The ultimate ruse must also beget the ultimate investigation
( it's certainly best however if you just happen to own the firm(s) doing those investigations )

By; Brad Guth / IEIS   (updated August 27, 2002)

Since this page simply didn't read so great (perhaps still doesn't, as I'm still having trouble saying what I mean), so I've given this page a little further polish and may even return with an entire rewrite.

To start off;  I do firmly believe we Americans have in fact placed some scientific equipment on the lunar surface, the proof that such was accomplished by actually placing a crew walking on the surface, this oddly seems to have become somewhat illusive (how can this be?). Those laser distance (or just as likely Earth/moon shrinking) measuring efforts (still ongoing, except with applied millions of pulsed watts instead of the original 40 watt CW effort, plus now there is even a newer and more massive gigawatt performance offering a 2 km target capability in the works) have in fact detected a laser lunar reflection. However folks, the raw surface area comprised even as within any 2 km diameter (at 3.14 million m2), let alone of any 7 km circle (that's 38.5 million m2) is certainly far more capable (even at 10% average reflective quality, hell's bell's folks, 1% of lunar reflectance could seriously outperform all five of those laser retroreflectors) and, about those supposed amateur radio-wave reflectors, which could just as easily have been deployed from orbit by merely tossing out a random dispersement of even a few hundred 1/2 wavelenght strips or rods (a thousand such rods could just as well have been remote deployed by an unmanned satellite). From utilizing multiple digital imaging looks, as from Earth based SAR, today we can likely resolve lunar imaging down to 1.5 meters and, even that's prior to 10X digital enlarging, next is our latest upgrade to Hubble which places it's single exposure resolution below 8 meters, with multiple exposures and/or digitial photo enlargement pushing that one well below 0.5 meter. So, lets simply take a few SAR pictures, as otherwise, exactly who's kidding whom?

Besides my limited efforts at disclosing upon those accomplishing whatever dastardly deed(s), I'm also having to include that of their merely covering up whatever pathetic everyday failings, such as for that of dispensing intentional disinformation or support thereof, or even as to a total lack of accomplishing their most basic jobs (especially as with any specific regard to entirely missing the "GUTH Venus" discoveries as of 13 years ago and, now it looks as though we're being intentionally uninformed of multiple near-miss Earth killer rocks of 100+meters, as well as the 12th planet issue are just as equally being ignored, perhaps this is because NASA can't really do anything about either). Next, one must always fully consider, exactly what the ultimate ruse (at all cost) must otherwise accomplish on an overall and very long term basis (actually, this effort is no small accomplishment, quite a great deal more then you might expect, but still far cheaper and obviously a whole lot safer then actually doing these things).

A very essential phase and/or most important issue of sustaining any good ruse, is our having to do with supporting what the typical public perceives as valid checks and balances, as there obviously needs to be in place a sufficient number of trusted individuals, supposedly appearing as honest (appearing as externally independent if at all possible), as effectively challenging the "status quo" (sort of like those checks and ballances provided by Andersen overseeing those ENRON books), then somehow after their putting up a good perceived investigation and/or fight, conveniently nearly always failing as to adequately substantiating upon much of anything, as nearly always establishing a reasonable point or goal falling just short of confirming upon any solid conspiracy or cover up issue (at best, one mediocre individual [usually of non-American ancestry] is elected or singled out as being the fall or short straw guy, as prospectors and our CIA, NRA and FBI have certainly done this one upon many occasions).

Best "know thy enemy"  by merely supporting your elected team player (Andersen in the case of ENRON and, even sweet old Art Bell for this example), as other more honest investigative reporting will simply wither and subsequently fail as to achieving any significant public recognition, let alone ever uncover the remaining real truths or otherwise stumble upon the true horror of what really happened.

Obviously, for such seemingly innocent "truth seeking" talk-shows to ever become an effective ruse tool (sort of exactly like allowing JFK as to being killed, as to permit others to be unknowingly working on behalf of a newly empowered super agency such as Club NASA/NSA/DoD and to proceed in spite of the underlying complications and unlikely mission success), in order for this ruse to work well, it's association and steadfast rules or cult guide lines must remain entirely secret, just as those buried within most any secret underlying agency (like KKK on steroids, controlling and/or utilizing unknowing members or at least taking the fullest advantage of those too frightened or intimidated as to saying no and, pretty much like NASA's nitch worker policy, where each cubical is officially isolated and as equally unaware of what's happening on either side, so that no one has even a partial picture or the slightest idea as to how their work might actually integrate into the final mission). Looking over every one's shoulder, as a good safety engineer might actually have to do in order to truly do his job, was highly unfortunate for that individual and his entire family (allowing any individual too much knowledge is certainly not a good thing if you're running the world's biggest ruse).

Any funding support or effective extortion threats (such as by merely pulling your cubical, publication or production funding), that were intended as to impose and subsequently maintain all those essential cult rules; for good reason these must obviously remain equally hidden or as looking like normal management and budgetary decisions (exactly like one's understanding or perhaps unfortunate misunderstanding of the really fine print included in that ultimate and potentially lethal enforcement phase of the "nondisclosure policy" implies) and, thereby maintained as something which oftens needs careful external interpretation unless the situation or issue can safely remain as equally unsubstantiated, as otherwise, once anyone actually starts to figure a few too many things out (by merely connecting those dots), the jig is seriously up.

Towards my discovering such worthy mole opposition elements;  as when I've offered my "extraordinary proof" along with entirely reasonable historical data as well as my indicating where I feel sufficient ulterior motivation exist, with the means by which such under handed "damage control" efforts can be accomplished. Even after further supportive scientific logic, these same moles continue avoiding the current issues and/or further discredit such efforts as somehow immaterial in spite of any facts. When even a supposedly honest critic should otherwise have continued to openly process upon such information, for the good of "truth" and "humanity" (like all those Art Bell types and many others) instead, they have recently become strangely or perhaps oddly impudent. What they elect to discuss is not all that relevant to the greater issues and thereby not thoroughly challenging nor representing any true threat upon authority.

I fully realize that mass hysteria and even hypnotism in fact works, it certainly did for the likes of Hitler, evangelist Jones and a number of most other cults (many of which are still ongoing), but then as to following these morons off their cliff is hardly something to be looking forward to. Lucky for all these cults, our crack edgucational wizards have managed to deliver millions upon millions of throughly screwed up souls, as individuals scared to death of asbestos, hydrogen, anything radioactive and even heavy metals are being avoided like the plague. Just like avoiding the common sense of utilizing burnable waste and industry byproducts as for local clean power generation is yet another "not in my backyard" (with the exception of California's clean tire fueled generators), as we simply can't possibly do any of that situation. Instead, we sort and gather at far greater expense and of consuming far more energy, then we further transfer, stor and even transport some of these unwanted or recycle items half way around the damn globe (don't even start me talking about the daily tonnage of battery issues). Instead of clean nuclear and cleaner yet windpower, or even that of simply placing our much needed electrical power generating plants directly upon oil, gas and coal reserves, instead of locating our highest energy consumption (steel, aluminum, glass and plastics) factories on or near such energy sites and/or applying least environmental impact power transmission lines, as we most often go about custom engineering and then constructing massively costly and enormously energy consuming pipe lines and then subsequent other remote refinerys, plus further costly and even more so inefficient secondary transports as well as requiring their multiple storage and secondary pipe lines which continue to either spill or explode into the environment and, upon many occasions have been needlessly taking human life, most of which could have been eliminated if we were simply a whole lot more electrified via nuclear and/or at least from the additional 100 thousand MW of essentially "off the shelf" windpower along with a few thousand new MW of whatever tidal generation (but that's apparently not ever going to happen, at least not in America).

Excuse me again folks;  this country should have been and certainly could have been 90% electric half a century ago and at least 50% nuclear at that. It's more then just a little obvious that what we're doing, as to intentionally deplete the global oil and gas reserves and as to encouraging others to doing the same, as not so much because we don't have the means by which to do without, as our stockpiles of plutonium are truly astounding, which means that our true intentions are those purely to cause other nations to either soon do without energy (many are already out of such) or at a price simply too high for their economy to afford, thereby implementing eventual class exterminations and death to all those external to our cult and/or needs and, if that's not happening quick enough, then a little cold-war plus implementing a few of those nifty inventions such as the neutron bomb and it's newest invisible electronic relative the "UV laser cannon" should certainly do the trick.

I am to guess; if you really have something that's holding valid merit and sufficient evidence (like my GUTH Venus discoveries seem to offer, and where at least I have validated pictures), then the likes of Art Bell are going to be conveniently involved with other pressing matters and thereby unavailable and/or simply unwilling as to becoming exposed. Remember, this and many other radio shows are just very good examples of the "info commercial" delivery upon a great deal of disinformation, as that being presented by supposedly independent producers and publications, so that the greater public perceives that an honest effort has been applied and, once again failed at being sufficiently convincing towards uncovering any worthy truths. Apparently the risk of this sort of true truth exposure can simply become too great and, the penalty for any radio show or publication failing to maintain their ultimate cloak is virtual death by loss of those hidden sponsorships and further loss of whatever government advertising revenue (perhaps even death is a valid option in defence of national security or national lies).

Listening to supposedly investigative independents, such as Art Bell, is somewhat like how one should perceive most any info-commercial. It's certainly information, but then so is your average sitcom. If the show host pre-moderates the programming and subsequently follows the well established rules and scripts of their true boss, then all goes well. Show participants and the public become for the most part convinced that others have been doing their level best to uncover whatever the government or others have been hiding. So, the ruse continues, actually becoming reinforced by the perception that others (supposedly independents) have been doing their level best to uncover the truth(s) and, have for the most part failed at doing such.

A radio talk show is supposedly wholesome entertainment (even representing "freedom of speech") and obviously upholding subsequent commercial/product sponsorship, as someone is certainly paying for all those enormous bills and thus receiving the benefits by doing so. Looking at the radio station books and try if you will to review the bookkeeping of the show host, you may soon rediscover those same ENRON/Andersen like trails that are simply not commercially viable. So, where is all that money actually coming from?

Because the true sponsors or lords of those talk/radio shows are being carefully buffered, so as to eliminate any correlation/alliance with hidden agendas, thus the ultimate ruse is nearly compleat, only the final "nondisclosure" enforcement phase remains to be implemented as the finishing resolve to any security leaks or potential breakdowns.

Once a sufficiently grand lifestyle has been established for the radio show host or for that of most any publication, the threat of effectively pulling out essential funding by merely eliminating their primary sponsor(s) (in some instances, this may require a mere 25% revenue loss to effectively kill most any program or publication), where as for the most part, this sort of challenge would become effectively devastating as to most greed and power orientated Americans, as somewhat of an effective tool by itself and, so much so that whatever normal laws or contracts would become of little value. Holding onto this ultimate threat of financially killing shows or publications by pulling out funding or even if need be virtual elimination altogether, this is obviously one of the best known resolves towards reinforcing whatever disinformation (TIME and LIFE are no exception, as they profitted highly by printing only what our government wanted and/or approved of). You most certainly don't have to outright own any publication or radio station in order to effectively control it's content. (if I were made wealthy through supporting disinformation and, was subsequently threatened as to losing essentially all of my income and power because I screwed up, this underlying threat would certainly work for me).

The grand challenge for the Art Bell's of today, is to either manipulate the guest (such as myself) or to somehow avoid ever getting into the situation altogether. I've contacted the Art bell team of moles and, I've since learned what their hidden agendas are about (actually not about much of anything that's truly anti-government or at least of implicating anything all that serious). Just like so many others I found situated at NASA's "", as hard working moles at their entertaining the rest of us, somewhat like a good doctor listens to the patient and then prescribes a highly profitable placebo (works nearly every time and, if it dosen't, there's always lethal injection or in other words, a medical "OOPS").

It's interesting as to how so many upstanding publications and radio talk shows manage to avoid truly relevant or government critical topics which can ultimately impose logical as well as substantiated and thereby cricical views upon government actions and/or upon their ways of thinking or of forcing others to think and, especially if that form of disclosure should impact the "status quo" of the massive spending and spending going on and on within complex and powerful agencies such as NASA/NSA/DoD. Much of our ongoing cold-war efforts were (still are) those secretly being funded by their syphoning off from otherwise legitimate projects, in other words, they (NASA and our beloved government) have outright lied (upon many occasions) so that hidden agendas could proceed in spite of whatever illegal aspects or subsequent consequences (such as affecting the USS LIBERTY, 9/11 and of so many others).

Exactly how big is this "ultimate ruse" and, how many have paid their ultimate price?  This ongoing effort as to discovering truths is far more ambitious and perhaps more lethal then I care to fully delve into. For one thing; I'm not the least bit equipped as to exploring every avenue nor as to tabulate upon the entire impact onto humanity. Obviously, mistakes are costly and do set us and the world back each and every time, however, if and when those mistakes are covered up, then not only is the initial cost impact still there, we now have the overhead of keeping the lid on and then obviously the public and even most of government has no idea nor rational method of ever avoiding the very same scenario in the future. In fact, intentionally covered up mistakes or of intentional ruse cause and affects are self feeding upon each and every new layer of required deception, so much so that lies beget lies and errors begets bigger and worse errors and, there is no apparent end to this cycle.

All that I do know; if I were to be considering all the implications, it's certainty grand, a great deal larger humanitarian mess then of anything we as Americans have ever created, as such, most likely the most responsible or perhaps irresponsible factor in what bad and/or what little good has happened over the past few decades. I have recently come to realize that, if this ruse is allowed to fester, our futures are literally at much greater risk (if simply only because of the wasted moneys, wasted talents and of so many lost opportunities). As for some, it is obviously too late and, for others there is obviously no turning back and, no clear option short of a total grandiose melt-down. What's not happening, besides our not going hard after the "GUTH Venus" potential, is also about our not giving any concerted effort upon the "12th planet" issue, as well as with regard towards low cost communications with the nearby planet of Venus. Good grief folks! exactly how much lower cost as well as safer, can space exploration/communications get?

I certainly hope someone other (having power and influence) connects a few more of those dots, perhaps by merely following those Andersen/ENRON like money trails, where the NASA/NSA/DoD dots (we're talking dots of gobs of money and blood trails) as just associated with those publications and radio stations that continue to sponsor topics and/or publish those info-commercials which ultimately (if not unintentionally, then most certainly otherwise intentionally) uphold the "status quo" because, that's obviously what all of that money and underlying threats were intended to accomplish in the first place (Who's kidding whom; NASA/NSA/DoD are not the types to be sponsoring articles nor productions of any sort that can utilize substantiated facts which can reflect poorly upon their image, whatever unsubstantiated facts are just fine because that muddles the waters). Perhaps all this will require another 9/11 (2003) in order to help drive this point home.

Yes folks; something really bad has been going terribly wrong within some of our most trusted governmental agencies and, in addition to losing our military expendables, there were a number of innocent people (lots of them) that have certainly been dying ever since and, much worse yet, our resources of scientific talents, energy reserves and moneys have been literally blown up and recently knocked down, just towards keeping this grand ruse alive (I do somehow believe intentionally accelerated with our loss of JFK, as by allowing the elimination of this thorn of integrity certainly didn't hurt the ulterior motivations of hidden agendas and the pockets and skewed ambitions of our secret NSA/DoD and of their corporate counterparts).

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