these have MORALS (sort of), though absolutely NO REMORSE

( the sort of right stuff that bonds cults as well as "do gooders" together )

By; Brad Guth / IEIS    update: February 11, 2003

I wasn't exactly sure where to place this latest gravity entry. So, I'll try this page for the moment. This latest update offers minor corrections upon my understanding more about the Sirius star system as well as Venus. Since this original entry on gravity and not that I'm any expert but, I've created the "Cubic LightYear" page. I've also applied a few other improvements along the way, not that anyone is actually going to look nor show the guts to actually do anything constructive (too afraid of losing their funding or their job or both).

In order to fulfill my interest, in seeing into whatever gravity may have to do with making Venus vanish from public view, I had been going around sort of tit-for-tat favor returning (as I certainly wasn't getting a straight answer from anyone pro-NASA), regarding my discovering what if any influence there was of Venus upon Earth and/or why all the strange community avoidance of anything Venus. This is where Wizard Ron was talented enough to set me straight, at least for the moment, until the next wizard comes along and blows Wizard Ron off the pot. For now, Wizard Ron stipulates that Venus, irregardless of it's .27 AU and of whatever time allotment and/or alignments with our moon, represents absolutely nothing whatsoever upon Earth because, it's too damn far away. Even though gravity formulas seem to be those calculated in seconds, the thought of applied days, weeks and months is somehow apparently a non-gravity calculation issue, at least as far as with those opposing absolutely everything "GUTH Venus". Actually, I'm not convinced.

I've been thinking a little "off topic" (always a bad sign);  if H2 has a molecular weight of roughly 2 and, if in space there's but 1e6 of those H2's per m3, then obviously we're at some sort of truly incredible vacuum, thus the catchy phrase "outer space". But, there's certainly a good number of those m3's occupying that "outer space", in fact, my computer can't possibly count that high, nor can your's. So, perhaps all of that supposedly dark mater (actually it's been reported as "brown stuff") is just bazillions of kazillions of m3's (perhaps a google^999999999999), each m3 stuffed with presumably 1e6 lousy Hydrogen atoms (actually I've already updated and stipulated upon a more realistic minimum ISM of at least 6e6/m3, as I've identifed numerous others stating the same or greater and, I've done a little more of my bad math which I believe indicates there's potentially more than 1^9 atoms/m3 throughout your typical ly3 and, obviously even loads more ISM among some star clusters offering ~0.05 ly between such tightly packed stars).

Obviously in any one extremely vast area of space, even 6^6 atoms per m3 is simply not representing all that much mass nor friction but, space is so freaking infinite and, in terms of lightyears cubed per area we're certainly talking about a great deal of potential mass (friction as well if you really wanted to go fast). Of course, this mass/density could certainly be somewhat variable, dependent upon which star or white dwarf it's associated with or better yet are those nifty black or super E=hf holes, this being where the density of atoms/m3 even a lightyear from their center could actually remain at thousands, perhaps even millions of times greater then as for right here as surrounding Earth as representing our "outer space" and, especially as for traversing lightyears worth cubed in all directions surrounding whatever black hole or in this instance Sirius-ABC may be good enough. Being that all this concentrated mass is essentially going nowhere in relationship to Earth, if one was to apply the sufficient allotment of time into the gravity equation (something Wizard Ron Miller has implied not to do), then just perhaps we have ourselves another solution, an alternative for those that think long and hard only of humanly unobtainable goals, upon those targets at such vast distances that the next thousand generations will never realize one iota of worth from, no matters how much we go about spending now and into the foreseeable future (that's somewhat like taking the Concord [three times a day if need be] in order to get your next BigMac value meal).

The Cubic Lightyear

( is mass on steroids )

If we're talking about a cubic lightyear and, there's 300,000 km/s associated with the speed of light, thereby 31.536^6 seconds per year presses the outcome into being 9.46^12 km per dimention. A cubic lightyear is therefore equating to 846.6^12 in terms of cubic km. Of course there are 1^9 worth of cubic meters per cubic km, thus the entire cubic meter thing that's to be representing a cubic lightyear is thereby 846.6^21 m3. Even if we're subsequently calculating upon a molecular mass of merely 106 atoms per m3, that's certaily become a good deal of mass, whereas 6^9 let alone 6^9/m3 is altogether another issue.

Now then, I truly hate being the village idiot poop head about this gravity thing but, I do believe there's a sufficient number of lightyears about and, I'm informed there's an even bigger density issue of the cubic lightyear associated with the Sirius star system, which just so happens to include a worthy white dwarf star (Sirius-B) that's supposedly of 65,000 times greater density then our sun (our sun reportedly weighing in at roughly the same mass as water/m3). Although our sun is a truly gravity powerful consideration, I have recently come to understand Sirius B is somewhat smaller than Earth but, none the less imposes a rather substantial influence upon the massive Sirius-A, so much so influence that I was merely contemplating upon that issue, whereas just maybe, as compared to those fairly empty m3's of supposedly outer space (reportedly containing merely 106+ atoms/m3) that drift about our solar galaxy, applying what I've recently learned of their containing gravity proportional atoms per m3 gives those m3's a conservative atomic mass of the very least 106 atoms worth or perhaps that's referring to a mass 212 for H2. If we were to multiply that relatively minute mass by the rather substantial gravity boosting factor and then equated that little improvement into whatever a single cubic lightyear surrounding Sirius might contain, along with the entire Sirius star and planetary system mass;  being there's a volume of 846.6^21 m3 per cubic lightyear, what do you suppose that total combined mass would have to represent?

I've been wondering about Sirius only because I've been so thoughtfully informed by such supposed experts (God qualified as those formally charged with opposing absolutely everything Venus because they're so damn smart) that even of Venus being so nearby (as little as .27 AU), as sustained for weeks (not seconds by which all gravity formula seems to be based upon) between that of our sun and Earth plus, at times in direct addition to our lunar gravity component, that apparently (according to these anointed experts) there's been absolutely no measurable impact whatsoever upon Earth, even though the dennsity of all those supposedly empty m3's between us and the sun are not likely so constant but their density/mass somewhat porportional to their distance from the sun, as well as by their associations with Venus and, therby of somewhat if not a great deal more gravity worthy consideration then I'm being informed of. Certainly the Earth's atmosphere and of it's outer surround of mostly Hydrogen is equally a variable density factor and, because Venus offers so much more atmosphere as well as being closer to the sun might even suggest that it's outer Hydrogen components are perhaps a whole lot more together then of Earth's (obviously those excess hydrogen atoms of Mars are either long gone or sufficiently frozen in dry ice).

So, I can't but help thinking, there's bound to be an association of worthy m3's containing somewhat more of that supposedly typical 106 X Hydrogen mass, if not even something a whole lot greater (I've estimated at least 6^6 and upwards of 6^9 seems to be more likely than not), as well as I do believe hearing about there being certain other elements in our universe that surprisingly weigh considerably more than Hydrogen, some of which have collected into all sorts of space dust, others as sand or even as really big ass space rocks (not to mention whatever blocks of seriously frozen N2, CO2 and whatever other gasses plus a few miniture black holes there may be out there to contend with).

If exposure time to whatever gravity is supposedly such a non issue (at least that's what my esteemed critics have been stipulating, same thing about space radiation by the way). I'm only pondering as to given sufficient time allotment, at what point is mass of sufficient worth (especially mass that's starting off at multiples of our solar system plus whatever ly3 density is surrounding), as to be interacting with our solar system and, more exactly as to that which could potentially interact specifically with Earth (such as Venus or perhaps even Sirius)? Asking the opinion of the Dogon tribe seems to be a good idea right about now.

Of course, even though I'm still all for whatever's Earth science, that's certainly including our moon, of the sun and obviously of any nearby planet capable of influencing upon Earth, yet of those oddly opposing essentially everything Venus, they're likely going to use this page out of context (focusing upon syntax and math errors) as well as from any other page entirely out of context, just as they've been doing for the past two years, towards applying every attempt as to focus our best talents and limited resources as far away from Venus as possible (somewhat on a parallel "spin" and "damage control" agenda as for protecting all those Apollo missions). Oddly, that sort of unqualified and/or unfounded bashing is exactly the sort of nuclear fusion that pushed myself into looking even deeper, into thinking through the underlying process of what a devious criminal mind would be having to accomplish, especially if attempting to protect their associates as well as their self from being investigated.

Irregardless of whatever anyone stipulates about Venus or of any other planet, there should be no ulterior motives getting in the way, unless someone simply doesn't like the guy proposing such things and, it's especially become interesting if that opposition that is being orchestrated and funded by the very same as what this challenge is imposing upon (NASA/NSA/DoD). I don't know if I said all that correctly but, you should get the idea, as only NASA/NSA/DoD have everything to loose if the truth becomes publically realized.

I happen to like science and physics, but you and I do not have to understand all of it in order to appreciate it's worth and imperative truth. As whenever we read about and supposedly (because most of us don't know any better) believe in what we're being told by supposedly trustworthy scientist and physics types, we then expect others in their field to combine their research that essentially collaborates each other but, lo and behold, along comes those Apollo missions and, all of the sudden we've got jack nothing whatsoever, as the science and physics of the lunar lander simply isn't there to behold, nor is photographic evidence as well as nothing in the way of anything notably different in the form of actual samples. The fact that the typical lunar rock density has to be greater than Earth's and that the lunar surface needs to be nearly asphalt like reflective along with some of that entirely odd clumping soil which somehow never made it back to Earth, along with those vanishing original radiated and thermally stressed photo negatives seems overwhelmingly against the "status quo" of what our NASA wants you and I to believe in. Highest quality cameras and superb optics recording on the finest photo negatives that somehow can't record vibrant stars situated within a pitch black skyline, having but an asphalt landscape as for contrast is not a good sign, worse yet is that the photo printing/enlarging was so inapt as to not dodge the terrain and/or burn those entirely black skies so as to enhance the recorded stars, all without affecting the original negative nor one photo print grain of landscape content, this is simply entirely unbelievable.

Unlike Mars, Venus is not geolgically frozen in time and, Venus offers good promise of our finding intelligent life existing. True; whatever life exist on Venus is not similar to anything on Earth. Venus life would have required a good deal of evolution and perhaps dumb luck. Although, upon any world getting hotter and nastier by the day, say at the advanced rate of shifting their planet's temperature and atmospheric pressure by 1% every 243 days, that's certainly going to instill a noticeable degree of intellectual expediting among those intent upon surviving in spite of what's happening.

I realize that most others on Earth are smarter than I but, seems that a serious good number of our science and physics types don't much care as to having their behaviour, their performance let alone morality challenged, certainly don't much care as to having others (especially us outsiders) question upon the validity of whatever their agenda is or might be associated with (rather we not be wasting their precious time nor thoughts upon humanitarian consequences, least of all upon saving the taxpayers a dime).

If a good number these NASA certified wizards happen to be off doing whatever extremely/outrageously expensive and/or dastardly things that humanity has never authorized nor obtained a grain of rice nor an once of fresh water from nor of ever expected to in the future (such as whatever Hubble and a good many other deep space probes has delivered), apparently that's just too freaking bad for those unwilling to fight for what's not their's in the first place (that's referring to public funding and/or of the tax avoidance privet sector by which the rest of us village idiots must continually support through over priced goods and services as well as taking up the slack for whatever taxes they don't pay, that's not even including the thoroughly dishonest sorts that have forced thousands into bankruptcy and others to lose their entire retirement savings and loss of benefits to boot).

let us say that, my opponents (prestigious members and associate members of their Club NASA) must be in unanimous favor of sustaining their "status quo" such as, if it's going to take all of 250 billions worth of effort and risk as to acquiring and then safely housing those lethal (apparently radiation proof) Mars microbes, perhaps yet another decade+ worth of CO2 producing heavy lift missions and of whatever further losses against humanity back here on boring old Earth (even that financial limit or impact is based upon nothing going horribly wrong with regard to those Mars microbes getting lose), from out of the goodwill of those uneducated masses either starving and/or prematurely dying off due to a lack of affordable resources and/or impacted by the widening spread of inflation imposed by as little as 1% of the Earth's population, then so be it and, that's not ever to be on the conscience of any one participating in such unworthy or humanly unobtainable or at the very least unsavory goals, especially of those that only seem to help line those cult pockets of already entitled winners of government and tax deferred privet funding (that surely means of those pathetic uneducated masses, if still lucky enough to be living in a make due mud hut, without clean water nor sanitation basics, will have to pick up the slack wherever those wealthy tax funded and untaxed deep space (by that I'm referring to anything much beyond Jupiter) adventures have left all the rest of Earth's societies with further debt and strife, along with the global aftermath of whatever thousands of new tonnes of CO2 that was contributed by the subsequent space industry and of their massive energy consumptions and, perhaps even a little or a lot of first hand carnage from time to time, especially if you just happen to be flying as the damn thing falls stricken from the sky, or perhaps smashes into another tall occupied building, as oddly doing so for absolutely no apparent reason at that, according to your honest and forthright government and naturally as reinforced from those ranks of anyone obtaining public support or funding (there was no way whatsoever of predicting the turn of recent events, thereby no fault whatsoever on our part, even though you and your family, along with a few thousand others are so thoroughly dead, so I'll guess there's obviously no apparent loss at that end of the spectrum).

I've been thinking, perhaps that's exactly why Dr. H.K. wanted nothing whatsoever to do with investigating 9/11 because, apparently nobody from our side did anything the least bit wrong, at least not on behalf of Israel. So we're to guess, what's there to investigate?

But of course, there has been a tremendous loss of just about everything imaginable. Besides the needless loss of life, there's the loss of faith and a serious degrade of morality as others strive for enforcing restitution rather then focusing upon the original cause and subsequent impact. There's also the invaluable loss of whatever talents and the timeline of humanity advancing has been obviously broken (set back another decade). Applying revenge instead of rational problem solving logic is about as skewed as things get and, that form of never-ending tit for tat cold-war illogic is certainly what's been getting in the way of rational behaviour towards accomplishing nearly anything Venus. How "dog wagging" obvious.

OK folks;  so perhaps just like nearly all of our deep astronomy buffs, your idea of politically correct science and physics are those on God's side (how interesting, since most science and physics types are devout atheist), yet even without a true God (any pagan God will do and, that's certainly where NASA/NSA/DoD comes in), at least according to their recent proclamations and "Dead Sea Scrolls", they're always doing the morally right thing at the right moment in history, never once questioning one of their own cult members, never conceding to wrong doing because after all, you're still somehow on God's side or perhaps you are God. Somehow science and physics is also magically divorced from politics (at least whenever anything goes terribly wrong, like airplanes falling out of the sky or smashing into tall buildings) as well as from other wrong doings by the apparent fact that it's always the uneducated society's fault and therefore government's fault if anyone has been lead astray. As God or NO God forbid, scientist and physicists would never instigate nor pursue anything that's knowingly going to become a burden onto others, no way? (btw; the tooth fairy just left me another Ten million bucks under my pillow, you know, inflation and all, plus interest).

According to my esteemed (anti-everything) opponents;  in place of our efficiently going after obtainable worthy goals (those associated with affordable Earth, lunar, solar and nearest planet associations most likely affecting and/or hosting life that's significantly above any frozen microbe level), their insistence and profound idea of blowing away hundreds of billions of our hard earned bucks upon Mars and deeper space interest is somehow not any burden onto society because, apparently those hundreds of billions are simply printed up as need be, sort of on demand, at least that's what NSA/DoD have done in the past, except as whenever not formally expanding upon our national debt they've laundered funds initially as a foreign currency of whatever country they elect to despise for the day, thereby having no negative impact whatsoever upon America, in fact, from listening to my esteemed opponents, at least according to their upstanding scientist and physics types, the only true good that ever happens anywhere in this world is only because of the direct result of their achievements, as well as from the spin-off bucks associated, as apparently it's not been funded by that which is being obtained from income, property and a host of other taxes, fees and of the outrageous cost of goods and services, which are all apparently somehow superfluous and/or insignificant factors, at least by any of their superior buck shredding standards.


Did I just say what I thought I said or, was I being exceptionally nice onto those opposing certain truths, simply because those truths just so happen to offer little if any value towards their sadistically warped idea of humanity, as well as zip worth of monetary value into their personal endeavors, which thereby somehow proves that my focus (irregardless of how efficient and low risk or risk free) can't possibly be of any honest value to their idea of humanity, even if (especially if) that associated humanity is more likely to include Venus lizardkind.

OOPS again;  I forgot that especially our scientist and physics types involved with space research and exploration have absolutely no sense of humor (lizardkind? I believe Islamic no less, what was I thinking?). Perhaps those opposing what I've discovered could just as well be pasty faced Jews or fat Buda types for all I know, which is also another good omen, as for going along with their entire lack of morals, as you simply can't safely exclude upon one facet of idiots without having to exclude the other, as their being without any degree of humor (club membership requirement) one can not reasonably discern whether or not you're being lied to, at least I certainly can't tell.

Now folks, I'm fairly sure there's a good number of scientist and physicists that do accomplish far more then their fair share of good for humanity and, they've had no part in endeavors toward places and goals unobtainable by humanity. That's certainly great to realize upon because, now all I need to do is find me one that can take a little heat, survive a little incoming flak, still has a sense of humor and thereby basically knows right from wrong (that should greatly narrow the field down, really good, like perhaps down to less then 0.1%). Unfortunately, in the world of nitch specializing, there seems little room for a smart ass that knows about more than of one microscopic thing, as that could prove dangerous to ones health if employed by anything NSA/DoD, such as NASA (you certainly can't run a decent cloak unless every participant is either unaware of or unable to understand what any of the other Borgs are doing).

Since I've nearly given up on anyone associated with actual astronomy or astrophysics, as most of these sorts are (without their telescope) totally blind and seriously NASA/Borg implanted from birth. Thus, others and myself that actually wish to make a difference or at least see that others are permitted, we need to focus way outside that smelly box that NASA has constructed about their hive of supporters (I've kidded about their flushing incriminating documents down NASA's toilets, perhaps I'm dead wrong, what if NASA doesn't actually own any toilets, as that would certainly explain the flesh rotting butt stench coming from that box).

If you have somehow managed to remain outside the NASA box and are looking about for something of meaning in your life, then perhaps of what Venus holds is just your ticket. If you fear and thereby need to function as invisible to NASA, that's certainly possible but inefficient at best and, with "big brother" taping into everything, seems unlikely the secrecy of your support will go unnoticed. Sooner or later you may need to chose between what's right and that smelly box. Unfortunately, that smelly box is where nearly all the serious bucks are plus all of those family benefits and lucrative retirements (money and those benefits talks big, far bigger then truth and, apparently that's a whole lot more important then toilet paper or toilets).

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