Cost or Consequences is even better than Truth or Consequences

Unlike those opposing just about everything under the sun, unless it's simply spendier as well as riskier than all of hell, plus continually distracting folks away from developing our moon and of realizing the likes of what Venus has to offer, whereas my limited focus and subsequent focus has become entirely affordable, as well as doable and even more so affordable as of lately, while remaining almost risk free as far as astronauts are concerned.

It seems as though there are still way too many folks that are actually dumber than dumb, of those thinking that I'm only seeing things on Venus because of some skewed photoshop software that created artificial looking patterns out of nowhere, even though of what's adjoining and otherwise surrounding all of those artificial considerations somehow didn't manage to become skewed into looking like anything but purely natural Venus terrain upon enlargement, nor did at least another thousand resampled images of other Venus terrain turn out looking like something other than purely natural stuff.

It seems as though observationology remains within the eye of the beholder

I even looked extensively at Earthly images acquired by the very same SAR imaging, and lo and behold, of what was there was artificial looking turned out being just as artificial once enlarged upon, as did whatever was originally natural looking enlarged into being entirely natural looking, as in duh! no kidding. Though I'm not alone in being criticised or more like crucified by the likes of NASA and by way of their supporters ( and as well as most of those bbci cults), as it was our NIMA group that got itself kicked in their butts upon more than one occasion when attempting to assist NASA, as god forbid, another government agency doing what they do best shouldn't ever accommodate their sworn enemy, in this case NASA which clearly was spiteful by way of openly taking actions against others agencies accomplishing anything the least bit better off than their own collective of incest cloned Borgs, as this is clearly the actions of a thoroughly stuck pig.

So, why do you suppose that only this primary image of Venus was so unusually prone as to indicating as being loaded down with more artificial looking content than not?

If the laws of physics clearly indicate the possibility of folks surviving in spite of it being so hot and nasty, then what exactly is your demented problem?

If the laws of evolution hold true to life as we know it, then why shouldn't those same rules apply to life NOT as we know it?

If religion, or the lack thereof, is what's getting in your face, then why is your god so impudent by way of being limited and restricted to this pathetic Earth, and of nowhere else?

If you or I can shine a laser beam at the 11% reflective moon and obtain a measurable detection of those photons, then what's the problem with going the distance of merely 110 times further?

Besides laser beam divergence, is there some other obscure law of physics that's forbidding the transmission of photons to/from other worlds?

Are we humans so afraid of the dark, afraid of the unknown and so unsure of our place in this universe, that we can't afford to chance knowing truths?

It seems that we've just been reminded of how criminal our FAA has been with their total disregard for human life (their actions speaking far better than words), as pertaining to the flammable nature of the FAA approved insulation, while knowingly excluding upon common place products and technology that would have saved thousands of lives over the past few decades. Whereas even I recall and still have samples of Siltemp cloth and even of aluminum coated Siltemp cloth that was then (30+ years ago) and is still absolutely fire proof, not to mention upon the more recent basalt fabrics and fibers that are far more than sufficiently fire proof as well as chemical proof, while affording a great deal of thermal insulation worth, as well as acoustical benefits.

It seems we've also been recently reminded of the degree of disinformation that our own government has been intentionally covering up piss-poor technology as well as resulting friendly fire fiascos, and of numerous other carnage of which all could have been avoided if the truth be known. Instead we've been lied to and otherwise indoctrinated to death (some of that becoming a little too literal, as in TWA-800, 9/11 and so on), into believing that America is somehow "all knowing" and otherwise morally justified in whatever we've accomplished, and of whatever we're planning upon doing next. Always remembering that of what we've said in the past had little if anything to do with our actions, thus you simply can't believe a damn thing to hear or read unless you're somewhat capable of doing your own follow up research. As the truth be known, there's become way more that's been stuck deep under and within the carpets (out of sight and out of mind) than anyone has imagined.

It's become somewhat embarrassing of those apparently stealth WMD, as it'll likely become somewhat more embarrassing of our leadership involvements with the likes of Salem bin Laden as this latest fiasco in human failures continues to unfold, and the truth be known, of which the like of Henry Kissinger is very much a part of, much like the Pope/Cathar fiasco hasn't been resolved.

It therefore seems entirely possible that our infamous NASA simply overlooked the greater discoveries involved with Venus, as they published millions of articles and moderated over the sequent publications of millions of textbooks and research publications, thus initially perhaps unknowingly skewing science and physics into the nearest toilet. However, as of three years ago and counting (that's where I came in), there's been nothing but the utmost degree of "spin" and "damage control" applied in order to offset the impact of what I've discovered, as being at least worthy of our having another look-see.

Of course, in taking all their warm and fuzzy flak you can imagine, in order to return such a warm and fuzzy favor, I've had to learn of science and physics that oddly didn't seem to fit the mold of those Apollo missions, nor has there been any confidence building knowledge base obtained as for giving light to the prospect that our government was being entirely honest and forthright about disclosing upon many topics of interest. In fact, there seemed to be more cold-war cloak and dagger aspects to just about everything you can imagine. So it's not been difficult to further imagine upon the very same degree of "spin" and "damage control" being applied against my every move, even though my research is only beneficial in every respect to humanity, with least investment and even lesser risk for those directly involved.

In order to fend off some of their flak, I've had to impose the "put up or shut up" rules upon those insisting that Earth is the one and only inhabited world (period!), regardless of discoveries or of what those pesky laws of physics have to offer, and of what honest observationology has to offer. I've had to endure their insults upon my intelligence, at least as much as any village idiot can be insulted, to the point where I've had to learn far more than I ever thought necessary, as in my gain and their loss.

I've offered the opportunity of others pitching in for their own good and esteem, as well as for the greater worth onto humanity, only to realize what a totally incest cloned collective of Borgs I'm up against, of folks that'll just as soon eat their own kind as to divulge squat, or to even offer moral support. As I've mentioned before, I've checked into the amount of moral fiber that's within my sceptic system, and I found far more fiber than what's within the greater community of astrophysics and astronomy, and of locating not even a nano tube worth of moral fiber within their pagan NASA.

Perhaps I've inadvertently become another Ted Kaczinski, though I've only intended the most positive of outcomes and benefits as being shared with two worlds that can't possibly continue as ignoring one another. Perhaps we're now speaking of three worlds if my conjectures upon the 110,000 year cycle of Sirius/abc are even halfway correct.

So, if I can't obtain the support and of seeing progress on matters of interplanetary communications, not even while the transit of Venus (June 8, 2004) gives us another near opportunity of merely 110 times the distance as our moon, then I'll just have to persist in announcing to the world of what a total bunch of dumbfounded morons we Americans have been, and of how we apparently intend to rule this Earth by way of snookering through a global Halburton like energy empire, mostly taking instead of sharing is being our motto and creed, even if that represents the demise of numerous species and possibly even another race or two of humanity.

If this has become too much doom and gloom, don't blame me, as I'm only the messenger from hell that simply wont go away.

Calling Venus;
If you're perchance the sort of individual that's more interested in the truly viable prospects of our achieving interplanetary communications, as for that relatively simple and efficient quest I've added lots of notions, if not a little too much, into this following page;

For those interested more into the future, rather than having to muck about within the toilet of our past;  Much of my lunar or bust interest has been in regard to establishing a focus upon achieving the LSE (Lunar Space Elevator) and/or GMDE (Guth Moon Dirt Express) depot notion, as offering humanity a perfectly valid means/gateway to an end (actually many obtainable ends), of which seems lately to include the rather worthy fusion hot prospect of obtaining He3 or 3He, as well as for further accommodating those folks intent upon trekking off to Mars or Venus: The Lunar Space Elevator
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