Venus Air (they've certainly got lots)

( I know; it's damn hot and nasty, supposedly there's not enough O2 to ignite a fart )

( by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: January 23, 2004 )

Here's all the more proof that I've been more right than not all along, as of three years ago and counting, as I recall (as well do I have the proof I did so) that I specifically asked by phone and by email, what's the possible situation on Venus that's capable of supporting the sorts of complex life that's been responsible of constructing such large and complex structures?

I even provided terrific as well as NASA official pictures (of better and more truthful imaging than anything Apollo), and then I pointed out specific items to multiple official NASA folks, supposed experts as well as onto hundreds of their outside counterparts, of which each and every one continually saw absolutely nothing whatsoever (I suppose that's like trying to see a Cathar, or just exactly like not seeing that missile taking out flight-800, and otherwise of their not seeing those tens of thousands of Israel's prisoners that simply vanished off the face of Earth and, don't even bother getting yourself into anything Apollo, as that's another pathetic joke of folks not seeing meteorites and shards nor hardly any of the lunar dark basalt, while being radiation proof to boot). Many of my opponents were not even convinced that these pictures were even those of Venus, subsequently accusing myself of the very worst there is but, at least I'm not nearly as bad off as most WMD sinpe hunting warlords and, I'm certainly not the one having to intentionally lie about Venus.

For the past 3 years, if anything I've been continually informed (perhaps the politically correct phrase is "intentionally lied to") by those folks clearly having "the right stuff" (even though their stuff has become brownish and quite smelly), by their stipulating there's no reason whatsoever to re-explore the atmospheric as well as surface aspects of Venus, informing myself that there's absolutely no point because Venus is presently and has always been entirely cooked and dead (period). I wasn't even asking for that sort of disinformation, as what I wanted to know was something more about what was possible, as any fool already knows that we humans can't possibly live anywhere except Earth and that's that, at least according to the way most of us fools were educated, especially if you were a good little Catholic and even more so if Mormon. Though those nice Dogon folks seem to know a whole lot better but, NASA thinks they're nothing but the scum of the Earth, perhaps even less than scum, as perhaps they've somehow gotten infected with some of bin Laden's genes, so perhaps we should get our resident warlord into nuking them poor bastards as well, or we could simply inform the Pope that Dogon folks are actually the remains of Cathars.

This page may become another example of my three village idiot brain cells running amuck, and as operating seriously low on O2 or perhaps lacking sufficient Dopamean, as well as for whatever else supposedly interacts with my three remaining neurons. However, since none other has stepped forward (not even sideways), I'm having to give this phase my best shot (mistakes and all) at further understanding O2 requirements for that of sustaining life on Venus, at least as we understand life as we know it, but for doing such at the atmospheric pressure of 75+Bar. Since I'm absolutely entirely outside my mystical realm on almost anything physiological, do expect a good number of those pesky errors and of future corrections (errors there too). I'll naturally support credits towards anyone furthering my understandings upon this subject, so don't ever hesitate as to informing me how far off I am. I'll also post to whatever other research page you can provide and, if you should have any medication recommendations, I'll certainly take that into account as well.

Besides the nighttime atmosphere above those tremendously thick clouds as being suspended upon their incredibly buoyant ocean of crystal clear CO2/N2, as for that upper atmosphere clearly indicating onto other researchers a rather substantial amount of free O2, where I do believe there's hope as for whatever or whomever as surviving on that toasty surface, especially if there's a working technology solution (far better than anything Mars) that might even exclude Darwin (thanks to my very own EVA suit appliance) as for supplementing the otherwise meager 0.2% O2 of what that nighttime 5+km altitude might otherwise have to offer. In further support I've recently located a documented working Earth environment where human life as we know it can exist nicely upon 4% O2 and, that was at merely 4+Bar absolute, which seems to be indicating that at 75 Bar, life even as we know it, could be nicely sustained at something well below 1% O2, with any remainder of the volume being N2/H2, or even N2/CO2 is good for go if the H2O index is kept sufficiently low. I'm not sure but, I believe there darn little free H2O on the Venus surface, as those cool nighttime clouds is about the only viable refuge for there being H2O.

I may have forgotten to mention;  there seems to have always been an O2 gradient, as independently researched and subsequently reported as having the 50/50 waypoint of CO2/O2 being roughly situated at 150 km. For sake of a little simplification, I'm going to rule that the much cooler extended nighttime season of Venus has allowed that 50/50 altitude as to becoming 100 km and, to further simplify I'll even exclude whatever N2 contribution as well as allow the CO2 to represent exactly twice the weight of O2 (I know, bitchity bitch, bitch, bitch by all those science and physics purest).

If anything I'm being conservative about the two following charts, as there's certainly the initial 3.5% N2 (+ whatever else) contributions and of their gradient factors, as well as whatever worthy thermal considerations. In spite of what's possible, perhaps the most important contributing factor is being the purely negative about absolutely everything stance of what those worshiping NASA are going to imply no matters whatever (what a serious bunch of pretentious sanctimonious loosers).

This is somewhat of what a more linear progresion looks like: (nighttime gradient estimate or assessment of CO2/O2)
 100 km = 50/50
   50 km = 75/25
   25 km = 87.5/12.5
12.5 km = 93.75/6.25
6.25 km = 96.875/3.125
  3.1 km = 98.44/1.56
  1.5 km = 99.22/0.78
0.75 km = 99.61/0.39
0.37 km = 99.80/0.20
0.18 km = 99.90/0.10
0.09 km = 99.995/0.005 (50 ppm O2 and 99.995 - 3.75% N2 = 96.25 CO2)

This is what a nonlinear progresion looks like: (same nighttime gradient estimate or assessment of CO2/O2)
 100 km = 50/50
   50 km = 83.3/16.7
   25 km = 94.43/5.57
12.5 km = 98.14/1.86
6.25 km = 99.94/0.062
  3.1 km = 99.98/.021
  1.5 km = 99.993/.007
0.75 km = 99.998/.0023 (23 ppm O2 and 99.998 - 3.75% N2 = 96.248 CO2)

I tend to favor the previous linear scale because it places the ground zero close to the 30 ppm of O2 as recorded by other instruments. Obviously O2 isn't nearly half the weight of CO2 and, the mix of N2 as well as thermal issues need to be integrated throughout the entire gradient. Surely if you're so smart, accomplishing all of this more correctly will not be any challenge and, I'll be the first to post credits and/or a link into your web page if you like. Due to the extended nighttime season of cooling, where those cloud tops that normally reside at 75 km daytime could drop to as low as 50 km, as that clearly indicates the 150 km 50/50 zone should also drop by a similar/proportional amount, thus my 100 km estimate of the nighttime waypoint at which the ratio of CO2/O2 becomes roughly 50/50, which seems entirely within responsible science/physics. If and when I learn more or receive better input, I'll share that with those interested.

Of course, the frozen and irradiaded to death planet Mars has an CO2/O2 gradient, starting itself off at nearly zero and then progressing into nada, zip, nothing whatsoever, allowing loads of cosmic and solar flare radiation as easily penetrating and thus radiating whatever else to death. Other then all that, plus having a few too many meteorites easily getting through, Mars is currently becoming our best surplus cash of sufficiently cosmic/solar radiated-sterile "Dry Ice". Best of all, Mars should cost us merely trillions and risk countless lives in the process of obtaining those potentially lethal microbes (sounds like another perfectly nifty job for the likes of Martha Stewart, as well as all those ENRON/Andersen executives).

Apparently, there's been some well established results that only further substantiates my previous guestimates, such as the nearly 68 bar working environments created by this following research lab (68 bar being the current level of technology limits and not necessarily that of the human factor), obviously applied upon humankind that were given every benefit of the doubt, gradually exposed to this horrific pressure, sustained for a sufficient period of time while accomplishing various tasks, then thoughtfully brought back into Earth's surface environment, again with all due respect for the "what ifs" and of avoiding all the nasty issues of otherwise dying;

Again, this is not me suggesting that we should be planning upon going out of our way to be visiting those Venus lizard folks, at least not before attempting a few long-distance but merely interplanetary local area code phone calls via laser packets, or perhaps as offering a composite analog laser beam hosting a few terabytes/s worth of quantum binary packets, so that the widest possible range of species and of technologies can detect and hopefully devise something as crude and primitive in order to transmit their reply, offering something like; please go away, or else!

I've recently learned (I certainly don't mean informed because, none of my opponents have bothered to actually nor intentionally do any of that informing, except against their will; I wonder why?) our blood supposedly retains 90% of it's O2 at the Earthly elevation of 10,000' (10.1 psi = 70% atmosphere);  then perhaps as for the reciprocal we should be retaining much more so of our O2 when under good pressure. Obviously 75 Bar is "good pressure" and, extrapolating upon the raw idea or notion seems to be indicating that we might retain rather considerable surplus amounts of O2 at 75 Bar, especially if we utilized or benchmarked from the 30% pressure drop which subtracted 10% O2 retention (if -5 psi or -1/3 atmosphere affects a loss of 10%, then +5 psi ott to affect a 10% gain). Using this as our point of reference, it's entirely reasonable to extrapolate that by having a 7500% associated atmospheric increase with that of our existing at 75 Bar should contribute into our retaining at the very least 75 X O2% (actually becoming 3 times that amount again) or, as rather our life as we know it being quite nicely sustained at something far lesser than 1% O2 (as little as 0.08% X 75 X 3 = 18% worth of O2 @1 bar).

Even if we needed to go about producing a we bit of our own O2, as technically recovered via CO2-->CO/O2 process, it's looking as though we certainly wouldn't need all that much.

Being that I have also recently identified that we humans have been known to survive under pressure quite nicely, upon 4% O2 from that of our typical 21% O2 norm, where this only further implies that at least some of us might even become sufficiently acclimated at 75 Bar to perhaps surviving upon less than 1% O2, as by doing such within the air conditioned EVA suit influence of 75.1 Bar as a mere Earth human occupying that EVA suit. This would make for the EVA interior/occupancy or displacement of that otherwise CO2/N2 environment being roughly 99% H2/N2 (a fairly good insulator as well as cool buoyancy factor of nearly 60+ kg/m3) and having the remainder of 1% O2, as for accommodating what should be considered as offering a good deal of surplus O2. Perhaps an actual underground mole or a seal could outperform most any human by another ten fold (cold blooded Iguana go about holding their breath for 30 minutes, while working their tails off at the same time).


Because of specialized bone and muscle construction, moles can exert a lateral digging force equivalent to 32 times its body weight. (Arlton 1936) As a comparison, a 150 lb. man would be able to exert a 4800 lb. lateral force.

"For moles to dig one metre of tunnel requires between 400 and 4,000 times as much energy as does walking for the same distance on the surface." (Vleck 1979 University of Arizona.)

A 5 ounce mole will consume 45 to 50 lbs. of worms and insects per year. Godfrey and Crowcroft (1960) Mellanby (1967)

A moles surface tunneling or probes can be dug at about 18 feet per hour. A moles speed through existing tunnels is about 80 ft. per minute. Godfrey (1955)

Moles contain twice as much blood and twice as much red hemoglobin as other mammals of similar size, allowing the mole to breath easily in its underground environment of low oxygen and high carbon dioxide. (Arlton 1936)

The metabolism of one's O2 at the SLM (Standard Liter per Minute) rate could certainly become another affected issue, as potentially that volume of O2 per minute being sufficiently altered, as obviously the pressurized environment of bone dry atmosphere could be comfortably regulated at the near ideal thermal balance. Make-up N2/O2 atmosphere (I initially estimated delivering as much as 0.1 m3 or 3.5 cfm) where if 5% of that volume being O2 would obviously become 5 liters per minute worth of O2, representing a reasonably good surplus of that bone dry and of process/appliance chilled to suit the task at hand, as well as for displacing the partially used portions of N2/O2 held within the slightly (at+0.1 Bar) pressurized EVA suit.

Now that I've thoroughly confused others as well as myself, as to sustaining life as we know it, along with my ever confusing math, how about giving this next round of "what if's" over to Uncle Darwin.

The potential of life (obviously not as we know it) existing before serious "greenhouse" when there was merely warm waters on the surface of Venus seems highly probable, next being their evolutionary as well as whatever technologically advancing and/or adjusting to the onset of their full blown greenhouse environment (presumably that little transgression taking tens of thousands of years) seems most likely if not entirely probable that their physiology as well as technology would have had the opportunity as well as the motivation to either piss or get off the pot. Perhaps you or someone you know of would like to take a crack at this complex consideration for better and thereby more correctly understanding these possibilities (just don't expect any assistance from Lord NASA).

I'm still thinking Venus "nocturnals" as for being the better of choices. As illuminating their surrounding via warm-fusion powered LED's and/or biological battery seems quite doable and, that of their obtaining a superior resolution capable nightvision offering a suitable magnitude 5 advantage over our limited human vision seems another practical or innovative solution as for one's surviving where it's obviously somewhat cooler then their daylight season but also nearly as pitch black as it's ever going to get. On the Venus of today, there's simply no such thing as being too cool, the higher up the better and obviously taking further advantage of whatever their long season of nighttime has to offer is certainly worth doing. The next worthy consideration might be their evolution of greatly enhanced lungs, perhaps of two or three stage along with something similar to "zirconia" membranes that permits the extraction of N2/O2 along with the obvious rejection or expulsion of CO2/O2. Another most valuable evolution consideration may have to deal with their outer skin being more likely of platelets, honeycombed with micro cells of perhaps N2 or possibly even H2, either of which would make for an effective barrier of thermal conduction issues (you most certainly don't want any of those near surface skin like nerve issues getting involved because, duh!, it's still damn hot outside).

I'm also thinking these thermally tough platelet covered inhabitants could be stark white (pigment seems unnecessary unless making a fashion statement is imperative), as for whatever reflective thermal considerations would be far better off if your body or artificial covering were not so black (in other words, our KKK should really like this place) and, I still believe these folks are of a bit larger then life as we know it, as having that outer skeletal or near ceramic like platelet covering of thermally insulating scales plus having to accommodate those larger multitasking lungs and of presumably larger nightvision eyes containing perhaps 100 times as many rods as well as multiple protective lens features could become rather impressive if not a truly spectacular sort of individual. Perhaps on a good day I would not care to be sharing a meal with such but, if they've managed to survive Venus, then it's our turn to learn the ropes of surviving a greenhouse environment and, just maybe those of Venus could teach us a thing or two about what NOT to do (especially about pissing off Islamic lizard folk).

Obviously for your entertainment, I've gone off the deep end here again, but then, I can't but help wonder what sort of evolutionary individual bothered to construct all those very artificial looking attributes, those clearly being associated as existing within a community like infrastructure (microbes simply do not construct massive suspension bridges, causeways, clusters of large and quite symmetrical vertical structures nor of anything tarmac, let alone massive rigid airships and, all those reservoir issues seem to indicate either a great sense of humor or that of a rather serious need as for containing something (presumably other than H2O) fluid, those items all being sufficiently if not a whole lot way too different then of their natural rugged mountainous and nearby canyon like surroundings, as well as entirely different or outstanding as from so many other terrains of Venus, as well as for that matter of Earth. As out of essentially thousands of qualified SAR images of Venus and perhaps millions of comparable Earth terrain images, there's not one worthy example of something so artificial looking that can be attributed to purely natural occurrences of planetary impacts, tectonics, lava flows and/or erosions. Good grief folks, if you or anyone you know of can contribute such a digital SAR image of anything the least bit similar, as looking artificial but subsequently proven as being of entirely natural origin, then please do just that, as I'll post a link directly to that image and offer you all the credits for doing such a terrific job, NASA might even pay you a million bucks just for accomplishing what they could not.

Update: January 18, 2003  By decreasing one's dependency upon the normal percentage of oxygen found in the standard diving air mix of 21% O2, one can safely dive a whole lot deeper without danger of oxygen toxicity, such as with a common 54% mix of helium or perhaps far better yet as for Venus, how about our considering the possibility of 95% H2, 4.5% N2 and 0.5% O2, as for some sort of serious diving, like how about 732 meters or 2400 feet worth of depth, as that's roughly equal to 75 Bar.

H2/O2 mix (as an excerpt taken from the following web page): "Hydrogen is a desirable breathing gas component because it is the lightest element known. This means it is the least dense at depth and breathing resistance is minimal. The major problem with hydrogen-oxygen mixtures is the potential for explosion. (The destruction of the Hindenburg dirigible was due to hydrogen reacting with the oxygen in air; hydrogen-pure oxygen mix explosions are more violent!) Zetterstrom knew that a hydrogen- oxygen mix was non-explosive if the percentage oxygen was less than 4 per cent. He also knew that a 4% oxygen-hydrogen mix would sustain life once the partial pressure of oxygen had been elevated by pressure increases associated with descent. The "trick" was the changeover at depth to Hydrox without allowing explosive mixtures to be generated."

Of course folks and all of you so called educated "disbelievers in truth", as we should all know that nasty part about the Hindenburg, as we now must realize was entirely 100% dead wrong as being the cause, entirely bogus, as something perpetrated upon all of humanity purely by American cold-war propaganda and of nothing else (total propaganda fabrication, sort of like flight-800). Yes in deed, some of the Hindenburg's H2 was invisibly burned off as it soared out the top (@35+mph), but that's about all there was to H2 having any part in the downing of the Hindenburg. If anything it was the H2 factor that permitted 2/3's to essentially walk away and, that's 2/3's better then much of anything our modern aircraft replacements have to offer, especially if they're the sort to be smashing into tall buildings.

"In 1944 Arne Zetterstrom discovered a way to breach the transition between compressed air and Hydrox without risking explosion. The technique was to descend to 100 feet and switch to a 4% oxygen / 96 % nitrogen mixture. After breathing this mix for sufficient time to allow the oxygen concentration in the lungs to drop below the "explosion threshold," the diver switched to Hydrox and continued descent. On ascent, the diver again used the Nitrox (4% O2 / 96% N2) as a transition between Hydrox and air. Using this technique, he descended to 363 feet. At that depth, the alteration in voice characteristics, coupled with excitement, made communication impossible and additional dives used a telegraph key."

Regarding HELIOX mix:
"Jack Browne, devised a triangular lightweight mask and tested his system in 1946. Diving in a pressurized tank, with decompression guidance from End and Behnke, he did a simulated dive of 550 feet."

This following web page seems a bit more complex but also revealing that certain mixtures for reducing the N2/O2 concentrations by nearly half or more are not only possible but apparently essential at greater pressures (obviously if one's not having to deal with decompression, just that of your sustained acclamation on Venus, then there's lesser reliance upon much of any proportion of O2 as for sustaining even our pathetic idea of life (perhaps sufficiently evolved life can make it on 0.1% O2):

What all of this obviously old refference stuff seems to clearly specify is, first of all those that already knew of such have been lying to you and me all along and, secondly that under a good deal of pressure of that being merely another 3+Bar (4+Bar absolute, and that's certianly nowhere near anything Venus), the percentage of O2 can be as little as 4%, as being good enough for life *AS* we know it. So, I'm thinking that my initial rough estimate of 5% O2 at 75 Bar was hardly out of line. If anything we could be looking at a potential trimix of H2/N2/O2 where the percentage of O2 could conceivably become less than 1%, as H2 under such density should be capable of replacing a good deal if not all of whatever N2. And remember, the availability of mega volumes of H2 is just a rigid airship cloud content gathering mission away from delivering pure H2O and subsequently volumes of H2 to those on the surface.

Based upon what Arne Zetterstrom discovered and well documented (apparently better documented then most of anything Apollo), even if I graciously applied a significant fudge factor of doubling upon his 4%, making the absolute 4+Bar mix of 8% O2 and 92% N2 and not switching over until 8 Bar for the 4% O2 and 96% H2, that's certainly good enough for my likes, as such conservative results in the following proportions:

  4 Bar = 8% O2 & 92% N2

  8 Bar = 4% O2 & 96% H2

16 Bar = 2% O2 & 98% H2

32 Bar = 1% O2 & 99% H2

64 Bar = 0.5% O2 & 99.5% H2

75 Bar = 0.4% O2 and all of that's without evolution being on your side.

For a number of seriously ulterior reasons (of more stinking motives than of what the combined talents of warlord Bush and the Pope are having to deal with), my taxpayer funded staunch opposition seems undaunted by the sheer abundance of clearly "extraordinary" evidence, as continuing their orchestrated opposition plus further ignoring of the rather obvious abundance of supportive science, physics and now physiology, that which only seems to support my discoveries and then seemingly further supporting upon the possible technologies and perhaps even of my previous noctural lizard like physiology contentions, in that somehow all of this seems more likely then not. so, if I've pushed a few too many of your buttons, I certainly meant to do just that and, if you can offer any further or other buttons that need pushing, I'll oblige in doing such.
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