Interplanetary UV communications, or EM via RF communications

by; Brad Guth / IEIS-GASA    updated: May 15, 2004

If you're not understanding this page, it's only because you don't want to understand anything that's opposing your present day allusions and/or security box, thus you'll look only for the mistakes and you'll likely only focus upon such in order to magnify those errors as to whatever extent suits your ego. If that's you, then don't even bother yourself by reading any further because, I'll only piss you off by suggesting that you've either been snookered and/or that you've been the actual problem all along. Either way, this should only get more aggravating and testy as I try to do the jobs of hundreds if not thousands of folks that should have had all of this figured out decades ago.

Normally you and even myself would have expected such a staggering task of interplanetary communications as being nearly insurmountable, and then only of microwave RF/radio format, along with appropriate RF transceivers at either end, along with there being similar intellectual talents and reasoning at the other end (though it's hard to imagine any other planet in this entire universe as pathetically screwed up as Earth), along with the expectations of contacting relatively intelligent folks that would actually understand and appreciate our primitive radio, as well as for the two of us being on somewhat equal turf as for interpreting each other, not to mention knowing of which specific frequency to be utilizing as well as for the actual timing of when these events (message packets) are to take place and, not to forget that of any such long-range capable RF mode of application there's a good deal of sheer energy along with high-gain antenna targeting that's necessary on both ends in order to even send and then obtain a sufficient signal to noise (s/n) ratio, especially if one of those transceiver sites was situated somewhat closer to the sun and below thick as well as highly electrolytic and/or electromagnetic reflective clouds.

Now then, I'm not intentionally going to be insulting but, it may be somewhat hard not to return the favor, as even nice folks may not be aware of the gravity and/or significance of the all important physics-101 or "duh-101" factor. I certainly can't speak for others but, I'm finding that due to the persistent degree of somewhat auto-generating as well as there being officially orchestrated opposition, I'm oddly having to defend myself from all sorts of their/your warm and fuzzy flak, and/or I'm having to discover that I'm being kindly indoctrinated by loads of their intentional disinformation or merely the intentional lack of information where there shouldn't be any such void, an obvious but shallow tactic of placing myself on that "need to know" basis, as intended to delay and throw folks like myself off the track, and to otherwise disqualify whomever is offering the least bit of any disagreement with, God forbid, the prevailing mainstream status quo.

Thus for good measure, I'll glady return the favor by gathering up their very own spent flak and tossing it right back at them. Oddly, the various peer establishment doesn't much care for receiving any of their own flak as returns, as though all of the sudden they have their standards and morals. So, the tit for tat continues, and of more than not I believe that I'm winning somewhat like those Taliban, in that for every minute that I manage to toss their own flak right back at them, NASA/NSA/DoD and their collective of Borgs have to expend hundreds if not thousands of additional "damage control" hours along with those expensive hype, spin and dog wagging infomercials. Much like the official image modifications applied to those Apollo images is extremely serious return flak that's hitting their very own big ass fan.

Basically, the establishment of pro-NASA Borgs have been putting their "spin" and "damage control" peddle to the metal, giving this one all they've got. They're certainly not out of gas just yet but, their fuel gauge has been showing a rather considerable drain upon relatively limited energy supplies, especially since their pagan God (NASA/NSA/DoD) has been losing tax dollars as well as astronauts at just about every corner and, there's lots more of those spendy sort of potentially lethal corners coming their way. About all they've got left is to eat their own kind, though I've discovered that's sort of business as usual.

Regressing a bit into the promising alternative communications world of visual perceptions, that which has obviously been inter-species compatible as well as comprised of various photon loaded spectrums that sufficiently nice folks, like you and myself, can biologically see perfectly well for ourselves, as well as more so perfectly for those nocturnal sorts that not only see what we visualize except far better, as they detect well into the spectrums of illuminations that we'll never perceive, and by a fairly huge margin at that, of detecting near UV performance that's at least a magnitude 5 (100X) above human nightvision and of a magnitude 10+ (10,000X) improved if that's getting into the UV/a spectrum of 375 nm.

Sorry folks but, we humans are absolutely blind as a bat, especially while in the Venus season of nighttime, though nocturnals may see just fine and dandy as somewhat like a heavily overcast day on Earth, as on Venus there's plenty of those 375~425 nm Sirius starlight, loads of the 400~450 nm and even sufficient numbers of 450~750 nm of our earthshine photons getting their way through those nighttime clouds, whereas obviously such illumination has to become heavily diverged and/or diffused, but that's perfectly OK if you only require a few photon/ms in order to see as well or better than us humans under a full moonlight worth of illumination.

Don't get yourself into another wise ass idea that I'm suggesting humans are entirely inferior to nocturnal lizard folk types, as that's simply the flat out truth (period!). Humans couldn't possibly see their own nose if situated in the nighttime season of what Venus has to offer, though of any decent nocturnal sort might be far better off than what we can see under that of a heavily clouded daylight sky, and no matters what, they're certainly at least better off than what humans can see by way of what any full moon has to offer.

In spite of those that'll try as to disqualify by excluding the nocturnal vision capability (since it's supposedly too freaking hot an nasty on Venus), these same fools have been telling others and myself all sorts of other blatent lies, not so much about the hot and nasty part but, about what we as humans can and/or can not see. Such as for regarding if the darkened (nighttime) side of what a certain planet like Venus or that of our moon were to be signaling Earth. I've been told specifically by supposed experts that there's no possible amount of artificial illumination that we could humanly detect from the moon, and I was specifically referring to the nighttime season of Venus as the planetary example, as well as for a nearby comparison of simply using our moon as another analogy, somewhat as though a mutual/reply effort were to be established and subsequently those binary packets were to be intentionally exchanged.

Apparently, this has become another one of those "God forbid" we can't possibly do that because???????

At the time, I wasn't exactly agreeing with all of their impossibility aspects, in fact, I was becoming rather surprised to even hear that such communications efforts would prove fruitless. How down right odd, if not rude or perhaps suspicious to say the least. I'm saying suspicious because light is so darn energy efficient, especially of those of laser photons of near UV for having so much greater cloud penetration capability, whereas our visual peak sensitivity of 507 nm offers 1700 lumen/watt and thereby accommodating loads of photons per lumen, whereas to a nocturnal that spectrum sensitivity peak is more likely 407 nm and perhaps at a magnitude 5 (100X) of receiving again as many photons, or that of perceiving 170,000 lumen/watt. I mean that, big nocturnal eyes having loads more of those visual receptor rods should be good for something.

Here's another brief review of the Venus albedo, of 65% representing that 35% is being absorbed and/or resides outside the human visual 400~750 nm perception spectrum.

If we were to gave the total influx upon Venus a value of 2640 w/m2 The spectrum of reflective albedo might be roughly suggested as follows:
100~400 nm @.05 = 132 w/m2
400~450 nm @.05 = 132 w/m2
450~750 nm @.65 = 1716 w/m2
750~2000 nm @.20 = 528 w/m2
of 2000+ nm @.5 = 132 w/m2

Of course, of the sort of albedo associated within the heath4.jpg, as that being indicated about the illumination spot, as due to the angle of sunlight might have been reflecting the portion of 400~450 nm spectrum as low as 100 w/m2.

Hold onto your hat and cover your privet parts because, I've got a little more of my skewed and/or testy math to share, just to see if what I was being told was basically truth or at least sufficiently true. OK, so I've been informed by those opposing just about everything under the sun, that apparently 2 + 2 = 0 or perhaps 5, in other testy words, those supposedly nice folks telling me to absolutely forget about our ever using anything of any laser beam and/or of xenon cannon focused projection beam, irregardless of what I thought could and/or should work, and even though there are fairly numerous laws of physics that oddly seem to stipulate otherwise, as such opposers to just about everything that's under the sun are perhaps simply chuck full of it because, a directed beam is simply going to be perceived as being far more intense than of any illumination of similar area that's merely reflected off the raw surface (I believe it called refraction, such as our moon offers an average albedo or refraction of 11%), unless that surface was of a mirror or as a retro-reflecting sort of clumping moon dirt as recently specified by NASAs' folks, whereas of the full influx of light/photons deposited upon the moon we'll perceive only 11% of those as being reflected in nearly all directions, though if to be otherwise standing on the moon and of looking at such a source of illumination coming from the sun or from an artificial source upon Earth should be downright intense, whereas obviously 100% of whatever photons managed to target your eyes would most likely be perceived as artificially generated light.

Let us continue to use our moon for starters; as this was also where I've been told explicitly by the NASA gods of illumination that "it can't possibly be done".

For starters, several hundred if not a thousand square meters of highly reflective mylar could have been deployed at a fraction of the cost and at a fraction of the weight, instead of those spendy and of at least so far undetectable LRRs that were nearly of solid glass. The lunar surface reflects so much more of whatever photons sent there from Earth that the addition of even several LRRs has not made a difference that anyone can take to the bank.

If the solar illuminated lunar surface offers an average of perhaps an 11% reflection index, and if the entire solar spectrum is delivering 1400 watts/m2 (that's inclusive of UV and IR), that's an overall reflective impact of reflecting 154 watts/m2, though much of that is outside of our human visual spectrum so, for somewhat simplicity sake, I've used a more than sufficient factor of obtaining 100 w/m2 (100W * 680 = 68e3 lumen/m2), which is not all that much compared to what's otherwise observationally surrounding that individual m2, as a 100 X 100 meter zone offers at least another 10,000 m2 that's reflecting essentially the very same 100 W/m2.

If we were to apply roughly 10 fold that much as artificial illumination output, that's now offering 1 kw/m2, and if we were to artificially illuminate a mere 100 m2 worth at 1 kw/m2, that's obviously creating a sort of horrific hotspot worth of 100 kw (somewhat like a few of those Apollo images offered an illuminated hot spot), or otherwise offering somewhat equal to what a 100% perfect mirror reflection of solar illumination that's covering a 10 X 10 meter area, whereas that much of an area or zone is acting as a mirror like illumination source, but as such not even focused at this point.

A 1 kw xenon illumination cannon is capable of delivering 0.4e9 cd or lumen at something under 1, thereby 100 of these cannons is worth 40e9 lumen that's directed at Earth, or vice versa, thuus the photons per KW are obviously well focused and therby extremely numerous to say the least. The following images are those of 9/11 site illuminations cannons (7 kw each).

I know that I've read for a fact that a single frame image acquired via KECK-II is now worth as tight as 4 raw meters resolution, and that of stacking such images is simply adding more of those pixels and/or capable of effectively collecting photons into the raw composite image. I also know that such a solar reflected illumination is being diffused by as much as 180 and thereby not effectively offering nearly the same performance as an intentionally focused illumination source pointed directly at yourself. I also realize that many folks seem to think and would prefer that others believe that I'm the ultimate village idiot, however in spite of my limitations, there now seems to be some highly doable sorts of interplanetary illumination showing itself at the end of this dark tunnel. In fact, without any stinking KECK-II, if you or I were to be looking at the fully solar illuminated moon, there's a good chance that our own naked eyesight might barely perceive such a remarkably contrasting difference of where a small speck (100 m2) of the moon having a few square meters worth of 95+% mylar mirrors as reflecting so brightly, as that being easily compared and/or contrasted to the relatively dim (11% reflective lunar index) surroundings of mostly basalt like and otherwise meteorite and shard strewn dark terrain, and especially if going by those terrific clementine images of recent impacts that were clearly of exposing the lunar basalt to such an extent that a 5% reflective index was created, although oddly such dark substance was never once photographed by Apollo, not even of what existed directly under their landers ever exposed anything like what the clementine mission recorded of exactly where a landing site was supposed to be.

I'm thinking, if that same conservative 1000 w/m2 of visible photons were to be situated within the lunar nighttime, as being artificial since there's no sunlight and such were specifically directed at Earth (say at most a 1º divergence per fixture), I'll guarantee there's absolutely no freaking way on Earth that the likes of you or I would not see such a horrifically bright speck, and if that speck were to be offering an unusual color spectrum and/or slow baud rate packet of perhaps 1 bps, there's absolutely no freaking contest whatsoever in the fact that such an illumination color and pattern could be mistaken as for anything but that of an artificial illumination, and that's simply another fact (period!). Yet the pro-NASA and thereby pro-Apollo mainstream cults will seemingly have to disagree with that, just out of spite or out of fear for their lives if they should spill the beans.

Another illuminating fact or two; besides our having an availability of perfectly good multi-wattage (kw+ class) lasers of 0.5 milliradian or less, there has been all sorts of commercial xenon illumination cannons, some of which already offer less than 1º, and thus deliver truly horrific lumen or cd(candella) output, especially when their standard mirror is replaced by an aluminum coated and of those xenon or CO2/mercury lamps are being pulse driven, not to mention if that xenon lamp includes a touch of mercury. If those sorts of illuminations are being directed at their intended recipient (Earth/Venus), there's absolutely no way in all of holy hell that even a village idiot would misinterpret such as anything natural, as in "swamp gas my ass" nor as earthshine "ashen light" is a freaking joke, as I'll wager whatever on the outcome if you'd care to challenge this accusation of what essentially 100 kw of artificial illumination emitting from a dark lunar nighttime (even if there's a great deal of earthshine involved) has to offer, as that's truly a great deal of photon delivery any way you care to cut it, as in 100 kw of highly focused to 1 should provide 12e24 photons/watt and thereby loads of photons/lumen (perhaps as many as 12e24/680 = 1.76e22 photons/lumen, and certainly more so if were going towards IR), and to think that we humans need to perceive all of 10 photons/100 ms is suggesting that certain folks stipulating otherwise have been chuck full of it.

BTW; a relatively small and energy efficient hand held xenon strobe of the late 60's should have been capable of delivering at least 100 w/s and thereby 10e6 cd/ms, and of today we in excess of 1 kw/s = 100e6 cd/ms per steradian, and of taking that down to one square degree is almost embarresingly bright at 3,284 * 100e6 = 328.4e9 cd. Good grief folks, if we can't see that, we're blind.

Xenon strobe:
High output 30 Joules/flash, 600,000 candela, at a 30 degree beam angle produces a spot 6' in diameter at a 12'throw.

Oviously a 3 beam variation of this product and we're talking of 6e9 cd per 30 joule worth of discharge.

If you'd care to further suggest that we humans simply can't manage to differentiate those focused candela and thereby lumens/watt and therefore horrific numbers of photons/watt, not to mention detecting such via good optical and/or of silicon photon detector technology (the good old vacuum tube/valve of a BURLE-8850 offers a 12-Stage 51-mm Quantacon photo-multiplier that's absolutely ideal for the 400~450 nm spectrum) as opposed to the natural background of a lunar surface or that of the Venus season of nighttime, then Earth humans need to be declared as officially blind, as well as for being absolutely dumber than a dumb post, as well as proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that we're merely acting like the superior arrogant bastards that we have become at skewing our very own interpretations of physics and morals in order to suit those hidden agendas and/or dog wagging ulterior motives of whatever our resident warlord wants or of whatever the mainstream status quo is all about. In fact, I do believe the "suck-up vortex" has become so bad that I think it has recently been declared another blackhole.

That's right folks, in case you haven't noticed or figured it out, I'm one of those that doesn't much care for the likes of folks sucking up to our warm and fuzzy G.W. Bush, but perhaps those that have recently died over just the past three years are a little more pissed off than myself, so I'm thinking that I can't possibly be his one and only critic.

As for a little further expanding upon this communications range issue; as for placing a laser call out to 110+ times further than the moon (guess what? as such there's no further photon loss, just the continuation of divergence to deal with), whereby for the nearly same moon/Earth affect we'll obviously need to accommodate either 1/10th the divergence and/or simply include a whole lot more of the same illumination cannon performance/m2, or of just accommodating a bit more illuminated area or that of multiple areas to start off with. Multiple Earth based transmitters of photons isn't rocket science nor even without solid merit as from existing inventory.

Such as, instead of Venus having to start off with an illumination source of 100 m2 as thought necessary for the moon sending a message towards Earth, if applying the same illumination intensity of 1 kw/m2 was spread over an area of 100 X 100 meters = 10,000 m2 of 40e12 cd of focused energy were transmitted into and through them clouds, and of that need only be somewhat directed towards Earth, as then we'd have obtained all but nearly the same result, with the exception of photon losses due to them clouds would be limiting this method to sort of a visible signaling flag or binary hot-spot zone, rather than of a beam. From my recent calculations of utilizing 10,000 of the 1 kw illumination cannons, each of those delivering a 1 degree beam of .4e9 cd or lumen, 10,000 of them = 10 MW which equals a an initial delivery of 40e12 cd and/or 12e31 photons should manage.

Of course, using 1000 units worth of 10 kw illumination cannons is offering the same impact as well as for applying one extremely large unit of 10 MW, as other than the dish reflector diameter requirements would have to be quite large, such as somewhat as large as what I've identified as a semi-spherical dish like attribute having a central tower, that's oddly pointed upwards none the less. I guess I was wondering what the heck that item was, and now we know.

Since the dark/nighttime side of Venus is truly much darker than our moon and thereby of any illumination managing to escape would become even more contrasting than our moon, and since the added distance imposes little photon loss other than divergence which is already scattered due to the impact of them clouds, of the solar interference plus the considerable divergence being of the only considerations worth arguing about, whereas the human perception of seeing any sort of illumination as coming from those Venus clouds should otherwise be a rather sure sign that it's an artificial source of signal, whereas again, this would not be of any new form of swamp gas, lightning or bonfire, as a CW intensity sufficient as to penetrate them clouds will require a sustained delivery of energy.

I may need to ask this physics 101 question; of how difficult would it be for an intelligent sort of individual (lizard folk, Cathar or whatever), surrounded by all sorts of natural energy by which to create electrons (gigawatts if need be), and also surrounded by an atmosphere that already mostly CO2 and nicely preheated at that, as for them folks to excite a few billion of those CO2 molecules in order to create a rather substantial resource of horrific illumination, not to mention creating a full blown CO2 laser cannon like beam?

In going the other direction, as for Earth creating these illuminations as transmitted towards Venus; Obviously we've already got those sorts of lasers to burn, and even those of seriously overkill capability, such as the Boeing/TRW ABL laser cannon, having I believe at least an output of 100 MW that's now capable of being focused down to 0.5 milliradian. Cruising along at 12 km and of sufficient tracking to light up an individual Cuban cigar, especially hot and nasty since the ABL is mostly of IR format. However, if we introduced a touch of mercury and we've obtained a white light as well as loads of near UV and even some fully UV/a spectrum photons to spare. Christ almighty, even utilizing 1% of that horrific output and we're likely to be burning out those nocturnal retina cones and rods to the point of no return, as that 1% is a megawatt focused down to as little as a 700 km target zone that's otherwise receiving mostly earthshine.

True, those thick clouds impose somewhat of a limitation, though as much as a 50:1 ratio of nighttime density represents that as little as 0.1 km of minimal cloud density could exist, although windows of 1 to 2.5 km is more likely than not, whereas the nighttime average depth is perhaps 10+km. Fortunately, those clouds are not only a whole lot cooler but, existing somewhat lower in elevation, possibly having sufficient portions situated below 25 km and quite transparent or at least of allowing sufficient opacity of light transmission where it matters the most, that being the near UV spectrum of 400~450 nm.

Fluid dorplets of H2SO4/H2O at 75%/25% could actually be somewhat improving the odds of photon transmission, to the point of obtaining as much as a 25% opacity. Although, if we're delivering this MW/(38.5e10 m2) = 2.6e-6 w/m2 isn't all that much, unless you've taken into account that of the only other illumination influx being earthshine, and that at least 10% if not 25% of the 400~450 nm spectrum is getting through to the bottoms of them clouds has now become quite a good deal of illumination, especially to a nocturnal sort of individual having that magnitude 5 advantage over our pathetic human eye sight that's capable of obtaining 1700 lumen/watt at 507 nm, whereas the nocturnal could be 170,000 lumen/watt at perhaps 407 nm.

For a little further argument sake, let us wildly speculate that the opacity at the spectrum of 400~450 nm is offering a misally 10% (even though a minimum of 25% is just as likely), from the perception of viewing the clouded nighttime sky from the dark but still toasty Venus surface, the capability of our efforts to sufficiently illuminate a portion of their cloud tops with even 1 uw/m2 is going to thereby achieve 0.1 uw/m2 below those otherwise pitch black clouds. Doing a little further math and you'll soon discover that there's still way more than a sufficient number of those photons to go around, then multiply that by the nocturnal sensitivity factor of at least a magnitude 5 (100X) and, lo and behold, there's way more than enough light getting through (remember to further realize that even our pathetic human sight perception needs but 10 of those photons/100 ms).

Since my math is nearly always skewed and/or simply unintentionally way off; just for your reference, even though a solid state laser can deliver as much as 1700 lumen/watt @507 nm, if you'd like to use a highly conservative amount of 1000 lumen/watt for these calculations, whereas 0.1 uw = 100 ul (100e-6 lumen), then multiply by the factor of photons/lumen and, lo and behold, I believe we've have 12e17/m2 worth of those photons to work with, of which humans are essentially blind by at least a standard of our sight being 100 fold worse off as compared to nocturnals, thus a nocturnal would be perceiving those 400~450 nm photons as a sufficient nighttime illumination of their clouded sky that's otherwise only dimly illuminated by the likes of earthshine that's mostly of the 450~750 nm spectrum.

Let us say this once again, if the laser cannon were to be that Boeing/TRW ABL, but utilized at a subdued 1% power level that's delivering at least 1 MW outside of Earth's atmosphere at the divergence of 0.5 milliradian, whereas at the distance of 50e6 km provides a target/zone diameter of 873 km, which offers an area of 598e9 m2. 1 MW/598e9 = 1.6 uw/m2, of which hopefully this sort of proves my point, that even 1% of the ABL laser cannon delivery and we're way more than there, perhaps even a little overkill as to the intensity of seriously pissing off these Venus lizard folk for our stupidity of needlessly blinding half of their population.

I actually believe as few as 50 watts transmitted away from Earth at 0.5 milliradian of the 400~450 nm spectrum will more than do this trick, which as you should know, or will soon discover, that of our astronomy and DoD folks have had this capability for decades. Thus another physics-101 duh factor resolved, as in why haven't we been doing this for decades, pointed at Venus as well as for the like of Sirius @0.05 milliradian none the less?

Silly question, I know; why should we bother transmitting anything towards such a roasted planet?

Just because Venus is geologically Earth like, though somewhat more extreme, and just because there's been way more than sufficient natural energies to being utilized for resolving a few issues of surviving, along with an extended season of nighttime that's highly beneficial for their migrations via rigid airships so as to reside at sufficiently elevated sites that'll utilize this invention of nighttime as somewhat shelter from their hotter daytime season, apparently not to even mention upon the observational discoveries of those community like infrastructures being clearly located at the Guth Venus site, as apparently none of this sort of reasoning should influence the mainstream status quo mentality of those consistantly objecting to our making this or any effort at interplanetary communications.

Although folks, I'm wondering of what if there should be a massive rigid airship observatory platform as cruising above those cool nighttime clouds of Venus, as then what?

At least the known laws of physics do not prohibit the applied technology of what a sufficiently large and rigid airship could accommodate, as for such technology cruising along at 60+ km isn't impossible, in fact it's downright doable. Of course, you'll need an open mind and your unplugged space toilet before there's any light at the end of the usual NASA/NSA/DoD tunnel.

Sorry if I keep referring to those damn laws of physics, those that seem to so nicely stipulate how it's always been entirely possible for accomplishing certain things on behalf of Venus, as well as it should have been equally possible for others, including those of Venus NOT as we know of, as to achieving those very same results. Unless of course those other folks(ET), NOT as we know of, are as pathetically stupid and as fully arrogant as we humans, or otherwise just as snookered by their government, as then perhaps nothing is possible unless it happens to suit their hidden and/or ulterior agenda (just like Earth).

Of course, should we ever be having a satellite situated at Venus L2 (VL2) accomplished (TRACE-II along with a few related communication adaptations), whereas 5 watts at 0.5 milliradian is way more than capable of nearly pinpoint pissing off whomever is situated below those cool nighttime clouds. The last time I checked, by way of our NSA/DoD dagger and of their cloak of NASA has always been super terrific at pissing off those that we either don't like, or choose to disregard altogether, especially if they're Muslim or Islamic sorts, or even Cathars if you're one of those favoring the Pope. So, once again, I otherwise don't understand the sorts of reluctance as to accommodating this sort of quest, especially since we can't seem to locate those invisible WMDs, nor their owners, perhaps our resident warlord can start poking our hot and nasty laser cannons at those Venus heathens until they poke back at us, somewhat like we did to Osama bin Laden, as then perhaps we'll know real soon if there's life on Venus.

OK, so that's going a little over the edge but, it's certainly not all that far fetched from reality.

As always, if you're smarter than myself (hard not to be), and loaded with the sorts of the smarts and expertise that makes you into such a vastly superior all-knowing individual, then by all means, you shouldn't have any difficulty with showing off those talents. In other words, be my freaking guest, have at it and tell the world and even the likes of myself what's what. It's even possible that you can teach a certain village idiot like myself or even our resident warlord a thing or two, though others have tried and failed, especially if their ulterior focus was upon sustaining their status quo.

In a few other obvious words; salvaging their own butt as priority number one, and/or saving those butts of others above them simply doesn't fly in my book unless humanity receives a benefit, and so far the 9/11 and WMD fiasco hasn't resolved a damn thing according to the previous body counts and ongoing collateral damage and carnage, minus another trillion or so bucks down the toilet at that.

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