alternative cost of our returning to Venus is simply insignificant. And, come this October 2002 will likely prove once again that our crack wizards at Club NASA will have yet blown another best ever opportunity (in other words "screw the damn taxpayers").

Attempts at obtaining proper or even the least bit of formal recognition by NASA seems to only further underline that another monumental performance of "damage control" (obviously at taxpayers expense) has in effect been deployed simply upon my behalf (Wow, am I impressed), as they would have everyone believing that somehow my pathetic photo-software along with my application capabilities has falsely introduced essentially everything, and furthermore, that I have perhaps intentionally and grossly misinterpret and thereby falsely based any and all of my conclusions (especially that of identifying artificial structural attributes) as being totally groundless. You bet!, You wish.

The latest phrase (it's not my job) proclamation; is that NASA has for all these years (decades) somehow not been the least bit responsible for channeling, developing or establishing "truths" (apparently NASA is merely the mission buss driver), and yet they feel quite willing if not entitled as to disregarding if not outright banishing (especially via their moles at "space.com") this remarkable "true" discovery. By the way; a discovery (any such discovery) of this magnitude is not necessarily required to fulfill absolute truths, it merely has to be sufficiently compelling in the absence of being effectively challenged, and NASA as well as their entire (considerable) mole population (for the past 14+ months) has thus far failed at every challenge.

The "GUTH Venus" discovery, in relationship to our thoroughly misguided quest for potentially acquiring lethal microbes from Mars, is highly rational as compared to this Mars conjecture that is totally without merit (we can't effectively deal with the microbes we already have), besides costing tens of billions (overall those Mars microbes will be exceeding 250 billion), most certainly poses great risk. Will, I'm now sorry I ever bothered to waste my time informing NASA about what I perceive as the most affordable as well as most easily obtainable goal and, this Venus opportunity is obviously not about mere microbes, and besides all that, NASA seems a little too preoccupied salvaging their butts right about now, perhaps that's because they are a bit mired in their own past  ( wonder why that is ? )  and, now I've apparently forced them into having commercially imprinted memos (Post It Notes) distributed all throughout the NASA empire(s). Sort of makes you wonder.

Too bad for all those loyal pro-NASA types, as well as apparently for all of us taxpayers (perhaps even for those on Venus as well), as our beloved NASA only had the mere 11+ years and utterly hundreds of billions of our dollars as well as our official entrusted responsibilities and sworn duty for achieving just such a discovery and, as you will soon discover, they apparently still can't officially see a damn thing on Venus, but yet continue to favor investing into all sorts of otherwise unsubstantiated and thoroughly speculative possibilities such as upon Mars (when the entire Mars issues are simply not giving us one percent of what "GUTH Venus" clearly has to offer) as well as from other far more distant stars and their planets (those totally beyond Earth humanity's reach, by a factor of 100 to 1000+ generations). I now understand NASA has managed to poorly allocate other 10's of additional billions into even much deeper space exploration considerations, groping far beyond anything which us humans (including the next ten thousand generations worth) may ever live long enough to realize few if any benefits. Apparently NASA views our lives, moneys and resources for these otherwise purely speculative aspects (I'm including Mars, at least until they discover one damn thing artificial) as being essentially endless, and somehow worthy of our continued support in spite of our 11+ year old (badly belated) realization of substantial civilization(s) clearly existing on our most accessible neighboring planet "Venus".

As our bloated misguided space research and exploration has gone, the planet Venus is by far offering the most easily and even the most humanly obtainable goal(s) and, at far lessor cost (perhaps a mere 10% of what's been blow away in the past 10 years and perhaps a mere 1% of what's on the NASA horizon), and now apparently because of my discovery, the planet Venus simply offers by far the greater tangible (obtainable) rewards, by far exceeding that of anything and virtually everything else discovered to date, and it is soon going to be a mere 25 million miles away (that's real close, perhaps too close).

Keep in mind, that I perceive NASA's past and questionable future individual mission budgets (their projected cost total) as not anywhere that representing our true investment, not by a long shot. If you were to include the overall empire(s) of NASA, and all of what it has it's hands into (mostly our pockets), and then tally up the grand total per year, being sure to include all the thousands of official and unofficial cloak and dagger grants plus all those conventionally secret NSA/DoD and associated sub-contracting agendas, and then also being sure to tally in their actual real estate properties (if including all leased and otherwise rented sites) consisting of thousands of world wide facilities, each housing considerable facility outfitting plus, their overall staffing which includes privet as well as military security as well as regular staffing, and then don't forget those multi million dollar monthly utility bills per complex, nor all those considerable all important club benefits and entitlement's of those employed as well as retired from Club NASA. Perhaps only now (if your calculator has not run out of memory) can we start to realize the real overhead impact of each and every NASA orchestrated mission. Therefore, of those purely speculation based missions intended to research and/or test theories and otherwise explore deeper cosmic space and elements and, perhaps even including that of our continued Mars exploration, these missions are each potentially impacting billions more then the reported base mission budgets. Another easily overlooked formula is that of our true overall investment cost per employee and/or job function, (on average) easily this exceeds 10 million dollars investment per each and every individual. That investment alone represents at least another 500 thousand dollars worth upon just financial investment servicing expenses per employee, and that's further compounded by each and every year (in other words; not all that much bang for our buck, more like a sonic money sucking sound).

Taking NASA's budget seriously is pretty much like listening to your teenage son or daughter explaining the true cost of owning a car; as that being somehow related to the cost of gas, and therefore (depending on the car and present gas prices) may equate to as little as 5 cents per mile (10 cents per mile if you imply a full sized SUV). Now you and I know that someone has to first acquire that car, finance it, insure it and the driver(s), clean up and pay for the mass of destruction that inevitably follows, often further housing it (paying extra for the addition residential garage space plus extra property taxes as well as other public parking), re-license it every year, service it and soon begin investing more into repair cost then that of financing an entirely new replacement (thanks mostly to our service and parts "gouge policy" which insures that stolen auto parts will continue to outstrip legitimate industry resources). Thus, by NASA's eliminating their overall investments (therefore excluding our true financing via tax burdens), by further excluding their massive benefit and retirement programs, and by even excluding real estate impact of existing structures and subsequent outfitting, excluding true multi-agency as well as privet staffing involvements and our true infrastructure support, and perhaps further side-stepping those massive utility bills; Then yes, I would have to say the NASA cost to America and the world is perhaps a bit closer to their clearly immortal perception, but not that of mine, especially should you introduce a few too many costly mistakes, including perhaps a few too many human losses.

Do the math: oops, sorry I forgot, most Americans can't do simple math, as that budget for teaching us math went into far better NASA-NSA/DoD agendas, like all those worthy efforts promoting and supporting our pathetic cold-wars, and otherwise into now protecting us from terrorist (from those obviously most impacted by our past multiple cold-wars and otherwise our obvious lack of fundamental human rights consideration for the "historical truth" plus, our presiding over which religious entity holds title to lands which we simply have no foundation nor business of being rightfully involved, especially if we are so willing to be siding with the false ownership thereof regardless of the now painfully obvious risk factor).

Here is another tid bit reality check:
This relates to so many of those cosmic theorist that seem to contend all sorts of vast conjectures (no images of anything artificial, just conjectures up the you know what), towards which all sorts of outrageous resources and talents have been channeled, including enormous amounts of human involvement involving considerable invested time from some of our brightest minds, as well as our having to support tens of thousands of their followers (students and their so called learning institutions), simply in order to prove and/or disprove each and every conjecture (over and over), where, in one way or another, some theory conjectures have been re-tested and re-evaluated perhaps too many times, and where this effort is nearly always at humanity's expense as well as at the impact of consuming our limited (finite) resources. All of this would obviously not be such a total waste, should any of this cosmic theory development and resulting challenges have given humanity something (anything) relevant and thereby Earthly tangible in return (besides that of improved weather forecasting and satellite TV which clearly benefits a mere 10% of Earths population).

QUESTION : Exactly how many of these cosmic theories and/or purely speculative ventures can we taxpayers afford to administer?, and, is the total value of supporting each theorist worthy of our investing a hundred million or so dollars towards investigating and supporting each and every one of these conjectures, and thus obviously resulting in a mostly negative impact upon otherwise relevant and timely research by "down to Earth" scientific communities having to perhaps deal with the boring mundane issues of simply improving our humanity's chances of surviving, and/or at least that of reaching out to our neighboring and most easily obtainable planet (for God sake and for starters, how about the discovery "GUTH Venus").

Here is yet another "what if" example of what's seemingly so flat out wrong with Club NASA and especially regarding SETI;
Let us say a given deep space (cosmic) theory were to be fully proven as "truth", and that this "truth" somehow enabled us to acquire as well as decode data streams from some distant galactic transmission. Let us further establish this information may even hold some essential new knowledge (perhaps DNA codes), but then naturally keeping in mind that any such message(s) are in fact thousands, perhaps millions of years old, and not that this is necessarily all bad, but having to simply return a message in order to pose a request for further and/or specific information (clarification) would equally require double the thousands or millions of years before we would ever receive the damn reply..

Now I don't know exactly how long you and your next 100 or so generations are going to live, but, something tells me that this cosmic deep space crap had better not have taken the hundreds of millions or billions and perhaps even eventually trillions away from our limited resources, just to prove that it's possible to obtain messages or even master DNA codes from long dead civilizations, and that furthermore, none of us (including our very planet) will not likely survive the reply cycle delay. So, I'll simply ask; what could possibly be all that wrong with our returning to the planet Venus, at least it's right next door and easily within a few months to perhaps a year's travel (a mere 3 light~minutes in terms of communications) utilizing our existing crude transportation and communications technologies at that, and otherwise, at least this affordable challenge offers feasible two-way (round trip) communication possibilities that are within minutes rather than SETI's thousands of years and, obviously doing so without the additional billions having to be wasted upon new unproven theories and technologies because, the true existence of artificial attributes situated on the planet Venus is simply an absolute fact, essentially a "no contest" except by those threatened by the possibilities at hand and perhaps by the disclosures of hidden (perhaps despicable) agendas that this discovery has so potentially uprooted. Sorry about that!

My counter-reply to so many of my unsportive NASA-types has often become this:
With regard to my discovery; Perhaps the Magellan (NSA aperture~radar) imaging capabilities are those seriously at fault, by not being the least bit capable of detecting a substantial bridge the size of the "Golden Gate", yet somehow otherwise totally accurate as to recording and depicting the surrounding (lessor) terrain issues at a relatively good level of detail as well as at a superb perspective viewing angle of 43 degrees (including that of relatively small boulder formations along with sufficient edged/shaped as well as those offering a mixture of vertically rectangular and somewhat rounded off formations, and yes, of otherwise being surrounded by so called common lava flow considerations and erosion effects). Perhaps the Magellan's 75 or lessor meter/pixel photo conversion software (aperture~radar to GIF format) somehow intentionally and thereby falsely modified only those selective radar scans to such an extent of consolidating and thereby purely fabricating so many rational structural looking elements along with exceptional infrastructure, doing so out of otherwise typically common yet random natural/geological occurrences, perhaps as well as from that of the subsequent erosions which clearly makes up the bulk of the formations of everything else to be seen on Venus.

Unfortunately; and as of so far, NASA and their entire mole and associated research communities have been totally unable to conjure up any such supportive image (not one) towards their counter/negative (unsportive) point of view, and perhaps this is because there are no such other images (from any other areas of Venus or other planet including Earth), at least none so depicting such artificial looking complexity as purely natural formations, as those appearing as being so rationally collected and functionally structured looking, plus otherwise suggesting such a thoroughly complex degree of apparent and highly rational logic from symmetrically orderly structures having somewhat obvious infrastructure relationships. I mean, how freaking hard can it be to offer at least one compelling image in support of NASA's point of view ? (apparently quit difficult, especially when nothing such exist). So again; what is their problem? and/or, what is your problem? or perhaps better, what are the ulterior motives?

Perhaps more likely; NASA wants this entire issue (like those Apollo issues) to quietly go away, and not to become yet another embarrassment, after all, this is one HELL of an expensive ("O.S!") oversight, especially considering our past original multi-billion dollar Magellan investments and ever more so the ongoing alternative spending, and spending, and so on that's been underway for at least the past 11 years and then into what's planned for the next 15+ years. I would say that's a little out of control and perhaps of rather pointless agendas, obviously profitable to those privileged few, especially in light of this discovery; if what we have been most looking for has in fact existed (all this time) on the planet Venus, and otherwise, what is the whole point of supporting our space research and exploration, if not that to discover other intelligent life forms and not just that of lethal micro-organisms; Excuse me!, of course it obviously takes one of intelligence to know one, so I may be expecting entirely too much of our NASA communities. Sorry about all that, but that's what I think and, the more bashing I receive the more I believe in uncovering those special interest agendas ruling NASA.

NASA, including all those under their persuasion and thereby legally bound (via internal policy enforcement) by their own convenient "non-disclosure" bylaws has, by essentially disregarding this opportunity, and obviously by not formally acknowledging and supporting it as a valid/worthy opportunity (at least as worthy as that relatively insignificant "FACE on MARS" fiasco which offered us not 1% the visual evidence as what I have to offer from Venus), has lost whatever edge they had. And, by clearly attempting to force others, such as myself and of course all you unworthy taxpayers, Senators and Congressman into being mazed as to believing that the very concept of anything the least bit artificial existing or potentially overlooked as such on Venus is totally unfounded (therefore conveniently unproven and most importantly not of the least bit their fault or responsibility), and apparently, simply so because they and others highly commissioned have proclaimed it, I guess that pretty much makes the rest of us as idiots and fools. Thanks a lot!

Excuse me once again: In spite of my best intended efforts, basically NASA has not seen fit to properly or fairly challenge my research/discovery results and/or retract their position of denials, let alone openly support my efforts, however, they just recently bothered to clarify (back paddle) by stating that NASA "establishes no truths", and that I'm truly beginning to believe, which is somewhat of a paradox, considering how they have been impacting my efforts by their inflexible position and declarations of only supporting those contentions that strictly conform to the established beliefs that "all" of Venus is and has been essentially a life-form dead planet. Somehow establishing and/or only supporting this unsubstantiated "NASA truth" is apparently OK, as previously proclaiming just this; at "GUTH Venus" or for that matter at any location on the entire planet of Venus, anything the least bit resembling artificial features such as reservoirs, structures or even a bridge would in fact be only that of purely natural ("commonly to be found") lava-flow and/or rock formations, be it spanning a half mile+ expansive channel and easily a thousand feet or more above a Grand Canyon like floor. And furthermore, as pertaining to any so called connecting roadways, especially the one which I have identified as that circumventing a fairly expansive mountain range and eventually having to tunnel it's way onto a suspension bridge, this apparently is also thoroughly ("NASA truth") representative of purely natural origins and causes that would have produced such an extensively and properly graded and carved relief roadway affect (even that of introducing a switch-back somehow fits NASA's pathetic lava-flow and natural erosion expectations), as also somehow is creating that of a purely natural tunnel through a solid rock formation (rather then of simple erosion flowing downward from these mountains) prior to it's having to horizontally span something like the "Grand Canyon". Apparently these exceptional yet common "truth's" forming NASA's standards (steadfastly established "truths") are clearly those as recorded of your typical lava-flow and erosion events that would have somehow launched themselves horizontally, with little if any arching, in order to span this considerable canyon.

Boy, that's a some sort of purely natural super lava-flow and highly unusual set of erosion patterns. Too bad others haven't located any other such extreme examples of such as purely naturally formed elements anywhere else. I can't help to be wondering what their all waiting for, as this much unusual formations (clearly one of a kind in the known universe) should be worth a second look.

Of course, from my primitive perspective, there are absolutely no signs of any such so called lava-flow origins or for that matter any signs of the required lava out-falls or even drop-off accumulations as related to those roads and multiple structures at "GUTH Venus" and, nothing suggesting any localized or even random yet sufficiently specific tectonic orchestrated events however, (to my total dismay, once again) and apparently as according to NASA's established "truths", all of this logical and rational consideration is somehow beside the point, and thereby totally up to me as to prove otherwise... O ooooo K kkkkk!, and thanks a bunch for all your (taxpayer funded) non-support. I only hope I can return the favor some day, soon, real soon.

Should the following mature studies and attached documentations not clearly (sufficiently) establish the best ever examples of artificial elements on the planet Venus, then I'll guess, as NASA-outsiders, we (and I am including most pro-NASA communities and of course all other apparently merely incompetent taxpayers and obviously those appropriations Senators) simply do not have a clue as to what constitutes "artificial". I guess we might as well stop bothering to look out the windows of any cross-country flight because, as we are not (according to NASA) qualified to even recognize Earth, let alone formulate or base any "truths" as to the possible existence of life simply because we can clearly identify artificial structures and associated infrastructure (such as a damn bridge). Apparently (again, according to NASA standards) if you can't touch it and perhaps piss on it, it does not exist (something like those 10's of thousands of original Apollo negatives as well as those missing 1/6th scaled lunar lander test flight films; Wouldn't you say ?).

Dear president Bush; If you and your staff are reading this, and you can bring yourself to stop laughing, simply understand that this has never been a fair nor practical contest and, that apparently not one worthy sole at Club NASA is exactly rushing about doing anything constructive (other than damage control) as pertaining to this discovery, and because this whole "GUTH Venus" opportunity is so totally outside of NASA's "NON-DISCLOSURE" policy, your input may become most interesting, especially if you should feel the need to shave a few billions more out of NASA's bloated budget (NSA and DoD can apparently make up the difference). Perhaps at this juncture, and considering this massive discovery oversight, who needs them, especially if they insist upon using those braille image interpreters.

Others offering assistance and support to my discovery simply will not be so neglected (as I have been) nor in any manner plagiarised by myself, and furthermore, because NASA has knowingly chosen to banish this entire issue (at least until new funding is secured and thereby the total authority over it), others (myself included) as well as those remaining as truly independent thinking space exploration researchers could use all the resourceful help that's out there. The more input the better (including from any X-NASA/Magellan members that perhaps dare to test that "non-disclosure" issue), so, feel free to pitch in and share in your rightful credits, credit which unlike NASA, I'll insure you receive. I only wish I could directly and officially open some of those "non-disclosure" doors, and if I could, one of the first things I would carry in is a fist full of pink slips, and none of that (easy out) early retirement crap would apply.

The enormous cost of sustaining any ruse is naturally compounded by every layer building upon the last, and so apparently are my concerns about our beloved Cub NASA being so covertly involved with alternative agendas, and thereby responsible for draining essential resources away from every non-military and non-NSA related mission. As proof positive that I may have become a little too right all along, about that of our depleting resources that could and should have been efficiently focused perhaps upon Venus opportunities (as of ten years ago), our resources have since been blown by a factor of at least ten times, amounts otherwise now badly needed. And yet instead, we continue to perversely divert and essentially waste our best and brightest talents and resources, vital talents and resources which we could all be using right about now, especially considering the latest terrorist impacts. I truly believe this; as of what we have not been able to accomplish in this world as of today, can in fact be held directly accountable to our own recent past, at the very least commencing with those Apollo missions and our (now well established) thoroughly unwarranted declared cold-war(s) (including that of our so called race to the moon) as that purely focused against the USSR, a series of cold-wars which I now believe has become by itself greatly accountable for our present day demise, as well as the greater suffering of the once capable and relatively stable USSR, a now thoroughly broken nation essentially out of control of much of what we today fear the most. You might just think, that our enormous aftermath cost and much greater lost of human life should only become further testament. Will think again, as my advise is a bit grim, simply don't hold your breath. Our government policies are not likely to be altered simply if that should relieve the suffering of others, as wasting resources and talents upon baseless goals (baseless hatreds with the exception for that of willfully protecting the interest of our wealthy God-Fathers) seems pretty much representative of our past and present day agendas, and then whenever we seem to accomplish good, the cost and thereby impact of our doing so has simply been horrific.

As you can tell; as of lately, I'm of the opinion that our past as well as ongoing lessor cold-wars have been and are still presently far more costly and damaging then anyone is willing to admit, and I believe there are certainly many historical triggers worthy of explaining the 9/11 event. Perhaps we should be asking ourselves this: What is the exact Russian translation for the phrase(s) "I TOLD YOU SO" or perhaps this one "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND" and how about "IT's TIME TO PAY THE PIPER" or just maybe "GOD SAVE US ALL". Sorry about all that melodramatic stuff, in the past I've tried other approaches and only received abusive or null responses (mostly from those I consider NASA moles or perhaps staunch cloak and dagger NSA/DoD supporters).

A little "GET WELL" sentiment:
Perhaps I have not been making myself all that clear. Specifically, because of how NASA has so failed to properly respond to this truly incredible opportunity (for some of those at NASA this may become their once in a lifetime event or think of it as their reprieve) and, as a result, should this Bush administration ever request further support of agency cuts, I for one will gladly comply to his hearts content, as I have all sorts of ideas that pretty much focus upon worthy obtainable goals and, as such, I would only protect and respect those most capable of fully realizing the greater importance and respect of my discovery, as I feel that any remaining resources (a mere 10% of what we are now committed to) would be more then sufficient if properly focused upon the next Venus mission(s), missions that will clearly yield far more viable (bring-it-home) tangible results that would likely be those most directly beneficial to the greater good of humanity and, not of merely fulfilling NSA/DoD cloak and dagger agendas, as I am suggesting the sharing of such insider benefits for the everyday lives of those of us clearly on the outside of NASA's highly supported, clearly overly entitled and obviously self richest governmental entity known as "Club NASA". For starters, how about simply placing "Club NASA" on the open stock exchange.

What ever else anyone can possibly have to say on behalf of NASA, please step forward and speak now or else hold on because, coming soon to a theater near you, some of us are going on a very long trip, or perhaps not so long if we can simply get our pathetic act together sufficiently prior to October 2002, as our next stop is Venus, and those opposing (staunch NASA/NSA/DoD remainders) are hopefully headed directly for their shortest trip of their career's, the unemployment line and, good riddance, it's been nice to know ya.

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