Helloooo; Earth to Venus

by: Brad Guth / IEIS   (updated August 06, 2002)

This project or quest if you well, is about anything but deep space communications: 0.271AU is simply not anything deep-space  (folks, that's damn near right next door, a local laser area code at that, under 2.5 light-minutes away and that's under 5 minutes round trip). A couple other new pages may read somewhat better: Calling Venus, and/or Photon~Gate.

It's been well over a year since I initially posted this concept and, I've since delivered this challenge onto dozens of supposedly overly qualified souls, at least so I thought were sufficiently qualified (my mistake). Obviously planetary communications is entirely over the heads of those I've contacted and, I can only presume of those friends which must equally not have a clue as to the greater possibilities of what's at hand and so easily obtainable at that.

Searching for and communicating with intelligence via visible light (including UV and IR for nocturnal's) is quite frankly something that's very good and universal. I would have thought downright obtainable, as otherwise, using sound or even more so as via radio is simply a thoroughly bad idea (unless you already happen to know the language and level of radio communications technology at hand and how to penatrate it through (and to/from) those thick clouds, of which we obviously do not have a clue, as we can't hardly understand what's being spoken here on Earth, as from that aspect of Earth humans which represent well under 0.1% of Earth's total species at that, even though light has always been something entirely recognizable by well over 99% of Earth's known species). So what are the odds that whatever is surviving on Venus has eyes?

Any planet such as Venus, as now especially so overloaded with toasty hot CO2 and subsequently clouded over, life would not likely have the same motivation nor even the need as to developing global let alone planetary (microwave) radio capable technologies, especially when a 5 watt hand held CB radio (of lower frequency application due to their efficient radio wave reflective cloud cover) should be easily doing the trick for nearly all of their long-range surface and whatever airborne global communications requirements and, thereby entirely undetectable to our best technology.

Earth creatures (including most humans, but not necessarily of NASA image interpreters) are sufficiently sensitive to visible light, some more so then others and, in one manner or another we invariably depend most heavily upon such visual stimulation, to a much greater extent then of our hearing (audio being typically conveyed by inefficient acoustical sound waves and/or that being extended via radio wave transmissions) and, I do believe our fundamental instinctive (survival) characteristics are thereby vastly more so universally perceptive as to that of illuminations then of sound (most animals can lose their hearing and survive, lose your sight and you're dead meat). Even of our own telecommunications technologies have recently migrated towards the utilization of light because it's so much more efficient as well as technically becoming universal, and so, why in the hell not focus our inter-planetary chitchat upon a form of communications that use the most visible of light spectrums (like from CO2 and blends of other gas illuminated laser cannons or that of pure white Xenon lamps)?

Months ago, I had bothered once again, as to re-inform NASA and, I even offered BOEING Aerospace (their nifty flying star-wars laser cannon division) the opportunity of applying their laser cannons towards something useful as far as our mutual humanity is concerned. If nothing else, I thought that a little laser cannon duty cycle testing could be applied in the form of sending a few thousand messages towards Venus, then our solar monitoring L1 stationed satellite could look for signs of any reply, as well as any number of Earth based telescopes could equally be gathering upon such information. Unfortunately, our crack SETI teams have been and still are looking at thousands of light years further away, so freaking far away that even if they ever do detect anything, those sending whatever message are thoroughly dead and folks, we're talking about at least twice that much time delay before we can ever realize/establish contact, as that opposed to our simply calling Venus via local laser communications, where we're dealing in a local laser area code of merely light-minutes rather then thousands to millions of light-years. I'm sorry folks but, the very foundation and of the blatant illogic of SETI has totally escaped my level of reasoning (perhaps that's because I've broken yet another fundamental law of Club NASA, by actually thinking without my obtaining prior approvals along with the scripted context of whatever I am supposedly independently thinking about).

As usual, even after several attempts, I never heard a peep (at least not a positive peep) out of either SETI, BOEING nor NASA, so I suppose they're quietly doing something, but will not likely be handing out any credits until you and I are thoroughly dead. So there goes at least another couple of (hopefully for myself that's three decades) wasted decades and perhaps another few trillion bucks without ever one worthy planetary contact ever happening. NSA/DoD with their cloak as provided by NASA, they may think they've never had it so good, smug at least, until the next 9/11 and so on, then if anyone of us is still alive, we're more likely as to be rather pissed off about not being told of such a nearby planet, especially one which has been simply a whole lot smarter than and perhaps even recently become a whole lot safer than Earth.

I've since re-applied some fundamental calculations;  these will be updated as others or I learn and discover more (such as Xenon luminance) and/or simply by correcting upon my math. Based upon using an Earth based 100 KW CW laser or better yet 10 of them (these days this is often being prototyped as towards becoming a fairly common tactical field weapon). If the targeting is having to accomplish this with a 0.01 degree point or beam of focus, this source as viewed from Venus would cover something under 14,500 km diameter, this could thereby achieve a 0.566 mw/km2 illumination. A somewhat more ideal focus of 0.001 degree would obviously require far better targeting and would then obtain a relatively brilliant 226 mw/km2. Obviously a grater number of synchronised 100 KW sources from Earth or that of an airborne GW class cannon would be all that more advantageous (not even the least bit lethal and thereby of little interest for NSA/DoD types). However, a little non-Islamic target exercise couldn't hurt anyone, unless you just happen to be in the path of our communications efforts, which might become somewhat bad news.

An initial sequence of visible light (laser CW/Morse-Code pulses) transmissions as directed towards Venus for example, and preferably sourced from that of a hundred well separated Earth based emitters (each focused upon Venus and being globally synchronized so as to collectively and simultaneously emit a 2 to 3 minute sequence (using a universal phrase), initiated upon each and every 15 minutes (24/7), would have to represent the most universal form of intelligence communications, that which most any degree of civilization would simply have to recognize, regardless of how advanced or not their capabilities had become. Obvious laser safety related considerations must prevail, as pertaining to any Earth based and/or even satellite generated laser usage, thus orchestrating and overall coordination of efforts for this project must comply within the greater safety parameters (to be established guidelines) that clearly must already exist. Perhaps laser cannons are representing an over-kill, as quite possibly our existing astronomy optics could be those modified as (God forbid) full visible spectrum light emitters and then simply considered as becoming two-way (duplex) light-wave communication instruments.

Highly elevated territories of Venus, with some of these areas a bit more then 10+km or 33,000' (with peaks reaching 17+km) and otherwise specifically the elevated territory of "GUTH Venus" LAT -16.00 / LONG 095.00   Along with their extended nighttime (2900 hours worth) which should positively affect the atmospheric clarity and even potentially of somewhat transparent (lessor or thinner clouded) zones near some of those higher elevations plus, (as I have already pointed out) there is a somewhat plausible consideration that Venus has developed sufficient airship capability of sufficient technology that could function as their nighttime observational astronomy platform, which clearly makes this communications event all that more likely then not. Just because I can, I've calculated the Venus diameter at 3.25% of the Sun, as that being viewed from Earth's L1 satellite, and that's more then sufficient for good observation of anything in the way of artificial illumination emissions (SETI can just eat my laser/xenon beams).

A somewhat closer review of this massive airship potential, of it's considerable buoyancy and it's energy solutions may be in order. Then also as to the basic functionality of exactly how this airship manages to obtain and utilize sufficient CO2-->CO/O2 energies so as to achieve and sustain a 50 km to 75 km (nighttime astronomy capable) altitude.

This "first contact" challenge is clearly not of any unchartered technology, and quite possibly thanks to our thoroughly paranoid "star-wars" initiatives, we may already have the required (over-kill) technology, ready and capable (as ultra powerful ground based as well as airborne multi-GigaWatt laser cannons, of those soon to become lethal space based lasers and, each bought and paid for, some several times over) for sending the designated "pulsed packet/CW phrase" towards Venus. These potentially lethal instruments of supposedly purely defensive nature could be just as well implemented as a form of fulfilling (God forbid) friendly humanitarian needs, yet at the same time fulfilling valuable duty-cycle Star-Wars testing requirements, for which our warm and fuzzy NSA/DoD might even volunteer them (fat chance, so we might just have to outright purchase prototypes as surplus weapons and perhaps acquire even better ones from Russia or China before anyone can, God forbid, use them for purely peaceful means). Then along with our swarms of well funded crack NASA wizards, (including several soon to be unemployed NASA types) always supposedly situated near those massively expensive and sensitive Earth based and otherwise closely monitoring those even more costly and equally more sensitive remote space platform instruments and, even yourself should hopefully be at least somewhat curious enough to devote some of your valuable cosmic deep-space conjuring time, as to collectively gathering and analyzing any potential replies from Venus (optically visible or otherwise) as emitting from the surface or above those clouds of Venus.

I know;  how boring and, this is not even NASA's nor your idea, so I'm to realize or guess that no matters what, this challenge simply isn't going to work, as that way you and your cloak and dagger friends can go about your business of spending massive quantities of tax dollars on something totally useless to Earth's humanity and, preferably (with the exception of those lethal Mars microbes) upon something a thousand or more useless light-years away.

Of course, I believe so much needs to be accomplished before October 2002 and, because this may not be their or even your idea, therefore, my expecting of others to formally share in merely "first contact", this may simply be asking far too much, especially without massive and essentially unlimited up-front funding (like in those good old cold-war Apollo days), and perhaps becoming ever so much more so touchy if our "first contact" should emerge as a result of my "GUTH Venus" discovery because, any viable planetary target that freaking close and that easily obtainable would pretty much permit various other taxpayer options of instigating continued NASA cut-backs (as who needs NASA anyway), if not upon further termination plans, but upon shutting down many less potentially fruitful deep-space endeavors, like how about not even going after those Mars microbes (DAMN! sorry about that).

My original objectives;  as I was attempting 18 months ago, when backed with somewhat minimal funding (in relation to your typical NASA space research and exploration missions), is to see that all institutions as well as privet individuals or groups could obtain a bit more then just their essential overhead (in other words; "profits"), as I'm hopefully offering a series of "first two-way contact" awards of sufficient value, at least that would be my idea of developing a true space research and exploration lattice that could easily function at not more the 10% of any equivalent annual NASA budget (I mean; just that "non-disclosure" issue alone has to be consuming 25% of their overall budget, probably at times as much as 50% and, that's not even including any "OOPS" factors like 9/11).

A Morse coded (CW/packet) sequence, such as but obviously not limited to the following script, could form the basis of our first contact efforts. This series of globally sequenced as well as space platform synchronized transmissions targeted at Venus, beginning no later then September 2002 and supported 24/7 through December 2003, thus providing a four month global and hopefully space platform assisted effort, should offer our best chances of sufficiently penetrating the Venus upper atmosphere, especially as their darken side slips past Earth at a mere 0.271 AU.

TRIGGER/synchronize: upon every 15 minutes

EARTH 1.0  (extra pause)   SUN 109   MERCURY .3825   VENUS .9488   EARTH 1.0   MARS .5326   JUPITER 11.28   SATURN 9.449   URANUS 4.007   NEPTUNE 3.88   PLUTO .1783   (extra pause)  EARTH 1.0

code short = 0.25 sec.
code long = 0.75 sec.
dwell = 0.5 sec. (pause) = 1 sec

A somewhat shorter numerical sequence, one which could be initiated upon 5 minute intervals is as follows:
3  (extra pause)  0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   (extra pause)  3

Naturally; should binary code become self evident (over that of common Morse Code), then by all means we should be providing serious duplex data streaming exchanges (say starting off at 8 baud and eventually going for broke, hopefully at least simplex packets of broad band exchanges). I'll just bet our smut and spam outweighs theirs.

If you would care to suggest an alternate phrase sequence, please do, just as long as our global effort has been synchronized upon sending that message, as there should be ample time (at least two months worth) for all sorts of technics, where your phrase could represent the lucky number, the jackpot of your lifetime. If I had it to give away (such as merely 1% of NASA's budget), I would be offering an additional ten million (above your investments) for the first two-way conversation and somewhat lessor amounts for other accomplishments (or we could just let our Club NASA acquire this entire project and take all the credits and that means all the moneys, and that should only take perhaps another decade, cost us a few hundred millions or perhaps better yet, a few billions), then naturally you and I would get nothing whatsoever and, we would likely be dead anyway by the time NASA types ever get around to doing a damn thing.

Limited research based upon a well established lunar experiment; this was achieved at a distance of 385,000 km, with a laser targeted at the lunar surface which created a supposed diameter of 7km. I reviewed some of these fairly old lunar/laser experiments so as to better understand the potential of applying such for communications attempts, as related to the planet Venus (and please tell me otherwise), all of this concept looks perfectly valid, especially when Venus becomes a mere 0.271AU distance (that's approx 105 times the lunar distance) and, we would not be having to look for any laser reflection as with the lunar example.

If this single laser source of moderate (40 watt) power from a Earth surface based emission has proven sufficient to develop a 7km diameter laser target zone on the moon, of sufficient illumination energy which then provided a reflected returning target diameter (through Earths' atmosphere at that) of 20km. Perhaps by running this same equation out to the greater distance of 40,233,500km (that's roughly 108 times further away, as towards the end of October 2002 when Venus is nearby), this could produce a relatively, I would have to believe, and sufficiently tight laser target diameter of 735km (at least onto those Venus upper clouds of their somewhat cool upper nighttime atmosphere) and, otherwise with somewhat obvious dispersion and considerable photon degrade as potentially reaching the planet surface (as peering through those reportedly somewhat transparent zones), at a planetary surface which offers us a 12,104km target diameter, of which 735km seems to represent a fairly tight 16.5:1 ratio, so that further dispersion in order to reach at least those elevated surface(s) of 5km to 10km (peaks representing @17+ km) on Venus should not impose such a challenge, just a need as for applying plenty more lasers equally or better concentrated illumination watts, preferably each being equivalent to a 100kw or so laser cannon should do the trick quite nicely. And remember, we are not looking as to obtaining any laser reflection, but rather for a Venus powered/sourced reply, which need not even be laser capable, only as being sufficiently bright against their pitch black nighttime upper atmospheric clouds, so that any number of our existing observational instruments, especially those situated at Earth's L1 should be easily capable of discriminating at least that much, such as if detecting what a relatively broadly focused (one degree worth of 100 kw) illumination might represent, or of what a fairly crude (1 kw @0.01 degree) laser could easily deliver.

This following context is a most recent letter, as one I intended as for informing and acquiring support and/or as for urging others into action.

Sent to the attention of;  Dr. Alan Burnham "BURNHAM1@LLNL.GOV"


(humanitarian use of laser cannons as communication transmitters and, then receiving data packets via conventional Earth based optical observations)

I have developed a preliminary goal or challenge, that which needs some prompt attention, as prior to September 2002.

There has become more then reasonable cause to believe that a sufficiently intelligent form of life existed on Venus and furthermore, that this life may have evolved so as to successfully compete against all odds, as to surviving their past and existing environments of Venus. 18 months ago, I had bothered to inform NASA, they were not impressed and, as a result, I'm certain that you and your associates have not been properly advised as to the greater implications and opportunity at hand.

Contrary to the "status quo"; There are many worthy considerations that further support this conjecture. Based initially upon the raw 75 meter/pixel (as reduced from approximately 94 m/pixel) as that greatly being further enhanced by the 43 perspective at which the 8-bit SAR imaging was being acquired and, subsequently magnified upon by a certified digital process which allows a conservative 10X (entirely reversible) enhancement.

1 - The official image of a limited portion of Venus, as that acquired by the Magellan spacecraft, of sufficiently extraordinary SAR imaging technology that offers sufficient resolution and, as such acquired at the perspective of 43, so as to best discern/differentiate upon the most probable true nature of there being a sufficient number of interrelated geometrical instances, those having symmetrical and rational looking engineered attributes, which by contrast and by comparison to the otherwise well documented common and rugged terrains of Venus, clearly indicates the most strongest possibility ("truth") of their existence, as those being most likely artificial by nature.

2 - The ruling consensus of the mostly CO2 atmosphere, has sufficiently been revised so as to properly conclude, that along with a limited degree of technology and that certain elevated territories during periods of such an extended (2900 hour) nighttime period, are those sufficiently being cooled, more so then previously considered by the ruling consensus.

3 - The numerous assortments and geometrical/symmetrical arrangements of these potential structures, clearly is indicating as to a number of rational community infrastructure like occurrences, either that, or these are the most highly unusual groupings of such multiple coincidences, which clearly exceeds all previously recorded planetary aspects (including those of Earth) and known reasoning as to formulating into such complex geological alterations which currently defy all existing standards of known science.

4 - The natural planetary resources and/or alternatives available, as to coping with the existing hot CO2 environment, are those of sufficient numbers and of capacity or reserve so as to deliver upon an acceptable degree of energy conversions, so as to process upon various elements (including CO2-->CO/O2) and planetary chemicals (including their moist upper atmosphere), thereby offering multiple means by which a good deal of mechanical work can be achieved.

5 - The other two site considerations, which are those associated with a separation of 180 from the primary site, these each offer a balance and logic as to the use of global capable transportation. The need to remain within the nighttime season, this makes for the conservative logic and reasoning for having such alternate elevated habitats. Others sites may exist with respect to the Istar Terra zone, which stands 10+km and may hold onto grander sites then of "GUTH Venus" (however, as imaged at much greater altitude and thereby of insufficient resolution).

6 - Within the primary site, there exist (among many worthy issues) an indication of a sufficiently large (mostly horizontal) structure, as that hosting relatively complex attributes, symmetrically arranged and being quite geometrical as with respect to other associations within the surrounding area. This massive structure is clearly situated so as to be hosting what could certainly be that of an airship. One of the other two sites is indicating a sufficiently similar structure of size and format, but not at the time of it's imaging was this site including any portion of an airship frame.

7 - Having since considered airship technology, as functioning within a mostly CO2 environment, as a valid means by which capable global transport could easily avoid the lower elevation terrain but, alternately this could afford astronomy aspects for those on Venus, by which such an airship is entirely capable of obtaining in terms of altitude above their varying cloud densities and elevations (40 km to 75 km), especially as during the cooling season of their elevated nighttime. Accomplishing this by the use of multiple gases such as H2, N2 and O2 as being those contained within a sufficiently large rigid airship format, as technically this method could achieve this feat. Thereby astronomy and subsequently the observations of Earth may be within the expertise of those existing on Venus.

8 - The less probable but essential conjecture may have to do with that of basic survival. As individuals having to deal with a bad situation, likely getting worse by every year, as such, I have the belief that our mutually close planetary encounters may soon afford something a bit more challenging then merely communications via xenon/laser. There is a remote consideration of those remaining souls, as to their resources being sufficiently finite and, that exploring for an alternate planet as to escape to, this may be literally a hot topic among those capable of doing something about a given opportunity, such as that re-occurring this October 2002.

9 - My recent knowledge of another substantial (12th) planet, as joining our close associations with the likes of Mars and Venus, as that potentially introducing a sufficient degree of it's own gravity influence (realized by many other research groups for decades and more recently by such as NASA, as to affecting the progress of our Voyager missions) is yet another cause to focus our talents and remaining resources, perhaps fortifying our mutual survivals skills against the oncoming unknowns.

10 - The capability of Earth's existing technology as to applying laser cannons for that of a purely humanitarian goal is no longer an American proprietary capability. Thereby, other nations having valid cause to research and explore the planets will be keenly motivated as to (foolish not to) taking advantage of this opportunity. It might be somewhat wise for American interest to apply a little laser cannon duty cycle testing on behalf of expediting this into an achievement worth focusing our future upon. As a wee bit mission overkill, the BOEING 747 star-wars cannon would be that capable of sufficiently illuminating those thick Venus clouds to such an extent that surface observations (being within a pitch black nighttime environment) may be capable of observing our signals first hand (optically unaided) and, sufficiently prior to other efforts which could undermine our best interest.

Let me know if you somehow feel this goal is not supported by just cause, as towards our investing such limited resources, as perhaps other nations having far fewer resources, those looking for capable ways as to compete and hopefully advance against the heavy handed American interest groups, as they may fine this opportunity something which they can master, in a way that can generate a return representing a sufficient commercial value.

To view my (non funded) research, please goto either of the following URL's.

http://geocities.com/bradguth alternate: http://guthvenus.tripod.com

"first contact" page: http://geocities.com/bradguth/hello.htm

email: ieis-brad@juno.com     alternate email: bradguth@yahoo.com

Regards, Brad Guth / IEIS 1-253-8576061

I understand that our "star-wars lasers are those in the multi-GW range (at least that's what various sources including our NSA/DoD have been claiming) and, otherwise we presently have some fairly common or more conventional Earth based commercial/research (perhaps prototype Star-Wars) CW capable lasers, ranging from multi KW to multi MW capability and, this potential is not even introducing another consideration of there being emitters integrated into some of our larger optical telescopes, as to their becoming focused illumination concentrator/emitters (perhaps as those just being illuminated from that of fairly conventional pulsed/CW or sufficiently modulated 1kw Xenon lamp, as if this illumination source were being shot down the barrel of something like KECK-II could equal near laser performance) along with that of the collectively synchronized capabilities of what several of these widely dispersed multiple laser and/or modified telescope emitter sources might otherwise collectively achieve, especially if the sole target were merely that 108 times further then our moon.

My mistake (again) was obviously having to do with my implying a "humanitarian" aspect to my goal. NASA/NSA/DoD and humanitarian issues are obviously entirely opposing/incompatible issues.

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