Knowing thy Enemy and Snooker thy Humanity

As bad off as this page is, I'm not quite finished with this rant, so please check back for updates and corrections.

As usual, this page is way overloaded with words, whereas I'll share in that I've been attempting to promote myself as well as to learn from others, only to discover that such forums of all-knowing individuals generally suck.

Unfortunately, whenever I've introduced another topic or question having anything to do with possible 'life on Venus', using our moon on behalf of humanity, taking Sirius into consideration, discussing interplanetary and interstellar communications via laser cannon, even upon questions as to the vast numbers of photons per atom, as such imposing a notion that blackholes being mostly zones of nearly resting photons surrounding anti-matter have obtained the usual negatives of bashing upon myself and anything I introduce.

If I suggest it's possible to detect the energy waves of atoms reacting from meteors and debris impacting the moon, such as horrific impacts creating similar reactions to sound waves, lo and behold, I've obtained their usual mainstream status quo or damage-control of insisting it's impossible to accomplish this, especially if the sensitive laser diaphragm instrument were located upon the moon is where there's supposedly such little atmosphere (3e-15 bar) that absolutely no sound-wave like energy can be detected, even though there should be lots of extremely fast moving collectives of atoms, at least the 30 km/s worth of our getting around the sun, plus the 600+ km/s worth of whatever flak the solar wind delivers isn't exactly silent to the detection capability of a good laser diaphragm method of detection that science could thereby discover and God forbid further extrapolate upon the results.

Thus it's entirely clear that over the past 5 years and counting, of whatever I've suggested (even if it's essentially the same as other highly respected scientest have confirmed) there's either topic/author stalking and subsequent bashings and/or null responses, seldom if ever have I received anything specific in terms of better numbers or even worthy conversations of exprapolating a little between the lines, much less connecting of any those dots or pixels being allowed. Clearly my research has become button pushing, as most folks automaticall take offence to an outsider asking stupid questions about ice melting in space, or even of delivering a cubic meter worth of dry-ice through space is absolutely taboo science, at least I'm not smart enough as to identify upon any recorded science that establishes the transition phase from solid to gas/vapor phase, suggesting that such transport of raw water-ice and/or dry-ice through space isn't a permitted topic, as though such knowledge is meaningless gibberish and of absolutely no possible importance to humanity or life as we know it. Yet we have water upon Earth and absolutely not a clue as to how it ever got here in the first place.

It's apparent that to know thy enemy and snookering thy humanity is often better off and certainly more profitable than knowing thy physics, especially since mainstreamism and thereby internet forum physics is by default becoming whatever our mainstream status quo decides it is, and of how if ever such knowledge is to be interpreted and/or utilized is essentially up for grabs on behalf of whatever appeases the resident administration. Although, another sometimes not so obvious though highly effective method of snookering thy humanity has always been something effectively cold-war accomplished by way of disinformation plus utilizing selective exclusions upon whatever flow of information (example being those WMD), whereas all sorts of mainstreamism retains yet another foothold and is forever sustained along by implementing more of those same mysterious voids or nulls of information. Thus whatever science and the physics behind it all has defiantly become more so about sucking up to the administration of the day, knowing thy enemies at home as well as abroad, while clearly we were being nicely excluded of selective knowledge, such as our having not been bothered with knowing those perceived enemies within the Laden family, especially since there was a little too close of an intellectual DNA match to that of our resident warlord.

I guess we should be considered damn lucky for our oil dependent self, as it seems the Laden family remains every bit as close business associates can get with our GW Bush (ENRON-R-US, Halburton and Arthur Andersen) family and associates, as they even lived among us and indirectly continued somewhat business as usual after the fact, at least by way of alternative names and/or phony corporations brokering on their behalf within the closed-door circles of our very own commander and chief (apparently there's no chance of any possible conflict of interest there?).

Obviously you can't effectively snooker thy humanity unless you know thy enemy, at least without proper knowledge of your enemy it's becomes a wast of time, talents and resources if focusing your resources upon those you either don't have to worry about, or those you simply don't care about (like the folks on the receiving end of a tsunami wave, or even those within certain aircraft or in tall buildings).

Generations of nitch, cubical and/or highly compartmentalized folks having their specialized goals funded by public and a few privet investors has long been established as the for-profit criteria of what out NASA/Apollo and of just about every other governmental agency has to contribute, whereas many of this individual goals having no intentions of sharing. So much so that thee's no one looking to connect the dots, much less the pixels of whatever's most likely artificial (meaning human like) on behalf of what other life has managed to coexist upon Venus.

Since no one is officially encharge of dot/pixel connecting, as such it's so much easier to overlook what's perfectly good about our moon, Venus and the connection that seems to coexist with the Sirius star system, as well as per snookering-thy-humanity into believing in those WMD, whereas the ongoing ruse of collateral damage and the carnage of the innocent has been costing us so much that we can't even help those of non-WMD status. Our perverted sick notions of helping Muslims after the fact is absolutely pathetic, whereas 95% or more of our efforts goes into the PR staging and then into spendy logistics of showing how capable we can be whenever it's publicly embarrassing not being the leader of the pack. There doesn't need to be any new and spendy Tsunami warning system created and deployed because, our intelligence and geophysics related satellites and countless tens of thousands of extremely sensitive sonabouy offers way more ocean and seismic intelligence than what's needed as is. Of course, you have to be willing to share that technology and expertise in a timely fashion, which obviously our NSA/DoD/CIA spooks weren't about to do such on behalf of mostly muslim nations.

Fortunately, the very same laws of physics that existed four decades ago are exactly what's remaining supportive of the discoveries and actions I'm taking. Oddly, I have no cloak and dagger need of implementing the usual cold-war intellectual incest of smoke and mirrors that claims there's nothing worth while upon our moon or Venus, however there's been no intentional disinformation pertaining about establishing the LSE-CM/ISS or of otherwise just properly utilizing our moon for all sorts of benefits. Even that of sustaining life upon Venus isn't rocket science, and I might as well include the proper stellar motions of our sun with relationship that of Sirius being somewhere within this ongoing argument because, since the mainstream isn't about to step in, perhaps someone other like myself needs to be their official messenger from hell.

As usual, this first part is another tid-bit of an ongoin rant or perhaps a rant extension, though directly related as affecting the honest applications of physics and of sharing worthwhile science truth that's here to behold (at least this method works fine and dandy for anything Earth, Mars abd anything other that the mainstream has ongoing or planned), which obviously this only sucks if selective information is being denied and/or excluded from the master intellectual pot, as then it's unnecessarily most difficult as to uncover the truth when you're being allowed less than half the truth if anything to begin with.

For an example of knowing thy enemy is knowing when the mainstream is excluding certain honest though potentially incriminating information, such as the shuttle based SAR imaging of Earth was reported as offering not better than 30 m/pixel, as reinforced by thousands of NASA/NAS/DoD certified images of absolutely terrific photo-like examples. However, the same imaging data being processed by a German team was offering 1.5 m/pixel, seemingly a 20 fold improvement over the very same laws of physics and subsequent imaging science that was obviously capable of sharing a whole lot more raw image data than from our NASA/NSA/DoD sources. Oddly, our Mars mission that needs all the dog-wagging spin and infomercial hype it can muster, whereas they brag about obtaining 50 mm/pixel resolution, yet the absolute best we can manage of what a closer orbit and better illuminated moon is in terms of tens of meters/pixel (I've actually been informed that the latest capability via SMART-1 is only good for 50 meters/pixel).

Thus we're continually being informed that of the newest applied imaging technology there's hundreds if not a thousand fold loss in in resolution upon imaging our moon, and perhaps that's because the moon was simply too well illuminated, or simply not enough atmosphere, or too close to focus upon and otherwise way too cheap as to being worthy of accomplishing such a task at perhaps not 10% the cost of doing Mars, at least that's according to the ESA team efforts that'll soon accomplish their own lunar servey before China gets their first mission orbiting the moon. Too bad that our NASA can't seem to offer squat upon anything that's up close and personal about our own moon.

Unlike the SMART-1 that's most certainly capable of offering better than the reported 50 m/pixel, I believe that if our existing shuttle bay SAR imaging technology that's been bought and paid for since more than a decade ago, if that same instrument were to be orbited about the moon we'd have to make do with perhaps 0.1 meter resolution of 16 bit depth. Of course, incorporating the most recent SAR aperture imaging improvements and we'd be down to 10 mm resolution, and that's prior to using anything PhotoShop. However, we all know that such existing capability (including SMART-1) simply isn't going to transpire without a good deal of NASA filtration/moderation as intervention, at least of what's going anywhere near the moon. However, it seems the Russian effort that services ISS knows far better, as how to make do and get the best bang out of their technology, as if need be they could just as easily orbit the moon with their existing ISS service module that supposedly isn't offering one tenth the capability of what our old shuttle craft still has to offer. The Russian team could even accomplish this multiple orbit as robotically so as to not chance the usual TBI of their usual crew, thus giving way to the added technology and whatever extra fuel for accommodating the necessary capacity as needed for accomplishing a good set of orbiting and subsequent SAR imaging mission of accomplishing the moon on behalf of their obtaining perfectly valuable science.

Basically, it seems by even suggesting such a notion, much less that of actually relocating the likes of ISS to the ME-L1, I've become and/or remain their messenger from hell that's been stipulating our government (persay NASA/NSA/DoD) has been lying their stinking butts off as of nearly all along, and I can further support that argument to the conclusions as based upon their proven abilities as to selectively limit and/or exclude critical information, and to otherwise modify whatever results in order to suit their notions of whatever their perverted idea is of what the public/taxpayer deserves to know. Such as, just about everything that's NASA/Apollo offers a fairly wide choice of contradictions and loads of missing and/or skewed physics, offering results that have consistantly excluded potentially critical background data, such as those landers that have absolutely none of the expected prototype R&D landers to demonstrate, and there are numerous photos as being tampered with or entirely fabricated to suit. It's not just persay limited to our methods of doing such dog-wagging spin, hype and spendy infomercials, as the British, French and certainly them Russians are nearly as good at similar methods of their snookering humanity, if need be snookered to death, and so be it.

Sorry folks, basically there's still no such hard evidence of having instrumentation that's been delivered by way of any fly-by-rocket technology and subsequently deployed upon our moon, nor have we obtained the likes of lunar atmospheric samples or any other physical substances as extracted by human touch, and all along there's been the much greater likelihood of other life somehow existing upon Venus, at least the image indicates so and the laws of physics are not capable of excluding the possibility that I'm right.

It seems that our all-knowing physics, science and space wizards of astrobiology or just plain old biology folks have been hard pressed as to prove otherwise. Thus my ongoing research topics and certainly myself has been summarily bashed and otherwise banished entirely from many of their pretentious forums that suck, especially since I'm not being very nice about becoming assimilated into their mainstream cesspool of such intellectual incest, it seems their only alternative has come down to excluding my questions and subsequent words so that fewer of the public gets any notions that I'm actually a whole lot more right than I'm being given credit for. Meanwhile the ongoing strife as for many attempting to survive upon Earth continues.

Of course, the likes of our NASA/NSA/DoD never has to bother lying about whatever science discovers that's already sufficiently mainstream (meaning expected) or otherwise happens to already suit or at least not interfere with their ongoing Apollo ruse/sting of the century, and as long as that amount of truth plus whatever happenstance that comes along for the ride remains sufficiently mainstream, there's no further trouble within River City. Sorry about that "River City" pun, as that's a nice way of informing my enemy that they're about to be summarily screwed, blued and tattooed by those of us merely interested in seeing that the greater truth be told and that humanity subsequently benefits from the results.

However, I'm continually having to deal with filling in those odd blanks created by the fact that of whatever's potentially questionable information is merely distorted and/or oddly excluded, such as folks excluding answering any questions that could be reinterpreted as to benefiting my argument, in much the same manner as what our resident warlord(GW Bush) employs as his higher educational basis of "high standards and accountability" plus his ultimate "so what's the difference" policy of justifying our taking out those tens of thousands of innocent lives as based almost entirely upon all of those supposed stealth WMD (except for that donkey cart sharing a butt load of pocket rockets) that not only never really existed but unfortunately their own intelligence wasn't even distorted enough to so much as continue lying about it, that is unless Saddam's puppet show was sufficiently reclassified as a WMD, even though other warlords have certainly been and remain as much worse. Of course Henry Kissinger (Dr.Death) knows all, or at least knows more than he should, but is terrified as to fly anywhere after the TWA flight-800 fiasco that was intended for his Tel Aviv flight (if that's not an automatic do-not-tell suggestion then I don't know what is).

Should you have to ask for other know-thy-enemy analogy examples, I'll gladly share what I've come to realize as being the truth and nothing but the truth, which has sometimes been somewhat testier than said and done whenever the information that should not have been missing was otherwise intentionally excluded (removed from public record after the fact, such as the close relationship of GW Bush and Salem bin Laden, their skewed cold-war/energy-war physics upon exploding fuel tanks and the ongoing auto-exclusion of numerous facts) remains somewhere in the 4th dimension of truth, or otherwise as sufficiently remaining in dog-wagging disinformation mode so as to keeping whatever cold-war and those hidden agenda lids on tight, preferably until hell freezes over or them NASA/Apollo cows come home.

Since the all-knowing wizards of science and physics will just as soon kill off the messenger as not (even if it's one of their own kind, and even if that's another Jesus Christ doesn't seem to matter), as such messages and their messengers are especially DOA if there's to become any hint of such knowledge or even interpretations upon existing knowledge undermining their pretend history of whatever's religious, political or certainly that of astronomy, and the entire astrophysics lot of GR/SR and QM cults that seem to know all there is to know, except whenever the likes of those physics-impossible exploding fuel tanks come along, or dealing with the remorse of having large aircraft smashing into tall buildings, and/or whenever I've imposed an honest question in the form of a physics substantiated conjecture, such as about what's been overlooked about our moon and of what's been ignored about Venus.

Basically, there's going to be hell to pay for absolutely anything associated with our moon, Venus or even the Sirius star system, not to mention all the fuss over the vast numbers and related mass of various photons being more than is allowed to be talked about, or even upon the speed of whatever's capable of leaving the wavefront of a given laser beam is taboo, such as that of merely discussing the opposing laser beams as creating a differential of nearly 6e8 m/s is absolutely despised by mainstreamers as being entirely irrelevant, and exactly how absolutely anything related as to researching and discussing interplanetary communications via light(photons) is usually where they suddendly don't seem to know squat about anything that hasn't been fully pre-approved and given the seal of approval along with the usual personalized butt kiss from whatever suits their pagan lord and master of everything that's NASA/Apollo. In other limited know-thy-enemy words as coming from my limited wisdom, absolutely nothing shall rock thy mainstream boat, especially if any of that rocking is going to unravel the truth about history and other life or absolutely anything about our moon because, apparently all there is to know about the moon, Venus and the Sirius star system is already said and done, and there's no point in our ever looking back. Apparently the next level of know-thy-enemy is persay even though there are trillions upon trillions more photons per atom that must coexist within a 1e100 atomic population of our expanding universe, that such photons apparently don't account for squat and thereby can't possibly represent any portion of dark-mater nor dark-energy.

Keeping in mind that photons are clearly sub-atomic and somewhat if not entirely quantum string like, and since there coexistence covers a vast range of 1e-12 Hz to 1e24 Hz, as such there's simply far more photons than atoms, quite possibly greater than 1e100e100 photons coexist, yet such photon related research is somewhat restricted much like the Orme status of atoms remains off-limits, and usually such topics are bashed if not entirely banished from the mainstream at every opportunity, rather than being honestly explored for the sake of learning. This is also much like the Drops/Dzopa existence being hidden out-of-sight and thereby out-of-mind for thousands of years (since 10,000 BC), and systematically excluded ever since.

Unfortunately, some of our supposed none village idiots have resorted to inventing their own WMD in the form of intellectually skewed laws of physics and subsequent scifi-physics, by way of suggesting that somehow we've secretly managed to establish bases on the backside of the moon. Well folks, that's darn interesting in that neither the USSR, them Russians of today or even that of ourselves still don't seem to have a viable fly-by-rocket lander, not of anything robotic nor is there any certified documentation as to absolutely any lander that's pilotted that's not entirely based upon their cloak and daggers worth of smoke and mirrors of our perpetrated cold-war or bust mentality. It's absolutely amazing what a few hundred million spendy publications and especially those NOVA 3D animation and surround-sound spectacular productions of infomercials can accomplish, especially when that's being backed up by numerous other arrogant and subsequently greedy publications filtering such nonsense into textbook that'll unquestionably reprint and distribute whatever the mainstream is willing to submit, and thereby pay for.

Perhaps I'm still using too many words to discover if you even realize what being lied to feels like?

How about the notion of physics and science sharing in feeling a little remorse for those quite dead?

Besides all of the typical mainstream complaining as to how difficult it is to read through all of my rants in order to pick out something that's sufficiently specific, just so that they can summarily bash away at whatever the topic is, I'd very much like to know what part of our having to invest other trillions and endure further decades of distrust upon achieving global domination, and having to survive the recurring conflicts over foreign exchange and most recently pertaining to fighting over energy reserves counts towards or against the efforts of advancing physics and accomplishing science on behalf of Earth?

Perhaps this is where it pays royally big-time as to remaining dumb and dumber, or at least as dumbfounded/amazed whenever we have to learn the absolute hard way after the fact of what's really been happening, as that way the factors of morality and subsequent remorse never gets in the way of disassociating yourself from all those previously wasted decades and subsequent issues of collateral damage and absolute carnage of the innocent. Such as this recent quest of extremely religious folks that supposedly for absolutely no good reason whatsoever wanted to have their form of shelter, to eat and benefit on perhaps 1% of what the American standards have become, as supposedly out of nowhere instead deciding upon attacking America and American interest, and doing such as though there's never once been years worth of critical dialogs, warning messages as to addressing their concerns.

Unfortunately, and it's obviously too late for many, this ongoing ruse that's being directly and indirectly supported is absolute intellectual incest rubbish of exactly what makes America and our allies such a worthy targets. For God's sake folks, wake up and smell the coffee. Even before and throughout our civil war, and perhaps still those nice British folks had been funding and thereby fueling both sides of such arguments, thus nothing much has ever changed about the dastardly sorts of things governments continually do to one another, and we could also take this analogy all the back to when certain folks that oddly refuse to take credit were pointing out Jesus Christ to those nice Romans, of which that rather obvious over-compensation of taking out a suitably Cathar like individual still isn't being acknowledged for what it represents, as the guilty fingers have ever since been too busy at their pointing at every other race and religion, then incorporating American technology and forces as to further enhancing the outcome of yet another perpetrated war that exterminated all of it's prisoners, and then some. Is there any further wonder as to why some folks despise us?

I don't know about yourself but, if we're going to continually antigonize others, perhaps we shouldn't be all that surprised if a few of then strick back, and perhaps unlike these sanctimonious religious/government officials, starting from the top Pope and including far too many warlordships, on down to the likes of physics and science forums that summarily suck whenever there's any hint of morality or factors of remorse getting involved, whereas I on the other hand have already accomplished more than my fair share of mistakes, and because I'm human though still not even one of the privileged members of the mainstream borg collective, thereby in certain ways I'm remaining individually arrogant and therefore clearly mind-set, thus I'm being intellectually greedy in wanting to know more, whereas such being the case I'll most likely make a few additional mistakes, like what usually happens when folks have to strive forward on a need-to-know basis, while sharing the truth and nothing but the truth when someone other really doesn't care to hear about any such truths.

In spite of there being all sorts of easily obtainable though unusually missing information pertaining to our lunar environment, along with a total lack of any R&D prototype landers that can be demonstrated, of the nasty TBI and otherwise seriously roasted Kodak film that somehow fails to even record the color spectrum shift that's the least bit different from that of Xenon illumination even though having been supposedly subjected to as much as 256 times greater levels of UV energy, thus we've created an entire library as based upon spendy volumes of rather unusually missing and/or disinformation, with those laws of physics needing to be mainstream hyped, spun and damage-controlled as per intellectual flak otherwise showing up whenever my lose cannon accidently makes contact with a few mainstream privet parts, and in spite of all of what's being orchestrated against my efforts, I've learned that Venus isn't nearly so hot and nasty as persay due entirely to solar influx. If the maximum of 5%(132 w/m2) of solar influx is what reaches the surface (much of that being the near-UV and of the lower visual spectrum worth of 400~600 nm), thus global average we're speaking of at most 2.5% (66 w/m2 and not much of that's within the IR spectrum) of influx affecting the surface temperature, that upon average simply hasn't been sufficient as to attribute as to all that's become so hot and nasty. In fact, other surface energy influx estimates are even lesser amounts than I'm suggesting, and of atmospheric pollution certainly is a factor.

Other than Venus being somewhat least polluted below and above them clouds, of clouds remaining most reflective on behalf of fending off the solar influx, giving the bulk of what has been keeping the Venus surface and surrounding atmospheric environment that's well insulated below such thick clouds into remaining hot and nasty, whereas most all of the thermal credits are those having been derived from the geological contributions of what's an ongoing atmosphere building mode rather than polluting with other than crystal clear CO2. The solar contribution represents a small portion of what's transpiring, though not insignificant, the greater portion of solar photons that reach the surface are those below the 500 nm spectrum, which is not of the nasty IR spectrum that's effectively blocked by them relatively cool clouds. Basically the clouds of Venus form a band-pass filter that limits what's above and below a given spectrum, and this is a darn good thing for other life, and even a good consideration for future expeditions that'll be a whole lot more affordably and technically doable than for Mars.

Clearly Venus is relatively new by Earth standards, thus it remains geologically quite active, and as such radiating energy while directly spewing out absolute loads of geothermal BTUs as well as various core expended gas elements like there's no tomorrow. In other words, it is still so new that it has been and remains somewhat in the atmosphere making mode. It's even been reported from other ongoing research that the Venus season of nighttime is suggested as radiating roughly 15% more planetary energy than is solar infused, thus by way of the onging interpretations being derived by others, the planet has essentially been cooling itself down.

According to many that know far more than myself, the Venus atmosphere simply wasn't always so darn hot and nasty;
Taking another brief notice how those relatively large meteorite impacts seem to have their usual signs of what a sufficiently robust item sustaining the usual horrific velocity creates, thus everything being transformed into such a tremendous worth of kinetic energy as per deforming and displacing the surface of Venus, of which this process simply could not have transpired within the extent and absolutely terrific density of the Venus atmosphere of today, as this atmospheric buffer zone is not only reaching much further out into space but that such an atmosphere of mostly CO2 soon becomes roughly 10% the density of water, in which case it's nearly physics-impossible as for anything but the most enormous iron and perhaps U238 density class of meteor that could have sustained enough mass as well as velocity by the time of final impact. Under the existing atmospheric conditions, most any meteor of such a required size that wasn't easily deflected by such a terrific ocean of atmospheric surround would likely have deposited itself in a pile of shards, or reasonably bounced rather than vaporised itself or anything else upon impact.

BTW; giving this report a little backtracking on behalf of delivering the likes of H2O to the moon. A question is, if we wanted to intentionally transport raw water(h2o) through space, even if that task were initially in the form of solid ice; How far or for how long could that sphere of raw ice actually travel before being entirely melted and thereby evaporated by the solar influx and sheer vacuum of space along with fending off whatever cosmic energy and physical influx, especially as it passed within the orbit of Mars and proceeded on towards Earth?

In other words this shouldn't have been all that difficult to come up with, as are we talking hours, days or whatever per m3? Exactly how long would a fully solar illuminated m3 block of ice(frozen H2O) last without any insulated shell or other shield?

Out of all the Apollo missions, the numerous shuttle missions and the ongoing ISS; how much would an ice-cube melt experiment have cost in terms of additional time, energy and crew safety as for having that cube or block of ice exposed to the sun while in a near vacuum? And perhaps the same experiement as for a block of dry-ice?

Since either the ice melt or dry-ice vaporise timing experiment could have used as little as cubic centimeter as miniature blocks being released so that an existing camera could have recorded the action, or merely that of an astronaut using a stop-watch and a pencel as to note the results that should not have taken but a few minutes, if that. Since H2O so much essential to science and of humanity surviving, it seems rather off that throughout all these decades there been no such results, and especially interesting of what would have happened upon the super-hearted dark basalt of the moon, and we now realize they had that capability of accomplishing just that.

Even if to suggest that as an ice meteor traveling inbound at the unusual velocity of 60 km/s, we're most likely talking about such having to survive another two million seconds (23 days) for a reasonable elliptical path of reaching the outer atmosphere of Earth, and of otherwise having to endure 100 times if not a thousand fold greater exposure to our solar energy if that eventual impact has to happen as a result after transpiring through a full pass around or even anywhere near the sun. Whereas of whatever ice hadn't already sluffed off and/or vaporised into the near absolute vacuum of outer space, and of just fending off whatever's near our vicinity of solar wind and thermal energy and thirdly is having to deal with the final thermal dynamics of encountering a somewhat considerable reentry phase, that perhaps at best 10% of whatever the remainder of that ice-ball arriving from space reaches the lower atmosphere and surface. Clearly I'm not certain about this, perhaps at best possible overall ET raw ice delivery that's good for possiby 1% upon average of whatever the original ball of ice was before traveling inside of the Mars orbit, as to subsequently materialize that 1% volume into our lower atmosphere and eventually arriving upon the surface of mother Earth as H2O. Of course the next age old question is, where the heck did all of that H2O come from in the first place, and why was Earth such a one-of-a-kind lucky happenstance or perhaps chosen destination, as surely the BIG-BANG or even of subsequent LITTLE-BANGS that created the likes of Earth in the first place wasn't exactly a favorable resource of creating water, or of any sufficient matrix that combined into becoming water (at least that hasn't been the case for other planets and moons. It appears by way of others accomplishing their research, as not even Pluto is of water/ice but most likely of dry-ice or surely of something other than H2O based that's frozen solid).

Because the vapor point of water is directly related to the surrounding pressure, and that there essentially is no such surrounding pressure in space, although there is a great deal of available energy influx from stars, the transport of and subsequent collection of raw ice/water upon any given planet has to be one of the most difficult and thereby complex happenstances of the entire universe, as otherwise artificial deliveries are even extremely complex unless those efforts were each encapsulated so as to surviving space travel as well as reentry as a whole, of which I believe is doable, though somewhat spendy. I've been thinking that perhaps some day our lunar atmosphere can become terraformed into existence in much the same manner, even though the H2 portion of water isn't what's going to be sticking around unless we can pack that water to somewhere deep within the moon.

Of further interest with regard to planets and/or moons going about creating atmospheres and of raw elements, I've recently come to understand that CO2 is actually a darn good if not essential building-block for life as we know it, as well as a perfectly terrific replacement for freon, and of CO2 being under great pressure and temperature that's nearly 10% the density of water (as being the case for Venus) is another darn good thing, whereas CO2 existing at such a terrific abundance is easily converted (naturally via the likes of diatoms and electrical discharges or artificially processed via energy that's easily produced which is in no short supply) into creating the raw elements of CO/O2, and otherwise being quite usable as is, as a direct and simple refrigeration cycle of thermally heat-exchanging nearly anything that can be sufficiently insulated. Did I mention there loads of terrific insulation, of what's basically a structural composite worthy substance and thereby affording a dual function solution is what the various composites of basalt and perhaps a little silica can easily contribute as to achieving R-1024/m, which is less than 0.1% heat transfer per hour using microspheres and fibers of basalt creating a somewhat ideal though artificial monoatomic thermal barrier, whereas within each sphere can become as simple as a vacuum to that of hosting H2.

I've learned that since CO2 is essentially a larger and more complex molecule than H2, it's actually quite easy as to physically extract CO2 and/or summarily exclude such from the interior volume of a shelter/abode or that of any shell/hull of any reasonable rigid airship, either by way of an efficient vacuum pump or by otherwise displacing the volume with the likes of N2, O2, and obviously He or even H2 is perfectly safe and viable whenever the needs of O2 remains so slight, all of which affords any rigid airship the capability of 65+kg/m3 to work with. If 65+kg/m3 isn't of sufficient rigid airship physics as for accommodating a worthy nighttime season of efficiently cruising such airships about a 0.905 gravity environment of Venus, then I guess I don't know what is.

Thermal Signatures that are Somewhat Difficult To Spot

In order to identify from orbit a lit candle that's located somewhere in hell (not that any candle could ever survive the heat and low O2 as to burn on Venus), this sort of thermal detection effort for locating a potential artificial zone of ongoing heat-exchanging takes more than the ongoing degree of scientific capability, and perhaps even more talents than we've ever applied upon Venus.

A thermal signature of a given zone that's attributed to artificial means of heat-exchanging should be nearly as invisible as WMD. In other words, if the process of obtaining energy were being efficiently derived via the existing 4+bar/km and 10ºK/kw (thus little heat rejection to being associated with that aspect), and if that extracted kinetic energy were being subsequently applied into a CO2 compressor for the process and intent of extracting the elements of CO/O2 and of otherwise thermally heat-exchanging the abodes that are insulated with the likes of R-1024/m, as this aspect might represent a relatively slight thermal shift covering a substantial zone of perhaps shifting as little as 1% above ambient.

In searching for this slight thermal shift could easily be lost to previous methods of instrument detection, due to the available resolution that simply wasn't there to behold, and otherwise the sheer overload of local geological as well as extreme vertical atmospheric thermals which in themselves could easily exceed 10ºK per vertical km, whereas an added 6º~7ºK thermal shift involving as little as 100 m2 simply isn't going to register. Even 10,000 m2 is merely of what a 100 meter resolution offers, whereas any 1% thermal shift would have been cutting edge performance of what's been applied. Thus instrument thermal resolutions would need to get down to this 10 meter (100 m2) resolution capability before such a thermal heat-exchanging signature might even be identified as those being most likely artificial, as opposed to something ongoing of geothermal that's most likely existing throughout the prevailing environment.

Remember that with R-1024/m representing less than 0.1% thermal conduction, there's actually not all that much energy required per abode, especially if the occupants are cold-blooded. As evolutionary speaking, I'm not at all sure why being warm-blooded should offer any significant intellectual or other advantage. Thus other life could be silica based and perhaps cold-blooded, while being smarter and more capable of surviving where humanity couldn't stand a chance. At least silica based life would require hardly any O2, and being cold-blooded might permit many other advantages of surviving from the likes of Titan to Venus, with Earth representing the absolute worst possible environment for such silica and/or exoskeletal forms of life (Earth being by far the most contaminated and biologically lethal planet in our solar system).

What I'm saying is, if there were carbon forms of intelligent life making due within such a hot and nasty situation (as those of originating life and/or ETs that arrived onto Venus), our best capability to date of identifying upon such has been absolutely dismal, yet the mainstream status quo has been going out of their usual sanctimonious and spendy way by insisting and thereby orchestrating notions of their all-knowing expertise, that Venus has always been entirely impossible for such other life to have existed, much less survived. I could fully understand this dismal outlook for the aspect of surviving upon Mars, as that pathetically sub-frozen, easily pulverised and TBI to death planet hasn't a spare geothermal watt to offer, and otherwise hardly enough energy coming from the sun as for making that miserable situation much better, although there have obviously been recurring times of roughly 105,000 year stellar cycles where there was more than just our sun contributing energy. Titan may prove to offer something geothermal, thermal nuclear reactor and/or something fusion that'll qualify how such a terrific load of atmosphere has been sustained in spite of the 1.35 m/s worth of gravity.

As for such mainstreamers to be excluding the artificial influx of other ET life upon a planet (such as Venus) is the same level of ridiculous argument as per excluding upon the possibility that as Earthling ETs we'll someday walk on Mars, or perhaps even that of our moon. Thus obviously the exclusion of whatever ET factor on behalf of their side of this life on Venus argument is entirely bogus, as in totally absurd, as in status quo physics and their intentional skew of scientific expertise and even common religious knowledge as to suit their ulterior motives and hidden agendas, as in cultivating and proliferating their current levels of intellectual incest mainstreamism or else. Folks, I don't mean this as another intellectual bomb-shell but, we've never once been alone, not even within this solar system and certainly not within this tremendous galaxy that we're traveling through as being influenced along by the massive gravity of the nearby Sirius star system (extremely nearby roughly every 105,000 years could represent as close as 0.01 light year that yields a +/-10,000 year window of accelerated growth for life throughout our solar system).

If there was ever another planet within our solar system worth another go at life, it has got to be Venus, especially after the fact of what honest observationology has uncovered, plus absolute loads of other substantiating research by dozens of highly qualified individuals, and most certainly regardless of however hot and nasty we been informed it is. Whereas other life that's not nearly as snookered and thereby less dumb and dumber than Earth humanity should never have been excluded by way of our standards of intellectual incest in the first place. Unfortunately, our all-knowing wizards of what's usually including the NASA stamp of approval haven't bothered as to apply their usual spin and hype of image colorization and 3D like animation upon those 8-bit SAR images of what the Magellan mission accomplished. So, besides the inadequate science data from below them clouds, and having a total lack of the usual infomercial hype that so easily justifies anything upon Mars, Saturn, or even a of such a highly atmospheric Titan moon that offers less gravity than ours yet manages to sustain 150% the atmospheric density of Earth (damn neat physics trick considering our relatively hot moon is within the best possible zone of life as we know it and offers 125% the gravity).

Continuing on with the usual need to know basis, in spite of the mainstream opposition as to change, or that of permitting any truth leading up to change, I've learned that the planet Venus offers an absolute great deal of easily available energy, that which can be extracted from just about everywhere by utilizing the kinetic worth as asily obtained by the 4+bar/km and 10ºK/km of vertical differentials from what's nearly 10% that density of water, though representing a somewhat ocean of differential as essentially creating a crystal clear substance of what this highly compressed and somewhat pre-heated ocean like environment of mostly CO2 can easily offer. Though all of the sudden the damage-control borgs are bashing away at insisting their physics laws of aerodynamics and of hydrodynamics and of any sort of kinetic worth associated are entirely meaningless when applied upon Venus.

Otherwise, besides a strong possibility of biologically created electrons and a few viable considerations of chemical biofluorescence and bioluminescence (an equivalence of 1 watt of LEDs or perhaps plasma illumination being more than sufficient for any 200+kg individual), whereas portable thermopiles can otherwise contribute a fairly robust artificial form of portable energy by way of Alumel/Chromel alloys taking advantage of the existing thermal conditions and otherwise easily created differentials via process generated heat, or from numerous other existing geothermal opportunities, all of which combined with the structural aspects and highly insulative attributes of basalt/silica composites capable of R-1024/m, whereas I do believe that's representing another absolute physics win-win for individuals (warm or cold blooded) surviving upon Venus. As then again, short of having to import a spendy thermal nuclear or perhaps fusion reactor that's required of our doing the likes of Mars, I don't know what's any better off than the 4+bar and 10+K that's available per km upon Venus.

The Kleig Beetle: The result of genetic engineering by a Swedish pharmaceutical consortium, this species, crossbred with fireflies in order to incorporate the latter's bioluminescence, is capable of emitting fierce bursts of light -- over 1,000 lumens for one-tenth of a second -- with which to stun potential assailants. Also known as Paparazzi Bug."

Even though I've been thinking a bit more on the bio-electro-luminous capability, this genetically altered bug is somewhat interesting in that such beetles most often weigh generally less than 100 grams (1~125 grams), thus for perhaps such a slight "Paparazzi Bug" to emit 1000 lumen isn't half bad, as depending on the spectrum of that light and of it's divergence, that's suggesting nearly 2 watts of energy for 0.1 sec, or 200 mw/sec. Thus the notion of whatever nocturnal life upon Venus sustaining 1 watt/100 kg shouldn't be all that insurmountable. Come to think of it, a 0.1 mm arc/gap of ionized CO2 plasma should be worth something.

I've also learned some time ago that French scientist and their physics wizards have long ago proven that life as we know it could adapt quite nicely to such pressure, and thereby tolerating of somewhat higher temperatures while surviving upon less than 1% O2, and thinking perhaps other forms of life sufficiently acclimated and/or as locally evolved shouldn't require 0.1% O2, actually as little as 0.01% O2 might have become doable if their internal biological process is somewhat diatom like. Thus the natural or artificial CO2-->CO/O2 process on behalf of sustaining life as we know it need not be such a compromise nor resource/energy consumption factor as previously thought.

I've otherwise learned that available electro-mechanical components have already been developed that are suitable for 811ºK, and that of miniature vacuum tube circuitry is obviously right at home wherever it's supposedly so hot and nasty, and persay of that the nasty part is not the least bit related to anything corrosive nor even erosive unless it's something that's having to survive within a lava or mud flow or of some other hydraulic aspect of nature, and since one meter/s is about as windy as the surface atmosphere gets, and because there's so little if any free H2O about as to mix with the otherwise perfectly harmless crystals of sulphur, there's essentially little if any ongoing corrosion issues.

Containment of H20 is a rather simple physics task if it's given a slight added amount of pressure, and otherwise the alternative form being stored as H2O2 can reside safely at near ambient pressure as safely surrounded by the inert aspects of what's mostly CO2. Thus the safe and efficient storage of most fluids (including blood) hasn't ever been an insurmountable problem. Although, I'd like nothing better than to hear those arguments to the contrary.

The likes of solar and cosmic radiation don't stand much of a chance at reaching the surface of Venus, thus nasty radiation wise the surface of Venus (especially nighttime) is somewhat better off than Earth, and certainly far better off at defending itself from meteors by having such a terrific atmospheric surround of density and depth that'll deflect most anything short of a U238 packed sphere of iron, as otherwise there's the reentry process of thermally consuming the vast bulk of whatever manages to get past the first 100 km, leaving another 100 km worth of relatively progressive density/km affecting upon whatever final velocity that'll be extensively moderated by way of the final 4+bar/km worth of mostly CO2 at 92+bar and 65+kg/m3 that's nearly 10% the density of water, suggesting an impact as remaining almost as a bounce or dull thud of whatever potential impact unless the density/cm3 of that meteor were something above 10 g/cm3. As compared to Earth, the 90.5% gravity and that atmospheric density of 65+kg/m3 that only becomes greater within the season of nighttime, making for the not so typical meteor of solid iron being worth somewhat less than 7 g/cm3, with the more typical meteor being in the ballpark of perhaps 3.5 g/cm3 which you could almost catch in your bare hands, or at least visually watch the noticeable fall from the calm and clear sky that's below them relatively cool clouds as you might just as easily step aside so that it misses you. Of those significant impacts noted are most certainly those having arrived prior to the increase in atmospheric density, further suggesting upon a timeline of what a pre-greenhouse environment that must have existed.

With some further regard/analogy to Terminal Velocity(Vt);

Upon Earth, a cat supposedly reaches a terminal velocity of 27 m/s within 20 meters free-fall, whereas the human terminal velocity obtains 54 m/s.

Within the same 20 meters the human velocity increases to nearly 100% Vt of 54 m/s, while the cat increases to roughly 27 m/s upon reaching Earth at sealevel having an atmospheric density or cushion factor of 1.2 kg/m3. Obviously we should have been using cats instead of humans as astronauts reentering with less than a complete shuttle and/or without viable parachutes and without even thermal suits, especially since cats could have survived far better than humans. In other round numbers, it seems that a human at 100 kg and thereby representing roughly a solid volume of 0.1 m3, though perhaps skydiving as typically outfitted at 0.4 m3 yields the maximum aerodynamic free-fall of 60 m/s.
Another resource of velocity data: Depending upon sphere smoothness, in or out surface dimples and perhaps half a dozen other minor atmospheric and sound-barrier shock wave and resulting thermal issues that'll actually make the sphere area or volume of drag somewhat larger:

iron shot-put volume of .0006423 m3 affording 5.0096 kg = 121 ~ 130 m/s
lead shot-put volume of .0006423 m3 affording 7.2575 kg = 145 ~ 156 m/s

A seriously stout and thereby dense meteorite of roughly 100 meters in diameter, and if this nasty item were externally arriving at perhaps worst case being 60 km/s, as that's but a few seconds until touchdown if comprised mostly of iron plus denser substances, can certainly manage to retain a great deal of final impact velocity potential, from which a good amount of life upon Earth would cease to coexist for a few decades. However, these days few meteors are of such volume, nor within that class of required density. Unfortunately the Kuiper and Oort zones contain items much larger than 100 meters, such as a few at 50 km that should essentially remove all doubt regarding any chances of folks surviving without divine intervention. Thus I'd suppose it might become a good sort thing to be getting to know thy neighbor, and perhaps to not initially piss off such ETs any more than we already have.

With a little further regard to such impacts upon Earth;
During a small impact event, which may lead to craters of 5-10 km in diameter, about 1e24-25 ergs (1e17-18 J) are released, while during formation of larger craters (50-200 km diameter) about 1e28-30 ergs (1e21-23 J) are liberated (e.g., French, 1968; Kring, 1993). On the other hand, about 6e23 ergs (6e16 J) were released over several months during the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, and 1e24 ergs (1e17 J) in the big San Francisco earthquake in 1906. It may also be surprising that the total annual energy release from the earth (including heat flow, which is by far the largest component, as well as volcanism and earthquakes) is about 1.3e28 ergs (1.3e21 J/y).
This page is absolutely chuck full of interesting stuff about bacteria surviving all sorts of Vt and subsequent impacts. Including the fact of surviving heat produced by a typical meteorite as having to deal with Earth's outer aerobreaking of reducing pre-atmospheric entry velocity (usually arriving anywhere between 10 and 70 km/s) to that of the final velocity(Vf) of free fall prior to physical impact (Vt or Vf = 100 to 250 m/s) creates the subsequent non-explosive and thereby non-vaporising form of impact.

Of falling objects producing no impact upon Earth (representing perhaps 99.9% of the bulk of whatever targets Earth and/or is being gravity collected);
"Objects less than a few centimeters wide produce no impact. The complete rock is disintegrated by aerobreaking unless the object is smaller than a grain of sand. The surface of the latter type of minute particles radiates away the heat generated during the atmospheric entry (WAGNER 1991, p. 404-407)." Of course, this sort of non-impacting debris will have seriously nailed your moonsuit EVA butt, and then some.

So, unless we're talking about an aerodynamically efficient and good U238 density packed meteorite offering 19,050 kg/m3, whereas the typical space rock of even a healthy amount of iron and other nasty stuff as a projectile that's capable of affording a worthy crater, as produced by such a nasty meteorite arriving upon Earth at most often of typically not much greater than 7~10 g/cm3 nor impacting much faster than arriving upon the surface at a few hundred m/s, of which that same nasty item simply isn't going to hardly make a dent upon Venus as for having to penetrate through such a atmospheric wrapper of such good density that becomes nearly 10% that of water, and thereby of whatever slight crater potential, there's going to have to be the actual remains of said meteorite indicating as a pile of shards sitting pretty much exactly wherever it impacted, or at the very least resting nearby.

Clearly the surface of Venus has previously been impacted, and for the most part there's no apparent sign of significant meteorite remains, thus once upon a time the atmosphere of Venus wasn't always so dense nor offering such depth of capable deceleration. The Vt of the Venus of today is extremely sluggish, at perhaps 50 m/s being the worst meteorite impact of accomplishing a rather dull thud, and with the average sorts of meteorite being less than 5 g/cm3 as having survived such an extended reentry might offer such debris arriving (depending upon shape) at the final velocity of something near 5~10 m/s, which shouldn't hardly leave a mark unless those meteor remains were of the extremely dense substances better than iron or perhaps the likes of platinum at 21.5 g/cm3 as arriving upon Earth and even that's less than 19.5 g/cm3 as per dropping in upon Venus which should have become a upper wind blown glancing blow rather than a perfectly vertical directed hit.

New Planet Atmosphere Building:

Basic physics of converting raw elements, such as from whatever previously existing oceans and various geological out-gassing into becoming the highly acidic surround of thick clouds enclosing a mostly CO2 atmospheric environment didn't transpire overnight, not even by the sorts of Venus style overnight being 2900+ hours simply isn't going to cut it. In fact, unless folks had intentionally created one absolute hellacious nuclear war, the ongoing environment cycle on behalf of Venus was more likely of a natural progression over hundreds if not thousands of years worth of atmospheric building via geothermal contributions plus subsequently taking on a slight portion of whatever solar energy influx (2650 w/m2, of which having that amount diminished to perhaps 5% reaching the surface) remains somewhat in excess/surplus of whatever energy out-flux balance as due to being trapped by their thick clouds and/or by that nuclear war assisted form of suicide, or perhaps it's true that most likely Venus is actually geologically cooling itself down from all of those previous and ongoing natural geological eruptions, plus contemplating as to whatever a few of the absolute nastiest of meteors could have contributed is what I believe we're seeing today as one hell of a nasty planet, though one that's supposedly losing roughly 15% more of planetary energy than it's receiving, never the less remaining humanly hot and nasty, however that's not technically insurmountable for even a village idiot heathen, just insurmountable for most of our all-knowing wizards of physics and science that'll see and believe only in whatever the captain of their mainstream boat decides.

Even if we gave their situation of an environment going to hell in a hand-basket an artificially accelerated rate of thermal progression of 1ºK/year, as an advancement from once upon a time having been 300ºK, to that of reaching 725ºK, lo and behold that's 425 years worth of global warming that's suggesting plenty of time to either get off your sorry butt an accomplish something on behalf of surviving, or of getting yourself the hell off of Venus. Of course, 0.1ºK/year is more likely the case, giving more tha a hundred generations that opportunity of accomplishing whatever over a period of 4,250 years. However, quite possibly the bigger mistake would have been taking the option of migrating yourself over to Earth, where at the time of our exiting our latest ice-age it was relatively cold, wet and nasty, with a darn thin atmospjere becoming overloaded with the highly corosive elements of H2O and explosive nature of having way too much O2, plus soon after a few religious warlords and even of worse political freaks were busy at exterminating whomever wasn't entirely to their liking, or merely loosely associating by way of proximity with whomever the mainstream of the time didn't like is still as of today not offering any sanctuary from being eliminated as based upon bigotry and otherwise entirely perpetrated lies over terrorism or WMD. At least the surviving Drops/Dzopa had to hide out for centuries, and I don't believe they even came from Venus but, it certainly remains as a possibility since they were so advance compared to their Chinese overlords.

Of course, if you're already experienced with and thereby physically used to being roasted by a pair of Sirius class stars, having evolved into a somewhat nocturnal lizard and/or as exoskeletal types of individuals, as such not nearly as dumb and dumber and thereby dumbfounded about surviving, therefore not nearly as easily snookered as Earth humans about properly utilizing whatever's at hand, such as surviving upon the available and renewable atmospheric energy, plus having access to loads of subsequently easily processed raw basalt and silica for becoming structural as well as terrific insulative composites, then managing as to extract whatever necessary H2O from them clouds that should represent at least a stash of 1e12 tonnes worth. By always taking advantage of the terrific surplus of energy on demand, by way of relatively simple vertical column wind and pressure differential driven power turbines extracting upon the 4+bar/km and 10ºK/km, whereas then the obvious processing of CO2-->CO/O2 seems like a rather direct resolve as for obtaining the slight abount of O2 that's necessary under such pressure as requiring far less than 1% (possibly less than 0.1%), and of otherwise transporting yourself and whomever about the globe by way of efficiently cruising within rigid airships as based upon the absolutely terrific 65+kg/m3 worth of buoyancy plus further aided by the retrograde atmosphere at that, as this offers yet another accomplishment that even the most pathetic village idiot heathens should have mastered as much, thus enabling folks as to staying safely aloft within their season of nighttime certainly isn't of rocket science (more like science and physics duh-101).

Does Venus know that we exist?

I'm afraid so, though perhaps as being remembered within their honest history textbooks from whenever Venus lost it's moon to Earth as they arrived on scene and their orbits settled in for the long-haul, as even from the perspective of those interstellar traveling survivors that may have arrived upon their moon as being used somewhat like a interstellar life-boat would obviously have seen Earth up close, and as for their contemplating the biologically lethal and extremely wet and/or partially frozen solid (thereby mostly inhospitable) planet which Earth represented, which at the time may have offered at best 10% of the entire surface area as for surviving upon, along with having to share that existence with a bloody host of absolute heathen like morons killing one another off (frequently taking out their own kind) for absolutely no apparent reasons whatsoever (seemingly that's still the case as of today, especially if some absolute moron warlord thinks you've got a stash of those invisible WMD, although I do remember seeing that stealth donkey cart packing a rather serious butt-load of pocket-rockets which looked pretty ominous, though perhaps not nearly as nasty as being kicked or bitten by that donkey).

I'm not exactly certain that if I were an ET interstellar traveler in hops of discovering a new home away from home, that I'd be all that impressed nor interested in the likely prospects of chancing almost certain death upon Earth, as opposed to ridding out the global warming transition of my home world. At least not if I still had but half a brain as to Venus offering absolute loads of nifty raw elements and of building upon nearly unlimited atmospheric energy to boot, as such I believe that I could have managed quite nicely upon Venus. Whereas otherwise, all the brains in the world isn't going to save your sorry butt once you've become stuck upon the intellectual cesspool of Earth, especially if there's still way too much of that highly corrosive and explosive O2, and/or if mother nature doesn't seize the moment of busting your butt prior to some wise ass Jew or Pope that happens to think that you're of the wrong species or even just a bit too Cathar like. The fate of those miniature ET Dropa/Dzopa folks that arrived in 10,000 BC, of their surviving by way of hiding out within the most remote territories of China, as they seem to have had quite a gruesome story of their survival to share.

Remember that ET's are not immortals, and not necessarily all that much smarter than us, whereas of the physics and science of physical space travel is pretty much the same testy issue then as it is now (damn lethal unless you've got nearly unlimited spacecraft energy or managed to progress yourself into some higher dimension), whereas getting stuff such as yourself down onto another planet is certainly doable as long as there's a sufficient degree of aerobreaking as for moderating your final arrival and for accommodating a little aerodynamics of somewhat controlled down-range flight, as it really doesn't do you much good if your arrival is interpreted as for being vaporised upon impact. However, as for having whatever it takes as to ever getting yourself back off that planet isn't nearly as doable, especially if what you've arrived in wasn't intended for such or was partially disabled upon landing, at least we certainly have no documented means by which to accomplish such a retreat. Thus migrating yourself from one planet to another is still very much a one-way ticket. Just asking those Dropa/Dzopa folks about their mode of arrival should have been all we'll need to know.

On behalf of whomever may have been surviving Venus; there has always been the technological prospects of sufficiently advanced (though not rocket science) rigid airships being capable of astronomy observations from cruising just above those cool nighttime clouds, at least by all the known laws of physics can't manage to exclude upon that possibility, but seemingly our sanctimonious borg collective of fools-R-us and otherwise all-knowing wizards of Earth science and physics have been insisting that nearly everything is absolutely impossible with regard to Venus, almost as though the physics laws that otherwise function just fine and dandy here on Earth and even on behalf of Mars aren't worth squat upon Venus, or for that matter our moon is yet another mystery zone of conditional physics taboo, yet all is just fine and dandy for whatever prospects of life Mars once represented.

For one thing about Venus ETs looking back at us as pathetic fools, Earth represents a darn big and rather colorful orb, as for the most part it's hardly ever being obscured by any sun while being easily viewed within the near-miss encounters of our cruising within 40e6 km. From their perspective the naked nocturnal lizard eye should be able to easily identify our moon, all the major continents, oceans, polar caps and certainly significant weather patterns that'll offer greater than 1,000 km resolution. Adding a factor of astronomy that's accommodated via airship that's technically capable of cruising above those cool nighttime clouds and lo and behold, highways and perhaps city streets become viewable. There's even a slim chance that their nighttime cloud cover might rarely expose us by whatever can be viewed from certain elevated surface locations upon Venus, but even with a solid amount of cloud layer there remains the substantial influx of earthshine, as 425~575 nm photons arriving in sufficient numbers that any decent nocturnal fool having that visual magnitude 5 sensitivity advantage over human sight is surely going to realize whenever they're close to us, unless their version of Area-51 has put some other cold-war disinformation spin upon everything, such as having collected all of our probe remains in an orchestrated effort as to snooker their folks into thinking that life upon Venus is all there is, which may be a good thing considering how lethal and otherwise dumbfounded we actually are.

Perhaps the biggest problem here is that I'm the one and only village idiot that's not been assimilated into the all-knowing collective authority of our warlord's bogus educational "high standards and accountability" and of achieving his ultimate "so what's the difference" status of intellectual borgism, or perhaps am I simply not of sufficient incest cloned DNA as to believing that Venus offers even less than absolutely nothing and that the likes of Mars and of whatever further away offers everything, and even though it seems that the intellectual jury from hell on Earth is still pretty much out to lunch on that moon walk, yet some how those politically conditional laws of physics worked exactly as our NASA/Apollo rusemasters of our late 60's fly-by-rocket and cold-war or bust infidels stipulated. Of somehow without a single successful prototype test flight is where all of their marvelous internal fly-by-wire machines of purely fly-by-rocket methods such as those supposed Russian AI/robotic lunar landers having somehow turned the trick within such a non atmospheric environment as our moon, pretty much exactly as planned on paper all along, yet without ever managing a shred of actual R&D controlled flight documentation (are we good or what?).

Perhaps this lack of any documentation upon prototype manned and/or AI/robotic fly-by-rocket landers that only seems as illusive as WMD is simply another perfectly wholesome place to impose those ultimate conditional laws of up-yours physics, by way of implementing another one of their official dog-wagging spins of "so what's the difference" laws of physics, that which conveniently circumnavigates whatever truth(s) as well as alluding to any of that pesky remorse. In this way we can continue to ignore not only whatever ET forms of life but we can entirely ignore the lowest 90% of humanity (scum of the Earth) that are not intended to benefit from whatever our NASA/NSA/DoD have planned for benefiting the upper most (0.1%) of their own kind, the crust of humanity that'll only be sharing their wealth within the upper most 1% that might in turn trickle down to the upper 10%, leaving the rest of us as snookered fools as free to go cesspool bottom fishing for whatever they've discarded. Unfortunately, it seems that I've hooked into more than my fair share of mainstream discarded fish, obtaining some of the worst fishy stench as pertaining to our moon, while of other smelly fish seem to be in the form of what's remaining to be understood about Venus, with the Sirius catch of the day representing just a little something that's even fishier that I accidently dragged off the bottom of their intellectual cesspool that's filled to the very brim, as continually having to receive their discarded sinking heaps of disinformation.

Essentially this page reaffirms my beliefs and intent to share as much of this subjective perception as possible, although it seems there's more objective physics and science here to behold than whatever Mars has for us, in that by all means there's the strongest of likelihood that ETs of Venus have known that we exist, and most importantly know best as to keeping as far away from the intellectual as well as biological incest of what has become of the humanity of this Earth goes without saying. Clearly we're scientifically, politically and religiously bigoted to the absolute extremes, along with creating way more than intent as to do bodily harm to anyone over ideological notions, and especially with regard to our inventing those invisible WMD if need be. Thus any ET in their right mind would surely keep to themselves as much as possible, and for good reason keep us from discovering their existence as well. Wouldn't you?

These warm and fuzzy "Know-Thy-Enemy" forum sites, such as those of the BBC that you can otherwise access from my, and otherwise via those that seriously suck of NASA's and the likes of their associate NSA/DoD Skull and Bones "Paradoxicitis" forum which in great part have focused upon selectively sharing their expertise in whatever science of smoke and mirrors, such as upon the likes of their exploratory worth of astronomy as only they see it, are not so surprisingly actually there as to discover and share squat, but as to further dog-wag and spin whatever damage-control in order to insure that their mainstream status quo boat of whatever's the most politically correct incest isn't rocked, nor about to be rocked, especially by way of some do-gooder outsider.

Like any good BBC, NPR, PBS or NOVA class individual or group of supposedly independent and thereby fair and balanced knowledge that's creating or just offering those unsubstantiated infomercials upon whatever is being shared via spendy publications or otherwise reported upon as supposed independent news, especially of their formally televised NOVA class of productions promoted as the truth and nothing but the truth, as they'll gladly inform any available soul that's asking answerable questions, and/or seemingly accommodate some innocent individual that's proposing what he/she thinks is yet another perfectly good idea, but that'll only transpire as long as the question or answer is not likely to rock their mainstream boat. Such as answering upon why a sewing machine sews rather than welds steel or sharpens a pencil, or why a rocket usually by design goes up (away from gravity) rather than back towards the center of Earth. Anything that allows the mainstream to further justify our past, present or future spending until them Apollo cows come home is yet another can-do, as to accommodating those asking questions or suggesting upon other ways of spending enormous sums of public funding, like anything positive on behalf of their ESE fiasco is perfectly wholesome. Though God forbid if that question or topic that's offering any new or alternative idea is suggesting something that's the least bit outside of their mainstream box, and worse yet if this topic might stress or possibly unravel the past even the slightest.

Even though the bulk of these public internet forums will often promise within their published charters as being entirely open minded about most topics, of accepting whatever sorts of extrapolated or even highly subjective science, as well as matters upon purely science fiction are supposedly welcome, however, that's only to be the case if the extrapolated science and/or whatever notions of such science fiction isn't hitting a little too close to home. Apparently, truth has it's limits, especially if it bites some of those warlord and NASA/Apollo butts.

Of anything imposing upon science future is quite another thing, perhaps even a quantum string sort of thing, and especially since anything of the future must rely heavily upon the past, as well as whatever there is of the most current science and physics has to offer as such required as being the truth and nothing but the truth, and that's not just for applications here on Earth, but as also holding true for the likes of our moon, Venus and even on behalf of another star system like Sirius. Yet somehow that's not been the case at all, whereas a concerted and focused and/or orchestrated effort is applied towards bashing anything that might rock that mainstream boat which apparently contains the one and only viable form of humanity and intellectual worth that's within the entire universe. In other words, the interrogation of intellectual scientific worth of physics and their supposed religiously and politically correct science communities has lately been taking the fifth rather than sharing another gram worth of the truth, whereas they've elected to reinforce upon their continually suppressing of the truth while dispensing disinformation by the mainstream boat-loads in order to continue their ruse/sting of the century.

Thus no matters what, and clearly regardless of the consequences of massive collateral damage and the ongoing carnage of innocent souls, whereas their past, present nor future shall not be challenged or even the least bit unskewed as to allowing in any new and improved notions, as well as without remorse imposed upon whatever the intellectual mainstream thinks is best, and of whatever their "Skull and Bones" agenda or bust mind-set shall not become compromised. Since otherwise to allow the notions of other honest ideas of intellectual and thereby scientific promise to coexist is apparently nothing less than a declaration of war, and within such war(s) there are absolutely no rules (that is as long as you don't get caught perpetrating such or situated somewhere between like all the innocent lost souls of 9/11 that could have easily been prevented).

Since I'm usually way outside their smelly little mainstream box, trying my best at staying upwind (easier said than done when it's so ripe that it's circumnavigating the entire globe), I either have to be extremely direct and always ready with my lose cannon as for sharing their loving flak as my return fire, and/or I could always reestablish myself as another phony internet identity (like most folks I'm up against that don't really exist) and subsequently pretend that I'm not who I am in order to fit into their collective profile as just another snookered fool that still can't blow his nose nor tie his shoe laces. Usually I've obtained the most viable information by snooping into what's already been contributed, or via flat out lying about my interest and/or intentions, as lying seems to be the preferred physics/science forum method of communicating about anything. Most often I have to pick out the stray flak and misdirected bullets that'll lead my research into other less obvious resources of learning what's what. As most often those folks having shared information with others have an entirely different tune and loads of disinformation when replying to my suggestions of how their own supposed knowledge might apply on behalf of our moon, Venus or the relationships with the Sirius star system.

By way of just information snooping, or by not suggesting anything is the least bit out of step with published history, evolution, astronomy, the full range of sciences and/or physics, especially with regard to our moon, Sirius and the likes of Venus, this method usually obtains the most user-friendly feedback and research assistance that's the least bit intentionally skewed. However, to even indirectly suggest a notion otherwise and I'm flat out of luck, unless I'm willing to accept purely moderated to death disinformation and their politically skewed physics as is, such as regardless of how many photons there are, or how said photons might otherwise become utilized for interplanetary and interstellar communications simply doesn't matter. Oddly it's that form of "so what's the difference" mainstream policy that's proof-positive that I'm sufficiently if not entirely right, though too bad for the rest of humanity that'll have to pay through their environmentally polluted noses while enduring future 9/11s until them NASA/Apollo cows come home.

What can I say; what a pathetic joke the upper (0.1%) class of humanity has become, infecting the rest of humanity of becoming so intellectually de-evolved into a DNA/RNA slime that any decent ET would be out of their bloody nocturnal lizard minds as to come anywhere within a light year of this global incest worth of mutated DNA cesspool. It would be almost as bad off for a Cathar to show up for dinner at Vatican City without expecting to becoming that dinner, or that of a Jew or perhaps the likes of Martha Stewart should be planning upon lecturing Hitler on decor and table manners. Thus perhaps the ETs or whomever of Venus should remain as hidden as those WMD, and we should all continue rely upon our "high standards and accountability, along with implementing the usual "so what's the difference" as the ultimate qualifier for whatever happens next.

Republicans Keep Saying Global Warming Is Bogus
This "clearlight greenhouse_data" is yet another of your typical Republican and/or Paradoxicitis like affiliations of their Skull and Bones (politically correct science and skewed physics hard at work) that's essentially their ongoing perverted way of down-playing pollution and subsequent global warming, stipulating there's no such thing as global warming that's measurably caused by way of anything related to human activity.

Of course, the highly technical terminology reply to that statement is total "horse pucky".

What this "clearlight greenhouse_data" page of their usual politically conditional physics of smoke and mirrors fails to point out is that due to this supposed slight increase that we humans are in fact responsible for, of the resulting atmospherically optical as well as for what's invisible as were those WMD to the human eye of various gas pollution that's shifted the albedo of Earth by nearly 5%(68 w/m2) towards absorbing this extra solar energy, whereas such the hot seasons are either longer and/or hotter and the winter cycle of whatever ice and snow is lesser, affording the cycle of melt having been shifted and/or accelerated and subsequently greater portions of Earth's surface becomes either exposed as relatively dark land and/or water that's considerably more solar energy absorbing than either snow or ice, as in yes in deed the resulting water vapor proportion of Earth's surrounding medium is in fact of a greater capacity of H2O plus various artificial methanes and freons becomes the primary thermal receiving/filtering as well as thermal conducting element, as well as a thermal holding bank or buffer zone, especially effective when such a modified atmospheric mass is reacting somewhat as a thermal semiconductor by way of essentially creating more cloud coverage upon the nighttime side, thus preventing the usual radiation of said influx and geothermal energy by way of those clouds holding/reflecting in a greater proportion of the relatively recent solar influx amounting to that extra 68 watts/m2 of which the daylight sphere continually absorbes.

The physics of ENERGY-IN = ENERGY-OUT works just fine and dandy if in fact that energy-out portion closely matches the source/geological core plus whatever influx energy of solar and cosmic deposits. Unfortunately, that's not been the ongoing case for mother Earth when the existing artificial pollution and of the ongoing emmissions have knowingly shifted the albedo by nearly 5%, and of that energy shift having subsequently increased the energy holding capability by way of increased nighttime cloud cover which only compounds upon the accelerated ice-melt and subsequent evaporation cycle long before it's time.M

For the likes of our moon there seems to have been a viable balance of energy that's including a little of what's gradualy leaving the lunar (830C) core. With little if any apparent atmosphere and even less likely cloud cover represents all of the solar energy influx has absolutely no problem with regard to exiting the lunar nighttime, plus taking along a few of those geothermal core energy units as well. The moon upon average simply isn't getting itself hotter, and if anything it's becoming cooler unless there's been some recent atmospheric build-up taking place that would only help moderate the lunar nighttime into retaining a bit of heat and thereby becoming somewhat warmer, while a portion of this same nighttime atmosphere would eventually circulate as to causuing the lunar daytime environment into becoming somewhat cooler, as an atmosphere being thermally conductive at extracting whatever hot basalt moon rocks have to share, thereby averaging the overall environment into becoming modrated to whatever extent such any natural plus terraformed atmosphere can manage. This prospect is also the case with respect to Venus, whereas it's geothermal resource of it's substantial core energy and subesquent extraction of such thermal energy via convection that's exiting the nighttime surface has in fact been indicating as being in surplus above what's solar influx related. In otherwords, more energy has been leaving Venus than arriving, and that's a real good sign, as opposed to any notions of Venus getting itself hotter and hotter.

As for mother Earth, normally this ongoing de-ice-age cycle of what's melting before our eyes would have required a significant increase from an external source of stellar energy, preferable of one offering a shifted spectrum towards the UV in order for the natural cycle of Earth's environment to have so nicely benefited the likes of diatoms having been so positively affected. Much like the well document core samples substantiate as to the 105,000 ~ 110,000 year cycle of ice ages and of otherwise recorded the resulting cycles in CO2 as a direct result of such energy influx that infused rapid cellular growth upon just about everything imaginable. I believe this secondary influx has been directly linked as to whenever there had been such ample near-UV and UV/a energy to spare, along with the necessary increase in hours of essentialy daylight exposure in order to have nurtured and sustained those horrific levels of diatom and so much other growth for at least ten thousands of years at a time.

As to other natural and artificial sources of energy impacting a global average, I'm not certain humanity represents much over a watt per square meter, thus our direct thermal impact is measurable but insignificant to what a 5% albedo shift has to offer. At 1 watt/m2 and of 6.6e9 folks = 77.575 kw/soul continuous, which of course you should realize is simply way too much energy since the lower 90% of humanity situated upon this Earth has damn few if any apliances, nor even that available energy outlet as to plug anything into, although direct coal and oil usage along with the lowest 10% of humanity still having to chop down nearly every tree in sight might represent itself as being inefficient enough as to bringing that amount to at least an average of .68 watt/m2, whereas placing that amount into perspective with the added 68 w/m2 of what's been summarily cooking our gose due to all of the artificial pollution and intellectual flatulenmce of perpetrated ideological and just plain old energy wars from which our shock and awe resident warlord has been informing everyone there's no such thing as global warming. Thus humanity may not represent 1% of what the resulting albedo shift that doing the vast majority (99%) of the work on behalf of cooking our goose.

This is what I've come to believe is possible, as ice-age related and much more.

Against all odds of the "Know-Thy-Enemy" and Snooker-Thy-Humanity forums that suck. While suggesting upon the notion of cruising our solar system to within 0.01 LY of the Sirius star system should more than offer the necessary timeline and levels of energy boost for nearly 20,000 years, starting in at 0.086 LY offers the 10,000:1 increase from the mostly intense near-UV and UV/a energy spectrum of Sirius, that which human vision doesn't hardly register the extent (although the likes Kodak's yellow photo emulsion dye and good old diatoms relish such energy), along with perhaps affording 10,000 years of ever increasing illuminations within the final inward trek, plus offering the remaining 10,000 years upon the exit or departing phase. If to be maximising our encounter at another ten fold closer yet, as such and we're being summarily cooked by two+ suns (though Sirius become 1e6 more intense but remaining far below the IR energy levels of our sun), especially when stellar motions brings Sirius/b into focus as situated between these the two major suns, whereas every 50 years we'd be receiving the added UV bonus points of whatever that nasty little white dwarf star has to share, not to mention the surrounding Kuiper and Oort zone debris.

Without further benefit of Earth having a healthy diatom population (depleated by 50%) nor sufficient old-growth forest (depleated by 25%) and even less of other populations of vegetation as to hardly moderate a damn thing, it's almost like we're going to have to be standing somewhat naked in a wind test tunnel while someone upwind is tossing in buckets worth of sand, with absolutely nothing between yourself and that fast moving sand (representing the influx of energy from the nearby Sirius star system) that's basically stripping the skin right off your body and otherwise TBI your DNA, whereas you'd think that much pain and agony would have to eventually offer folks a raw clue as to what's so terribly wrong with that situation. Of course, as per what being thoroughly mainstream dumbfounded and otherwise easily snookered means, of such standing as naked within that very sandy and thereby nasty supersonic wind-tunnel still isn't registering a damn thing.

What can I say; the pro-pollute and greenhouse-denial Republicans are suggesting that human activity doesn't amount to squat, as apparently only 0.28% of the greenhouse gassed are those human related, and otherwise 95% is via natural water vapor that supposedly humanity can't possibly have any measurable impact upon. So, therefore it doesn't matter how physically and/or chemically polluting humanity gets this Earth, and therefore we don't need any stinking forest or vast numbers of diatoms, nor nearly as much snow and ice, whereas regardless of how hot and nasty is gets (vast dead-zones of ocean and all), it'll never amount to even 0.28% of the total picture. I'm not exactly certain but, this phase of their ongoing ruse is sounding more and more like them folks that pointed out Jesus Christ to those nice Romans, as still aren't willing to accept any credit where such credit is badly long overdue. Makes you wonder, what's next?

This following analogy isn't exactly the most correct method of reverse engineering; since the solar energy influx is really all there is besides the escaping core heat, that without the sun we'd be little more than another solid covered by the likes of dry-ice and of little else, and if we were honestly talking about our global surround of thermal influence shifting as a result of humans by merely having that 0.28% global impact upon average is still suggesting an hourly increase of 3.9 watts/m2, although as based upon 24/365 is only 34 KWH/m2 per year, and since there's merely 5e14 m2 worth of Earth's surface which amounts to merely 34e3 * 5e14 = 170e17 watts/year. Thus year after year seems as to suggest upon a somewhat potentially testy what-if accumulation affect of energy build that's not exactly looking good if we're still into our polluting mode and thereby thermally progressing ourselves in the wrong direction, as clearly indicated by way of nearly all measurements as ever recorded that we've been well situated within potentially an unrecoverable cycle of global warming (my advice is; stop your whining and get yourself used to it or plan upon expiring a bit earlier than expected).

Actually, I tend to believe that it's more likely a portion of all that extra 2.5% energy (34.5 watts/m2/sec influx) of what the albedo of Earth is no longer blocking, of that which hasn't been able to entirely radiate out the nighttime side as due to the increased cloud cover is what has been most responsible for cooking our goose. And, there's no sign that humanity as a whole is more energy efficient nor planning upon becoming less polluting any time soon. Only the smaller and obviously more intelligent nations are doing more than their fair share, which isn't worth squat up against the global American and American interest expansion and subsequent drain upon nearly all the energy resources at hand, that's still environmentally running amuck.

Just another closing weird thought. In order that mainstreamers might indirectly rid Earth of those nasty folks that keep thinking outside the mainstream box, what if we informed the Pope that Jews were actually Cathars masquerading as Jews in disguise, then what if we delivered another unsubstantiated/bogus report into our resident warlord(GW Bush) suggesting that them nasty Islamic Cathars were not only back (this time instead of anything the least bit Muslim but disguised as Jews) plus otherwise hiding some of those WMD. I'm not exactly sure but, I'm thinking someone supposedly Jewish might object, although to no avail since we'd shock and awe them first anyway.

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