The FOOL on the hill

(sorry about that little touch of plagiarism)
(updated; June 15, 2001)

Am I that fool or what?

It seems as though; I certainly am because, for many decades I actually believed, or was at least under the presumptuous impression that we (USA or at least the better half of the Aryan race) landed and walked on the moon.

As a result of that supposed gospel fact, I thumbed my nose and worse at those obviously DNA inferior Russians.

As equally; When that Russian SST stove itself and took out the lives of those onboard as well as a dozen or so French civilians, there too I thought; what a bunch of pathetic losers those Russians were.

Little did I fully realize that the joke was always upon myself as well as so many others. The damndest thing happens when you intentionally force an SST aircraft to stall out; at least this cleaver effort was not specifically our doing, but we certainly knew about it all along, and did nothing (because; the actions of others, like our previously training and arming those Taliban troops, were obviously benefiting our thoroughly warped immoral sense of the future).

More specifically; At least the British admitted when their military war-games took out one of their own airliners, handling that admitted disaster with a little quiet respect and dignity, which means they probably learned something or two.

With respect to such unfortunate occurrences as 9/11. It's been entirely clear (apparently all along) what those Taliban (long before 9/11) wanted to see happen. And, since we're so damn good at this game, did we even attempt a ruse on behalf of that opportunity. No way Hosay, it was America "in your face" all the way to the farm (exactly like so many other failed and somewhat catastrophic NSA/DoD missions and, not forgeting our wizard like CIA/FBI fiasco's). We didn't even try to pull off anything sensible or even the least bit daring, like imprinting all those American war machines, bullets and missiles supplied to the Israeli with Russian and perhaps Chinese labels, at least that effort would have confused and cooled the heals of bin Laden for a few weeks. Or, we could obviously have simply stopped, with that of our providing war and economic technologies (mostly weapons of essentially mass destruction) to those independently capable Israeli's but, obviously not a chance there either. I'm saying weapons of mass destruction because, an attack helicopter loaded with smart missiles and night vision is hardly any contest, up against the likes of mud huts and/or a camel or that of a donkey-cart (good grief; it's those American Indian wars allover again).

Obviously there needs to become a sort of time warp or portal ("Star Gate" if you like), through which the old and somewhat more honorable ways can exist without either of these greatly differing time zones being challenged, threatened nor unevenly favored by the technologies of today and, thereby protected more so from the downright greedy (land grabbing) mentality of so many against so few.

Recently, portions of our Nation are being financially settled, by eventually paying those rightful natives for what was obviously taken (in some cases, that was in spite of supposed treaties and thereby previous contracts which we Americans elected to breach, then making every effort at trying to bury such knowledge). Unfortunately, Andersen and their trusty shredders were nowhere is sight when our country needed them the most. Fortunately, most of the native Americans which held such property rights are dead and gone (as many were expedited along that path), as otherwise, we would be nearly bankrupt (such as; what if Mexico ever wanted to recover something for our "taking" of California), OUCH!

Doing what's right might also be something other that's thoughtful, like removing those coordinates of Chinese embassy's out of the catalog and certainly off any menu listing of viable cruise missile targets, as playing war-games with for-real targets seems to be asking a bit much of "Murphy's law", as would test firing a range-capable live "smart-stinger" at a supposed target aircraft as situated within the reportedly cleared to 10,000 foot safety operations zone, that which was clearly established and obviously active at about the same time when flight-800 was leaving town, clearing by a mere few thousand feet above that war-games zone.

OK; So we made a few thousand mistakes (I'm fairly certain I helped with a few of those myself) and, none the less pulled off the ruse of the century and, then supposedly still won that whatever "cold-war" (one of our best ever shots at global population control as well as ethnic cleansing), that which has obviously now become something much higher evolved into a global economic as well as a energy resources war (what the differences are, I'm not exactly sure).

Not to fear; As some day soon (about 50 years from now), I'll certainly be dead and gone, those truths will eventually prevail and, whatever is left of Earth will be able to express a final breath of relief.

Unfortunately; That breath of not so fresh air could be somewhat/downright toxic, as there may be little if any affordably accessible fuel reserves and, of those that retain their cold-war stash of plutonium, for their energy and protection, they will be holding essentially all the cards but, none the less again, at least there will not be all that much left to fight over (at least not that anyone would care to contaminate themselves with).

Thereby; The "GUTH Venus" discoveries are most likely those to be officially considered as inconsequential and of otherwise meaningless dribble (who the hell cares if some other world had to discover and manage how to survive within a mostly CO2 greenhouse enviroment). By the time 50 years down the road, along with the help and cloak of NASA's innocent mission bus drivers (Bonny and Clide would be proud), our trustworthy NSA wizards will have retrieved and sufficiently mutated those Mars microbes, so that those chosen few (most likely Aryan's) will live longer and become nearly invincible at that. Now I ask you; What could possibly be a finer outcome?

So, don't bother to further review any of my research efforts. Remove the following bookmarks and anything associated with the "GUTH Venus" discoveries: as well as the URL, as in that way others will not become needlessly confused with anything that's the least bit contuary to whatever your trusted and trustworthy "do-only-good" government wants you to think.

In the future (whatever is left of it, for either of us), refer only the most extreme cults to my pages, as that way I'll obviously feel right at home and, I'm fairly certain that most such cults know far more then you or I about everything (hell, I already know of several individuals that do in fact know everything there is, no lie), so none of this Venus stuff should ever become news worthy nor usable as ammunition.

Of course; There's always the remotest possibility that I've been just a wee little too right all along. Go figure, as how someone as supposedly being so totally wrong for the past 16 months and counting, can inadvertently achieve so damn much good with such minimal resources.

Sincerest regards, Brad Guth / IEIS

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