Unlike many at NASA and virtually that of every official mole at "", I am not pretending I'm something or someone other nor better then who I am. I am also not hiding behind a phony name nor am I suggesting anything like another round like that pathetic "Mars face" fiasco, as so far, Mars offers nothing as compared to Venus, yet NASA has plan's of porking another 250+ billions just into acquiring Mars microbes, or perhaps I should say into privileged pockets (Mars has merely become the go-between).

Understand also, I am not all knowing nor trying to impress upon anyone that I have mastered every possible learned experience, as somehow understanding exactly how or why everything happens. I'm obviously not even trying to pretend that I'm any sort of qualified investigative reporter, as almost anyone should be capable of doing a better job at documenting this discovery. Least of all, NASA should have been all over this discovery as of well over a year ago (but then, I happen to know where they can get their hands on some of those well used ENRON shredders, that way they can all go about pretending they knew nothing about any "GUTH Venus" discovery).

My trained expertise, personal investment and experience is with that of observational as well as medium format photography issues. Within these domains (in addition to decades of fairly technical electronics, hydraulics and applied CAD engineering background), I have placed considerable investment as well as acquired "hands-on" exposure along with determination, I therefore believe I can offer somewhat superior capabilities as to most (again, I'm not the world's observational expert, as that person obviously works for NASA, what that person is actually observing, beats me). Furthermore, as far as my observational skills, I'm apparently more capable then of the past and of those currently highly paid staff of braille image interpreters employed by NASA. NASA's affirmative action hiring has never seen it so good.

What I've uncovered, as that clearly existing on Venus, I believe is truly a worthy discovery that happens to include "extraordinary" SAR-spy grade imaging of sufficient resolution as well as of sufficient target size and of sufficient numbers of artificial occurrences, upon such considerable evidence, I feel sufficiently qualified as to providing my observational interpretations as to what these artificial forms likely represent. As far as those everyday rocks, channels, erosions, tectonics, atmospherics and lava flow issues, I'll take the word of most any expert not affiliated nor in any manner funded by NASA because, here we have, in addition to those natural surroundings (which I do not question) simply the most significant and perhaps the most obtainable goals worthy of offering tangible opportunities (including "first contact") and, those which are well supported by vastly more reliable and thereby believable imaging "truths", as being those comprised of extraordinary content supporting the greatest degree of artificial promise, then of anything NASA has ever apparently accomplished (I'm including our own moon), nor having on the books for the foreseeable future.

What this discovery and I have been looking for is simply a whole lot of other expertise, as well as other substantiated opinions, so as to help others and myself define the greater of possibilities. Obviously, any fool can downplay and even dismiss every aspect of what I feel is potentially here to be obtained. It takes at least some level of experienced expertise, obviously vision and then an open mind as to realize the greater potential of good. NASA/NSA/DoD and even NIMA have such capabilities, yet far better things to do (such as a whole lot of damage control), so, if you have such interest into anything beyond basic astronomy, such as scientific, structural engineering, aeronautical engineering, atmospherics, laser communications, evolutionary and language research and/or simply a keen interest in further exploring the possibilities; Think about it, what's stopping you? or perhaps; Whom is stopping you? and; What are their motives?

My motives include such horrific considerations as saving the US taxpayers a few hundred billion dollars and, then to be expediting upon truly obtainable goals, focusing upon the most realistic opportunities and fully considering the humanitarian as well as potential of alien and human goodwill. Sorry, I've got no cloak and dagger agenads to offer.

As I've stated before, I'll post credits and/or a link into your research. Anything that you wish to provide will be most helpful and, unlike NASA, you will be given full credits and eventually funding for your support and talents, perhaps even a job if I'm impressed with whatever it is that you have to offer, but first, I need your support so that I can establish funding of my own.

October 2002 is a date for a serious window of the most affordable opportunity, well worth considering. And, as far as getting the most "bang for your buck" there is simply nothing else that comes close. I can say this because I know we already have everything it will take to laser communicate over the distance of 0.271AU, it's just too unfortunate we couldn't have been doing all this 11+ years ago. Brad Guth / IEIS 1-253-8576061

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