( Venus Metro Rigid Airships on Steroids    updated: February 15, 2003 )

If you're out and about looking for mistakes in math (such as my gravity assessment of Venus being a tad wrong) or that of my poor syntax that's just about anywhere you care to look, you've certainly come to the right place. If you're looking for nifty ideas and of a little too much truth about what's situated on Venus, for that too you've certainly arrived at the source of the reason why NASA/NSA/DoD has been ordering so much Prozac.

Now that I've located and worked through the basics of a gravity formula, seems as further proof positive that I'm entirely right about my observational discoveries as well as what influence Venus represents to Earth, as where so many others should have noticed and easily pointed out a gravity correction affecting my buoyancy calculations being another slight misunderstanding but, obviously that would have represented a viable dialog (at no expense nor risk to them) as well as an example of what any honest and moral sort of individual could have contributed toward educating the likes of myself. Since those opportunities were not being addressed (2 years and counting seems sufficient opportunity), instead only applied their resources of focused efforts upon disqualifying the observational importance of what this discovery was all about in the first place, clearly this proves beyond a shadow of doubt, what the true ulterior motives of those opposing have been about all along.

Since I've never once claimed being a physics or even astronomy sort of guy (there's nothing astronomy about "GUTH Venus" and, there should not have been nothing "gravity" involved with my observations), only attempting to learn and reapply the recorded talents of others, so as to best understand the greater good and potential of what I've uncovered as existing on Venus (giving credits wherever credit was due), where this has been interesting to note how so many others supposedly capable of their doing a damn fine job of scientifically defining upon the positive aspects of this discovery, have instead chosen to cloak their way behind whatever's the desires and/or intent of their pagan God (NASA/NSA/DoD), which as been to bestow as much damage as possible while performing "spin" and "damage control" on behalf of their NASA.

Research requires a good imagination (otherwise what's the point) but, it certainly helps when nearly all of the science and physics is right there to further define and support your conjectures. Such is the case, where this phase of my observational discovery represents that of a rigid airship, as being most likely what others and myself have come to understand about what this massive object within the image amounts to. Obviously due to the hangar obstruction and limitations of resolution foils our actually seeing the entire airframe nor of the landing gear or the aft propulsion details, as all we can view is what's extending out from under what certainly looks exactly like a hangar or horizontal silo. Obviously this object has not magically become classified by any recognized geology nor physics as anything so natural, thereby I've provided most of the initial ideas as to what we're seeing. I've researched further so as to learn of what the gases of H2, N2 and O2 have to offer in the way of buoyancy. I've also researched to learn of what CO2-->CO/O2 can provide in energy as well as H2O2/C12H26. Unfortunately, I'm still on the "need to know" basis as far as others within Club NASA are concerned, as they're mostly intent upon helping others bash this discovery into the ground.

Conservatively estimated at the following parameters:

(remember that the raw image actually offers nearly 3 pixel diagonals as representing hull diameter)

Length Over All (LOA): 1200 meters.

Outer shell/hull diameter of at least: 180 meters.

Nose/Bulb command center diameter (minimum): 90 meters.

Primary displacement/buoyancy @1/3rd volume H2:  480,000 t (x 1.103) = 529^3 t
      (contained within large internal spheres, compressed for near surface and expanded for altitude requirements)

Buoyancy remainder (2/3) volume @95%N2/5% O2:  380,000 t (x 1.103) = 419^3 t
      (as this airship attains altitude, more of the H2 occupies/displaces the interior volumes of N2/O2)

Initial working buoyancy (any way you care to cut it) is at least 948^3 t and at altitude the lesser gravity obviously improves things.
      (if 100% H2 were applied into 22.5^6 m3, that would make the buoyancy into a factor of 1587^3 t)

Thrust energy is delivered by a rocket driven turbine and of it's massively ducted (150 m) counter rotating turboprop.

Continuously variable (intermediate) stators provide flight stability and trim.

Main engine rocket/turbine is hybrid CO2-->CO/O2 along with H2O2/C12H26 capable of sustaining upwards of 50 MW.

Maneuvering could be provided via multiple internally outfitted ducted thrusters (a minimum of 4 thrusters at perhaps 1 MW each).

Materials of construction is most likely of alloy steel (such as titanium that's structurally sound @500C or 773K).

Initial ballast is thousands of tonnes of Venus soil, as well as compensated by compressing H2 back into the respective internal spheres.

Return ballast (again thousands of tonnes) may be obtained as gathered sulfuric acid (H2SO4) from those acidic clouds.

Airship ballasting and/or whatever onboard processing to obtain pure H20 is easily achieved by merely containing cloud substance within sealed spheres as perhaps gathered at as little as 1 Bar, which is subsequently heated by the impact of lower elevation atmospheric temperatures as well as from whatever onboard waste heat process, then easily extracted though further heat exchanging and/or merely centrifugal separation. There's also a rather simple method of electrolysis which can easily attract and/or collect and subsequently eject all of the associated electrolytic elements at lower elevations, as harmless crystals.

My initial ratio estimate of 1/3 H2 to 2/3 N2 might soon become more realistically a ratio of 1:10, as the need for maintaining buoyancy over such great differentials of atmospheric pressure could be best accomplished by compressing the H2 back into their containment spheres as for landing and, otherwise allowing appropriate expansion into the main rigid hull interior as for displacing the necessary amounts of N2/O2, remembering that the entire airship interior is negative by as much as -0.1 AT with respect to the ambient surroundings and, therefore absolutely no chance of losing a gram of precious H2. The required percentage of cabin O2 may become a factor of something below 5% for sustaining Earth humans and perhaps under 1% for those acclimated to living on Venus. 1% O2 is not a safety factor for being associated with H2 and, 1% O2 at 75 bar is a good deal of support for life as we know it.

As I've stated previously;  from the very outset, there should have been any number of others that would have been more than qualified at their reveling upon what these images have to offer, however, until such wizards surface (if ever) from their dens of "doom and gloom", I'll be proceeding along with a little help from others, doing my best (mistakes and all) which so far seems to have become vastly superior to anything arising from the pro-NASA camp. Obviously, I have to apply a good deal of supposition and/or conjecturing, however only as pertaining to those available pixels which clearly do not belong to anything that's so natural.

In case you're wondering; I came to this airship understanding long after I had previously realized the significance of the township structures being a fact, that which absolutely none within NASA nor associated with the Magellan mission wanted to hear about (period!). Entirely on my own, I then had the notion of trying to figure out how one would ever get yourself out of town before sunrise and without setting your butt on fire. The other two locations (each elevated) which were nearly exactly 180 degrees from this site offered no significant to/from roads, nor even the slightest indications of any cross country infrastructure whatsoever. But then, there was all that nifty ocean of toasty CO2, just laying about, crystal clear as a bell and very calm below those clouds. Then there's the atmospheric reverse flow pattern, quite handy if one wanted to ride those much cooler upper winds. Then we certainly have all that terrific buoyancy consideration that's 55 times better than Earth. Then I came to learn something top secret about CO2-->CO/O2 and a host of other energy alternatives, such as vertical differentials that'll knock your socks off. I learned of the mega tonnes of suspended H2O in them there clouds. I learned that other researchers had discovered some rather significant O2 above those supposedly nasty clouds. I soon discovered that nearly every subsequent research had lowered their temperature marks for Venus. As a result I obviously wondered; how can all this be without some form of life taking advantage of such?

The following (area/crop) was extracted from the primary high resolution and 43 perspective Magellan acquired image, so as to focus upon what I've concluded is most likely that of a horizontal silo/hanger issue, clearly depicting as some form of a overhead pivoting hatch and, as situated directly below that hatch or hanger/silo bay door. What's directly below that enormous hatch consideration is something that I have come to perceive as belonging to the forward section of a relatively massive rigid airship airframe, as extending sufficiently (at least 1/3rd it's LOA) beyond that overhead supported hatch. To the South East (nearly adjoining and just below this rigid airship) is what could be the indications of their gas/fuel production plant (I'll just bet that's having something to do with Hydrogen, Hydrogen Peroxide and/or of the CO/O2 extractions from all that available and already toasty CO2).

A very slight pixel pattern of increased radar signal reflection, of what could be lingering dense emissions (sufficiently dense and possibly of some metallic content as to alter upon SAR imaging as somewhat entirely similar to, but obviously more reflective then what's appearing as darker (SAR absorbson) indications associated with that other much larger incinerator/forge type consideration to the West (off image), where such an alloy forge or power plant might also be fueled by CO2-->CO/O2 (I'm thinking that combusting CO/O2 is not such a clean burn, especially within a dense CO2 environment), which could represent sufficiently why those concentrations may be dependent upon the impurities of other substances being combusted and/or processed). There seems to be three parallel channel like or large pipeline like considerations between the forward protruding airship, as to/from the associated fuel/energy plant and, there's another striking issue of what could be that of a significant access way as to accommodating the massive (90 to 100 meter) sphere nose/bulb section of this airframe. Keep remembering that I'm being entirely conservative about such measurements.

The overhead (rooftop) portion of this silo/hanger (clearly as adjoining into the hillside as going "underground") seems to sponsor four large loop like (cooling or process/launch exhaust related) as obvious technical issues, plus that of this structure having several additional aligned side openings or perhaps further thrust vent portholes and, a bit further aft and centered on top is what could represent the primary exhaust or safety thrust vent (all of that nasty exhaust and propulsion wind and/or thrust certainly has to go somewhere). Aft of this large circular rooftop vent structure are many additional and equally worthy issues of highly symmetrical as well as geometrical arranged considerations.

(if nature accomplished any of this, God has certainly favored Venus over Earth, by alluding gravity as well as all recorded forms of geology standards as well as the recorded laws of physics).

Just to the North West of the airship and hanger, there are two very distinct rows of ball/dome like sphere storage tank considerations, situated as being recessed into the bank of the hill or mountain (four per side), as perhaps representing their base camp stash of essential fluids and/or fuel storage cells (containments of H2O, H2O2 and C12H26 or perhaps just of those processed quantities of CO and O2, even N2 and H2 are certainly worthy elements for their requiring such pressurized containments) or perhaps some of these domes are merely another form of communications or navigational infrastructure (anyway you care to analyze these massive spheres that could be in the range of 150+ meters each, is certainly not something of any natural formation). There also looks to being a somewhat lesser roadbed or access from just beneath those spheres as headed towards the aft silo/hanger structure.

In case you're choosing to believe these aligned dome/spheres are merely those of naturally formed geometrical configured symmetrical elements, as those neatly and symmetrically parallel recessed into the opposit sides of an obvious mountain, in that case I'm sending you my good buddy "the tooth fairy", right over to visit you at the funny farm.

You may need to keep telling yourself;  NASA has been fibbing all along because, as in other SAR images of Venus (there's thousands to select from, not even including those directly comparable of Earth), the photo software (nearly any variation thereof) simply did not somehow selectively conjure up such aligned spheres, nor other clever items such as vertical parabolics nor of complex interconnected reservoirs nor least of all massive airships and/or of any other artificial looking structures such as the tarmac, as simply out of that expectedly random order of the Venus terrain, as there are far too many similar areas as well as far more complex examples of equally rugged terrain as to select from, those that oddly did not adversely respond erroneously to the very same photo software, except as to enlarging upon the natural terrains contained, by treating those pixels exactly like all the terrain pixels which clearly is surrounding all that's artificial at "GUTH Venus". The photo software has simply not run amuck, it is not the culprit as to fabricating aligned spherical items which are oddly being otherwise surrounded by your typically common and ruggedly mountainous terrain, as others and myself have certainly tried for the past two years in applying all sorts of digital enlargement alternatives and, lo and behold, from enlarging upon other equally and/or more complex terrain patterns simply has not gone about creating symmetrically aligned spherical features, let alone two distinct rows nor as to reformulating other selective pixels into highly structured buildings, bridges, reservoirs and so on, let alone as everything collectively situated into a community like setting of rational infrastructure that's been interconnected with parallel as well as tangent intersecting causeways.

Good grief all mighty!   If I can make this any clearer, that yourself, myself and the majority of our entire world have been thoroughly snookered by the best, by those obviously having "the right stuff" (that's mostly due to the fact they also seem to have most all of our tax money), into believing only what Lord NASA has moderated and as such dictated as to what goes or not into the publications of research and textbooks of America, as well as obviously impacting upon the majority of nearly all others on Earth. Talk about your "skewed science" and physics being in the toilet.

Because H2O and obviously H2 would be something relatively valuable on Venus, whatever processing from the vast abundance of H2SO4-->H2O-->H2/O2 would likely be secured directly into the primary buoyancy/ballast spheres within their airships and/or perhaps having the H2 component processed as applied into those millions of small (1 mm > .1 mm) glass spheres as for creating safe and ultra efficient (R-200) insulation, as I can foresee no need of their compressing H2 into a liquid or even as a compressed gas much above a few atmospheres (for obvious reasons, H2 insulation spheres would be quite valuable and as such far better off at 1 or lesser bar containment and, whatever else processed into H2O2 certainly makes for a whole lot more logic and common sense than having to store pure H2O, where H2O2 is stable and always worthy as for subsequently extracting H2 on demand and/or re-applying along with C12H26 as being a fairly good energy resource, not to mention the option of merely extracting the O2 component on demand). H2O2 could be the holy grail of stable substance for a toasty hot planet such as Venus.

Because the Magellan mapping team established their mapping pixels at approximately 75 meters (a necessary reduction from the raw 96 meters), this factor alone clearly represents and establishes conservatively that of an extremely large structured airship facility and, as such equally that of hosting and/or accommodating such a relatively massive capacity airship and, perhaps like your rear-view mirror, objects within this official image may actually be somewhat larger then they appear, as their original "true" raw SAR imaging of this specific territory was captured at more likely 94 to 96+ raw meters per pixel, with everything subsequently reduced/compressed to the 75 meter mapping standard. Even so, I've had a good number of NASA's "spin" and "damage" control types informing me that we're looking at 225 meters per pixel, which is actually a whole lot better because, at 225 meters per pixel, that airship becomes at the very least 540 X 3600 meters and other issues of what's to be seen also become all that much more exaggerated. Somehow, I seriously do not believe in all their "disinformation" that's being intentionally thrown at my research, but, I could certainly be wrong, and as such, that metro airship may become seriously bigger then even my imagination can conjure up, as the 860,000 metric tonne Buoyancy (actually there's yet another 1.016 boost factor from the reciprocal of 90.7% gravity of Venus, which places the initial lifting capacity at 874^3 tonnes) as conservatively based upon the H2/N2 gas composite as well as the lesser shell diameter of merely 180 meters by an LOA of perhaps 1200 meters, which is obviously way under the ongoing estimates by others that have so oddly utilized their larger dimensions as for disqualifying the entire theory of this being any airship, yet without their ever explaining what other natural formations could possibly have been created so symmetrically large and complex.

Since +/- whatever pixel size offers little relevance to much of anything (being that patterns of what's entirely natural about the Venus terrain is just as equally impacted by whatever resolution and subsequent size has to offer), thus why others have been attempting to destroy this discovery opportunity are obviously those at risk of losing everything, unless they apply pure revenge tactics, as obviously based upon their ulterior motives and/or hidden agendas and, there's certainly a grand abundance of entirely viable ulterior motives which include all of the criminal factors of greed, arrogance, money trails, dirty money trails and simply lusting after power, as well as a long and dirty and perverted timeline of cold-war agendas going back at least to the demise of JFK, all of which is backed by potentially lethal fears upon what their very own nondisclosure policy must continually hide (according to that charming little internal document, once signed on, you have absolutely no human nor constitutional rights whatsoever, you are outright owned by and totally at the mercy of the enforcement lords of that policy). That NASA/NSA/DoD/CIA/FBI nondisclosure policy has become pure evil, representing a witch and book burning cultism on steroids.

If you need a closer look-see, apply your screen magnifier at 2X

Very utmost conservative airship size: 180 X 1200 meters (upwards of 225 X 1800 meters)

Rigid airship construction; obviously not a problem for common alloy steels, weight not being any significant issue and, certainly being where H2 is about as safe as ice cream (especially on Venus).

A conservative Hydrogen (H2) multi-internal sphere volume: 7.5 million m3 (in excess of 15^6 m3 of H2 is easily accommodated within the 180 X 1200 meter airship), where obviously this affords a good deal of airship buoyancy potential.

Conservative other interior initially displaced by N2 @95% and O2 @5%: amounts to roughly 15 million m3 (including structure, fuel, cargo and passenger cabin areas), obviously whatever crew and passengers will be in need of but 1% of that gross interior.

Gross HYBRID (H2/N2/O2) GAS lifting capacity (again I'm being ultra conservative): @874,000 metric Venus tonnes
(buoyancy as based upon environment of atmospheric density, temperature and, also because of the 90.7% Venus gravity is what accommodates a rather nifty 874,000 tonnes worth, as equivalent as to lifting such in metric Earth tonnes). That's certainly not at all bad for a lizard blimp.

Power and Fueled by: 25 to 50 MW (33,500 to 67000 shp) by H2O2/C12H26, then converting or shifting over into CO2-->CO/O2 (50 MW is certainly an obtainable goal but likely far more than necessary).

Supplemental fuel capacity could be something like 10,000 T of H2O2 (with obvious room and capacity for a whole lot more of just about anything other).

(possible atomic power plant of 50+MW powering the same massive 150+meter counter rotating ducted fan)

Maneuvering and flight control management could just as well be obtained via multiple ducted thrusters (obviously weight and energy certainly not being a restriction).

Ballast, fuel and other fluid/cargo tankage space: how about easily accommodating a space of 500,000+ m3 worth.

Nose compartment interior: Conservatively we're talking about 15,000+ m2 worth of open floor area along with top and bottom observation research domes. If that's not possible in your engineering textbook, please advise.

Main shell or hull interior deck areas (net usable area excluding H2 cells): could easily exceed one million square meters.

Sorry folks, that's not only one freaking damn big and seriously impressive airship but, accomplishing some sort of serious lift. Perhaps at minimum ballast obtaining 75 km altitude is certainly not to be any insurmountable problem, at least not if you're a smart Islamic lizard sort of person and, trying to get that closer look-see at Earth, like during this recent near pass of October and November 2002, then 18 months again down the road.

So what if it's a little hot on Venus;  Alloy steels are relatively light weight for their strengths (far better than of anything aluminum alloy) and otherwise would be right at home at 500C (of which their worst death valley never gets that hot). The mostly CO2 and N2 atmosphere would be essentially a corrosion and hazard proof environment for anything H2 and otherwise, having a fairly limited exposure to any of that reported sulphuric acid which is thoroughly trapped within those clouds and would only be encountered during relatively short transitions from lower (40 km) to upper (60 km) attitudes (more likely a nighttime cloud bandwidth of 5 km or lesser), where at best a thin ceramic or synthetic outer coating would totally evade that issue altogether, besides, those clouds have been reported having their daytime 20:1 density ratios and are certainly somewhat lower in elevation (perhaps certain clouds exist as low as 20 km) at nighttime. Operations at 40 to 60+km (again nighttime) for reasons of astronomy observations, such cloud transitions would seldom need to be repeated. So, all that so called atmospheric acid issue becomes essentially another none issue, and besides anyway, certain alloy steels take hot sulphuric acids in stride (oops, I just let another NSA/DoD secret slip by; no, I checked, that one was just a fart).

Besides applying H2 micro spheres, Ceramic/Silica thermal insulation blankets seems another fairly reasonable conjecture (unless Venus has no silica/sand and no spare heat by which to process such), then far better are voids/walls containing those nifty H2 spheres surrounded by pure N2 as being perhaps their ultimate (R-200) insulation alternative.

Seems the possibility of their having applied sterling engines and associated thermal heat exchanging have become yet another valid consideration for simultaneously producing electro/mechanical energy and even darn good refrigeration (using H2 as the preferred internal sterling engine medium and then just plain old CO2 as their air conditioning heat transfer gas or how about a closed cycle of using good old H2O or even H2O2). Atmospheric compressors for obtaining their air conditioning should function just super fine on Venus, such as, by merely compressing upon all that available CO2, pretty much as we accomplish right here on Earth (only far better because of the much higher atmospheric pressure, 96+% CO2 density or purity, and a darn good working temperature to start off with, in which instance that raw atmosphere itself would certainly become and/or replace any need for freon and perhaps even as for obtaining the end product of CO/O2 as fuel/oxidiser), thus by simply compressing and then efficiently heat exchanging via that thick and efficient heat transferring CO2 atmosphere, one can be easily provide substantial air conditioning and, even I can prove how this would work. Another small side note or benefit of compressing and thereby boosting the process heat upon all that CO2 clearly becomes CO and O2 extractions. Duh! I wonder what anyone could possibly do or accomplish with those two elements?

Question;  are all these NASA wizards all that stupid or perhaps just lazy or what ?  Surely you and I have not become smarter then all of NASA, or have we ?

Sufficiently deep underground storage potentials; (including massive tanks of H2O2 and whatever other petrol-chemical fuels and of many other elements which remain fluid and/or entirely stable under such conditions), if not that utilized as for accommodating life throughout their entire daytime season, this underground aspect seems to have existed as evidenced by all those tunnel entrance issues (just as tunnels and massive underground camps certainly exist right here on Earth, as equally imaged by the very same SAR technology), as there are massive surface structures and associated tunnel like entrances indicated all over the "GUTH Venus" site and, if that's not enough worthy discovery impact, then how about merely transporting yourself to either of their alternate sunset camps (which just so happens to be those situated at oddly 180 from "GUTH Venus #1") where this could easily resolve their solar UV and other exposure issues (Venus having none of those protective Van Allen belts nor planetary magnetic field, so that the more CO2 in that atmosphere and the denser those clouds the better off, far better as to being a little hot under the collar than being solar flare radiated to death). Transporting via their Air-Venus Metro Airships, by simply utilizing that massive steel alloy rigid airship, this technology seems to have resolved their seasonal commute problems (there's certainly no "grid lock" issues on Venus, it's a straight shot that's nicely boosted along by those winds that nicely accommodate such travels by migrating the opposit of their planet's rotation), as on Venus the term HOV merely stands for "Hotel Orgy Voucher", that's certainly not at all the same thing as here on Earth, though at times I might elect to swap our pathetic grid-locks for one of their HOV's.

Regarding potential fuels; I only initially considered their utilizing H2O2 and ethanol or Kerosene because, I have been able to locate a few worthy examples of just such energy applications that function perfectly without their having an O2 atmosphere and, would equally function perfectly fine, even safer, as within a CO2 atmosphere, as indicating nearly every aspect as being entirely positive with any regard to such fuels safely functioning on Venus, so this H2O2/whatever petrol cocktail seemed as becoming a worthy candidate, especially since free oxygen is somewhat in short supply, but then that's also a relatively good thing for obvious reasons of fuel stability (perhaps the last thing you need is hot oxygen anywhere near hot H2O2 or Kerosene), that issue along with the 92+ bar environment could help resolve the safe fluid storage and application of these two extremely high energy producing companions. Other considerations may equally exist and likewise perform nicely under this same environment. In such a toasty but pressurized CO2 environment, there could even be a safe working concept of utilizing nitro glycerine as a worthy component as their rocket propulsion fuel (talk about getting the most energy conversion "BANG" for your buck or in this case, per kilogram), otherwise merely extracting all the necessary O2, CO and whatever N2 out of that CO2/N2 atmosphere, basically doing so on demand seems the right thing to be doing.

According to a far better physics researcher (Thomas Goodey) then I with any regard to h2o2/kerosene as fuel:
March 15 (update/corrections); and if I understood his drift; The potential energy from the proper mixture of these two chemicals is something like 12 MJ/kg. That's Mega Joules per kilogram which just so happens to equal 2.6 kilograms of TNT and, that's certainly a lot of "BANG" per kilogram. If we were to utilize this as any basis as to calculate the potential energy available on an hourly basis (such as to convert this into conventional turboprop Shaft Horse Power) and, based upon burning off 1000 metric tons worth of fuel over a period of 100 hours: the net result is something like producing 44665 SHP per hour, given a 10% fuel reserve factor and we have 40000 SHP to work with. Now blow away another efficiency factor of 50% into the fire and we end up with a misally 20000 SHP. Now, that certainly should do the trick and, obviously enough energy to air condition the living hell out of the otherwise 100+ knot headway of this Venus Metro Airship. Obviously this is more then I had thought possible and apparently, I could still be overly conservative as with regard to obtaining only 50% thermal efficiency from our turbine conversion into SHP.

UPDATE June 01, I've learned that CO2-->CO/O2 has been another whopping done deal (actually NASA and other pro-NASA types knew this one all along, they just were not going to tell anyone), producing an impulse of nearly 280/kg/sec. So, thereby the initial startup of any power plant need only be such that the processed CO2-->CO/O2 takes over, then you've got all the freaking energy you could possibly need, perhaps even a whole lot more then you need if one was planning upon a space trip to the nearest planet. Gee whiz folks, I wonder which planet that could be? and, when?

UPDATE March 16, I have just re-calculated my figures; this time based upon a 7:1 mixture (1.35 g/cc or 1.35 kg/liter) ratio and more so accounting for the 81% gravity, which represents that 1235 Earth metric tons should become equal to 1000 Venus metric tons and, if to be utilizing 90% of that amount permits a 100 hour fuel burn rate of 11340 kg/hr. That amount of fuel burn (based upon a energy release of 12 mj/kg) times 3.333 kwh per kilogram, produces roughly 37800 kwh, which then develops a potential gross energy delivery of 50665 HP. Final calculation is further based upon a piss-poor turbine conversion efficiency of merely 50%, thus we have accomplished 25000 net usable SHP. Of course, this airship could easily manage to carry in excess of 4 times that amount of fuel load and, thereby achieving 100000 SHP.  (I'm still working on this energy aspect, so do expect a few more revisions and updates)

UPDATE April 12; I've received new calculations on the boiling point of these fuel elements (again, your added input on this issue would be of great value), as that based upon an elevated 50 bar environment. H2O2 and Kerosene are each at approx. 336C. Where 50 bar is situated just above 10 km altitude and, even if going by NASA's very own outdated thermal records, at 10 km the outside daytime temperature is 325C (most likely this environment is below 300C at night), which offers at worst a 25C safety margin and, that's without having to introduce nor applying any insulation factor, refrigeration nor added storage pressurization. A little insulation along with fuel tank pressurization and, we have established a truly working situation that sufficiently exceeds the most basics for such technology requirements.

So once again I asked myself;  why has there been all the resistance if not formal opposition to this portion of my discovery research?  How can any true space researcher and/or so called explorer object to these potentially rational issues?  As how otherwise would Venus survivors have managed?  What more could any aspiring sole want in the form of worthy space exploration incentives that's indicating upon one thing better then what "GUTH Venus" has to offer?

Besides all those truly great and expensive new CCD images of Mars (which are still no match for SAR imaging), As compared to what's existing on Venus, Mars certainly exhibits nothing whatsoever that's remotely close as to offering anything that's even potentially artificial (frozen trees and whatever large radiation proof worms really don't count), and even if such did, it would cost at the very least ten times the amounts for us to do anything about it, as it seems we already own the essential technology (ISS) as for managing a Venus L2 expedition and otherwise, nearly zero cost impact as for accommodating "first contact" via laser communications...

The remainder of this page is mostly another rehash of related considerations:

In my initial disbelief;  Over the past two years, as for regarding the degree of slack interest and then otherwise orchestrated bashings this discovery has acquired. Who would have known that I could have whipped up such a mess. So much so that, over the past year and a half, I began further widening my research (I had little choice), as to understand and rethink about possible ulterior motives and/or the skewed qualifications of others obviously of lesser skills as observational photography goes and, yet my discovering their being so intent and obviously focused upon destroying whatever this opportunity represents.

Is all of this official "spin" and "damage control" merely NASA's pathetic denial or what?

A foremost motive (besides their holding out on all of the Apollo mess) could easily be that of a rather massive cost savings to say the least and, thereby most likely impacting with considerably lesser job security, as this factor alone could easily become the secondary motive (of course this is all good news or bad news, depending upon which side you are on, regarding receiving all that cash or having to keep paying it out as taxpayers), as just having to otherwise do the job they were hired to do in the first place could put a real damper upon the image and playtime of nearly everyone working at and/or funded by NASA. I'll further suppose, something other could be related, such as having to do with my ongoing defensive research which has turned up so many other interesting tid bits (I should also further stipulate as to include my reviewing that of some strangely missing facts) such as pertaining to all those Apollo missions and, perhaps a little unnerving insight into deeper history of mostly what the US should not ever do again, unless of course we wanted to start up another war.

OOPS, what was I just thinking!, I simply forgot that we just did that one again!, started another damn war (actually several), except this time it took just a bit longer and cost the entire world a whole lot more to provoke and, lucky us, as we are now having to involve tens of thousands of civilians as well as that of our multi-hundred million dollar buildings as targets. Great going warlord Bush. I'm not exactly sure how NASA's cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas is ever going to fix all this but, at least it's seriously been "wagging their dog to death" by distracting others from anything Venus and, perhaps that's worth a whole lot more to humanity, than of any few thousands of innocent civilians as well as the entire national economy going into the toilet.

OOPS, there I go again; I've automatically disqualified this entire discovery of "GUTH Venus" by merely stating what I truly believe and think. Too bad not one sole has come forward with the facts and supportive documentation that proves me dead wrong. I guess they are all waiting around to see what happens next (just like in your old class room days, when someone of which everybody knows, hits your teacher with that slimy spit-wad and, not one sole flinches when that teacher expects to discover the culprit, that's because the entire class room is just as guilty as sin, as they most likely lacked the guts as to pull it off and then totally admired the person that did the nasty job, being far more afraid of whatever classmate/cult repercussions than of what the class instructor demands).

Whatever the cause(s), this "GUTH Venus" discovery has received nearly as much (perhaps more) "spin" and "damage control" then of all those Apollo missions. Am I impressed?, you bet! and, as a result of my discovery receiving the same degree of unscientific yet orchestrated bashings, NASA and their communities of Borg moles have merely peaked my interest all the more, as it seems, they are of the only worthy power-group(s) attempting to sidetrack and disqualify this discovery and, are obviously those closely associated and thereby formally tied into NASA's potentially lethal "nondisclosure" policy, nearly exactly as what's been backing their Apollo stance and of many other questionable NSA/DoD partnership involvements, all the way back to and including JFK's demise.

As far as my discovering what's most likely existing as artificial within the greater of possibilities; such as there existing this massive metro airship, associated within a relatively grand style community. In addition to my observational qualifications, my quest for better scientific answers has become an ongoing challenge, as others and myself further discover that elsewhere on the common terrain(s) of Venus (other then sites #1,2,3) or even of Mars or for that matter and I'm also including that of our moon and Earth, you do not identify such symmetrically as well as functionally geometrical and of such logical patterns of intelligent alignments (other then of those being clearly established as artificial (man made or perhaps lizard made in the case of Venus), which still pretty much rules out anything Mars as well as of any explored moons, pathetically we can't even seem to image one solitary artifact of Apollo remains).

The TRUTH or the RUSE;  One or the other has to go.

The observation of raw pixel patterns that seem to more then become entirely associated as being most likely artificial attributes, are those depicting unusually unified symmetrical associations, as being situated within an environment of otherwise typically random geological patterns. No other planet offers such a collection of features as being natural. Of some of the larger and more complex attributes, if taken alone are enough to warrant further investigation, where the collection is simply an overwhelming call for action.

I'll try delivering this statement again and again;  Such unusually symmetrical and geometrical patterns simply do not exist in nature, at least not to the extent, assortment and collective body of worthy patterns associated with their being more likely artificial, as well as for their portraying such a fairly complex community like infrastructure.

Unlike anything in nature, there are a good number of highly circular pattern formations of structured items indicating as their going vertical (above surface) considerations, which are not only unusually symmetrically gathered but also being situated within rectangular clearings and/or associated with other adjoining rectangular attributes, where this structured collection is all situated in a typically mountainous setting among rugged rock protrusions and/or of terrific tectonic formed geology, along side a rather substantial rille/canyon as well as there being what looks as actively flowing something as that formulating into a very substantial arch (this fluid arch being quite large as well as so far another one of a kind, where no such pattern of any arch should have existed). The fluid arch would most likely be of something natural, although it's existence may have a good deal to do with the reasons why there's such an assortment of other that's so artificial nearby.

In further retrospect;  It would certainly have been far more unusual or unlikely of nature to have accomplished such highly unusual feats then of mankind/lizardkind to have constructed such items, as for the nearly flat suspension bridge spanning the rille/canyon, whereas this least pixel attractive consideration alone is worth several thousand words. Then of the greater tarmac consideration indicating a number of symmetrical arched corner service bays adjoining and/or supporting the upper flat tarmac surface, along with some sort of equipment being situated on deck and then all of that being associated as right next to a large assortment of other structured buildings of what has to be a township or community like infrastructure is simply too real, certainly not the least bit naturally formed as my pathetic opponents keep spouting off.

For others to have disapproved without submitting and/or offering leads to their apparently secret database of whatever observational proof, touting that such patterns supposedly exist in nature (perhaps hidden away in those same vaults containing those original radiated and thermally stressed Apollo negatives along with those 1/6th gravity scaled lunar lander test flight films), this has become only further proof that I've been more then right all along, as those opposing everything "GUTH Venus" do have a huge number of motives, such as there is a timeline of paper/money trails, loads of powerful positions at stake, the outcome of the never ending cold-wars and even of the current situation, where most opposing are those obtaining federal dollars as either their present day employment, retirement benefits and or of civilian contracted associations with the likes of NASA/NSA/DoD/CIA agendas. In other words, besides the potentially lethal cult policy of "nondisclosure", there's ample ulterior motives and "spin logic" as for their continued "damage control" being applied, especially by those that would be financially impacted (devastated), humiliated and otherwise disqualified from their current standing. This is "Nixon stone walling" and of "wagging the dog" and so on.

(Good grief folks and fellow wizards; how blatantly obvious is all this going to have to get?)

What so many others and myself have been able to see (for the two years and counting) out of all the random natural terrain issues, are those of unified structured patterns of sufficiently complex uniformity and, of such logical and rational functionality (in other words; as those issues clearly being of and most likely by that of a widening margin, as fully artificial).

These mountainous terrain(s) of Venus, that which are clearly represented in this otherwise extremely rough discovery area, as exactly as to being expected by presenting itself as the random sort of patterns, which seem to follow the known laws of tectonics, gravity and of fluid dynamics as well as erosion and, thereby generating the expected patterns of terrain and typical erosion patterns, as that clearly being formed by whatever natural causes (as opposed to those strikingly artificial issues, which nature has never been recorded as creating, at least not to our recorded Earthly knowledge, nor on Venus or of any other planet or moon and, not even a worthy conjecture as to how such artificial looking attributes with such associated intelligent looking infrastructure could possibly have emerged).

In other words; What obviously is to be considered natural is clearly governed by the expected and by those easily explainable environments of Venus (just like most everywhere else on Venus, as well as to a greater extent of other planets including Earth). But assuredly, of these other complex artificial looking considerations are not those of such expected nor as ever recorded as being of any such complex natural formations, as creating anything so unified and artificial looking and yet, clearly established within all this natural and expectedly random and obviously naturally rough mountainous surroundings, we seem to have these very distinctively smooth shaped and symmetrically arranged structured items, such as this massive horizontal silo/hanger which is clearly hosting an airship of sorts. Many artificial aspects further stand out, as simply due to their reflecting so much greater SAR signal (in other words; being more towards the white spectrum), thus further indicating a somewhat altered/concentrated material of construction, that which by itself should represent issues that sufficiently stand out from their otherwise natural surroundings.

About getting yourself involved; Don't be all that shy and, don't just be taking my word for it. Take a very long look-see around Venus, at viewing the hundreds of images and/or portions thereof, just as I did, then taking in to account the perspective viewing angle as well as the exceptional "extraordinary" imaging capability of the SAR technology. Include a few looks at other SAR images of Earth (if you have proper access, NIMA.MIL has all sorts of those to compare and to learn from, otherwise simply search the web for "SAR images"). Also, learn what digital imaging enlargements can and can not accomplish. Better yet, get yourself into an aircraft for a few hundred hours and, while being there looking out the damn window (restrict your viewing angle to 43) then, take a few hundred photos at the same 43 and start acquiring some personal first-hand observational expertise about detecting what is natural verses that which is likely as to being artificial. Then return yourself to this discovery and tell me again, what it is we are looking at.

On behalf of those ever lasting, idea bashing, critics; This NSA spy grade SAR imaging is simply not represented by merely one look, but represented by 4 or more re-affirming samples per 8-bit pixel, which have obviously been averaged. Therefore, what you see is pretty much what you get and, there's no lens distortion nor any lighting considerations to fool the image pool. In fact, SAR offers far more believable "extraordinary proof" content of truth then of any CCD of equal resolution can ever hope for and, by furthermore permitting a degree of 3D examination which any CCD might otherwise record as merely flat or shapeless or even loose that of a shadowed (hidden) surface altogether. The 43 degree perspective as well as the sheer quantity of available pixels associated with this discovery is impressive and, is that which is also nearly ideal for the SAR imaging as to be disclosing such as 3D form and shape characteristics, as well as substance data (looking at the large upper reservoir's black center should tell you something about SAR's capability of detecting and/or that of differentiating upon various substances).

Dear Club NASA;  Others and I are asking once again, what in the hell gives?

It's been looking as though we have developed an airship gap, as likely that of an airship of rigid alloy shell and offering a suitable depressurized cabin if need be, which is going to become something very much needed upon our arrival at "GUTH Venus". At this point, it's a little apparent that our astronauts will not likely have a personal airship of their own and, that means they'll have to rent one. You know how outrageous those Venus airship rental agencies can be, especially if you don't have reservations, you're sort of at the mercy of those having such technology and you pretty much get to take whatever they have to offer. If we're lucky, we'll end up with the really old beater that no one wants (because it keeps loosing it's hydrogen) and, I'm not all that sure our duct tape is going to cut it.

If you or any of your braille image interpretive supporters can ever manage to wipe some of that NASA brown off your noses and start over by offering better information, worthy ideas or internal NASA resources that you might care to share, please do so. I'll post credits to those responsible for expediting upon anything the least bit relevant, otherwise, do yourself a favor and please keep out of my way.

Yes Martha Stewart, as even you above all others should realize, that of the ENRON/Andersen's, the Tooth Fairy, Santa, the Easter Bunny and even the Pope are all full of deception, disinformation and lies, even our government certainly lies all the time and for darn good reasons, as their sorry butts as well as the butts of those they continue to associate with (including their immediate Apollo family) are seriously on the line if they don't. A century of lying has become our national pastime, even if it causes airplanes full of innocent folks to smash into tall building full of thousands of other innocent folks (perhaps you've noticed how Dr. H.K. wants nothing whatsoever to do with investigating anything 9/11, perhaps just like how NASA can't possibly support those Apollo missions, at least not without further lying a whole bunch). I'm guessing those "tit for tat" "cold-wars" are not so cold anymore.

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