My Opinions are Meaningless, your's are NOT

(this page has been dedicated for those more right then I'll ever become)

I would however like very much to start off with these two simple and brief questions:

What is your motivation for even opposing my discoveries?

Why, I ask, are you even making the effort?

This page is intended to react only upon those pro-NASA types, those so opposed to the mere idea that, I just might have something a bit more worthy (honest) then what their pagan God has to offer. The one important issue which I can't possibly compete with is money, as NASA/NSA/DoD has lots (mostly your's and mine) and, I have none, so I can't simply buy you over to my side, at least not yet and, even if I could, I'm not all that certain I'll need expertise in ruse development and damage control management.

Obviously my skills and more so my opinion is meaningless and, your's is that totally correct. The fact that you possess none of the actual observational expertise nor of hands-on photographic capability, let alone own none of the most basic of medium format equipment and furthermore have seldom if ever had to even identify a damn thing (natural or otherwise) from within an aerial image, is somehow and correctly (NASA style) besides the point, as you are still vastly more qualified (without the least bit of training nor experience) as to differentiate and thereby stipulate that which is natural from that which is most likely artificial.

My opinion of what's been going on within NASA is equally of no value as compared to that of your opinion. Your's is obviously right, especially if considering the fact that your opinion is so above having to be supported by legitimate original Apollo negatives, as well as not having to be supported by any film of the required and essentially crucial 1/6th gravity test flights is obviously not to be considered as anything relevant or important. Equally, your space travel radiation exposure opinion (not even including that of any lunar surface exposure) indicates that a 10+ rad (0.1 Sv) exposure (such as what the Apollo-16 mission would had to have been exposed to), according to NASA records, is so insignificant that it not only failed to be registered onto any recordings but more so the film as well failed to be impacted as were the astronauts. Unlike anyone else receiving such radiation as treatments would have been seriously over-exposed at 0.1 Sv., even if that 10 rad dosage were to be limited to just one square foot and not even their whole body flooded, as would have been the case with the astronauts (which makes the astronaut exposures at the very least ten times worse yet then of any targeted exposures). The fact that our NSA/DoD have had essentially total control over what NASA accomplishes and more so over what perception the public and the world has of NASA, is in your vastly more correct mind, not representing a conflict of interest and, equally not that representing any sort of ulterior motivation potential nor that of nurturing hidden agendas, at least nothing that we morons need concern ourselves with and, more so having nothing whatsoever to do with global politics, the perpetrated cold-wars, the 6-day war and of all those, having even lessor connection to 9/11.

Yes, my opposing friend, your opinions are those far more correct and thereby should be valued above that of mine. Just like my discovery of what's on the planet Venus, the fact that my proof as pertaining to "GUTH Venus" is such as being supported the very absolute best and most certified reliable imaging technology, even better yet, acquired at the good perspective of 43º, along with my original data image source being available to everyone, as well our having virtually thousands of Earth examples which thoroughly defines (by our being able to touch and physically analyze the actual targets) as to define what is to be considered natural as opposed to artificial, all this is somehow truly meaningless as compared to what those of you opposing my claims have been stating all along, that this planet Venus is a thoroughly and forever dead planet, as always an exceptionally hot and nasty planet where evolution never had a chance and would not have worked anyway, simply and sufficiently so as based upon your expertise and a whole lot of highly paid others are saying so.

OK all ready, I'll concede that you have been right all along, including as to regarding the morality of our Apollo missions which may have to pale as to acquiring those Mars microbes, entailing some 250+ billions worth of overall investment as well as another decade worth of focus towards Mars, as apparently this is also something which has been fully justified in your vastly superior mind, as compared to even the mere thought of considering any attempt at merely "first contact" October 2002, which privately might cost a million and, even if fully NASA orchestrated at the usual 100X markup at 100 million would represent perhaps 1/25th of a one percent of the yet to be spent Mars program. Of course NSA/DoD will oppose even this minuscule diversion because, they desperately need to get their hands on those Mars microbes, so as to up the anti in our next round of biotechnology escalation, of which you firmly believe that NSA/DoD only has the utmost of moral humanitarian considerations for such exploitation and, that's obviously why it's off to Mars and, at all cost regardless of whatever potential there is, right next door, on Venus.

What can I say; except that your morals and chosen pagan God, as represented by NASA/NSA/DoD, are those more qualified as well as fully justified as to do whatever you and they desire and, that any potentially lethal "nondisclosure" policy consequences is totally necessary and of something you would fully uphold if not carry out enforcements, regardless of the impact onto bystanders and innocent civilians. A fair price to pay, even if that should conjure up another cold-war or perhaps simply another 9/11 outcome.

Let us all pray that you have been right all along, at least hope that our American way of life and selective way of justifying death onto others is someday to be qualified by a higher authority. Obviously, your God has become all knowing and all superior to that of others and mine. I've said this before, "in war there are no rules", so, even if you get caught in supporting and/or covering up for the Apollo ruse, the likes of the 6-day war and apparently even if you worked for ENRON and Andersen, it's clearly "finders keepers" and whomever should win any war is thereby morally entitled and equally justified (vindicated) for doing so (morals of others and of doing what's right simply do not compute). I'm to guess that, as an American, you would do and feel justified in whatever it takes and, should others not become team players, they would simply and justly have to fend for themselves or perhaps better yet, die trying.

I certainly think I'm capable of becoming a bought and paid for team player, so, this all sounds good to me. When do I get my check?. Sorry once again for otherwise imposing my obviously inferior opinions and morals and, once again, thank you so much for setting me straight, about what it takes to become a good and obviously tough bully American.

If any of this page still is not reading right, I'll simply re-edit it so that it will.

Sincerely, Brad Guth / IEIS 1-253-8576061

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