Magic and/or Truth

( The ultimate trick is obviously to make the audience believe that nothing went terribly wrong )

ANALOGY 101:  Let us say that we each purchase expensive tickets to one of those darn good magic acts, such as promoted by any one of those top of the line Las Vegas shows.

In the audience are all sorts and of all ages, including you and myself (we're not a couple).

On the stage is one of the world's best magicians and his partner/opponent or "fall guy or fall girl".

To add a little further insult to injury, lets say that the show moderator was Walter Cronkite, obviously someone we all throughly trusted and admired, would likely intrust with our life (terrific body language that only spoke "the truth and nothing but the truth").

Throughout the show performance are supposedly super terrific examples of accomplishments that are seemingly impossible or, at the very least humanly intolerable.

Let us say that the final act was a death defying act, that of making the opponent disappear into a fiery blast furnace, sort of a suspended in mid-air fireball pit from hell. Supposedly that works according to plan however, the audience nor the moderator is aware of the "look alike" safety stand-in, which is secretly there just in case.

I somehow perceive, via performer body language and/or for whatever other reasons, that this time things didn't turn out as planned and, that a "look alike" was being utilized (I somehow noticed one extra or lesser button or perhaps a new or missing facial wrinkle).

The moderator, yourself and perhaps the majority of others were so impressed with all the pomp and ceremony that you were unaware of the carnage which just took place and, as such you're obviously impressed to tears, as well is Walter Cronkite and, I too am impressed at first, taken back, blown away as even the hairs on the back of my neck are raised, but then all the sudden it sinks in, as I subconsciously start to realize that perhaps a human life had just been dissolved.

Both of us leave the theater thinking we got our moneys worth, in fact most of the audience was so impressed that before they even left the lobby they had purchased tickets for the very next show, I however have now come to realize that I may have gotten more then my moneys worth, and as such, I have no intentions of ever purchasing another show ticket.

There's no question that each of us were entertained with the exception that you believed everything was on the up and up (in other words; a damn good magic act and besides, Walter Cronkite was right there, that's damn near God) and, I on the other hand believed that something terribly foul just took place. Neither one of us can prove the other wrong, especially since no independent photos were being allowed, the technical documentation of the performance was either NSA "top secret" or lost like those 1/6th scale as well as full scale lunar lander engineering and test flight files, as well as the back stage was placed totally off limits, plus the entire stage crew was sworn into "nondisclosure" secrecy (just like NASA/NSA/DoD's under penalty of death) and, in the very best interest of minimizing on-the-spot PR damage control (such as surviving with the skin on your back), whatever "spin" and "damage control" was obviously implemented by the performer as well as his boss, as otherwise the "jig was seriously up" as for both of them, as well as for a thousand or so employees that will soon be out of a job once the prosecutor and "wrongful death" lawyers get through with that magician as well as the casino owner.

So, I'm headed home from the show, blurred between astonishment along with lots of concerns and questions but, at least I can sleep on it without a morally guilty conscience, other then being concerned that I may have just helped to indirectly sponsor someone's death (somewhat like sponsoring the US cold-wars). Yourself on the other hand, are going home and will also sleep without a guilty conscience because you either don't know any different or you refuse to accept my version or perhaps simply don't give a damn about what just happened because you got your moneys worth, so therefore I become the crazy nut-bag guy and you're as sane as the Pope (which by the way we've just discovered plays with boys or at least other priest whom play with boys [no wonder he doesn't want woman priest, apparently that would take all the fun out it]).

This analogy may still not be sufficiently clear as to properly reflecting upon the circumstances and motives of those pro-NASA verses GUTH Venus but, there's certainly some similarity as to the motivation of NASA, as to skew upon the facts, as to further create and/or support whatever disinformation that systematically backs up their claim of there being no signs whatsoever of anything the least bit artificial existing on Venus, as well as their ongoing claims of landing and walking on the moon, perhaps as well as their claims of having nothing whatsoever to do with any NSA/DoD agendas (hidden or otherwise). OK, so you elect to believe that NASA is the one and only government agency that's near perfect and, openly admits to any mistakes or wrong doing, just like ENRON/Andersen and WorldCom and Microsoft and so on.

Since I'm not of those standards set by the Pope, I'm not the one qualified to be proving anything onto others, as I've more then proved sufficiently onto myself of what's existing on Venus plus, that Club NASA has more then ample motivations for suppressing anything Venus and, the fact that I can't sufficiently prove those motives onto others is not my responsibility nor grievance, just incredibly unfortunate for humanity. Just like you and I have to accept that government (especially ours) is not what it's cracked up to being, others will need to gather upon their thoughts, reading whatever from the skewed information and then placing a moral judgment upon those qualifications and subsequently making up their own minds, which can be seriously difficult if there are family, community as well as official NASA/NSA/DoD sanctions and reprisals involved, like losing your friends as well as your retirement and benefits or how about much worse.

Need I recall upon those qualifying for the "much worse" category, I'll certainly accommodate that if you really want to get seriously depressed and then hopefully quite angry. Of course that's of the dark past and, I could be wrong but, I do believe we need to move rapidly into the future, carrying as little luggage as possible.

What I've been saying all along is;  magic is magic, it's as real as the truth to those that choose to believe in the illusion, or felt they had little option nor reason not to, as otherwise having that alternate outlook of mine would apply considerable limits upon the entertainment factor. Certainly Walter Cronkite would have had no ulterior motives nor other reasons to believe otherwise, just as he reported upon every Apollo facet that was handed to him my the fox that was guarding those chickens (even though mysteriously that flock was getting fewer by the day). Of course, I could be entirely wrong about Mr. Cronkite, just like I've made a metric tonne of other mistakes, so I suppose my opposition should assume that I could be just as dead wrong about Uncle Walter, though that would be like watching God take from the collection plate and still believing in the morals and wisdom of his teachings, but then most of us have seen that one as well, like the Catholic Church dipping into a good deal more then just the collection plate.

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