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by; Brad Guth / IEIS   (updated March 6, 2003)

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As of January 2001, I had been delivering onto our NASA what should have amounted to our most noteworthy discovery to date, as having to do with a little something that had been merely overlooked for the past 13 years, as what's clearly existing right in plain sight, nearly where the one and most logical place should always have been for that of our locating the strongest evidence ever recorded of other planetary life, or at the very least the remains thereof (other then of what's remaining to be discovered here on Earth) as to what's existing on the planet Venus.

You might of thought this sort of discovery announcement, when supported by an official certified image as well as further supported by all sorts of other science and physics truths, those which so many others already knew far better than I would hold up under the environment of Venus, should have been more than sufficient as to kicking this discovery into the main stream. Well, guess again folks. This brewing VenusGate thing is looking every bit if not more so convoluted than of anything ApolloGate.

NASAGATE/VENUSGATE INDEX:  (caution is advised; for those directly working for and/or funded by NASA/NAS/DoD, as this site has been capable of breaching "nondisclosure" barriers, which means that your project funding, your job and apparently [like a certain Apollo safety engineer] even your health could soon become on the line). I haven't taken the time to re-edit a good number of the following pages, so do expect a number of unintentional inaccuracies and/or mistakes.

Because I have acquired a rather bad feeling about all this, I just might further suggest that you prepare to publish whatever it is that you know (on the internet, along with as many specific names as possible) and, being certain that everyone else knows how you stand as based upon whatever information, as then if any thing devilish should happen, future investigative reporters will at least have something to work with (in this instance, trying to keep related secrets is simply not going to afford you any personal insurance because, if they [those nondisclosure cops] so much as even think you're going to leak or crack, that's it). So, getting the word out early is about your only salvation and, holding back any trump cards may not do the trick. Wearing your full body flak suit (especially that part covering your privet parts) and, perhaps even that of layering another bio-hazard suit before conferring with certain NASA types or their trustworthy "damage control" moles at "" (always keeping others, as many as possible, informed of your intentions may ultimately prove as being your best job/life insurance).

This ongoing discovery, which has since become recorded as "GUTH Venus", was not all that easy to initially detect (there were absolutely no hints nor pointers from anything NASA published nor by their vast external communities of science/physics sorts which were fully NASA moderated and thereby certified to being published, in fact just the opposit was their majority point of view, as the planet was apparently always toasty dead and nothing whatsoever developed let alone evolved) and, as such, this discovery process required a great deal of observational skill and subsequently a considerable (ongoing) effort at digital enlargement capability, so that less experienced soles (mostly bureaucratic types) could best realize what I had discovered as existing within that original raw image format and, perhaps more so informed as to how bad the past and ongoing "spin" and "damage control" has become.

The original raw evidence, as acquired from the unaltered original radar (SAR 8 bit) archived image, this was by itself sufficient as to my realizing the unusually artificial nature of what (according to the record) should have been common Venus terrain comprised of the usual old lava flows, tectonics, erosions and otherwise being entirely similar to all of the remainder of such understandably random patterns, exactly as those comprising nearly all of Venus. But that was soon not to be the case at all. In fact, because there seemed to be far too many non random issues (certain sites having highly symmetrical and geometrical associated patterns which simply were not only quite large but have never been recorded as ever their being anything natural). I endeavored as to enlarge upon many surrounding areas and eventually focused upon one most specific area, doing so as to improve upon (not altering nor distorting) the original raw image, so that I could better show others as well as for myself to further realize, what was to become this rather grandiose opportunity, as to further realizing upon what another planet had somehow accomplished something looking a whole more artificial than not, as hopefully still actively accomplishing and furthermore somehow surviving in spite of their "greenhouse" environment.

The obvious conflict;  You and I have always been told, and in fact are still are being informed by NASA as well as by the greater body of their science and physics, that the planet Venus was simply always too hot for life and, apparently this was fact for nearly if not all of it's existence. Our NASA (that's you and myself as taxpayers) over the decades, having managed to spend literally hundreds of billions upon their essential agencies and literally thousands of their associated institutional infrastructures, along with all that, has been accomplishing our actual missions of explorations (the actual missions being a mere fraction of the total package cost, perhaps as little as 10% as actually what's going into any such mission, the other 90% being NASA's broad overhead, including whatever NSA/DoD agendas), such as towards exploring the planet Venus, of which we had to further develop and/or apply highly specialized technologies (such as from the NSA spy satellites which utilized the SAR imaging technology) and then having to apply nearly every Earthly expertise in order for us to acquire the existing knowledge base of what Venus holds, that which currently (in spite of my discovery) remains as stipulating that the planet Venus is simply super hot all the time (in places @750K) and otherwise thoroughly toxic to all forms of life at that. All of which may still be somewhat true, just not anywhere as extreme as being portrayed and not as likely for the entire lifespan of Venus, as well as much cooler at elevated nighttime locations.

However, as such mission documentation was mounting greater support for other life, where oddly I was always being carefully judged and thereby moderated to death by NASA and/or their privet club of closely nit experts ( and many other sites), as well as by some admittedly mad scientist. In spite of this, there were soon to become a few examples of those sufficiently qualified, as to their questioning those previous recorded mission results and, as such research was becoming more and more focused. Lo and behold, some independent researchers have actually managed to revise upon our knowledge of Venus. As over the decades, those actual planet surface and atmospheric temperatures have been steadily dropping (not because they're losing any greenhouse ground), as representing somewhat significantly lesser temperatures, especially with any regard to the dark/nighttime period or season and then even more so as to greatly elevated territories and their associated upper atmospheres which are closer to those much cooler nighttime clouds, as potentially even into them (being that there exist 17+km mountains) during their extended season of nighttime, where in fact those clouds do lower and even become a whole lot thinner and/or more transparent in spots (possibly even sufficient as to seeing stars as well as the brightest nighttime illumination being Earth).

Unfortunately, for those such as myself, pressing for a little greater record change or update, based upon reasonably good science and only the best of intentions (such as the "GUTH Venus" observational discoveries), seem to have met with a great deal of unexpected and illogical opposition and, I'm certain a considerable degree of frustration on both sides, as oddly over issues of purely scientific importance and potentially of purely humanitarian worthy values, that should have had nothing whatsoever political nor of any Earthly security related nature getting in their way, even if our history has been badly skewed. Truth is still truth, at least onto those willing to take a look, but there lies the greatest problem, as most have not been willing to even look let alone concede upon one damn issue, instead they instantly alter their course and opinions in order to favor further Mars expeditions and, as to justifying their motives and morals as to the task of acquiring those potentially lethal Mars microbes and even more so, as to investing into deeper space adventures which are clearly not going to represent humanly obtainable goals for at least the next 100 generations and more likely 1000 generations may never obtain squat from such investments.

Folks and tax payers;  We can certainly send instruments off to places humans can't possibly go. We can possibly even retrieve microbes from some of those places but, so far, all of non-Earth related space exploration (that's even including of our moon) has provided humanity nothing of material nor of intellectual value that in any way relates positively to the recent past, present day or future lives of those of us on Earth. In fact, the hundreds of billions (actually that's trillions) of dollars is entirely out of sink with what otherwise 10% of those sums could have accomplished for Earth and thereby mankind, as well as for all of the living creatures of Earth. 10% of those spent trillions could even represent many trillions of dollars, as where such were to be invested in foreign currency standards could yield a factor of as much as 100 times greater value and again, that's just based upon a mere 10% of what's been invested and/or wasted in efforts beyond the humanly accessible space (mostly of what's safely situated below those Van Allen belts) surrounding Earth, as beyond those safety belts is highly radiated space travel, of which no one seems to understand nor appreciate how we can possibly launch such sufficient mass for protecting the mission crew.

So, you certainly need to ask why would or should an honest agency along with their flock of followers invoke "nondisclosure" and otherwise apply such ample "spin" and "damage control", sort of their version of taking the 5th, and/or simply ignore the rather obvious acceptance of sufficiently good science or at least that of having darn good observational vision that's above their own standards. As sufficiently qualified "extraordinary proof" goes, there's simply no contest between my digital image enlargements verses those entirely (by every known standard) piss poor Apollo photos, as I can demonstrate and prove my results and they still can't seem to do one Apollo print that's not been easily refuted by any number of photographic expertise (like the entire lot of images indicating 25+% reflective [as easily based and/or calibrated against those white moon-suits] instead of the expected average of 10% which should have been nearly asphalt like or at least old dirty concrete like).

Here's a prime "extraordinary proof" example;  where the original raw (8 bit) radar image was simply more then capable of standing on it's own merits, plus my having applied a more than decade old and well established (government certified) enlargement process, when properly administered allows others less qualified as to better visualize what the original raw image has to offer. Fortunately, because the original image was already digital to start off with (unlike those third rate scanned Apollo/lunar images) and far better yet, acquired at the nearly 3D of 43º perspective (in other words, this shot was not the least bit visually limited/impaired, as by any overhead acquired plan view would have been). The very nature of 8-bit radar imaging is also something that's certified as vastly superior to that of CCD imaging and further superior to film, as any lens is a nonissue as well as illumination is simply not a factor nor hindrance and, the capability of radar imaging to ascertain the nature of substance is yet another extremely valuable capability that goes well beyond other photographic means and, the multiple takes (4 to 8) per imaging pixel (called "looks") eliminated noise as well as minimized any chances of pulling in deceptive and/or questionable target information. As to the SAR camera lens distortion and/or refractions, these were nonexistent issues because there's no stinking lens, thereby what you see is in fact what you get (WYSIWYG) and, any further considerations as to secondary radar reflections and/or deflected considerations are equally resolved by that of having the overall raw imaged area at hand for anyone other to review, so that one can easily reidentify upon the raw target(s) which may have caused a reflection or signal deflection, those which can create a shade like effect or even a somewhat detectable duplication (even though 43º perspective viewing pretty much eliminates and/or circumvents those sorts of issues).

Because SAR imaging was at the time (more so today) so much more capable then film and/or CCD combined and, even though the superior performance is relatively complex but then also, all that much harder to ignore the implications. That's still why NSA/DoD/CIA/FIB make such extensive usage of this imaging technology, as to spy on you and me, when they should obviously have been doing something productive instead (like helping NASA by imaging upon all those Apollo lunar lander sites and then obviously looking for those really bad guys before and not after the fact).

Obviously, I already stated upon far more then of what's necessary, however, some may want the whole story. For that you will need to sift through the many pages of what this discovery of uncovering such significant structures and associated infrastructure as existing on the planet Venus is all about, then perhaps a few additional pages as to why all the "spin" and subsequent "damage control", of what will eventually have to become the quantum spin of all times, perhaps creating a virtual information "black hole" as whenever our beloved NASA and/or government fully realizes they're in a no win situation and probably with absolutely nowhere to go but directly into that black hole (warning; don't hold your breath, that doesn't work).

It's not that I haven't worked hard at keeping NASA and pro-NASA/NSA/DoD types fully informed (if anything they all know too much). It's not that I haven't been trying hard enough, as I've even attempted to leverage this discovery into existence by my having to re-explore those Apollo missions, so as to first of all sufficiently qualify my imaging expertise against their standard by which all others must surpass. Then also, because of the overall implications of what this discovery has to offer, here again, I have tried upon many occasions as to enlist others supposedly having the expertise in planetary evolution, planetary communications, energy conversions, airship capabilities, space travel missions and, at first I even mistakenly thought our NASA had the right stuff and proper motivation, as to actually doing something about any portion of this opportunity (that was and is still a mistake, in fact, my informing NASA and that of anyone associated with NASA has become nearly a total waste of time, especially when everything this discovery has needed has been on a "need to know basis" and/or another exploratory "seek and you will maybe find" or worse yet, I've been on the receiving end of "disinformation" flak).

So, as opposition goes, you'll need to tell others and myself, how the hell can such a viable and obtainable discovery be bashed, as one that has easily surpasses their very own "extraordinary proof" standards (standards so well established by those Apollo missions), be so easily rejected over the fear of the very idea that something entirely discovery worthy exist, of an artificial nature and thereby of intelligence created as all get out, has been existing in plain sight on Venus?

Apparently, my required research (as was so demanded and insisted by pro-NASA mole types) in order to sufficiently qualify this original raw and subsequently enlarged image, is not so much at fault after all, as is what the ulterior motives being has become the real problem, plus including the fact that I am not the only village idiot, as unlike all others involved with NASA, I'm qualified in many fields, not just one within narrow spectrum, including the fact that my eye sight is still intact and apparently still connected to my brain. So, it can be said that, I simply know far too much for my own good and, worse yet, because I'm outside of Club NASA, I have not signed nor otherwise agreed to any "nondisclosure" cult policy, where this is obviously a very bad thing because, I can print and say whatever is on my mind (poor composition, dyslexic syntax and piss poor punctuation to boot), without having that preapproved by NASA/NSA/DoD moderation.

Even though the primary thrust of my research has to do with what's existing on Venus plus, subsequently as towards what others and I should be doing about that as an opportunity as well as towards whatever humanitarian goals might be best served, where the secondary background issues blocking this honest effort have since become the Venusgate or NASAGATE obstruction to what otherwise should have become a straight forward opportunity and humanitarian worthy goal, quite easily obtainable at that, utilizing the available (absolutely nothing new) technologies (some of which are those held in surplus, such as prototype and/or actual tactical lasers that can be directly re-applied and modified as for planetary communications).

I know or at least realize my implications of the apparent sin of using something designed for purely killing, as otherwise for humanitarian goals of planetary communications, where this is obviously high treason of the grandest order and, perhaps for that I should be shot, perhaps best shot with that very same laser weapon (that would certainly prove that I idea was totally dead wrong).

Unfortunately, this ongoing research has since uncovered a great deal of intentional disinformation plus other issues of intentionally null or blank information, where such voids of information should never have existed. Unfortunately, others do not seem to care for my intervention into their domain, into their pristine world of somewhat unlimited benefits and offering ultimate protection from being implicated into anything the least bit cold-war tainted.

It's no longer any secret that NASA has been providing the cloak for NSA/DoD agendas all along. No secret that NSA/DoD essentially had NASA by their genitals when it came down to perpetrating and promoting our "cold-war". Exactly how far that has taken us is sill in the works, worst yet is, how far are we going to let this ruse continue and, at what ultimate global cost to humanity, as we're fast running out of options.

This rather unfortunate phase (minor distraction) of my research will likely continue to grow and hopefully mature into something the average citizen can appreciate. From time to time, I'll be doing my level best as to correcting syntax and towards including worthy links, one of which will soon offer a page devoted to and listing of all those (now more than a hundred soles of mostly NASA and/or government agency types) that have been informed from the very outset of this Venus discovery, which either accomplished as little as possible or merely did nothing whatsoever constructive and/or intentionally provided disinformation intended as to throw others and myself off track and/or towards discrediting my work or myself altogether.

From this page, I just thought the greater public might care to see what they are NOT getting for their moneys, as I'm sure that my listing of specific names and their email and dates upon which I tried to communicate this discovery, that perhaps this should be at least of interest to someone just a bit tired of seeing their tax dollars going up in flames and, otherwise benefitting such few, instead of being utilized for the greater good of at least our American version of mankind.

Here is yet another friendly security and personal health reminder; Perhaps due to my recent understandings as to the more likely "Apollo truths" regarding those star-less lunar missions, as I have been receiving several blank e-mail's without their addresses and equally of blank content, obviously my e-mail is being unofficially moderated, by you know who (NASA/NSA/DoD). If you believe you're being so kindly removed from my eyes, then you must do whatever you can, as to circumvent that wholesome consideration, like try direct mail and/or a phone call, either way, between the two of us we'll devise a work around. As equally frustrating, I've recently been blocked from sending email to certain individuals, so I'm experiencing some of the very same as outgoing moderation. I can report that several of my outgoing email and/or postings have been kindly filtered/blocked by NSA/DoD types (so much for good old American freedom of speech, let alone privacy). Perhaps I'll soon be getting myself in touch with the likes of the ACLU.

Hopefully some of you are not being persuaded or in any manner moderated by the likes of NASA/NSA/DoD, in which case, you can actually think for yourself and even say what's on your mind, as well as sharing whatever expertise you may wish to contribute. Unfortunately, since my initial discovery and then with few exceptions, about all I've received from pro-NASA types is either a thorough bashing or their dead silence treatment, as perhaps created and/or fortified by that artificial black hole "nondisclosure policy" or by the nitch expertise of what any one NASA employee has to offer. Unfortunately for NASA, sometimes it's been precisely what has not been disclosed or of the disinformation that best indicated upon a sequence of cover up's or much worse.

Instead of NASA merely recognizing my research discovery for what it was (an independent observational discovery) and of their merely acknowledging onto others of the potential of what's seemingly existing on Venus, instead the doors were shut tight and, subsequently these complex other tit for tat issues have become those representative of how I happen to defend myself as well as how I now feel, as perhaps offering somewhat more truth to life then most may care to realize (certainly a whole lot more than I ever expected to discover, outside of what's existing on Venus).

My methods of having to include such favor returning references, as to the ulterior motives and otherwise hidden agendas promoting such "spin" and "damage control", as those opposing have exclusively utilized the utmost negative issues in order to belittle and/or discredit the very notion of other life (besides draining away critical taxpayer resources, as well as mine), these folks obviously have been wasting a good deal of time and getting seriously in the way of any honest research and exploration progress. So, this method of sharing my favor returning references seems the only avenue for someone with limited means, especially by way of an outsider accomplishing much of anything without obtaining the initial moral support of what I mistakenly thought was what our NASA was all about, that is to say, if I'm ever to persuade the greater or even lessor bodies of science, that there's been more than just a little something overlooked and, otherwise going terribly wrong about our planetary exploration expertise, for far too long and worst of all, there seems to be no end in sight, as nearly every opponent has been hiding behind that NASA moderated cloak of approval and/or exercising their prerogative as to abstain, rather than face the onset of so many others asking the rather obvious question; Why the hell didn't you see that?

The remaining pages (far too many pages) will hopefully disclose how we (NASA/tax payers) so thoroughly overlooked these highly identifiable signs of other planetary life (at least as represented by their pre-greenhouse status) as those being so openly existing on Venus. This is one obvious example where our beloved NASA wizards and that of their entire communities of highly renowned (btw; highly paid for and/or benefitted) researchers and otherwise sufficiently mad scientists (inside and out), have for the past 13 years (I would have to say we're going somewhat well beyond 13 years, like prior to Apollo and counting), have obviously been accomplishing something grand (perhaps even a great deal more grand then you and I have been allowed to know of) other then what their official jobs supposedly called for.

Sorry folks and taxpayers, I simply keep forgetting about the firewall that's been in place;  if you are one of those fanatic religiously pro-NASA types, there is simply nothing whatsoever that you or most others can possibly do that's going to make any real difference, of at least any significant portions (primarily speaking of the deeply embedded leaderships, those tied into NSA/DoD agendas) towards protecting Club NASA, as keeping that cloak from eventually looking like so much trash as a result of what skewed history, skewed science as well as skewed physics has had to offer humanity over at least the past four decades (actually we could just as easily go back to the US/Mexican war).

Give or share with me some ammunition and, I'll mix that in and throw some of that out for the wolves, leaving your name/source totally out of this growing circle of fire, unless you happen to own a very good flak suit and are fully prepared to return fire.

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