"Lose Laser Cannons" and "Life on Venus"

( by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: October 17, 2002 )

It's come to my attention (again) that a fair number of my mostly staunch critics seem to believe or more likely choose to merely perpetrate upon the notion that my research and expertise are both insignificant, illusionary at best and absolutely otherwise fraudulent at worst (even though there's no ulterior motive in sight). I have also been nicely informed by the Wizard David's of NASA's independent socitiy of "spin" and "damage control" moles, that I've been somewhat inaccurate, so, sue me. It's also interesting to note how so many supposedly smarter "holier then hell" types can't seem to manage or pretend as to not comprehend much of anything that I'm conveying, such as with regard to Venus airship buoyancy issues, CO2-->CO/O2, usage of H2/N2 gas, the gathering and subsequent distillation of H2O from those especially cool and somewhat lower nighttime clouds, then upon loads of vertical CO2 wind energy as so easily derived from their 4+bar/km as well as the associated 7K/km differentials, not to mention all sorts of surface and near surface geothermals. Basically, Venus is smoking hot with all sorts of viable natural energy resources, that's not even including as to what any well motivated lizardkind could have managed by processing upon all that abundant CO2-->CO/O2 and/or by subsequently producing H2O2 as well as so easily creating those volumes of H2 from some of that relatively abundant and accessible H2O.

By stipulating abundant and accessible, that's not to be suggesting that such amounts of H2O come so easily nor without great risk and even a considerable degree of potentially precious energy consumption, such as for whatever surface based technology support requires plus the mere operation of those H2SO4 gathering airships (as being utilized essentially for their gathering upon that 33% H2SO4 laden cloud base and, perhaps secondly as for their astronomy access). Such an obviously corrosive cloud mix should subsequently offer sufficient amounts of H2O by considerable mass, accomplishing this by way of a relatively simple vacuum process, as through fundamental distillation, such as just by merely returning those cloud content gathering airships to their base camp would enable whatever ambient heat and then the atmospheric pressure differential to effectively boil off the H2O portion from within their H2SO4 gathering/containment spheres, as the cool nighttime cloud atmosphere was perhaps gathered at something under 5 bar, thus the 75 bar base camp environment would essentially be representing a 70+bar vacuum along with a sufficiently hotter (obviously freely or naturally heated) environment to boot. So far all of this processing is at nearly zero artificial energy input, essentially causing distillation to simply occur. Then a cooling process as perhaps via a bleed-off from CO2-->CO/O2 processing and/or just by having a good vacuum discharge pump so as to extract all that nifty H2O product (the residue becoming a harmless sulpher powder).

If Dr. Darwin were still around;  I'll just bet his considerate interpretation of the Venus environment, as obviously altered over sufficient time from non to full blown greenhouse, would quickly become that of his rational interpretation upon this opportunity, as most likely offering life a number of options unlike Earth. Evolution and subsequently it's DNA having it's say, as under such atmospheric pressure, where the requirements for sustaining life is such that a mere fraction of O2 could become the essential key, as certainly 1% O2 is capable of sustaining life here on Earth, thereby under greater pressure a lesser 0.1% could certainly offer a well developed (evolved) nocturnal lizard sort of creature all the necessities of life and then some. Plus, having the other distinct advantage of their not being educated by Earth's prejudice standards of instilling arrogance along with a masters degree in "stupidology", instead being educated by an obviously well motivated and long term surviving civilization (the most likely status on Venus; there's far less room for error and absolutely no place for those wasting precious H2O and, probably little time nor resources for the luxury of astronomy).

With a good deal of conservation, that relatively costly in terms of talent and resources (I'll presume most valuable H2O), as an end product could go a long ways and, by way of any H2O2 subsequently produced may then be openly transported about and/or re-utilized as for yet another energy product or fuel component (as not likely boiling at 75 Bar), then subsequently producing great volumes of H2 product would not likely be something as intended for it's energy release but savored for it's buoyancy and vastly superior thermal insulation properties. H2 might be considered as rare and/or valuable as Krypton is here on Earth or perhaps that H20 might be comparable in Lizard to Earth dollars (value per kilogram) as to gold or diamond.

Regarding inter-planetary communications (not that NASA gives a flying puck):
If perchance we obtain no Visual response during this October/November, there's still another good 6 additional months worth of effort before we'll be needing that VL2 platform. Considering the likely degree of difficulty in just surviving on Venus, I'll certainly accept the notion that they might have seen us as signaling but, they could be just a wee bit too busy salvaging their sorry butts as to stop everything just so as to xenon "flash" anything back at us. After all, astronomy on Venus could be a "for real" luxury and/or limited as to whatever surplus is actually at hand, foot, claw or tentacle, totally unlike here on Earth, where trillions can be invested into essentially impossible goals (sort of like our Hubble and even our anti-missile/star-wars programs), upon observing and then exploring towards targets having no possible, not even long term outcome that's beneficial to humanity (unless you consider vaporising a few too may astronauts and/or solar radiating them into early retirement or a premature grave as being something worthy and, don't forgot about making a seriously large bunch of astronomer and associated research types rich by most global standards).

Of course, I'll certainly expect to be getting the load of "status quo" arguments; Such as, us poor folk and those lucky enough to be working in a sweat shop, as supposedly we somehow benefit greatly by all those prestigious and somewhat wealthy astronomer and mad scientist types buying their Expresso's and Moca's from the rest of us low-life vendors, in that way alone, even those of us that do not wortk in tall building nor can we afford and/or chance flying anywhere, plus we still can't afford medical insurance nor proper housing and some not even sub standard food will somehow (eventually) benefit, by such others spending another 250+billion upon gathering those potentially lethal Mars microbes or, perhaps as to pumping in another trillion or so, as either into Hubble or even more yet as into it's replacement (apparently our looking at 1000+ light year targets is simply not good enough anymore). So, the hell with Earth's over-population, it's pollution's, it's hybrid plagues, it's uncontrollable lethal microbes, it's uneducated masses, it's political and ethnic arrogance and subsequent greed and obsessions with obtaining power over all others, then best as to be going after lethal Mars microbes and at the same time ignoring blatantly obvious signs of life on Venus, as this is apparently just what those NSA/DoD doctors ordered.

October 17;   I've discovered (to no surprise) that Hubble, as well as TRACE, SOHO and even of every optical instrument aboard ISS, that all of the sudden these fine instruments and of those opperating them can't seem to locate nor lock onto Venus and, even if they could, as according to official NASA "spin", it's most likely well beyond the capability of these instruments, which I find this extremely odd, especially regarding that TRACE can't manage, sort of equally odd that even though Venus has been and well remain sufficiently offset from having to view the sun within the same frame, that even Hubble's magnification which is easily capable of imaging upon as little as 4.25% of the diameter of Venus (thus excluding any solar influence) has become strangely "off limits". SOHO will soon become 0.26AU from Venus and SOHO certainly can't be impacted by directly looking at the sun (as it monitors Mercury crossing the solar face all the time), and yet Venus is so much larger and closer, as equally I find that TRACE offers a similar capability except that TRACE can greatly magnify and track other objects, plus (unlike SOHO) apparently TRACE can capture or accept a somewhat greater degree of contrast and/or realize upon greater ratios of illumination, thus offering supposedly better sensitivity should there be anything artificially illuminating from Venus. Basically TRACE is a somewhat smaller Hubble, capable of viewing upon Mercury as it's crossing the sun and obviously more then capable of tracking and then magnifying upon big old Venus, which is nowhere near crossing the solar surface, imaging of Venus is not even near to being affected from most solar flares. So, where the hell's Venus?

Once again folks; Start things off by asking yourself, what the hell's been going on, then start over by asking NASA/ESA:  Since Venus is so freaking close, where's Venus in the eyes of Hubble and SOHO, as well as from any number of several other capable vantage points (like TRACE and the ISS), plus from any number of supposedly privet (tax exempt/deferred, whereby you and I get to pay their share of taxes upon hundreds of billions invested to essentially a luxury astronomy sport) astronomy ground based instruments (I've calculated Hubble at roughly imaging 4.25% of Venus and, that's simply way too much magnification, especially when what we actually need is full coverage). And by the way once again; where exactly is that high flying Boeing laser cannon these days?, as it's certainly been off doing something for the last month. I expect Boeing hasn't managed to shoot down any incoming targets nor even that of simple test targets (as any such successful downing of even a highly controlled test target would certainly have become front page news and a sure fire stock market bonus). So, did those e-mails I sent directly into Boeing and others associated actually pay off or, are they merely laser roasting away at some other cosmic marsh mellows. I certainly hope their not applying the full potential of that Boeing laser cannon (actually that's TRW's laser), as we'll be soon receiving the wrath of those Islamic lizard folk as for blinding what's left of their nocturnal vision sensitive civilization and, as for that intrusion of utter stupidity, the penalty or their reply may likely be something like 9/11 on steroids.

Unlike here on Earth, those most likely nocturnal lizard folks on Venus could be upholding their standards of protecting life at a much greater value and, Lord knows, life on Venus is seriously tough as it is, without our having blinded them with any Boeing/TRW laser cannon. Even though that TRW weapon is more IR spectrum, there's still a degree of other visible spectrums and, those spectrums can easily be boosted and or tailored to the near or even full UV by merely modifying the mixture of CO2 along with other gas elements and/or by introducing a touch of mercury (mercury/xenon is seriously hot on the UV's). If not careful, that Boeing/TRW laser cannon, if tailored to UV's, could serialize almost anything in it's path.

Obviously I have a great deal to say and, if you would like to refocus my "Lose Cannon" and to otherwise greatly summarize upon this subject of "Life on Venus", then I'm certainly not the one stopping you. Do your own thing and, that'll inspire others and even myself into accomplishing better work as for our mutually obtaining "truths".

The good news is, or at least should be, that amidst all this official E-Flak of "spin" and "damage control" of mostly NEGATIVE stuff going down, there's still (in spite of NASA) always something entirely POSITIVE as to be looking forward to, like what "GUTH Venus" has to offer.

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