Conjectures That Go About Breaking Supercomputers

by; Brad Guth / IEIS     (updated: October 27, 2003)

If you are still one of those cringing and fuming over my discovery, and that of my subsequent efforts at pushing this into mainstream, perhaps you're one of those doing everything you can think of to disqualify literally anything that happens to upset your personal "status quo" or skewed love of NASA, then this next challenging effort or at least the sequel will soon become even more so frightening and, I should think downright capable of even pissing off the Pope.

Just maybe, we (mere Earthlings) were not the first on the scene and, ever since not even evolved into the brightest DNA/RNA about.

(seems any God, or perhaps just that of a Saint, which could have provided salvation for those on Venus, is worth getting to know something about)
(as otherwise, just how smart would you need to become, if situated on a planet becoming smoking hot and so freaking nasty by the year)

As planetary and solar system computer modeling runs amuck, you'll need to try this out for size; Let there be SUN and EARTH, then along comes VENUS with MERCURY as it's moon, and one by one, so on down the line.

Presuming we were here first, as God mistakenly intended Earth as the center of his perverted universe

This effort is my touch of my dyslexic reality and, along with a touch of "Dream Works" which has nothing on me because, I believe this latest conjecture effort is certainly a whole lot closer to home then of all those being related to pretentious gaseous blobs situated millions or more so light-years from Earth. Like no matters what there is to be discovered that far out, you'll need to trust me once again, it really doesn't much matter because, if we ever do obtain any signs of ET intelligence, it's already too damn late and, I'm certainly not going to sit around for double that time just waiting for any of those additionally dead as a door nail replies. Good grief folks, if you need to expend that sort of effort, wasting that much talent and associated massive quantities of our moneys and resources, at least burn all of that money so that we can recover whatever BTU benefits, which is a whole lot more beneficial for humanity then what most astronomy has been providing. Or perhaps, since we obviously have no apparent true intentions of ever reducing our energy and subsequent maximum possible consumption of our finite resources (converting of everything possible into co2), such as instigating a plan of basically insulating or perhaps re-refrigerate some of our polar ice, surely we have that ability.

Rationally speaking (at least in terms of this village idiot), this following is another perfectly good conjecture and, as such based upon a raw notion or perception(s) held by many of my opponents, that which stipulates that we seem to think of our Earthly selves as vastly superior if not ordained beings and, then always as to being not only above all others but, also as being absolutely anywhere first (our qualities and perhaps even quantity of arrogance, greed and stupidity pretty much instill those standards), even though I happen to believe this flawed concept could be asking quite a lot. Let us for the moment presume that indeed Earth, as well as that of our microbe ancestors, had been existing for whatever millions of years and, that Earth was only slightly further from the sun then it is nowadays (perhaps situated half way towards Mars). Also, because we were here first, that means we were the first planet from the sun (no Venus and no Mercury, possibly no Mars either, just lucky Earth as representing the center of the known universe).


Now lets us consider or even mistakenly ponder that Earth was not only here first, but then also, how about being without any moon (NASA has lately revised their questionable lunar sample proof as contending that somehow our moon was something ejected or separated from Earth). Since anything seems to be possible, especially if that supports the Apollo ruse, lets say NASA is entirely right and, towards my supporting of that theory, I may have isolated just the ticket, or series of events which could have managed such a cataclysmic worthy impact capable of launching something the size and mass of our moon.

If we were to continue to consider next, that perhaps we were not only here first, but that certain other planets were still plotting there way along, as to not even being in our solar system, such as the likes of Venus and perhaps even Mercury and then Mars and so on. In other testy words, God somehow firstly created Earth, then the likes of our sun and those stars, then one by one came along those other planets, as well as our moon. Somewhere in this pathetic mess, there's also the creation of the tooth fairy, along with God's sadistic approval and support of killer Popes.

We certainly may thereby need to reconsider that Venus was once part of some other advanced solar system, one which was seriously devastated as to dislodging or somehow losing it's sun. For one thing, the orbits of Earth and Mars seem rather similar, including our planetary rotational aspects, however, Venus seems to be sticking out like a proverbial sore thumb. Obviously, if Venus arrived because of it's failing sun, certainly at this difficult point in their planetary as well as intellectual evolution, all hell certainly broke loose and certain planets (some with moons) were those ejected and/or released into open space. Perhaps this Venus solar system (perchance we're talking Sirius) was so much so advanced that someone (probably an Islamic type or testy Muslim rather than nice Cathar folk) got themselves sufficiently pissed off and, upon the year bazillion and 9/11, they hijacked one of their anti-matter fueled jetliners and actually managed to blow up at least part of their own sun.

As we all know, since the very beginnings of recorded time, of Jews and Islamic and/or Muslim (especially Taliban types) have been at each others throats and, each claiming as being the superior and/or chosen one. So, those two or three thoroughly obnoxious religions obviously had to come from somewhere more advance or perhaps not from Earth, where those origins most certainly could have been Venus, then quite possibly even of those folks from their original moon (that which has since become the planet Mercury or perhaps even Mars).

As Venus becomes one of those fortunate planets to have survived their initial solar system disaster and, subsequently was tossed into space and essentially set adrift without a sun, then also, what if that moon was somewhat like ours, but yet another somewhat more interesting possibility is this; What if that Venus moon was something more like the size and mass of Mercury. You certainly weren't there, so I could be entirely right, which would certainly explain an offal lot about our existence (thus filling in all sorts of DNA gaps and subsequently unaccounted for Earthly technologies where there should have been none), especially as to how mankind became so pathetic in the first place.

Now things certainly get a little weird and scary because, on Venus (with or without a moon issue) it's obviously becoming very dark and cold. Without it's solar system there to stabilize and warm everything up, as all of those survivors capable of being sheltered and so blessed with sufficient energy resources (possibly even of atomic resources, just like that of our NSA/DoD have been stock piling so as to power those massive "dooms day" survival ships and other such shelters [I could post a few pictures of our ships if you like, along with GPS data]), headed underground and/or into their sufficiently massive and modified surface shelters.

(given the right motivation and sufficient transition time, we are talking of constructing some really big and obviously fairly massive controlled environment considerations).

None the less, I believe a certain amount of justifiable panic sets in along with a substantial degree of accelerated motivation has begun inspiring those as desiring to live in order to see tomorrow (everyone sort of placed into hyper-motivation mode), as to be re-thinking and engineering whatever it takes, as to somehow manage until they can figure out how to either safely jump ship or to somehow migrate their planet into another solar system (energy resources or not, time could certainly be running out).

Remember; for those to survive on Venus, there has become somewhat of a frozen atmosphere and, their water is now very dry-ice like (this is sort of like our research camps in Antarctica managing to survive throughout the winter, which they do manage to achieve in fairly good style, except that for the Venus winter is now a bit colder and there is no sign of spring or summer), at best they must manage to keep whatever energy resources functioning, as energy production, including deep geothermals and possibly even nuclear is certainly no longer an option and otherwise, being the least bit stupid about such issues has become a virtual death sentence.

Let us now consider and further ponder upon this situation happening; (as you certainly weren't there, so this conjecture surely represents something that could be entirely possible);

Venus and it's relatively big moon approaches our solar system and, that event so happens to coincide with their converging (sort of your ultimate high speed freeway chaos merge of all times) fairly near to Earth's orbit and perhaps even a little outboard at first, then winding just sufficiently past Earth (representing the obvious grandiose near miss of all times). In fact, the initial merge had to have been nearly at the same speed as Earth and which eventually situated Venus just a bit inboard (establishing the first true concept of the phrases "near miss" and "what the hell just happened"), so that the orphaned Venus planet is not only captured by our sun's gravity, but then also somewhat captured by Earth's gravity (EL1 + VL2).

Earth as we know (as with all planets), offers very specific locations of L1 and L2 as semi-stable secondary orbital locations where lessor objects can remain for some time and, equally Venus has it's own fairly similar L1 and L2 considerations (being somewhat lessor because of the lower mass of Venus). Now let us suggest that this once free roaming planet being merged into a new solar system somehow snagged into Earth's L1 and then equally being that of Venus's L2 (leaving any moons out of the picture for now).

For those on Venus, this was certainly a great moment of their salvation (perhaps even another religion was invented). For Earth this was obviously not so great, as Venus is now blocking as much as 15% of our sun and, every day it's getting colder for Earthlings (the ice-age cometh). On Earth, we started worshiping anything that could make Venus go away, so we invented a few worthy gods and, naturally our gods were simply going to have to be one better then any Venus god (because remember; we were here first! so that makes us religiously and/or Godly entitled).

Just to make this massive computational effort a wee bit more interesting, let us toss in that moon issue;  and, towards keeping such things down to a dull roar (unfortunately in astronomy/astrophysics, nothing is simple), lets start off with a premise that the Venus moon was the very same size and mass of Mercury, remembering that up until this Venus/Earth merger, Earth was the first and perhaps only life supporting (the one and only Godly blessed) planet in our solar system. Just for now, let us consider that the lunar orbit about Venus was initially being somewhat uniformly polar with respect to Earth's viewpoint, however, all that was soon to change once these intruders arrived into our solar system and even more so as being associated so closely to Earth (perhaps Venus being initially situated somewhere between 2.7 and 3.5 million kilometers).

This is about the time where such capable conjectures bring every CRAY supercomputer to their knees. Possibly this complex computer model of our beginnings will eventually be requiring accessing the internet as a super-duper-computer having a 100 million node matrix, so that literally millions of PC nodes can process upon bits of this puzzle without otherwise melting down. If you think you're so smart and, have access to such a program, what exactly are you waiting fore? (or, am I right about you as well?)

What exactly is happening (or about to happen) between that Venus moon and the combined gravitational union of this Earth/Venus L1+L2 :

What exactly is occurring geologically within either major planet, such as with regard to our cores?. Earth's core was certainly already super hot and with much of our surface still boiling over with such geothermal activity, of which I've learned is a fairly normal (Godly) planetary evolution process and, along comes Venus with all of it's heathens and gravitational effects and then, topping all that off, Venus had it's very own freaking big ass moon (the size of Mercury) zipping about, but then this moon was naturally becoming equally unstable by shifting further in orbit and eventually hurling ever near to Earth's L1 if not even closer, perhaps those of us on Earth eventually had to start ducking for cover every time that damn thing came zooming past, offering a whole new meaning to the phrase "up yours". So again, what exactly is all this added gravitational aggravation doing to Earth's core ?  (maybe you don't really want to know, as that way you don't have to think about such possibilities, let alone consider anything other which my discoveries have to offer).

Now let us consider the ultimate insult;  Earth at that time was perhaps a nothing, except for a bath of disgusting chemicals and perhaps a few pathetic slimy microbes, certainly of no human like considerations, at least none from my family tree. Venus on the other hand may have been originally from a fairly old and sophisticated solar system, one which however eventually failed to keep up it's end of the bargain and subsequently lost it's attachment to Venus and it's moon. Therefore, we can only assume that such life on Venus had more then sufficient time to have evolved and, may even have become smart enough as to manage surviving their journey through open space, only then to being sort of rescued by our solar system and then, becoming somewhat stuck next to pathetic early Earth.

OK;  Venus arrives and it certainly thaws out (once again fully solar illuminated, even though it's rotation is somewhat slower then molasses) and everyone celebrates by Xeroxing their butts (Xerox stock finally goes through the roof). However, their recently unfrozen scientist and engineers are obviously not so impressed, as they foresee and further calculate what's happening to this precarious planetary union, as a situation going from bad to worse and becoming thoroughly destabilised by their very own moon, as that enormous moon is certainly causing all sorts of havoc, concern and justifiable grief. Being thawed out and alive again is one thing, having to look once again at certain death is quite another.

A decision is eventually made, actually there were several decisions, as various groups fought for their opinions (here again, it's probably those Venus Muslims putting up the greater resistance and persistence), as Venus schools had long ago advanced to being somewhat like ours are today, spitting out hordes of highly educated idiots. So there is little apparent agreement upon much of anything. Some "end of the world" groups believing their planet is going to self destruct by soon becoming a solar fuel pellet, while others think they can somehow fix everything simply by getting rid of that freaking moon (sending "it" and perhaps it's Jewish population off into the sun), still others (perhaps Muslims) are simply thinking that it's time they consider jumping ship and try surviving on another planet altogether (such as nearby Earth), as the way things have been going, what do they have to loose.

If we were to consider that Venus had become somewhat advanced (of sufficient motivation essentially accelerating their survival orientated education and towards accumulating the necessary resources), however, and then perhaps quite like that of our infamous Apollo program, they pretty much have it figured out how to get the hell off their planet and, somewhat better yet is by their doing so by sort of a lunar gravitational sling or stop-over, that which could enable those willing to risk it all as to getting over onto Earth. Although, and perhaps once again pretty much just like those Apollo missions, as due to their changing/degrading planetary logistics and subsequent re-entry issues as well as that of requiring a fairly massive energy requirement per delivery mission, returning to Venus is not going to be an option (thus all frequent flyer miles have been traded in or canceled).

Now that we have established some (mostly Muslim) groups leaving Venus, hopefully bound for Earth with every thing they can pack along and, yet another group trying their damndest as to dislodge their Jewish moon so that our two planets could somehow stabilize at the L1+L2 situation. But then towards the ultimate turmoil of all this challenging gravitational mess, we now have that situation of a massively unstable Earth core about to erupt with a considerable mass or boil similar in size to our present day moon and, being assisted by that massive Venus moon coming ever closer upon every orbit. This is where something has to give or else. The only remaining thing that's needed might be that of a sufficient impact form almost anything, such as a mega ton asteroid or perhaps the eventual smack of that Venus moon, as Earth and Venus are certainly becoming more unstable, especially with the highly deformed elliptical orbit of that Venus moon (the size of Mercury).

Lets now presume that the worst thing possible happened. That the Venus moon and it's mostly Jewish inhabitance in fact finally struck (glanced off) Earth, leaving rather serious amounts of subsequent body parts as well as all sorts of new DNA scattered all about Earth. Obviously for those remaining on Venus and even of those which somehow managed to jump ship (notice that I'm also including those from their moon) in order to try out their survival skills on Earth and, this is obviously where all hell broke loose, thus we have all of those paintings of Gods and winged (flight capable) humans reaching out from above to those below (if there ever was a benevolent worthy God, right about now would certainly have been a good time to show up).

Naturally, with all of this gravitational disaster going on, that big bad ass moon finally (after smacking itself off Earth) departs for places unknown (basically it's not ever leaving this solar system, however, it's certainly no longer any part of the Earth/Venus L1+L2 adventure). With all of that lunar gravitational mass now out of the way and, because of the collision explosion(s) releasing sufficient energy as a separation force and with the lessor combined gravity of the Venus/moon combination, the now thoroughly unstable L1+L2 situation is no longer sufficient as to holding onto this planetary union. Life on Venus is certainly improving (returning to their normal state of relentless disaster mode), but now the next phase of their saga of never ending "what could possibly go wrong next" is about to get under way (seems here's simply no rest for the wicked).

As time passes, our two planets eventually depart company. Earth and Venus (due to their initial combined mass which had included that substantial lunar body of Mercury) have each become aligned somewhat closer towards the sun, with the ultimate events causing Venus to be gradually falling behind, as drifting free of the initial L1/L2 union and, as to be expected, being pulled ever further inbound.

Our Earth is obviously now receiving full solar access and, naturally we thaw out (regaining perhaps as much as 15% of our former solar radiation) as we now have approached our present day orbit. Venus is now on it's way towards a somewhat closer orbit with the sun and, it's moon has been long on it's way as due to the cataclysmic glance off Earth, affecting for itself a trajectory path which eventually becomes a planetary role of it's own.

For some of my critics; I certainly believe that you could have thought of all this yourself, probably even did, but you never published a damn thing because; perhaps you always wanted to be known as a braille NASA follower, brown nosing and sucking up to whomever you can, perhaps just so that you can be associated with the biggest bad assed bully in town (unless you're a truly smart person, as otherwise joining Club NASA may have been your only choice).

This however may become your chance to shine (with or without Club NASA), as this initial conjecture may not even have been anything remotely close to what really happened but, we obviously have to start somewhere, and since no one else was making the move (you would not want to upset NASA's plans you know), I gave it my best shot. Hopefully your ideas and expertise will soon prevail with the more correct logic, as I'm certainly not the one stealing the show here, perhaps you are, by intentionally ignoring the most recent facts as to what's existing on Venus and, by not doing enough, some not doing a damn thing except bashing anyone that tarnishes their pagan God (if that's not sufficiently defining ultimate arrogance, greed and stupidity, then I certainly don't know what could possibly do a better job).

By your supporting worthy research upon obtainable exploration efforts, especially upon such obtainable goals as those being represented by "GUTH Venus", this is where we can truly regain a darn good chance of moving forward without having to deploy another ruse or having to remain cloaked from within hidden NSA/DoD agendas. However, it's become apparent that most pro-NASA types apparently can't function outside of any ruse and, they expect the taxpayers to keep forking it over, then for their NASA to keep spending it on whatever damage control as well as foolish and even dangerous agendas (just like our NSA/DoD Apollo cold-war mess, including the USS LIBERTY and towards lusting after those lethal Mars microbes), efforts which surely will not help to prevent and could even lead us once again into another climatic 9/11. The alternatives offered by what's likely existing on Venus may become a bit boring as compared to those NSA/DoD agendas, as at the very least, spending a mere 10% of such massive resources, as those being thrown at acquiring Mars microbes, could have otherwise been far better invested in that of advancing upon our mutual goals of planetary humanity, rather then perhaps into your pocket.

OOPS; Sorry about my inferring that wasted moneys are somehow going into your pocket. It just seems believable that anyone opposing what "GUTH Venus" has to offer, must have something worthy to protect or hide and/or something to loose (like perhaps their job, along with benefits, retirement or other career opportunities based upon the lies and false history of NASA), as otherwise, why would any honest space researcher/explorer bother to bash what I have been offering. Seems that I've opened a good many doors wide for something potentially benefitting nearly everyone and, damn near humanly accessible with the technology at hand. So how is that such a bad thing?

Some Nations, and certainly there have become those religions which have in the past taken a rather dim view of our Earthly as well as our space adventures, have become somewhat more so concerned today about our true morals and motives, especially of those associated with goals having to do with our acquiring potentially lethal Mars microbes, as not exactly uplifting confidence. Merely by default and quite understandably, these sorts of cloak and dagger space exploration issues are giving great concern for those unable to compete (not that they would care to) on the same level, some obviously don't wish to compete at all on any level, but here we are, stuffing our arrogance, global greed and stupidity in their faces, then some of us are wondering why they should object to our global energy drain, economic and other impacts, along with our in-your-face NSA/DoD spying mentality, and then to our apparent amazement, wondering why they don't like us or not willing to just pack up and leave (I forgot; by either ignoring Earthly opportunities or simply forcing our ways onto the world, as far as those "have-not" are concerned, we've economically and politically screwed up so many areas of this world, so much so that's there is almost no place suitable nor affordable for such simple or even undesirable folk to go).

Years before my "GUTH Venus" discovery, I had been sufficiently snookered into thinking that America was pretty much doing the right sort of thing(s) (unfortunately, I was not all that much into our history, or even current events). Lately, I have obviously become overly concerned that myself as well as so may others may soon be asking these same sorts of following questions;

Where exactly have we been, where is our intended focus and, at what Godly, or perhaps ungodly price ???

What positive impact is there to be had, for the taking of our mutual planetary humanity, in any quest upon accomplishing questionable goals such as bringing home those potentially lethal Mars microbes, as opposed to realizing what treasures (possibly even other life along with whatever vast intelligence) may have been situated on nearby Venus ?

How important is knowing and thereby basing our biological/evolutionary as well as technological history and that of our futures upon truths ?

Are there any realistic limits or subsequent harm as to what a good cold-war ruse can achieve (obviously this pretense in lieu of our simply knowing of and then living with the truth) ?

Is there any point in our further supporting a slew of cult communities that have lied to us from their very beginning ?

Why shouldn't another capable Nation (the UN or at least ESA) takeover true space research and exploration efforts, as whereas our NASA can't seem to function without hidden agendas along with their cloak and dagger partners of our NSA/DoD/CIA/FBI (DHS) rulers ?

Before I close out this chapter;  Be advised, the very last thing I now want to become known for, is that of being any serious research astronomer type. As from my recent encounters with such masterful astronomy types, they seem to know an offal lot about everything and, if the subject or quest has anything whatsoever to do with the likes of our moon or Venus, of actual space research and exploration for the honest hopes of locating other life (which most seem to indicate by way of their publications that they do), then obviously I have a wee bit of a problem with such a forthright title as that of becoming an astro whatever.

If in fact this general astronomy qualification is somehow having nothing whatsoever to do with that of actual observation skills and furthermore, without ever involving the most fundamental ability as to that of basically observing and then safely recognizing only familiar stuff, especially of that which has become sufficiently aided via SAR imaging so as to becoming visible to the unaided human eye (which by the way, unlike NASA's image interpreters, still requires a level of consciousness and perhaps sight), trust me on this one, without my qualified visual observational skills, most astronomers (along with all of your highly qualified associates of astrophysics and astro-whatever's), that somehow sanctify yourselves as basically knowing everything there is to know, while yet breeding and suckling off whatever other skewed NASA astronomy and of other self-supportive whatever-ology types have to offer, actually don't seem to have jack.

This was my reply to a challenge received from David Patrick (, About that moon going away thing.

Your information could be entirely right about the moon, either that, or perhaps Earth has been shrinking by those measured amount(s) (collapsing upon our cores) or how about, the fact that the sun is somewhat more influential and all pulling then we realize. Not to be too insulting, I've been hearing about a fairly large planet and/or dead star that's inbound, where this 10th, 12th or whatever big asteroid thing is certainly going to influence a number on all of us, unless this is just another one of those passive near misses that we'll all hear about after it zips by, somewhat like the last few near misses which NASA never bothered to inform us about.

Perhaps this is or was the star which once held onto Venus before depositing it into our solar system? Perhaps this considerable mass is what's pulling on our moon? Seems there's always the truly massive Sirius as a viable gravity node? So, how about putting those worthy conjectures into your supercomputer and, lets all see where the smoke comes out.

My continuing thoughts as to everything being pulled inward seems to hold true, up until some big thing comes along and upsets the balance by smacking itself into a planet, or much worse "the sun", in which case we have an entirely new ball game or, at least a serious "reset" upon life as you and I know it. Although, of whatever's keeping our moon in the acceleration mode, sufficient as to accommodate for an orbit that's leaving Earth by some 38 mm/year is a wee bit more than odd.

I'm sure that you have some perfectly good questions as well and hopefully far better answers, of which I'll certainly post them if you would care to submit such. I'm also fairly certain that others may want to see something a bit drastic happen as to altering my wellbeing, in which case you should at least have the courtesy to answer a few basic questions before you further plan upon my demise.

This interesting link may not even be related to Venus, however, it's certainly offers something that's way out of step with our perceived human evolution and as such, is equally being impaired by government intervention, so I'll be leaving all of that interpretation up to you, as just because I can foresee a potential connection or relationship, with ties into the "GUTH Venus" discovery and of my subsequent conjecture on planetary evolution, there is certainly no reason for others to think the same, especially if that sort of thinking places your job and personal health on the line.
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