By; Brad Guth / IEIS   (updated June 30, 2004)

Most of us are simply not even smart enough to figure out how to obtain the ultimate energy release from our fossil fuels, nor of H2O2 oxidizer options and, even those that are smart have simply failed by not having the right motivation as to implement such measures, mostly because it is not as initially profitable nor as bloody convenient as crudely burning off whatever we have left, that which subsequently produces mega tonnes of pollution as well as loads of greenhouse CO2, which in turn releases freons by another factor of 20:1.

However, for our purposes of shooting something down, killing something other or someone (perhaps many tens of thousands), for that task we've identified and expedited upon all sorts of viable high energy release options, such as those Boeing/TRW Phantom Works CO2 fueled multi-MW IR laser cannons and the replacements for chemical/biological becoming UV/b and even UV/c laser cannons, and don't forget that good old trusty "H" bomb and of it's close relatives. Each of these alternative energy uses are essentially a form of secondary phase energy releases, of which for Venus there's certainly a great deal that's already available for the taking. You simply must know of the more critical environment and/or ignition characteristics for utilizing such abundent elements, such as for CO2-->CO/O2 combustion. Of course, you may also require some raw motivation, like the desire for continued living could have played an important role on Venus.

As I've recently discovered, in spite receiving so much of pro-NASA's intentional disinformation (where I'm also considering information voids where none should be as disinformation), that such an intense CO2 element is not so much a nasty combustion byproduct after all (toxic to humans at that), more that it's an actual energy product of incomplete first phase combustion (think of CO2 as the remainders after a good bonfire or that of half baked cash of coal, except that this remainder of mostly charcoal is really where the greater bang is), you just have to burn that remaining element in a somewhat altered environment, so as to obtain the super-heat output that can only now be utilized for even more energy demanding considerations, such as the manufacture of steel and glass, not to mention as rocket/turbine fuel.

I've been told to remember this analogy;  with a little energy one can devise and accomplish a great deal towards resolving one's environmental status and, if some of that energy should be derived from renewable resources, then all bets are off, as life not only exist but, it's most likely a damn sight better off at surviving then anything we have to show.

This is what we have so far; as existing on the planet Venus (simply lots of viable global geothermals as well as tera tonnes worth of atmospheric "energy options" including thermoelectric conversions as well as electro-chemical reactions, loads of sterling potential and all sorts of powerful kinetics).

1 - From a big planet that's situated right next door (upon occasions at merely 105 times as far as our moon), having an unlimited supply of already preheated CO2 that's existing at considerable pressures to boot, which supports their most accessible H2O as in a form of a solar radiation shield (radiation being of the greater concern then of a little added heat, especially when that CO2 can be something ionised or ignited as in xenon illuminations, or otherwise converted upon demand into CO/O2 and directly burned, thus creating sufficient energies for managing life supporting environments, including air conditioning). Technology can resolve upon energy and subsequent heat exchanging requirements, it takes sheer massive quantities of atmospheric density in order to block those solar flare radiation deliveries (eliminate that atmospheric density and every thing on Venus dies from radiation).

2 - Ample surface and near surface geothermals as well as 4+bar/km along with 9+k/km as vertical atmospheric nighttime differentials of the first few km creating respectable velocity as worthy CO2 vertical column wind energy (as continually turning atmospheric driven power turbines), represents quite worthy and capable energy producing resources (mostly as natural at that) bringing the opportunity for this essential energy foundation into the initial process phase for accommodating life and subsequently benefitting further from all that abundant CO2.

3 - A known process or two of converting CO2-->CO/O2 seems to have existed to our knowledge for more than the past decade, thereby we have ourselves a rather substantial O2 recovery solution as well as energy producing alternative (especially for anything Venus), as known to a few of mankind and perhaps entirely second hand as to those sufficiently evolved and motivated by their having little if any alternatives but to make do within a bad greenhouse situation or die trying.

4 - Cloud moisture gathering and subsequent extraction capabilities (via massive airships or more likely of specialized smaller airships equipped with vacuum processing/extraction) and, thereby subsequent nearly free energy production of pure H2O as well as H2O2 and just H2, as becoming entirely worthy fuel and buoyancy derivatives of what used to be H2SO4 (as 30% sulfuric acid), as well as for obtaining sufficient volumes of O2 as oxidizer consideration. Once you obtain and/or retain even relatively small amounts of that H2O, you have absolutely everything that's needed for sustaining life, especially if that H2O is not abused being wasted as here on Earth.

5 - The simplest known and most direct form of chemical distillation and/or element cracking; this is via ambient heat (of which Venus already has lots, more than it's fair share) and through an extremely efficient (nearly free) vacuum processes, which enables nearly all formats of petrol/chemistry and this method even improves upon dense matter exploitation, as for many of those processes requiring as little as 1% of Earthy equivalent energy demands, as heat is the big energy factor within nearly every process and, vacuum is simply the best alternative for further distillation/cracking (creating and/or obtaining a vacuum on Venus is darn near free). This much capability is simply not rocket science, especially when your livelihood depends upon applying these basic concepts.

6 - On Venus there are a number of clearly and quite well established surface developments, those of fairly complex and of sufficiently massive structures plus indicating loads of associated infrastructure and, those create many issues having simply been thoroughly overloaded for more than 13 years, even though such a high degree of artificial attributes were indicating a qualified and rational degree of artificial content (clearly indicating that of sufficient infrastructure and likely affording technologies up the kazoo), seems reason enough to re-explore the options at hand and, not to otherwise dwell upon the purely negative aspects of the old Venus.

Too bad or perhaps just thoroughly pathetic;  so many of our supposedly renowned and highly benefitted pro-NASA types have been and are still simply too busy sleeping with and otherwise cloaking on behalf of their true boss (NSA/DoD and quite possibly FBI/CIA), as only if there is anything left over for a little honest research funding and time devotion for one of NASA's projects if that helps to polish the past and further exploits and/or develops technologies on behalf of NSA/DoD. Venus will not be so lucky, as allowing a few truly honorable research and explorations to take place would have become an overall ruse anti-detection mechanism, especially if they were (like those ongoing Mars missions) being toutted to the hilt (sort of like dog-wagging PR on steroids), even if the eventual goal is of obtaining those potentially lethal Mars microbes is something of much greater value to NSA/DoD types then of honest space research goals. Unfortunately, Venus offers NSA/DoD nothing, in fact is now opens past agendas and threatens to unravel the very fiber of truths, which is obviously the last thing NSA/DoD and the Administration would ever want to see happen.

I need folks to rethink about motives and timelines;  It's obviously not that we can't go about eventually retrieving those lethal Mars microbes, likely at a cost of some 250 billions (if to be including the Earth based safe-house) and that cost is only if absolutely nothing goes wrong, so I'm asking; exactly where is the humanitarian objective, especially if that eventual goal were to be humanly habitating Mars (somewhat like we have been force habitating within the Antarctic) that which on Mars (because it's so damn cold, including it's thin CO2 atmosphere) might then require consuming a million BTU's per individual per day (as all that energy being delivered from Earth) plus, whatever Oxygen/food and eventual other resources if that individual ever wanted to return to Earth. At those pathetic numbers, our per person daily stopover on Mars might run us at best, one million dollars per day (more likely 10 million per day) and, obviously if we had ten individuals making that expedition, that's potentially 100 million dollars per surface day and, all that's in addition to the hundred or so billions needed as to simply getting anyone there and back. Such a deal.

Perhaps I'm still not making myself crystal clear. Instead of just doing an honest effort (at accomplishing their jobs), our miserable cold-war infected incest government has been playing Russian roulette all along and, do you know what else, sometimes that damn roulette chamber was loaded and humanity lost dearly, just like (but not limited to) the USS LIBERTY fiasco and then, how about subsequently 9/11 and don't even rule out TWA flight 800. As with most international block buster disasters (including that pathetic cold-war of our's, not their's), it takes at least three decades and perhaps more like 4 decades before those "truths" prevail, then of course it's damn near too late, just like further provoking the sort of folks like Osama bin Laden into action as of 9/11 2002 (and how about those coming attractions in 2003, 2004 and so on), as everyone ultimately responsible for aggravating those Taliban in the first place becomes nearly or totally dead and, certainly not because they died prematurely nor all that poor, as only then will we learn of what could have been and then perhaps, of what should have been accomplished that would have avoided the likes of 9/11, among other things.

How exactly honest efforts at space research and subsequent exploration ever got as far is somewhat surprising. When riding the backs of those NSA/DoD hidden agendas (starting off by secretly constructing those lunar mock up's and then implementing whatever doomsday locomotives from Hell), I guess all sorts of worthy spin-off's occur (just as long as one keeps those narrow blinders in place and tight ear plugs, as then all those screaming for assistance can't be heard and those rotting dead bodies might be most easily explained as simply a fowl [exterminated rodent population] HVAC order, one that the building superintendent is still working on eliminating, so don't worry yourself about that!).

Most of us truly want and desperately need to believe in the good of humanity more than the bad, after all, no one wants to be made out as a totally snookered fool (like all those serious and high moral news and upstanding publication journalist) and, one needs his/her sleep (preferably without having to be sedated into it).

Ok; now that I've thoroughly pissed most of you off, once again, perhaps you can pretend that I'm just a little bit right and, perhaps just enough right that that's why I'm being moderated to death by the best that's out there (imagine that, that after e years I'm still getting their royal fork all to myself). In which case, perhaps my little Venus discovery should be openly challenged, not on the basis of what I perceive has been going so terribly wrong but, oddly based upon the raw facts and physics principals (of which I do have lots to share). And, time is somewhat important, especially if something like that 10th, 12th or whatever incoming planet or (worse) dead star comes zipping into our inner solar system in the next year or so (in most video games, that's called "RESET" and, I've looked all over this game of planet Earth, I can't seem to find any "RESET" button).

Why another planet even needs to cater to Earth's humanity is hardly of any criteria as for recognizing such other life, as my critics so often confine their narrow pro-NASA space toilet minds into channels of only associating Venus life with that of supporting Earth humans, and then only those humans capable of supporting their pagan warlord God at that, as such being somehow the only acceptable and/or worthy goal. I obviously realized long ago that a great deal of Venus life rides upon the available evidence of evolution, and obviously of there being subsequent utilization of various natural energy resources (relatively difficult if not impossible for anything Mars, but entirely accessible and well within limits for much of sustaining life upon Venus), of sufficient resolve that would ultimately support the ongoing conjecture that I've been essentially right (at least about Venus) all along. With better understanding of such energy alternatives, according to even NASA engineers and scientist, nearly anything can happen. Unlike Mars, where that planet's energy potential has been essentially frozen solid and, unless a rather substantial nuclear bonfire can be created, in order to just stay warm, we may need to bring all of that energy resource along (talk about your high utility bills, like 100 million/tonne as delivered to the surface and, that tonne ought to be good for one day).

On Venus, those natural energy resources are not only abundant but already in place, and we can utilize such for converting CO2-->CO/O2 and otherwise powering up everything in sight from that point on, at least for benefiting those of us that are smart enough, this energy thing is a done deal, whereas now we have all the O2 and CO2 air conditioning one needs in order to make Venus a doable human survivable sort of thing. From this point on, geological attributes and raw elements can be exploited pretty much just like here on Earth, except processed at a fraction of the energy (unless you're trying to make snow and ice), then exported at a fraction of the expense of what it takes Earth to accomplish the same task.

I hate to keep being mostly right all the time (makes me believe most others within and/or under NASA's domain are not all that bright);  such as about the advantages of all that CO2 and of the 91% relative gravity and even with regard to the seasons of day/night being each 2900 hours worth. For some unfounded reason, the rash concept of even one evolutionary sole residing in a highly elevated territory at nighttime, as that being rejected by the "status quo", seems somewhat entirely odd and highly questionable as to the truth or ulterior motives of anyone taking the opposition's point of view, that Venus is and has always been dead as far as viable life, as that stance being even more so convoluted because, what possible harm is there in considering what I've located as being possible (as more likely then not).

As compared to anything remotely capable of sustaining life on Mars or worse Pluto and, as related to the hundreds of millions and subsequent internal empires requiring billions that are slated for other than Venus research and explorations; I'm wondering where exactly is the focus and justifications and for what ultimate goals and more so, where exactly is all that money coming from? and/or what other programs are being cut back or altogether eliminated so as to sustain the "status quo" of apparent fraud and disinformation.

So, what exactly have you been waiting for? Besides gobs of new funding in order to continue with your supporting the current and future levels of those NSA/DoD hidden agendas (that which should come in spades eventually, and what's so wrong with your keeping a running tab, as our government does that one all the freaking time, especially for their hidden agendas);  I am asking again, can you find the time and resources, as to delving into the complex but highly usable energy aspects of Venus or not. Otherwise, can you possibly muster out a few of those tactical 100KW CW laser cannons for the "first contact" phase? (I certainly wont tell anyone if you wont).

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