Interplanetary Communications On The Cheap

(The easy way or the hard way, either way it's worth it)

by; Brad Guth / IEIS~GASA     updated: February 24, 2004

Those Pesky Alternatives to Spending Billions and of Risking Astronauts

This page is intended to offer as much about what other research can be accomplished per dollar/euro, as it's about what we simply shouldn't be doing, and of otherwise for achieving good bang for the buck/euro that isn't nearly as difficult as those NASA rusemasters will have you believe, such as for obtaining h2o2 via Yull Brown's Gas or that of obtaining lunar 3He or He3, of energy that's just been sitting there, as though we still haven't a freaking clue as to how anyone could possibly obtain anything from the moon. Though watch out folks, as the context of this page could represent another one of my anti-Christ plots for overthrowing America.

Einstein remarked; "Great spirits have always met violent opposition from mediocre minds."

Thereby, in order that I further please those "mediocre minds", how about we introduce a few "what ifs", and then apply truth or consequences just for the fun or perhaps sport of it all.

Calling Venus has simply never become easier

Transits of VenusSunrise and Venus over the Moon
Clementine Lunar/Venus/sun image: Sunrise and Venus over the Moon (40.5 MB file access)

Of course there have been a good number of even better alternatives to a fully solar transit by Venus, such as when it's passing just above or below (south) of the sun, like it did the previous time around.

As you can clearly see by the above image, the observed relative size of Venus to that of the moon, and do try to remember that of this acquired image was when Venus wasn't even directly aligned with Earth, and as such it is still offering a rather substantial target. As you should also know by now, I've been on the war-path as for utilizing the most universal bandwidth of communications from the very get go (at least two years worth and counting).

BTW; the capability of TRACE has always and perhaps still offers at least a ten fold optical advantage over anything Clementine (for some odd reason the likes of Clementine's optics and CCDs weren't 1% of what the technology of the day had to offer), and of the TRACE instrument has had multiple opportunities of imaging upon the likes of Venus while passing nearest to Earth, whether Venus was transiting the sun or not. Of course, this effort of imaging upon Venus would NOT have interfered with their completed contract for solar research, nor even of their ongoing solar observations; so why there's been absolutely nothing imaged of Venus is yet another mystery. In fact, at times it would have been relatively difficult for the likes of TRACE as to have avoided imaging upon something as large as Venus.

The fundamental notion that some other civilization remains as primitive and inefficient as restricted to our methods of limited communications via radio, this intellectual facet and/or impediment seems rather typically arrogant on our part.

The capability of safely focusing sufficient energy, namely of efficient laser photons upon a given target, at perhaps as tight as 0.05 milliradian, seems to beat anything radio by horrific leaps and bounds, not to mention offering the most acceptance to the widest possible range of species as well as intellects.

A couple of these older pages might shed some further light upon this interplanetary communications subject.

Of attempting such efforts with the likes of Venus, as for starters I'm of the knowledge that 400~450 nm should best penetrate those nighttime clouds, whereas a minimum of 50 watts exiting our atmosphere at 0.5 milliradian will be necessary. Though as for attempting a truly LD call that's situated way outside of our local area code, as for the likes of Sirius we could apply 350~400 nm if not considerably lower, such as 200 nm being 114 nm below the peak wavelength of Sirius/a, just as our sun obviously creates considerable interference with it's peak energy wavelength at roughly 500 nm, though whereas implementing a megawatt packet exiting our atmosphere at 0.05 milliradian at 200 nm might become necessary for the likes of contacting Sirius, as after all, Sirius is 8.64 ly distant, although Sirius/c folks must already be accustomed to such horrifically bright illuminations, such as what's coming off their own white dwarf (Sirius/b) that's supposed emitting at 900 times the intensity per m2 as our sun, plus obviously greatly producing it's illuminations deeper into the UV spectrum.

Sirius/abSirius/a and Sirius/b

My latest Sirius entry, along with graphics (Feb. 04, 2004):

Instead of our having to travel there in person, even if we had the 10% light speed capability, the present distance of 8.64 ly plus the recession of roughly 15 km/s would suggest 90.5 years worth of travel as long as the direction of Sirius was leaving us in it's star dust. Thereby, of utilizing laser beam and those quantum binary packets should save us all a great deal of time, as well as a few trillion bucks.

Every so often (roughly upon 18 month intervals) Venus arrives on our side of the sun, meaning that a greater proportion of Venus nighttime becomes exposed to the greater dumfounded insanity of Earth. This is a good thing for the likes of instruments such as TRACE, and even of a few other sufficiently outfitted observational satellites, especially since Venus becomes so close by, as merely 110 times distant than our moon, thus represents a relatively large target that's roughly viewed as 3.25% relative to the diameter of our moon.

Being that the Venus nighttime as exposed towards Earth is so entirely pitch black, thereby nearly any amount of artificial illumination should become easily detected, especially by the sorts of instruments like TRACE which are capable of tolerating direct solar illuminations and/or capable of selectively excluding the bulk of solar influx.

It's quite understandably true, that of enormous microwave transmitters and of those massively large (VLA) antenna(s) and thus high gain receivers focused upon a relatively narrow bandwidth of radio frequencies can in fact manage to communicate over great distances, potentially sending/receiving reasonably large packets of data, utilizing but a few megawatts of energy for achieving this overall loop, not including all the other mission related energies which could typically place an overall global SETI like infrastructure process at perhaps an energy consumption of merely one gigawatt/hr. Of course, if most of that energy is derived via fossil fuels, as obviously then there's a good deal of artificial CO2 tonnage being created per day, day in and day out, of perhaps 2.2 lb/kwh, or in this instance as much as 24e3 tonnes/day is created while having to consume energy at the rate of our creating a gigawatt worth of energy/hr on behalf of SETI.

Of course, it's just another morally darn good thing that none others needed that energy for their surviving here on Earth, much less access to whatever values that such energy could have been transferred into stupid things like food, clean water, housing and medical care. Instead, our pathetic NASA mentality would rather have them eat CO2, or preferably die.

I suppose you'll be wanting a spread sheet on how I derived upon that gigawatt/hr. Well for starters, and as just another example, I'll have to contact those Arthur Andersen folks still working within NASA, so as to obtaining those other cooked books of more truthful infrastructure accountings of NASA and of their global affiliates that are obviously on someone's payroll, and utilizing someone's facilities that are rather nicely designed and constructed, of course fully heated, extremely well illuminated and air conditioned at the same time as performing their duties associated with whatever lord NASA commands, which could be as little as simply their standing by until hell freezes over. This is not even mentioning upon hundreds of ongoing sub-contracts that are supposedly outside of NASA but none the less imperative in order for NASA to function on any given day, as if we added those in we'd have to include at least another one of those gigawatt consumptions that's also responsible for creating it's fair share of 24/7 CO2 dumps into our environment. Then there's all those daily related commute energies and of what all of that contributes, of which per ten thousand folks within their system, consuming upon average 5 gallons per day is worth only another 500 MW per day as opposed to the 24 GW per day, even though the commute transportation related CO2 contribution is at least twice as bad off as those utility grid contributions, even at as bad as creating 5 lb/kwh is still a mere drop in the CO2 bucket, that perhaps you and I can forget about such, unless we're having to be stuck in some choaking grid-lock associated with these folks.

As for the opportunity of myself and others accomplishing reasonable matters on behalf of Venus;
Though I've recently been side-tracked a little into looking into the ESE space elevator fiasco, especially of this horrific level of fiasco variety that's getting us into the hundreds of billions and at best decades away, as opposed to otherwise considering upon what our moon has to offer us, as is where is, much less for that of accommodating what the lunar space elevator (LSE) has to offer that's giving humanity at least ten fold more bang for the buck/euro, and whereas at least the LSE has been entirely doable for decades. Actually with all the abundance of lunar he3, there seems to be a somewhat fair profit that's at risk, at least to the likes of ENRON, and otherwise a fairly useful amount of worth for benefiting humanity that's undeniably associated with our unique (one of a kind) moon, as in obtaining such unlimited energies along with the development of the LSE-CM/ISS as for creating a truly lunar gateway, thus making extended space travel of deploying probes and even of accommodating human expedition style space flight as affordable as well as safer, and obviously so much less polluting for mother Earth.

We've all seen how others striving to achieve goals, such as all of the Mars or bust sort of missions, have more often than not achieved their failures (for the most part those failures are acceptable and/or to being the expected sort of issues, much like getting man onto the moon has thus far been a failure) and they otherwise obtained certain goals, such as blowing billions on expediting their drain upon a wide spectrum of technology requirements while remaining focused upon the types of research that consistently offers absolutely nothing for humanity, other than improving the wealth of extremely few and of continually bolstering their ego, which seems to have become another bottomless pit or black hole of their privet inner universe, to the greater extent which has ever since those Apollo missions become your typical pyramid cult of the century. Even though Arthur Andersen accounting skills are absolutely necessary in order to fool the public into funding all of their interrelated aspects of whatever our NASA is having to accomplish on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas, or such as in order to getting such nifty stuff delivered and deployed onto Mars, which by the way adds at least a ten fold cost factor into whatever budget expense that's being publicly touted as mission cost. In other words, snookering the taxpayers into paying at least ten fold more than they've been told has long been the typical par for the course.

In applying another viewpoint;  It seems as long as we're having to live a big-ass lie based upon our Apollo ruse/sting, there's obviously nothing morally impeding judgment upon our using whatever additional lies that'll obviously beget even more lies, which will only then have to become published as truths, produced as spendy NOVA infomercials and subsequently taught to young Americans and all others that'll have to continue with their being arrogant and otherwise sufficiently smart-ass selves about how they go about bragging of certain accomplishments, as to portray the likes of Americans as being vastly superior to so many others, while imposing this notion onto many folks which oddly can't seem to afford to go on living, much less compete with our level of "all or nothing", as well as our "in-your-face or else" sort of attitude. I guess that's something as an American to being proud of, of all the perverted ways we've managed to squander such talents and resources, as supposedly based upon those educational "high standards and accountability" issues, some of which weren't even ours to squander in the first place, much less truthful (as with all those wide spread Huston educational lies which were perpetrated along by our very own resident warlord), while many other issues have exceeded far beyond their breaking point, as well as beyond the value of life itself.

BTW;  Whenever I've mentioned "humanity", that's always been referring to the lower 90+% of Earth's humanity, of which by NASA and our resident warlord policy must represent the apparent scum of the Earth that hasn't yet received nor deserves receiving squat, much less their fair share of even side benefits from the likes of astronomy, or of otherwise by way of what's associated with nearly all of our astrophysics of deep space exploration related R&D, and/or by way of our devouring every possible resource in sight tactics. It's obviously not that we can't continue doing such dastardly things to one another, as the very same arguments could and perhaps should have been applied for the likes of those Pope/Cathar and Hitler/Jewish fiascos, but of that sort of necessary intervention wasn't about to happen then, as it's apparently never going to happen now or in the future, therefore of whatever modern science that's been associated with astronomy and of space travel is most likely going to continue to inflict it's excessive cost, and of subsequently delivering squat worth of anything for the lower 90+% of humanity, other than delivering more than their fair share of massive CO2 contributions plus whatever other pollutions, and from time to time that of whatever fallout from returning shuttles that were being casually utilized as handy thermal test drones on behalf of advancing our laser cannon star-wars technology, as much promoted at the very request of our resident warlord insisting upon everyone "achieving more from less and of accomplishing everything faster" policy, that which has only been recently superseded by his lordship's "so what's the difference" policy, and of more recently polished off by his "high standards and accountability" associated with our education standards of his marvelous toilet bowl ideology being applied to our otherwise vastly inferior education system.

Of course the astronomy and related fields of space astrophysics and of related exploration well always strongly contest upon any notions that of the humanity I'm referring to actually deserves to receive little if anything. At least in their perverted Borg like minds of incest cultism supremacy, the mere act of spending those billions upon their perverted global infrastructure that's needed every year in and year out for just keeping their lights turned on is somehow a benefit to this lesser humanity. Of course one has to continually define such benefit in the eyes of the beholder, such as in the eyes of those starving to death and/or needlessly dying off prematurely are apparently somehow receiving more than their fair share of worthy as well as moral benefits, just as long as other folks continue to divert those hundreds of billions into matters that can't possibly improve the lives or health of those 90+% of Earth, as the status quo is oddly doing such deeds on behalf of those folks that'll have no say in their own futures anyway, as apparently in that way all seems good with the lords of astronomy, just as long as they can continue diverting those talents and the expertise of thousands in order to devise upon their next best and/or most expensive whatever that's looking at and/or trekking itself off through space, the farther away the better.

You don't need to bother telling me what you think because, I already know that this previous paragraph rant, like so many others I've delivered, needs a lot of work, needs something because it sounds somewhat contradictory, if not downright skewed against the system, as in opposing the status quo. I wonder why that is?

Because there are so many examples of what NOT to do with our limited resources and talents, especially of those issues associated with political agenda usage of our NASA/NSA/DoD that sometimes includes an unexpected if not great deal of carnage, along with having to after-the-fact deal with whatever their motives and notions were supposed to deliver, as well as upon what sorts of legitimate space research must comply in order to quietly fit within whichever hidden agenda. So I thought it would be a good sort of thing as to be looking at what's seriously dirt cheap and offering by far the most bang for the almighty buck. Of course, that's why I bothered to taking a good hard look-see at the ongoing ESE fiasco, in order to see what all their fuss was about, but then I compared all of that to what's been entirely doable about our moon.

Even though there seems to being absolutely no contest, whereas the LSE seems morally as well as technically to beat the pants off the ESE by leaps and bounds, however the ESE infrastructure of funding has already become entrenched (officially funded), and has been dissolving itself much like any enema into the bloodstreams of America. Thus the likes of Hitler lives on, it's as though incest cloning has been working just fine and dandy for the past half century, either that or pure incest has become the new standard by which it takes for getting anything done with obtaining the NASA moderated stamp of approval.

I'm certainly of no cloning expert but, I'm fairly certain that at least human cloning isn't entirely a done deal, but I'm fairly certain that incest has certainly been within a reality of how certain things have been getting done, especially of whenever and whatever government policy decides is to become the order of the day, as well as for stipulating how history shall be moderated by the bloated fox, in order that it be recorded in favor of the fox in spite of whatever truths, as well as in spite of all those missing chickens. Though our government hasn't had the global corner on incest, as the likes of most religious cults offer some of the most true to life cesspools of incest that humanity has ever realized, and such has been sustained as well as ongoing before our eyes.

So, if folks can't realize how thoroughly corrupted and/or skewed and otherwise dumbfounded via incest the upper 10% of humanity has become, how ulterior agenda orientated and focused these astronomy and astrophysics folks have been intent upon getting their way or else, whereas this "or else" factor is offered with no limits nor oversight, as then what can anyone possibly have to say, other than perhaps humanity deserves exactly whatever demise, deserves having their own large aircraft smashing into tall buildings, deserves having to sleep with one eye open, deserves having numbers of politically powerful but otherwise supposedly nice folks caring absolutely less if others live or die (though many preferring that we take the option of dying). Not that it matters to the vast majority of those opposing what I've discovered, but I'm still one of those idiots wondering whom it was on that Tel Aviv flight, that which flight-800 unfortunately took in it's place, was worth the price of all those nice folks.

Perhaps because I'm still one of the few that cares about humanity, perhaps that's why I foresee the urgent need of our establishing this interplanetary communications, mostly because so many lives have not become measurably better off by way of the status quo, and thanks to the cost and collateral damage of our cold-wars and of the most recent not so cold energy wars, many tens of thousands don't even have lives anymore due to our Borg incest of diverting such talents and worldly resources into devising various WMD and/or of the horrific infrastructure of being capable of delivering such WMD, so much so that perhaps there is no longer an option, other than to becoming part of this grand collective. As for the rest of us non-Borgs, to apply the ultimate coefficient correction factor, as in the words of our resident warlord; "so what's the difference", where this may have to become the ultimate policy justifier of all times, as probably being exactly what the Pope used in order to qualify their exterminations of Cathars (so what's the difference).

It seems rather unfortunate, that for every dollar invested into honest research and upon discovery that's truly of high standards and accountable as for being beneficial for humanity, a hundred other dollars must be devoted into the WMD cesspool of life, invested into dastardly things and/or the subsequent spin and damage control thereof. Such as the likes of our creating 9/11 goes way back before even the USS LIBERTY fiasco, and there's plenty of other skewed history that's been keeping the light of day away from a good number of other truths for centuries. Since folks seem to like being snookered, as well as like seeing that others are those having to pay the ultimate price, then I thought what's the harm in telling folks what other sorts of dastardly things we could be getting ourselves into, such as for the likes of communicating with another inhabited planet that's been a little too hot under their collar. I mean, how bad is that?

Of course, my idea or notion upon spending relatively slight sums, and of devoting but a few talents into worthy agendas isn't very exciting, certainly not intentionally blood thirsty or all that spendy, nor even all that life threatening. In other village idiot words, this task could become boring as hell, as there's no hidden plan of ever achieving a goal of blood and guts all over the place, no need of risking another batch of astronauts and, there's no incest intended nor even WMD involvements, all of which apparently takes all of the fun out of such things. Of course, fore knowing our previous economic and political policies and/or agendas of being unfairly applied against any nation we didn't happen to like, as if to consider upon the likelihood that we might apply similar tactics upon those Venus heathens, in no time at all we should have created our next facet of 9/11 on a much grander interplanetary level, and perhaps only then if we could somehow manage to thoroughly piss off our Sirius creators, as apparently nothing other would make the likes of our resident warlord happier.

Instead of being another Borg team player, I've simply got those honestly weird notions of nice folks efficiently accomplishing basic interplanetary communications for the greater good of humanity, that which needs damn little established in space. Though having a robotic relay/transponder situated at Venus L2 would certainly have been nice, as well as for otherwise our having something, anything lunar surface deployed that's acting as a VLA-SAR receiving aperture, or perhaps even a relatively small and low power laser cannon for delivering those interplanetary quantum binary packets, along with an extremely small and energy efficient photon receiving array of sensors for obtaining those reply packet data streams from another planet as Venus, or from most any exploration probe, seems almost embarrassing for us not to be having such, as in moon dirt cheap, sufficiently risk free, along with obtaining fairly terrific performance.

It's become my notion of why we should or shouldn't chance our physically going to such remote places, even robotically, if instead we utilized the speed of light by simply communicating, perhaps badly at first and via as little as one bps laser beams, and if need be we could possibly even deliver a technology pod of sufficient interactive two-way audio/video capability to such a world, especially of one that's almost too close to home, such as that other world being Venus.

Oh I forgot, you're probably one of those folks that's still all the way snookered into thinking that Venus is simply way too hot and nasty, somewhat like the oceans of Earth are too cold and wet for humans to live in, therefore no chance in hell of there being any life on Venus, much less in our oceans. meanwhile we've actually invested hundreds of billions into places like Mars (of course you'll need top level security access into those Arthur Andersen books before such true cost is ever to be disclosed), where upon Mars it's been well known for being upon average too cold for life as we know it, as well as too irradiated to death for life as we know it to exist and of otherwise sufficiently pulverised to death, yet there we are poking around on a planet that's had damn little atmosphere for God knows how long, and as of yet to be discovering any viable thermal signature of biological life and/or of anything potentially supporting life. On top of Mars being so damn cold and simply without energy, much less of any artificial form of energy, it's simply so much further away than Venus, thus more spendy as well as for being extremely payload limited due to it's thin atmosphere (less than 1% that of Earth).

This is not myself stipulating that life never made a go of it on Mars, as much like in another thousand years from now, ET archeologist are going to be researching through the remains of Earth, as to see what in the hell went so terribly wrong, especially when their previous terraforming efforts had created so much going for Earth, yet there's nothing but a CO2 burned out hulk of a planet with only the few DNA remains of a past human species that after all that effort finally turned out being dumber than squat, to the point that their entire social/political and even their entire ecosystem of Earth failed in every possible way. I mean, talk about being totally dumbfounded, these ET archeologist are going to see first hand how pathetically narrow minded and of how easily their petri dish results amounted to absolute pure incest, into a decline of biological matter of being something less interesting and of less worth than another black hole.

Of course, unlike those of you that still can't manage to think for yourself, much less outside the box, whereas I'm obviously one of the few that Borg implants didn't take, as such I've become a Borg misfit village idiot by way of still thinking way outside their nondisclosure box, whereas ever since I discovered that I have become their chief village idiot, so much so that I've had to relearn a great deal more than I ever needed, or ever wanted to know. Since I couldn't understand the reluctance by others, as to considering the possibility of what a planet like Venus has had to offer, especially since I had so kindly pointed out so many remarkably artificial attributes, of those which mother nature certainly had nothing whatsoever to do with, as only since then I've learned of all those unlimited energy potentials of Venus, of all sorts of vertical kinetics obtained from pressure differentials, and of the terrific geothermals, of solar influx and again of just those atmospheric differentials alone being capable of offering far more kinetic energy value than all of the known energies of Earth.

Gee whiz I wondered, as in good grief almighty, what on Venus could any fool such as a certified village idiot as myself possibly do to survive, especially if my world was getting itself hotter by the year (say advancing along by as much as 1ºK/year), and of all things I didn't want to die. Of course, by having such a truly nifty atmospheric surround acting like a crystal clear ocean for accommodating my rigid airship is certainly going to come in rather handy, especially for migrating so as to remain safely within the season of nighttime, as well as for obtaining whatever elevation I thought necessary, plus having a rather simple solution of extracting almost any amount of energy on location, as on demand and by way of fairly low-tech methods of utilizing this available environment of vertical pressure and thermal differentials, seems like a perfectly good set of notions that I just might have to survive in spite of my world being situated next door to the absolute dumbest and most bigoted other planet in the entire universe.

Since I learned much from the pros, that with a little such energy (not to mention having a great deal of said energy), all sorts of things become not only possible but often derived by default, sort of by happenstance or as a byproduct way of accomplishing something other. Such as the process of CO2-->CO/O2 obviously yields CO but also O2, of which the processing necessary for accommodating this conversion process creates those additional thermal differentials, of which can be utilized for extracting heat on demand and/or for extracting electrons, as well as for applying additional heat as for a process for accomplishing something other, like for manufacturing alloy steels and certainly of glass and ceramics, including that of processing various basalt into nifty composites, all of which I can't hardly believe there's absolutely no use for, as opposed to what the formal opposition to there being other life existing on Venus keeps insisting that there's absolutely nothing to being had (I mean, what a pathetic bunch of absolute moron idiots that seem to exist only on Earth).

Of course, for the actual task of folks accomplishing almost any form of modern communications, for that effort you'll certainly need a little energy, be that from some natural resource or artificial, in fact the more energy the better, especially if we're talking about what's truly interplanetary worthy.

Again, as usual, I may be seriously running myself amuck by suggesting upon various notions of interplanetary exploration efficiency, as well as for considering the safety and of obtaining the most bang for the buck/euro. What the hell was I thinking, to be suggesting upon Earth doing things any other way than of most risky and expensive as those being currently utilized by the likes of our NASA. Obviously fools like myself should be shot for even suggesting upon such notions of efficiency and safety, though I've given at least a dozen far better reasons for the likes of pro-NASA huggers to having myself shot, as I obviously don't much like the vast majority of what's been going down for the past four decades, and of the more I read and learn of truths, the less I'm proud of even being an American, though certainly I'm quite thankful that I'm no Cathar.

Now that I've managed to seriously piss off yet another portion or cult faction of our pro-NASA and Pope huggers, I'd still like of what few honest folks to review upon the interplanetary communications alternatives, as opposed to otherwise having to actually go there via probe, much less in person. As this is about doing things efficiently and safely, especially safe as for any ET that's calling Venus their home, as the last thing a planet like Venus needs is a taste of human DNA. Talk about "mad cow disease", with the likes of Earth visiting Venus, it'd soon become known as "mad human disease" that which could soon undermine all of their morality and otherwise infect and destroy the sorts of Venus DNA that had worked so perfectly to date.

Why bother ourselves with interplanetary communications? or perhaps "So What's The Difference"

Even if knowing of those surviving by way of evolution and/or via applied technology on Venus;  It seems this monumental sort of task is not one of smoke and mirrors like our Apollo sting/ruse, as you'd actually have to be smart enough to know when and where it's getting too damn hot, and you'd have to obviously utilize whatever is at hand, as you're sure as hell aren't getting any help from the likes of Earth morons.

This intellectual capability certainly doesn't represent that upon another planet such as Venus, that radio need be invented nor even if developed to any extent beyond your LAN requirements. Thus our pathetic efforts at such crude communication protocols utilizing mere radio, that which has clearly eliminated 99.99% of what's populating our world, as thereby essentially excluded the vast bulk of Earth's life from whatever avenue of using radio as their format of communications, whereas we seem to have become so absolutely arrogant by our overlooking the most universal format of species communication, that which has always been foremost of visual, as in mostly analog and/or along with a degree of binary composite capability. It seems that all sighted species respond to light, and of patterns of light, whereas some species manage to create a biological form of illumination response that's also of the photon generating format, while somewhat more advanced species (humans) have created artificial illumination methods for perhaps millions of years, such as reflecting sunlight.

It seems that I've been referencing to this illumination method as being of a analog/binary format of communications (perhaps even suggesting upon quantum binary because so much raw data can be exchanged), as well as for this effort being by far the most universally accepted format of achieving inter-species communications, that which is obviously capable of reaching far beyond our limited human acoustic and otherwise primitive intellectual limitations.

Remember the old saying that a given picture is worth a thousand words, well folks let me tell you something else; as in binary format and of especially of full 3D spectrum (350~750 nm) color composite, that data throughput per picture is actually worth several terabytes. Of at least processing 10 frames per second could represent as much as data 100 terabytes/second, and if that's not worthy of communicating, then I certainly don't know what is.

Although human acoustic communication skills are those somewhat limited to and of being applied to an extremely narrow spectrum of energy as well as of life as we know it on this planet (mostly of human species), whereas radio being where there's need of applying some rather considerable technology in order to make the best of this truly deficient form of our DNA evolution in communication skills, especially necessary as for our surviving within our typically noise filled artificial environments, though it seems like a far greater limitation upon any applied audible communication skill, is that of having a whole lot more to do with our limited intelligence, and/or a fairly despicable lack thereof, rather than anything other. Whereas visual and visual w/binary composite seems rather universal, as in that picture being supposedly worth a thousand words, whereas in my case a picture is worth at least a million words, and of knowing that I can prove this beyond any doubt should have given even another certified moron as yourself some clue as to where I'm going with this argument.

Unfortunately, wherever there's been this serious lack of said intelligence, fortunately there's been an over abundance of our "all American" arrogance, so much so arrogance that the overwhelming degree of whatever is lacking in intelligence has never been realized until it's too late (9/11 for example, and of a few too many other dreadful/colorful events that should never have happened back whenever, much less of today, but will likely happen over and over because, we're simply too freaking stupid and acting arrogant to boot, before we'd ever bother to actually listen to what's being said).

What if our Earth were getting itself too damn hot?

Now then, if it were to be our world (Earth) getting itself hotter by the year, or even by the day as in several recent climatic examples of a whole lot territory plus ocean zones getting itself way too hot, as in specifically too damn hot for thousands of unfortunate human lives to survive. And let us further assume that our resident warlord, or of his incest cloned derived replacement, isn't planning upon cutting back upon anything except for telling the truth, and as such Greenland's ice cap and of certain other significant land-locked ice melts, giving our world apparently exactly what it's always wanted, as in lots more water, namely 10+ meters worth of said water that's now mostly either become salt water and/or of some other contaminated version derived by way of massive flooding and erosions. Though even though there's more of that nifty water about, around the old homestead it's simply getting way too crowded as well as too hot, and somewhat testy as good dry land is simply becoming scarce and extremely valuable (worth fighting over), and as I've mentioned becoming crowded as hell, plus still getting itself measurably hotter by the day because, all the haves are continuing their perfected methods of using up whatever energy resources they can in order to stay dry and cool, nationally we're now annually exceeding 2e9 tones of artificial CO2, while the rest of the havenots (the other 95% of Earthlings) are simply flat out of luck.

Hopefully, as for my being one of those folks that have a whole lot more going for myself than of those other 95+% of undeserving scum of the Earth havenots, for one sure thing I'd soon start thinking of obtaining my very own airship. Of course, since there's more free moisture sustained within the polluted atmospheric environment, along with way more CO2, where as such the atmosphere of Earth has become measurably thicker and denser (instead of offering 1.225 kg/m3 we've become 2.5 kg/m3 and measurably climbing), offering so much better buoyancy that of a conventional airship has become just the personal sort of RV, if not homestead ticket to ride. Although there's still a slight problem as for keeping oneself within Earth shade, that being the rotation of Earth is simply way too fast, plus the fact that unlike Venus, our atmosphere rotates with the direction of the Earth, meaning that there's nearly always headwinds if attempting to outrun any sunrise, and even as such, any conventional airship simply isn't going to manage the task of keeping yourself in the dark, as for that you'll need to obtain a personal SST along with in-flight refuelings and one hell of a line of credit, and/or plan upon landings and refueling services that hopefully aren't surrounded by too many of those other sorry havenots.

Fortunately, as for contemplating Earth's environmental demise, the timeline will become a wee bit longer than of the individual lifespan of those folks creating the problem in the first place, so it'll be of their next generations and of the ones after that that'll have to become airship smart and shrewd about their staying dry, cool and out of the targeting range of those rogue stingers, or those WMD donkey-carts now in the hands of those certain havenots we've utilized in the past in order to derail others we obviously wanted to see demoralized, by way of essentially having Borg drones of somewhat their own kind killing off others of their own kind on our behalf. Somewhat like how England pitted the North against the South and vice versa, and of how our trustworthy resident warlords pitted those Taliban against the USSR, and of why those folks onboard the USS LIBERTY had to die for much worse reasons.

Of course, if your planet was to be rotating itself more like Venus, as then of all things airship, especially of rigid airship, become extremely doable, with lots of time and energy to spare. In fact, on any good Venus night (season of nighttime being 2900+ hours worth), such as when those clouds are at their thinnest while residing at less altitude, the opportunity of your rigid airship cruising efficiently away from sunrise as well as if need be above them there cool nighttime clouds is something well within the laws of physics and even the known technology of what any good airship can deliver. Naturally, the brightest object in your sky above those clouds, other than the sun, should be good old mother Earth, as viewed from your airship is roughly 3.5% the diameter of what you and I presently view our relatively dim moon, whereas pondering upon the highly illuminated and quite colorful Earth is perhaps way too reflectively bright for any good nocturnal vision to manage without a few spectrum safety filters, especially since the visual spectrum sensitivity of any Venus nocturnal is perhaps of 100 nm less than us humans, as perhaps centered about 450 nm as being their peak sensitivity, along with capability of seeing plain as day down to at least 350 nm, and of otherwise just having that magnitude 5 worth of photon sensitivity advantage over Earth human eyesight is certainly adding to a good degree of nighttime visual capabilities while having to survive under those Venus clouds.

Fortunately, as for those nocturnal lizard folk (perchance Cathars), their nearest planet has been and remains so freaking dumbfounded, so much so that's there's no apparent chance of Venus ever receiving an infection of Earth's stupidity DNA, which would otherwise have been a rather lethal blow to their ecosystem anyway because, you simply can't survive the likes of Venus if you're as dumbfounded or genetically stupid and incompetent as the likes of our NASA/NSA/DoD, and of their cult followers, much less as formally educated into being so thoroughly arrogant and bigoted to boot by the likes of our resident warlord's "high standards and accountability".

However, roughly every 18 months, it seems rather odd that whenever the likes of Earth and Venus are but 0.27 AU apart, the chances of Earth seeing anything and/or attempting communicating with whatever's ongoing with respect to the Venus nighttime season should have offered a slam-dunk. Though perhaps no way, as it isn't going to happen simply because we're too busy looking for Osama bin Laden and all of those other stealth WMD donkey-carts, and otherwise doing everything in the book, plus inventing whatever isn't in the book, as to dog-wagging folks away from the truth, much the same as focusing folks as far away from the likes of Venus as well as from our moon as possible, such as most recently pointing every other snookered fool at the more than sufficiently frozen and irradiated to death Mars, at terrific images that scientifically represent nearly squat as compared to merely obtaining hard numbers of the irradiated Mars environment, and we're even obtaining much less value from other places so far away that light doesn't hardly return, which also represents that of such benefits if any for the likes of Earth's humanity doesn't return either, much like the exoplanet which Hubble can't even provide an original image of, only upon the probability of it's existence, whereas at best possible speed we couldn't get ourselves there in a million years.

So far, it seems the only Mars observational closeup benefit has been that of identifying more of those pesky meteorites and of their shards, plus investments upon discovering where our future landers are going next in order to find enough sterile dry-ice for cooling off the greenhouse environment of Earth, of which Mars seems to have more than it's fair share of said dry-ice (CO2), as well as for all of that dry-ice being more than sufficiently irradiated sterile at that. Since Earth's natural environment has already become several fold greater in CO2 capacity over the past 1000 years, what's a little more, especially if that helps to thicken our lower atmosphere for the benefit of those having to live entirely onboard rigid airships, whereas eventually you're at least 100ºF cooler than anywhere else on Earth, 150ºF cooler if we're talking greenhouse summer time that's exceeding a surface vapor point at even the denser and thus greater atmospheric pressure that's been boosted along by our very own self inflicted greenhouse environment. Besides, all of the existing CO2, plus whatever new deposits of CO2 is a relatively heavy gas that'll hug closer to the surface, such as where all those havenots somehow manage to survive without an once of assistance nor technology worth of squat from the ranks of our NASA cult, making it all that more so imperative to cruise your airship between various elevated and/or mountainous terrain community/resort holdouts, as in quite a similar fashion to those folks on Venus having to manage their survival, as indicated as they've done so at locations like their seasonal community established sites such as GUTH Venus #1, and of alternate sites #2 and #3 that offer the 180º offset so that life, as hot and nasty as it is, can continue in spite of their sunrise making a bad situation even worse. There's also the much greater expanse of their 10+km Istar Terra zone, and of a few other sites worthy of sustaining life that's obviously NOT as we know it.

However, getting ourselves back into our original topic of merely establishing and/or justifying this need for interplanetary communications;  Being that Venus folks are most likely striving to outlast Earthlings, so as we manage to destroy ourselves and succeed at warming up our planet in the process, so much so that eventually Earth well become nearly warm enough for those nice Venus Cathars to return home, such as being somewhat like the way it once was upon a time when Earth was every bit as nice and toasty, but once the energy of Sirius left town and along came another one of those 90,000 year ice ages, obviously that sort of ruined everything. Now that the bulk of that original ice-age is gone fore, and of it's humanity doing everything within our powers to eliminate what little ice is left, as in no geological time at all, Earth may soon become the sort of place for Venus Cathars to be, especially easy for those previously surviving on Venus.

In order for us to safely appreciate this cycle of interplanetary life, of survival of the fittest planet and species thereof, this is where I thought we should selectively try out a few laser cannons on a nearby planet like Venus, instead of continued R&D upon flaming shuttles or upon unsuspecting ethnic tribes we feel a need to exterminate via modifying their DNA from within, as there's always a possibility of there being a few rogue Venus Cathars not at all pleased with the sorts of politics and ulterior motives being deeply hidden within otherwise scientific agendas established by their government, such as a predominately Cathar government of Venus that simply can't seem to forgive and forget what certain Popes did to their ancestors that once attempted to live on Earth. Of course, in order for us to ever learn about such truthful things, preferably before another 9/11 roles itself around, we'll need to start by basically communicating, and of all things, we may even need to listen carefully to what's being said, and if possible to reading their body language, of which I believe that'll require a good deal of interplanetary transference of visual data, of which we obviously can't even do all that much to help ourselves if no one gives a hoot.

OK, so that bit about the demise of those descendants of Earthly Cathars, and of their returning to Earth for some serious Pope butt kicking is offering a wee bit too much information, as well as too much supposition, or perhaps merely wishful thinking on my part, though thankfully that's about as bad as it gets for my misleadership worth of snookering, and lo and behold, still no one has died or is about to die over any WMD, nor have any of my stealth donkey-carts been neutralized by the likes of DHS.

Never mind what's left of my thoughts, as it's only becoming important of what you're thinking we should be doing right here and now, about whether or not we should be placing a few of those local area code laser calls to/from Venus, so that instead of our having to send off another spendy probe that we're actually not all that good at design and construction, especially for such a hot and nasty place like Venus, whereas it seems like merely asking those ET folks that should already know everything there is to know about their Venus, to perhaps share their profound knowledge and expertise with us. In other words, to take petty on our souls before it's too late (again).

Fortunately, if we had to do something in the way of creating and delivering a worthy transponder probe that could be established at Venus L2, something along the lines of a TRACE-II deployment having those interactive laser technologies applied to TRACE, of those laser transceivers that could deliver and receive quantum binary packets within a fairly tight target zone. Then with a good deal of expertise and of the known high temperature tolerant circuitry applied is where such a surface deployed communications and scientific probe/kiosk could be placed directly upon their tarmac, thus offering a fully interactive audio/video interface so that our two worlds can go about shocking one another with as much or as little information as we see fit to share.

Keeping in mind that, of all the species here on Earth that utilize radio as their preferred interface for accommodating a rather narrow spectrum of audio frequencies for human communications, we're obviously talking about all of perhaps 0.001% of what's right here on Earth, so it seems rather pathetic to be continuing our search for ET as based upon such primitive RF technology, rather than what the biological broadband optical spectrum of 300 nm to 800 nm has to offer, plus whatever good applied technology could otherwise easily pump through in terms of terabytes/ms. Good grief folks, is there actually any communications contest here?

I believe the sort of surface probe package could be of a tripod sort of pyramid, as sort of free standing communications kiosk having essentially three of everything, meaning three robotic cameras to look at whatever is using any of the three communication terminals. A plasma touch screen, keyboard and acoustical interface among numerous other sensors and interactive features on each of the three sides should make this into a redundant standard of interplanetary video/phone booths or interactive as well as inter-species kiosk. This solution could introduce itself as purely a radio/microwave interface link and/or applying some levels of laser beam as for demonstrating how we're actually not as stupid as we've looked for the past half century, as to utilize such laser technology in order to efficiently communicate great amounts of data (terabytes/ms) over great distances without all the complexities and limitations of radio. After all, the one sure-fire sort of thing folks on Venus should have to work with is a good deal of toasty CO2, and there's certainly all the opportunity in their world that you could possibly want as for creating electrons, thus our understanding of exciting said CO2 into creating terrific illuminations should offer an honest show of our good faith, as for demonstrating a rather primitive to them but highly reliable communications alternative, as compared to all the complexities and less thermally tolerant capabilities of our horribly inefficient and species limited radio.

Fortunately, we've advance upon our circuitry as well as for our electro-mechanical technology to the point where an environment of 1000ºF is within spec. This means that not only is the energy requirement a fraction of what the original Venus probes utilized, but of these new components are becoming damn near fire proof. Besides being thermally tolerant, we now have an understanding of CO2-->CO/O2, as well as for heat-exchanging within the CO2 environment of Venus is simply of basic physics-101.

As far as getting this video/phone kiosk down onto their surface, and located exactly where it needs to be, this is not the sort of complex problem facing those Mars dry-ice snipe hunters, whereas on Mars there's essentially no significant atmosphere for applied aerodynamics. As opposed to delivering packages to Mars, were accomplishing a couple hundred kilograms is exceeding our maximum capability, whereas on Venus there's a rather terrific atmosphere of far greater buoyancy than we currently know what to do with. Thus a robotic shuttle would soon become a hybrid rigid airship once cruising below those nighttime clouds, propelled along by conventional props or ducted fans that could easily be h2o2/c12h26 IRRCE powered. Since we're talking about a 65 kg/m3 worth of calm nighttime buoyancy, a robotic shuttle and of it's kiosk payload could quite easily amount to several tonnes worth, though an initial 1000 kg (1t) overall package should more than accomplish this task, as the initial video/phone kiosk shouldn't have become more than a few hundred kg. Energy to power this kiosk can obviously be of ambient thermodynamics, or if need be thermonuclear and/or supplemented along by the free-standing vertical differential power generator that could deploy itself as a 10 meter tall telescopic tube, looking much like a conventional but miniature cooling tower, or we could just provide a suitable extension cord along with one of those standard multitasking interplanetary power cord adapters, so that Venus folks can simply plug it into one of their existing power outlets.

The 0.6 psi worth of atmospheric differential created by this 10 meter vertical energy tower would obviously be capable of extracting said energy by way of the volume and density of the CO2 passing up through this tube, as such turning a small power turbine. The 0.6 psi differential may not sound like we're having all that much to work with, however the terrific density of mostly CO2 will certainly make up for that by way of sheer mass that's acting nearly hydrodynamic, whereas 0.6 psi at perhaps achieving 0.51 m/s of vertical wind velocity as equalizing through a small power turbine is certainly going to create a sufficient energy resource for at least the task of supporting this one communications kiosk, especially if the inlet diameter were of 3 meters, and the outlet offered a one meter diameter.

Actually a relatively small rigid airship/shuttle could accommodate such technology, in of itself becoming the actual kiosk once parked on their tarmac, whereas per 100 m3 worth of h2 is going to offer a gross displacement worth of perhaps 6000 kg as for operating such at the 5+km elevation during their season of nighttime. Remember that Venus nighttime isn't as hot as Venus daytime, nor the sort of pitch black environment as for mere humans, at least not to any good nocturnal nor one of our 0.01 lux capable cameras, as a great deal of near UV manages to transfer through those clouds, and especially whenever there's the vibrant earthshine illumination coming off the dumbest planet in the universe that's at times situated merely 0.27 AU away from those sufficiently UV transparent clouds, whereas certain spectrums are those achieving 25% transmission efficiency through those cool (25% opacity) nighttime clouds.

As for a little further contemplating upon obtaining auxiliary energy; Let's say we utilize a conservative volume of one cubic meter worth of CO2 passing through a power turbine at 0.5 m3/s, as for that being similar to 7900 gpm at the differential of 0.5 psi, of which this should deliver at least 736 watts. These days with our electronic efficiencies being what they are, even obtaining 150 watts of continuous energy might be surplus, thus 50 watts per side of this triangle kiosk should be sufficient.

Having a good gray-scale or whatever spectrum (16 bit) plasma screen of 300 mm shouldn't consume but a few watts, whereas other circuitry and sensors, including an ATM feature, just in case these folks might like to on-line shop until they drop, can't possibly drain off more than another 50 watts per terminal, even though there should be ample energy as for accommodating 150 watts (continuous) per terminal. I believe that's a great deal of peak data throughput energy.

Continuing to think way outside the Borg box;  What if this kiosk were sponsored by Las Vegas, as such we could certainly provide video gambling, or even much worse odds (1000 fold worse odds) of state lottery, or another sure bet might be pay-per-view video smut. In that case we're turning a nifty profit from day one. True, this is a wee bit commercializing on the potential weaknesses of others, although that's never stopped us before.

Knowing what little I do of my dyslexic mind, without any doubt I could think of all sorts of nifty ways for starting up a good deal of interplanetary trouble via this communications kiosk interface, though perhaps before I start in with such notions, others might like to pitch their ideas and notions as to what sort of tit for tat exchanges should be permitted, after all, if these Venus folks turn out being more Cathar like, we could end up being the ones being preached to, and not that we couldn't use a little wisdom from those that have more than proven their evolutionary worth, in spite of their planet having to be associated with the absolute dumbest other planet in the universe (Earth).

The energy efficiency by way of good design and overall impact of what this interplanetary communication kiosk has to offer, this could become a world wide contest, of applied ingenuity and whatever grandeur, in order to see whom can knock the most socks off with the least amount of energy. Not that Venus folks have any socks to knock off, but they might buy socks if we're still good enough at selling folks what they don't need, much like we snookered the world into buying that we walked on the moon, even though today we have absolutely nothing of any purely rocket powered lander that's worth squat, nor do we have those radiation-proof astronauts, nor have we any of that KODAK film that can't be detectably fogged by radiation, or otherwise distorted by the sorts of lunar thermal extremes.

Of course, the overall inference here being, is that it's been entirely possible to accomplish great things for pennies on the dollar, without risking astronauts nor physically contaminating some other world, which also represents that we shouldn't have the sort of distractions created by leadership that's so easily snookered by the likes of a mere sand pirate like uncle Saddam, nor of any side kick like Osama bin Laden. If we're going to play the part of being the baddest bully in town, at least we ott to be able to accomplish great things in spite of ourselves because, if we don't actually have to be all that smart enough to do what's right, as perhaps we should openly follow in the steps of Hitler and/or the Pope, and just flat out rule the world the way we see fit, thus taking the expertise of others at our command as to do whatever it takes, somewhat exactly like how we trained, outfitted and essentially hired those nice Taliban to punish the USSR on our behalf, which worked exactly like our cold-war rusemasters intended, at least up until 9/11.

Perhaps if we manage to keep our proven methods of cold-war operations in tact, that's essentially keeping others from their ever learning the truth, which will subsequently permit the likes of American interest to prevail in spite of the competition, in spite of the global energy shortage. Of course, there's no such thing as any global energy shortage, just as long as we can afford the artificially soaring price tag, while knowingly disregarding the environmental impact, of which the other 90% of Earth's population can not afford to do anything about, which obviously makes us right (the chosen ones) and all them others wrong, as well as prematurely dead wrong if need be, as opposed to our way of life thriving at the expense of others. I guess the American style of the good life doesn't get itself any better than that.

Of course, since interplanetary communications of this laser cannon format doesn't actually require a satellite program, nor even of walking on the moon, in fact such efficient communications technology needs are rather few and at first technically simplistic (as in off-the-shelf), so much so that other nations having next to nothing to work with could soon be involved with independent efforts at interplanetary communications, at least with the task of their transmitting packets of data to places like Venus, whereas the amateur astronomy collective would by default become way more than sufficient for detecting whatever is being transmitted back towards Earth, especially when Venus is but 0.27 AU away from us is almost too close for comfort, though still doable without a satellite. Whereas the likes of TRACE and of a few other existing satellites can currently monitor Venus throughout much of it's journey past Earth, especially monitoring the nighttime portion that's most likely where any such artificial illuminations would become visible to their instruments without being drowned out by all the nearby solar contributions.

Exactly what the hell am I thinking?
Especially since you obviously must already know, absolutely all there is to know about Venus, just like folks have known for a bloody fact that everything NASA stipulates and/or has moderated is not only the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but also as good as the word of God gets, of which I'm the one and only bad guy that's ever questioned this pagan God of yours, and of all things, as based upon those very same laws of physics that somehow supposedly placed man on the moon, and for otherwise the same perfectly good reason(s) of my observing a rather sizable complex of a community that's existing on another planet, though apparently this discovery is not officially situated upon Venus as portrayed by those Magellan SAR imaging, but purely as something fabricated within my empty head as some perverted case of another allusion that I'm intentionally creating for the fun and/or sport of it all, and otherwise because that's just the sort of nasty and mean spirited sort of guy that I am, going around and insisting upon understanding truths.

Well then, if you're one of those folks that want to believe that I'm this messenger from hell, then you'll also need to believe that all of those sand pirate WMD must have actually existed, and perhaps even that the Pope actually liked Cathars so much that they all killed themselves out of some perverted loyalty to the Pope's God, and I could certainly pull in a few other analogies if that's sufficiently suitable for the likes of your profound level of morality or immorality that you and your friends have aspired to.

This rant is not the likes of myself telling you or anyone other that you absolutely must believe there still is life on Venus, as I'm only suggesting upon the greater possibility that life once existed, and that said life may have been older than what has thus far survived on Earth, at least survived far longer than Club NASA wants others to believe in. It's that simple. Keeping an open mind by sharing in the idea or notion of what's possible, and/or asking a question pertaining to other life NOT as we might know of it. Though if you must toss out some official flak, as I'll gladly pick up your spent flak, I'll even reheat it and toss it right back at you with love, as returning a favor is what I seem to do best, even though I'd rather be working out the rigid airship bugs, or getting on with some viable phase of interplanetary communications, as why bother with the past or with what's said and done, as long as such history isn't getting in my face nor in the way of others achieving good things on behalf of mankind and/or lizardkind.

Of course, if you insist upon questioning and/or belittling every aspect of what I'm suggesting is worthwhile to know, then I'll in turn devote my attention to learning of why it is that you're doing this, and of sharing in whatever I can discover is responsible for the actions of such folks claiming as knowing all there is to know, and of why they feel the need to discourage and/or destroy viable research that's only beneficial to humanity. Seems it takes a rather evil sort of focused/motivated individual to be devoting such efforts at destroying and/or undermining truths, as well as for sustaining a cloak on behalf of ulterior hidden agendas and/or dastardly motives or just for offering another cloak on behalf of something that's much worse, that's somehow worth the ultimate price.

There's energy everywhere, but we can't seem to see it, smell it nor taste it; Why is that?

Besides the apparent tonnage of 3He or He3 that's been just sitting on the lunar surface, as yet another perfectly good example of something you folks most likely haven't heard all that much about, even though it has existed for decades, and thereby should be well known; there's Brown's Gas (2h2o2).

On Earth there's been the likes of 2h2o2 or Brown's Gas, which was something created as perhaps an initial misunderstanding or happenstance if you well, by the creator "Yull Brown". Further qualified acknowledgments as included within this initial GOOGLE post of "Advanced Transmutation" by Lawrence Tseung, plus there seems numerous independent developments which have subsequently identified the 2h2o2 gas as offering something rather special though somewhat highly implosive, as in addition to being highly efficient to create from pure water (h2o) in the first place, and then highly adaptive to whatever the task at hand. In other words, you seem to get the amount of stored energy in return, as applied when and where it's needed, as well as for creating whatever the proper thermal environment without the needs of other sophisticated technology nor of other typical gas products, thereby complications and negative issues associated with having to utilize other gas products are greatly minimized if not entirely eliminated, and/or of just considering the significance of eliminating and/or shielding away the nearly always undesirable O2 environment has been resolved. Of course, this process and/or product also drastically cuts into the vast bottling (pressure vessel) industry of what's having to be constructed for safely containing various other welding gases, which certainly eliminates nearly all of their market of to/from transporting of pressurized bottles, and obviously eliminates the associated profit margins of producers of bottled gases. Of course, all of this also represents an extremely big industry "no no".

Brown's Gas seems to offer a rather considerable safety improvement, since you only produce what you need, when and where it's needed, thereby there's obviously no hidden bomb of compressed anything that's waiting to take your head off, nor is there the rather massive infrastructure and having to deal with all of those associated safety as well as energy consuming logistics of physical transport issues in dealing with all the other compressed gas products. Remember that even highly compressed air becomes potentially lethal, where annually hundreds of nice folks die specifically from various compressed air related events.

I'm not entirely certain about the overall history of this 2h2o2, but I believe science and of course those pesky laws of physics has known about 2h2o2 for decades, known of how simply and efficiently it could be produced, and that it's becoming well known of how safe and usable this Brown's Gas would have been for benefiting consumers, and of thereby good for humanity as well as whatever economy, with obviously creating little if any CO2. All of this seems like a terrific win-win for humanity, unless you were one of those in the processed bottled gas production and distribution business, or perhaps simply in the LNG business, and/or of it's natural gas distribution/utility infrastructure. Since it appears that 2h2o2 could potentially replace the likes of natural gas and then some, so much so that perhaps that's the one and only true barrier to it's commercial marketing potential.

Other 2h2o2 data sourced information from: Don Lancaster

"The answers here are by no means conclusive, but lead to a better understanding of a very complicated reaction. If references are found proving priority over mine, then I will yield."

The name of the culprit was Yull Brown of Australia, now deceased who "invented" Brown's Gas.

"Immediately after launching the Henes venture, I began research on a large electrolyzer patented in March 1967 under the title, MULTICELL OXYHYDROGEN GENERATOR (3,310,483)."

"It contained 60 iron plates, nickel plated on the oxygen generating side and iron on the hydrogen side. This patent claims use of loosely fitting grooves for holding the plates in tank 8"x8"x16"x3/4" Plexiglas."

"I previously discovered that current could not bypass such plates loosely fitting in grooves of proper design. The torch flame from that unit was 20 inches long, melting everything into blue-white puddles, including firebrick, ceramics and carbon (in argon atmosphere)."

Energy transference wise, it seems that there's absolutely no contest, as Brown's Gas seems efficient to create in the first place, and subsequently usable over a wide range of applications, whereas in some instances we're talking about 1% the energy cost per welding job as compared to conventional welding or cutting where the likes of O2 and Acetylene are being utilized, apparently also eliminating the needs for whatever flux, and/or usage of argon or much spendier xenon gases. Even considering that the likes of bottled CO2 isn't exactly cheap when that bottle (pressure vessel) has to be constructed for a good safety margin, then having to be transported to/from a CO2 producer that's qualified for creating and packaging the highly compressed CO2, then having to continually manage this highly compressed product about the job site in order for that to be situated where the actual need is for applying the CO2, as for welding, cutting and/or laser cannon applications.

In other words;  Why are continuing to bother with highly compressed gases, of their distributions via high pressure piping and/or heavy containment bottles, and of those accessory distribution regulators, as for having those potentially dangerous bottles continually transported, as for being remotely refilled as needed and then subsequently retransported all about, when you can otherwise efficiently create as much or as little 2h2o2 on demand from electrical energy and plain old h2o. Of course you do need access to the h2o, as well as for the electrical energy, which isn't always going to be there when you need it, so it seems 2h2o2 isn't the all in one solution, though more like offering a perfectly good alternative that's hopefully giving us another matrix or process avenue of obtaining and/or creating the likes of pure h2o2 that'll certainly become worthy of knocking your socks off.

If sufficiently small fusion reactors of He3 can be created, then 2h2o2 produced for the IC engine, where as such our surface and even aircraft transportation infrastructure could cease producing the rather enormous amounts of artificial CO2, of CO2 that's mostly good for global warming and for otherwise inducing catastrophic environmental variations, even though fending off the next ice-age could become worth the trade off.

My limited interest in the 2h2o2 consideration was merely for further learning other potential "what ifs" of efficiently creating and/or extracting the likes of pure h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) instead of the usual 2h2o2 product, of which I believe this heavy water like h2o2 substance offers a whole lot more energy density as well as suitability in it's liquid and/or frozen form than of the considerably more volatile 2h2o2 gas matrix, subsequently h2o2 being usable as a relatively safe cash of fuel and oxidiser that can subsequently be fed directly into the IRRCE (Internal Rocket Rotary Combustion Engine) along with a relatively small amount of c12h26 (kerosene) in order to obtain the most bang per kilogram, as well as for obtaining the most bang for the almighty buck, and for still burning damn clean at that.

Another energy thought for surviving the likes of Venus was for obtaining all sorts of h2o from those several kilometers worth of the rather hefty surround of those H2SO4 (supposedly 30+% sulfuric acid) loaded clouds, such as for what could be easily extracted from all them relatively cool nighttime clouds, as for the vacuum distillation processing out the h2o portion and/or of subsequently processing a little further as for obtaining the potential likes of h2o2. Of course that's also offering the efficient access to obtaining other elements such as H2, as sort of on demand. But then there's always another fairly good and nearby nifty supply of all that preheated CO2-->CO/O2 that's good for go. Lo and behold, seems like there's more free chemical and/or matrix of viable energies existing on Venus than you can shake a flaming stick at.

For those interested;  Much of my lunar or bust interest has been in regard to establishing the LSE (Lunar Space Elevator) and/or GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot notion, as a perfectly valid means/gateway to an end (actually many ends), of which seems to include the rather hot prospect of obtaining He3, as well as for accommodating others trekking off to Mars or Venus:
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