Ambient Thermo processing of CO2/N2-->CO/O2/N2

( or perhaps just another serious faul load of anti-intelligence )

( by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: January 13, 2003 )

As for keeping this page in context;   remember that I'm only having to delve into this technical thermal conversion phase because of the utter incompetence and immoral insanity of those opposing the "GUTH Venus" discovery. That discovery being of there existing other life NOT as we know it situated on Venus and obviously that responsible for what I have discovered sitting in plain sight, even though Venus being only a wee bit too hot as for thoroughly arrogant and stupid humans that simply can't think outside their nasty smelly little box, that which NASA/NSA/DoD has so constructed around them so as to further protect their "status quo" of "disinformation" and of much worse things.

Admittedly these brimstone and fire sort of Venus inhabitance are obviously not going to be Earth human like, as for one thing (lizardkind or otherwise) they're a whole smarter about their surviving and obviously sufficiently evolved as most likely nocturnals having a magnitude 5 visual advantage and that of a biology or physiology suited to their environment (Darwin would have been extremely proud, where our Club NASA and obviously our warlord Bush could care less, as well as for their flocks of braille worshiping Borgs being totally beyond reproach). On the other hand, perhaps today's NASA would have Uncle Darwin burned at the stake, just for supporting such a notion and, perhaps he wouldn't have been the first.

In further support of my research and subsequent discoveries, and without all that much effort, I've been uncovering all sorts of interesting as well as confusing to me but, of such even this village idiot can easily tell they're of mostly positive considerations, as for that of obtaining tonnes of O2 from CO2, where much of this technology support is that pertaining to their Mars worshiping criteria, where that pathetically thin Mars atmosphere is just as inhospitably too cold as for life as we know it. Both factors of the meager CO2 density (0.006 bar) and of such cold (173 K) are rather technically difficult issues compounding upon each other (as well as the blatant facts that Mars offers no apparent natural energy resources whatsoever and damn little solar PV potential as well as absolutely no radiation shielding, where the lacking energy factors being the biggest negative of all, making easily for surpassing the likely "three strikes and you're out" scenario), as such difficult environments require a relatively great deal of imported energy as for processing your standard liter per minute (SLM) of human O2 consumption, as well as megawatts as for obtaining a working process of the CO2-->CO/O2 extraction that could over a great deal of time provide the essential fuel and oxidiser, so that our manned mission could ascend from and escape Mars for their return trip to Earth, be they thoroughly solar flare as well as cosmic radiated to near death or worse and, otherwise so chuck full of cabin fever that their return to Earth may be somewhat of a multitasking grandiose disappointment, if not an unacceptable health risk for all of Earth's humanity (even that may become the best scenario if nothing goes horribly wrong with their infecting Earth with Mars).

If there were such a thing as an equatorial Martian death valley, we might see an average of 253 K (-20 C), that's still damn cold unless high noon can briefly heat a sufficiently dark area above freezing before sub-freezing nightfall and, of obtaining CO/O2 from the meager CO2 density which is still pathetically thin for supporting the mission, which is entirely dependent upon massive quantities of imported energy for processing sufficient amounts of CO/O2 is going to eventually cost us hundreds of billions, and folks, again that's only if nothing goes terribly wrong. Just delivering a nuclear reactor (in one usable piece) to the Mars surface is no simple task, as aerodynamics is nearly zilch and cluster balloon bouncing deliveries with a protected center load of many tonnes is hardly a viable alternative. Perhaps that of our simply nuking the living hell out of some potentially less cold region might do the trick of melting something. Then what? (surface radiation along with solar and cosmic influx to boot). Of course, those nifty Apollo lunar landers should work just fine and dandy, merely up-scaled and fly-by-wire they should be a snap because all of the bugs had been mysteriously worked out more then three and a half decades ago (too bad there was never any time nor consideration for that of our filming those incredible machines in action and, that all of the supposed engineering documentation has been lost forever, somewhat missing just like all of those original thermally stressed and radiated Apollo mission negatives). At least the one good thing about Apollo was that we had perfected and subsequently cloned our hybrid radiation proof astronauts.

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From the above and that of any number of other searches, it's been looking all along as though, since the Venus atmosphere is already toasty warm and, by that of the same zirconium electrolytic process functioning on Mars having to create the thermal/electrolytic heating and subsequent CO/O2 extracting process is essentially what's already being nicely met by the ambient considerations on Venus, by pulling Btu's out (air conditioning) via direct compression and subsequent heat-exchanging and thermal expansion of that very same but much (15+^3) thicker CO2, where this ventilating and air conditioning (VAC) EVA suit with it's appliance process alone is what's clearly creating both the required pressure differentials as well as whatever thermal boost into processing the CO2/N2 into CO/O2, so that the actual electrolysis process as for extracting CO/N2/O2 is simply no longer all that energy consuming, becoming somewhat almost like a byproduct. Perhaps a little more likely resembling a nearly passive secondary process, in that the pressure and thermal requirements are those essentially being already met and, of only a relatively low level of polarised electron flow (perhaps static) need be accommodated across the already thermally preheated zirconium membrane, thus of the actual energy consumption for the electrolysing process that's subsequently providing the O2/N2 extraction is perhaps another done deal and, if not being supported by the current levels of technology, then I hereby formally establish the fullest claim upon this entirely new invention of technology application as of January 01, 2003.

This is merely my latest (ongoing) research update page    My EVA-SUIT document is also a suitably working model for considering this very same process that would be utilized for any robotic surface deployments. So far, I've not discovered nor have I otherwise been informed this will not work, except obviously by those NASA moles opposing absolutely everything Venus in preference of their supporting everything Mars and towards protecting the interest of NSA/DoD agendas along with whatever oversights and mishaps associated with NASA.

In great part because no one else was doing much of anything constructive, I decided to delve into this air conditioning issue as from utilizing the ambient atmospheric gases because, I seem to recall that right here on Earth, another such village idiot (decades ago) had clearly proven that all freon could easily be eliminated and replaced with just that of our atmosphere. This fool even modified a full sized sedan outfitted with such and thoroughly demonstrated it on the hottest days available onto hundreds of supposedly smart assed executive fools associated with all of the major automobile manufactures. I'm not certain but, I think after it was perfectly clear that this inventer, his invention and proper utilization of physics was a full blown fact, I'm certain they had this guy assassinated and then all of his research buried, exactly like the guy that perfected the 50 mph bumpers. If such capable air conditioning was so possible from using Earth's pathetically thin atmosphere with it's corrosive O2 and H2O, then surely Venus with all of it's dense CO2/N2 atmosphere should be a snap.

Back to things regarding Venus;  of whatever the thermal and energy requirements are, those are being easily met by the open cycle compression and subsequent vacuum extraction of the CO2/N2 atmosphere and, of whatever pressure differential can subsequently be established and/or regulated through the zirconium matrix/membrane, where the energy as to perform these functions are those being easily derived directly from the boosted raw 675 K CO2/N2 environment, as electrons taken from a number of warm-junction thermopiles (obviously their performance further boosted by the heat exchanging taken from the 1500+K CO2/N2 plasma injection into the thermopile radiator). I guess I'm at the point of my believing there's not all that much remaining to figure out, except how to thoroughly cram this sort of obvious physics and that of my discovery of other life and of the subsequent existing technology down the gullets of those opposing what I've discovered, my doing so in spite of their pagan God (NASA/NSA/DoD) worshiping rituals.

In a few other bad words;   what my NASA mole opponents keep insisting upon, as oddly those physics working nicely for anything Mars (if nor for only a few hundred billion dollars) in spite of the pathetic cold and lacking atmospheric density of Mars, as for such equal technology to otherwise function far better on Venus, as that of an overwhelmingly positive "can do" contribution/solution without our having to import one stinking watt of energy, that this Venus application is somehow not acceptable. If that's not uncovering a valid ulterior motive of those opposing everything Venus, and otherwise an absolute valid "win win" for whatever is living on Venus, as well as for learning and applying what's potentially capable of sustaining Earth's humanity within such a toasty greenhouse environment, then I don't know what is.

Obviously my staunch opponents have long been and are remaining loyal to whatever their pagan God (NASA/NSA/DoD) wishes, even if that includes big ass aircraft smashing into tall buildings, 747's as worthy target drones and of other far worse coverups, those essentially of the highest order of crimes and deception upon all of humanity (I'm continually having to exclude all the millions that have already needlessly died, as according to my esteemed opponents, oddly dead folks simply don't count as part of any scientific argument and, of creditable eye witnesses are also of meaningless perjury). So, if you want to be associated with the likes of Hitler, ENRON/Andersen, WorldCom and so on, by sticking with the "status quo" arrogance of disinformation, greed and power, along with the subsequent skewing of history as well as skewed science and physics truths, that's obviously going to be your lifestyle as well as your moral responsibility until you die.

As a cult outsider, I'm apparently way out of that (inner circle) loop of saintly or perhaps satanic superiority, where in spite of that deficiency, I seem to be doing everything right and as such, I'm certainly not the least bit responsible for the wrongful taking of another life nor that of wasting another hundred billion, which obviously excludes my qualifications for that of any "NOBEL PEACE or HUMANITIES AWARD", as apparently to sufficiently qualify for such you first need to become responsible for that of directly mass murdering of others (I wonder why the Nobel selection committee passed up Hitler, just when he was doing such a great job). Perhaps the next great Nobel award for advancement in science and physics will have to go to those that invented VX (the world's best insecticide, especially if you're a Muslim Islamic sort of insect) or, how about that nifty Boeing/TRW UV capable laser cannon and, not to forget all those of the Hubble team, as for their irresponsibly spending trillions upon absolutely nothing whatsoever worth squat for humanity, where a mere 1% of those trillions could have just as well been wasted upon creating clean water and of working sanitation for the other 90% of this world and of God forbid, all other things clean nuclear energy.

Obviously according to my opposition, we simply can't have any of that sort of goodwill being tethered by our communities of sanctimonious Nobel fools. At least Henry Kissenger (HK) knew when to back out of a thoroughly bad stinking situation coming out of and going directly right back into another of those 9/11 toilets. Thankfully as for unfortunately benefiting my opponents, there are no HK's associated with anything NASA, as there's been no true morality code of conduct from the very beginning, only hidden NSA/DoD as well as CIA agendas chucked full of lies, deception, disinformation and of all the greed and arrogance to boot (bloodshed being just another one of their perks).

Other then of all those nice, warm and fuzzy thoughts, I'm more then willing to learn as well as share information as to other life on Venus and/or of whichever is discovered oozing out of those backed up toilets of your favorite NASA/NSA/DoD and/or religious agenda, as I just thought others might like to start independently comparing notes upon what a simple (village idiot) outsider can accomplish, in spite of those doing everything possible to foil the truth and to screw the taxpayers before all of Earth's humanity crumbles. And you thought the burning of Rome was hot.


Yes folks, I'll have to concur;  even in their long season of nighttime and at the elevations of 5+km, it's still damn hot on Venus, but only too hot as for those arrogant fools within and of their braille followers of our mystical NASA cults. As any village idiot should have known or soon realize that fairly primitive thermal technology applications (without ever their having to discover nor in need of anything radio, somewhat exactly like evolution and history accomplished right here on Earth), one seriously motivated sole can extract BTU's, perhaps a little more appropriately VTU's (Venus Thermal Units), irregardless of whatever the ambient heat factor is (short of being thermonuclear) and, especially being effective because of the purity and of such good density and subsequent thermal conductivity of that atmospheric ocean being comprised mostly of CO2 (+3.5% N2). Of course, you certainly don't have to budge off that bar stool if you wanted to fry yourself into a crisp, just like the bulk of those sanctimonious jokers currently opposing everything Venus have been doing for at least the past 13 years and counting (actually another decade before that time is more truth than not). As before that time, I could fully understand and even appreciate a few of those misconceptions or allusions of what was considered that of an unlikely planet as for life as we know it to exist. Actually, today that statement or phrase needs to be throughly modified or qualified as to reflect the intelligence that we know to exist, such as Earth's intelligence becoming vastly inferior to whatever managed to evolve and subsequently survive on Venus, as those Venus intelligence levels were obviously never as "doom and gloom" worthy nor cloak and dagger involved with such ulterior motives, such as what's persisting within the greater worlds of NASA/NSA/DoD, which seems to have become a virtual black hole of intelligence and/or of absolute reverse intelligence (disinformation), somewhat like anti-matter except in this juncture we're deeply into anti-intelligence mode.

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