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First of all; you can certainly have a little of both. Not just an all out conspiracy or the other but, essentially an underlying conspiracy (official or not) being greatly responsible or acting irresponsible on behalf of the remaining perceived "do gooder's" (such as yourself).

Government, even in the most honest form, is somewhat of a conspiracy by it's very nature of making promises it can't possibly keep along with just plain old mistakes, then applying whatever spin and damage control in order to salvage their butts, as nearly always being worse off in comparison to our second guessing at what should and could have been accomplished per moral motive as well as per tax dollar. However, if all that much of privet industry were to act as the way most honest government does, besides being essentially bankrupt all the time (at least never turning a for real profit or surplus), that would certainly make the likes of ENRON/Andersen look pretty darn good.

For the underlying opportunity as to taking a firm hold of the taxpayers nuptials. As a master of or "want-to-be" cloakster, one needs to simply standby until someone the public truly admires greatly and, as such, would follow off the nearest whatever cliff that comes along, especially as to following yet another great NSA/DoD type cold-war idea that's offering a solid moral and trustworthy goal which we somehow believe the entire world can't help but admire or despise if you happen to be the other guy. Creating NASA was certainly a solid win-win opportunity for anything cold-war related, like why ENRON/Andersen and so many others setup multiple cloaked cash-cows (so that even when you're caught you're still damn rich and powerful, sometimes more so by merely eliminating a few partners along the way).

Then, as a good cloakster would, you simply wait and see if this so admired leader actually knows anything, like as to the "how to" facts and, as to the "can do" or "can't possibly do" issues. If it eventually turns out that this leader or of his advisors actually do come into knowing something that's not necessarily good news for their or your plans, one simply sees that this leader is disposed of or otherwise allowed as to being killed off by preferably someone other (the cloak of a cold-war arch enemy would certainly be best). With that moral thorn out of your way, now you have the wide open opportunity to utilize the national grief, revenge and whatever ulterior motives in order to carry out that individuals original plan (even if it can't possibly work because, that's not even the point).

I am recalling my (early 2001) ongoing discovery efforts and of my informing others, those clearly within NASA and/or directly involved with the Magellan mission and of subsequent studies and research. I can now recall those staunchly opposing my observational research and subsequent conjectures and, those opposing me were in fact delivering a fair multitude of odd statements. Initially I was not even looking into anything "conspiracy" related nor even as to the "positive" energy considerations of Venus, as I was primarily impressed and simply overwhelmed by merely identifying multiple structural considerations, then somewhat later as to further reviewing the "suspension bridge" and then of whatever "airship" considerations plus loads of other associated infrastructure, of what had to be more likely artificial then not.

Since way too much time had gone by, myself not being all that focused nor channeled upon any one Venus target nor issue, besides my further deciphering a tonne more from within the available images (including at least of two other worthy sites) and, without indications of others stepping forward, I've since learned quite a lot other about the Venus environment and potential energy considerations and, I now can relate some this knowledge as to many of those early comments I received from mostly pro-NASA types and even those as directly engaged by NASA, as from those supposedly having all the "right stuff" and expertise to boot. However, for some reason those turned out mostly bent upon disqualifying and/or bashing away at me and my ideas at every turn (how very odd, I thought, especially when essentially everything I'm presenting about Venus was purely delivering upon what others and I perceived as conservative positives, still nothing as to being Earth human worthy and best of all, not even of any real cost impact, at worst a Magellan-II at a mere 1% of our bringing home those lethal Mars microbes and then more recently, towards laser/xenon "calling Venus" at not even 0.01% the cost of those Mars microbes and, even that was mostly for offering "first contact" awards), I mean, why even go there if we can establish a reasonable binary packet exchange.

In spite of all my best efforts, soon I was realizing that nearly all of NASA's imaging interpretive teams were either totally blind or had been trained by Sgt. Schultzí and Col. Wilhelm Klink (either of which "see nothing"). Recently, I've come to realize what most any sub-level NASA research technician must have been more then just a little capable of doing at least certain things; such as their recognizing the potentials of all that CO2 atmosphere (as from NASA's own research) as to deriving CO2-->CO/O2, that representing a pretty darn good rocket or other engine fuel and, as something vastly more fundamental was simply that of what all that CO2 wind power and/or elevation differential of pressure offsets had to offer, as firmly based upon the recorded and certified 4+bar/km. At first I thought, this CO2 wind and pressure differential potential was pretty far out stuff but, lo and behold, it's not at all that complex, at least not to any wind energy wizard. In fact, such potential for developing an enormous energy resource that's existing as entirely natural and perpetual is pathetically too simple.

Without exception, when I've presented this ongoing review upon multitude energy potentials, as towards any number of mostly non-NASA and even a few official NASA scientist and engineers, unanimously they concurred that with such abundant energy at hand, one could develop upon all sorts of advantageous to life solutions (not necessarily for Earth humans but, certainly with enough such energy, anything becomes possible) as for life on Venus. So, I wondered more, why couldn't NASA or their mass cult army of pro-NASA moles and supposed smarter then hell researchers do the same and, simply figure all of this out?

So folks, think about it;  Why has it become that this sort of extremely fundamental energy resource was so easily overlooked for the past 13 years and counting? Actually, I've identified published scientist that should have known of at least this much about the Venus atmosphere a good decade earlier, so that's 23+ years worth of time and supposedly supreme brain power at that (apparently down the toilet), that which I thought was firmly established within NASA or at least funded and thereby moderated by NASA.

My recently improved understanding of wind power potential and of power turbines as it relates to Earth's applications has become somewhat of an eye opener. Since then, I looked into what if anything Mars had to offer (because that's where all the interest and money has been going lately), quickly discovering "not all that much potential" because of the thin and cold (0.006 Bar) CO2 atmosphere, where it's pretty much unlikely that sufficient winds (a minimum of 50+m/s) might not even exist, within which any wind turbine could not likely even be established and, the very idea of applying anything vertical for capturing worthy pressure offsets was seriously out of the question. Then I returned myself as to review Earth's vertical pressure offset potential and, guess what folks, here once again there's not all that much, unless that vertical tower/venturi were something like 100 km and, even so it's offering something less then one pathetic Bar of mostly light weight N2/O2 at that. Meanwhile, back on good old Venus, where we have ourselves a whopping 4+bar/km or 0.4+bar/100 meters worth of extremely dense CO2 (this element becoming damn near like water is on Earth as far as kinetic energy potential is concerned) and/or how about just the plain old hydrodynamics offered by that 4+bar/km/m2 as that working against a power turbine of some size (actually, not even all that big, if one was to calculate upon what all that pressure differential has to offer).

Here's what's so damn wrong with the above picture, as it relates to Venus and/or the "status quo";  If NASA/NSA/DoD were in fact not running a scam, a grand ruse or conspiracy if you like, then it would certainly have had such scientist on hand and/or those accomplishing exactly this sort of discovery on behalf of, doing their calculations and subsequently running out viable and rational conjectures all the time, especially as to any planet (unlike Mars) that's on regular occasions (roughly every 18 months) merely 105 times as far away as our moon, in other words, most humanly obtainable or at least as to our establishing a nearly perfect solar flare shielded Venus L2 platform (manned or not) so that further Magellan like missions could have greatly improved upon their imaging and of further ground detail resolution of Venus.

Since it's becoming more then a little clear, that in fact NASA no longer includes the sorts of internal nor external scientist you and I once perceived and, perhaps that's because the very last thing any good ruse needs is a truly smart ass that can actually figure things out for themselves (worse yet having the run of the place). As truly smart people go, they often know a great deal more then of merely one micro-nitch expertise and, such events as Apollo-10, Challenger and of so many other life taking episodes would not likely have happened for the reasons they did. I for one (long before any Apollo missions) could not comprehend a purely O2 cabin environment under any circumstances, as well, I can't imagine a true scientist or even that from a basic rocket engineer eliminating asbestos from those Challenger "O" rings and, I'm certainly not alone in those opinions. Obviously the knowing portions of NASA have long been removed from the picture and, those remaining in their place were so micro-nitch qualified (very much Borg like) and furthermore forbidden as to expand their knowledge, that such supposed accidents were simply inevitable, just as with regard to their losing so many satellites, especially of those non-NSA/DoD deployments which seem always to have received the least expertise and most unreliable or unproven launch technology (perhaps being restricted to something NSA/DoD wanted test flown at someone else's expense).

When it's your job (plus considerable benefits at stake) and reputation on the line and, all of that further relating to potentially exposing your cult/club membership, a lie quickly begets a lie every time. When your job is to essentially help pull off the greatest ruse known to mankind, then there is for you absolutely nothing but lies, disinformation and conspiracy damage control at every turn. You don't dare fall asleep in public (because you might accidently say something) nor feel any remorse, for fear of becoming identified. For the obvious above reasons, a great number of honest souls are positioned as to accomplishing such "spin" and "damage control", most often in the form of delivering info-commercials as news or facts and, as being entirely unfamiliar with illusions, these honest folks go about their jobs, as though all is right within their universe.

The sorts of initial and ongoing replies my discovery and associated issues has often received, from supposedly smart scientist and engineers associated with NASA/NSA/DoD, especially as to this latest round of my merely disclosing further positive energy options on behalf of Venus, this strange form of bashing and/or avoidance tells me that I'm not only entirely right about my initial discovery but, more then likely about a whole lot more then you or I could have imagined. Obviously, many others have been trying their level best as to uncover the Apollo cloak, as to simply get our NASA moving again, in the right direction and, without the need for NSA/DoD involvements.

Even I understand a critic's reluctance as to follow in what I'm delivering, if that were somehow based solely upon the CO2-->CO/O2 conversion and subsequent energy potential of such, as most researchers today seem to have little if any expertise in such matters, however, within and outside of NASA, as for more then the past decade have been those sufficiently capable as to realizing upon this energy challenge, even so much so as to managing a Mars launch as pretty much based upon such, since we still have few other viable options for getting any landing party back without utilizing such CO/O2 as fuel, and do remember, that's being obtained from a cold and meager 0.006 bar worth of CO2 (not the already toasty warm and downright plentiful 92+bar worth as on Venus). But then, how about that CO2 wind and density power as for turning power turbines, as directly from the rather substantial vertical winds and pressure differentials, now that folks is where the really big fan hits the "you know what" (for NASA Borgs, that's my reverse of the more traditional "horsepucky hitting the fan").

Such obvious energy potentials as above, plus those not to be excluding accessible surface geothermals (by the way, anything geothermal worthy is also entirely missing from Mars), all that plus the enormous buoyancy considerations offering any airship navigating through that Venus ocean of mostly CO2 is simply too damn simple to figure out, just like how simple and downright efficient the process of distilling H2O, as can be acquired from those thick clouds and then of producing whatever nifty derivatives such as H2O2 and then just mega volumes of H2 should be ringing your bells (both of them), like also having a good understanding why such a planet need not microwaves but at best medium/shortwave communication (relatively low power at that) when being situated below those highly efficient EMF reflecting clouds, clouds and atmospheric density which also by the way provides their all essential solar flare radiation protection, without which life could not exist (at least not within the daytime season of Venus and, if you don't believe me, just ask anyone working with UV death-ray laser research on behalf of NSA/DoD).

That's yet another thing;  I said the word "SEASON" because, the planet Venus has at least two such seasons, those of nighttime and of daytime, each 2900 hours worth, along with the climate changes affected by all that thermally conductive CO2 which accommodates such (especially within those higher territories and then especially more so with regard to those 17+km mountains). Agreed, not a season of anything like Earth, perhaps better because, in spite of their more then obvious "greenhouse" environment (not so greenhouse at nighttime), someone perhaps lizard like or something other has managed to survive, at least long enough as to construct a great number of large complex items in spite of our stupidity and blatant arrogance as preference for that of supporting the skewed "status quo" of NASA.

This discovery is not so much what I've learned, as it is what NASA claims having little or no knowledge of. As this odd intellectual void clearly indicates a somewhat serious gap in whatever it takes as to walking on the moon, let alone as to properly understanding what planets such as Venus has to offer as opposed to what little Mars can offer. Going further out into the solar system and beyond is absurd and even more so at a time when we have so much at stake right here on Earth, of which all of astronomy and associated sciences has damn little to offer. So it seems reasonable to focus our talents and remaining resources upon the most obtainable goals, at least so I thought.

Sorry folks, if I'm being a tad bit hard on myself and others. It seems as though the time is more then right and, the opportunity is more then at hand as for doing something about all this. If you don't happen to agree, then give me what for and, being certain as to complain about my lousy syntax, grammar and punctuation. Even though I tried being conservative, a few good jabs at any math calculations is another worthy accomplishment for any "damage control" mole worth his or her salt.

I sincerely hope this effort of mine further promotes the sort of decloaking which I believe our country desperately needs right about now (before and preferably instead of invading Iraq), as the last thing we need is another round of US bullyism that's going to get tens of thousands more likely then not killed, then only insuring another long revenge cycle that's capable (oil or not) of draining away at our remaining reserves and at what's left of our moral respect.

Please check back;  I'll be returning to this page for whatever revisions and additions of my poorly chosen words and/or links that might amuse or otherwise just piss you off all the more.

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