GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS GREAT (perhaps as long as you're not Islamic)

By; Brad Guth / IEIS   (updated June 10, 2002)

He/she or it may or may not be from Venus, however, if you chose to exclude this possibility, especially in light of what my research as uncovered, then perhaps whatever is on Venus is by now all knowing. If they are still having a bad day of it and, one of them figures out how to do something about that, then what are our chances, against an older and thus capable and sincerely motivated civilization, that which has become about as environmentally hardened as you're ever going to see.

This was a day where I was simply going about mowing my lawn (a very big lawn at that) and, I guess I was receiving far too much Ozone up my nose, either that or my mediation was wearing off because, all of the sudden I said to myself "God" (literally), how could I have missed this one?

Now, in addition to my obviously warped preconceptions, plus gaining ground upon whatever else over the past 16 months, I truly have come to understand something about our Club NASA, such as; they're not really all that braille and certainly not stupid (like I once thought). 10th, 12th or whatever planet, these smart ass guys are going to be around long after you and I have met our maker.

NASA, like myself, has made a few thousand mistakes and, has been doing (ever since delivering upon the ultimate ruse) what comes naturally. Unfortunately, this was all long before protected sex was so damn important.

These hard working NASA guys are certainly not conspirators nor gold brickers, at least most of them aren't. (cloak artist and damn good wizards maybe).

What they truly have become, is more akin to being the highly religious types (obviously non-Islamic).

My recent discovery: ( http://geocities.com/bradguth/index.html ) and realization of what has to be life as pre-existing on the planet Venus;  this is not something that your or my beloved bare-root NASA ever intended to overlook, cover up or suppress and, certainly not as representing anything "national conspiracy" worthy. As I've openly stated previously, I fully understand that our "cold-war" was simply above all other criteria, as it was apparently (yet after half a century still unsubstantiated) "them or us".

What I've come to realize, upon my in depth researching and subsequently being consulted by some of the highest orders of known religion, is that my God simply dose not exist, at least not here on Earth and, is certainly not the sort which Jesus Christ sucked up to.

This revelation has led my way of re-thinking, that Club NASA (always sleeping with NSA/DoD types), is not all that afraid of what my discovery might release and/or disclose, at least not with any respect to history "truths", but considerably more feared was the revelation that the God which Club NASA worships is simply not going to be the same nor as all knowing and all powerful as the one which saved all those Venus butts from being fried.

Obviously, any worthy God that can pull off salvaging souls on Venus, this is some sort of ass kicking, as in your face, better then the best God around and, the worst part is; he/she/it could be ( http://geocities.com/bradguth/conjecture-01.htm ) a Cathar, or Islamic, or perhaps even one better yet, Taliban.

Now, if I had previously better understood this rather significant predicament and apparent paradox, for that of my having to deal with the likes of pro-NASA types, I could have saved us all a great deal of grief.

The very last thing that you or I can depend upon is; discussing religion (most any Earthly religion) in any context with science, let alone space exploration, is a very bad thing, a vivid NO-NO! That's because every sorted interpretation as to Christ, Buddha or whatever and his or her ultimate God, this is always self correcting and auto resolving, regardless of the disaster at hand or the colour of any smoke coming out that damn chimney.

Sometimes NASA's smoke is bright red, other times it's been lavender, as it all depends on which documents, Apollo original negatives and/or nondisclosure failures they're burning off. Bodies were often creating nearly black smoke, but they have since learned how to mask that one by blending in a little VX while remaining sufficiently upwind. So, you really can't predict any given outcome, at least not by the colour of any smoke (by the freaking way; what colour was Andersen's smoke when they were thoughtfully burning off those entirely innocent ENRON documents? and, how about all that smoke from that good old "6 day war" and then the "USS LIBERTY" fiasco?). I personally know the colour of 9/11, that one was blood red with a hint of NSA yellow.

If I had this opportunity to do over, I would have first manipulated, if need be, some of those pixels so as to look like a worthy Christian cross (NASA obviously highly rewards those for manipulating photos). Then I would have affiliated myself with one of those good, yet apparently not so wholesome anymore, supposedly christian church. Working my way through that NASA pre-qualified angle, I could have obtained early support and, subsequently we would be communicating with those heathens on Venus by now.

Unfortunately, instead of my working hard on a clearly defined focus of the "GUTH Venus" discoveries, I'm having the time of my life (some bad but much is good) delivering messages of insight and bit by bit learning ever more then I hoped about how our government leaders (mostly NSA/DoD types) that have commanderred so much of this pathetic world for themselves.

Some day, I may even learn to keep my mouth shut. Unfortunately, that day has not arrived. Seems a few others dealing with that 10th, 12th or whatever big ass planet (hopefully not a dead sun), have equally been opposed by the likes of Club NASA and, their mouths are certainly getting bigger and so much louder by the day. Pretty soon, to work for NASA is going to require those big ear muffs and/or perhaps solid ear plugs as well.

My ongoing conjectures and greatly improved knowledge (ever widening expertise) base and, resulting perspectives as to what's just sitting there, right next door on Venus, for the taking, is seriously warping my three remaining brain cells. Sometimes I'm thinking a little too much for my own good and, other times I'm just watching this Earthly world going by, contemplating the fates of others and the promise of a renewed future that may or may not have an opening for NSA/DoD types (however, apparently that 10th or 12th planet is going a long ways towards helping to resolve everything, literally everything may have a fresh start whether we need it or not).

Not that NSA/DoD types are so unusually deserving, just the primary focus of what has been most recently blocking the entire future of humanity and, the direct cause of so much other global grief. On the other hand, if push comes to shove, I might have to hire those very same, in order for my world domination to succeed (those good and downright nasty, combat hardened, troops can be downright hard to find these days, especially when al-Qaida have recently become so reluctant as to showing their faces).

If I've left something out, that was intentional. If I've said too much again, that was also intentional. If I've thoroughly pissed you off, that was equally intentional. If I've entertained your few remaining brain cells, that one was purely unintentional because, this "GUTH Venus" discovery is some sort of serious stuff.

Please feel free as to correcting upon my grammar, syntax and/or whatever ideological incorrectness. I'm certain I've managed to make a few more mistakes, just not the sort of lethal ones our sweetheart NSA/DoD and their ever cloaking partners within Club NASA have managed.

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