Light Is For Damn Good Interplanetary Communications

(whereas radio and subsequently of sound is entirely optional, as in inferior in every respect)

By; Brad Guth / GASA~IEIS     updated: May 11, 2004

I simply can not be the one and only remaining village idiot that believes in "interplanetary communications". Perhaps I'm the first to seriously consider that of UV or at least near-UV as being a whole lot more energy effective as well as just downright efficient as all get out, not to mention universally most likely as to being recognized across the widest possible spectrum of ETs...

A great deal of what's in between Earth and Venus (especially when Venus is somewhat closer than not) is radio-wise chuck full of noise as well as all sorts of electro magnet distortions. Not that having a great deal of focused transmitter power as well as antenna gain on both ends can't overcome much of that, whereas a 0.5 milliradian beam from a laser delivering a few uw m2, where that beam extended out to Venus would enable a full planet coverage at 100+ million miles and, it seems that's still offering a good number of photons/m2 at that, I believe sufficiently more than of what's needed as for any good nocturnal eyesight to detect such an artificial illumination (becoming an extremely broad cloud illuminating flood of light) above that of a background of earthshine illumination which offers extremely little natural UV as compared to what's above the 450 nm spectrum.

I'm still assuming but not insisting upon that of any nocturnal Venus lizard eye as such is looking back at Earth as from above those nighttime clouds, as cruising along in their rigid airship observatory, or as otherwise our having to employ something more intense like what the Boeing/TRW laser cannon has to offer (1% of the 100 MW = 1 MW laser beam) might become necessary in order to represent a surface observed light show in those pitch black nighttime clouds, clouds which by the way are sufficiently transparent (perhaps 20% to as great as 25% opacity) to the UV and near UV spectrums, in which instance 3+MW may be way overkill (literally) even at 100 million miles.

Unlike human eyesight, many superior nocturnal types of life as we know of make good utilization of the UV spectrum (300~400 nm), as well as they detect normal light (400~700 nm), some even manage to utilize a portion of the IR spectrum capability which is also off limits to mere humans (thus without a good deal of technology, we humans are handicapped, as in visually impaired or as I like to call it de-evolved).

Fortunately, most life (again that's as we know it) makes good utilization of their sight as for the task of communications (irregardless of language), where some species utilize exclusively their sight while others supplement with far better than human hearing (again, we humans are entirely deficient and/or de-evolved with regard to our hearing, not to mention our being language impaired).

Life possessing the senses of sight and sound are certainly better off than having one or the other but, by of a huge factor, losing one's sight is almost certain evolutionary death, whereas losing hearing is an inconvenience or a damn nuisance but not necessarily a death sentence. An evolution on a planet going greenhouse and especially a planet having an extended season of nighttime (where that nighttime has got to be something better off than being stuck in their season of daytime) is most likely to not only have taken high ground but also to evolve having far better nightvision (at least that's become my village idiot theory of "duh"), as even their daytime is reported as 10% or lesser of Earth's surface illumination, thus bigger eyes in proportion to their head and of those eyes having far more cones and rods sensitive to what little UV starlight is reaching their surface is what Darwin's "duh" called "evolution" and what otherwise the rest of us village idiots call survival of the fittest.

Even if that Venus nighttime surface is being illuminated by roughly 10% of what's within the humanly visible spectrum as Earth receives upon a cloudless starlight night (that's certainly humanly dim in the daylight and extremely dark at night) but, that could also translate into 20 or 25+% of the near-UV and fully UV/a starlight spectrum of which I'm speaking of getting through, such as the peak spectrum of Sirius being 375 nm as perceived by a good nocturnal sort, then multiply upon that amount which penetrates the clouds by a nocturnal sensitivity factor of 100 and, all the sudden that supposedly pitch black season of their nighttime under those clouds actually isn't all that dark anymore.

Actually, that starlight as perceived by a good nocturnal vision, those having a magnitude 5 advantage above that of you or myself, could represent a fair amount of illumination reaching their nighttime Venus surface, not to mention whatever a little earthshine could contribute. Specifics as to this question is what I'm still after, to my better understanding of exactly how much is too much near-UV illumination to throw at Venus. Although, of so many others claiming as being "all knowing" seem to be at a total loss for answering much of anything that's not surrounded by their doom and gloom and subsequent flak tossing towards just about anything Venus (yet Mars and even Pluto are absolutely terrific topics and worthy of decades along with our spending billions upon), as otherwise their having nothing but idea bashing flak to share, such as delivered by wizard Paul Smuck (illumination specialist) was too busy bashing away to offer a flying puck about anything Venus, yet he claims knowing essentially all there is to know about astronomy illumination factors (somehow I'm thinking he's totally blind).

Unlike all of my idea bashing friends (mostly pro-NASA as well as pro-NSA/DoD and thereby pro-Apollo types), and of their instinctively preemptive flak tossing, pro-everything NASA, anti-everything Venus critics, of those Borgs that clearly stipulated they know all there is, where I'm just supposedly their village idiot learning what's what and I'm wondering from time to time why two and two simply don't add up to four. As how can such astronomy illumination expertise stipulate upon something about our lunar missions and of the well documented lunar reflection and/or contrast as to those horrifically vibrant stars above the 10% lunar landscape, that which oddly can't be photographed but, applying the very same skewed science and apparently skewed physics as to stipulate that it's either impossible or very unlikely any interplanetary communications via UV and/or near UV is possible, that's even if we're looking at the nighttime season of Venus and of those of Venus are having an even clearer shot at Earth from above those nighttime clouds.

I've mistakenly thought that science and physics was a cross platform set of open standards and rules (truths). Apparently that's not so, especially if there's something the least bit political and/or social/economically involved, as then we have a pot load or perhaps even a toilet load of convenient variables to suit the situation at hand. Stupid me, no wonder I've received the "village idiot" award of the century.

I guess what's needed is one of those nifty Borg implants that creates such tunnel vision as well as tunnel hearing and tunnel memory, not to mention tunnel morals, as that way I too can blindly go about my life thinking that absolutely nothing which I do is going to adversely affect my friends or neighbors and, I can safely squander billion in resources, investing my talents and those of others upon humanly unobtainable goals, as well as stipulate upon screwing anyone other that's not on my side, especially if they're French or Cathars, ignoring the global impact of whatever the other stupid humanity has impacted upon Earth, as they're not God, whereas with my official Borg implant, I am.

I'm wondering; is there perchance a Nobel "village idiot" award, you know, somewhat like they recently offered their peace price to a couple of despicable warlords that under any of humanities recognized classifications were then and still are mass murderers?

Perhaps such Nobel award errors can be retroactively retracted (with interest). Too bad we can't retract the carnage of the recent past, not to mention of those Cathars which were probably about the only honest ones that were ever on Earth capable of getting it right but, thanks to the Pope, I guess we can kiss that good luck charm goodbye.

Perhaps it's inevitable that humanity is destined for the Nobel Space Toilet of Life award, the ultimate royal flush where everything comes out the same smelly brown no matters what goes in. Then someone from afar, with the smarts and best of intentions presses the "RESET" button for re-terraforming Earth, except this time excluding all of those obviously inferior stupidity DNA/RNA codes that so badly mutated and infected all of Earth's previous humanity (good riddance).

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