The Venus township

(of what NASA can't officially see and certainly doesn't want you to see)

by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: March 19, 2003

Craters, many of which are rather extensive and more massive than those found about Earth, are proof-positive that Venus wasn't always so hot and nasty; meaning that once upon a time Venus had much less of a surrounding ocean worth of such a protective atmosphere that's now worth nearly 10% the density of water near the surface. Of course the suurface itself is also much more gelogically active than Earth, suggesting either a younger planet by perhaps a billion years worth or, possibly that of a recovering situation from a very traumatic arrivial into our solar system, whereas having survived the gaultlets of exiting through an original Kuiper/Oort zone and having to survive entering through another, with a possible bounce off of a much larger planet such as Jupiter is entirely within the cards of such a merging happenstance whenever two solar systems have gotten a little too close for comfort.

The only other explaination of such craters being that those were contributed of much greater density, such as for a meteor of mostly platinum might suggest a composite item of 15 g/cm3 that would have been of sufficient density and thus small enough size to have reached the surface at good speed, although the final impact velocity would still have been moderated to the point that such meteors should have remained as nearly whole and situated somewhaere nearby their initial impact crater, that is if there was nearly 100 bar worth of an atmosphere being 10% the density of water to deal with.
* basalt = 2.7~3.3 (porous basalt is obviously of lower density/volume)
* iron = 7.8
* nickel = 8.9
* silver = 10.5
* platinum = 21.5

In spite of all the mainstream flak and my somewhat dyslexic difficulty in offering whatever I have to share, it seems sufficiently true as based upon the regular laws of physics and of the available hard-science as to what's entirely possible of evolution to adapt itself to, being that what I've interpreted as being most likely artificial is still on the observationology rational side of deductive reasoning logic, as to there having been other life as having existed upon Venus, and quite possibly it has evolved itself into being survival smart enough as to still being there, though if need be as visiting ETs mining whatever and/or as representing their Earth terraforming outpost is certainly within the cards of what's technically possible because, it's not all that hot and nasty. I'm not excluding locals as original forms of whatever's evolution and/or creation of life upon Mars, Earth or Venus, although at times I like to refer to our energy and mineral resource rich Venus as our local area 'UFO Park and Ride', even though the mainstream status quo will insist that it's nothing but an orb pile of hot rocks.

Certainly the laws of physics that I've been made aware of do not suggest otherwise, and even of what's known about biological forms of life that could be more silicon/silica based and/or those of our carbon based species as having survived where we humans could not, though obviously such other life having a whole lot more survival smarts could technically still be making a hot and nasty go of it on Venus. After all, within reason of whatever is considered as being hot and nasty isn't even the slightest technical insurmountable problem if there's loads of easily accessible mineral resources plus absolute other loads of spare/renewable energy all about. Guess what folks? it seems Venus holds onto more than a motherload worth of it's fair share of minerals and said energy, there's even mega tonnes worth of H2O to being had within them relatively cool clouds.

Given the social/political climate of Earth having become almost as bad off as per our physical environment that has become somewhat polluted and thus global-warming itself to death (shifted our albedo of Earth by roughly -5% over the past thousand years), as such perhaps you shouldn't actually look at this topic. However, as long as you're here and I've pitched another of my usual 'I hate GW Bush' fits by polishing this door knob to the point where I can see that supposed village idiot looking right back, except that I can now also see those other three monkeys standing directly to one side, plus that of our warlord Bush, Cheney and their of snipe hunting comrade Blair standing to the other side of the great cesspool of life, all looking very concerned if not intellectually constipated, except as for that "see nothing monkey", as that one still offers the same silly dumb-ass Bush smirk on his face (perhaps they ott to try implementing lots more butt-faced botoxin injections before this actual sadistic moron monkey that's claiming as being blind creates yet another 9/11).

This page is actually another summary effort and continuing exprapolation about honestly applied physics and of observationology that's subjective although functioning just fine and dandy on behalf of Venus. Oddly my usage of physics works just as well for our moon as it does for Mars, Earth and Venus.

(at least it's the same physics that works for getting stuff in orbit with other probes onto Mars, supposedly worked on behalf of folks walking upon the moon without need of banked bone marrow or a even so much as a certified fly-by-rocket lander, and not to mention of Kodak film that somehow lost an entire emulson dye layer that was sensitive to the near-UV and UV/a spectrum, and certainly physics that's of whatever's working on behalf of those justifying the ongoing expenditures of essentially hundreds of billions going after every other distant planet in our solar system, plus even spendier at whatever's outside as long as that effeot doesn't include the Sirius star system or any other stellar motions that could have possibly interrelated with our solar system)

Subjective science as applied to observationology that's by any standard highly interpretive as being somewhat individually subjective, though I believe the radar images of Venus are those capable of being as good if not better off than of the 50 cm/pixel capability of what's been satellite imaged of Mars that has been entirely subjective while leaving damn little to the imagination of most interpretations. Actually, almost everything in life as we know it is subjective science, as from the moment you're awake and throughout the day you're utilizing mostly subjective science as hopefully based upon the known laws instead of conditional laws of physics, as to safely navigate yourself about by way of visually interpreting upon whatever is encountered along the way, and secondly towards making various judgments upon whatever other senses are stipulating and/or having been previously accomplished as a perceived matter of fact, thus formulating on your behalf as to establishing whatever your next move is going to be. Thus life is a science of mostly subjective observationology from the very get go, and my subjective observation of what's situated upon Venus are still exactly what they are.

Furthermore, I'm certainly not the one that's being the least bit out of line when my subjective interpretations have been applied as to whatever our administration(s) has been doing, or of what they should otherwise have been accomplishing. Of my interpreting upon the history of what previous administrations have supposedly accomplished and/or been responsible for has not been that far off the mark, and it's equally remaining perfectly subjective and honest of myself as to reinterpret upon whatever's available from their somewhat mainstream skewed disinformation as to pulling out usable tidbits in order to suit whatever's my own personal agenda because, I honestly believe that's another part of interpreting life and death as we know it. As otherwise going with the flow of the mainstream cesspool of life sucks.

Unless I'm mistaken (once again), I believe that even the most honest of humans make mistakes (myself included but, apparently excluding the likes of our resident warlord that has never made a mistake). However, without exception governments seem to have made far more than their fair share of the most grandiose and often bloody mistakes, then summarily covered thy butts until hell freezes over, as only to being outdone by the sorts of Skull and Bones cults and pagan religious agendas, like the one that exterminated Cathars isn't all that unusual for mainstream religious cults to have been responsible, as these religious cults are usually one and the same as per those governing over us village idiots to the point of our own premature deaths, always being justified on behalf of reinforcing their mainstream status quo, just as I believe there have been absolutely no cold-war rules nor limits for reinforcing this status quo.

Perhaps of what I've interpreted is never going to become entirely the truth and nothing but the truth in the eye of another beholder, and it seems I alone can only do so much as to informing and/or educating another typically snookered fool (as was myself as of 5 years ago) that seemingly doesn't want anything to change. As not even the perpetrated lies upon lies throughout history shall ever become corrected, at least not on their watch, and perhaps only unless it's over their dead body because, once something has been officially published as the supposed truth, apparently that's it, end of whatever discussions regardless of the facts and especially regardless if there's any chance of remorse getting involved. Thus generations to come are to be indoctrinated with these very same distortions, and otherwise having to live their lives while making future judgments as based upon such loads of disinformation, and as such it's no wonder folks are continually making the same mistakes over and over, as well as seeing large aircraft smashing into tall buildings, and heads have been rolling ever since.

So, don't bother looking at or even contimplating upon any of this radar obtained image if you don't want to further realize whatever had been and may yet be living on Venus, or at the very least of ET established infrastructure. As lo and behold, it'll rock your mainstream boat well past the stability point of no return.

GUTH Venus town 1:1 @59 X 53 pixels Raw WYSIWYG 1:1 area crop          GUTH Venus town (X5 raw) 1:1 @295 X 265 pixels 1:1 as merely screen enlarged 5X

Normally all of my images are those held/stored within the subdirectory "images/". Of pictures or graphics that I've borrowed from others, I've placed those in the subdirectory "images2/". Most of my critics were nice enough to not bother with pointing such things out or, perhaps they were simply too dumb and dumber as to even realize what I'd done, as that interpretation certainly makes more sense, especially since they've offered nothing whatsoever on behalf of opposing such artificial looking attributes, at least nothing that's supportive of their being natural. I'm not actually being that cerule, as I'd never expect all that much of truly blind folks to appreciate nor respond to the need for their offering counter images that supports any notions that such formations are entirely natural.

At least I've never once insisted that absolutely everything that I'm subjectively thinking is artificial isn't possibly of some unrecorded natrual formation. I've simply failed as to locate upon anything remotely close to these significant patterns that isn't man-made and thereby artificial. So, if you've got a worthy example of anything similar in the way of such large formations that appear just as good or better at being artificial looking that are in fact perfectly natural formations of expected geology, please fork them over so that I can post such an example along side of what's most likely artificial about Venus. And, I've also never insisted these complex formations are indications of what's currently ongoing, as rather it's entirely possible these are the remains of whomever/whatever created such that could be the case, as of whatever possible life may in fact have been like Mars, long gone or in the case of Venus being summarily fried to a chrisp by all the hot and nasty aspects of what such ongoing atmospheric building and of the subsequent greenhouse environment had to offer.

These three following examples were processed differently but each inserted at half their scale of an otherwise whopping 10X resampled resolution (that by itself creates 100 fold more pixels) as provided from three differing photo software alternatives and, as you can see there's little difference, even though each software package utilized it's various resampling formula plus optional filters. So, of what ever you do, don't take my word for it; goto the official NASA/Magellan image file, download the original GIF image file, then utilize your own photo software to crop out this small area, then enlarge upon by resampling at 3X or perhaps 5X and apply that nifty "unsharp" or whatever other optional filters. If you don't have photo software, you can get a free trial copy of "PhotoCleaner" and otherwise obtain their full featured version for the staggering amount of $12.95 and, you may also acquire similar solutions from KODAK, ADOBE, CORAL and countless others as having there free or low cost stuff as well as their spendy "do everything" solutions (most digital cameras and color printers seem to include some fairly respectable solutions as well). They all seem to function more or less the same as far as the end result. The biggest problem is not so much with handling the relatively small 8-bit B/W image crop but, more often than not it's been those pretentious photo software packages thinking they're derived from God, as such must try making their version as complicated to use as humanly possible (the only exception is "PhotoCleaner"), as otherwise the spendy solutions can be somewhat overkill in every department except enlarging clean-up. If all else should fail, I do still have an old analog telephone that actually works, in that I'll even answer the damn thing if you should care to call for specific photo cropping, enlarging/resampling and sharpening instructions: 1-253-8576061. Even though I'm no world expert in digital photo software, obviously I must know more than anyone remaining within NASA and, apparently loads more than the combined expertise of those directly involved with interpreting the Magellan mission.

GUTH Venus town-1 @10X w/filters GUTH Venus town-2 @10X w/filters GUTH Venus town-3 @10X w/filters

Without my having acquired the raw SAR imaging data files, and of receiving no assistance whatsoever, there's only so much one can accomplish within the 8-bit imaging that's as resolution limited as the original GFI image has to provide. However, photo enlarging is not by any definition a distortion of the original pixels, as this fact can and has been proven beyond any doubt. Better photo software makes the enlargement task simpler and achieves cleaner results but still does not distort nor imply pixels where nothing existed in the first place. Understanding that absolutely nothing has been falsely introduced, not that anything can't be manually distorted, as the software operator always has that capability, however so will artistic talents be easily detected, as for one thing you can't so easily reverse the artistic process and, above all of that, the original raw image still exist for all to compare to, thus you're seriously foiled if you intended to put anything over.

As you can clearly see (that could be asking a great deal if you're one of those official NASA image interpreters), there's not all that much difference to the untrained eye. However, variations of what's displayed on screen as well as for printing improvements can be further implemented, so as to enhance upon a specific spectrum or interest of those available pixels and, as such will offer what most critics would consider distortions but, those so called distortions are not being applied to just what's most likely artificial but as also onto every surrounding pixel in sight, and furthermore, the process is not only entirely pixel fair (anti-discrimination) but, the process can most often be entirely reversed and/or run as many times from the original as you like, as to prove there's been no human influence nor even any software bias running amuck.

In other words; this is another one of those "good grief folks", get yourself over the fact that this is not anything fake, it's a for real "certified" image of what's situated on the planet Venus and, those township looking attributes are not of any creations by mother or even father nature. If relative size is what's bothering you, then tell Congress to remove the Grand Coulee Dam and while you're at it, having those pyramids excavated out of sight might be another good thing to do and, I can think of at least a dozen other worthwhile Earthly attributes created my mankind that ott to be removed because they're too damn big. For thought; so what if those multiple reservoirs contain 500 million cubic meter instead of my original conservative estimate of merely 50 million cubic meters, as what in the hell does size have to do with anything, except offering that bigger is certainly a whole lot better if we're talking artificial as opposed to anything created by nature.

Though I may not always be utilizing the best nor the right words, the intent has certainly remained same, as well as the image has been remaining the same and, of the relentless opposition exposing by way of their ulterior motives has obviously been the same irregardless of whatever is truth or even the moral issues. Historical truth and of science/physics truth, apparently none of that matters to those opposing absolutely everything Venus, because if it did, then my discovery of other life NOT as we know it, as existing on Venus would become just another common oversight for Club NASA and, perhaps of what other I've had to discover is somewhat an even much bigger OOPS! (like nearly 40 years worth of what you probably don't want to know about cold-war agendas, just like of the Catholic church and their Pope doesn't want others to ever realize the truth about the fait of those millions of Cathars and, perhaps the same goes for the tens of thousands of 6-day war prisoners, of which Israel supposedly took such good care of, along with our thoughtful oversight from the vantage point of our NASA/NSA provided satellites of intelligence gathering and of that military tactical operations support ship, all of which turned into the USS LIBERTY fiasco and subsequently was perhaps the single most important trigger for 9/11).

What I've been saying all along (well over two years and counting) is, that my enlargements are not the least bit of distortions nor of any biased pixel manipulations, nor that of my efforts being intentionally contrary to what better photo software can achieve. In fact, the following image offers a mere 5X resampling which is way more than sufficient. In some ways the 5X photo resampling is better than 10X, as not appearing as soft because there's simply so many lesser resampled pixels involved. And, simply because I easily can, the next image is merely what a 3X resampling achieves (even that's a factor of 9 times more overall pixels), which should more than prove my point that neither I nor the software is introducing one damn thing that's not based entirely upon the original 1:1 raw pixel content. If need be, I'll sit at your computer, using your photo software, at which I'll essentially accomplish the very same result, more or less, depending upon the available photo sharpening features.

5X resampled GUTH Venus town-5 @5X w/filters GUTH Venus town-4 @3X w/filters 3X resampled

BTW; I've recently met a for real digital photo expert and, he has the sort of software that NIMA/NSA/DoD lacks. So, soon we'll be seeing more of what's really there, as my photo software is nearly maxed out, unless I can somehow interface with what's in my head, lord knows that's got to be worth the trip.

Not so surprisingly, as such things observationally go, though I was able to sufficiently connect the raw dots (pixels) from out of the original 1:1 and subsequently, I had much lesser problems once I had resampled at greater pixel numbers and applied the "unsharp mask" filter, yet it's been remaining only by those devoted critics that elected and/or had no official option but to bash everything Venus in sight, in so much that oddly they can't officially see a damn thing (I've long since considered these individuals as for being their official [B team] spin and damage control folks, as obviously their first class [A] Borg team is what's still concentrating upon upholding the Apollo ruse). Unfortunately, in various ways, those individuals are not only blowing smoke out their's, but also up your's because, they think first of all they can get away with it and secondly, they consider that others (such as yourself) are so pathetically stupid as well as technically ignorant, that as such snookered fools that you are, you will obviously believe absolutely anything stamped with the approval of NASA/NSA/DoD. Hay, I totally understand the feeling of being snookered, as mutually I was entirely fooled about Apollo, along with Walter Cronkite and just about the entire world.

In order to offer a timeline of sorts; approximately 2.5 years ago is when my Borg implants started to fail, some even fell entirely out, as one day when I was trying to make sense of all the anti-Apollo stuff, that's when I got a number of ERROR messages, then another one of those blue screens of death "system failure" and another notice to contact Microsoft (that was no help). Oddly, a great deal of the anti-Apollo stuff was suddenly computing and, of what my previous Borg hive interface was telling me was in fact no longer computing. I tried a "reset", then a full "re-boot", and still, those numbers and of logic essential for supporting NASA's side of the equation didn't add up anymore (ERROR, ERROR, ERROR, Ctrl Alt Delete). Literally, whenever I was exploring the "what if's" and of the various could-have-been and should-have been's of Apollo and, especially upon my sharing this new found awareness, my computer literally froze up and, I usually had but no option but to re-boot (how do they do that?)

---------- The brief description of "GUTH Venus" main township area is as follows: ----------

GUTH Venus enlargement with text information overlay

First off; duh! the above image as intentionally displaied is distorted (just to prove that I know what distortion is); Keeping fully in mind that this is a typically rugid mountainous 5+km range location, depicting of steep terrain and of otherwist rather typical cliffs, as well as the extremely deep canyon or rille like channel, along with numerous secondary erosions, along with indicating some rather considerable surrounding terrain elevation differentials as clearly represented by nearby valleys or ravines, all of which being captured at the nearly ideal 3D perception or perspective of 43 degrees.

Select this following link for accommodating another main image enlargement along side and/or, apply your screen magnifier as another small side window at 2X. If this effort is still too complicated, just call for a little one on one instructions: 1-253-8576061

What you're seeing is not some sort of pretentiously artistic rock or highly unusual lava formations (tectonics on steroids and all of it somehow alluding gravity is clearly not what's represented), but that of an entirely functional township or complex community of multiple structures, clearly as vertically rising symmetrical items, as well as these being quite geometrically arranged structures that are clearly of an artificial class (artificial meaning constructed by whomever, not otherwise of anything created by nature), as well as for their showing rational infrastructure of necessary infrastructure (mother nature might be good but, she's not that good). Top center is what certainly looks exactly like a roadbed or perhaps railbed (insufficient resolution to discern tracks and rails) that's situated on top of the channel's southern fortified bank, as this bank is clearly of something quite different from other Venus channel banks, in that it's top is certainly a whole lot more flat and of SAR imaging reflective as well as appearing structurally intentional. Headed East is an obvious alteration in this bank/cap roadbed, where there's a notable disruption caused by something that's clearly been structured on top of the bank and, there no indications of secondary lava nor erosions that would otherwise account for such a vertical build of something that's entirely SAR imaging as different in content or composition than the bank itself. Following back west southwest along this roadbed, there appears to be a reasonably massive quonset like structure with a domed appendage alongside, then through this structure or adjoining the opposit end there's a very tangent intersection of something that's very much road like but of somewhat smaller dimension (btw; there also excavations or perhaps tunnel issues into the bank). The northwest corner has to represent some formation of an earthen dam as definitely affecting another bank offset, either that or this is another one of those pro-NASA approved anti-gravity placements of magic lava flow stopped dead in it's tracks, having no apparent origin or other rational explanation.

BTFW;  there's absolutely nothing within any of my photo software that intuitively or of AI that in any way fabricates raw pixels into circles, domes, parabolics nor of fictitiously creating geometrical community order, let alone symmetrical arches or of such sizable tarmacs having sub-bays with rounded corners from otherwise the randomly occurring and naturally mountainous terrain and, at least so far there's been no other recorded three dimensional geological formations that have accomplished such feats, not Yellowstone or anywhere else on Earth. If those opposing this discovery are telling you otherwise, it's quite simple, as just exactly like the Tabacco/nicotine addiction Industry, FireStone/Ford, ENRON/Andersen, WorldCom and even the likes of Bill Gates and Martha Stewart as well as the Catholic's Pope, they're all lying about something and, I'll be advising that you don't be standing too near their butts because, they've been holding it in so long that they're all about to explode.

Second item from the top and just slightly offset to the right is what I'll describe as most likely representing a sufficiently robust and complex tarmac of sorts. Of all unlikely things to exist, this relatively massive structure (being so unusually flat while surrounded on all sides by such rugged mountainous terrain) has those two or possibly three sub/service bays, along with those bays having (of all things unnatural looking) symmetrically rounded corners and, situated on the flight deck there's even a dark rectangular area (indicating depth/opening from lack of SAR image signal (that's certainly not because of any actual color as being black), then clearly having on deck are what appears as topside equipment or in this instance could be another format of somewhat lesser rigid airships (I'm counting four worthy items, none of which SAR imaging nor of my photo software could possibly have created such items out of thick air). This tarmac consideration looks to be having it's ramp or runway going due East, which is at least somewhat indicating a need or application as for the use of certain aerodynamics. Of course anything purely aerodynamic could be most efficiently of vertical accent format (Osprey's that actually work) and/or of more conventional aircraft that simply are not going to require all that much runway, perhaps not but 1/12th that of here on Earth. In other words, I'm thinking that a 747 might take off in twice it's length and stop in as little as within it's own length (is that good aerodynamics or what?). Obviously an airfoil aircraft for such a terrifically dense atmosphere would be configured somewhat more shuttle like, having relatively short wings and even less tail, configured onto a rather stocky airfoil lifting body and, remember that N2 (Venus has lots of N2) offers roughly 40% the buoyancy of H2 (nearly unlimited volums of H2 can be extracted from those relatively cool nighttime coluds).

Remember folks, this Venus discovery site is situated at roughly 75+ times greater pressure than Earth, plus introduce at least another 1.5 times the molecular density value (CO2=44 Air=29) as that of Earth's atmosphere (even as for nighttime being where it's relatively damn humanly hot, that's still representing nearly a hydrodynamic formula as roughly 1/12 water density), then you may also need to recall or understand that of most Earthly aircraft carriers are but 1000' (305 meters) and of modern aircraft utilizing but half that for their landing or takeoff in a comparatively thin Earthly atmosphere at that. As you and I count those 30+ 1:1 raw pixels and, if those were of the most conservative 75 meters apiece we've got a length over all of 2250' (686 meters LOA) worth of tarmac (if on the other hand you're utilizing the 225 meters per pixel formula, what exactly is your freaking problem, bigger is obviously better, isn't it?). To the left of this tarmac seems to be 5+ vertical pillar or box shaped items placed symmetrically spaced as situated directly up against the roadbed/channel bulkhead. Of course what's existing due South of this tarmac really shouldn't need any further description unless you're entirely blind (bloody stupid as well) or just remaining Borg loyal until death.

Unfortunately, in order to fully describe the greater potential of just the content of this small image would take bloody volumes and, for that effort I've already created a number of other pages, including hundreds of somewhat older descriptive paragraphs worth your consideration, such as my focusing down upon the "Venus suspension bridge" and of the potential of "Air-Travel via rigid airship". Naturally my esteemed opposition offers absolutely nothing but contempt and of their warm and fuzzy flak or perhaps it's their flatulence for whatever I have to say and, that must also include their less than moral contempt for all of humanity, as I'm only looking for alternate reviews of what these highly unusual artificial formations could otherwise be, besides common soil and rock, as they're certainly not indicating as anything all that natural but instead, all I seem to receive is officially orchestrated flak, not the sorts of alternate ideas nor of worthy science/physics because, science and physics will offer tested and proven examples, references as to the works of others so that one can honestly compare.

When you and I can see such roof like structured features, seemingly large entrance and extremely large window like features that would admittedly have to be rather enormous, and of what's most likely CO2 air conditioning as roof-top heat exchanging appendages of equally large size (seems that anything of air conditioning would have to be quite sizable), obviously (unlike the words of NASA) my honest efforts at interpretations are not the word of God, as my Dudley Do-Right good intentions and of giving this my best shot could certainly be a little off. So, perhaps those parallel and symmetrically configured structures having such conveniently tangent roadbeds along side, of those roadbeds having their geometrical and then 90 degree intersections onto other causeway like features is not of my imagination running entirely amuck, as otherwise the surrounding terrain is quite expectedly random, as to be expected. If you will look to the lower right, there's a rather substantial vertically significant feature of perhaps something representative of an inactive natural volcanic vent (certainly looks quite geologically natural to me), along with what has to be another structured and/or suspended crossing or causeway as literally spanning a 1+km to as much a 3+km span (depending on which pixel measurement format is utilized) portion of the top/vent opening. This sort of volcanic vent top hopping road or yet another bridge issue is not hardly any small feat, nor is it structurally insignificant, as once again, we (all of astronomy s well as all of Earthly geoloigy records) offer no such examples of recorded nature nor is there the slightest conjecture offered by science or physics that's even capable of producing such a natural feature without a great deal of intentional expertise (applied technology). Obviously there's an intellectual function and of clear intent involved, as no one (not even a well motivated hot Venus lizard) is going to go through that much trouble in order to span the top opening of a natural volcanic vent, simply just because they can.

What we've been probing and talking about all along has been exactly what was provided to NASA as of more than two years ago, as when I first described a large number of clearly vertical rectangular(s) along with several notable features having smaller symmetrical appendage considerations including those of sufficiently rounded and/or with symmetrical radius features and, I even pointed out those rather significant parabolics being involved, as well as of so many various structured sizes that indicated as significantly larger and of representing vastly more geometrical order (community like) than of their natural surroundings. As where those tarmac service or sub bays (their facing logically South towards downtown) being further associated with what's on the tarmac itself offers more than just a pretty darn good form and of clearly good technology functionality, as clearly contrasting with their otherwise typically rugged mountainous surroundings (as equally enlarged upon by the very same photo software process), a photo enlargement process that's faithfully depicting of what's well understood as being natural and as expected of any such steep mountainous and canyon like terrain. Good grief folks, as compared to everything Mars, there's simply no contest, as this image clearly shows and supports an assortment of rational infrastructure, having a large number of rationally intersecting features that are clearly symmetrical and community like interfaced with each other.

BTW again;  about those two very parabolic looking artifacts situated at the end of a rather significant causeway, just below center left, residing right next to that spire or disk like thing having a pointed center appendage looking nearly straight up. Not that I'm trying to be factious but, those could be communications worthy and/or even astronomy related issues. They're certainly damn big and, I'm thinking as for Venus usage, such large items could also be applied as either relatively low frequency transmitters (all the way down into the ultrasonic spectrum) or perhaps even as solar UV concentrators (you folks do realize that solar UV is worthwhile energy?). The vertically directed item could even be their form of cloud penetrating SAR imaging or perhaps that of a very large and capable xenon beam transmitter, where Venus survivors could obviously be thinking there's got to be intelligent life on Earth but, what an absolute disappointment that must have been, especially since 13+ years have gone by since we've acquired this image of their city and to think, what if all they ever managed to detect was warlord Bush, as what's the freaking point or worth the risk in their attempting to communicate with such an incredibly lower level of inferior "no less warm blooded" species, that's only been intent upon focusing their worldly resources and talents for the past couple of millenniums upon getting rid of their own kind, especially if those were Cathars.

About other life NOT as we know it, I mean to say;  if you had to evolve yourself or else, so as to be surviving upon such a planet that has relatively recently in geological/evolutionary time became seriously hot and nasty, such as Venus and, where your resources having become damn precious as well as about as difficult to acquire and store as anything gets, you would have to be out of your freaking mind, not to mention out of your exoskeleton body armor, to even think of intentionally contacting Earth, as good grief all mighty, for one obvious thing, Earthlings eat lizards and, that's whenever they're not smashing seriously big aircraft into their own occupied tall buildings and/or devising upon something better than VX. Besides all of that, Earth has way too much of that corrosive as well as highly explosive and life reducing gas O2, as well as just about every bad sort of antibiotic resistant and/or pesticide pumped hybrid bug and subsequently mutated germ in the solar system. Intellectually speaking, Earth must represent a galactic toilet of absolute incompetence, further mutated by greed and utter superciliousness masked only by our fictitious superiority of such ideological institutions as the Catholic church and of it's Jewish gay Pope that openly hates Cathars literally to death. Other than all that, Earth is a really great place to avoid on general principals, somewhat like avoiding the black plague or perhaps worse, avoiding warlord Bush.

Remember folks, I'm not the one being the least bit negative about any of this, I'm the little insignificant "village idiot" guy bringing you the message, the positive truths (dyslexic syntax, worse humor and all of my favor returning of the flak I've been receiving), along with all the opportunities for others to straighten up and fly right, hopefully doing so before it too damn late, by way of focusing upon the "positive" alternatives and subsequently channeling our more than ever limited resources, that's including whatever's left of our intellectual talents as better applied towards resolving what's most obtainable and worthy of what our humanity actually needs to know and otherwise learn about, as in discovering more about and realizing upon our receiving of whatever other alternative neighboring humanity or perhaps lizardkind might have to offer. Who the hell knows, as I've stated previously, we might actually be able to trade our most polluted waters and whatever other nasty substances for incredibly valuable items, along with of great knowledge that's likely priceless to Earth's survival and, accomplishing all of that interplanetary sort of exchange without ever stepping one hot foot on Venus's soil. How cool is that?

The images on this page are those offering, by all previously recorded aerial imaging standards, "extraordinary proof" by the very truth nature of what SAR imaging is all about in the first place and, of what nearly any photo software can assist so that even the inexperienced sole may realize what's there to behold. Even though this original image was merely 8-bit X 4 looks per pixel plus acquired at the near ideal 3D perspective viewing angle of 43 degrees, there seems to remain those pagan worshiping pro-NASA soles intent upon bashing this discovery as well as whatever else protects their boss and subsequently salvaging their own butts. I refer to this sort of cult behaviour as supporting their "status quo", of their sustaining tight lids upon a long and dirty trail of disinformation and, of hiding whatever their pagan God wished from public view, using that nifty in-house "nondisclosure policy" and of it's potentially lethal enforcement as just cause as well as justly imposing more than sufficient fear of dastardly consequences should there become a failing at suppressing the many truths.

I'm not kidding about that "potentially lethal" stuff (I'm not even talking Mars microbe lethal, as science can at least deal with those nasty bugs). From what I've discovered, other than of anything Venus being intentionally avoided like the plague, there's a great deal of other seriously bad cover-up that's at risk and, there's certainly going to become some sort of hell to pay when others start realizing the level of grandiose snookering that's been ongoing for decades. The cold-war Apollo ruse may soon become just the tip of the melting iceberg that seriously taking us to hell in a hand-basket (perhaps that's actually what all the global warming is all about). Think about what's at stake or perhaps don't think, of how much all of this would be worth, as to suppress until hell freezes over, and/or to what greater extent would you yourself go towards suppressing and/or eliminating this GUTH Venus issue, as it seems there's going to be tonnes more to my research that's worth another look-see, where quite oddly some of it is having nothing whatsoever to do with Venus.

As usual;  because there's been so much to think about, and that I'm pissed, I have had my difficulties with words (generally using way too many words) and, difficulty with my holding onto any one good concise story line (having to fend off the opposition and all), but that's certainly not of what all this discovery is about, unless you elect as into making it so. If you feel you can accomplish a better job at this task, I'm certainly open for whatever your expertise has to offer and, that includes whatever recorded image examples of highly unusual natural formations of such unusual size and community like complexity that you can still somehow stipulate are entirely natural, as I'll post a link to that image and of your words (in the fullest of context). While you're at it, I'll also post anything covering to those 1/6th gravity scaled lunar lander test flight films and of the "fly-by-wire" documentation.

If you need or insist upon the absolute fewest words possible: "THERE'S LIFE ON VENUS" (in spite of NASA), perhaps life NOT as you nor I know it but, something certainly did a number on those structures and, it wasn't accomplished by any anti-gravity lava on steroids.

In case you're new to this exploration and discovery adventure (I'm certain NASA hasn't bothered, just like the shuttle fiasco, to inform you of one damn thing until it obviously too late), I do have a fair number of older pages, chuck full of just about every angle you can imagen. Unless I've been told a lie or merely informed by additional disinformation by some other official (NASA moderated) source, to be certain, I'm not the one having to create any allusion nor of any intentional deceptions. So, take your pick of other pages and lets crack open another NASA egg.

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