Truth's in the eye of the beholder

(and if you don't like it, you can just leave, Earth that is)

Unlike yourself, I have a hard time at saying what I mean, but only because there's been so much to share and talk about as well as for our taking fully into consideration what's at stake with regard to what's living on Venus and, it's been nearly impossible to convey the truth or even share upon new ideas when the opposition has been so formal and so closely tied into the cloak and dagger webs of what's been going on for decades. Observationally, there's certainly not all that much to say that's profound, other than to express upon what has clearly been existing on Venus, as for looking a whole lot more likely artificial than not and, of what I believe such artificial formations are most likely all about. Truth be told, I'm probably way off, as those artificial looking attributes could certainly be utilized entirely differently than even I could possibly imagine.

Oh my God, there I go again, stating that I'm not as perfect as yourself, that just possibly I'm a little off base about what and how these formations came to past and subsequently remained in spite of the vastly superior wisdom of the collective Borg hive of what NASA has to stipulate. That must mean I'm wrong about everything (you wish!).

Now the real trouble begins

As a club/cult outsider, when I've stipulated there's a serious bunch of what's more likely existing as being artificial attributes existing in certain specific locations on Venus (I'm thinking quite possibly along the lines of what's lizard folk made but also remember, those could just as well turn out being Cathars, Jewish or even hybrid Islamic Muslim lizards, all of which having an unsettled petition with the Pope). Do understand that I'm not blowing the sorts of Apollo smoke nor using those cloaking mirrors associated with NSA/DoD hidden agendas, as I simply do not have to. Unlike those perfectly phony Apollo pictures (which by the way is not stipulating we never walked on the moon, just that we oddly seem not to have any definitive proof, just as there's been no definitive proof as to the center fuel tank blowing itself up on flight-800, at least not without a little external help and, not to be so casually discounting upon the enormous multitude of qualified witnesses along with the collaborating official radar imaging that clearly identifies that something other that was small and fast was in fact in the area), where NASA's offering no access whatsoever to any of those Apollo original negatives is hardly confidence building, as would be exactly like my creating a fictitious Venus landscape and/or modifying upon whatever to death and then destroying the original digital file, in which case, if I had delivered any enlargements, even if those were of depicting sufficient detail as to actually see the sorts of creatures going about their business of constructing things and living on the Venus surface, perhaps even aloft in that rigid airship, obviously I would have provided absolutely nothing of value whatsoever.

I realize that I've been considered the village idiot but, give me a break, I'm not stupid nor blind. I'll certainly post retractions as well as post links to any other web site that cares to go one on one (tit for tat) and/or, I may entirely concur that I was wrong and someone other (such as yourself) was right. I'll only need to see those observation images and/or historical references to whatever proves or at least substantiates the other position. Oddly my opponents have not accomplished such a supposedly simple task, as they claim being so all knowing and of never making a mistake in their life to boot, in which case seems then their position should be quite easily and definitively supported (I wonder what's been holding them up?). All anyone need to do is to show me where to locate and SAR image of anything remotely similar, then I'll do all the hard work of enlarging and comparing what's supposedly so definitively natural about your references that proves such formations could have been created by purely natural causes.

Since I didn't have to intentionally modify upon a damn thing and, since so far all others as well as myself still can't seem to locate a single other SAR image from anywhere (including those of Earth), from which any respectable geologist can point out the geological clues and subsequent cause of what's naturally producing such highly complex geometrical as well as symmetrical structures and otherwise such rational community like infrastructure, as somehow materializing itself among those Venus mountains and, as for accomplishing such fantastic feats as otherwise never recorded events, none the less sufficiently determined as being purely natural (my ass). No Martha Stewart, there has not been any such evidence upon such things being formed as by anything purely natural. As even if so, as then we'd have ourselves a perfectly other good and honest tit for tat that's worth our better understanding, as to how such highly unusual formations ever came to past, where even that aspect of locating such spectacular formations, that issue alone would be worth more than all of our previous space exploration investments to date (including everything Mars).

I'm seemingly having to reaffirm all of this over and over because, so many pretentious types have been as always opposing the very idea, of first any notion their prestigious Club NASA could never have missed upon anything this important and secondly, of other life discovered anywhere being another non issue (period!), as so many others having remained so absolutely arrogant about such issues no matters what the evidence has to offer. So, what's the freaking point of accomplishing any space exploration, I might as well be communicating with Charles Manson about family and community values, actually I believe I would be far better off and more likely as to getting a rational reception then as from those almighty pro-NASA types that prey to only one (tax dollar funding) pagan God that's obviously not been the least bit related to any Jesus Christ and, apparently these all-knowing pretentious dual-standard fools obviously they don't even believe in one word of Darwin's theories, unless it somehow relates to their family tree, but then only if all the bad/infected branches and rotten fruit can somehow be excluded upon while the other portion leads to that pot of gold (there's that skewed history again).

Basically I am and have been bloody right about Venus;  Just as with the now seriously frozen Mars where it's evolution has become and been trapped in slow/frozen motion, where there was and may still be active evolution on Venus (at least wherever there's heat there's energy and, with energy one can do wonders as to improving upon one's environment and thus greatly improving upon their chances of surviving), where Venus as once having oceans or at least good sized lakes of surface water could be older and a whole lot smarter about their surviving than Earth (not that any of that matters if terraforming was involved). If terraforming was in any way involved, then obviously Earth would have been just another petri dish experiment or perhaps that of a handy dumping ground for whatever failed to make the grade (like humans), transpiring pretty much exactly like all those Mars or bust fanatics seem to think we humans have the unlimited resources and should thereby be doing our Frankenstein whatever's onto Mars, as well as anywhere else we can get our dirty little hands on. This seems a tad bit dangerous, being that we can't manage but 10% of what we've already got to work with right here on Earth, especially if we're dealing with Islamic microbes.

As in every page I'll deliver ideas from my form of rational conclusions based upon the information and truths at hand (obviously if I'm not privileged to your side of the truth, then I'm handicapped, but that still does not make my side of the equation wrong, perhaps just a little inaccurate or lacking in the information department, as where I've had to fill in the blanks wherever those have elected to not share their supposed expertise). As I can best determine, as my knowledge of science and physics improves, I'll certainly go back into whatever page and subsequently apply corrections as well as introduce other most likely conclusions. Obviously without anyone actually being on Venus, a good deal of well intended supposition needs to be introduced. Supposition is something that we all do, including Einstein and probably even God takes a pot shot in the dark from time to time. Unlike yourself and apparently all of NASA, I'm not sufficiently perfect, but I'm also not going to intentionally lie my butt off like so many others seem so willing to do at the drop of a hat, as well as if need be at the expense of taking out thousands of lives and subsequently their immoral contributions towards supporting the sorts of disinformation and subsequent skewed science and skewed physics or else (sort of exactly like Hitler would have wanted it and, the same goes for how the Pope dealt with those Cathars).

If history can be rewritten to suit the agenda of what 1% of this Earth believe of what others need to know, then what's the point in my believing much of anything that's in print. We've all been learning way after the fact and long after it's too damn late to do anything constructively responsible, that a good deal of our American history has been a lie, that whatever you believed was an American achievement was either a fictitious story that never happened and/or happened for entirely different reasons as well as having an entirely different nationality as well as motives than what was published. BY the very words of our own retired government experts, those that were formally encharge of dispensing disinformation, where some of these folks have been writing about their past and/or some of their close relatives have been telling of what their parents were actually doing on behalf of dispensing disinformation, as covering for under handed and often hidden agendas, subsequently promoting of American propaganda and of intentionally subduing whatever truths getting in the way.

As some examples; I've mentioned upon the US-Mexican war, the Hindenburg, that of our considerable profit taking prior to our pathetically belated WW-II involvements, the USS LIBERTY fiasco, the Russian SST fiasco, the entire Apollo program that's been in question, certainly the CHALLENGER, flight-107 as well as flight-800 and now 9/11 plus nearly everything associated has become seriously in doubt if not flat out proven otherwise. Even the part about Japan attacking first as being unprovoked was apparently another bogus lie, not to mention how we had acted badly for a decade prior. Christ all mighty, and it's certainly not only America skewing upon history, Shakespeare has become another fake, damn near on the same scale as Apollo. Next I'll suppose we're going to learn that all of the Popes were actually Jewish gays (no wonder their church is in such hot water) and, how about if for a little dessert we discover that Einstein stole his original ideas from others, as he certainly was in the most ideal situation as for doing such, as having first look-see at what others were posting as their patents and, those were submitted by far better educated folks then he ever was at first (this could sound somewhat like Shakespeare all over again, except far worst because unlike Shakespeare, no one even authorized his use of the material being submitted by others).

Another interesting side note;  not even Dr. Henry Kissenger wanted anything whatsoever to do with the 9/11 investigation, as I certain the truths would soon become devastating. Another thing is, our supposed war on drugs has always been a pathetic joke, as phony and as incorrect as anything ever gets but, not nearly as lethal as our perpetrated cold wars mostly imposed against those nice Russians that had pretty much everything under control (in spite of our insidious global efforts at undermining their every turn), that's including those nasty Taliban and even bin Laden would have been foiled, that is if we had not stepped in with another hidden agenda as for accomplishing the absolute wrong thing once again. Our motives then as now now are based upon plans of world domination, plus whatever bonus derived via greed and the power of knowing that irregardless of whatever truths, we would prevail, absconding with as much of the world's energy resources as we wanted and totally regulating (under the cloak of the Arab oil cartel) whom gets whatever is left over, as well as at a price which as few as 1% of the world would determine is appropriate.

Since we receive so much oil and other energy resources from Canada, I'll suppose since we're doing just about everything possible to piss off those French Canadians, we'll soon be loosing that avenue as well. Warlord Bush's belated ideas of getting the US into a hydrogen powered nation is a we bit too damn late, as we don't even have the nuclear power plants as essential for obtaining the surplus electrical energy that's essentially needed in order to create sufficient hydrogen product. Environmentalist will not allow more dams nor even improving those we have, if anything they want them all removed and, the bulk of our of nuclear power plants are old, inefficient and of any newer ones are at least four times the overall operating cost of French reactors and still not nearly as safe. Lets face it folks, if we fail at blowing up Saddam's nation and absconding with all of his oil, energy wise we're seriously screwed.

Finger pointing:  It always so interesting to note, whenever dastardly despicable things happen, requiring the orchestrated maneuverings by dozens of the highest ranking officials and then literally hundreds of their subordinents, that magically it all boils down to one insignificant individual, so that none of the others knew a damn thing, exactly like those Tobacco and Ford/Firestone industries, ENRON/Andersen, WorldCom, Microsoft, and even sweet little old Martha Stewart had no idea whatsoever that the entire package was thoroughly skewed into the nearest toilet, even though the odor must have been unbearable. In spite of the rotting stench, they all plotted ahead irregardless of whatever immoralities.

As a few examples of future "what if's":  What if the Catholic (Vatican city) were to take absolute control of all the world's energy resources and, were to rule upon the world in the grand manner they once did?  What if they established the current world price per barrel at $100 and could subsequently dictate that all resources received lesser than 10%/barrel ($10) irregardless of their situation or cost of operations and, then obviously the church resources in place to impose whatever it takes as to enforcing their global energy domination?  What if that domination happened to included elimination of all competitive religions, exactly like how they so viciously killed off the hundreds of thousands of Cathars and of those associating with them, no doubt in the good name of their pagan God (obviously any real God would not have commissioned such evil devastation and unwarranted carnage)?  Then what would the rest of the world do, especially those that didn't care for having to further support that church of energy with yet another mandatory 25% (cash cash) donation (tax) imposed upon absolutely any for profit enterprise (personal or otherwise)?  How the hell would your tribe survive (especially if you had no other source of energy and Cathars hidden among your village)?

Perhaps, since there are so many variations of truth floating about and, seemingly always fresh unbiased truths emerging from others, where obviously according to those opposing my recent discoveries is where history of any sort has somehow become a non issue, at least to those pretentious fools, as somehow whatever's truth or not shouldn't influence upon a damn thing. Perhaps of what we did to Mexico and ourselves was a far better thing than what the British or French were going to do if we hadn't come along, the same goes for what the Pope did to those Cathars was for the better of whatever alternatives and, I'm certain our perpetrated cold-war upon the USSR will eventually become the same, as in retrospect to so many other nastier goings on, where everyone (the entire world) supposedly got the best deal there was at the time, including for all those that became prematurely dead. But then, why shouldn't there be but one public truth (I'm not even talking about what the other side is having to say, just of what any truly independent historian would have to offer) and, shouldn't that truth be what's published and, why not proud of your past and of informing the world?

If the counter argument is that history makes so damn little difference, then whatever the facts are should be boasted about, as why otherwise waste the additional talents and resources in order devise upon complex schemes of skewing the truth, especially when that has to include skewing science and physics, unless there's a whole lot more to the story and at risk than meets the eye.

If you are one of those still fearing whatever inevitable restitutions, then obviously your options are fairly limited as to telling fibs, lies and otherwise delivering disinformation as being about your only choice, your only recourse and, of every subsequent scheme or ruse needs to reinforce upon the previous. Like how NASA's moderated National Geographic and NOVA publications continually release pictures taken in outer space having no stars whatsoever, even though some of those cameras taking said pictures are multi tens of thousand dollar ultra supreme digital formats offering at least 100 times greater than film depth of contrast as for recording whatever happens to be included in the majority of what's otherwise an entirely black (zero atmospherics) background, that which is unfortunately loaded with vibrantly brilliant stars. My incredibly cheap digital camera offers at least 10 fold better than film when it comes down to pulling in such stars (especially those of the near UV spectrum) and, if I could eliminate the UV filter, I have another ten fold improvement.

Even of conventional film and cameras can have their original negative processing pushed as well as nondestructively dodged and/or burned during their printing and/or inter-negative process, sufficiently pulling in such vibrant stars without any measurable distortions nor otherwise affecting one grain of the original film associated with whatever was the intent of the picture, as for example those recent images taken of the ISS exterior, where it seems rather despicably odd that someone actually had to have taken the time and resources as to intentionally eliminating those pesky stars, just so that those old and obviously phony Apollo lunar images which also excluded any stars would remain just as skewed as science needs them to remain, that is if our grand cold war ruse is to continue and, apparently the same goes for everything else that's been published as supposed truth, such as those highly colorized to death images, as if that's the least bit relevant, which relevant it certainly is if you're out and about looking for more tax dollars. The fact that not within a thousands years could the closest of those stars ever become something obtainable (Sirius taking 9000 years at 0.1% light speed which is still nearly 10 fold faster than anything we've got), with the vast majority of all others not accessible even at lightspeed.

Apparently our own government must think (know for a fact) that we're all a bunch of idiots, total morons willing to jump off the nearest cliff at the drop of a hat, doing anything in the name of whatever American interest, as long as our chief commander and resident warlord gets his cut of the action. Thus those phony drug wars go on and on, without ever focusing upon the real solution nor ever intending to, thus the ENRON/Andersen's and WorldCom's keep right on trucking through, as well as the Martha Stewart's, Microsoft's and countless others caught multiple times with their dirty little hands in the pockets and cookie jars of others, where our SEC is yet another pathetic ruse of skewed economic science that's obviously been residing in yet another toilet, so much so that no one wishes to even flush that damn toilet for the greater fear of so much smelly overflow.

As you can tell, my Borg implants have been acting up, my human intuition is starting to emerge as well as my moral consciousness is seriously becoming conflicted by all the previous rubbish that's been infiltrating my gray matter.

It seems as though the skewed science and skewed physics that used to fully explain those Apollo missions is no longer computing and, of those opposing my Venus discoveries it seems like their Borg implants are working and computing perfectly fine and dandy, yet I've received no recall notification nor even an advisory for obtaining a checkup. Either I need to obtain new Borg implants or else I want my moneys back, as perhaps do a few hundred million others are also going to insist upon getting their moneys back, including whatever wrongful death settlements, subsequent entitlements for the affected relatives and even of yourself should average out to only a couple of hundred or so thousand per class action complainant. The additional cost of our having to gather up every science/physics sort of reference that includes anything NASA moderated and of a few billion history publications and then rewriting those entire volumes ott to run a mere few trillions (damn good time to being in the book publishing industry, book burning too, as somehow we've got to rid Earth of all that other trash).

I have a few (3) final questions for the future of mankind:

What would any space travel capable civilization think of Earth's history, especially of the latest century (whom should they believe; the catholics, dead Cathars, Islamic Muslims, how about the Jewish version or perhaps that of warlord Bush)?

How should any advance civilization treat the populations of Earth, especially when they already know or will soon discover the truths?

In the eyes of so many others (non Americans), how should America and American interest fair?

Sorry about this forth multi-question; Is Bush qualified and prepaired to rule the world and, are we prepaired to pay the price??

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