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Please bare with me, I'm still coming up to speed with all this HTML format. I intend to further edit and offer more refinements and to otherwise generally improve upon (polish) the overall documentation format as well as various images.

If you are one of those ultra religious (loyal) pro-NASA supporters, perhaps you should close your eyes and simply pray, unless on the other hand you are already one of their (affirmative action hired) braille image interpreters, then never mind because you can't see a damn thing anyway and, you may proceed. However, please be advised, requirements for this document to function properly means your eyes must be connected to your brain, preferably the portion not yet so infected by NASA/NSA/DoD agendas and, above all else remember this, that no government is perfect nor without some degree of shame and, NASA obviously had lots of other agendas and damage control issues on their hands to deal with, which I believe is why they so badly missed this opportunity in the first place.

In addition to this document context, you may find the following items of interest:

What you are about to be reviewing is that of a series of fairly complex structures and infrastructure, those formulating a highly viable and relatively wide spread compound (occupying several square miles as such) smack dab on the planet Venus. At this relatively elevated (obviously high mountain range) location, clearly exist the most open signs of either past and/or current civilization(s) and furtheremore, as such depicting of their supportive infrastructure, as that having established major structural considerations of connecting roadways, a suspension bridge, large building structures and a masive airship consideration as well as the territorial (landscape or terrain) attributes which only further supports my limited (Earthly) experienced observational interpretations thereof. And yes, I already know it dam hot, hot, hot! on Venus, so don't bother to remind me or others of that well established and agreed upon fact, including anything as to the fairly heavy as well as acidic atmosphere, as these issues are a no contest and, never were.

Of course you will need to understand a few basic planetary principals, those which are also well established "truths", at least on most planets, as that being with regard to the elevated consideration as precisely at each of my discovery sites, as I am not indicating this discovery location as being at ground Zero or even worse as lower then the mean average, but more like 5+km to perhaps representing a few nearby peaks of nearly 10 km of elevations and, that's something equivalent to you and I living (full time) on top of our mount Everest, thereby this area is obviously somewhat cooler then ground zero and, especially so at night (2900 hours worth).

Though NASA has previously as well as recently proclaimed everything ("absolutely everything") in every one of these following images as representative of merely common lava-flow channels, of purely extremely hot rock and tectonic formations and otherwise of lava erosions, others and I are simply finding it harder and harder to believe that even the primary channel at "GUTH Venus" (contrary to NASA statements and previous tax-funded research) was that created by any simple let alone common "lava-flow". If anyone with an once of experience and a little basic observational capability were to actually look at this greater image area (starting out from that original NASA Magellan image) as to carefully trace along and to study this primary channel, it clearly appears not as offering any one finite beginning (such as from any eruption zone) but rather from that of a wide collection of somewhat smaller feeders, and otherwise offering no indications of your typical lava flow build up's, just the sort of erosion which others and I tend to believe could better represent that of typical fluid considerations, pretty much like most any other high mountain terrain would have managed such fluid resources and, that which likely created channels pretty much as to be found on most planets, erosion as a result of, and in order to drain off melting ice or simply some form of rain fall accumulations and, thus over great time (exactly as here on Earth) common fluid erosion created this massively large and obviously fairly deep and incredibly long and wide channel that eventually deposits itself into a substantially lower elevation (essentially a death valley like basin) lake area (though most likely that of a thoroughly scorched bone-dry lake/sea bed at this time). I believe this channel's fluid erosion conclusion is clearly supported in the greater (Magellan original) image, and by further enlargements/resampling via most any good software, as this only seems to help further establish and better refine this possibility over that of NASA's most recent blanket (all knowing and obviously unwilling to concede) proclamations.

Before you so blindly side with NASA, and thereby decide to also bash away at my discovery, I must challenge you (anyone, including NASA) to first produce those other (so often referred to by NASA) images that portray equally or better shaped and better so arranged structural looking elements that were supposedly developed purely by natural events and, I'll even allow the advantage of your pulling that image from any planet, including Earth. Remember; I have already looked hard for just such examples, and even NASA so far (including their moles at "space.com" have) can not seem to accomplish this simple task, and I'll just bet you can't either. My point to all this is simply this: Put up or Shut up... I'll gladly accept your point of view and critique as long as I can see whatever it is that is formulating your idea as to what I'm seeing at "GUTH Venus". If you have no such image as your point of refference, then obviously you have a whole lot less to go on then I do.

This following image (below, as well as others) is simply too dam good, if I must say so myself, and it simply offers far more compelling evidence then all of what NASA has to counter with. Even that pathetic "FACE on MARS" is relatively insignificant by a factor of at least 100 times, as that "Mars Face" offers perhaps a mere 1% of imagery definable (potentially artificial) worthy elements to work with, as compared to the several square miles of fairly complex structures and infrastructure of "GUTH Venus". And do you happen to recall what all that official NASA "Mars-face" effort and investment entailed (which NASA is not even done with), as specifically applied just into that "Mars Face" instance?, quite a bit, try millions extra and all of it at taxpayer's expense. And do you by chance recall what came of all that added investment? Try understanding this: "NOTHING WHATSOEVER".

I'm also asking that you at least allow yourself a little basic freedom, as to consider "THE POSSIBILITIES", and not otherwise being so closed minded if not so defensively absolute as that of NASA, and then perhaps re-think almost everything you have been told about Venus and, consider the motives of those opposing this discovery. Remember also, I can prove this image/enlargement is not any fake, nor in any way been modified so as to suggest that anything other is (in any way) depicted that is not clearly within the original (official) NASA/Magellan image and, so as to be certain, what you are seeing is in fact really there, I simply (apparently) did a dam fine job of enlarging upon this small area, exactly like I did of a hundred other Venus image areas, so as to best exhibit such details, which so happens to also include that of improving upon all of the surrounding natural elements, such as any true to life lava flow channels, other secondary channels, that of your typical rock formations and erosions.. duh,,, those enlarged/enhanced issues all still look pretty much like anywhere else on Venus (just as if compared to the original raw image), right!, with the damn exception of these three sites and of all those pesky structural and intentionally functional looking features offering what I claim is that of entirely valid supportive infrastructure, all of which seems not to appear anywhere else on Venus, at least so far, but then apparently unlike NASA and, not that they seem to even give a flying damn, I'm still looking.

Understand, this relatively grand discovery (LIFE on Venus) is openly being stifled by the best of the best of NASA moles and otherwise being further ignored and/or downplayed by official NASA positions. As a result, I have been left to fend for myself on extremely limited resources and no space sciences degree at that, and damn if I still have not effectively out performed nearly every NASA department ever related to the studies and interpretations of these Magellan images and, if all that is not bad enough, I can even talk about everything, anything I think is important or even the least bit relevant because, I'm an outsider (Club NASA's cult "non-disclosure" policy has been totally superseded by my own "non-issue" policy), and it's becoming more then a little obvious what NASA must be thinking about all this, as someone (the only identity most affected by all this) keeps pulling or disqualifying my discovery postings off the (apparently no-so-open) NET. I have no idea how they even do that or better yet why they should even care, if in fact what is within my enlargements is only that of common lava-flow channels, rock formations and erosion as to be found anywhere else on Venus, and so what if others and I don't happen to agree with all that. What's their problem?, or perhaps, what is their true motive?.

Besides my personal (apparently exceptionally good) description of this area, again I ask simply that you allow yourself that apparent luxury of reviewing other image enlargements and perhaps contemplating my: "IMAGE-PROOF" documentation. Now apparently, if you happen to work for NASA, you may be officially forbidden to read or perhaps even think about this sort of stuff, as it has not yet been pre-approved by "you know who".

If you should care to understand just a wee bit more about why others, and now myself, have recently come to question some of our government's actions or lack thereof, and that of NASA's role(s) involving hidden agendas, please feel free to check out this small collection of my replies and ongoing comments, and remember that most of these early comments were directed towards all those fanatic NASA moles attempting to salvage NASA's Apollo butts at their official cult support web site of "uplink.space.com". This is where I am now strongly suggesting that at least a few others, including myself, have clearly formulated our new found opinions that something is terribly wrong with our NASA, apparently that which may also involve the NSA and DoD.. After this little moon review, perhaps you should inform me as well as others, as you manage to disclose and/or uncover evidence contrary or otherwise to that of my understanding, that which perhaps supports your faith, in that our beloved NASA has in fact done all it can to reassure the public (taxpayers), that in fact everything thus far accomplished was essentially for the good of all mankind and, that past mistakes were for the most part unavoidable. Sorry again, and I'm not saying NASA hasn't accomplished many great things (amazing what a few hundred billion dollars will do), just in spite of all the good NASA accomplishes (based recently upon how badly they handled their own anti-Apollo threats and now as pertaining to that of my Venus discovery), I'm simply not all that sure anymore, so please feel free to convince me otherwise.

(by now it should be obvious that this URL and my approach to getting this Venus discovery to market is not simply another NASA mole site, if anything, I can now identify a mole within a few words of their replies)

As you can tell, I'm seriously accepting new input and, I'm looking forward to your feedback as well as any challenges, good or bad, and otherwise working towards a grand disclosure partnership that can best develop this remarkable discovery into positive results, as apparently this will need to happen in spite of NASA (if that should become the only remaining solution) and if so, then NASA, please excuse my well intended efforts, and so be it.

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