Calling Venus has never been cheaper, nor wiser

(meaning that we shouldn't just go there unless we've been invited, thus we should call first)

For some absolutely pathetic dumbfounded reason(s), a number of folks seem to think that whenever I'm speaking of accomplishing energy efficient as well as such terrifically cost efficient inter-species interplanetary communications with the likes of Venus, by way of laser cannon and/or via deployed interactive kiosk, at most utilizing a TRACE-II deployed at Venus L2, that somehow this represents that we humans should be going there.

Why in god's name should we intentionally goto and thus knowingly contaminate another world with our pretentious arrogance, greed and corruption, much less with our skewed laws of physics and inferior DNA/RNA?

What on Earth makes you think that the surviving lizard folk of Venus need the sort of perverted benefits of our politically skewed and conditional logic, as well as toilet bowl morals having been recently based upon those "high standards and accountability" virtues as imposed by our current misleadership, only to being superseded by his lordship's "so what's the difference" policy?

Only if and when we're invited, should we go there, hopefully on our best behavior.

I've never once specified, other than in jest, that we should be doing any of this communicating in person, though if to be suggesting upon the "what if" and of the "when we're invited" aspects, that of perchance our accommdating such within our existing level of technology, as pathetic as that is, for which I believe that such a difficult mission could be accomplished, though not cheaply nor without great risk, especially since we still do not have the LSE-CM/ISS nor of the energy resources that our moon could have been providing, along with acquiring the much needed spacecraft surround of lunar substance (moon dirt) that would afford a sufficient degree of shielding mass for keeping us alive and ticking on the extended to/from journy.

Once entering their highly aerodynamic (damn near hydrodynamic) Venus atmospheric CO2 ocean that's crystal clear and sufficiently calm below those cool nighttime clouds, as for efficiently cruising along in our hybrid shuttle/airship, as perhaps only then could we land at the GUTH Venus Interplanetary Airport (GVIA), where I'm certain we'll be cautiously invited to stay awhile, for at least as long as we can hold our breath.

It's seems the notion of us mere humans becoming acclimated along the extended inbound journey to Venus, that over those months of such wide open space travel, besides all that just that entails, of becoming pressurized and sufficiently thermally acclimated still isn't going to cut the mustard with any due respect to the relatively low percentage of O2 and otherwise high level of CO2, at least not without some applied technology that'll reduce the toxic interior of your mission critical survival suit.

Sustaining a trapped volume of human supportive atmosphere, as a safety surround containing a wee bit more O2 and otherwise mostly that of H2 rather than CO2, especially if we could ingest something that would minimize our sweating, whereas at such pressures and of the bone dry nature of the environment could possibly represent that a 10% level of CO2 (100,000 ppm) could be tolerated, although that still represents that 89% may need to become H2 and then a mere 1% worth of O2 could be just the ticket. Perhaps the process of our physiology adapting to the H2 rather than N2 well, in of itself, offer us a good portion of dealing with the sweat control issue. Of course, this mostly H2 environment would also represent that the heavier surplus or newley created CO2 would be exiting out the controlled boot ports, as the much lighter H2 and certainly the 1% O2 mixture would likely prevail about your head. If the environment exerior to your suit remained as mostly CO2, there obvouusly wouldn't be all that much H2 suit leakage, nor chance of CO2 easily migrating inward, as maintaining a 0.1% greater suit interior pressure should more than suffice.

Actually, the concept of it being so bone dry on Venus, this factor alone represents that of whatever is sulphuric isn't the least bit of a factor, and that perhaps even CO2 is an issue, as without the h2o there's damn little opportunity for there to be any bad sort of reaction. Thus having an abode environment that's relatively high in CO2 isn't nearly as bad off as we have to deal with here on Earth. The added pressure aspect is simply offering a good thing, as for dramatically reducing our physiology need for O2.

Unfortunately, because the physiology of Earthly humans sweat profusely inside and out, with that uncontrollable introduction of h2o, among other nasty compounds isn't going to be avoiding the least bit of those undesirable reactions, as for our physiology accommodating and/or coexisting along with all that much CO2. Though an existing process of CO2-->CO/O2 would greatly if not entirely resolve this issue, which means we'll be at the mercy of whatever portable technology we've manage to devise, along with the necessary auxiliary energy as to perform such a process, though chances are that of those naturally evolved to their surviving on Venus wouldn't necessarily have had the need nor motivation as to providing any user friendly power grid, much less any of those appropriate wall outlets to plug our appliances into, and even if they did, the cost per KWH could be thousands of dollars worth of whatever they'd consider a fair trade.

Speaking of fair trades;  cold beer might be worth trillions in their world, otherwise mere Coke and Pepsi if not just plain old h2o or preferably h2o2 are certainly going to be of keen interest, as well as for any number of other commercial products. A pathetic chicken could be worth trillions, and perhaps even mad cow could be introduced as what's normal and thus become their future staple, as I suppose that sort of ulterior motive and subsequent hidden agenda would only impress the likes of our administration by desirably infecting the entire Venus world, eventually making it up for grabs by the likes of NASA/DoD/NSA Borgs and of all those incest clones intent upon ruling our energy future.

Of course, Venus currency may not exist nor otherwise fit into our corrupt and otherwise manipulated foreign exchange market, so Venus folks might have to use a few tonnes of their enormous diamonds, say those of 10+cm size for their compensation of exchange that we'll pretend as supposedly equal to what we could deliver for a few million bucks. Thus they'd get what they wanted and we'd get those few thousand tonnes of enormous diamonds, of which Venus folks might have been using such diamonds for their local roadbed improvements, such as pothole fill.

Now just because it's technically possible to be doing something, that's not a good enough reason to plunge ourselves into such a potentially spendy as well as lethal endeavor, such as interfacing ourselves with the like of Venus lizard folk, as these folks could be Cathars with a long overdue grudge to settle with our Pope, or perhaps they've become literally a little too hot under their collar, thus more touchy than a Palestinian on a bad day, whereas humor may be punishable by death, in which case my truly bad humor wouldn't buy me a few seconds worth of life.

That same analogy of our preferably NOT sending humanity (other than crazy Dr. Zubrin and a few others I'd like to get rid of) to the likes of Mars is certainly worth a few valid arguments. As even if all that's ever discovered are the remains of a previous civilization that once-upon-a-time managed to survive, but were pulverised by some horrific event that systematically destroyed their ecosystem, and thus transformed their tranquil existence into a sub-frozen and irradiated to death environment (reverse greenhouse), we still don't have the right nor should we risk those cross DNA/RNA contaminations that might become inevitable. As once again, I'll stipulate that we still do not have a viable safe-house for those returning from Mars, whereas if we had the LSE-CM/ISS and of a lunar surface community of other fully isolated and most likely underground structures, as then we'd have a sufficient safe-house for whatever and of whomever was returned from Mars, as to live out their remaining life without imposing any possible chance of infecting Earth, though it'll obviously be too late for whatever evolved microbe life there is on Mars.

If at all possible, this is exactly why it's so freaking imperative as to foremost manage our interplanetary endeavors based upon communication skills, even if that's only good for sharing interplanetary smut, as at least there absolutely no chance of biological "what ifs" or the ultimate "OOPS" factor of our typical human mad-cow stupidity getting us into another 9/11 tit for tat.

If push should come down to shove, the possibility of our sending off a few surface probes in the form of those interactive two-way audio/video kiosk to Venus, in order to introduce such folks to our primitive methods of inefficient radio communications, then so be it, whereas at least there'll be damn little chance of our infecting each other with anything except that of our superior intellectual levels of incest worship, arrogance, greed, numerous other pagan worshiping and of the recent virtues of having your very own warlord running amuck.

Perhaps only then, with any luck, we could convey upon our vast knowledge gained about how to go about ruining a perfectly good planet, by turning it into a self inflicted greenhouse and otherwise polluted beyond any hope of ecological recovery, by firstly tormenting and then exterminating folks we don't care for and or by otherwise simply exterminating dozens if not year after year taking out hundreds of those one of a kind species, thus making them entirely extinct, thus leaving our DNA barn doors wide open for the likes of mutated AIDS and SARS and uncontrollable STAFF. After all, it seems that every time I've proposed positive issues and entirely uplifting inter-species safe alternatives, those "all knowing" pretentious bastard sorts of NASA hugging folks protecting their butts as well as the butts of numerous others, would just as soon see our world flushed down a proverbial toilet as not, much less would they give a flying puck about any other planetary humanity, unless of course they've got something we want, as then it's merely another justifiable preemptive cold-war that'll never cease until we've acquired every possible drop and/or mineral deposit grain of what's there to be taken. In other words, pillaging-R-us.

It's certainly damn lucky that there's no chance in hell of our interfering with folks living on our moon, as at least that way we can pillage the moon for all it's worth, without squat worth of moral regard, leaving the dead and energy stripped hulk of a moon in much worse condition from what it was in the beginning. The only possible negative will come from our extracting too much energy, especially of the LSE-CM/ISS tether dipole variety, in which case the lunar recession could conceivably be reversed, of which that outcome should NOT be considered as a good long-term resolve for Earth.

If folks are not going to bother with interplanetary communication efforts, then I'll tend to favor sending off planetary or even moon surface probes of worthy scienfific instruments, such as a super terrfic lunar based VLA-SAR image receiving aperture is entirely justifiable, as long as there's no hope of otherwise establishing any data link of some quantum binary format with the intended observations of Venus, such as what any competant laser of near UV spectrum could have easily accommodated with the likes of establishing a two-way data link with Venus. Although, if the supposed new science obtained via probe is merely similar to that of the most recent Mars probes, in that case I'd rather have spent those billions on something beneficial for humanity, rather than upon obtaining more of essentially the same data as we've already acquired, though in a somewhat grander and thus more spendy style. The reason why I've used the notation of billions rather than hundreds of millions is by simply ignoring their Arthur Andersen style of accounting by which our government continually utilizes in order to justify absolutely everything that's otherwise way too spendy, by a fair and reasonable factor of the financial truth coming in at ten fold greater expense than we're otherwise being informed of. If you can't figure out this investment pyramid truth, as to the likes of our NASA moderated missions costing ten fold more than touted, then by all means you and Martha Stewart more than deserve owning those WorldCom and ENRON stocks.

I hope that I'm not the one imposing my warped sense of skewed physics, nor of some conditional morals like our resident warlord utilized to declare his personal war upon Iraq (among others), even though his inner circle of cabinet Borgs knew this dastardly aspect all along from the very get-go, that his intentions were never honorable nor justified, nor thereby as disconnected from adding to if not creating the 9/11 trigger in the first place, as some honest folks just might have to reconsider upon the overall consequences of his predisposition towards carnage as opposed to getting this country off the backs of those oil-cartel camels, of which Saddam wasn't a card carrying cartel member, but of a bonafide renegade operative willing and able to sell his oil on the spot market at less than the going cartel price (apparently that's exactly what makes him a total bastard in the eyes of GW Bush and of his close oil/energy associate Salem bin Laden).

As equally I'm most likely guilty as sin upon numerous unintentional math errors, or by way of my piss poor syntax via dyslexia getting in the way, rather than of anything thing other, though I can't but wonder which one of us is most responsible and/or irresponsible for creating the bloodshed of the recent past and of the future.

Fortunately, all of my stealth donkey-carts are still hidden in the garage, though fully outfitted with all sorts of invisible WMD that'll knock your socks off. All that I need are a few of those good and expendable donkeys, and I'm off and running, as perfectly safe from ever being detected by our spy satellite imaging and of those wizards responsible for interpreting such matters because, those fools couldn't identify an outhouse from that of the Whitehouse, much less identify one of my donkey-carts, not to mention upon their being thoroughly inapt at spotting any substantial artificial bridge existing next door to a rather substantial community that's been situated in plain sight on Venus, as recorded by one of their own spy satellites, as of 14 years ago no less.

I don't mean to sound annoyingly impatient, or village idiot disillusioned, but my god almighty, of what and/or whom on Earth is actually defending our country from the bloody fools that were supposed to be defending us?

Perhaps if we're going to intentionally and continually poke fun at others, pillaging whatever we think is worth pillaging, somewhat like the Pope/Cathar fiasco, let us at least torment those that can't possibly return the tormenting favor. Like just maybe our NASA/NSA/DoD would much rather be treating those Dogon folks like trash, just because of their superior knowledge of Sirius/abc and of the associated worlds. Fortunately for the rest of us folks (nearly all white folks within NASA), the Dogon have but mere sticks and rocks to toss back, and because they dress funny and otherwise wear truly ugly makeup, as well as most can't speak a word of english, means that of any airport or other security measures should be able to spot one of them from a mile away, in which case we can call for another Boeing/TRW laser cannon strike that'll vaporise any one of them on the spot, or at least UV/b or even UV/c their DNA innards so that their own immune system well subsequently finish off the task, with no traceable link to the source of the weapon nor of those utilizing it. As for being WMD worthy, that nifty Boeing/TRW Phanton Works laser cannon doesn't get any better.

Of course hell could freeze over;  thus the better half of humanity could actually try to work things out as a focused global community, though I belive our NASA/NSA/DoD quest and momentum of their expediting global warming as mixed in with a healthy dosage of their global energy terrorism cartel, should help to prevent hell of ever freezing over, thus all of humanity (the other 90% of Earth) may have ourselves another one of those *no end in sight* or *no light at the end of the tunnel* predicaments.

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