What can I say

(perhaps I've said too much)

by: Brad Guth / IEIS
( Imagery Exploration Interpretive Sciences )

December 11, 2001 ~ Updated March 26, 2002


What gives and, what's with all this third degree?  Doesn't everyone desire to know or at least better understand what's out there?

Here I've gone to great effort in order to provided for your entertainment, the worlds best ever evidence of substantial artificial elements culminating into a fairly large community as that clearly situated on our most accessible planet, Venus. And, what do I get in return; a whole lot of pissing and moaning, along with all of those revolutionary quotes from the NASA Bible, such as "it's too hot", how downright acidic, how much atmospheric pressure there is and, how much lava flow as well as how much tectonic activity there exist on the planet Venus.

This perceived knowledge base (attempting to disqualifying my discovery claim) is apparently what pro-NASA types and perhaps NASA would formally like others and myself to believe without exception; even though, I basically already knew most of what has been thrown at this Venus discovery, none the less, it seems truly odd that for any such planet having so much of everything, that somehow all of this abundance of heat, acids, pressure and massive lava flows somehow conveniently side stepped the possibility of ever supporting life and therby somehow prevented evolution from ever adapting to a changing environment, perhaps prevented evolution altogether.

Regarding those opposed to my discovery, as now expecting others as well as myself to disregard all of the Magellan (SAR) images and, apparently because the appearance of such uniquely artificial looking elements are simply not really there, in other words, the entire Magellan effort is completely flawed because you obviously can not trust what it is that you see, which thereby must somehow include disqualifications of all those surrounding terrains, such as that large channel is apparently not that at all and, those elevated areas including large mountain ranges as well as somewhat lessor rock formations as well as all sorts of associated erosion patterns are all the sudden to be re-defined as distorted aberrations and, so we are now being lead to understand that this entire multi hundred million dollar (truthfully multi billion dollar) SAR imaging effort was an entire waste (somewhat like all those lunar landscape photos that somehow filtered out all those vibrant stars). It seems odd that NASA would wait 10+ years to inform us (and the world) of such untrustworthy results, especially those acquired via our finest NSA-spy grade SAR imaging technology available at the time.

In spite of what I've been recently told (over and over) and had previously already learned of Venus, I simply have to believe, at some point within or solar system history, the planet Venus was perhaps not so close to the sun nor obviously so damn hot. Perhaps millions or billions of years later, our pathetic capabilities still can't begin to see what remains and, to my amazement (considering I've uncovered all this from an 11+ year old archived dead-horse image), I do believe I have in fact located at least three elevated sites (two somewhat lessor sites, not so surprisingly situated approximately 180 from the primary discovery location of "GUTH Venus"). So, are we to believe that these three elevated locations are each merely flukes or what?.

Out of my frustration with all the pathetic impudent responses obtained from NASA and, because they firmly applied the phrase "nothing whatsoever exist on Venus" onto my discovery, I only then decided to claim this highly complex as well as unusual (way out of the ordinary) collection of so called geometrical and geological nothingness area as "GUTH Venus" and, then proceeded upon my own to see what else I might discover. With a lot of helpful incentive bashings from NASA moles situated at their primary cult web site: "uplink.space.com" (inspiring my motivation to look for answers and/or motives), I proceeded to endeavor onward.

Since my space.com encounters; I have equally discovered such existence of soft moles within virtually every other active discussion group. Boy, talk about your closed braille minds, and to prove it, just try a little disagreement of almost any subject that reflects poorly upon NASA and, sit back while all hell breaks loose (little if any proof backing up these official and soft moles but, none the less, bashing is their game and shame be onto those who promote whatever ruse happens to fit the bill, just as long as we taxpayers are the ones paying that bill). The reason why this and other paragraphs read a little poorly is simply because the situation has me mad as hell and, so much so that I'm finding it somewhat difficult to put my thoughts into words. What I would truly like to do would put me behind bars or worse.

It seems, the more unsubstantiated bashings my discovery receives (here I'm referring to observational opposition proof, of which there has been none whatsoever), the more I wondered why all the fuss, why all the braille support onto NASA from supposedly non-NASA independent types and, what could their motives truly be?. I guess I wondered too much because, the more I looked the more I seem to have discovered that there are in fact real concerns and ongoing damage control issues with respect to NASA's past, as well as some considerable debate as to their future. Since I had not been so interested in the observational astronomy issues prior to December 2000, this all came as a real eye opener, I had no idea there was such long standing anti-NASA issues in the works and, I really did not expect to see so much ongoing formal damage control (also at taxpayers expense along with whatever soft-mole support could be summoned).

It then seems somewhat appropriate and just, if these others believe they can so easily disqualify my discovery, then I too may equally challenge their supposed extraordinary claims as to those Apollo missions and, using equally applied logic upon the very same "extraordinary proof" standards. This level of questioning is obviously where having one of those industrial grade flack jackets is to be required.

You would have to believe, that if anything is going to be well documented, those all essential lunar lander rocket powered flight adventures, that which fundamentally supported our abilities to provide our astronauts with controlled as well as sustained and of purely (fly-by-wire modulated?) rocket powered flight, would be about as good as it gets. I mean, besides all of the specific "how to" engineering documentation, there must be lockers chock full of (non security critical disclosures) hours or at least minutes worth of visual test flight documentation, after all, this conquest of such stabilized as well as sustained manned flight via purely rocket propulsion and without even an airframe mass-gyro stablizer (as basically intended for that of falling out of the lunar 70 mile high orbit without having any benefits of aerodynamic breaking) was not only a global first but, that which also far exceeded anything those dirty rotten communist had to offer and, this is in fact today still something only we can apparently do (still however without any test flight documentation) and, you realize that our NASA filmed every phase of such physical accomplishment events in 16mm as well as 35mm and I believe in some instances 70mm plus, how about those all essential public news coverage cameras. I mean, this was certainly no little accomplishment and thereby, one would have to believe that my failed search to locate such qualifying evidence is my own fault because I'm so stupid and, that perhaps even if I were to view such a documentation film, I probably couldn't recognize any movie portraying those properly (1/6th gravity) scaled test flight(s), which not only supposedly proved our technical rocket expertise but so allotted sufficient real flight time for our pilot training because, you're not telling me that we shipped our astronauts off without even two minutes worth of actual flight time (separation at 70 miles up, to final touch down was one hell of a lot longer then two minutes), let alone without sufficiently even proving that our (fly-by-wire?, I not all that certain we even had this) flight controls were in fact not only stable but reliable?. For some reason, I can only recall those 1/6th scaled manned test flights which all badly failed and EXPLODED!. So help me out here and, show us that film again, or should I say, show me for the first time ever and, while your at it, others as well as I have a few additional questions that need answers.

In support of NASA

In support of the status quo, I'm sorry to report that I can not foresee at this time any valid opportunity for my involving NSA/DoD agendas. I can not even report that Venus has better or even more lethal microbes to offer then what Mars may have for our biological tinkering and, as far as I can figure out, we are not being invaded by Venus (at least not yet). So, this places a burden upon anyone, such as myself, as to suggesting we have another look-see, let alone commission anything towards deploying another "Magellan-II" or worse, that of a combined L2 manned expedition along with multiple two-way interactive audio/video placements at "GUTH Venus".

In stead, what "GUTH Venus" has to offer is something not nearly as good as far as your basic cloak and dagger goes and, perhaps not near as much fun as other NSA/DoD star-wars agendas nor of those lethal Mars microbes and, certainly not nearly as costly as almost any past, ongoing or future NASA project. So I'll have to confess, there's not all that much to be offered at Venus.

Laser communications; globally synchronized and sending the exact same phrase as targeted at the dark side of Venus, with all this starting no later then August 2002 and continuing at least until the end of December 2002. I now believe this is a worthy window of opportunity, as towards the end of October 2002 is when Venus will be a mere 0.271AU away from us, which is only 108 times as far as our moon. The extended Venus nighttime of 2900 hours, combined with the elevated nature of all three discovery sites, could represent an opportunity to establish our first contact. Regardless of how primitive or advanced civilizations have become, the ability to recognize light as a form of communications is a fairly common thread (absolutely no electronics nor any other technology is required) and hopefully a valid consideration unless such planets intentionally elect isolationism or simply maintain total ignorance compounded by arrogance as their only faith (sort of like NASA not seeing what others and I can identify as that existing on Venus).

Obviously, during this relatively close encounter and because of the sun being in our eyes, optically we may not perceive all that much in whatever return messages, however, prior to the first half of October and from mid November on, we on Earth should be on the receiving end of hopefully "first contact". We do however already have a stationary solar viewing instrument which may become useful in this effort (God forbid it be utilized for such frivolous agendas as "first contact"). And do understand, this "first contact" is essentially a zero cost investment because, we (NASA) already have everything that's necessary in order to accomplish this task, but then that's apparently another "NASA no no", apparently we can't do anything unless it involves billions of bucks and at the same time makes them out as to being the good guys.

Regarding: NASA's budget and their slack (true) capabilities.

First a little something about myself:
As an independent researcher, somewhat highly experienced in photographic technology, imagery processing and now into digital (recovery) enlargements, I alone (as of 14+ months ago) achieved and initially shared that of a discovery which I acquired from a 10 year old (archived "dead-horse") Magellan mission image, an "extraordinary proof" image which clearly contains our first ever sighting and identification of artificial structures along with supporting infrastructure (representing our best ever evidence to date of "LIFE" outside that of Earth). The poof of such imaging evidence has been published, notarized and is fully certifiable.

Response(s) from NASA:
Nada, zip, nothing (essentially total banishment and/or subsequent damage control) except for their further detachment efforts or perhaps simply that of indirect "damage control" efforts. In other words, I contact them upon several occasions and, seldom if at all do they reciprocate, other then to stall and otherwise to thoroughly misdirect my efforts.

If in fact, I had been so persuaded by NASA's initial slack responses and, intimidated or bullied by their intentional misdirection and repeated dismissals of my discovery and related concerns, then perhaps this discovery would in fact never have been achieved, only to be re-buried and, then ever onward with the continued status quo (exactly like the previous 10, 20 or perhaps 30+ years worth), as NASA would have managed once again to foil otherwise legitimate efforts as well as the greatest ever opportunities of our lifetime, one that has been awaiting all of us for at least the past 10 years, however, our NASA seems to favor that nothing whatsoever is all that wrong with just that, be it 10 years, 20 or 30 wasted years is obviously not of their concern. It must be nice being so arrogantly confident about one's future employment and their perceived security of such enormous job benefits.

Situation impact because of NASA's slack responsibility and discovery detachment wishes:
In my mind, this discovery delay represents only one thing, further and continued wasteful spending (criminal by most standards), essentially involving sustaining surplus jobs for fellow comrades and family along with all their considerable benefits and entitlement security, much of which is and will be forever tied to NASA's past as well as current and future hidden agendas (apparently nearly everything is somehow infected by their very beginnings, and much of that under the hidden guidance and/or command of our NSA/DoD) thus requiring such extensive "non-disclosure" induction and subsequent re-enforcements plus, having the added enforcement infrastructure essential in order to conduct business under such restrictions, as well as continued ruse layering and subsequent cost factors (adding hundreds of millions per year) and, resulting in otherwise lost research and extremely poor exploration effectiveness as well as I believe accounting for their basically overlooking several obvious opportunities, such as the discovery of "GUTH Venus".

Probable cause of NASA's intentionally slack/detached response to my discoveries:
Holding their ground may have become their only option. Besides not having to openly deal with my Apollo questions, I would have to believe avoiding somewhat considerable "embarrassment" (big time embarrassment), as well as perhaps that of my inadvertently opening so many potentially deeply damaging historical perceptions and considerable disclosure impacts at that and, that of my discovery directly impacting job security issues and thereby the likely final termination (possibly further disclosures) of several other hidden agendas. Lets all face the facts, the past is in deed the past and, there is little if anything that you or I can undo about that, however, our perceptions as to whom we are, where we have been and to where we are going can be somewhat compensated by realizing the "truth". At least by knowing the truth, others will no longer have to repeat our mistakes and thereby further layering and wasting our finite resources. Apparently NASA believes not in any finite resource limitations, nor perceives lost time (tens of thousands of man hours) as any form of valued humanitarian consideration and, I guess, how lucky for them.

Apparently our NASA originators also did a little genetic DNA analyzing of their own (long before it ever became popular), dealing with uncovering whom you can or can not trust as to keeping a secrete and, low and behold, African Americans as well as so many other races were somehow determined as inferior, in as much as under pressure or influence of booze they simply can't be trusted to keeping their mouth shut and, therefore essentially none have been offered the opportunity of joining this ultimate club. To some, the upper levels of Club NASA have become very much like the KKK and, up until recently, I somehow believed I was a card carrying associate member, by blindly supporting whatever efforts were being undertaken. Now of course, I thoroughly realize, perhaps this is merely where the aristocratic Aryan race may have found their niche and, you had to be entirely special (not necessarily qualified) if at all permitted into the inner circles of this club.

I believe that pulling off as well as sustaining such a grandiose ruse is an undertaking that simply far exceeds even the Hanford/Los Alamos projects, directly employing and/or involving a hundred times as many and equally spending until the cows come home and, wouldn't you just know, someone snuck out one night in order to kill and eat all those cows, so they're never coming home.

Relationship(s) to current events:
You bet the past is related and, not even including the Apollo era. Just over the past 10+ years. NASA, in conjunction with their past and present day associations with our beloved NSA/DoD and, obviously supported by the wishes and blessings of each Administration, has managed to willingly accommodate wasting billions on questionable agendas, not necessarily taxpayer approved and obviously not sufficiently related to true research and exploration. This represents considerable moneys and resources which obviously needed to be invested more wisely, towards much needed research and continued (viable/obtainable) exploration, thereby costing sufficiently less and, so much so that the remainder could have been focused towards resolving humanitarian issues, which could obviously have minimized if not avoided our most current losses (just don't suggest any of this to the survivors and families of 9/11, they might start asking questions again).

As a result of our intentionally engineering and continued support of such an elaborate series of NSA/DoD agendas, NASA and thereby our Nation has not otherwise been able to achieve (far less costly) obtainable research and exploration goals and, this has only further wasted our best talents and finite resources (mostly time and perhaps now a few thousand lives), and thereby we have lost serious ground with respect to our most basic abilities and needs of fundamentally dealing with (properly funding) our own self inflicted conditions as here on Earth.

Instead, NASA somehow became our primary tool by which our NSA/DoD were so able to subdue the once powerful nation most capable of sustaining appropriate checks upon the likes of those we now fear the most, those now so capable of attacking our homeland as well as terrorizing others the least bit related to our perceived and pretentious worldly empires of American interest, those obviously now in the greatest need of added (costly) protection from obviously dissatisfied customers, thus placing a whole new spin on the expression "OOPS"..

True cost impact (not even including our future NSA/DoD star-wars requirements):
The final cost of restructuring our remaining resources, of replacing what has been destroyed, lost and otherwise simply recovering from the overall terrorist impact, is going to be in the trillions. This new effort, besides eventually costing us as well as the world perhaps a hundred trillion or so, will obviously further impact (set back) any if not all efforts of continued space research and exploration, as our NSA and DoD will have essentially commandeerred the entire NASA body of resources needed in order to support their damage control efforts.

Reflecting upon our past; (perhaps not such a good idea but, someone has to do it and, I'm certainly not going to be the first)
Sitting back while others (known radical militant groups) caused the sort of damage needed in order to help us fail a struggling nation, such as the once great USSR, is exactly like our carefully orchestrated delays getting ourselves involved with other much worse (in terms of humanity losses) global events. Apparently as long as that posture ultimately is perceived as benefiting American interest, all was well and good for America and our global interest. Assisting others so as to further perpetrate such cold-war endeavors as well as deploying economically damaging schemes and, then if need be, to specifically engineer and deploy unofficial (hidden agenda) support as well as our hiding behind the ultimate official ruse (Apollo) that which was essentially NSA/DoD engineered in order to achieve the same cold-war outcome is truly impressive, yet not all that much to be proud of and, obviously not developing of much valid research or of worthy accomplishment values towards humanity nor onto our future efforts of true and honest space exploration.

The Apollo lunar missions may in fact represent our best kept secrets, unfortunately, this highly successful ruse has now caught up with us. First of all, we apparently can not rely upon those manned lunar lander technologies (no documentation of that all essential 1/6th gravity scaled manned test flight) and, much worse, we can't undo the resulting long-term damage to the USSR nor even recover much of their failed "space-race" investments, and we certainly can't recover the lost time nor that of our enormous involved cold-war cost, not to mention any future impact as to our perceived status of being number one (at least not for the right reasons).

I believe the situation (predicament) we find ourselves in today is pretty much self inflicted and perhaps (like FIRESTONE) long past due and, to correct this we must quickly understand and thereby best comprehend our past agendas, which obviously have backfired and so impacted with such furry. Now that we so need the type of overlord controls, of which that once great USSR was so capable of sustaining (somewhat in spite of our ill-intentions and devious interventions) and, yet upon their demise (expedited if not brought about by the enormous impact of our "cold-wars" efforts and from the lunar "space-race" plus all sorts of devious economic and political sanctions), the USSR of today simply has not the resources nor perhaps even the will to support our efforts (if anything they require our help).

When you essentially inflame your own problems, why should others so previously damaged (in terms of human life and suffering as well as economically by much worse factors) by our own past and present day deeds, be so expected to come to our rescue. Ask yourself, what's in it for them to suck up to the global bully, especially since they are still struggling with the impact from our self pretentious and falsely based cold-wars, as well as with regard to the perceived domination of so much space technology as well as global marketing and resulting economics, and also from that of our purely negative effect upon the global energy resources through our selectively favoring only the richest energy nations which in turn have been so obliged to accommodate purely our interest, all at the obvious demise of those whom we apparently offer little if any regards (those nations having little if anything we need apparently having to fend for themselves). And now, it looks now as though more innocent must die, perhaps more hidden agendas will demand secrecy and protection, and the continued ruse must thereby forever be reinforced (what the hell, at all cost, and such a bargain that's been. Right!).

Budget cuts:
NASA has obviously had far too much of our hard earned tax dollars, especially when you account for their having access to, and the authority over so much of NSA/DoD space related agendas as well as all of the combined infrastructure of some of our finest facilities and laboratories. In light of the present day events, and in order to help fund our recovery efforts; to that goal, I believe the NASA budget can be effectively cut by perhaps several hundred million. And, even with lessor funding, the remaining resources properly focused upon far less damaging criteria, and otherwise international cooperative goals, hedged further along by having substantially increased privet investment and therefore privet agendas and just perhaps greater privet management thereof, and the opportunity for all of this redirection and proper focus is that it should be in place of our continued support for more of the same NSA/DoD agendas, which clearly got us into this mess in the first place.

I feel that our NSA and DoD do need to run their own cloak and dagger show (totally external and independent from NASA) and thus become fully accountable without instigating any further damages into the much greater global and humanitarian values as can be offered by purely true space research and exploration. Opposing or even shared common agendas (especially those by the NSA and DoD which need to be held secret) simply can not share the same values and responsibilities as NASA (not even the same facilities nor space platforms), nor will either obtain any degree of achievement efficiency when that "non-disclosure" policy is so imperative. Case in point; our infamous Apollo missions are now totally in question, and evidence which should be simple for NASA to produce is somehow illusive, and then there is my discovery of artificial structures accompanied by substantial infrastructure, and thereby the greatest possibility of "LIFE" on the planet Venus, evidence which was clearly overlooked by at least the past 10 years worth of relentless cold-wars so dependent upon ulterior motive NSA/DoD agendas.

Just to consider the "what if"; If otherwise this "GUTH Venus" discovery (from the very outset) were to have been an internationally focused issue (commencing as of ten years ago), and that of a purely research and exploration related goals, where such a combined effort would not have consumed 1/10 the research and exploration budget of the past 10 years (do the math, and otherwise calculate the potential benefits to mankind as well as where might the remaining 9/11 resources have been better invested).

Try to review my ongoing research within the following URL, as I believe it relates primarily to the enormous discovery values as well as the many (non-political, non-ideological and thereby totally non-adversarial) potentials as offered by such. If you are a member of any NASA appropriations committee(s) or that of any number of NASA's sciences review/advisory committee(s), then you should have been made aware of this discovery as of 8 months ago, that's because NASA has had this knowledge as of nearly 14+ months.

Sorry, I am not much of a writer and perhaps less of an astronomer but, that's why I could use your input and support, however, the discovery of "GUTH Venus" places no requirements nor pretenses for my being the all-knowing resource of "truths" and, so I can say almost anything I feel will provoke this discovery (in spite of NASA) into the mainstream of serious astronomy capabilities. If you are up to the task, please feel free to pitch in and, otherwise, stand back while others accomplish what obviously NASA has been so unable and now perhaps forbidden to do.

Brad E. Guth _ 1-253-8576061

Brief discovery outline

The "GUTH Venus" discovery:
Be advised; my documentation may only at first lack the polish and spin of NASA, and it may not likely meet other accepted standards, and my train of thought may at first appear as somewhat disorganized or scattered, but then I have not the resources of talented spin doctors or that of NASA's super funded hyper ego sensitive researcher types, plus you have not likely spoken directly with me, so you may not perceive the proper order and diligence by which all of this has come about. And, please also consider that I am but just one of many (unfunded) individuals seeking to resolve relevant research and exploration issues and to promote opportunities and, that never the lessor of my presentation limitations, this most recent "GUTH Venus" imaging/discovery is in fact considerable (clearly well above that of many past NASA examples as well as costly failures). I will further indicate and demonstrate that such sufficient supportive facts are all too clear and/or otherwise easily obtainable to suit and/or exceed most existing standards by which much lessor qualified evidence has been labeled as "truths" and, thereby most certainly I feel my discovery is significantly above those self proclaimed standards by which NASA currently operates and thereby influences and/or administers funding and resources.

At the very least, my ongoing research work and resulting discovery offers none of the underlying agendas so inherent with that of NASA's NSA/DoD involvements and, that this Venus discovery only offers the greatest ever opportunities to advance our Earthly knowledge and thereby hopefully improving our chances of perhaps ever surviving and, then perhaps even the possibility of obtaining an alternate haven or at least advancing true space travel technology so as to properly and safely pursue other worlds, far away from the demise of what our Earth has turned into.

I hope my efforts are properly understood as being critical of NASA for all the "right" reasons, and that if anything comes of the "GUTH Venus" discovery, that it at least causes proper and forthright changes to materialize on behalf of humanity and not against it.

With proper support, and not even all that much, even I could do more good or perhaps damage (depending upon whether or not you are employed and/or funded by NASA). So I think we need your support plus that of others willing to see that changes happen, so that we rid NASA of the likes of our NSA and DoD agendas. This is serious, damn serious (there are 6,500 and counting serious reasons to implement changes).

If on the other hand, you happen to admire how our past, present and future looks, then by all means you should simply disregard everything I've had to say. Just remember; "do not fly anywhere or work in or near any tall buildings", and if you must be a total GI-JOE about everything, always have several escape routes planned or at least be on NSA's privet list of "those to be informed" (such as those which canceled their 103 flight but never bothered to inform anyone else) so that at least your butt is saved, as I obviously can't say to your face "I told you so" if you are so totally dead.

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