GUTH Venus Soap Opera

( by; Brad Guth / IEIS    Updated: September 27, 2002 )

So, if you've taken in much of anything about this GUTH Venus discovery, by now you must understand at least a little of what I've stated upon so many occasions;  Venus has to offer a great number of positive considerations and, I've more then stipulated that others and I have clearly identified a fairly large number of artificial attributes (nothing as pathetic as any Mars face), which pretty much sums it up folks, unless you're a freaking NASA/NSA/DoD ruse lover and, you simply can't wait to see what terrible dastardly thing is going to happen to us or them next. Remember; our national inventories of VX and perhaps worse yet substances are not only stored near your town, perhaps even up-wind from where you are right now and, those inventories are nowhere as protected as your standard nuclear reactor (which we don't seem to have anywhere enough of [half of such reactors are either off line or at reduced output, so that our true national nuclear energy base is more like a messily 10%], that's why we're so dependent and intent upon protecting or better yet taking from those having oil and subsequently our neglecting and/or abusing those without). The exact locations of such toxins and explosive depots have long been published, a lot of which has been available right at your local library and/or otherwise clearly noted on standard internationally published aeronautical charts and, have been for decades. By our not specifying what's contained at any given depot is certainly not any rational deterrent as for someone having nothing to lose.

For some yet fully unexplained reasons (other then of the obvious "spin" and "damage control" issues), my discovery bashing opposition has been remaining blatantly spiteful and thoroughly arrogant about nearly all this (otherwise understandably afraid of whatever official nondisclosure reprisals, especially should they breach their sacred contract by offering my research any actual assistance). Thereby I must dig and decipher a number of things for myself and, as such I may be somewhat inaccurate from time to time, but not intentionally so, as I have no ulterior motive nor cult that I might be placing at risk, however, it's looking as though my opposition has quite a good number of hidden agendas and motives which the public need not become familiar with. In other words, the less said about such matters the better it is for the "old guard".

I shouldn't have to keep explaining this but, some folks need to realize from my perspective, as what the cold-war was really all about. Even though there were many sufficiently high level defections from the USSR plus, our infamous CIA/FBI and NSA/DoD were hard at work attempting to eavesdrop and infiltrate so as to identify that smoking gun, which by the way never materialized. Never the less, with great intent and focus, our crack teams of super heroes went about creating and then fortifying America's paranoia and, in many instances forcing any number of given situations nearly to their point of no return. A great number of expendable lives were lost (expendable meaning military NSA/CIA types because, that was their job description), as well as an even greater number of civilians became terminated because they were in our way of or simply victims of proliferating upon our cold-war. This was not just any cold-war, it was purely a US invention and/or intervention with ulterior motives and as such loaded with hidden agendas at that. Those Apollo missions and everything that's associated and technologically related were in fact one of our largest coffin nails, as our own war game was now having to play "catch up" all the way to the moon, and at all out full force, where the last thing either sided wanted (rather conspicuously for benefit of the almighty buck) was for the "truth" to become known, as countless political as well as military positions would have certainly become held accountable, with their budgets either cut or eliminated (sort of early forced retirement without honor and no booty).

As military hawks go (that's speaking of both sides), there was nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain by keeping their people in the dark and as suspicious, as at all possible of the opposition, often by allowing certain catastrophic events to unfold as long as that served the ultimate agenda. As it turns out, our teams of crack ruse wizards did a damn fin job of it. Of course, this meant that science would need to become and remain skewed for eternity or, at least until the vast majority of those responsible and involved are either quite dead and/or incapacitated and thereby excluded or forgiven by the greater public as well as our supposedly free press. Free press by the way, that doesn't mean nor insure "truth", as news info-commercials go, such news is nearly whatever the big bucks stipulate and, certainly no one had more of those influential bucks at the time then NASA/NSA/DoD.

From a little history;  It looks as though our hawks were amazed by and likely frightened by the tenacity and shear capability of the USSR, as it was predominantly those USSR efforts that brought the likes of Hitler to his knees and not us. Until lately (no thanks to our cold-war efforts and blatant distortion of the truth) it was the USSR that had successfully managed over so many obviously difficult ethnic cultures and, was even involved as doing their level best to restrain/oust those Taliban and al-Qaida types (at least until we can along, with training and then oufitted those al-Qaida with technology that more then leveled the playing field in our favor). Back to the past; We ventured into WWII only years after we had known of and subsequently benefited and/or profitted from what Hitler was up to (any turmoil festering in Europe was a solid win-win for America). Then due only to public pressures (obviously the bulk of which were Jewish concerns, not that a large number of other equally entitled souls were being systematically destroyed by Hitler, just that our Jewish contingent didn't much want any of that to take away from their plight), so our ships first needed to be built or rebuilt, painted just so and all the brass polished, only then advanced as orchestrated with seemingly more news (P/R) cameras rolling then guns. As a result, our losses were greater then anticipated and our impact upon the war was far lesser then the American public was being lead to believe. Obviously such global P/R efforts further insulted a number of truly worthy individuals (a fair number of USSR types) that had basically accomplished the bulk of dirty work and, had paid a hefty price for such worthy deeds, yet for the bulk og Americans, these truly heroic efforts were being discredited and/or entirely excluded by our way of thinking (sort of like what NASA's moles have been doing onto GUTH Venus).

So yes; there was clearly a great deal at stake and, our lunar focus was a serious ramp-up of the tensions and paranoia gamble that has since basically failed in the eyes of humanity (even as for those that still believe everything happened as reported), as what the USSR had to offer the world has so far proven the lesser of evils as compared to the consequences of what our cold-war has brought about, as apparently there was no middle ground. If it were not for our undermining USSR efforts at every turn, those Taliban and al-Qaida types wouldn't have had a freaking chance and, without the extensive drains upon their economy, as inflicted by our cold-war, their stability (not of any perceptible threat) and obviously of damn good space technology would be fully functioning today as an ally and, we would likely be another half century more advanced as a result. As an added bonus, hundreds of thousands might still be alive.

Thereby lies the bulk of difficulty, in my asserting that our infamous NASA/NSA/DoD either cooked the books or simply lost their cookies when it came to realizing what Venus had to offer. Just like the purely American paranoia that was fictitiously generated over hydrogen (H2) as in the Hindenburg fiasco, where CO2 as being the predominate element in the Venus atmosphere has been touted as entirely unlivable and ultimately responsible for life never taking hold on Venus. Well folks, unless science, physics and Darwin are fake, that's all a lie, as life (perhaps not as we might know it) has existed and may still exist on Venus and, there have been others within NASA and associated with the same that could have, if they wanted to, undertaken to research and decipher upon the facts and technologies at hand, such as those capable for communicating with whatever is living on Venus and otherwise re-imaging at better then 1 meter resolution upon those structures which my primitive research has so easily uncovered. We're talking of 20+ months of concerted "spin" and "damage control" and, that's long after the fact of losing out upon 13 very expensive years worth of opportunity by our infamous NASA, to have done the right thing, instead as to applying more disinformation and even more spin then a good gyro can muster.

By all recognized research standards;  Avoiding issues and worse, ignoring input and then avoiding rational logic is "spin" and subsequently "damage control". For such to even happen represents ulterior motives are at work and, there's a degree of rick of some degree of undesirable exposure.

I've been wondering, nearly all along;  Since NASA/NSA/CIA morals seem to have become a lost cause, where exactly do some (most) of these NASA physics and ologist types get their brains?
Obviously as representing whatever nitch specialized wizards, they don't much care to actually contemplate nor bother figuring things out for themselves anymore (too busy losing satellites and placing astronauts in harms way and, otherwise in between all of that, accomplishing a great deal of "damage control" as well as helping NSA/DoD types with our further pissing off Islamic/Muslim folk). God forbid, especially should anything rock their "cash cow" NASA/NSA/DoD boat, even if that damn boat is headed down the nearest toilet, as whatever the truth is, is apparently meaningless if not counter productive to their legitimate as well as hidden agendas.

I do recall;  All along I've been asking for others to research and support upon this very sort of alternate planetary life/evolution and energy questions, as well as for research upon many other potential considerations for well over 18 months and, so far from those claiming as being so entirely right all the time (especially from those sticking by the NASA bible, about there being nothing whatsoever artificial or of the least bit worth of ever supporting life on Venus, period!), are continuing their avoidance and/or bashing away, along with efforts at obstructing at every opportunity associated with otherwise entirely positive issues or at least considerations of such on behalf of Venus. This is quite odd, being that there is nothing whatsoever to lose, especially if I'm only slightly right (like 1% right should have been overwhelmingly good enough, as merely 1% of what's to be seen is far more representative of being artificial worthy then of any pathetic Mars face) and, I've wondered how could anything be lost, even if I'm wrong, which I am not wrong, at least not about everything, so that's not even an option.

If I'm only the least bit right about what I've uncovered (inaccurate or not), as far as ET worthy considerations go, even that meager 1% factor is considerably more then all of NASA's and SETI's endeavors to date, perhaps even far better and of greater value then of any past or ongoing ruse accomplishments because, at least my research and subsequent discoveries haven't inadvertently or otherwise killed anyone, nor threatened any nation nor ethnic type, such as by imposing economical and political sanctions as well as arming and technologically supporting their already capable foes. I have mentioned more then a few dozen times about what I believe should be done, towards correcting the ongoing "status quo" which has been defending of all things those pathetic as well as unsubstantiated Apollo missions (unless you're considering their cold-war attributes as worthy, as then Apollo was a total success on steroids), as well as lately, the ongoing disinformation regarding what Venus has to offer as opposed to what Mars has so little of to offer but, all of that orchestrated disinformation could eventually become an entirely good thing because, like Arnold once said, something to this effect; "yes but, I had to kill them because they were all bad".

Best ever 9/11 retrofit idea of the year;  Perhaps we should relocate all of our tonnage of VX and worse yet decaying ordnance of all types into the basements of our Pentagon, at least in that way we'll have but one site to protect rather then hundreds and, then only one devastating disaster zone containing mostly expendable folks. DoD always wanted a new Pentagon and, I do believe this should do the trick.

Perhaps if I, or of anyone of a hundred others, which I once believed should have been better suited for developing upon this Venus opportunity, had received an once of formal recognition, let alone support, even positive encouragements (like anytime within the first 6 months worth after my initial discovery) let alone actual incentives as to seeing that our remaining resources were being focused upon such an obtainable planetary goal as Venus, then I would not have been expending the efforts at my returning the critical bashing favor and, at further sharing my points of view as to seriously skewed history and of the many true illusions of NASA/NSA/DoD hidden agendas, as such deeds would be far better uncovered and related by those capable of breaching the publication ban currently imposed by our trustworthy "nondisclosure" cops. As I've stated, publications are (in one way or another) under contract or enforcement as to publish official "info commercials" as though they were legitimate articles or else (the "or else" representing loss of all government and other associated institutional advertising as well as their self promotional news info-commercials) and, besides all of that being blatant extortion, that's also been for decades NASA/NSA/DoD's method as well as our CIA/FBI's and even long before that, of the Administration's modus of "spin" and "damage control" on behalf of skewed public relations, by utilizing trusted publications such as LIFE and TIME as their media propaganda delivery, thereby obtaining the desired public affect and at the affordable price that's obviously been perceived as a whole lot less costly and/or less damaging then of telling the truth (at least so they thought).

From my perspective; The only folks that could possibly be afraid of open research and science truths (uncovering truths often must include breaking a few rules and even making a few mistakes, as otherwise nothing much will ever happen) are those directly and/or indirectly responsible for and/or allowing for the ongoing layers of deception, otherwise loads of disinformation in support of their privet kingdoms. For some perfectly good reasons, my research offers far too many truths, way too soon and too freely expressed to suit the likes of NASA/NSA/DoD. I'm sort of the chief L.C. ("Loose Cannon") and, perhaps you can help by somewhat taking hold of this cannon and seeing that's it's pointed in the most appropriate direction, at the most essentials or worthy targets, or you can do absolutely nothing, while you're all waiting around for the next 9/11 plus a little VX to happen (by the way folks; VX is a thousands times worse then any smallpox, as the only known cure for VX is death).

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Throughout the first 6 months of my discovery (first half of 2001), I took the time and I made the efforts as to inform more then a hundred supposedly qualified (official NASA and Magellan mission type) individuals, those supposedly better equipped as to develop upon opportunities. At the time (especially prior to NASA's orchestrated "" adventure), I was not so inclined as to look at ulterior motives of those oddly rejecting my findings. Now, thanks a great deal to their "uplink morons" and subsequently a whole lot of syntax and word critics, I have come to appreciate the greater depths by which NSA/DoD (secondly CIA/FBI) penetration has hold of NASA's genitals, so much so and for so long that they each appear as to be enjoying one another, as to a point where factions (inside and out) seeking to hold onto or gain even more power for their ulterior revenge or simply for further "damage control" (having essentially been created in the first place by their arrogance and neglect as to those all mighty taxpayer dollars) and, subsequently these folks have created nearly an open barn door if you will, lethal exposure by which others (non club/cult members such as al-Qaida plus I'll suppose now a few souls from Iraq) can come and go at will and, that's all because every other government agency seems a little too preoccupied in being firmly attached to oneanother's genitals and apparently, neither side wants to be the first to let go. Like I just said, perhaps they no longer want to let go because, they've become so accustomed to enjoying the moment.

My expertise is obviously not upon humor nor political science but primarily technical, observational and apparently as not of being hypnotised nor moderated to death by the likes of the NASA/NSA/DoD Borg hive, which means, I can still see and think for myself. And, because at least I'm trying to make a difference, I can even allow myself a few unintentional mistakes if I want, as long as that inflicts no harm or ill will upon others undeserving of such and better yet, I don't even have to hire thousands of those "nondisclosure" cops. Much of the associated research, as to determining what certain artificial issues are exactly, that's clearly for myself as undergoing a learning curve (much restricted to a "need to know" basis and otherwise of a whole lot more information then I ever wanted to know), obviously all of this has been spite of NASA and their army of spin and damage control moles and, obviously in place of others perhaps more qualified but otherwise restricted by their own "nondisclosure" cult agreement.

I'm certainly not the one responsible for, nor am I trying to portray "doom and gloom", I think just the opposit. What could possibly be the least bit doom and gloom worthy about identifying other planetary life?  And, why does that life have to be the least bit humanoid, instead of more likely better evolved as nocturnal reptilian folk (hosting vastly superior night vision, bio-illuminance exoskeleton platelets and all that's suited for their environment)?  What's the least bit negative about our focusing remaining resources and talents upon such obtainable goals? (we do have talents don't we?  or, have we been lied to about all that as well?).  I feel it's clearly my frightened opposition that has created and is intent upon sustaining and perhaps even maturing upon our doom and gloom past and future (some of which has recently caught up with us, with our pants seriously down and, perhaps there's a whole lot more to come via Iraq), having been and remaining as determined as ever as to manipulating our future(s), all that based upon the layers skewed history loaded with deception and disinformation (sort of like ENRON/Andersen plus a whole lot of KKK altogether except on steroids). That's your and my future and obviously of anyone unfortunate as to be getting in their way (like getting in the way of acquiring those $250 billion dollar Mars microbes, which I'm reasonably certain those microbes could exist, and if so, will certainly make those bio-technology wizards of NSA/DoD happy, as perhaps nothing else can).

For whatever reasons, this CO2 energy capability is developing in spite of whatever typical Earth humans elect to think inside their cozy NASA box or womb, especially as any result of Earth's pathetically impudent astronomers that have recently become so totally blind (how exactly one can claim being an astronomer while thoroughly proving to the world that they've been blind for at least the past 13 years is perhaps exactly how those piss poor [yet thermal shock and radiation proof] Apollo mission photos got their high marks in spite of their multiple shadows, illumination hot-posts, much greater then 10% average reflective attributes, totally lacking of vibrant stars and a host of multiple skewed content issues]). As for Mars, the near total lack of there being any natural/existing energy signatures, as far as accessible geothermals or even of atmospheric based or of damn near anything else accessible, of which Mars has not all that much to offer, represents a rather serious and costly set of obstacles, certainly for any manned expedition. Even as to commence processing upon that thin and cold Martian CO2 atmosphere, that effort alone is going to require a great deal of R&D (@0.006 bar, we're talking about energy hungry triple stage compressors) plus other aspects, all of this requiring perhaps thousands of tonnes of delivered O2/H2O2 and whatever other technology resources as from Earth, long before there's going to be any chance of obtaining CO/O2 combustion (which on Mars [at a pathetic 6 millibars] is a freaking joke compared to the Venus [94+bar] CO2 availability).

GUTH Venus is certainly not about any failures upon my part, as it's clearly about grand opportunities and perhaps a great deal more then the "status quo" wants you or I having access to. Impeding or preferably stopping my research, by not allowing publications to carry this news, is further proof positive enough that I'm entirely too right about something and, perhaps action needs to be taken. Venus or not, I do believe we need to put a stop to this sort of ulterior under-government media intimidation behavior, so that the world can once again admire America rather then despise it. We (America) should not have to continually defend ourselves, as others admiring our efforts and good moral intentions would do that for us, or at least should defend and subsequently come to our rescue because they want more of whatever America has to offer (I know; either my medication is running low or, I'm dreaming again).

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