Lunar SE Tethers and Mr. Van Allen goes camping

Supposedly smart folks, if not full blown space wizards, have been accusing me, myself, as being arrogant and/or full of it. Well now, considering that's coming from so many of those that have been walking on water, isn't that big of them. The last time I'd checked, unlike many of their terrific ideas and/or responsibilities, no one's died over anything I've accomplished nor likely from that which I'm proposing should be done, there's also been nothing of the billions or a trillion bucks that should have gone into Earth sciences and otherwise for benefiting humanity that ended up cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas, and/or responsible for creating a few thousand more tonnes of global warming CO2, I'm not even the one planning on tax subsidising my wealthy cotton friends with another 18 billion per year. Of course, if I had my way, I'd be replacing our resident warlord and, there'd likely be another 10,000 folks out of a job as well as receiving zero benefits (retroactively if at all possible) and, at best 10% of those being accepted back into the fold, so I suppose that's sufficiently arrogant.

Actual arrogance wise, seems that I'm only testing those tepid waters and, guess what I found out; Those nice folks that have been waking on said water, strolling alongside all of those others "having the right stuff", were actually walking a secret board-walk they'd previously placed just under the surface, sort of out of sight and thereby out of mind, until right about now.

Here's something arrogant; like being the least bit right about a lunar Space Elevator is almost as bad off as being 10% right about there being Other Life on Venus. Thank God I'm not Cathar, as then I'd be literally dead right (that black smoke was actually the Pope roasting another Cathar, white smoke was a Jewish flavor) and, that's getting almost as testy or perhaps as arrogant as holding out invisible WMDs.

Check out this Borg collective:

These nice folks seem to mean well as long as you're agreeing with absolutely everything on there to-do list, as I've tried to introduce some honest space elevator alternatives, such as an affordable and relatively low tech doable lunar space elevator as opposed to their "some day" in the way off future and "cost+" Earth space elevator. Yet all I've received is pure bashings, as well as my not learning nor receiving worthwhile specifics nor "what if" considerations whatsoever. It's as though there's none other than their Earth space elevator irregardless of whatever complexities, cost or carnage. Seems all they have to offer is contempt for whatever alternatives and thereby rejecting truth, while expecting the rest of us to remain in awe of their wisdom, whereas perhaps shock and awe over their audacity is about all that I can identify unless I've missed something, of which I obviously have because, these super terrific folks talk in such superlative generalities as though whatever the specifics of actually doing what's being suggested by their context is even remotely feasible and/or affordable (like how about hardly, at least not on my nickel).

Obviously, since being incredibly complex and spendier than all of holy hell is of absolutely no technical nor moral consideration whatsoever for this space elevator group, with no apparent insurmountable technicalities that can't be easily resolved with nearly all of your money and perhaps your life. That's when I thought that all bets were off, as in anything was fair game for further consideration, including my questioning of their ulterior motives.

I'm thinking, if instead of my honestly learning and of sharing various technical space elevator expertise, and of insuring credits wherever credit is due, if instead their "bashing ring of fire" is the true name of their game, or just another one of their pagan rituals, then perhaps I'll continue to gather up some of that still warm and fuzzy flak and return it with love.

Since it's technically not that we can't possibly do their precious Earth space elevator, but that it's of their supposedly honest motives that aren't making any moral sense, which only leaves ulterior motives, or utter stupidity and, they've clearly indicated that they already know just about everything there is to know, so that supposedly rules out stupidity but perhaps not arrogance. However, if risking trillions as well as numerous lives for the remote benefits of someday accommodating agendas that are not of sufficiently appropriate human goals, for otherwise accommodating the egos and bank accounts of a relatively tiny percentage of a few select individuals that seem to intend forging ahead irregardless of whatever unobtainable issues (unobtainable being reference to taking generations of space travel when knowingly we can't hardly survive a year while protected below the Van Allen zone of death, half of that time being further shielded by Earth itself), thereby clearly excluding those resources of rather considerable funds and of the talents involved from accomplishing worthwhile and badly needed agendas right here on Earth, or of at least something related to Earth. And if that's not hyper arrogance then I don't understand what is. This analogy being somewhat like comprehending Hubble huggers; besides their entire club representing less than 0.001% of Earth's population that can't possibly live without, what part or percentage of Hubble relates to the greater humanities of Earth?

Of course, if someone actually wanted to express anything meaningful towards doing a lunar SE, or of what could be associated with it or NOT, as that would actually be somewhat of what I thought these talented SE folks would have to offer. That's certainly my big ass mistake, how absolutely foolish of myself to even think that there's anyone that actually gives a tinkers damn about much of anything that's not benefiting their agenda, much less humanity. God forbid there should be an affordable alternative if not better idea that's actually doable out there. Though I'll suppose if that means working outside the box, well then there's no way these folks are going to become useful, as they can't hardy think for themselves without asking permission from their collective team leader. OK, sorry I ever asked for their input.

Of all things in outer space that closely relates itself to Earth, that which can be directly utilized as to further benefit mankind, seems like the moon is it, or at least about as good as it gets for providing a stable ISS outpost that's offering a host of natural resources that's by far more directly beneficial as well as obtainable. Unlike those mysterious fly-by-wire late 60's, at least within existing modern technology we shouldn't have difficulty in at least getting ourselves onto the moon, or at the very least of deploying sufficient robotics that'll accomplish great things at a fraction the investment of doing anything Mars, much less of places further off. Even the very idea of creating a lunar space elevator is not an acceptable alternative to the simplicity, security and/or personal safety and afford ability of robotics. Even with humans directly interfaced, there's still a total reliance upon those instruments and, if anything the mere existence of having to sustain and sufficiently protect the lives of astronauts grossly detracts from the otherwise vastly more capable and tolerable infrastructure of those darn radiation proof robots. Trust me, there's absolutely no contest (period!).

Any lunar space elevator is of no apparent interest or motivational worth to most other folks opposing other life itself; whereas on the contrary, I've clearly stipulated that if I can save but one unnecessary roasting of yet another astronaut, or save any portion of our humanity from needlessly blowing billions and/or another trillion upon humanly unobtainable and/or inappropriate goals, somehow I think that's one better off than most all others have accomplished. If that effort turns out to include the confirmation of "other life NOT as we know it" existing or even the remains thereof on Venus, unlike the intensions as well as actions of most of those negative about absolutely everything that I've encountered, I'll share big-time along with specifics, as well as the levels of support for encouraging others honestly trying to make a difference in spite of the status quo. Somehow I do not believe this is being anti-technology or even anti-shuttle, as I'd even pay as to keeping our remaining shuttle fleet on behalf of those Hubble huggers aloft for a few more years, though perhaps pointed at somewhat more humanly obtainable and/or directly beneficial goals (like for spotting nasty stuff that headed directly for Earth), and I'd even go along with funding the Boeing/TRW laser cannon or ABL, as I'm as much against being nuked by someone other as much as anyone, though fore knowing of what's possible to happen, I simply wouldn't place the likes of any shuttle along with the ABL in the air at the same time, at least not intentionally within several thousand miles of each other.

Let there be the Most Bang for the Buck, and live to tell about it

Is Mr. Van Allen a happy camper? I think NOT. He's also not having to be the least bit arrogant about the outer space environment being a terrific place for robotics, but terribly inhospitable for humans unless you're surrounded by at least a meter worth of moon dirt. The reality of being fully solar as well as galactic exposed to the horrific elements for any significant duration has only been distorted by those still intent upon snookering the world, whereas that form of cold-war arrogance and intentional deception and/or disinformation is not scientifically nor morally justified by the likes of Mr. Van Allen, only by the rusemasters of NASA/NSA/DoD and of their Borg following.

I do believe, as do most of those of team ESA, that we can accomplish at least 100 robotic missions and/or agendas that'll provide far more good and sustain themselves for many years over the price tag and potential carnage of accomplishing one relatively limited manned excursion. Such as to our moon, as that simple quest alone has the capability of costing at least tens of billions, perhaps even a trillion if you had to include the fact that we'll need to first engineer, then construct and proof-test-flight a few lunar landers that'll actually work (that's something team Osprey V-22 hasn't yet mastered and certainly of nothing NASA can demonstrate), and that's obviously a task that's a whole lot easier said than done, especially if you wanted to return home (alive and no worse for ware). But then you'll need to ask yourself; out of all of that effort for what good (at least there's been nothing so far that couldn't have been accomplished far better by robotics, and of leaving behind interactively operating sensors, yet oddly we've got squat nothing)?

Now folks; if we had even a relatively limited but operational lunar space elevator (perchance tether dipole powered to boot), as for accommodating a sufficient stash of moon dirt within the lunar SE/CM, at least future space travel missions wouldn't even have to risk landing on the moon nor wasting all that fuel and other resources, also we'd likely already have that ongoing super terrific SAR imaging technology from a relatively small robotic instrument package, of truly incredibly magnified image receiving potential, even if that item were applied as a small portion of the many SE/CM features, one of which could certainly become our next ISS as accommodating a reasonably safe abode within the CM, whereas with such terrific images, there's be darn little reason to goto places further away than Venus unless those detailed images indicated otherwise.

Another typical cost effective robotic task, that of station keeping something like TRACE-II at Venus L2 (VL2) is not hardly even rocket science anymore. Utilizing this instrument as a multi-function relay platform for various communications while the optical features of TRACE-II goes about imaging the visible portion of the sun and of its coronasphere is hardly an insignificant opportunity. The specialized CCD camera and associated optics and filters are already well proven, the resolution and range of scan speed is already way more than sufficient, as it's entirely engineered, thoroughly proven and best of all, the original TRACE is about due for a replacement. So, the entire TRACE team will not have to be retired and, of this new solar vantage point of VL2 is nearly ideal for accomplish certain tasks that the original instrument was not only handicapped but that much further away. The TRACE-II could by now have an even more capable CCD of perhaps 4 times as much resolution plus being upon average 0.275 AU closer to their target. With the same optics, that's at least 16 times more pixels and worth another 6 fold improvement in solar imaging, not to mention the other aspects of what TRACE-II could accomplish for essentially pennies on the dollar, actually for mills on the dollar while doing all of this in an environment that humans simply can't possibly withstand, at least not without lots of moon dirt.

Modern robotics and of their controlled crash landings on places like Mars or supposedly our moon are sufficiently developed and reasonably reliable, with no chance whatsoever of inflicting carnage or of having to make up cold-war lies and subsequently having to spend further millions and billions on their "spin" and "damage control".

Of one highly acceptable option is that we should first goto the moon, a rather novel idea that could be resolved somewhat like how we've sent robotics to Mars. Even though there's nearly zilch in lunar atmospherics to work with (though actually not being all that much worse off then Mars, especially since there's roughly half the gravity issue and thus half the impact energy demands), where a lunar decent (controlled crash) might be accommodated and/or cushioned by extremely large balloons of H2 (obviously this is not for buoyancy but for final deceleration upon impact, though water balloons might actually be more interesting), or perhaps we can first deposit an enormous air-bag that'll be CO2 inflated, outfitted with a GPS beacon or set of beacons by which most any good fly-by-wire should be able to sufficiently target, align and deposit items directly into the center of that surface deployed CO2-bag, then going about their individual task of establishing a few of those interactive instruments, such as deploying the SAR image receiving module, while a few initial astronauts might be safely deposited so as to go about their work by Earthshine, or of their trusty robots working by sunlight and of whatever the solar radiation flux as well as secondary radiation there is, going about configuring the first tether anchor position(s). As then subsequent astronauts can return to the ME-L1+ space elevator CM (also best accomplished during Earth shade or lunar nighttime and perhaps even dragging along our existing ISS) with expandable geodetic shell modules for enlarging the lunar SE/CM enclosure and always more tether, then continue deployments so that the lunar space elevator tether capacity will grow into something that'll essentially secure the massive CM/ISS at EM-L1.1 (it's a wee bit more complicated than that, but unless you're another village idiot, you should get the basic idea).

So, other than my being somewhat overly practical and reasonably sane about utilizing what we already have to work with, applying the current if not old levels of technology to the task of accomplishing what's important for the vast bulk of Earth's humanity (for pennies on the dollar compared to what most others are suggesting), not just for benefiting the upper 1% crust of those intent upon bankrupting the entire world as well as for their squandering what's left of our energy resources, as for that I suppose I am being arrogant as all get out, or perhaps we should just ask the Pope about those nice Cathars and see what his level of arrogance is all about, or of more recently those responsible for the USS LIBERTY fiasco and of what that's covering up and, I'm certain there's more recent and current events worth another look-see, except for all those invisible WMDs because, they're invisible so you can't possibly see them.

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