The Secret Discoveries of "GUTH Venus"

by: Brad Guth / IEIS

As astronomers and supposed explorers, some day fairly soon, we are headed back to Venus. After all, at times it's merely 108 times as far as our moon and, reflecting back upon those nearly flawless Apollo missions, our now avoiding this highly available excursion should be telling you something and, their avoiding the "first contact" opportunity is however a bit more pathetic.

As you should recall; according to NASA, those lunar landers worked without a hitch (now we even have the well proven Shuttle). On top of all that, our spacecraft engineers and those Apollo astronauts were all so freaking good that they didn't even require one successful (1/6th gravity) scaled test flight and, as NASA records further indicated; the extended space travel and full body exposures to those once feared radiation considerations were totally unfounded, as apparently our hybrid radiation proof astronauts and even their highly sensitive film failed to detect nor were those astronauts the least bit impacted by anything much greater then what's available at Area-51 (such a deal). Even that Apollo-16 mission which had not only to transit that Van Allen belt twice, but also endured the greatest ever recorded solar eruptions and subsequent radiation exposures (some of us on Earth were even detectably over exposed) however, they and again all of that sensitive film did just fine, astronauts never lost one thin hair let alone requiring transfusions and bone marrow replenishments.

So, going by NASA's very own records and somewhat counting upon the past 35 years as accomplishing a great deal more space travel capability, so I don't see what all the fuss is about. At the very least, our placing a shuttle like craft at the Venus L2 should be a totally done deal. Once there, surely our crack rocket wizards can maintain a continuous supply of beer and pizza, so that the 18 month mission cycle can be taken advantage of.

Well obviously; for the past 16 months and counting, since not one soul has been willing to accept the challenge nor responsibility, I have been attempting to sell this discovery as an affordable set of opportunities and more so as entirely worthy obtainable goals, upon which a little focus can most easily obtain and realize the greater good and values from such a worthwhile discovery, especially when this goal happens to be so pathetically nearby. But then perhaps we need another decades worth of American arrogance to pass before this becomes something of a win-win situation for those captains of the good ship NASA.

Merely informing those in positions of doing something (anything) has become a thorough waste of time and, attempting to shame the status quo into action has been a mistake or at best another example of what else I've uncovered. As most governmental agencies go, NASA has no shame nor remorse and, those associated with being employed by and/or funded by, or merely profiting by being associated with, are surely not the least bit interested in seeing their pagan (cash cow) god tarnished.

"See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Smell no Evil"  is the every backbone of Club NASA's "nondisclosure" cult, which remains relatively intact and thriving as I'm writing this. However, don't allow NASA to state otherwise about my discoveries, as there is a great deal at stake here, some of which will become devastating and extremely costly to America, however, my discoveries are is not the root or cause, nor will it ever become the demise of what little good we have accomplished. Others opposing my discovery will likely state otherwise and, they are flat out lying because, they fear for their jobs, benefits and security, mostly they may even fear of potentially lethal reprisals by those so impacted by the past accomplishments of their very own (mostly cold-war) NASA/NSA/DoD agendas. 9/11 may have to become nothing as compared to what the future holds, still there may be no release.

In most countries and civilized states, the person(s) merely driving the getaway car is equally accountable as those doing whatever crime. When you knowing work for an agency or GodFather that has ulterior motives and agendas, in this instance having close ties to the likes of NSA/DoD, and willingly accomplishes whatever is being asked of yourself while knowing if not sharing in the ultimate outcomes (such as job rewards, benefits and security), then how otherwise are others to judge your actions? Perhaps fear is the only remaing option, just look at how how far that got Hitler (damn near got him the entire world).

It seems as though;  whenever there is a fault or disaster at hand (lost satellite, lost probe, dead crew members, whatever), no one person or group is taking the point. On the other hand, whenever there is a perceived accomplishment, dozens rush forward to claim the glory and prizes, even though nearly if not all of their supposed accomplishments were fully funded by you and me (taxpayers) and thereby they should only be fairly recognized but not necessarily rewarded for merely doing their job. Often those accomplishments are simply too few and far between and then often costing the taxpayers multitudes of cost overruns, some of which have amounted into the billions while others like those Apollo missions (if you were to include all the cloak and dagger damage control to date) has represented well in excess of 250 billions, and that's not even including the ultimate cleanup super-fund that's coming.

Every other week or so, I see and/or read about another contrived cold-war fiasco, of hidden agendas, hidden cost of hundreds of millions into billions, plus risking and costing lives on both sides and nearly getting the rest of us into a nuclear thermal meltdown and/or perhaps worse, a hybrid-bio attack (I guess that's why NSA/DoD have been so focused upon those Mars microbes, as nothing else makes any sense).

OK, I give up;  instead of our merely affordably returning to explore Venus, so we apparently and truly need those lethal microbes from Mars and, it looks like our NSA/DoD can't possibly exist without the capabilities and cloak of NASA. Even though on Earth, we have barely managed to catalog 10% of our own microbes and of the spreading mutations that are seemingly eating us alive, so apparently getting our dirty hands on those additional microbes will certainly turn the tide in our favor. Ya, you bet!

Over the past couple of decades, as far as research and exploration of the planet Venus is concerned, those most recent studies and subsequent reports have been fine tuning upon some of the more likely environments, as generally these later achievements have resulted in somewhat lower temperature estimates as well as increased awareness of there being substantial elevation potentials (some reaching 17 km) as well as sufficient elements by which appropriate technology could be utilized to further sustain certain forms of evolved life and, even as to accommodating our arrival, as long as our support pods and air conditioning should hold out. Sufficiently heat exchanged robotics will certainly become possible, especially at such greater elevations as "GUTH Venus" and most certainly more so at 10km sites and then at night.

Of course, in order to help make all this happen, a good L2 relay satellite or better yet a manned platform would probably come in real handy.

My observational discovery of there being significant structures and evidence of infrastructure, plus even a strong indication of there being an airship transport capability, is not without the holy grail of "extraordinary proof". Unfortunately, for NASA and perhaps for all of humanity, in my honest efforts to better understand their definition and official rules of "extraordinary proof", I came across a few other discoveries having nothing whatsoever to do with the planet Venus. Now I'm thoroughly confused.

Ongoing research by others has been making slow progress as to what potential natural or otherwise geological resources are at hand and, as likely at work or play on Venus. Merely being hot (which was not always the case, at least not as hot as NASA records stand) is not precluding any functionality of there being other evolved life, nor as by having an amount of sulphuric acid within a mostly CO2 upper atmosphere, which can even be a good thing because, from such raw elements, amounts of oxygen (O2) can be extracted along with water extraction (H2O), then obviously from that most basic cocktail, most any sufficient amounts of Hydrogen (H2) may be derived and/or further extracted, that which can be openly stored as Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and/or merely by that of converting some of that stored H2O into pure H2 (for airship buoyancy) at a rate of 1000 units of H2 per unit of H20 and, I've been informed that this process is not all that complex nor energy consuming. Even applying the lessor buoyancy of commonly available Nitrogen (N2) would surfice and, there's certainly more then enough of that.

Not knowing what the deep geological composition of Venus holds is a real mystery at this juncture, however, the greater possibilities are those leaning towards there being worthy deposits of sufficient elements of petrol/chemicals, likely of those to even include atomic elements.

Besides obvious geothermal considerations for producing energy, the lower elevation surface winds that are not all that much, however they are of mostly co2 and, if perched atop a significant mountain ridge line, those updrafts from a rise of 5 km should represent at least 10 meters per second of extremely dense (CO2 rich) and therefore of potentially extremely powerful wind energy. A developed vertical air shaft, working from the applied differential of approximately 4 bar per km (just that's damn near 60 psi worth of co2 energy), which could easily develop a sustained 20 knot vertical draft (perhaps depending upon this wind shaft configuration; 30 knots or 15 meters per second could be obtained), where that much wind of such a thick atmosphere, developed across an opening or wind turbine of 100 meters each would easily provide mega watts worth of sustained natural energy, offering essentially no thermal signature to detect. One such potential site (easily representing a 1+km rise) indicates a volcanic vent opening which could easily be accommodating multiple vertical air column turbines, perhaps dozens of such 100 meter (or larger) turbines could fit with room to spare.

With a little such recovered wind energy, science and technology can achieve nearly any goal, unless their all busy working on the next NSA/DoD ruse or simply so thoroughly bogged down by their past and subsequent "damage control", then nothing worthy for humanity will ever happen, at least not in our lifetime.

With fewer words, I hope I've restated a portion of my case and, I have for those critics provided within my research much of the essential observational "extraordinary proof", that which whole heartedly surpasses those strict Apollo standards. So, besides this discovery having sufficient merit, there is a "first contact" opportunity at hand. What do you feel should be done about that?

With a little luck, focused by fortitude and stamina, eventually some National or better qualified and/or deserving international research and exploration group will realize what's to be had and, for their sake, they will not be disappointed nor unrewarded.

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