To War or Not to War

( and  LIFE after NASA )

This is not about my being the least bit anti-American, as it is about being anti-stupid and anti-arrogant and then anti-wasteful. If it were not for all the NASA/NSA/DoD mistakes and more so costly cover up's (especially of hidden agendas), others and certainly I would not have all that much to work with and, perhaps 9/11 and many other worse blunders may not have happened and, perhaps then NASA could have simply managed to have done their job (you know; by having the manpower, time and resources so as to focus and devote those talents into doing their job), as then, I would not have been able to have discovered anything on Venus because, NASA (12+ years ago) already would have done that part. Sorry folks, that's not how this story goes.

If one needs to compare what's apparently been going on, as compared to that of most any criminal motivation, as being something sufficiently worthy of ignoring sworn obligations and/or that of bashing my "GUTH Venus" discovery to death, more so as to why this issue has become treated as "damage control" in the first place, then only to discover that recent history of NASA/NSA/DoD has been representing a bit more then sufficient amounts of ulterior motives, hosting various cloak and dagger agendas, most certainly representing grandiose amounts of political power and as always (following the money trail) lots and lots of mulla (cold hard cash, literally billions and billion of such), that which was in the past and yet remains at risk, especially when someone like myself comes along. As such a multitude of such evidence goes, if this were being applied to you or me, as literally thousands of such individuals have been found guilty and sentenced, many to their death, upon considerable lessor evidence. Eessentially all of this NASA/NSA/DoD cloak and dagger stuff can be based upon perfically good timelines and, of far greater overall criteria or weight then of nearly any recorded murder trial.

Therefore, I believe my efforts that merely uncovered the Venus thing was merely initially embarrassing to say the least, yet apparently not by itself representing all that much of a risk or impact factor. However, my having to fight as to making this discovery open to the greater public has relieved a real can of worms. As my efforts proceeded, I simply needed to figure things out, not only as to what NASA constituted as "extraordinary proof", but then also why all the formal opposition and unfounded bashings by others because, it should obviously have been the other way around, as there is nothing negative nor the least bit threatening about this discovery nor of that regarding all of the relevant possibilities, such as offering perhaps our first opportunity to simply focus upon a valid goal that was entirely obtainable (with existing technology at that) and, having none of the NSA/DoD hidden agendas involved. As our space research and subsequent exploration goes, what could possibly have been better?

Upon some further reflections; Any Nation (especially the U.S.) simply can not go about inflicting their economic, political and science rule without ruffling a few too many feathers. At some point in time, there will become those concerned enough to speak out on behalf of their national and/or religious principals and, perhaps as to taking those first few steps as to seeing that their perceived oppressor(s) are sufficiently made aware of those concerns and/or suffer their just consequences. If my process of delivering this GUTH Venus discovery and every subsequent attempt at communication seems to be going downhill, one must obviously consider next; What do they have to loose by my having to force these issues?

This paragraph is having to go back nearly century; After many decades of subtle oppression and basically that of our annoying the living hell out of Japan and/or their national interest, as well as any other nation getting in our way, someone (sufficiently several) finally had just about enough and, not just at any one time did that outrage become a formal request as to basically "knock it off or else" (often right up to the very last minute), as Japan was trying their level best to convey what was going to happen if we continued to disregard their warnings. Unfortunately, for a whole lot of us humans, we didn't lessen, just like we failed to lessen to the British intelligence about all of those U-Boats that had been picking off our civilian ships (essentially, those were right in our very own back yard and, where some of those British intelligence reports even clearly specified their specific targets) and, pretty much just as we failed to listen prior to 9/11 and apparently we will likely fail to listen in the future. Thus we (not Canada, not New Zealand, not Mexico, not Cuba, not Japan, not China, not Russia, just us Americans and of those we elect to back such as the Israeli) were to be entertained by being attacked by some obviously pissed off individuals.

Speaking on behalf of the other side; Going into war is not ever your first, second or even your forth choice, especially if you and your people have become the underdogs. You first try to communicate, as many times as you can bare, then re-checking that tunnel again, just to see if there is any light at the end, however, when that light turns out being the American doomsday locomotive from hell, you do whatever comes to mind and, that includes using whatever resources at hand, that which may even include applying the very same weapons and training which may have initially been provided by your enemy (what better revenge).

Guess what; There are simply no rules about war. Anyone that states otherwise is totally nuts; You certainly do not simply open your collage textbook "WAR 101" and select program B or C. For God's sake, the very last thing you do is what anyone is going to suspect, even more so if your resources are simply no match for what you're up against. If you need some further background in what America should not have done in the past, try going back if you will a bit further to the US/Mexican wars. I'll offer a book title worth a read "The U.S. - Mexican War" by Carol and Thomas Christensen. The references are fairly inclusive and, this book even covers a significant batch of our failed attempts at trying to take Cuba by force. It seems as though, at the time, we were invincible, at least that's what those soldiers and civilians that survived thought and, there were perhaps tens of thousands of those on both sides that did not survive and, obviously they would have a differing opinion about our right as to acquiring (taking) such occupied territories.

I believe it's a good idea for us to consider that a hundred years worth of our history can safely be perceived more like a day worth of history to much older nations, as they certainly know of and may yet perceive our past as though it were yesterday, which should understandably scare the living hell out of anyone thinking of opposing our will (even our mistakes have become lethal).

More recently (1947); Fortunately for most civilians at that time and place, those Japanise had accomplished a fairly good military solution (right in front of our noses again) along with some surprisingly good technology at that. Because they were so capable, their efforts were for the most part sufficiently targeted upon our military installations and, considering the limited capability and reliability of those days, they did a fairly accurate job of containing their attack to what was perceived as military targets and/or American interest, which were obviously the most valued as to disabling if they were going to buy sufficient time before we could return the favor.

Something (hell, a lot!) about our "Cold-War" stinks; If those USSR communist rats were supposedly so intent upon conquering and ruling the world, wouldn't you have thought by now, that our crack NSA spy wizards could have retrieved at least one Russian document supporting that consideration and, why wouldn't reveling that document impose anything except support for our cold-war actions?. One would have to think, that if anyone was to invade and overthrow America, you would be requiring volumes of manuals of basically "how to" do just about everything. Recently I've taken some time to research into such matters and, I can't seem to identify such, at least not any volumes, not one manual, not an official chapter and not even at that a good formal paragraph pertaining to their planned overthrow of America, nothing whatsoever that indicated any strategy and/or plan of even taking over honest American interest by force (most certainly nothing as to specifically invading our homeland). Since nothing has been disclosed as to anything military that could constitute a real initiative threat, including the Cuban missile crises that was basically a defensive joke as compared to our having multiple nuke submarines within Russian territory as well as our U-2's making daily excursions, so not even a real threat at that and otherwise, apparently nothing Russian published offering any intent, other then from our skewed words based purely upon our misguided perceptions and obviously not the facts, as to anything whatsoever revealed as to suggest otherwise). Then there was that first Russian satellite, which was simply a damn good scientific achievement and nothing else. So where exactly was the initial requirement (threat) and thereby need or justification for any cold-war? especially for one that's cost just our side countless lives, thousands of billions and essentially offered nothing as to preventing the likes of 9/11's, in fact, with any regard to the 9/11 instance, our cold-war efforts seem to have accomplished just the opposit.

It's as though one day (perhaps back in the 1950's), somewhere within a lavish Swiss resort, high ranking powerhouse generals from both sides had mutually decided that world peace and goodwill was just too boring and simply too quiet. Can't build new toys and use them if the taxpayers do not perceive the need, thus merely create the perception that the other side is somehow a serious threat and the problem of boredom is solved. Pulling off the Apollo ruse was an example of our best effort, that which until people were being needlessly put at risk and some killed and, until lately it seemed to be working quite nicely.

Now days, the more recent efforts by those thoroughly upset with our global actions and/or impact (such as our perpetrated cold-war impact) were not so fortunate as to having any such comparable let alone superior military advantage, in fact and at best, the most recent threats represented far less then 1% of what we had to offer in return. So, their options were somewhat limited from the very get go. Obviously you don't simply place all of your troops into an open desert area and proceed to take pot shots at anything U.S. going by. The chances are, you will get your butt wiped and, that will be the end of it.

Fortunately for the al-Qaida, we had become the very resource for much of their training and highly mobile and thereby lethal outfitting (mixing that along with their religion and you certainly have created a real time bomb). Remember our "cold-war", that's where our infamous government and then most of us Americans (including myself at first) allowed ourselves to being fictitiously fabricated upon for the total illusion that the USSR had it in for us and, we were then going to take whatever actions that would make those odds favor us. The Apollo "moon race" was not even the beginnings of things going terribly wrong (actually that issue should include that of the Secret Service knowingly neglecting if not orchestrating the opportunity to assassinate President Kennedy because, that outcome was as much about our achieving and sustaining our perpetrated cold-war as were those Apollo missions). Later on, besides all sorts of other pathetically failed CIA and NSA adventures, including that of our directly supporting the al-Qaida (just so that they could essentially do our "cold-war" dirty work for us), was at the time just the ticket. The fact that the USSR was merely trying their best to subdue the likes of the al-Qaida and, doing so not because they wanted to control territory but mostly because they knew already what a thoroughly bad bunch of boys those al-Qaida were, was not our concern. Guess what? It most certainly is now.

The Apollo ruse was simply another unfortunate yet I believe a good example of what not to do. Sustaining just that ruse has been and continues to be lethal (especially for the USSR) as well as ever costly for us (including lives and easily 150 billions more costly then the total Apollo program claims), yet especially even more so devastating in relative terms of what could have been accomplished with a little collusion and focus upon truly obtainable goals, such as food production, housing and global education, all of which could have, with that sort of combined wild budget, by now resolved all cancers, AIDS and even the common cold, and just possibly we could have actually put both sides on the moon. But no, we don't have any of that, not now and, there is not even a dim light at the end of our tunnel, at least nothing that's not going to eventually run us down if we can't manage to first derail the remaining world.

Perhaps I am the one that's not smart enough to have discovered those reasons for the cold-war and, perhaps there was a good time and a place for that cold-war, then also most likely, there certainly was a better time to have disclosed about what was really going on at NASA, such as shortly after the nearly fatal Apollo 13 mission, where we could have elected to tell the truth, still have proven a few good points against the Russians (that our cloak was a whole better then their dagger) and thereby greatly limited the subsequent risk and wasted investments and, have prevented the current fallout impact and massive retribution that now awaits our attention.

With regard to our infamous NASA and their entire bunches of supposedly crack science and rocket wizards; If my discovery of what's to be found on Venus is not worthy of a little focus, at least worth an honest attempt at "first contact" and, if our going after those potentially lethal Mars microbes is worthy, then need I say anything more. By the way, if you can prove me wrong, by offering anything as to that 1/6th gravity scaled lunar lander and/or challenging other aspects of our lunar pretense, please do.

I'll continue to offer this statement once again; by restating that I will print retractions as to those NASA/NSA/DoD cold-war agendas. Perhaps all of that supportive cold-war documentation was simply stored or lost exactly where all those Apollo negatives and of those 1/6th gravity scaled lunar lander documentation films were being kept. Surely someone has still access to those, as then everything I've been stating will be retracted in spades. Of course, all those artificial structures existing on Venus will still be there, I simply don't know what can help to make those disappear and, making me disappear will still not cause what's on Venus to vanish.

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