Now that we know about what Venus has to offer, What do we do next ?

GUTH Venus and/or the establishment of Club NASA

I have been told time and again by NASA as well as vast numbers of pro-NASA types, that my discovery is not. Furthermore, that any such discovery must offer "extraordinary proof". So, I set myself off in order to obtain such a worthy or qualified definition of "extraordinary", as I obviously needed something that fulfills the higher standards of NASA. How hard can that be?

This however was not going to be so easy to accomplish and, as a result this required a considerable time consuming effort, that which has obviously distracted from my primary focus. Since none other would step forward on by behalf, I obviously had little choice, other then to delve into whatever I could in order to best determine that which would eventually clarify (define) "extraordinary" and, I think I finally succeeded, however in doing so, I learned a bit more then I ever thought was to be learned about NASA's variations of and/or tolerance for what most others would hold as being highly questionable if not outright deceptions.

In quest of this and/or operhaps a second holy grail of definitions and, with somewhat unfortunate regard to our past; I had managed to locate another of those infamous official Apollo photos, as acquired from that of an official Apollo camera and, that of the very same official film and processed by the very same official lab. This image however clearly shows the lunar lander situated somewhere in space, brightly illuminated from only the sun and thoroughly surrounded by vibrant stars within an otherwise black sky (color film at that, not even of the vastly superior B/W film). On the other hand, I also have not been able to locate that of a single foot of film regarding our supposedly highly successful 1/6th gravity scaled lunar lander test flights. Hmmmm, how can this be?

If in fact the same regard to qualifying as "extraordinary proof" is being imposed against my "GUTH Venus" discovery (here I'm not so much referring to image content as much as I am pursuing extraordinary evidence continuity), now we have a wee bit of a problem. These two relatively minor Apollo considerations alone are not all that much, unless you were having to apply them towards supporting those Apollo missions, at least with the same degree of having to uphold any accepted standard as that representing and/or in supporting of such other images as to be representing "extraordinary proof". It seems as though NASA has failed their very own standards and, how and why can this be?

As perhaps a third holy grail issue; I have also been thoroughly unable to reconcile those Apollo mission radiation concerns, especially with any regard to Apollo-16 (a well substantiated time period of greatest recorded solar radiation output, that which here on Earth thoroughly blacked out communications as well as inflicted a highly recorded radiation over-exposure onto us humans), yet our lessor protected astronauts were, as well as the sensitive film, completely unaffected. Their mission exposure should have been at least a 1000 times greater then for you or me here on Earth. A full body exposure at that, if being flooded at merely 0.1Sv (10 rads) should have at least caused some hair to fall out and otherwise shown considerable (detectable) other abnormalities (none were ever detected nor documented and, much higher accumulated radiation levels were likely above that of 0.1Sv, but we'll never know those specifics because NASA had conveniently excluded that issue of documentation from their "extraordinary" standards).

In this instance of supporting those Apollo missions, we are being informed by NASA, as to apparently disregarding any such "extraordinary proof" standards and, that besides sending our astronauts off so as to drop in, navigate over and land on the lunar surface without ever accomplishing a single successful (gravity scaled) pre-test flight, that in addition to this openly brazen as well as spectacular accomplishment, such horrific radiation exposures were not after all so damaging and furthermore, apparently not even worth officially recording for the benefit of any future lunar and/or any other planetary missions, those that would have to twice transit the potentially lethal Van Allen Belt as well as having to deal with whatever massive solar impact, that could have considered the overall risk factors based upon real data (it's a bit odd that no such data seems to exist). As far as those actual surface photos are concerned, regardless of any disputed missing radiation exposure considerations, other photographic standards and/or lunar content arguments, the fact that stars were not as equally present as they were in that official image which I located, means quite a lot to anyone trying to place the origin of those photographers on the lunar surface (guess what folks; it simply can't be done [no stars means no way of establishing true location]).

For an example of far better imaging on my behalf; Based upon the very "extraordinary" raw nature of SAR imaging as well as that of my certified digital enlargements plus observational expertise, if we now realize what's most likely existing on Venus and, have reasonable assurances that evolution along with a degree of technology would have sufficiently resolved living under that greenhouse environment, what other issue is stopping you and others from researching these potentials? Is it still having anything to do with NASA's "extraordinary proof" standards? Is it simply representing something I said against your religion? or, is it something having more to do with NASA's NSA/DoD associations? because, the SAR image and that of my enlargements are about as solid as evidence comes, so, what exactly is your problem?

With further regard to the "GUTH Venus" discovery; the fact that a very large and prestigious group (cult fellowship) somehow missed this opportunity of identifying significant artificial content is not so improbable, if one considers the sheer impact of what such an amount of high resolution imaging was otherwise achieving. The blatant denials of their ever missing this issue and furthermore intentionally blocking this opportunity from the public, this is, on the other hand, borderline criminal behaviour. If you or I were to ever do such, we would first be pleading our innocence from within a federal prison cell.

These researchers have obviously made their beds and have as will been highly rewarded by achieving the basic results of the Magellan mission, however, their worth as to the scientific society can certainly become nearly meaningless should this recent discovery tarnish those past results and, furthermore imply somewhat of a conspiracy of sorts by their ongoing refusals to acknowledge the greater of possibilities of their missing this opportunity in the first place and, all of this further defines a borderline criminal behaviour as to be intentionally ignoring and thereby blocking the greater of implications, long after the fact of becoming aware of this " GUTH Venus " discovery (somewhat like knowing of a bomb threat onboard flight 107, then only informing your friends about to take that flight and, there could eventually become a similar association made with regard to Jews and 9/11, then perhaps not even to be reconsidering our cold-wasrs, there is always that USS LIBERTY fiasco and then perhaps even flight 800 to be reconsidered). Sorry if I'm becoming too God damn blunt, but innocent lives, a welth of resources and perceived history have obviously become thoroughly trashed lately.

The financial impact (in this instance representing a massive loss) upon our overlooking such a worthy discovery is certainly nothing as far-reaching as any Apollo ruse, however, still somewhat staggering. On the other hand, the continued delays in order to sustain the "status quo" is vastly more so staggering. All toll, what should have happened and obviously now knowing what needs to happen is perhaps worth a bit more then any past decade worth of otherwise wasted endeavors and, thereby a tally of amounts which may very well exceed 250 billions. Protecting the "status quo" for that of our future research goals (such as acquiring those Mars microbes) and otherwise explorations of mostly humanly unobtainable goals is perhaps worth another 250 billions per decade, where obviously even this amount is a highly censored/moderated commodity, which is inevitably concealing NSA/DoD agendas and thus spiraling ever upward in other hidden cost. Yet there is still, well over a year after the fact, no perceived focus upon Venus. If that's not a team/cult effort with an ulterior motive to defraud the public and the taxpayers, I guess I don't know what is.

If the original mission and thereby goal of NASA (besides our landing a man on the moon) was to ultimately identify and specifically locate other planetary considerations hosting life, Venus obviously now holds onto the greater promise, as there is still nothing whatsoever artificial showing itself on Mars and we apparently can't even identify anything remaining as artificial on our own moon as to proving anything whatsoever on behalf of those Apollo missions. If the ulterior mission and goal was to foster and master the wishes and will of NSA/DoD agendas, on the pretense that somehow this would insure world peace and perhaps global dominance, then that mission has obviously failed in more ways then one. Our per dollar return on supposedly space research and exploration has delivered little that the lessor 90% of Earth's population can realize benefits from, yet somehow, these very same dollars have managed to thoroughly intimidate, provoke and directly inflect punishment onto those same lessor 90% which I believe are entirely unworthy of such despicable efforts. Use and/or the misuse of our technology to selectively back those willing to carry out ethnic ambitions is also hardly worthy of such an investment, but obviously worthy of becoming a focus by those seeking restitution and/or at least an end to the degree by which such technology has been applied against their people (the impact of 9/11 is only the most recent and not even remotely the most costly in terms of humanity of such events).

Upon reading all this, if anything here is representing news to your mind, that's only because of NASA and their vast army of supportive moles have been seeing that it remains buried, at least until their full retirement and possibly even further isolation through official channels has been implemented.

These two sites are simply chuck full of my research, ideas and promise. Please check back, as from time to time I manage to add and correct various issues and, anything you can provide can just as well be included in my next round of updates, so don't be shy.

The only thing standing in the way of the "GUTH Venus" discovery plus that of saving hundreds of billions worth of tax dollars, is perhaps your willingness to become exposed to the truth. And, I'm not the one implying that absolutely everything I believe or understand as being fact is what you or others should believe, just to be certain that my motivation is not something conspired from anything NSA/DoD, nor do I have any political or religious ax to grind, unless of course, should you want to challenge my findings without offering anything in support what you are stating, then fair is fair and, I'll certainly do whatever I can to return the favor.

What this discovery needs is simply the focus of your expertise, which I know is out there. As there is more then enough praise and credits to go around, after all, it was the Magellan mission that brought us this opportunity in the first place and, those which made all that happen should be proud, as most of them did nothing wrong, in fact those teams did a whole lot right (now it seems they all have become the strong silent types). The fact that of those chosen to discern whatever they could simply fell short of what the mission ultimately had to offer has become somewhat unfortunate (especially for those on Venus).

Better late then never; For starters, October 2002 is simply going to represent our greatest ever opportunity as well as offering the most bang for our buck. And, because those bucks are somewhat in short supply, therefore, I would have to believe we should consider and focus upon the positive aspects and of doing so sufficiently before October 2002. Other related opportunities are somewhat unlimited, such as researching Venus planetary Air Travel, which obviously includes commercial enterprise opportunities among the obvious inter-planetary challenges as well as rewards. Just establishing a Venus L2 platform would by itself gererate a welth of information and fulfill that of any surface deployment relay solution. What more could any such discovery possibly have to offer?

Perhaps an understanding for those of you not able to do the math, Roughly every 18 month, Venus becomes a mere 108 times the distance of our moon, and that's real close. As space communications calls go, especially for visible laser communications, that's not even a long distance call.

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