Mars trees, Mars glass tubes or perhaps Mars worms

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This page is to show and hopefully best demonstrate that I'm not the Mr. anti-Mars, I'm just anti-manned missions to Mars, as that's absolutely freaking insane, unless we continue to accomplish such terrible environmental things to Earth as well as for further insulting those nice lizard folks on Venus, so that we simply have no further choice. Besides, why do we need to obtain other lethal microbes, when we can't seem to control the ones we already have?

I believe we're being thoughtfully informed by our very own government that 70,000 Americans will die this winter specifically because of just one nasty microbe from Earth. That means that at least 7 million folks are going to get seriously sick on top of the 70,000 that'll die, and we still can't even locate and/or identify a WMD donkey-cart before it's too late. So, apparently WMD snipe hunting goes on and on, while really nice folks must die for that as well as for simply existing as an American at home.

Not that anyone at NASA/NSA/DoD nor obviously by way of their Borgs at "" nor even of those fellow Borgs working at Google's "space.history", as these cloak and dagger "black hole" crew members seem to not give an actual hoot about humanity, unless it's their butt. In spite of all their black hole voids of selectively spiteful intelligence of mostly disinformation, or simply anti-everything sort of hyper arrogance and orchestrated disinformation being applied against someone else's idea, here's some of the few alternate web pages I managed to locate that seem to offer a whole lot more ET worthy substance then of just about anything else regarding frozen Mars, yet these same pretentious idea bashing fools have been and still are bashing away at those honestly researching positively upon these official NASA certified images.

According to the wisdom or lack thereof;  these opponents to absolutely everything Venus as well as for anything moon are equally against the following research efforts upon Mars. They're not even suggesting but insisting these Mars trees and Mars tubes are entirely bogus, as in entirely fake, and of those presenting such information as worthy consideration for at least some previous life existing on Mars are somehow the scum of the Earth. This seems hardly appropriate, certainly not founded upon any known science nor physics that I've been introduced to. So, why all this unusual flak being directed at those having no cloak and dagger ulterior motives whatsoever and, I do believe we all know exactly why but, we village idiots (including Walter Cronkite) just don't want to have to admit of what a total bunch of snooks we've all become, and for so long.

Mars trees/bushes and/or petrified/frozen forest:

Mars glass tubes or seriously big and radiation proof worms:

Frozen and thoroughly irradiated to death Mars in general:
Until I've seen and learned a good deal more about such Mars related items, especially about those items looking as extremely large frozen trees and quite forest like and of those enormous worm or glass tube like considerations, as either being far more interesting than of any "Mars face" considerations, even though either still fails at their indicating upon delivering any community like infrastructure and secondly, of the spoken likelihood of Mars once being elsewhere, obviously at a place and time when it was a little easier to support life seems to offer a good deal of logic and reason to this village idiot but, at this point I'll have to concede these imaging examples are simply darn good indications of something that's clearly existing in the history of Mars that's worth our researching and further exploring (remotely), even if they're perhaps long dead (frozen in time) from their warmer and more oxygenated past.

It's quite unfortunate those tree or bush like and of those glass tube like images were merely of CCD format and not of any composition depth detecting SAR imaging, worse yet is of their nearly 90º plan view, as both factors are really a serious imaging compromise (unlike the SAR 43 perspectives of Venus). Even when CCD is producing much better resolution, still SAR has that optical CCD method beat 10:1. However, more so odd is that such reasonably good images have NOT been promoted as front page material, they don't even seem to rate an official reference link. All that others and I can think of is the very sorts of ongoing trama that's been underway, such as happening to my Venus research and, even long before then were apparently all those wondering a bit too much about our near flawless Apollo missions. It sounds as though, someone in the "life on Mars" camp must have pissed off our Lord NASA. Imagine that.

What's really become a little too damn odd about all this Mars stuff; these highly intriguing and simply most interesting official items have still not been openly published nor promoted on any significant front (I'm talking NOVA, National Geographic and a bloody host of hundreds of other NASA sponsored and thereby moderated monthly publications and spendy televised productions). It's as though NASA/NSA/DoD have been intentionally playing their ultra extreme intellectual ego or bust cold-war games that they learned fron NSA/DoD, perhaps unknowingly impressing upon these scientist and physics researchers, as out of habbit pitting each researcher against each other (sort of like another example of our arming both sides of a civil war), while they're just sitting back and enjoying the battle, watching as these pretentious types burn out and die long before anything really gets accomplished, thus making their good old white boys Club NASA look sort of a whole lot better off than of any civilian counterpart (understanding that NASA gets paid either way and technically can't personally profit from doing their job, only paid for creating job security, so they have absolutely nothing to lose).

This is pretty much like how our government knowingly sat itself back and watched as hundreds of millions of stolen Jewish dollars and their treasures were brought into this country, knowing fore well where all that loot came from and of specifically whom it was benefiting, still our government which is obviously "big money" did absolutely nothing until it was too late for millions and, if a few nice folks hadn't let a bit of the truth be known, there still would be an ongoing pretentious lie of such disinformation and deception, knowingly perpetrated by our largest banks and of a good number of government agencies and individuals officially related within such matters, as that of perpatrating obvious hidden agendas, as in one way or another being paid for by lots of other (mostly Jewish) humanity carnage. So, our NASA knows for a bloody fact, that pretentious money grubbing researchers tend to eat their own kind, especially if that's what it takes as to getting their promotion and/or next grant extension. Publishing rights are somewhat like another cold-war on nukes, except under the command of certified intellectual idiots. And, don't forget, this is the same proven method or cloak and dagger tactic of otherwise getting someone assassinated without your ever pulling the trigger.

Since I'm not God;  If I were already funded or directly employed by Club NASA, perhaps I too would be extremely cautious about what I said and of whom I associated with, so it's been no surprise that so many individuals and institutions are rather conspicuously afraid, if not entirely paranoid of whatever consequences associated with anything moon or Venus. You don't bite even the dirtiest of hands that's been feeding you, as that's exactly the sort of "money talks" and "anti-intellectual" propaganda control agendas which clearly goes for negatively impacting and hopefully subduing such "life on Mars" types, just as well as for impacting and orchestrated institutional avoidance of my "life NOT as we know it" existing on Venus.

Remember folks;  it's not as though I'm making this all up (don't have to), as I've had some considerable help from NASA (though only 1% of what they could have managed), as well as indirectly from those opposing my every fiber (after all, the unexpected opposition is what gave me the incentives for looking into the ulterior motives of those opposing), thus I've seen no funding nor am I seeing others focusing anything whatsoever upon the obtainable considerations associated with Venus or that of our moon.

About Mars being like Earth (hardly the case):

Unlike the obviously forced manuscript which Sandy Wood of the McDonald Observatory was being intimated so as to read over the air, the atmosphere of Mars is so much thinner than that of Earth, with a surface pressure averaging as little as 1/150th that of the surface of Earth. Surface temperatures for Mars range from -113ºC at the winter poles to a toasty 0ºC on the day-side during mid summer while at the beach. Only in a Mars death-valley at high noon will the temperature obtain 15C for a few hours each day, then diving into the sub zero (dry-ice) category as for the remainder of the day and night.

On any good cold as hell day, as for one hiding out in one of those deep equator valleys or basins at high noon, an important question is, what good is even a whopping 7 or even 8 mbar (at best that's roughly 0.2 tons mass per m3) as opposed to Earth's 10 t/m3, whereas that factor alone represents at least 50 times more solar flare radiation getting through (actually a whole lot more, because there's no Van Allen belts, so it's most likely at times a magnitude of 1000 times greater radiation impact), not to mention the greater influx of cosmic energy and subsequently of the hard x-rax class exposured unless you're sufficiently sittuated below 3 meters worth of Mars.

The bulk of Mars surface elevations -8 km to +8 km (a good deal of those valleys offering -6 km in depth) are indeed of sufficiently Earth like terrain features, except for the thousands of significant impact craters residing mostly on one side of the planet. I'm sorry Sandy but, the cold Mars atmospheric pressure is anywhere from 0.004 to 0.008 bar, which is still hardly anything kin to being Earth like, as you can't hardly even fly a kite in a 100 knot wind.

Atmosphere Composition (another hardly Earth like consideration):
        The atmosphere of Mars is comprised of carbon dioxiode (95.32%),
        nitrogen (2.7%), argon (1.6%), oxygen (0.13%), carbon monoxide
        0.07%), water (0.03%), neon (0.00025%), krypton (0.00003%),
        xenon (0.000008%) and ozone (0.000003%).

According to reports;  winds seldom obtain 300 mph on Mars. However, since the Mars atmosphere is less than 1% that of earth, comprised of mostly CO2, you must divide your wind speed by at least a factor of 10 in order to get an equivalent wind speed on Earth, so if there is a 100 mph wind it will become like a 10 mph wind on earth. However, because there's absolutely no measurable moisture in that Mars atmosphere, thereby even lesser density is where a 15:1 ratio might actually become more correct, thus 150 Mars mph = 10 Earth mph and, a 100 mph wind would likely resemble 6.7 mph on Earth. In other words, you could easily stand up and walk into and about a 750 mph wind tunnel and, aerodynamic landing speeds would likely require 2000 mph as well as fatter aerodynamic wings spanning nearly a quarter mile across.

I've learned;  if we were situated at an altitude where the pressure is .006 bars (btw; that's fairly typical of Mars unless you're situated in a Mars death valley), the boiling temperature of H2O is nearly 0C (but this is also the freezing point). Thus any water on Mars is either very well frozen into dry ice or, if it ever gets much above freezing then it's boiling off mostly into free CO2, thus a few thin clouds containing relatively small amounts of free H2O do exist, though damn little.

It's not all that likely that I've informed you about anything that others and yourself didn't already know about Mars, but you probably didn't realize the extent of official "spin" and "damage control" that's been underway, nor about the pretentious nature of those orchestrated intellectual battles being directed if not promoted by NASA. The prime moderator of all there is to know about space is Club NASA, at least until ESA get in a few of their own licks and, don't you forget it.

It seems, as long as the values of obtaining that prestigious stamp of approval by NASA is held to such pretentious levels of grandeur, we're going to see a continuation of skewed intellectual battles for whatever recognition and of obtaining those grants, of which the competition is ever increasing and the stakes are ever greater, thus the intellectual cold-war upon whatever remaining reason and skewed logic remains in the toilet of life, like an enormous intellectual black hole that it is, pulling inward all of science, physics as well as humanity.

Of a lunar space elevator and Venus shuttle/airship interest is going to become obtainable with regard to our first establishing my Lunar Space Elevator and/or GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot plus LSE-Lobby, as for offering a perfectly valid means to an end (actually many ends), as opposed to the ESE fiasco and/or of just blowing those hundreds of billions directly into the space toilet as for anything Mars. Though even though the ESE fiasco is somewhat less risky but not less costly than for those insisting upon walking on the moon or Mars, unfortunately there's nothing that their ESE provides (at least not for decades) that can't be better accommodated as of today at 1/10th the cost by the LSE:
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