Ruse-101 or What The Heck's Been Accomplished

The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly
( by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: September 16, 2002 )

The anniversary of 9/11 brings back memories of my first "I told you so", even though my realization of what was to come, was not even fully on the map at that time.


In late December 2000, after my spending hundreds of hours scouring over planetary images, I discovered upon a great number of worthy artificial considerations as existing within one portion of just one of the thousands of archived images of Venus and, months later I uncovered at least two additional sites at 180 degrees (artificial as clearly meaning that it's not anything so natural and thereby someone clearly constructed and/or placed such large items there). I'm saying large because, even many of the lessor items I'm pointing out are those comprised of 10 or more such continuous and/or adjoining pixels, some of which are forming straight as an arrow continuations while others are those clearly formulating into perpendicular as well as having rounded/compound features and/or of shapely attributes as well as associated with oddly rational like infrastructure (this being sufficiently odd, as in that by nature has not been recorded as creating such artificial looking infrastructure nor as being associated along with structural attributes nor community like infrastructure).

From the surrounding terrain of rugged and expectedly random patterns caused by accepted planetary tectonics, lava flows and erosions, this well established form of observational discovery is obviously relying upon rational comparisons to those items offering unusually straight lines and/or of rounded considerations which simply do not normally exist and would be hard pressed to exist, unless there were a considerable number of good reasons which must often be somewhat revealing and likely somewhat larger then of merely unfamiliar specialized natural considerations, however folks, these potential natural factors seem not only all but missing, but otherwise as undocumented from any planet including Earth, so that sets us right back, as to my discoveries being more likely artificial then not.

The really great news is;  Venus will soon be within one of it's best/nearest locations as to Earth. A super window of opportunity through October and November of 2002, near the end of October when it's merely 105 times as far as our moon is from Earth. Folks, that's going to be damn close and well within a local xenon/laser beam area code.

Perhaps if you can't handle this one, then you have little if any business being involved with anything astronomy nor physics or much of any related science.


My first 6 months of contacting NASA officials and related other researchers was fairly dismal and even downright embarrassing, as to myself as an American. The following year was however a real eye opener, as for my identifying other worthy features and potentials for supporting at least past life on Venus, plus loads of ulterior motives as impacting anyone pushing NASA's buttons, then as to my exploring through history and soon realizing the horrific impact of hidden agendas and subsequently identifying further layers of ulterior "spin" and ongoing "damage control", a whole lot on my behalf at that, plus a slew of facts which continues to contradict a great deal of what the "status quo" wishes you and I to believe in, as most likely being responsible for instigating upon such a considerable degree of "spin" and "damage control", as that being applied against all sorts of history and now "GUTH Venus" (aren't we lucky).

As a result of my initial research and ongoing Venus discoveries, I do believe that I had informed many that were directly involved with the Magellan mission, plus further informed many others that were subsequently involved with NASA funded, thereby moderated and fully involved with subsequent publications upon all such matters, as moderated for benefiting their efforts at establishing scientific truths and certain absolutes regarding anything potentially NASA related, most certainly that's including Venus. I soon discovered and understood that one lone individual can not inform any NASA wizard of one damn thing, period!

Over some time and at great effort (mostly still on a need to know basis at that), I conferred with many and further confirmed that such planetary imaging, as hosting potentially artificial content, was officially not of any imaging error. As in the case of Magellan, there was not a satellite fault nor of any technology or data processing errors (just a few missing territorial mosaics [due to other necessary NSA/DoD demands upon our downloading data from other then Magellan] which where nowhere near any of the discovery sites). The Venus images were not intentionally or otherwise being introduced for further review as for any known ulterior motives nor was there anything the least bit distorted due to my enlargement efforts. Unlike those easily questionable Apollo missions and even as compared to ENRON/Andersen, at least my discovery and subsequent research offers a solid documentation trail along with the certified original images and as to that of my process of enlargement and subsequent deductions and, in spite of all the E-flak I've received, it only gets better.

I further confirmed upon what a great deal of other I already knew, that SAR imaging offers multitudes of significant advantages of greater truths over film and CCD technology combined. Illumination not being any factor, penetrating those thick clouds was not even a trick and, optics are certainly not at issue, nor were there subsequent scanning conversions as to formulating digital image formats, as not becoming any part of distorting nor altering the imaging process. There simply was no opportunity nor viable motive for human error nor intentional fudge factor alterations as with regard to those cold-war Apollo missions. I mean; why on Earth would NSA/DoD have developed such costly spy capable imaging if we couldn't rely upon it?


I learned that NASA hired and otherwise accommodated a very large number of supposedly qualified researchers, as to analyze every Venus image and supposed minute detail, to confirm and/or judge upon the content of what each and every image had to offer and, as to compile and correlate upon all of what past research had to offer, as well as of whatever ongoing probes and/or research could best disclose, thereby establishing the published truths as well as NASA's thoroughly moderating down upon any subsequent unauthorized or non-club research of Venus (sort of applied future appropriations insurance, especially of anything imposing doubt as to whatever previous proclamations had been established, many of which had become the backbone of obtaining their current and future appropriations). These highly thought of individuals all had more then a decade as to accomplish this effort and, there was no clock of urgency ticking nor further limits as to their continuing research upon Venus, but obviously, when the easy money stopped flowing, so had the study and research stopped dead in it's tracks. Recalling that the Magellan mission was essentially our best ever, yet like most all NASA missions, was way over budget, so much so that of the required research and subsequent analysis was either entirely bogus and/or simply woefully incomplete (in other words; a great deal of moneys were in fact paid out, although actual observational study and research was obviously not something being accomplished), but published anyway, as though all was according to our best efforts and talents.


I've learned that highly respected and subsequently highly rewarded NASA approved researchers (usually of physics science, of various ology types or of better educated [meaning they happen to know something other, about more then of one micro-nitch talent] which still is apparently not all that much better then what a Proctologist can deliver upon by merely interpreting what he or she sees while looking out the damn window of an airplane) did none the less publish a great deal, then went about saying one thing but then doing just the opposite. For instance; some of these wizards have even stipulated that life can easily exist other then on Earth, then deny any possibility of such for Venus (that's like saying mankind could, if need be, survive under water, then going about denying the possibility of utilizing or even the existence of nuclear submarines and of any other technological habitat existence, even if there's a damn good SAR "proof positive" image of just that sort of equipment and habitats). These fools or hucksters can, without remorse, further stipulate and openly argue about Earth's evolution until those cows come home and, as to what other planets should have to offer (like for frozen Mars and of those wonderful lethal microbes NSA/DoD have been waiting to get their hands on or peckers into) and then, once again entirely exclude upon Venus for not having any such worthy evolutionary attributes whatsoever. These same pro-NASA saints have been going about their sainthoods stipulating how freaking wonderful all those CCD captured planetary images are (misally single exposure per pixel, piss poor lighting offsets, multiple shadows hiding critical details, lens and atmospheric distortions and offering no composition worth nor other penetration whatsoever) and even of supporting those images captured from conventional medium format film have to show, of which at least film still offers 10 fold better resolution plus another 64 bits worth of depth over their CCD formats and, even more so capable of those non-atmospheric and thereby maximum contrast lunar specific images.

Then I discovered statements which can be found in any number of their published articles (especially as by those participating in the Magellan mission), stipulating how superior SAR imaging is to that of anything other, but then these same individuals and their cult followers have been entirely disqualifying upon such as for any closer lunar look-see, exactly as they're dismissing upon those pointing out that our Apollo missions were unexpectedly depicting multiple shadows, insufficient contrast and hot-spots that can only be those recreated by artificial lighting or at least artificial solar reflectors, as certainly nothing lunar surface worthy could have generated such occurrences, further yet, dismissing upon the rather blatant 20 to 25% average lunar reflectiveness instead of the typically dirt dull/gray 10% (where 10% is nearly what asphalt reflects, which is not at all of what any of those Apollo images captured), then within those same proclamations of imaging interpretive expertise, they have now elected (in order to disqualify upon my research) to somehow exclude and/or disqualify the entire volumes of thousands of otherwise NASA/NSA certified SAR images, such as those acquired of Venus. These are the very same supposed experts that swear upon their technically inadequate/inferior CCD planetary images, these are the very same fools or NSA/DoD Borgs claiming those Apollo images are simply fact irregardless of whatever faults, even though there's more such faults and downright photo-imaging errors and contradictory content and subsequent statements then anyone can shake a stick at, as well as by our not having access to those original irradiated and thermally stressed negatives, not to forget about our having the entire cost plus "cold-war" as for more then supporting ulterior motives and, as for offering sufficient rewards of NSA/DoD (God like) powers and, just otherwise serious gobs of moneys for anyone helping with pulling off their ultimate ruse.


You and I have since learned that NASA (as did NSA/DoD and as even most of our presidents) utilized the media in order to publish their spin and damage control "info-commercials", as well as applying whatever their expertise of renowned researchers had to say, as mostly to further impress upon the Senate Appropriations committees, so as to justify and thereby continue ongoing funding of mostly way-over budget projects and of now rather obvious hidden agendas, such as funding future missions holding not one ounce of worth for humanity (except for diverting public attention from their true results and/or as for sustaining their pockets or just otherwise as for continued funding of all those hidden agendas on behalf of their true boss: NSA/DoD).

I now fully realized that you simply can not introduce logic nor truths into any equation which NASA/NSA/DoD had any oversight or moderation involvement, as to apply such would quickly disclose layers of cloaks, then as to the subsequent hundreds of billions in the past and of what's ongoing, as being illegally taken as to fund and/or sustain such past and future schemes, plus there's yet another rather long and growing list of subsequent hidden agendas emerging, as naturally as for the taxpayers having to support all of this subsequent "spin" and "damage control". Lord only knows, all this disclosure being caused by the "GUTH Venus" discovery might eventually lead to uncovering specific instances of wrongful deaths (hopefully not of my own).

IT STARTS GETTING DOWNRIGHT UGLY (seriously cloak and dagger stuff):

Unfortunately, much unlike a common civil action, one apparently can not utilize rational arguments against of any sort NASA/NSA/DoD agendas, at least not as even based upon the illogic of their own piss poor data nor of their essentially missing support facts (such as in those Apollo missions as for regarding solar radiation, thermal cycling, their entire lack of identifiable stars and above all that, are still those missing test flights and documentation as to the 1/6th gravity scaled lunar lander itself) as tools by which to further correct upon the truth of published science knowledge and, that's only because of the deeply fraudulent cloak and dagger practices and then more then likely of those unfortunate lives taken, as they might some day need to be addressed and their families or descendants properly compensated, preferably by those still benefiting from their own past actions and/or the previous actions of their cult club, as otherwise, my limited efforts at merely correcting upon purely technical truths of Venus should only have been a solid win-win situation for all, in fact, I believe NASA should have been funding just this sort of seek-out and corrective action, so that our future of whatever robotic and hopefully manned space travel could perhaps do so without our having to make the same costly mistakes, especially involving those nondisclosure issues which more then certainly did needlessly take human life on behalf of our creating and promoting a totally fictitious cold-war against the USSR and, subsequently creating the need as to deliver upon the ultimate ruse in the first place, at all cost at that (apparently that's including the taking of whatever human life, preferably more so the lives of others associated with the USSR and then more recently with that of those having any Islamic/Muslim affiliations.


I realize that if anyone were to believe firmly in the "status quo" of NASA moderated "truths" about Venus, as certainly prior to my research and even after my announcements, you would not likely bother believing nor least of all, bother looking for artificial content because of what you've been informed by Lord NASA as well as from their strong following of cult wizard/saints. As for myself to discover and say otherwise would surely represent a slew of multiple agency and somewhat despicable errors, of outright pathetic mistakes and then a long convoluted history of ruse deployments and subsequent damage controls being applied and reapplied, that which I now believe involves (besides of the enormous financial and intellectual frauds perpetrated upon us taxpayers and the entire world of space sciences) the needless "taking of human life" or perhaps wrongful death aspects (by taking advantage of, if not starting things off with JFK), do think about it, as few other motives would seem to fit the criteria. As investigative types always say, to first follow the money and then onto those power trails, that is only if you truly wanted to understand what really happened, which most Americans obviously don't.

How is it even possible that whatever research upon Venus could do such harm?
In my learning and subsequently questioning upon some of the scientific readings and from such masses of other data accumulated as related to Venus, I discovered that without exception, those clearly involved with NASA/NSA/DoD and, especially of those directly involved with the likes of the Apollo and of the Magellan mission, so far (just like with the Apollo mess and the likes of ENRON/Andersen) even though their facts simply no longer add up to the degree supporting their analysis of Venus or our moon, obviously none were becoming the least bit interested in openly reviewing anything that could potentially become ulterior to their published standards. Obviously again, their reputations and subsequently highly paid positions in life could become seriously affected, perhaps well beyond that of any protection afforded by even a darn good a flak suit. I wondered; could all of these individuals have been involved in those Apollo and subsequent matters or, just sworn into upholding that nondisclosure cult standard, or else?

THIS STORY KEEPS GETTING ITSELF DEEPER AND DEEPER (now you'll be needing hip boots):

I have since discovered that hundreds of detailed research papers and documentation publications were created in conjunction with and under the fullest of moderation by NASA, so that essentially all libraries (including international) plus associated learning institutions were stockpiled with such and, for making much of this as required study and reading for a number of space research related courses. In other words; you need your masters degree in Ruse-101 before you'll ever be accepted into anything associated with the likes of Club NASA, where the sorts of massive over-budget funding along with a good deal of personal and family benefits is more then reason enough as to keeping your damn mouth shut, as well as your Borg brain closed to anything "truth" related.

Folks; I have since learned that we have a great number of logical research breakthroughs which have been intentionally withheld from the general public as well as form a great number of scientific learning institutions, as for anything that could potentially unlock hidden agendas or of the truths of the past, as such having been systematically withheld and/or eliminated or denied altogether from the record (this is serious "book burning" on steroids, making ENRON/Andersen and those nifty shredders as looking more like saints).


I've inadvertently discovered that our true performance of Earth based SAR imaging of planetary and lunar bodies is (has long been) vastly greater then needed for an extremely (better then need be) close-up look. As for instance; looking at all of our Apollo landing sites, offering something like 1.5 meters raw digital imaging resolution of at least 16 bit depth and then another 10X factor improvement through a certified photo enlargement process (in case you can't do math, that's 0.15 meters or roughly 6 inches resolution or good enough to roughly view a footprint impression).

I soon further came into realizing upon what the true resolution capabilities of what Hubble can deliver (from either utilizing the fullest degree of NSA/DoD available CCD pixels and/or applying multiple looks [easily accomplished because of the additional illumination] and, especially now with the latest round of CCD upgrades), as well as what our shuttle based SAR imaging can truthfully deliver, both of which have been reported by NASA as being 20 times lessor capable then truth. This rather piss poor reported resolution is truly odd, seeing that space capable performance of such optical and SAR technology as imaging would have been a valid plus on our side, yet NASA seems undaunted by the fact that our imaging is nearly 20 times lessor effective then from ESA (even by utilizing the very same equipment) as well as that being disclosed by others not associated with NASA/NSA/DoD nondisclosure cult/policy.

I recently have learned a bit more then I ever needed to realize, that of our UV laser cannon research has been under way and, that it has quite little if anything to do with planetary or deep space communications nor of any microscope applications. I'm certain NSA/DoD are not fully aware of what just jumped out of one of their dirt bags, but now that I have come to understand a little more of the potentials of utilizing near-UV and certain other entirely invisible and potentially lethal to human UV spectrums for communications, especially as pulsed xenon beams towards reaching those more likely nocturnal types surviving under an extended nighttime of fairly IR and visible spectrum avoidance cloud cover, this is where the potentially lethal penetration capability of certain UV spectrums can easily and affordably deliver at least a darn good and relatively safe cloud based light show, as to be viewed in an otherwise pitch black nighttime Venus sky, hopefully of understandable code and/or binary packets worth the effort.

Regarding that supposedly nasty CO2;  After I was intentionally informed with a load of official disinformation from NASA as well as by their pro-NASA Borg moles, as to CO2 being entirely useless except for growing plants and putting out fires, I eventually acquired somewhat better truth information (some of which actually came from a well documented and qualified NASA scientist/engineer), that which firmly backed up what I had learned as a teenager, and now for that of a recent understanding of CO2-->CO/O2 as rocket or other engine fuel (as I said, much of this truth was even stipulated from official NASA types doing their research [as of a decade ago] on behalf of a Mars return mission, as without CO2-->CO/O2, we seriously don't have all that much of a chance of getting ourselves back off Mars), this is obviously where one being sufficiently equipped, processes upon and then acquires sufficient amounts of CO/O2 from just plain old CO2 (especially interesting to myself was that such sufficient amounts can in fact be acquired, as that being clearly specified as from a mere 0.006 bar of obviously thin and damn cold Mars CO2). Obviously for Mars, this one needs a great deal of initial energy in order to deliver the necessary conversion technology and, as to getting this conversion process underway, to then utilize a portion of the O2 as for ongoing life support and the remainder as for their rocket fuel. On Venus however, so much lessor energy would be required for the CO2-->CO/O2 conversion process and best of all, non of that energy would even need to be delivered in the first place and, don't forget about the terrific buoyancy of N2/O2 (at 25 kg/m3), giving airships further access to those 25% H2O loaded clouds and subsequently all the H2O and then naturally H2O2 plus all the mega volumes of H2 one could possibly ever need (thereby 64 kg/m3), so as to airship transport and survive quite nicely on an otherwise toasty hot planet such as Venus.


With such available and abundant energies (Venus having all sorts and lots to spare, that's as long as you don't bother with whatever the NASA bible has to say), as according to every competent scientist/engineer I've ever been in contact with or read about, stipulating that with such energy, one can effectively overcome most any environment that's downright hostile to human life, like exactly how we apply a little nuclear energy in order to remain deep under water for years if need be, or how about aloft in space, like we have finally managed to accomplish a decade or so after those smart ass Russians. Perhaps on Venus, if you happen to be an evolved nocturnal lizard type, then perhaps you will likely need little of such energy in order to survive, existing even in spite of our human ignorance and arrogance.

Apparently; besides the worthy CO2 vertical windpower issue, I've also invented this Venus airship technology as well as uncovered what the CO2 buoyancy offset of whatever N2/O2 and subsequently H2 has to offer, as opposed to our crack NASA wizard opponents that still can't seem to see one damn thing that's the least bit artificial, let alone of any airship consideration, nor of there being multiple and associated massive reservoirs, nor parabolic issues nor of any massive bridge consideration or any other structures. All they continue to see is purely natural stuff, of which they can not even demonstrate nor show other examples of appearing as anything the least bit artificial looking but entirely natural, but then folks, since they've essentially disqualified all of the Magellan images, as such being either distorted and/or otherwise unreliable, by their unfounded facts that most of what I claim exist is somewhat larger then their Godly perceptions of life, as well as being somewhat larger then of the surrounding territory features, as those artificial items are consisting of many worthy continuous pixels, of which most other common rock and terrain formation features are those having lessor associated pixels, so much so lessor that, if my somewhat larger then life symmetrical and highly geometrical attributes are so damn bogus, then you and I must concur, that this discovery opposition officially disqualifies the remainder of what even looks natural, as is in fact representing even more so of total illusions (their mentors; Sgt. Schultzí and Col. Wilhelm Klink who continually "see nothing" would be seriously proud of these pro-NASA jerks). I realize, this paragraph simply doesn't read all that great, but then, neither did those scripts for "Hogan's Heroes" offer all that much intellectual value (but since they were at least published and/or produced for TV, that should make them irrefutable "truth" according to most astronomy and science standards).

I have further deduced (apparently this is yet another one that's only by myself and then of a few thousand windpower experts), where fairly recently I presented that a mostly CO2 atmosphere that's under such volumes offers a fairly credible wind force, especially as that being vertically induced via such impressive differential pressures, as those based upon the recorded 4+bar/km of mostly dense CO2 that's residing at 92+bar as at the surface of Venus. As compared to the pathetic and cold 0.006 bar worth as offered by Mars and even of the full one bar of much thinner atmospheric elements such as Earth's N2/O2, where neither Earth and especially Mars has nothing whatsoever to offer in the way of vertical offsets for that of creating usable differential pressures, at least not with any credible respect as to what Venus has to deliver.

Basically; in spite of NASA and of the greater scientific "status quo" of disinformation, often cloaked in deep horsepucky nondisclosure, I alone have uncovered a virtual multitude of viable energy resources, then simply loads of other positive attributes which are highly accessible and viable as to anyone (lizard or otherwise) having to exist on Venus. I've come to further understand, that of vital and efficient distillation of acquiring tonnes of H2O via a simple vacuum process is another done deal, as Venus so easily offers solutions via it's existing atmospheric pressures and temperature as representing a host of highly effective methods for that of cracking and/or processing upon all that's needed from all that's obviously available to anyone striving as to survive on a fairly toasty hot planet (remembering that a likely process of Venus going "greenhouse" may have taken thousands of years, time for intellect as well as DNA to compensate), offering a likely time frame as well as incentives towards accomplishing resolve for that of supporting at least nocturnal lizard folks (that's still not necessarily in the wide open exposure [even though their season of nighttime is 2900 hours worth and of those mountainous territories are becoming considerably cooler], thus you may in fact still require those fairly large structures as well as sufficiently controlled environment transports, such as capable airships) and, of a applying relatively energy efficient solutions at that (one certainly does not need to go about creating any additional heat unless that process propels your airship up into and/or above those cool nighttime clouds, which just so happens to contain your renewable mega tonnages of H2O as well as giving way to whatever astronomy access as to seeing those stars and [duh] of all things, Earth).

For some strange reason or reasons;  NASA and/or their pro-NASA types (mostly NSA/DoD types) seem somewhat miffed or annoyed at my persistence, obviously at my initial discovery of there even being worthy artificial considerations (lots or loads of them) and, at my discovering and/or perhaps extrapolating and/or inventing upon such items as the vertical CO2 windpower and of those nifty 64 kg/m3 buoyancy airships (like the one parked half way outside of the largest such hangar/silo ever recorded). Then as for manned space travel, it seems as though I've invented upon the utilization of those rather abundant and sizable (already zooming hopefully past Earth) space rocks, as being an effective and then obviously dirt cheap (already constructed as well as launched) and ready made as solar flare radiation shields of 10 to 20 tonnes/m3 and, as shields that which could be easily applied towards our reaching and subsequently establishing the Venus L2 platform, as that VL2 becomes an effective relay station (manned or not) for further planetary mapping and obvious communications links. I've coined or perhaps invented the xenon/laser UV communications cannon (the non-lethal variation of what NSA/DoD have to work with) for penetrating some of those clouds, quite possibly affecting "first contact" as a result. I've coined or invented the classification of Islamic lizard folk, as that being just as probable as not. I've certainly melted down a few Cray super computers, in their processing upon what I believed happened as to our solar system evolution by that of obtaining another nifty planet such as Venus (sorry about that) and, quite possibly even Mercury and then our moon to boot.

I'm becoming terribly sorry about imposing all that highly productive and entirely positive attitude of mine, towards what Venus and the truth may have to offer man or lizardkind (at least onto those nocturnal Islamic lizard folk, as mankind is sort of becoming a lost cause), such as all sorts of energy and worthy planetary evolution which Darwin would have been damn proud of. And, sorry that I've been so damn right about far too much other, such as regarding where our space research and talents truly need to be focused and, as to what should be dropped like a scorching hot potato (like going after those lethal Mars microbes, at least not until we've recovered from 9/11 and perhaps of whatever Iraq surprises us with). Sorry that I've uncovered those hidden cold-war agendas and I'm damn sorry I ever discovered what America (much through the cloak of NASA) has been doing for the past 3 decades and worse yet, of what our national might has inflicted upon others) as what our forefathers have been doing onto others long before our time. Now I have just learned, that in addition to our intentional abuse of accommodating what's just and fair and moral, except as thoroughly applied against the likes of Japan and towards our provoking them at every possible turn (just like we've been doing more recently onto many Islamic's), it's just now been disclosed that besides all of that truth, we were under-handedly inflicting as much damage as possible politically as well as economically, as applying our sort of pre-USSR cold-war exercises against Japan (gee whiz folks, I wonder why they didn't like that part?, perhaps somewhat like how China became so thoroughly miffed at how England had been abusing the Chinese people, and where actually, I believe we had a little something to do with that one as well).


History now reads (as having to be rewritten again) that we either militarily attacked one of Japan's submarines first (as residing in international waters) and/or intentionally provoked that situation (just like we did onto to ourselves by multiple land-grabbing failures at our invading Cuba [mid 1800's], then for certain onto what got us into Vietnam and, just like we almost got our butts whipped more recently for that of our spying upon and intimidating China [maybe it was a damn good thing Osama bin Laden came along, as those Chinese have serious nukes] plus, throughout our cold-war and upon many occasions, our very own trustworthy NASA/NSA/DoD/CIA damn near provoked the USSR into striking [biologically as well as thermonuclear style] at us) and now, long after Osama's repeated warnings, we actually managed to receive the fullest attention of certain Islamic/Muslim types willing to risk it all (just because we have elected to ignore their plight and to otherwise systematically provide and as to continue providing weapons of mass destruction to their arch enemy; gee whiz folks, I apparently don't understand why all that made them so freaking mad), as our doing so not for the true reasons which our government nor Israel wishes you and I to believe (so far folks, it's not even a contest, I obviously don't care what Israel or the US stipulates, as far as body count and financial damage goes (the two most primary goals of any damn war), Osama's Islam has been seriously winning, at the same time costing us hundreds of billions in the process) but apparently, we're not even the least bit finished until we further manage to piss off the remaining Arab populations, as well as nearly all other nations, by our latest threats of attacking and subsequently invading Iraq. I know what; how about for desert, why don't we invade and take over Northern Ireland? or perhaps try our hand at Cuba once again, perhaps the 6th or 7th time will become our lucky charm.

Is our future more likely destined as to mimic the past?, as becoming another bloody turkey shoot or what?  Are we to remain as the global bully and, have we been acting somewhat badly or what?  I realize we have multiple tactical warhead nukes stationed at sea and in the air (as well as massive stockpiles of nasty VX), so, we obviously don't have to vaporise the entire countryside, just of it's people, therefore I'm wondering, are we going to do this Iraq thing or what? Are we next going to reconstruct those WW-II internment camps, except this time for everyone [all 50+ millions] of Islamic/Muslim faith?  or, how about one better yet, are we simply going to do the Israeli thing (like in their 6-Day war, along with a whole lot of our help) where such camps and prisons are simply not even going to be required? (just a few unmarked mass graves).

Sorry that my beliefs have become tailored so that human life is somehow worth something other then of political ambitions, religious order and/or of energy reserves. Perhaps if one truly wanted my focus as to remain upon Venus or whatever and, not upon politics, history and energy resources or that of our pathetic futures, then possibly any one of my "know-it-all" remorseless critics should do a little arm twisting, in order to see that my efforts are at least channeled towards something that's a whole lot more out of sight and thereby out of mind (like how about upon calling Venus). I'm certainly open for any better suggestions.

( according to my overly qualified "all knowing" opposition; I'm entirely mad and/or insane, so, as speaking purely in my defence, as you and I would have to guess, as to others and myself being invested in further delivering upon what I have discovered and/or uncovered, at this stage we certainly have nothing further, of anything whatsoever, to lose )

It's truly become rather unfortunate, in spite of my poor syntax and grammar, I've managed to deliver such a metric tonne of worthy and of extremely dirt cheap concepts and "can do" ideas, right at hand by utilizing our existing technologies and, as being associated with goals that are so much so obtainable, that even the most basic amateur astronomer and part time scientist could be entertaining themselves and then the world with a wealth of new experiences and subsequent knowledge (I can't help but to believe there's rewards in there somewhere), while remaining quite safe and having the absolute least negative impact and/or risk onto mankind. But, clearly instead of all that happening (God forbid; as compared to whatever else NASA/NSA/DoD gets us involved in, in place of this Venus opportunity or challenge being at nearly zero cost to the taxpayers) instead, pro-NASA/NSA/DoD types are so willing as to risk having other nations take credit for whatever Venus has to offer. As that event surely unfolds, I'll simply have to go on record as to further petty and say "I told you so" over and over (somewhat like the Pope having to console those so thoroughly abused by the church and thereby conceivably abused by God). Folks, this disclosure of what Venus may still have to offer and, as to how others have been overtime working their butts off at their stopping this discovery from becoming public, does not get all that much worse then what the Pope is having to deal with (possibly just a little bit worse).

I am concerned about and certainly hope there's something far better to blow our next 250+ billions upon, then of acquiring those lethal Mars microbes, as towards more likely what merely 1% of that amount as applied on planetary communications and at establishing the VL2 platform. If as according to my discovery opponents, if such Mars microbe acquiring cost is somehow to be no object, then by all means we should accomplish both and go for those Mars microbes, then by subsequently housing them suckers on our lunar surface. After all, 30+ years worth of space wizard technology advancements should offer something of such reasonable capability, over those supposedly nearly flawless Apollo missions and, since we can't seem to manage effective controls over hybrid infectious Staff and of so many other Earthly microbe charms, what better place as to study and apply whatever experiments upon such potentially lethal new microbes, then by doing so on the moon, where all those NSA/DoD technicians can be safely exiled there for the remainder of their life (buried there as well).

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