(the for-real 24/7 "Ultimate Extreme Survivor" series)

By: Brad Guth / IEIS

GUTH Venus : discovered December 2000


This might actually be another thoroughly bad idea of auctioning off the first of a kind security/investment deposit (somewhat like buying into a risky stock option) but, at least it's an idea and not simply promoting the status quo of pissing and moning over spilt milk. Good grief folks, if in fact there's any chance whatsoever that there's been even an extinct civilization that contructed anything big enough to have been detected by the Magellan-SAR imaging, then perhaps someone had ott to go look. One of the best possible locations for looking (besides sending off a Magellan-II) as for accommodating our frail humanity is certainly not the hot and nasty surface of Venus, but stiuated quite cool at Venus L2 (VL2). While being situated at VL2 and having onboard SAR imaging technology that's roughly 10 fold better resolution than the shuttle bay SAR imaging of Earth, that which provided roughly 1.5 meters from the range of 225 km and, since VL2 is roughly a million km or 4.5 times further away, that makes 1.5 * 4.5 / 10 = 0.675 meters worth of raw imaging capability, from which PhotoShop enlarging had ott to provide 67.5 mm capability.

This up coming auction opportunity is so that others may purchase a once in a lifetime ISS-VL2 ticket at initially something less then what will become the going price, for that of a 2 year minimum deployment to/from VL2. Where this adventure has been in development ever since my medications ran out, but also as a result of my (not so recent) discovery of there being some other life surviving on Venus and, I believe this opportunity to visit what has to be nearly Hell, has become somewhat imperative as to working outside the NASA box, only because of the establishment of such unusually strong opposition that's been continually fostering and/or orchestrated along for the sole benefit of protecting the reputations of a prejudice collective which has clearly been denying through "spin" and "damage control" even the remotest possibilities of "other LIFE" existing on Venus (even if it's NOT as we know it, or perhaps especially because of that), more specifically has thoroughly been ignoring at every opportunity the greater of implications that I have clearly identified far more than a sufficient number of worthy items, as those being a good assortment of relatively massive structures, of those clearly constructed by either some previous (pre-greenhouse) era, and/or hopefully maintained by those still occupying Venus by their present day civilization(s), of presumably the tough sorts of CO2 and obviously heat tolerant lizard folk that are hopefully going to remain tolerant of thoroughly stupid-humans as well, even though God may need to save them from the likes of warlord Bush, especially if they're holding out any of those WMDs, even invisible ones.

Obviously, I've come into strong belief that all of this observed discovery indicates that other (ET) alien intelligence, having a whole more fortitude than we'll ever have to offer, were expedited along by their greenhouse doom and gloom and, likely motivated along by a desire or sheer desperation as to survive in spite of whatever missing technologies, in spite of having such an impudent if not lethal neighbor such as Earth, as to surviving far beyond the likes of what humans would have achieved, that which may still not include anything radio.

Perhaps through such motivated evolution the folks of Venus simply had far better things to be doing than wasting time and valuable resources that were becoming more scarce by the year to be wasting upon anything as inefficient as radio, such as their further improvising and/or improving upon creating toasty environment tolerant DNA, as more likely to be surviving such a greenhouse having become a respectable life force best suited for a nocturnal existence. Their constructing a fairly complex and otherwise assortment of highly rational structures with rather obvious infrastructure attributes that seems to indicate rigid airship technology, just as I've clearly discovered existing at fairly high elevations, may now be inhabited by most likely the sorts of acclimated nocturnals, where this positive outlook is simply the logical Darwin sort of alternative to their otherwise rolling over and dying on the spot without ever giving their situation a fight.

This future auction is also intended to increase the public's and corporate's awareness of the potential existence of those surviving on Venus and of the rather considerable opportunity as to taking advantage of this situation for commercial enterprise if not interplanetary commerce and intellectual exchange (NASA as well as their NSA/DoD leadership, even NIMA have been fully aware ever since January 2001). Whereas in order to initiate upon the necessary privet investment pool process, that of accumulating funding towards continued research (privet as well as numbers of international governmental investors such as members of ESA, though apparently excluding NASA if necessary), towards funding the eventual re-exploration of the planet Venus, as well as focusing the required development of our own space interplanetary communications and eventual transport requirements that'll at least place a sufficient ISS like platform at Venus L2, as becoming that which will eventually deliver upon this admittedly extreme adventure into becoming a reality, were common but sufficiently resourceful folks can participate within acceptable risk.

In order to best accommodate this goal of visiting VL2 and subsequently surveying of the Venus season of nighttime, a purely non-NSA/DoD mission is being developed specifically for these purposes, with the fullest intent of including the opportunity of a lifetime to those willing, physically and mentally able or perhaps mentally challenged enough not to know any better though financially resourceful enough and, above all else, being totally passive about their taking on the risk as well as loads of rejection from the Borg collective of pro-everything NASA and otherwise anti-everything that's other. Conformity is also going to become about the only viable option for those being considered for this restricted/confined spacecraft that'll become their home or voluntary incarceration for as much as two years, perhaps similar to ISS, into which this multi-year adventure before them awaits, as there are going to be few if any options for changing your mind after the fact.

This initial expedition/adventure offering is for that of someone obtaining the first truly commercially deployed space-travel/mission as a passenger opportunity, so as to be selectively joining a mission that'll include many commercial aspects as well as involving official research and exploration overtones, along with regard to the further deployment(s) of research instrumentation to be including several interactive two-way audio/video transponders or transceivers that will become those deployed to the surface, so as to being situated at prime targets such as throughout the major discovery site of "GUTH Venus" and of more specifically at their tarmac that's situated due North of their primary town.

Within this first auction opportunity; there will be offered at least and perhaps just ONE only, initial unrestricted first class, non-refundable but transferable round trip ticket purchassing opportunity, made available to almost any certified idiot, as that representing merely the "security invsstment deposit" portion worth a minimum of 10 million (US) dollars, whereas that amount would be representing an initial investment that would otherwise be considered the base requirement of all others intent upon purchassing their actual boarding passage, whereas this amount covering a minimum security/investment deposit of at least 10 million (US) dollars (non-refundable) per passenger seat is primarily that of an investment rather than the actual ticket itself (this security investment/deposit amount is also likely as being adjusted ever upward as time allows and/or the worth of the expedition becomes more valuable).

The investment fund raising by way of auctioning off this first ever truly historic and perhaps death defying opportunity is not to represent your final boarding pass/investment, where this auction will be initiated at a minimum starting bid of one million (US) dollars, with the sky being the limit, establishing the first guage by which others will have to match or beat in order to compeat with whomeever and for what few positions there are available. In otherwords, it'll become sort of standby space available to those with the most initial investment prior to forking over whatever their final boarding pass investment will become, and thus it's not simply nor necessarily first come first served as much as it's going to be most paid first served. As foremost, money talks for the right of obtaining a shot at the investment payoffs, sort of putting not only your hard earned money on the line but that of your life as well. However, only this first auction attributed investment will represent a sure thing lock for retaining the first position, irregardless of whatever the future investment criteria imposes upon others interested in going along.

Post security deposit base value: $10,000,000

Borading acceptance pass base value: $10,000,000

Returning dead: there will be no extra charge

Returning alive but dying as a result will cost you: $10,000,000

Returning alive and quite well or no worse for wear: $100,000,000 or 50%

In other words, you'll get your moneys worth and then some, where those returning in the best of health will also become the most rewarded with nearly unlimited endorsements and concessions, thereby returning alive and well is going to represent your best outcome as well as for the best PR value towards future space travel, even though it'll cost you either the flat amount of 100 million or a healthy 50% of any endorsements or of any subsequent contracts, as though your soul will be owned lock stock and barrel by this mission "to Hell and back", unless of course you elect to buy youself out of this agreement.

Those returning with complications (such as dying from too much radiation) will be reminded that they previously agreeded to whatever, thus the care and feeding of any remainders of your body and soul will not be paid out of the pockets of others and, that's why the additional 10 million payment (taken out of a previously established escrow plus funds from whatever endorsements that'll need to be refocused into further research and that of giving your remaining life as much quality as can be provided) will be collected and redistributed as necessary upon your return or, you could just do us all a big favor and die, as then there'd be no further expenses that your initial deposit investment plus boarding pass (total of $20 million bucks) shouldn't cover.

Actually, @20 million isn't half bad, especially if you think about it in any positive light, as that's only costing you $27,397.26 per day and, there had ott to be any number of endorsements that could cover that amount, such as by way of the televised 24/7 episodes (Ultimate Extreme Survivor) of your existing in this canned environment, as doing such and of your surviving in spite of all odds might even do the math by itself and then some, as you'll hopefully be wearing something, eating and/or being heaveily medicated by some sort of commercial product. Even if you lose it all togeather, there'll most likely be endless commercial products involved, such as straight-jackets and sedation medications (this may even become where pot finally gets fully endorsed). I'll just bet there's even a commercial endorsement value for shock therapy.


1 - You must obviously be damn rich (or otherwise sufficiently sponsored by your business, family and/or godfather, or perhaps otherwise sponsored by those desiring to finance your departure from Earth for personal reasons, which need not ever become self evident unless you electively choose to entertain us by sharing the sorts of personal information that would have brought others into pooling their resorces for the sake of getting you off and as far away from Earth as possible. In other words, there may be sponsors willing to finance the likes of Charles Manson, bin Laden, Saddam and not to forget all those warm and fuzzy ENRON/Andersen Executives or even getting the likes of Martha Stewart off the face of Earth).

2 - Your physical capabilities must obviously meet or become capable of meeting the standards and basic fundamental requirements of extended space travel (being weight less), in other words, there must be an acceptable degree of professional as well as group confidence that you will somehow manage to outlive this adventure, as it would be very bad for future space travel business if we have to bring yourself and/or others back home in a Zip-Lock body-bag.

3 - Mentally, you must already have been or soon become a devout conformest (whatever the crew is unable to resolve, 2/3 majority rule will ultimately decide your fate, meaning; you do not want to become any part of the 1/3 minority, lest you desire to have your DNA merely associated with a new glob of space dust).

4 - As becoming support crew members, your superiors (namely the captain, copilots and official flight engineers) will have their initial authority and ultimate decision making [God like] powers over your body and soul (in other words, whatever you do, don't piss off your superiors, as they have full control as well as authority over the cabin environment).

5 - In the event of a total mission collapse of the original governing organization, as I've stipulated, the 2/3 majority rule will become the prevailing law or lack thereof. This may become where the truly "EXTREME" portion kicks into high gear.

This mission and subsequent travel adventure is obviously for the well to do and, above all else, intended for the greater good of humanity (I know, to at least some of the others involved, that phrase of "good of humanity" could become somewhat of a paradox, especially if we are shipping the likes of your ass off into space). However, your physical investment as well as your financial willingness to risk it all in the name of advancing our place in this universe or at least this solar system, is to become the highest order of your contribution (for better or worse), towards expanding our pathetic humanly of influence over other hiding any such WMDs or simply pretending to hide such things, as ready or not we're going to get you, even if there's nothing to get.

To think that somewhere out there is a planet such as Venus, that has not realized their fullest potential and, perhaps not discovered the universal virtues in Earthly greed, arrogance and ethnic oppression, that in this opportunity you will soon be among the first Earthly humans to introduce such moral or immoral values onto those Venus heathens and, most likely in spite of our best intentions, potentially towards conveying entirely new forms and concepts of what's likely to be perceived by those heathens living on Venus as selectively justified bigotry, along with a good deal of self entitlement greed and ignorance and possibly even a little intentional social/political as well as religious persecution (such as what a few Muslim's and Jew's have to offer oneanother or like the roll model of our Pope dealing with those intolerable Cathars). So, as you are becoming our official Earthly representative(s) and hopefully as goodwill agents successfully delivering those interactive two-way audio/video transceivers into the hands or of whatever exoskeleton appendages those Venus inhabitance have to function with and, that your presents in one way or another will eventually become a part of history, or at least that of a textbook example of perhaps what not to do (either way, we'll certainly learn something that we obviously didn't know before).

If you are found as being of somewhat sound mind, plus otherwise remaining unanimously accepted by all of the other passengers and crew, in addition to your initial 10 million (nonrefundable investment), your final boarding pass/investment will cost additionally plu having that 10 million in escrow to boot, as required from each and every passenger (including that of the auctioned ticket holder possessing the respective auctioned "security deposit" investment certificate). That boarding pass amount will (at the very least) likely amount to another 90+ million (US) dollars and, that amount representing an additional investment (shares) proportion that will clearly not be offered through any auction, as this final investment amount may potentially become either refundable or as transferred (resold as investment shares) and/or merely cancelled by the remaining group and thereby potentially refunded for whatever technical, personal or group rejection reasons. For each 10 million investment (that value of any boarding pass investment or simply as a privet non-passenger mission investment) will initially equate as owning one share (with 100000 such outstanding shares, initial offering at 10 million each, equates to 1 trillion in total value, though there obviously no upper/lower limits as to what the future holds).

The logic for having passengers as share holders; in addition to obviously infusing much needed venture capital, is to be limiting our overall mission investor liabilities (if you're a participant then you simply can't sue yourself), as well as such individual investments in effect entities each to a portion of the enterprise of mission spoils and profits as any result of the overall commercial aspects, such as the globally syndicated 24/7 "Ultimate Extreme Survivor" production broadcast, thus insuring some basis of financial incentives that could hopefully instill a degree of added professionalism and above all else, self regulated (motivated) rational behavior. Need I remind everyone invested in this opportunity that, global/planetary commercial enterprise potential is truly (excuse the pun) astronomical.

This journey will be comprised of several passengers (perhaps 12) plus a minimum of 4 crew as your personal keepers, with the added possibility of accommodating two additional (obviously willing) expendable souls intended for exchange or for their ultimate sacrifice. Just as on so many other televised fictional episode's, where only those "new-comers" as bit part players are frequently exposed to lethal situations and, as equally where on this journey there may be similar however real-life irrevocable (non-replay, no-retake) scenarios that may essentially offer no viable alternatives. Therefore, those two selected individuals may obviously have to be screened and/or accepted based upon perhaps greater or specialized skills and above all else, their extenuating (pre-existing) criteria that would allow their roles to becoming perhaps a bit more precarious (expendable if need be), knowing that their chances of returning in the greatest of health would not have significantly altered their eventual and inevitable (terminal) outcome, which they have knowingly and willingly agreed to, as that being a fair trade off, in exchange for obtaining this adventure opportunity (obviously we could exclude such individuals and thereby hope and pray we never have to unnecessarily expose others to potentially lethal events, but that's not being realistic, now is it).

MISSION STATEMENT:  (is basically to hold on and hold out for the duration and, what ever you do, don't open any windows)
This mission is clearly an opportunity to essentially deliver yourself (among others) to the L2 orbit station and possibly much closer. To deploy and thereby establishing multiple live interactive audio/video communications transponders and/or transceivers, as well as many other research technologies as being deployed to the surface of the planet Venus, specifically as to those being situated at the location of "GUTH Venus". For our mothership to in effect act as the technical support thereof (situated near the Venus L2 mooring or station keeping parameter) so as to provide the added two-way transmission relay and signal boosting link, so that those on Earth may also maintain 24/7 (live) interactive coverage along with hopefully those surviving inhabitants of Venus, as well as those remaining onboard our mother ship (in other words, the ultimate in digital conference/party line audio/video interfacing as well as massive research data streaming).

If technology permits, there will be a manned deployment to/from the surface, and then obviously nearly as direct as possible contact/interaction with the inhabitance, plus all sorts of technology as well as geological and biological exchanges (excluding SEX unless you're game), sharing and/or trading of resources (such as food, water and whatever else can be spared), plus commercial enterprise exchange opportunities and perhaps (again if technology permits) life exchanges on behalf of our true commitment towards inner planetary relations, as well as that of improving our and their biolotechnology and medical sciences knowledge (basically your ultimate foreign exchange student program).

The equipment necessary in order to carry 16 to 24 individuals into space for extended periods of at least months to potentially years, will be managed by the best possible talents, as well as developed to the highest possible (to our known abilities) standards, so as to insure the greatest degree of safety and success of this mission, which clearly stipulates the fullest return of those onboard, basically in tact (at least physically).

Our spaceship or mothership accommodations may not look all that sleek, in fact, the outward appearance will likely resemble something more like a bloated and fully armored enormous batmobile or, perhaps merely somewhat looking of that of a giant bulb-ended tube, heavily UHMW and lead shielded, along with several tankage or provisional compartment/tank appendages and, all of that associated along with multiple solid fuel booster arrays (truly quite ominous looking), at least two each substantial nuclear power generating reactors (as external or rear pods) and hopefully multiple sub-shuttle craft as to be utilized for manned landing(s) or otherwise as service/emergency (life boat) or perhaps mutiny functions.

This mission (mothership) craft might in fact look down right ugly and truly sinister (totally window less, relying purely upon multiple CCD imaging and internal high resolution monitors including the very latest SAR imaging), powerful optical CCD telescopes, view cameras and microwave antennas up the kazoo, but otherwise thoroughly engineered for your safety and comfort, with bulk capacities and osmium speed as being the essential design targets. Unfortunately, this appearance may ultimately represent our own demise, as those on Venus may have the optical abilities, as to identify us but not understand our motives before we even reach their (L2). An effort of establishing "first contact" via Earth laser communications is being addressed by myself, however, NASA as well as their braille followers of moles and secret NSA/DoD agents are still not onboard as of yet (apparently they have better NSA/DoD hidden agendas to contend with) and, I certainly don't understand what their problem has been, perhaps lately they're merely thoroughly constipated, from having to eat so much of their their own Crow.

Science fiction may in fact have nothing comparable to this first Venus mission, as I am still hoping we will obtain 1% light speed (669,000 miles per hour), which admittedly could be asking a bit much but, it never hurts to ask, as you simply never know what some of those rocket wizards are going to obtain next. Even @0.1% light speed (67,000 miles per hour), could place us target (VL2) within as little as 30 days, unless of course our crack NASA keeps missing our 18 month cycle of opportunities (like for the past thirteen years worth), in which case we could be talking about a year's worth of space travel and, that's just to obtain station-keeping at VL2.

Mission failure(s) or real surprises that could include unforeseen harm or injury to the passengers or crew will not be an acceptable outcome. The 24/7 televised (globally syndicated) programming of this entire mission will enable others on Earth to overview and help insure that avoidable scenarios are sufficiently averted or suppressed, mostly so as to not subject those of us on Earth to unnecessary violence or carnage, as ultimately the flight crew and participating passengers must successfully interact so as to implement whatever is necessary in order to accomplish this mission. Should cabin fever(s) essentially impose a core melt-down and, then obviously only in the absence of sufficient chemical suppression by the crew in charge (in other words "mutiny"), a 2/3 majority rule will likely take into effect, then of course, all bets are off.

Because of the enormously vast quantity of unknown's, the overall list of potential "what if" scenarios are simply too mind boggling and otherwise simply too numbered to present a full picture at this time. I would suggest that you should utilize your imagination, maybe even do some LSD and then asking yourself what could frighten you the most, multiply that by another factor of 2 or 3, have your friends help by tossing in some additional "what if" dilemmas and you might just begin to comprehend the possibilities; thus the catchy phrase "Ultimate Extreme Survivor". If you are beginning to have doubts, perhaps now is a good time to back out.

In addition to each passenger's semi-privet stash, for which there will be a secured locker areas for each, there will be a minimum of 100 metric tons of food and other expendable commodities, there will be at the very least another 1000 metric tons of pure water as well as sufficient recycling technology, plus all sorts of comfort, hygiene and physical fitness attributes and, fully sustainable and simultaneous multiple channel inner-active two-way audio/video communications to/from Earth (sort of fulfilling your ultimate couch potato scenario). All surplus commodities will be utilized as exchange or perhaps purely as our apology gift for our being so damn late upon supporting those awaiting our arrival at Venus.

The technical inventories of several interactive audio/video transceivers, as well as other research instrumentation sensors (mostly involving that all essential Aperture/Radar NSA-spy imaging technology) are such that while this primary mission remains on the mostly dark/protected (L2) side of Venus (semi-stable L2 orbit), everyone onboard as well as those at home will obtain a detailed portrait as well as full interface with whatever's happening on the planet surface, unless of course, should those deployed instruments somehow fail to survive their new host (I have little concern as to the elevated nighttime environment imposing anything all that insurmountable, although negative inhabitance impact is clearly another issue), in which case, it's basically back to the drawing boards. Thus, by having a manned mission would allow for delivering of secondary deployments incorporating modifications worthy of alternative efforts, such as simply launching an improved hybrid Magellan-II having perhaps a 2kw operational parameter along with a 0.1 degree aperture and placed into orbit (with the latest SAR technology, combined with possibly a somewhat closer orbit, could be offering at least a 1 meter raw image resolution [perhaps even 16 bit], as well as supporting other essential or mission critical sensors).

This is where the passenger's may earn a bit more of their keep, and possibly even re-coop part if not all of their investment, by performing or not, skits and parodies or simply presenting themselves as their real life adventure of surviving on pure Prozac or whatever else it takes to maintain reasonable order. The commercial sponsors (of whatever they produced for this mission) are also going to want their products or services utilized and/or favorably talked about, perhaps orchestrated as being professionally produced infomercial advertisements pretty much exactly like the present day Earthly pretend (bogus) survivor show sponsors (having 100% interactive Earth contact would provide sufficient prompting as well as whatever acting lessons for those willing to participate). No one should get boarded, thoroughly crazy maybe, but not boarded.

This phase could become a little testy. First of all, beside being fairly well burned out from such an amount of going to VL2 space travel and perhaps 18+ months on VL2 station, this is where there would likely have to be an initial link-up with a relay/robotic supply ship, as to replenish and/or deliver those added solid fuel booster rockets, as well as potentially other rocket fuels and of whatever supplies previously ordered by the crew and passengers (more pizza, beer, wine and perhaps even a little more hemp).

Then for the actual departure (breaking VL2 orbit) will likely be somewhat more demanding then of our merely going there in the first place, remembering that the all important factor "gravity" imposed by that damn sun is not exactly going to be in your favor. So, lots and lots of solid booster usage (perhaps utilizing all 16 units of those 10 meter by 250 meter boosters). Plus there is the fact that the planet Venus is simply out pacing Earth's orbit. So, depending on return departure scheduling, it could be catch up all the way home. Expect this portion of the mission to at least exceed twice the inbound time allotted as to arriving At VL2, unless we wait until the 18 month cycle places Venus sufficiently close to Earth once again. In which case the entire mission will likely exceed two years and, as paying passengers, you will most certainly be getting your moneys worth along with metric tonnes worth of those frequent flier miles.

This is where the crew, perhaps realizing that even industrial grade Prozac simply isn't cutting it anymore, just might have to break out the hemp stash or other better substances, simply in order to subdue those experiencing symptoms of heightened "cabin fever". There could be plenty of other options, such as medically induced extended sleep periods (perhaps up to 16 hours worth), leaving sufficient awake time for physical conditioning and necessary body functions, video/e-mail and meal times, but otherwise you could be out cold and thereby oblivious to the chaos and pandemonium of all the others. Basically the intent being, is that in one way or the other, everyone is coming home, in a straight-jacket or even a coffin if need be.

I can not express "R-I-S-K" enough:
Personal as well as financial; as this first manned mission to Venus (VL2) will not be any sure bet, as obviously (besides all sorts of known mission technology issues) insufficient knowledge of those Venus inhabitance may in fact stretch the boundaries of nearly everything we could possibly have imagined. Their form of any "welcome mat" may look pretty much like a food processor, their idea of entertainment could turn out being a really big surprise, if they're Taliban their sense of humor may not even exist, a stationary orbit being maintained on the protected/dark side of the planet may in fact simply turn out as becoming an ideal target for those less enthusiastic upon our arrival. The stay-over period of possibly 2900 hours being situated at VL2 (so that the main shuttle remains on-station and fully within microwave communication links as well as with those deployed transponders), as nearly fully protected from all that solar radiation, so as also to ultimately perform as the mission's communications interface/boost between all those deployed audio/video transponders and Earth, may have to be cut abruptly short due to circumstances yet to be discovered. Thus the added phrase "unknown adventure(s)" needs to be applied into just about every aspect.

To perhaps place this for-real risk factor into the greatest possible understanding; your actual mission and of your DNA-boarding pass (besides costing you at the very least another 90 million) will be delivered only upon your notarized full release agreement as well as having this document becoming attached to your final updated and/or amendment to your last will and testament. Now! do you get the idea; "R-I-S-K", as in extreme ultimate personal as well as financial risk. If your looking for the ultimate adventure and, if this isn't to become your greatest ever extreme adventure (perhaps even your last), then I guess I don't know what is.

If none of this adventure/risk thus far phases your psychic, and you still feel real lucky, or perhaps your immediate family is simply desperately looking for the ultimate way of getting rid of you once and for all, then this "once in a lifetime" adventure to Hell and hopefully back should be too good for you to pass up. So, whenever you decide to ultimately become one of the first Earth humans to visit and hopefully interact with another world, inhabited by some of the most likely bad ass souls you'll ever meet, then welcome onboard. However, remember that your seating is not only limited and, that no matter how much you intend to invest, if initially the other passengers simply don't unanimously agree with having you along, your out of the space available pool (but not necessarily out of the investment opportunities). Then once under way, if you should choose to become somewhat annoying (like myself), you may just find yourself part of that dreaded 1/3 minority, in which case there is not all that much anyone back home can do as far as pulling your ass out of the loop, and whatever the crew or perhaps the 2/3 majority decides is simply going to become your ultimate fate. Conformity (as your basic form of being ruled by dictator) may soon become your only option, short of remaining in a self induced coma.

This preliminary introduction, as to our first manned mission to another planet and for many other reasons, is why there is the requirement for the "security deposit/investment" or disposable venture investment, so as to in part confirm your intent, but then also for creating the necessary expendable funding that will eventually determine or not your final position for qualifying you towards acquiring one of those final boarding passes, but then still, and only if unanimously accepted, will you then be required to fork over your final boarding pass investment ($90+ million). This also applies for corporate and government sponsored passengers as well, with the only exception being that of the official crew, which they will essentially function as your internment wardens (your new pagan Gods) for the duration of the mission and, if you can remain at least somewhat civil, they might even come to visit you after everyone gets back on Earth, even if you should end up in the loony bin (by that time, I'll most likely have a room reserved for you, perhaps on the same ward if not right next to mine).

The index/page will further inform and keep you updated about this discovery, about the opportunities and/or compromises that await, perhaps also helping to explore as to why others and myself have since come into believing that our very own Club NASA as become so impudent, such as, by their not otherwise discovering this 13+ year old surprise in the first place as well as so pathetically further being so unable and/or disabled as to proceed with any form of practical support, that's even in spite of my having offered the first opportunities directly onto their proverbial doorsteps, thereby obviously making them (including NSA/DoD and the likes of NIMA) fully aware of exactly what I have observationally uncovered, as well as to what others and I believe these opportunities should ultimately represent. Go figure.

If you have any questions, pertinent input or advise (such as proper medications), now is certainly a good time.

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