For the Dumb and Dumber; Venus is alive and kicking

For those of you still unable to think for yourself (Borg implants and all), here's some better wording, a few more typo corrections plus a few favor/flak returning digs at those opposing GUTH Venus (including the NASA bible) but otherwise supporting and/or justifying just about every other dastardly thing that you and I can imagine under the sun.

Terraforming Venus is a seriously bad idea;

Though almost anything is certainly possible (resources and energy being unlimited), I personally wouldn't change a darn thing about Venus. How would you like it if Venus lizard folk started terraforming Earth into a roasty toasty hot place that was best suited for the likes of Venus lizard folks (Cathars no less, like those that still haven't forgiven the Pope, or perhaps Taliban sorts that were simply too bad tempered for even Earth)?

For some pathetic reason, others have been talking about and/or thinking about Venus as a terraforming project are obviously stuck in their dumb-ass "NASA knows best" gutter mode, still pretending that our NASA actually gives a flying puck about anything that's not sufficiently self-gratifying. Thus, our pagan space wizard Gods have been publishing away, loading us down with their infomercials that suggest the only worth for any planet like Venus, or Mars for that matter, is for our evil minds to screw everything up by intervening into matters we can't afford in the first place, nor that we know little if anything about, other than for certain as to how to thoroughly intervene environmentally as well as our social/politically messing everything up to a fairlywell, as those parts we're super terrific at doing, not to mention irritating Eastern religious factions or just about any opposing ideals, whereas we're ready to either kill or be killed and, even if that task need be by way of our own friendly fire or by way of our prototype OOPS learning curves.

I realize that many, most likely that's including yourself, can spell and even type a whole lot better than myself, that you've never run on a sentence and, that you're not even the least bit dyslexic but, I'll have to ask; Have you no shame, no moral responsibility, no worth as a human?

Sorry about that jab, I simply couldn't resist because, you're all seemingly acting like bloody hypocrites, by speaking of Venus as though there has never been nor will there ever be life as you know it existing on Venus and, as though only pathetic life as you know it actually matters, but also there is the fact that you're further inferring that digital SAR images of a structured Venus community are of absolutely no value, of no consequence whatsoever, of lesser truth value than those Apollo moon photos of all that 50+% reflective index of clumping moon dirt and other landscape rock that were captured upon entirely thermal stress free as well as radiation proof negatives and transparencies (damn neat trick considering the truth about space radiation and of the plastic Kodak film that I know of).

Otherwise folks, I do very much dislike and subsequently distrust in the level(s) of continual pro-NASA hypocritical arrogance, represented by those pro everything NASA huggers as well as pro-warlord huggers that have otherwise been oddly opposing absolutely anything of pro Venus life, whereas on their other slimy self gratifying hand of imposing whatever they damn well feel like, such as, wherever there's a will there's seemingly a way of their doing just about anything, and getting away with it, especially if it's having anything to do with promoting one of their own bad ideas, or in support of anything fancied by whatever cold-war pagan God(s) (NASA/NSA/DoD to name a few), or how about those horrifically bad ideas of our resident warlord, that which our pro-NASA cults of job security and retirement benefit sniveling souls elected to worship.

As in all of the sudden, whatever the evidence may be opposing those established bad ideas, including those which resulted in massive carnage, and/or of their sadly excluding the necessary science and physics that would otherwise had been counter to what they suggest happened, or of what should happen next, such as their justifying our actually going to/from any frozen and irradiated to death planet such as Mars, that of such opposing issues represented by honest science and physics truth, not to mention numerous morality issues, simply need not apply because they're Club NASA and thereby somehow above it all, especially if it's having anything to do with someone like myself opposing anything that's been perpetrated and evolving itself along for decades (like our cold-wars), by way of the all mighty tax dollar, thereby continuing by the sorts of funding that's directly and/or indirectly stuffing your bank account or perhaps just stuffing your skewed ego.

Here's a really dumb idea; I could start off with a bounty contract of 1% per pink slip that I could dispense. That way I'd have to eliminate 100 individuals and maintain the same level of needed accomplishments before I'd received the average of their individual salary. I wounder how hard that would be, especially if that included the NASA NSA/DoD/CIA/FBI and perhaps a half dozen other cloak and dagger divisions.

In case you still haven't noticed, or are one of those pro-NASA types that are simply too stupid to figure it out; I've already clearly stipulated a rather significant truth for more than two and a half years, that "there's been other life NOT as we know it existing on Venus", or at least the biggest bad-assed ever discovery of there being substantial structural remains from some rather sizable pre-greenhouse life: If that's something you didn't already know, or that you are being informed by your peers that it's not so; Guess what? you're being further snookered along by all those having "the right stuff". Exactly what that "right stuff" is, I do believe is what underwear was invented for dealing with.

Here's another really dumb idea; perhaps those opposing some of these truths and of orchestrating their own salvation or on behalf of their boss, of accomplishing ongoing "spin" and "damage control", perhaps they should retire before all this flak hits the fan. At least that way I'd have to declare that you were acting as a terrorist or perhaps just hiding one of those WMD, as in that manner (thanks to the Patriot act) without any legal formality whatsoever, we could cut your retirement benefits down to spending a pleasant life sentence in a secluded tropical resort that's located in beautiful downtown Guantanamo, where there's even a few highly religious folks that'll listen to whatever it is that you have to say, before they embark on killing you, or perhaps just making you wish that you were dead.

I've recently indicated upon other associated opportunities, starting in as of at least a year and a half ago (obviously being prompted along because of all the previous observational discoveries that were oddly receiving all sorts of flak from just about every quadrant), upon the raw notion of our establishing interplanetary communications, as from within existing technology, along with lots of numbers and alternate ideas that at least one of them should work: http://guthvenus.tripod/laser-call-01.htm

I forgot, since this is not your discovery and not even your idea, so therefore irregardless of whatever there is to gain or lose, in place of whatever subsequent waste and carnage that can be justified and supported by your Club NASA and of your American status quo cold-war way of thinking, there's nothing of any moral consequence that's going to happen on behalf of Earth's humanity (period!), as perhaps only dumb and dumber is the absolute best that can be managed by the likes of those opposing other life ever existing on Venus. As Venus must be the one an only planet in the entire universe that not only geological evolution passed up but, of whatever biological / intellectual evolution never got itself past go.

As another perfectly good and affordable means to an end that's outside of the dumb and dumber box. This is where I've just introduced and I've further updated upon the notion of establishing the lunar/moon L1.1 space elevator, thereby accommodating a clumping moon-dirt depot and possibly even creating a new ISS outpost, as situated within the rather massive CM:

There now, I've offered another four or five perfectly good but terribly long sentences, posting at least three perfectly good discoveries and/or village idiot ideas that are moon-dirt cheap and a whole lot safer and simply way more affordable as well as technically obtainable than just about anything most others are having to offer, unless flak has become what's most valuable, as in that case I'm broke, as in flat out of warm and fuzzy ammo, though I'll gladly gather up whatever flak comes my way and subsequently return the favor.

BTW; unlike anything Mars, there's lots of natural (green/renewable) energy already existing on Venus, such as within the pressure differentials of 4+bar/km of mostly dense CO2 and of the likely 10 degrees K/km worth of the near surface atmosphere, that's speaking of their extended nighttime season, especially of what's associated with elevated territories.

BT 2nd W; Rigid airships would function (within known spec) quite nicely on Venus and, don't forget that at altitude there's more free O2 to be had, not to mention megatonnes of H2O and, the fact that it's cooler is certainly another plus.

BT 3rd W; The nighttime season of Venus is much cooler than their daytime and, unlike pathetically stupid pro-NASA idiots or Borgs, those on Venus would seasonally migrate to and subsequently live in their elevated nighttime zones, as in duh! perhaps 625K without air conditioning and, of whatever temperature with CO2 based air conditioning.

BT 4th W; Where is has it been written that other life need be dumber than Earth, as how is that even possible?

I realize that most folks have their vastly superior (life essential) educations, but thereby you don't have any excuses for your acting so pathetically stupid, so entirely arrogant and of otherwise so immorally set against realizing and/or accepting the truth(s), and thereby dead set against all of humanity. Perhaps being snookered is what actually hurts the most but, it only hurts for a little while if the truth is simply what was needed to be told. As not otherwise should any of this be of concern, especially if I were merely having to make any of this up. Intentional lies can be debunked, even a bad misunderstanding can be uncovered for it is and, I'm all for learning what's what. So, don't just tell me that I'm wrong for the sake of your skewed ego and even more skewed worship of NASA, at least not without placing your observations and specific numbers on the table. If you're going to quote and thereby uphold the Apollo bible, then you'll have nothing new to say that's not already in NASA moderated version and, from reading the nondisclosure fine print, you dare not venture outside the nondisclosure box of policy for fear of the ultimate punishment.

For instance; because fundamental radiation data seems to be oddly missing or at best skewed, thereby my ongoing make-do (go between) numbers on space radiation are those extrapolated from what others I'd trust with my life have already publicly offered and, it's certainly not my fault if those numbers no longer support the cold-war pro-Apollo campus. As I've stipulated, I'll post from whatever you've got that's of equal or better information, especially if you can provide specific numbers on space radiation that's qualified at some lower dosage, as long as those are without having small print exclusions and/or complex sub-qualifiers that are most often intended for making those numbers artificially lower than reality, somewhat like those phony baloney 9/11 cost impact numbers or any of those "unemployment numbers" that are at best representing 25% of those really unemployed and/or impacted by an equal or more so extent, while warlord Bush continues subsidizing an already surplus world cotton market dominated by his already good-buddy wealthy cotton growers, by insuring them yet another decade worth of insuring an 18 billion dollar booty subsidy per year (I do believe that's almost as good if not better than his privet deals with those nice energy folks like ENRON).

Here's another warm and fuzzy thought; how about the next time our resident warlord gets his de-smirking Botoxin injections, how about going all the way in for a brain Botox injection (couldn't possibly hurt and, he certainly wouldn't know the difference).

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