One day there was Venus

By; Brad Guth / IEIS      Feb. 04, 2002    (update: April 27, 2002)

Understand; This may in fact have nothing whatsoever or offer, of having anything to do with my Venus discovery and, since I do not have all the math nor the super-computer that can fully demonstrate upon what these conjectures may suggest, don't start yourself off with bashing me because, I've already stated this is merely a series of worthy conjectures. However, since you certainly weren't there to see for yourself, so here goes nothing.

Listening to most of my critics, one might actually believe that the planet Venus was BIG-BANG created and essentially always where it is and furthermore, nearly always hot as hell, thereby not one microbe ever made it past go. Well guess again; The Venus of today has it's seasons, primarily those seasons of DAY and of NIGHT and, that obnoxious (to Earth humans) atmosphere still contains some (several mega-tonnes worth) of that H2O as trapped into those thick clouds.

Those so called impenetrable thick clouds are not always producing 100% coverage, nor remaining at the same density and consistency, as there are semi-transparent (opacity) zones along with somewhat lessor cloud elevations at nighttime, much cooler as well, as affected by rather substantial vertical thermal issues and, all of this is in addition to those much talked about upper atmospheric winds in contrast to the much lesser surface winds (significant surface areas being defined as roughly from -5 km to 10+ km), which by the freaking way (considering the mostly CO2 atmospheric aspect) should be providing nearly unlimited conversion energy (especially at 4+bar/km as easily derived kinetic energy acquired from vertical shafts).

Then there's a little something good to being said about those upper winds (just like right here on Earth, except far better) that could obviously enable a considerable boost as to efficiently traveling about their globe via massive rigid airships (not that massive is even a requirement, as the lift/buoyancy factors are so considerable), not that with sufficient energy and of using the much less vigorous winds existing below the clouds wouldn't have been proficiently utilized. After all, airship travel below and/or even above the Venus clouds is technically doable, relatively safe if that's accommodated mostly within their season of nighttime, especially since any solar illuminated exposure above the clouds would become lethal to most forms of life as we know of.

Day zero: many objects are captured by the sun's gravity and we achieve "solar system" (not necessarily on the same day).

Day bazillion: Earth's geological environment is stabilizing and microbe evolution (without Darwin) is doing it's thing.

Day bazillion and one: Venus arrives, captured by the Sun and somewhat by Earth's L1 + Venus's L2 (Earth gets really cold, losing out on some 15% of it's solar radiation).

Day bazillion plus whatever: The sun continues to suck harder at all of it's planets  (DNA on Venus becomes overly concerned).

Day; not all that long ago: Venus is finally pulled and/or blasted away from the Earth/Venus EL1/VL2 merger via a little help from a moon that was no longer a happy camper  (Whew!, Earth thaws out and, we've got hold of the Venus moon to boot).

Day whatever is a little more current: Earth and Venus have been zipping about the Sun  (Darwin invents life as we know it, and perhaps even re-invents God as we know it).

Day now: NASA proclaims itself "God", stipulates that since no other planet has been visited by Darwin nor supports any other variation of evolution, other than Earth like, that somehow Earth is now the one and only center of the universe and, that laws of physics that work quite nicely for Earth do not have to work for the likes of our moon or Venus.

By they way; while being somewhat mutually stuck at (EL1)+(VL2), a few of those Venus inhabitance may have managed to jump ship before their world was sucked towards the Sun (this may have seemed like the right thing to do), thus an enormous gap or jump in DNA/RNA coding is received by Earth. At the nearby distance of a mere 3 to perhaps 4 million kilometers, as a result Venus has been somewhat imposing that of a shade factor upon Earth (at the very least representing a blockage of 12% worth of solar energy from reaching Earth) and, also making for a relatively short excursion if one wanted to abandon Venus in the hopes of reaching Earth (sort of your "now or never" situation, made somewhat easier if not rather testy by an elliptical orbiting moon that was coming ever closer and closer to striking Earth as well as for a likely rebound glancing blow off Venus). Trust me on this outcome, the direr situation was not such a good thing for life as we do or don't know of on either planet, with a wild lunar thing about to alter the existance of whomever is a rather sure thing, no question about it.

Just for the most basic of math for my conjuring upon all of this (based upon our present day planetary positions):
 Earth's L1 = 1,491,926 km
Venus's L2 = 1,014,230 km

Of whatever the actual EL1/VL2 gravity-well initial balance was, I haven't the smarts to figure that one out, even though there should be some developed software that could nail this down. Then of introducing the Venus lunar mass as entering the modeling program with initially having a somewhat netural polar lunar orbit, that which would obviously soon become the eliptical orbiting moon from hell, is obviously getting things a bit complicated to say the least.

With some fairly good planetary and solar system creation modeling software, and perhaps a top notch CRAY computer or perhaps several, one should be capable of backing up time until all this makes sense or not, after all, there are a few significant variables getting involved, such as the conjectures by others of Earth somehow materializing our moon (which may even have been the cause and/or consequence for the eventual breakup of the Earth L1 + Venus L2 merger), then of course, a few million other planetary involvements and/or interactions worth of considerations, along with whatever else was going on with the Sun throughout all this time. This is where your input and computer modeling is certainly invited.

Phase 2 & 3 conjectures: I have also decided that I want someone to consider Earth's orbit as not only temporarily capturing Venus, but also along with it's moon, then (because Earth is simply the bigger gravitational bully) stripping that moon away from Venus, just prior to Venus then being pulled towards the sun, into the present day orbit. The third concept is simply to interject with having the moon being somehow materialized from Earth (sort of a super boil ejection) and, as that being the trigger or event which separates Earth and Venus from their mutual L1/L2 embrace. Running out so many variations (say we process ten billion years worth per calculation and, if we use a base of 12 check points per year, that's only 120 billion computational process runs per conjecture, times perhaps 100 million possible conjectures, should be a snap for any good computer and software team). You may consider this as my complementary computer duty cycle test and, if these millions of bazillions of calculations don't manage to fry your CPU's, nothing will. Perhaps the mass-parallel or global internet supercomputer will accomplish this task in months, as compared to what otherwise occupying a cluster of full blown CRAY's for years could manage. A little computer computational feedback on this subject would be most welcome.

Phase 4 conjecture: A slight variation upon the above, with the minor exception as to perhaps my defining that initial Venus moon, as that amounting to having a mass of approximately 3.3 x 10^23 (kg) and a radius of 2440 km. In order to keep from confusing this Venus moon with that of the present day Earth moon, let us name this Venus moon; Mercury.

In order to make any sense of all this, one must at least be capable of considering this as being a viable possibility:

Earth (originally without a moon) is joined by the latest entry into our solar system, that being Venus accompanied my it very own and somewhat large moon. Merging into this solar system in such a manor that the combined Earth L1 and Venus (w/moon) L2 places these newcomers into a semi-stable position (between us and the sun). However, because of the Venus w/moon represents a rather substantial (undulating) affect upon what would otherwise be a somewhat stable L1+L2 existence of Earth and Venus, such an imbalance causes obvious internal core instabilities for Earth (somewhat geologically super active) to eventually eject a moltent mass, further aided by the gravitational pull of Venus and it's moon (Mercury), thereby essentially creating the present day Earth moon (just like those Apollo missions seemed to have proven, that Earth's moon is essentially comprised of the very same raw materials as Earth).

The massive moltant ejection of such an amount of material from Earth's core, (having it's own significant impact upon introducing further mutual gravity imbalances), along with the now highly elliptical orbit of the Venus moon (Mercury), causes thorough instability of the initial L1+L2 equilibrium to basically dislodge itself from being so collected and, with Earth pulling away along with it's newly created moon, off goes Venus towards the Sun, along with Venus further loosing it's grip upon it's moon (Mercury), as the elliptical lunar orbits (those greatly exaggerated by the L1+L2 merger) along with breaking L1+L2 embrace becomes such as to allow the Venus moon as to essentially evolve into an independent planet.

Now we have Earth (due to the recent Venus and possibly Mercury encounter, pulled somewhat closer towards the Sun) with our newly captured or created moon and, leaving us is the planet Venus (no longer having a moon) and, perhaps the original Venus moon well on it's way as to becoming the planet Mercury. More Sun illumination reaches Earth and most life starts over, perhaps along with a somewhat new DNA twist or two.

I already know that all of this will be hard to deal with, so how about trying something new and radical, like focusing upon the possibilities instead of pretending you're all so damn right all the time, as any fool can discount every aspect of what I am trying to suggest, whereas, it will likely require a team of near geniuses to take the high road. Seems these days, our NASA has been running a littly shy of geniuses.

A positive outlook; What a thoroughly radical concept. Besides demanding more then what most of us have to offer, along with that of a fairly massive parallel computational effort, as to be processing upon a few thousand trillion variations towards resolving this series of conjectures, could in fact introduce a totally new way of thinking, that of looking at the greater potential of our discovering a more likely truth and, thereby proving out and perhaps learning something that is not based upon notions nor the ulterior motives of our NSA/DoD.

All that I am saying is this; It is highly possible that there can be a reasonable assumption that Earth may not have originally merged into this solar system and stabilized (purely upon it's own) exactly where we are today and, that other planets and their moons may have come along at various intervals and, there may have been (I certainly don't know why the hell not) opportunities for an L1+L2 event or two, that which may have placed Venus sufficiently close to Earth (say 2.7 to 3.3 million kilometers worth, thereby partially blocking the Sun), whereas allowing for some possibility of DNA migration from the lessor planet (Venus) onto the greater planet (that's us), either by natural events such as random asteroid transports and/or of moons bouncing off each other or perhaps those fully orchestrated by a sufficient degree of intelligence (you know; of those desiring to live), something quite like what we are planning upon as eventually achieving with regard to Mars, delivering equipment and then taking of DNA just to see what happens.

If according to NASA; their latest revelation is that our moon was somehow shot into orbit from Earth (thereby lunar samples have conveniently become equal to Earth samples), then the same conjecture should uphold for the possibility of Venus becoming evolutionary involved, which could then just as well have either delivered our moon and/or erupted one or simply caused Earth to erupt with sufficient force and/or interaction impacts as to cause whatever (including DNA) to reach Earth.

Unfortunately, there are so many good variables and so little time (speaking of your and my lifetimes) to unlock what's out there to be fully realized. Besides applying a fairly massive computational effort, it seems essential that we must stretch our perceived limits and, in order to do so may involve disclosing some unfortunate history, which I see as being the only barrier influencing if not outright stopping the re-exploration of what I've discovered as existing on Venus (sort of like NASA doing whatever it can to discourage others if not to prevent other Nations from re-exploring our moon and, at this point I could guess, I would not be all that surprised to see a little Star-Wars testing mishap or two, that would certainly make future lunar surveys quite frustrating to say the least).

I may have yet another improved variation upon Venus and that of our solar system evolution. As such conjectures go, this one is certainly chock-full of twists and turns.

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