Mars is certainly a great place if you're in need of a seriously big & irradiated to death deep freezer

(otherwise Mars is somewhat easily pulverised, yet Venus holds more promise, as well as tera watts of surplus energy that's easily accessible, and considerably more so than Earth at far lesser radiation than Earth and offering almost no chance of your being struck by any meteorite)

I'm getting just a wee bit tired of listening to all of these pretentious astronomy types that claim their efforts have been entirely moral and thereby benefiting humanity over whatever their actual agenda is. I can say that because, all that I seem to hear about is "Mars this or Mars that", or of their other infomercial hype and media spin suggesting about our further investing into the ESE fiasco, or otherwise insisting upon "their star or new found solar system is further away and more interesting then yours" and, then there's always team SETI that for whatever's God's sake isn't happy unless their looking at or intent upon receiving their messages from multi million lightyear distances (whereas the likes of the Sirius star system and not to mention Venus isn't even worth squat). It's as though our own solar system and of what's most likely responsible of Sirius being involved has become topics of off limits and/or simply too boring, as perhaps in suggesting too easily obtainable goals, especially regarding that of our moon and of the 2nd planet has become scientific taboo, or sort of the "flat Earth" mentality if not their witch and book burning allover again.

This is not just about my efforts being ignored to death, as so are those notions of anyone suggesting upon whatever's the least bit outside the official NASA/Apollo mainstream box, such as The Venusian Environment as compiled and reported by a solid team of qualified researchers upon the directions of F.W. Taylor, and otherwise supported by many others isn't persay stipulating upon anything as to substantial life having made a go of it, although it is clearly outlining upon the positive aspects of what's otherwise most likely and not nearly as hot and nasty with respect to the extended nighttime season of Venus. Upon reading through their research, and after learning of what's otherwise surmountable with energy, this sort of reinforces the greater possibility that I'm sufficiently correct in my initial interpretations of what has been responsible for the artificial looking alterations as viewed and recorded by the Magellan mission, of relatively old science and of these days becoming extremely old news that's clearly indicating where the opportunity and option of intelligent life could have managed quite nicely, in spite of what's otherwise published as being so humanly forbidding about Venus.

In order to appreciate what possible, why do folks have to give a tinkers damn about what some other planet offers as being suitable for our sorry excuse of humanity, especially as for accommodating the absolute dumbfounded variety of humanity that's most interested in sucking up to whatever their mainstream offers in the way of funding those grants that'll sustain whatever their grand ruse of their century demands. I mean, how absolutely pathetic and not to mention immoral is that?

I hate being the messenger from hell, the one having to break this notion of your God(s) being so limited and/or restricted to Earth, as for my "all-knowing" God can apparently kick your God's sorry butt. It seems, if others half as smart as humanity have long since masted the art of interstellar communications via efficient quantum laser packets, as well as space travel, what's a little heat or even the notion of their surviving within an environment of mostly CO2 that's so darn buoyant that ridged airships are the SUV/RV mode of global transportation. And don't even suggest that there's none others to being out there, as that'll only prove that the incest cloning of your DNA worked out just fine and dandy.

If you'd care to honestly argue over the variously technological aspects of others making due within that hot and nasty environment, so be it, as in bring it on. The same goes for our considering upon whatever the Sirius star system had to offer our solar system because, if you can not accept the possibility of others terraforming Earth, as then that tears it for your value in ever existing in the first place, especially since the entire existence of Earth simply is not offering a sufficient timeline for the happenstance of evolution via panspermia or of any other natural method(s) other than by way of terraforming to have been the root cause and obvious benefit of our existence.

This level of mainstream status-quo wizardology that's been systematically skewed by the sort of folks that are really quite good and otherwise actually quite typical of so many others, in that they continually see absolutely nothing wrong nor even the least bit unusual with the sorts of Venus mud flows, lava and rock formations that became to look exactly like a rational community of high-rise structures, along with those multiple and relatively complex reservoirs and, of such supposedly natural formations that somehow mistakenly look just exactly like a suspension bridge that must have formulated while somehow alluding gravity. How in the hell he and others managed to get their drivers license renewed is beyond me, as this sort of wizard bigotry mentality, or rather lack thereof any moral mentality has got to be legally as well as intellectually blind, as in either dumb and dumber than dumbfounded and thereby just as incompetent, or otherwise he's simply been lying his usual butt off all along about all of that other stuff he claims to be seeing because, of what's clearly existing on Venus is at least 100 fold more real, certainly of a whole lot more believable pixels involved, and far more likely of such indicating as that being artificial than of everything else this typical blow-hard sees about Mars, or of what's otherwise so conveniently way outside of our solar system and thereby beyond a thousand light years of offering any hope of human contact, and that's obviously speaking of many generations of lifetimes at that.

The remaining portion of this page is merely proposing and/or imposing upon some lingering fundamental geology questions, of which yourself or perhaps any certified village idiot might best answer any number of questions and/or refine upon whatever I'm having to deduce as being the most likely outcome. Thereby we'll obviously have to excuse certain pro-NASA wizards from this degree of stress, such as the likes of Wizard David K., even though he and of so many others claim seeing all sorts of minutely interesting details within any number of vastly more distant stars and/or of their potential solar systems that are worth spending billions upon while only barely visible to the finest of telescopes such as KECK-II or Hubble, as these folks can seemingly inform us about all sorts of fascinating information regarding something that can't possibly be verified because of being millions of light years away, while at the same time they can't be bothered much lees manage to see any of those reservoirs on Venus, nor of any bridge like item, nor of anything community infrastructure like, at least if that isn't explained as being entirely natural by way of what's within in his all-knowing bible that just so happen to entirely support whatever has been published and/or approved by NASA.

It seems, as of nearly three years ago, I've imposed a perfectly good set of ideas based upon a number of positive considerations for sustaining other life NOT as we know it on Venus (the key phrase being "NOT as we know it"), that is none the less well within the realm of what's doable science, within the laws of physics and even of reasonable exo-physiology, where I've also imposed a good too many thoughts while asking a number of questions, and I've mistakenly expected of others to reply with their better answers if not even better alternative ideas and, oddly all that I get is their intellectual flatulence as flak, and of a very one sided flak at that, along with their NASA/Apollo seal of moderation logo stamped all over it, that's clearly intended to support their "status quo" and mainstream of nothing that could possibly assist anyone outside of their "Skull and Bones" cult of incest cloning whatever intelligence they decide is worthy of their ideal notions of humanity. Of course, we're talking about the upper most portion of 0.1% of Earth's humanity calling all the shots, and of telling us what to believe and what to otherwise ignore. As such, the greater humanity has become little more than their space toilet of skewed history and skewed truths that fluctuate to suite whatever the desired outcome demands.

Because I'm not nearly as perfect as my opposition (nowhere God status nor even of NOVA class infomercial productions), as such I admit to making some unintentional mistakes and, I've corrected upon a good number of issues including math and of syntax that oddly seems to have been far more important than of whatever this discovery has to offer. I've even reassured others that I'll post retractions as well as links into their superior research upon Venus, which has so far amounted to essentially squat nothing whatsoever because these folks opposing don't actually have squat to offer. This effort also represents that as I've learned far more of other truths (often I'm having to dig such information out upon the usual exploratory need to know basis), whereas such I'll re-edit and then re-post whatever I've managed to learn. Too bad our NASA or the likes of our NSA/DoD can't do the same.

As with a little further respect to the likes of Wizard David K., since so many of these supposedly nice though clearly bigoted astronomy folks are entirely blind (example; the Venus bridge) within their book dosen't seem to exist, yet they're capable of spotting all those grants and any tax funded opportunities clear as a bell, at the same time they don't manage to see nor foresee anything that needs to get done differently here on Earth, as everything has been just fine and dandy and wouldn't have it any other way (regardless of 9/11 and all). We're also talking about a bunch of pro-NASA sorts that contend that it's acceptable that we can't manage to identify those French/Canadian soldiers, equally can't tell the difference between clearly marked Northern Alliance holdings and those of Taliban (that's even when their outpost was clearly specified as well on the other side of a specific road), we also can't tell the difference between a peaceful Northern Alliance convoy nor even that of a Muslim wedding verses another Taliban outpost, same applies for those clearly marked UN helicopters (everything that moves is fair game, even if it's our own troops). As further evidence of our selective blindness, we also can't seem to avoid those large and very sonar noisy charter research ships while we're entertaining our civilian friends onboard our multi-billion dollar submarines, we also can't manage to see those clearly identified and well established gondola cables supporting car loads of used-to-be nice folks, and we apparently have no qualms about doing our drone target practice while a few thousand feet above are a few commercial air traffic issues. Those MMDs are also invisible to everyone except our resident warlord. So clearly, I'll have to guess or admit that it's not the least bit unreasonable to believe that of those supporting our skewed way of life, as for expecting them to even connect any pixel/dots whatsoever is another non issue, as no matters what the moral or subsequent immoral implications, these folks opposing anything Venus can't see a damn thing, which must account for why it's acceptable for there to be no stars whatsoever in those Apollo pictures because, even if there were stars and if these didn't match the requirements as for their being photographed from the dense asphalt/basalt like lunar surface, I guess that issue wouldn't matter either.

It's become quite apparent that these pretentious fools first of all don't honestly believe in any capability of creation nor God of any sort, at least not one that's any better off then they are. Even when they speak so formally and pretentious about their plans of our terraforming another planet, speaking as though they alone know of what not to do. However, it's as though they're entirely forgetting about the nearest planet that so desperately needs re-terraforming, as well as re-populating, as naturally that's referring to Earth, as this Earth desperately needs new seed, along with entirely new human DNA/RNA and, if anything it's way past due for hosting any species having an once of honest intelligence and, of preferably a new world order that's ruled by someone that really knows how to kick all of those deserving butts.

The very raw idea that we should even be looking all that much beyond our home world, expanding much beyond that of our moon seems damn near morally criminal if not entirely immoral, especially when there's so much that's either undone or badly screwed up right here on Earth. In order to fix nearly everything on Earth is simply a more worthy, not to mention moral challenge and, by far representing a less costly obligation than just about anything that's outer space, especially if that's exceeding our moon. I'm all for placing those interactive radar (SAR aperture) imaging receiver modules on the lunar surface, so that we might efficiently obtain the enormous magnitudes of truly incredible magnification that can be efficiently utilized to even monitor the surface of Mars with greater resolution than what's currently being captured via the finest of CCD cameras, as well as offering the superior imaging capability of discovering what the composition is, of which the very best optical CCD technology simply can not possibly achieve.

If anyone was to be suggesting upon viable missions (especially manned) towards something that's beyond our moon, perhaps there should be a valid reason, such as a beneficial point of pay-back as to accomplishing such endeavors, such as perhaps offering a humanitarian aspect, or at least a worthy consideration on behalf of future humanity and, how about offering a rash new concept of there being just cause as to further expending such enormous talents and resources upon such spendy sorts of remote investigations, as perhaps even based upon solid evidence as derived by first by way of using our supposed intelligence and/or upon whatever initial exploration probe(s) have delivered in the way of perfectly good images of what's most likely artificial (I'm sorry folks but, that thoroughly stupid Pluto mission simply doesn't cut it, nor is there anything sufficiently artificial of Mars that could offer squat on behalf of folks surviving, much less upon Mercury, Saturn or is much of any other extended exploration worth the investment, and least of all Hubble that can't be bothered unless it's hundreds to thousands of light years away, and of anything SETI that's limited itself to only a few extremely energy inefficient radio frequencies of what's millions of light years distant is an absolute pathetic joke as being like communicating across the Pacific ocean by way of folks splashing signals by hand near the beach of California and of expecting the energy of those physical waves to reach China). Although otherwise on behalf of sub-milliradian laser communications, as for what a intellectually rash and energy efficient as well as biologically safe concept, of folks actually implementing logical and rational consideration as for the humanitarian prospects and/or of immediate intellectual pay-back benefits of our actually discovering whatever other life NOT as we know it could be residing upon Venus, and of their doing such at far less than a penny on the dollar in spite of the fact that we can't seem to manage all that well with what Earth already has to offer, at least not without our intentionally blowing each other up, and/or creating such pollution for the rest of us, while only further advancing our very own greenhouse environment at the same time.

MARS or bust:

As for just another analogy example of perhaps what NOT to be doing;
Besides more than a century of humanity looking at Mars (because of the nearly nonexistent atmosphere means we can optically see the surface, thus nearly everyone becomes another bloody expert observer), and of subsequently our sending multiple probes and now a micro imaging capable camera that's easily capable of reading the Mars Tribune or of otherwise seeing whatever diatoms shells remain, whereas oddly we've discovered darn little if anything worthy of being significant in terms of any surviving artificial nature, though we've re-discovered loads of the mostly CO2 forms of ice that we clearly already knew was there from previous probes and satellite images, as well as that knowledge oddly being entirely backed up with the laws of physics was in fact there to behold. We've all seen what looks like an artificial face or two, we've seen what looks like wind blown erosions that created unusual but otherwise geologically believable natural formations, we've even seen what looks as a frozen and most likely irradiated dead forest of what could have been something that evolved and matured throughout a window of evolution when the planet was a whole lot warmer and subsequently less pulverised due to having a thicker and thereby denser atmosphere of nearly 10% that of Earth (with some compromise livable but still somewhat cold, TBI nasty and remaining ten fold worse off than Earth whenever it comes to deflecting and/or diminishing whatever impending meteorite impacts). Quite possibly there's even signs of some form of glycol anti-freeze residual life form, or of their expired glass like tubes which should eventually prove interesting. However, out of all the potentially artificial attributes, some of which are relatively large items, there's been absolutely no sign whatsoever of any survivable community like infrastructure, that which would have been absolutely essential in order to have constructed such features and, as such there's been absolutely no sign whatsoever of any thermal energy producing signatures, not even of old and fading ones and, if being continually irradiated and otherwise mostly frozen, it seem rational that if whatever surviving Mars life ever needed would have to have been an expenditure of energy, and perhaps lots of it, along with such life affording few million tonnes worth of additional radiation shielding to boot. As that pathetically thin and cold CO2 atmosphere is seriously inadequate, as well as for their having no other cosmic buffer zone of Van Allen belts, thus allowing the otherwise seriously over exposed Mars surface to being further irradiated from whatever solar/cosmic influx comes along, as well as taking on those pesky flares of mostly iron particles as for those nasty items being right off the survivable scale for even most moonsuit protected life as we know it. That's not to say there aren't a few of those worthy anti-freeze microbe bugs up there, perhaps wearing their lead armor and packing miniature fusion like internal furnaces for sustaining their internal heat, unless we're talking about the possibility of there being the ultimate of lethal cold-blooded microbe life, that which has evolved itself into being not only freeze proof, but also of DNA/RNA that's radiation proof and survive of nearly absolute zero O2, and if that's not of a sufficiently bad sort of nasty microbe for humanity to deal with, then I certainly don't know what is.

VENUS; this is where at least once apon a time there was other life, whereas that time may still be of what's withing current zone of life, though perhaps not as we might not care know about it:

Venus on the other hand is considerably closer to Earth than Mars, and it's even a tad bit warmer (OK, it's supposedly damn hot and nasty). Fortunately there's been an abundance of various natural energy resources at hand, or at hoof, claw, tentacle or whatever Venus lizard folk or those darn exoskeletals have to work with. Fortunately as for any solar flare as well as cosmic radiation is effectively blocked by the terrific sorts of density of that nifty atmospheric ocean that's suspending those additional teratonnes of clouds, containing of all things megatonnes of H2O.

One of the best energy resources is simply derived from it's atmosphere, not to even mention upon the CO2-->CO/O2 potential, where energy can easily be derived by way of utilizing that darn good pressure differential of 4+bar/km and perhaps a 10ºK/km nighttime thermal offset, then not to forget about whatever surface volcanic resources of lava and/or mud flows which in addition to whatever potentials of advanced hydrodynamics brings along and/or subsequently exposes any number of geological elements. To the advantage of whomever desires to surviving upon Venus, the surface pressure and ambient temperature also makes for the task cracking nearly whatever elements into more usable products as a relatively simple amount of applied vacuum and/or subsequent distillation processing snap, accomplishing such feats at perhaps all of 1% of the necessary artificial energy requirements of accomplishing such efforts as here on Earth.

Without my having to go ass over teakettle upon the vast range of energy alternatives, if it weren't for the terrific NSA spy imaging technology applied on behalf of the Magellan probe, all of this discussion could have been easily lost to the casual observer, as we've been so nicely told from our childhood that Venus is supposedly way too hot and nasty for any forms of life but, lo and behold, apparently it's become not so politically correct to be considering that Venus was not always so hot and nasty and, in fact the time frame by which it became hot and nasty is by some accounts down from taking hundreds of millions of years if not as of lately reconsidering upon a few thousands of years being the case.

I hate being the only diehard Darwin freak but, as it seems that apparently astronomers are not permitted to know about Darwin, nor of creation, much less of any terraforming notions, but none the less, even if there were only thousands of years from being just a bit toasty warm to becoming way too damn hot and nasty, and even if we were to discount upon any form of applied technology, whereas under that pretext, it seems as though you can't hardly look anywhere on Earth where human life can't possibly manage to survive, yet with applied technology enabling us to be continually discovering something other that's been doing just fine and dandy. The ESA's Venus Express mission seems to have realized upon the fact that there's a darn good chance of microbes (possibly flying diatoms) residing in the Venus atmosphere and, that's certainly a perfectly valuable clue that something other NOT as we know it could be surviving on the surface, where it's obviously too humanly hot, though technically not that hot, especially the elevated territory within the long seasons of nighttime, of which there are considerable territories exceeding 10 km that have become scientifically re-evaluated as way cooler than otherwise expected.

We known for an example, and for a fairly well and darn good matter of fact that between ice-ages that had previously transipred roughly upon every 105,000 ~ 110,000 years, Earth once accommodated several highly advanced civilizations of truly remarkable individuals, like those nice Cathars and even of those unusually little (mostly under a meter in stature) of an entirely odd species of Dropa/Dzopa folks as still surviving though mostly hidden deep within China, obviously those folks had to have evolved from somewhere other and, perhaps even some of those Cathars might still be around if it weren't for the Pope of their day making for the Jews orchestrating upon the final days of Christ actually looking as a rather good deed. Before and after Christ, it seems there's been any number of others visiting this Earth, as for explaining how a good number of highly advanced civilizations existed as entirely out of the expected que with the rest of evolution, and of a significantly altered intellectual balance (perhaps it's because of the Dropa that offered so much intellectual worth as well as technological advancement to China, at least that was up until others of mankind and/or of his utter stupidity and bigoted arrogance boosted by our lust for greed and power systematically wiped such out such existance, and/or chased them entirely off Earth for good.

So, it's been my contention that it's become entirely possible that others of even more advanced souls have been forced as managing to their evolving on other planets, even of those offering much less raw hospitable environments than Earth and, whereas perhaps some of those folks had previously managed to have survived upon Mars for a short term, though upon Venus is still doable because of that protected environment primarily having a total lack of being infected with the sorts of incest inferior stupidity and sorts of greed DNA of the mankind of Earth that has seemingly remained poised as to our taking from and/or the killing others (especially of anyone the least bit ET looking) for little more than sport. As of today there's seemingly little change in that outlook, just loads of liars telling lies suggesting otherwise, when in fact innocent folks are being exterminated and/or allowed to perish before our eyes as being somehow morally justified.

BTW; It seems those 12,000 year old "Dropas - Stone Discs" have been absolutely for real, yet our perverted and/or subverted education and skewed sense of morality hasn't been allowing the truth to emerge, and as usual, I can't but wonder why that is?

What's wrong with notions of others terraforming Earth, or that of a few nice ETs living nextdoor, or even visiting humanity from time to time?

Considering the possibilities of what infinite forms of life being quite capable of evolving as any result of their environment shifting itself over thousands of years, whereas this seems likely that the option of rolling over and dying verses trying whatever it takes as to survive is not even a fair contest, at least knowing what little I do of science and physics, I'd certainly have give life another shot, even if that meant having to mate with an armadillo. If push actually comes down to shove, I'd expect some degree of applied technology to kick in and, I'm not even taking about anything that's all that rocket science, nor am I suggesting even the notions of radio being of any use, as what the hell good is radio if first of all you're continually getting hotter and secondly, those idiots on the next planet over are so pathetically arrogant and stupid (warlord dangerous to themselves as well) that you would much rather die than call upon such morons for help, as that would be like sending off an invite to the Pope for a Catharfest, or of informing Hitler with an invite over to a Jewish Bar Mitzvah, or perhaps of suggesting to our resident warlord (GW Bush) of where those WMD are actually hidden.

I've suggested a few perfectly good and a whole bunch of crazy ideas about life on Venus. I've indicated how I believe they may have survived a truly bad situation getting worse every long day, even as of recently, surviving in spite of NASA. I've suggested upon some fairly primitive technology as well as that such acclimated and evolved life would have developed as nocturnal folks having a magnitude 5 nightvision advantage over that capability of humans. I've suggested an exoskeletal sort of frame and that of cold blooded (if you can call 600+K as being anything cold) having hybrid organs that would in affect process out a sufficient amount of O2 from the surrounding CO2 and thus eliminating the CO component, perhaps as flatulence (this could even be their form of communications and, probably Martha Stewart would just have to lay a serious No.2 in her drawers). This concept is all based upon purely evolution and whatever aggressive acclamation on steroids kicking in, thus presumably some degree of technology becoming self evident.

As then there's good old applied technology which seems entirely feasible, expedited along by need and the desire to live, and especially of what's entirely feasible since there's such an abundance of natural energy about and, as for considering the sophistication of those multiple and complex massive reservoirs, the likely suspension bridge as well as another bridge issue that's clearly spanning a massive volcanic vent like feature, then there's the rigid airship and of it's complex silo/hanger, those multiple township structures (having roofs, openings, roof top module somethings, tangent/intersecting associated causeways and a bloody host of other community infrastructure attributes) as situated due south of that massively and unusually flat tarmac having service/sub bay attributes of it's own plus some sort of other equipment situated on deck. Any idiot or perhaps moron can see that none of this has ever been recorded as being of natural geological formation and besides, some of it is simply way too freaking big, even bigger yet by the measurements of many of my opponents, as somehow size was supposed to disqualify everything (fat chance of that, as bigger is better).

For this next effort you may want to have the main picture on screen or at least this summary page.

When's the last time you saw vertically situated parabolics, as extremely large units situated side by side, as in this instance they're pointing West (not that it matters but, I seem to recall that's facing towards sunrise or perhaps that merely having to do with the retrograde aspects of the atmospheric factors), that were formed by anything natural?

When's the last time you saw an above surface grouping of four naturally formed massive reservoirs as compartments somewhat poised above the surface that were also interconnected from their center union to the side of yet another larger (in ground) reservoir that was clearly containing something fluid, where that aqueduct like connection route being several miles worth?

BTW; if being conservative, those reservoirs offer a capacity of 50+ million cubic meters and, if being large as based upon the 225 meters per pixel, you can count on those representing nearly 500 million cubic meters.

When's the last time you saw a naturally formed horizontal (near zero arch) bridge spanning a 1+km canyon (actually again, my esteemed opponents seem to insist that this is spanning more like a 3 km canyon/rille like gap, which is certainly OK my me).?

When's the last time you saw an erosion and/or lava/mud flow pattern that circumvented a complexly rugged mountain range, then aligned itself up with that bridge, all the time alluding gravity that would have caused such erosion and/or lava to have simply dislodged itself off into any number of ravines?

When's the last time you saw an example of nature that constructed two symmetrical rows or columns of spheres, as those being neatly recessed into opposed sides of a substantial mountain?

When's the last time you saw any natural formation that offered an above ground object that was of a strikingly airframe cylindric formation, likely 1200+ meters in length and of at least 180 if not 360 meters in diameter, having a ball like (100+meter) nose appendage, as parked as per under a suspended overhead hatch like consideration, and of merely coincidental that the hatch being clearly associated with an even more massive horizontal structural consideration that clearly indicated side openings as well as a series of complex top or roof like apparatus and/or vents?

BTW; keeping in mind that all of these unnatural looking features that pose as having perpendicular and symmetrical geometry, as having extended flat surfaces as being otherwise situated in a highly rugged mountainous setting. Also keeping in mind that the camera had no lens and thereby no associated optical distortions and, this spy camera was gathering 8-bit digital radar depth images plus taking at least 4 confirmation looks per pixel and, doing all of this at the near 3-D ideal perspective viewing angle of 43º.

When's the last time you saw a naturally formed anything that offered roof top like appendages, nicely proportional to what any good CO2 heat exchanger and/or vertical differential power generators might actually require and, these structured looking additions are geometrically situated as being centered, as well as being sufficiently uniformly spaced?

When's the last time you saw a collection of natural formations that looked very much like a community of highrise township structures, that utilized causeways, having logically tangent intersections?

When's the last time you saw a natural set of parallel aligned service/sub bay features that had developed symmetrically rounded corners and the essential arch feature supporting the overhead tarmac?

When's the last time you saw a natural formation of round structured items looking like reservoirs that were clearly containing something and, that were situated in a rectangular clearing and/or structured setting?

When's the last time you saw nature create four each symmetrically side by side rock quarries sites, then a fifth adjoining rectangular work area yard or project space having it's own access road that just so happened to need a switch-back in order to circumvent some other large rock formation?

When was the last time nature formed a quonset like structure as having a roadbed entering one end and a 90º tangent roadbed associated with the other end?

Good grief;  how about if you wanted something that's highly unusual as well as most likely natural to look at and further explain upon, how about your explaining the secondary erosions at the beginning and termination of what has to be an extremely large fluid arch?

This next part is for the benefit of my loyal opponents:

When's the last time you had to prove that tectonics, lava and erosion could allude gravity?

When's the last time you had to prove that other life NOT as you know it couldn't possibly exist, in spite of whatever evolution and/or technology?

When's the last time you took the standardized stupidity and bigot/arrogance test, just to see if your DNA should be allowed to exist in spite of the fact that you've been sucking up to the mainstream by way of acting like another absolute village idiot moron?, either that your excuse is that you've been as pathetically snookered as I was as of four years ago.

When's the last time you contemplated the compleat unabridged meaning of "duh!"?

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