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( by: Brad Guth / IEIS   updated: May 12, 2003)

Even though the sainthood offered by Club NASA membership has been and may still be staunchly proclaiming that I'm entirely off track and/or just totally mad, however this may yet become the other more believable consensus about our adopted sister planet Venus, one that's just as well founded upon and supported by those very same "extraordinary" standards by which the "status quo" has since long embedded and subsequently promoted "Club NASA's status quo" upon those Apollo missions for all these decades. God forbid, you certainly don't want to question that!

For all intents and purposes, this discovery is the truth and nothing but the truth

Venus is so entirely unlike Earth or Mars, so much so that it's existence is somewhat a whole lot more elliptical and, that now toasty planet has also been rotating at a considerably lesser rate (like 243 times slower, in reverse as well).

Based merely upon the understood laws of gravity and of friction, ruling out human/lizard intervention (such as NASA's recent consideration upon exploring methods towards that of moving Earth further away from the sun in order to counteract our own greenhouse impact) and/or of possible intervention by any other body of sufficient mass, speed and of it's eventual proximity to and/or potential trajectory path towards impacting with our sun; as for our ruling all those issues out, as well as any consideration that our sun concentrates more mass then is released for the moment, this is where we have good old Earth, Mars and Venus (presumably all other planets), each and every one headed ever so gradually inward and also continuing to spin more slowly. Of all the recorded planets, they simply do not appear as to be rotating faster with age, so until someone or something informs us otherwise, Venus is just as most likely a whole lot older than Earth, thus giving evolution as well as motivated intelligence a far better chance than all of those opposing my discovery would care to support.

The ruling consciences;  that somehow all planets were created and then recaptured by a single master event, that which enabled our sun to exist and thereby enabled all of it's created planets to coexist, is somewhat entirely unproven and not even all that logical, at least not from any recorded laws of physics. Though hundreds of institutions of higher learning and then obviously thousands of subsequent tax funded research efforts have been, let us say, brain washed or otherwise financed into this entirely unsubstantiated (smoke and mirrors) conjecture, as though it was somehow "truth".

I hate being the spoil sport all the time;  however, since essentially hundreds of billions (what the hell, by now it's more like trillions) of our dollars have long been locked into this frame or box of thinking or lack thereof (even though, like those Apollo missions, there is not one shred of hard irrefutable evidence supporting upon one man made lunar surface issue), seems quite frankly much more of a mystery then of anything our crack ruse wizards ever pulled off (talk about your true to life "all or nothing" conspiracy, as in pulling one over, that Earth's humanity is somehow sufficiently intelligent). Sorry but, I beg to differ.

OK folks, as I promised;  this is what I believe really happened and, not one honest sole can prove otherwise, at least not until that local area code laser call is placed to good old Venus, where at which time we simply ask them; what was the true skinny, the actual series of events and of the situation as it stands.

I would have to expect, when your home world solar system is disrupted by a sufficient event (like in our case with something any 12th planet or dead star returning every 3600 years), or one that impacts your sun so that it's mass is sufficiently diminished. Where that sort of event (along with whatever associated impact energies and massive gravitational wakes created by the intruding large body) causes the unwelcome opportunity as to exploring deep space without even having to construct a spaceship, where that situation to some may not be such a great idea but may have been the cards dealt to those of Venus.

Along your new journey (as somewhat becoming frozen solid but having a really great view of those stars), certain opportunities present themselves. Some good and certainly some not so good. Let us presume that your space cadet wizards saw things coming sufficiently in advance and, likewise took a few precautions and whatever preventive (life supporting) measures by caching away sufficient amounts of pizza and beer. Again, due to so many variables, some situations turn out as predicted (such as keeping large amounts of food seriously frozen), while others are a real surprise (like how to keep those home fires burning when that ever dwindling atmosphere is at 100K and dropping to near absolute zero).

Let us consider that their saving grace emerged when Earth's solar system came into view and, on a worthy trajectory at that, having that of a stable sun and a few wossy planets (like Earth), as mostly stable with relatively unified orbits and "God Save The Queen" enough gravitational room for another planet or two (having somewhat minor disruptions to the "status quo").

Let us not give Venus too much credit here, as being unlikely that even an advance civilization could manipulate/navigate such a large planet like Venus into a desirable new orbit, simply by cleverly merging (using whatever giga-tonne nuclear thrusters). In fact, it's quite likely that a great deal of chance took place (sort of the lottery power-ball of all time).

Now obviously, that of any merging planetoid the size of Venus, especially if it were to be initially arriving just outboard of Earth and then having to migrate it's way as to being inboard as it currently resides. This is certainly no small event for other planets such as Earth, as equally for those thawing out on Venus might have to concur, since they are still on a planet going from a bad situation to likely worse, perhaps ultimately as to becoming just another solar fuel pellet.

As chance prevails, Venus somehow manages to stabilize somewhat near to Earth (situated or temporarily snagged inboard at EL1+VL2) for a short period of time, just long enough for those Venus moons (one of which is exactly the same size and mass of Mercury and the other being the size and mass of our present day moon) to do a further number or two upon Earth.

Due to the inevitable outcome as caused by the presents of those Venus moons, eventually all hell breaks loose, where ultimately Venus departs the EL1+VL2 clutch, leaving behind one of it's smaller moons and then due to the gravitation tumoural and perhaps even partial lunar collision with Earth, thus thoroughly ejecting the larger of it's moons (Mercury) onto a free trajectory path of it's own. For life on Earth or Venus, these are not good times.

Lets say a few thousand centuries later, Venus eventually resides nearly where it's at. Even though Venus once held a somewhat Earth like atmosphere and, because of it's considerable age and long journey causing their planet to be rotating at such a slower speed, that consideration along with the past catastrophic events and now the oncoming increase in their new found solar IR/UV and 10+Sv radiation impacts from our sun, is not (even if you are Islamic) a laughing matter, as those Venus inhabitance are literally dropping like flies (unless flies are actually what they are, then how about dropping like humans). Perhaps far better off were their lunar Jewish neighbors (best off yet are those which managed to jump ship in order to reach Earth), as those remaining are now on their way as to becoming the planet Mercury.

Venus, having an already devastated planet surface and few survivors from their catastrophic initial event, then frozen solid, then thawed and now being thoroughly baked and solar radiated, with fewer remaining survivors and that 2900 hour day/night situation taking things from bad to worse (along with every solar flare radiation dosage going right off the charts), obviously something has to be done, the sooner the better. Basically, what those on Venus desperately need is something like a bare minimum of 100 tonnes/m2 worth of solar radiation shielding, as either that or they must always keep themselves on the nighttime side, so as to avoid that sun altogether.

Having a number of those survivors as being thoroughly mad scientist, a scheme is devised that would sufficiently place a large enough layer of clouds as being suspended above a sufficiently denser CO2 atmosphere, so that solar radiation becomes manageable and that a few more of their kind might just survive as to see tomorrow.

Being your above average mad scientist and, as for your having the right motivation (such as living or not), this intentional conversion of nearly everything at hand into CO2 is what may have saved their sorry butts. Although, as such well intended endeavors go, perhaps a little too much of a good thing took place. Having a target of perhaps creating a sufficient 25% CO2 sub-atmosphere and thereby suspending perhaps 50% of their H2O into those clouds may have been a great idea that simply got the best of them. Never the less, such capable soles that have come so far would certainly have continued their efforts, rather then to simply give up and die a miserable death from either solar radiation or of being cooked alive by their having created a bit too much CO2 (I mean, what could they possibly have to loose?).

Today, we can just manage to see the results of their efforts and/or their continuing plight. The likelihood that we have been overlooking the opportunity as to communicate with these brave soles is a sorry situation that's purely upon our part. However, all of that could and should change, once we place that laser call and start trading and/or exchanging binary smut back and forth.

Now, I'm certainly not stating that I am the "all knowing" wizard of Venus, as that individual obviously either works for NASA or is more likely holding down a prestigious higher paid position somewhere else. Most likely you're even smarter then me, just thoroughly screwed up by a fairly piss poor education and a truly false belief or two, or at least misconception, that of someone (anyone) at NASA actually gives a tinkers damn. (in case you have not already realized, I have a few additional comments about our government's thorough lack of wisdom, not to mention lack of morals).

If you might care, as to doing something that's not likely to get someone hurt or killed, that's worthy of benefiting humanity (Earth's and Venus), then come right on in, the waters are warm and those "nondisclosure" sharks are nowhere in sight (if they ever do show up, I have the ultimate repellent at hand).

Because you obviously do not require NASA's blessing to commence a series of laser/Xenon calls towards Venus and, those long distance charges are currently like the internet (free), you and your associates can burn away with whatever CW laser/xenon cannon of your choice, the more power the better and the more focus the better yet. Being globally synchronized is only essential if we're going to achieve good cloud illuminations, which may not be necessary.

Be advised; don't trigger your laser cannons unless the air and space above is clear, since these are going to have to be daylight transmissions, thereby in addition to whatever air traffic, you will obviously need satellite mapping so as to prevent upsetting our NSA and/or of those endangered birds might have to be on their own (Greenpiece among others could impose some objections). I'm sure that other Nations will appreciate being kept informed as well, as they too have Earth monitoring and spy related satellites working overtime.

There may soon be some unintentional illumination errors, especially with so many attempting a simultaneous (UT/synchronized) laser call and, not every laser transmission source is going to be sufficiently managed so as to insure the ultimate safety for every possible aircraft and satellite. Hopefully this safety factor issue will soon encourage the capable space programs of other Nations, as to using either their high altitude laser cannons or space platform variations, as in that way, fewer if any Earth surface based lasers need be involved.

Towards advancing upon this hopefully two-way effort, I have tried on several occasions to inform others of what's about to happen, so far "no cigar" (no one, especially from camp or Club NASA much gives a damn). So, come September 2002, we could all be looking at a fairly competitive series of nearly continuous CW/packet laser discharges, those being applied globally during daylight and thereby not all that detectable until it's too late.

This page was merely an extension (hopefully an improvement) of my first "conjecture" and, towards further expediting upon placing that first laser or Xenon call. If you need to start yourself off with a little too much other information, just visit my INDEX page and please consider that I'm updating all along.

If you're still thinking, I'm some sort of anti-wizard or worse (anti-God), then why is this even a problem, as if I'm so damn wrong and they or you can supposedly prove that, what do you suppose we're waiting for because, it's not as though I'm the one and only stating that there is something entirely artificial as existing on Venus and, trust me on this, I certainly didn't put it there. If you can provide any further insights and alternatives as to what we are seeing, I'm interested in those sorts of feedback, as that's what email and the telephone is for, remembering that NSA/DoD and then NASA will be reading whatever you or I send before either of us ever set eye on it, but that's OK because, neither of us need bother intentionally sending them a copy of anything (isn't that nice).

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