Assumptions, we all seem to have them

(even the Pope has to makes assumptions because, there is no such hard irrefutable evidence supporting his theology)
(many of us made the recent assumption that we [NASA/NSA/DoD/CIA/FBI] had nothing whatsoever to do with bringing about 9/11)

For starters;  it's a little more then obvious that I've made a few grandiose assumptions. However, in order for there to even be an assumption, there needs to be a seed, even a bad one will do.

As one backs away from looking at such lessor details within the "GUTH Venus" images (as others should have done), at least I've come to realize, I may have exceeded my own limits as to assuming a few too many issues. None the less, by just reviewing those relatively large and equally capable (50+e6m3) capacity reservoirs, especially as having a rather significant causeway or aqueduct interconnecting the lower group of four to the upper individual which is clearly indicating a fluid "SAR imaging dark" center and, yet taking another review of that again rather significant suspension bridge spanning their version of a grand canyon. I must admit, that from just those two indications alone, I may have strayed a wee bit into the Ozone.

Now then, we all seem to make those every day assumptions. One of which is upon your waking up;  there is the initial assumption that you are no longer dreaming (I could swear that my dreams are far more real then life), however, either way an expert opinion may disagree with that analogy.  A second assumption is;   that you are not yet dead, however once again, instinctively we most often start off our day by annoying someone other, so that subconsciously we're getting a second opinion as to weather or not we are alive.  Another common assumption is;  that someone other actually gives a tinkers damn about you or anything you may have to offer (I've made this mistaken assumption quite frequently).

As to Venus;  I applied some early assumptions, such as; If there were in fact massive reservoirs, then someone or something created them and was likely still utilizing them. If there existed a rather substantial bridge as spanning a 1+km grand canyon, then here again, it was constructed and then utilized for something.

The obvious counter assumptions (mostly from NASA and pro-NASA types) are as follows:

As regarding to both of these initial considerations; firstly, neither of these formations even exist because, the SAR imaging (even though it was of SAR spy grade technology and being acquired @43º) was not capable nor sufficient to detect such and, even if it did, those items would all have to been far too large, as could be representing anything naturally formed, as virtually everything else on Venus was not as geometrically nor symmetriucally so large.

Secondly; if either of those unusual formations even did exist, then they were not only still too damn large but created purely by natural planetary activity and subsequent erosions, either that, or by monstrous and highly geometrical/symmetrical crystallizing which occurred at this one and only location or, how about formed via purely by common exotic lava flows that became a little creative, such as to evading gravity and otherwise traveled rather significantly out of their way, just so as to be formulating those complex above ground containments (a symmetrical clover shaped group at that), a lava that had migrated to/from a larger reservoir looking item, by that of a multi mile connection from the center of those lower four containments to the edge of that upper geometrical and equally highly symmetrical consideration.

Thirdly; about that suspension bridge, which is by NASA's "truth", actually merely a common horizontal lava flow constructed event, as one that merely had to drill it's way through solid rock prior to spanning that 1+km gap, but even before that, this creative lava circumvented a fairly rugged and complex mountain range, freely skipping or slipping by all sorts of opportunities as to letting gravity have it way, looping about and affecting various excavations along it sorted path, even as to managing a rather concerted "switch back". All of this, according to NASA and their crack teams of supposedly brilliant geologist, is exactly the "same as to be found everywhere else on Venus", in other words, as common as acid rain. Therefore, there is nothing unusual or out of the ordinary, least of all artificial.

OK, so that's their idea of a joke and perhaps yours. On the other hand, those entirely "safe" arguments and subsequent "truths" as to the geology of Venus, as supposedly affording lava as being so unusually creative and yet so supposedly common, these issues seem to be rather ostentatious assumptions as not having ever been recorded as such. In fact, for the past 18 months, besides extensively looking about Venus for myself, I've asked of others to simply point out such naturally and commonly formed items elsewhere, I even offered the option of their using acquired images from any planet including Earth, so that someone (anyone) could provide examples of such unusual formations, as those which had been so easily confirmed as consisting of purely natural causes. So far (18 months and counting) "no cigar". So what exactly are my opponents waiting for or using for their basis of such supposedly qualified knowledge, as otherwise, this foundation remains totally illusive at this point. The far greater question is;  why are they (my opposition) even attempting to oppose this discovery in the first place? (is not discovery what it is, purely worth further exploring, as without which the likes of Columbus and Lewis & Clark would never have gotten out of bed).

Obviously, objections to my discovery have been based upon fears and/or assumptions of their own, even though they have no counter images as prime examples nor one freaking lead as to any other resource which backs their stance. All this orchestrated bashing has been coming from Club NASA or their "damage control" moles, which supposedly prides itself upon utilizing only "extraordinary" proof, a class of proof approaching if not above someone actually standing on the location, photographing the living hell out of it and bringing back the actual evidence. Case in point; those Apollo missions (????????).

I included those above question marks because, there seems to have developed somewhat of an enormous degree of question as to all that Apollo stuff, a rift of quite considerable consensus, yet we see lord NASA and those records still standing tall but just lately starting to lean a bit more, sort of like that Tower of Pizza.

The hell with our (lost cause) moon. Back to my Venus assumptions;
Since I just happen to disagree with the "status quo", I've thereby created that seed of authority by which I can formulate upon all sorts of other assumptions. Once I settled upon a rational belief that the planet Venus was somehow alive (at least as of 12 years ago, even though a wee bit toasty hot for you or I, but we don't have to live there, now do we), I started to look somewhat closer at what else was showing itself and, to what degree and/or integration those considerations might play a role in surviving on such a hot and downright nasty planet. This is when I obviously ran out of medication and I started to wander those halls of weird.

Persistence paid off; either that or the new medication arrived along with the help of others more wacky then I, as pieces started falling into place. Since I was already a more then qualified commercial photographer and becoming quit respectable at digital and, was already familiar with radar imaging and aerial definitions of artificial targets, I could not help learning a great deal more about planetary geology, lava, tectonics, erosion and atmospheric considerations (much of this was acquired on a "need to know basis" directly from NASA records and otherwise indirectly gained as a result of those NASA moles intent upon feeding disinformation as from so many other helpful pro-NASA types). With considerable perseverance and persistence, I eventually learned a great deal more about CO2 and other gases and of chemicals like H2O2 and C12H26, I even became somewhat better educated in airship technology, I already knew something about HVAC and of using CO2 in place of freon, I learned much about the Venus atmospherics and of the very usable pressure differential of 4+bar/km. I learned that in spite of Club NASA, there exist a few within the club and many more outside that are not so convinced that Venus is so impossible as to adapt to (excluding frail Earth humans), especially over sufficient time and through the fine art of God's evolution (along with a little forced genetic manipulation certainly couldn't hurt).

From this point on, things took a turn for the worse. My planetary evolution conjectures are truly cutting edge insanity. However, I seem to be basing my work as upon the very same sacred grounds as others situated far above myself, as every bit as possible if not probable, at least until someone actually goes to these places and reports onto others and myself what the "truth" really is. Now, I'm not going to point fingers again, however, I might have a wee bit of a problem if those going to investigate Venus are from those same Apollo camps, by their previous record of doing the lunar's worst ever fact finding mission and then loosing track of every conceivable raw piece of evidence, even loosing the documentation as to how exactly that lunar lander even functioned. This is hardly the sort of confidence building that others nor I should trust.

Taking this opportunity a step further, as eventually towards a Venus L2 mission; as from that vantage point we need to dispense another more capable Magellan-II (this time shooting for something like 1 meter resolution and possibly even 16 bit) and then also deploying those few capable surface transceivers, of which this entirely humanitarian worthy goal might actually bring a degree of trust back into the light of Club NASA and, certainly gobs of money should follow (if NSA/DoD are still pulling all their strings, this new money should light up their star-wars candle once again, just think what dastardly things you could accomplish by having a few hundred billions more to plunder from).

I do believe I've covered and/or uncovered many viable considerations in my somewhat overly confusing documents. If you would like a fresh summary as to a specific issue, then I'll do my best as to accommodate your request. If you're looking for more ways as to tripping me up, for that I've already provided all that you should need.  (a warning as to why exactly even try as to foil this discovery;  as this may unknowingly uncover your true ulterior motives and, perhaps even disclose as to a trail of clues, those which may lead others to discovering "truths" that those "nondisclosure" cops have been doing their best as to keep under raps, so, as based upon a careful reading of the fine print within that "nondisclosure policy" which you signed, do be careful about challenging my work, as your health could soon become on the line).

My "first contact" and "planetary evolutionary logic" should have pulled all this into a focus point that's good for go. However, that effort should have formally started well over a year ago. So, what could possibly be their problems?  Might that have to do with my non-club membership status or misunderstandings as to history, and if so, others have certainly not been all that persuasive with their supposedly more correct knowledge and, perhaps that's because I'm just a little too right about the past. But, how can this be, that I'm so right and, that I've created such fears of allowing others in on the "truth", as somehow truth is no longer worthy the far greater values of our accomplishing first contact, saving a few hundred billions in the process, not to mention advancing mankind's awareness and capabilities within one highly obtainable (nearby) opportunity.

I do realize the implications and subsequent risk of there being some rather substantial restitution on behalf of taxpayers and of those which have lost family, partners and friends due to the inappropriate actions of others, not to mention religious orders that may have to start sacrificing chickens and goats again, however, what an entirely better way is there, as to advancing upon humanitarian worthy goals, subsequently realizing the greater wealth that can someday make up for past mistakes  (hopefully you are not one of those denying yourself the reality that we all make mistakes, some more then others).

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