( or at least as much as necessary, as there might not be enough page as for listing everything )
( by; Brad Guth / IEIS   updated May 11, 2004 )

Just like my staunch opponents, If I really worked quite hard at it, I too can think and believe (as well as forcing others into believing) in a fairly wide assortment of absolute Mars negatives, especially useful if that's the sort of dastardly tradition which intentionally hinders science and thereby further screws the taxpayers as well as humanity into the nearest toilet, yet still manages to line your pockets plus those of any favored associates with literally gobs of federal funding and/or of untraceable cash (as in laundered through counterfeit foreign currency if need be, as in that notorious cold-war CIA/NSA/DoD cloak and dagger fashion, as that way you get whatever you want and also get to kill off the other bird with this one stone, as there's nothing like making your enemy pay for the entire show).

As another darn good example of being entirely negative;   From the get go, this is a typical response from my ongoing quest for simply gathering and subsequently learning from further information regarding planetary communications potential, as for our utilizing universal light instead of complicated and inefficient radio. As this is where I received some rather interesting flak that was quite negative from the likes of illumination wizard Paul Smuck (btw; that's not his real name), as for regarding our ability of transmitting packets via light (including near-UV as well as other UV spectrums), whereas his profound statement being that it simply can not be done "Because the Sun will vastly outshine any light humans can produce". Even though this sort of statement has become proven as entirely bogus and/or representative of the sorts of intentional disinformation and, to think that's coming from a supposedly very smart ass individual at that, where he's essentially affirming that there's absolutely no possible solution, nor alternative work around, as to accomplishing planetary communications by utilizing visible light or even by that of near-UV unless by creating a greater illumination on some global scale, that's having to be greater than sunlight and/or Earthshine.

OK, of course this sort of negative outlook makes perfect sense if those distances were such that one could only perceive Earth by the naked lizard eye as merely another brightly illuminated speck of a dot in the sky, though obviously that's not the case at all, not by any long shot, unless of course we're talking about distances far exceeding 1AU, as then you may need some basic optics in order to regain a little primitive resolution that's not much worse off than offering a 10% or ten pixels worth of a view upon Earth and, I'd say the same goes for our having to look at Venus. Of course, there's absolutely no amateur astronomy doubt in obtaining a hundred or even a thousand pixels worth of resolution (KECK-II ott to be worth nearly a million pixels @1AU and obviously more pixels yet when Venus is situated at 0.27AU, even TRACE ott to provide at the absolute very least a hundred pixels worth), so besides Paul Smuck being absolutely negative about every possible alternative, I'd have to ask this borg; what's your problem?

In other words, if you were to be standing on the moon, having one of those very negative about everything outlook on life, while looking back at Earth as in full solar illuminated Earthshine intensity that some 50 times greater than moonshine reaching Earth, that according to this wizard Smuck, any amount of artificial illumination source (of which I always specified as including those near-UV spectrums) from Earth simply could not be optically perceived (not even if sourced from any dark (10% albedo) land mass or ocean area which is obviously at least representing a magnitude 3 less solar reflective then of any 80% reflective cloud cover, possibly of a magnitude 4 lesser if that area/zone surrounding the illumination was a background of ocean or deep forest green), whereas it seems nearly all of that negative stance has become very much like another load of horse pucky, at least that's so if we're having to go by the words of wisdom being provided by the likes of master astronomy illumination wizard Paul Smuck. Somehow I do believe this freaking guy needs to be nominated to the Negative Hall of Fame.

Of course the same logic applied as to our viewing the nighttime zone of Venus is not so difficult to see if there were any illuminations. The only negative part comes by way of the Sun itself, though as I stipulated to others, October/November 2002 the sun was offset by at least 6°, thereby within +/- a month it was way more than in the clear for observing, especially via space platform ibnstruments like TRACE, where there's no atmospherics getting involved, which includes sensitive instruments such as Hubble, as 6+ degrees is sufficient as to avoiding any direct solar impact upon those sensitive CCD portions of Hubble, but just try suggesting that to anyone and we quickly get loads more of their flak. Oddly even team TRACE was unable to function, even though solar impact for TRACE is a non-issue.

When such self-proclaimed experts start themselves off by disqualifying upon honest assertions, such as their black-balling notions of interplanetary communications via xenon beam or laser cannon transmitters, I believe quite respectfully this only further proving that I've been entirely right all along because, as why otherwise even apply such a thorough bashing onto such an honest and entirely worthwhile idea unless you have loads of ulterior motives, either that or you don't really have an actual clue as to what you're talking about. As to what possible harm would there have been, as to the likes of science and astronomy, as well as for humanity considering the positive possibilities rather than dwelling upon the negatives and, then what harm as to trying to promote the greater of good, which might even require some degree of faith that we're not entirely alone anymore.

OOPS; that nasty part about "not entirely alone anymore" is simply way outside their "mainstream status quo" box, thereby creating a negative vortex the size of another blackhole that's even bigger than their Apollo blackhole, which is obviously a seriously negative sort of thing to let happen.

Perhaps if I've only become partially right, as I believe I've been such about Venus, as well as for regarding those opposing absolutely everything Venus, as then there's essentially been no hope whatsoever. As this is where we should expect further lies upon perpetrating the sorts of NASA moderated to death disinformation and of their subsequent "spin" and dog-wagging "damage control", all of which being counter productive but thankfully only costing humanity those few hundreds of billions per year, as well as for being very responsible for wasting our best talents and resources, allowing for if not creating the recent occurrences such as 9/11, of which has been making all of our lives into a "living hell" and broke as well. There now, I do believe that's about as negative as things can possibly get, unless it's your butt sitting in the next statement aircraft or of its intended tall building destination, as then your jig is seriously up.

Any good negative sorts of individual(s) are seemingly exactly like those of wizard David and Smuck portray, as to be disregarding whatever of morally positive opportunities suggested by others (solely intent or focused upon exclusively discrediting anything that's not their idea) as well as for their hiding from the reality of what even a little available/existing applied technology (perhaps not something they're even aware of) can possibly deliver, like what a 50 watt laser delivering a whopping 200^9 cd worth of raw sub-milliradian beam can accomplish, where I believe that one such instrument alone could be optically detected by a suitable observer as situated above those Venus clouds (especially if that's by a nocturnal sort having that magnitude 5 or better advantage of 400~450 nm and of a magnitude 5 greater sensitivity). Obviously this depends upon their having a clear shot at seeing Earth (this November 02, 2002 is representing Earth as nearly 3.5% the target diameter that's equivalent of what you and I view our moon), which I've come to understand is something entirely possible, as either rarely from one of those 17+km mountains or especially as from a capable airship cruising above their cool nighttime clouds.

It seems that my information as to xenon beam delivery is also something I've found as being easily capable of achieving 100^9 cd of near-UV, as well as other spectrums, yet this fundamental consideration too has been attacked instead of being refined upon (obtaining nothing whatsoever positive coming from one of these pretentious astronomers, only their absolute negative about everything contempt and subsequent bashings), which again tells me that my opposition is acting entirely phony as hell, as to whatever their claim is, it's obviously either orchestrated and/or motivated out of spite because of that NASA nondisclosure policy or perhaps it's because they're all totally frightened of what's actually out there.

With all this sort of pathetic "disinformation" illogic and absolute "can NOT do" nor can't accomplish anything (especially if it's not your idea), is exactly what I've seen as the further proof that I've been almost entirely right, especially about how others being so negative is compelling as to why I can see what others simply can't, or will not ever admit to seeing, irregardless of any truth or consequences. It seems as though our greater astronomy community would rather be witness to tall buildings full of innocent folks being blown to bits by our own aircraft also full of innocent folks, rather then as to focus upon something that's entirely worth doing and so highly obtainable at that (SETI has certainly represented another anti-everything that's under the sun, unless it's related to funding more of their unobtainable goals).

For these perhaps not such good (negative only) examples, you may need to remain somewhat open minded; (or perhaps not so open minded because, an open mind might not uphold the purely negative about everything while fully supporting your "nondisclosure" responsibility standards, and thus might even overload what's left of your remaining morality code, which fortunately most pro-NASA types don't seem to have all that much morality to worry about because, that portion of their brain was surgically removed as a basic condition of their becoming a "team player").


It's damn near too far away, at least as far as human expeditions go;  As one can get a tad bit old just getting there and back. Of course there's not much point in folks coming back because you're going to become so cosmic and solar flare radiated by then that it simply wont much matter. Even the surface of Mars (under that extremely thin and cold CO2 atmosphere) offers insufficient atmospheric shielding from solar minimums, flares or cosmic influx, unless of course everyone were to carry about a personal 10 tonne umbrella. Otherwise, given a few fully exposed space travel days (let alone months) of repeated 0.1Sv's as well as a few hourly impacts of 1.0Sv's from extreme solar or other galactic sources is certainly something that should be limited to those preferably terminally ill, as if you're not you'll soon become terminal. A travel solution is to utilize one of my nifty "space rocks" as a worthy shield, like a 100+ meter bolder or better yet a seriously big ice ball of 1 km might accomplish this task, along with a wee bit of nuclear rocket power in order to capture one of these nifty space rocks as your shield and, of sufficient thrust as to propelling it where we need it to go, whereas nearly always having much of it situated between you and the sun. This however is not protecting anyone onboard from all the other galactic radiation, so we'll need to either gather up more of those available "space rocks" as additional shields, and/or launch a few thousand additional tonnes for their necessary shielding.

A good CO2 negative factor;  This is having to do with all of the CO2 deposits accumulated back here on Earth, as derived from our accomplishing any such Mars mission, as one needs to multiply 100 times by any amount delivered into this space mission, as that's likely what mother Earth will be stuck with (whereas the actual mission launch itself is perhaps worth merely 25% of that 100 times factor). This 100X factor of creating loads of artificial CO2 for Earth is sort of like expediting global warming, as on steroids. At least there will NOT be much chance of any ice-age formulating within the foreseeable future.

It's damn near too cold (year round, except for a small mid daytime that's only near the supposed tropics of Mars);  otherwise it remains somewhat like Antarctica in winter, except a whole lot drier and so much colder and there's not an ATM, Jack in the Box or McDonald in sight. Certainly no handy geothermal hot springs neither and, solar conversion is all but 10% of Earth (perhaps at best technology a whopping average daytime conversion of 120 watts of energy per m2 as for taking in all of zero watts all night long, in other words an average delivery of 5 watts/m2 and, that's only if your panels were fully articulated so as track upon receiving maximum solar exposure). Lets see now, how about 1,000 m2 of very/extremely expensive solar panel per person and at least 5000 kg worth of apparatus. Of course the entire stay on Mars might be comprised of your remaining sheltered under those solar panels and continually adjusting them for their maximum solar benefit. Of course we could otherwise ship a few very large mylar (vacuum formed) solar concentrators which could place the peak output to 100 whr/m2 for an average of 50 watts per full day/night cycle (that's almost enough energy to spare, as within that frozen environment to roast one marshmallow per day).

It's also a thoroughly pulverized sort of location, with almost no atmosphere for deflecting squat, thus much of what Mars runs itself into, and of whatever is nearby does manage to impact with a great deal of velocity. KE = 2MV2 is the formula, you do the math.

In order to resolve at least a small part of this dilemma, one obviously needs to bring along sufficient fuel plus initially some rather massive quantities of oxygen in order to breath as well as to be able to utilize whatever is left over as other fuel and oxidiser. Let us compare this slight challenge as to Antarctica, where every person, each and every winter day, requires something like a minimum consumption of 10 gallons (roughly 30 kg) of kerosene and, that's if you're merely accomplishing a great deal of sleeping and not really doing much of anything that requires physical effort or further mechanical sorts of energy, and obviously this is not to be including those additional other 20 to 30 kilograms of that all essential air/O2 per consumed kilogram of said c12h26 fuel oil, at minimum that's roughly going to become a metric tonne worth of fuel and oxidiser per person per day. On Mars, the MJ delivery per kg of that same fuel oil (if one was having to exclude the O2 oxidizer factor) is like zero MJ/kg, as based upon attempting to consume only the C12H26. I don't mean to be non-optimistic but, that factor zero MJ/kg is hardly anything to brag about and, by the way folks, just for starters, that C12H26 would (just like yourself) soon be frozen nearly solid or at least into an extremely thick sort of goo which a further amount of energy would be needed just for warming and of delivering such into an engine or whatever furnace, so that the energy extraction efficiency of the c12h26 may not be half that of operating here on Earth, as in Antarctica.

In other words, this burning of fuel oil (C12H26) in order to keep warm, on an entire planet that does not want to stay warm, is going to be just a wee bit testy, perhaps even becoming thoroughly solar radiated at that, but we're still not even capable of getting ourselves there and back without growing seriously old, as well as having to likely submit ourselves as to being thoroughly solar/cosmic TBI and/or frozen solid, or merely pulverised by something making a SOA of 15+km/s, all of which might become a darn good thing, as returning to what's left of Earth and it's humanity a decade or so later, this effort might not be worth the bother, as by then you could be better off staying on Mars, or perhaps our moon, since returning to Earth would also infect whomever is still alive with those nasty Mars microbes.

However, based upon our somehow cashing a fairly large quantity of O2 for being on hand, as UPS manages to deliver such initial tonnes of O2 from Earth (say 100 tonnes as for oxidising with whatever fuel and just a little for breathing as for an extended stay of perhaps 100 days worth for all of ten folks that have become thoroughly radiated astronauts), somehow subsequently surviving their Mars re-entry and of the drop/kick/bounce sort of landing recovery process (since we still don't have any sort of a manned lander that actually works), by this combination of burning off C12H26/O2 or perhaps better yet for having tonnes of H2O2, is perhaps our best chance of creating a little initial heat and thereby energy, that which can start upon processing through all that nearly frozen CO2 atmosphere, by greatly compressing and substantially raising it's pressure and temperature sufficiently so that a CO2-->CO/O2 conversion power plant can be initialized. However, in case you haven't figured this one out for yourself, that overall initial CO2-->CO/O2 effort is still going to require hundreds and perhaps even thousands of tonnes of initial O2 and other fuel, or that of a nuclear power plant, of which is especially made even more difficult on a planet where none of that's free (as here on Earth and then not even as being nearly as available as already preheated CO2 and under a fair degree of more usable pressure and/or of greater concentration as on Venus), as there's only O2 as from that trapped within miles thick ice or subsequently processed out of that nearly frozen but horribly thin CO2 atmosphere. If push comes down to shove, certain other energy releases are possible, such as what a few atomic bombs might produce, that is, if we were to keep setting them off every day or so for the duration of the expedition stay (now we're cooking and, since our astronaust are already radiated to death, there's absolutely nothing to lose), as being further TBI to death isn't all that much of a factor unluss they've managed to bring along a protected stash of their own banked bone marrow.

Another slight negative;  This might be pertaining to the delivered expense of said fuel and oxidizer, unlike (including logistics delivery teams and equipment technology in order to make all this happen) the $10/gallon as delivered to Antarctica (excluding the massive tonnage of air/O2 consumption because that's already existing on Earth), as that compared to at least one thousand or more NASA dollars per kilogram as being delivered to Mars (that's a bargin at merely 3000 times more costly per day and, that's still not even including the 30,000 times more costly delivery as for supplying the all essential O2 component and, we'll obviously be needing many tonnes more of that then of any C12H26). Of course, we could supply other energy options, such as a nuclear reactor, but unless that were of a French, Canadian or Russian reactor, that might cost us even more, not including the fact that no one has an affordable plan of getting that much technology onto the surface in one piece. Since we here on Earth (especially America) has been trying our level best as to burn off and/or get rid of all our fossil fuels and, at the same time create as much trapped artificial CO2 as possible, so this Mars endeavor (at least two decades worth) should pretty much do the trick of expediting the onset of creating Earths' greenhouse.

Just as for being fair;  let us presume that a few billionaires simply forked over their entire estates and, somehow NASA cleans up it's act by divorcing their incest cloned NSA/DoD, so that they don't have to keep syphoning off 75% of every available project funding dollar for their continued support of those NSA/DoD cold-war hidden agendas.

Now let us further consider;  we get ourselves really smart about this space travel stuff (like our using those really big ass space rocks for accommodating our solar radiation shield, plus we utilize nuclear rockets that offer the capability of getting us up to 1% light-speed, that only 6.7 million miles per hour, or perhaps more likely our best shot at this will be 0.1% light-speed which is merely 670,000 miles per hour as being roughly ten fold better off then anything we've managed so far) and, that someone at NASA stumbles across those lost engineering drawings and technologies that supposedly put us on the moon, along with those DNA/RNA samples for our cloning more of those radiation and impact proof Apollo astronauts. Next, we apply a few clever lander modifications, like providing a whole lot more interior room, introducing at least a solid pair of powerful and rather essential airframe mass and CG stability gyros, strapping on hundreds of tonnes worth of more rocket fuel and perhaps a few thousand metric tonnes of that spare O2 and/or loads of just H2O2 as intended for accommodating any extended Mars surface expeditions, plus a sufficient or re-usable re-entry heat shield (perhaps that of a reusable shuttle like craft [all purely rocket decent as there's simply not a worthy atmosphere as for anything aerodynamic] might also be a good thing) and, then having loads of equipment up the kazoo for our surviving on a truly sub-zero and CO2 thin atmospheric planet (without ever a single geothermal or other natural heat resource in sight, where at least Antarctica has that nifty volcano along with it's "hot springs" as well as unlimited volumes of relatively clean air/O2 as well as unlimited volumes of H2 to burn). Now all we have to do is to keep ourselves warm and to go about gathering up a few additional samples of those frozen and irradiated to death Mars microbes, placing them into their triple safety containments for their long voyage back to those secret NSA/DoD laboratories here on Earth. I do believe a robotic return mission for such microbes as passengers is a doable thing (as for most if not all of our mission astronauts will be dying or dead by now), as for all other reasons, that's certainly a long way from ever getting our crew and mad scientist back home, outside of a body-bag.

This next consideration may or may not be all that negative (this one clearly depends upon one's perspective), especially if contemplating upon the positive aspects benefitting Earth:  This could be a multi-task solution that will resolve our ultimate dump site for all of our spent fuel rods and of those leaky VX and/or nuclear warheads, including all those tens of thousands of projectiles and missiles still loaded with VX, those which have been so unwanted (as in; "not in my backyard") by literally every red and/or blue blooded American here on Earth and, how about our tossing in some of those decaying x-cold-war nuclear warheads, all of which is still capable of becoming toasty hot (perhaps even a bit Chernobyl leaky hot), especially if they're piled all together, so as to formulating one thermonuclear, chemical and bio-hazard furnace (sort of your typical nuclear bonfire), as one that could eventually melt it's way through the miles of ice, something like delivering a Chernobyl gone bad, except as doing so intentionally on Mars.

Of course, there are sure to be a few negatives towards our creating this horrific nuclear hazard bonfire, As this Mars quest may soon pail by a sudden appearance of hordes of naked "GREENPEACE" protestors, marching back and forth across those Mars habitat entrances. Exactly how in the hell they even got there becomes the true mystery that goes well beyond any Apollo ruse and yet, another subsequent dilemma, since the CNN news coverage team was already right there as well, as we could soon be having to label these "GREENPEACE" morons as Islamic, Muslim or Taliban terrorist, at least that way there eventual demise will be approved by the greater body of America (at least by Henry Kissinger and those of Jewish America) and hopefully as that from our ever shrinking community of global supporters.

Enough about frozen Mars;  how about our reviewing a few negative aspects of Venus:

First off, it's obviously humanly damn hot and nasty, at least most of the time, and certainly if you are situated much below 10 km and not otherwise enjoying the sanctuary benefits of their 2900 hour "season of nighttime". Obviously (according to NASAs' "Dead Sea Scrolls") and just because of all that nasty heat, there has never been and there is still no possibility whatsoever of any form of life ever existing nor even adapting to such a harsh environment (I guess, Darwin never made it to old Venus, whereas the laws of science, physics and thereby biology nor evolution simply do not apply). And, as for disregarding the vertical CO2 wind potential as offering 4+bar/km worth of kinetic energy, as by way of eliminating this otherwise terrific energy potential, as that alone will force any future expedition (manned or not) into roasting within minutes of their arrival, as well as by our excluding any nighttime missions to those elevated territories will further insure mission failures. And, every one who knows anything (I'm speaking of our infamous pro-NASA wizards), knows for a fact that CO2 is good for absolutely nothing, certainly not as for obtaining CO/O2 as fuel and oxidiser, nor as for applied refrigeration or as for direct open or simple cycle air conditioning. Oddly it's only those folks dissociated from NASA that seem to know otherwise and, apparently like myself, they don't count.

Secondly, it's probably just getting too freaking close for comfort, as every 18+ months is when Venus is merely 105~110 times as far off as our moon and, for something that big and hot, that's obviously getting itself way too close for Earth's comfort. Seriously affecting Earth's tides and weather and, then the added gravity of Venus is clearly responsible for pulling us ever closer to that damn sun (the fact of some big ass 10th, 11th or 12th planet that's zooming inbound is apparently not any factor in Earth's orbit, just threatening our very existence). Perhaps we should start off by first nuking Venus and all of its heathens onboard (probably worthless Cathars), that way Earth will eventually drift somewhat further away from the sun and, for that welcome effort, I'm certain we can trust the likes of our Club NASA wizards as directed by our very own resident warlord, as to accomplish all this in good enough time.

By our actually going to Venus, you simply can't get all that old. As the goto (inbound) trip might be accomplished within a mere 1000 hours (42 days from ISS to Venus L2) and, that's if we're just poking ourselves along at under 50,000 km/hr, which I believe we our rocket wizards can 4X to 5X upon that one down to as little as 10 days as to reaching Venus L2. Every 18 + months thereafter, we'll get ourselves another one of those near-miss fly-by of Venus, by which there's an opportunity to relay/exchange crews and resupply our nifty VL2 signal relay platform. That extended space duty cycle could however represent a rather serious form of cabin fever, so, there may not be all that much left for any crew exchange to deal with except bringing along a few body-bags. In which case, we'll just have to keep sending out those expendable astronauts and, even though our mission recruiting efforts may soon go into the dumps, we'll always have a stash of life-term prisoners, like good old Unibomber Ted and, I could think of a few others that should be life term, such as from all those ENRON and Andersen types.

A serious forth negative factor is having to deal with all those nasty Venus "what ifs", as we can't hardly manage to keep from blowing ourselves up, and that's without our having to deal with other planetary ET issues, like those wise old and downright bad tempered Islamic or perchance Cathar lizard folks from Venus. Think about it: If technically we can manage to get ourselves to Venus L2, what if those lizard folks can launch their own space capable shuttles from the elevation advantage of their mother airship cruising at 60+km and, if they should have a sufficient amount of that processed CO2-->CO/O2 onboard for their rocket fuel; What the heck do you suppose would be stopping them?

The fifth negative per Venus;  this is perhaps the really big ass one that's mostly having to do with myself, as how can any supposedly well educated and subsequently "all knowing" and selfrighteous community such as NASA allow anyone that's not even a card carrying club member, as to just going about suggesting upon such notions. I mean to say, there obviously has to be limits and rules to this game of theirs. It is a "game" or perhaps a cold-war "sport", isn't it?

A sixth Venus negative;  this might represent the fact that Venus inhabitance (those Islamic, Muslim or Cathar lizard folk) may hold a number of "truths" of their own, truths that could seriously rupture the very fabric of our existence, not to mention of those religious types that simply can't see or even think about things any different then their way (irregardless of the short or long term consequences or carnage), as that sort of revelation could become something capable of blowing their religious socks off. and thereby essentially dissolving everything they've managed to acquire, such as grandiose positions of authority and power, obviously a great many job security issues would be in the nearest space toilet, along with all sorts of tax-free entitlement benefits and always a little or perhaps a lot of greed along with varying degrees and conceptions of folks remaining involved with the likes of our NSA/DoD cloak and dagger opportunities, as intended for getting those other folks seriously killed.

A seventh Venus negative;  is having to do with there's simply being no point because, NASA as well as their external club/cult members and of their associate members consistently "see absolutely nothing", as oddly our NASA/NSA/DoD have seen absolutely nothing whatsoever, not even a single WMD. This is almost exactly like those folks in "Hogan's Heroes", like good old Sgt. Schultz’ and Col. Wilhelm Klink who continually "see nothing" but keep right on trucking no matters what the consequences. Apparently, as according to those pro-NASA wizard types like wizard David, every Magellan image has it's vastly superior counterpart hidden away, that which offers 9 times greater detail and thereby 9 times greater resolution (these supposedly much higher resolution images are obviously being intentionally withheld or unprocessed for public viewing because they're too revealing). As a certain Lord Kinsely recently affirms, those available GFI/TIF/JPG formats are apparently not worth JACK and furthermore, that any perceptions improved upon by this SAR imaging, such as those images being acquired at 43° perspective are of meaningless value because, according to his vastly superior observational knowledge and nearly instant/overnight expertise in such matters of interpreting such perspective aerial observations, anyone knows that a 2D image can only reveal 2D flat information, irregardless of whatever there is of any certified perspectives or of offering any 8-bit depth of content which includes revealing composition attributes as easily derived because of utilizing SAR imaging as having a total of 12 looks per assembled pixel.

Again folks;  I don't want to continually be the wet blanket but, apparently David and so many other staunch opponents do in fact see the main channel/canyon or rille, they even see those three clustered vertical rocks or significant mountains as Lord David would calculate them at 225 meters per raw pixel, more importantly they do manage to see those smaller details of this entirely natural but eroded rille like canyon (including common terrain and of somewhat recent erosion features and of items or contours comprised of just two or three pixels worth are sufficient in their thinking as to classify such as being of entirely natural rock formation), yet lo and behold, of those significantly larger and vastly more complex items (comprised of 10 or more pixels), starting off with but not even limited to that bridge consideration spanning such a massive rille/canyon, these items are somehow entirely invisible and/or of entirely unrelated pixel logic, as such items simply do not comply with their presumptuous almighty perception of natural tectonics and/or expected patterns of what such lava, tectonics and/or erosion typically display as. Even though you and I can point to them over and over, where once again, thanks to their training at camp "Hogan's Heroes" from which NASA obtained all of their crack observational specialist like those of Sgt. Schultz’ and Col. Wilhelm Klink and apparently the likes of wizard David, in spite of the rather obviously artificial nature of more then a dozen complex and worthy artificial attributes, whereas they remain as continually dumbfounded, as to "seeing absolutely nothing". (where the heck was this wizard David when we needed his qualified second opinion about all of those WMD that actually never existed).

In case you haven't figured this one out;  it's pretty damn hard to discuss the greater values in being honest, of well intended assumptions and thereby place any value into the possibilities of what I've considered as being artificial, as possibly even lizard made, especially when I'm having to deal with the likes of those trained by Sgt. Schultz’ and Col. Wilhelm Klink, of whom continually "see nothing" and, even if they were to concede upon even one minor consideration, I'll expect they would not connect those dots as in relationship worthy of supporting any Venus community logic whatsoever, as to associate any one interesting target to the many other artificial considerations might be something entirely sacrilegious in their "negative about absolutely everything under the sun" bible.

In American government, apparently every disclosure must somehow stand solely by itself (even if that's entirely illogical to do so), without involving the aid or associated values by what other has been going on all about the greater picture, as in that way the ENRON's and Andersen's of our fine upstanding morals and truths can always flourish and, this's exactly why and perhaps how the likes of 9/11 and of everything leading up to this event had more then a good shot, as once again, our crack NSA/DoD/CIA/FBI teams as so amply trained by Sgt. Schultz’ and Col. Wilhelm Klink still "see nothing" wrong with the taking of thousands of lives over those invisible WMD. Perhaps this explains all the fuss over various butt covering per those invisible WMDs, and the fact that our GW Bush was pre-planning an Iraq overthrough before even taking office, just ask Henry Kissinger or perhaps Salem bin Laden.

Seems to me;  If you're going about seriously pissing off your typical Islamic, Cathar or Muslim type (again), that it might be a fairly good idea as to keeping better tabs on those not only capable but previously trained by our own crack forces along with some receiving their nifty tactical outfitting needs as well from us. Perhaps in addition to our department of "Homeland Security" we'll be needing yet another department of "DUH" (Department of Utter Hypocrisy).

By the freaking way, have you heard about all that acid rain;   well folks, it's certainly there but, for the most part it's been stuck quite nicely within them there clouds and, whatever powdered acid hits the surface (if any), there's not a drop of H2O about as to making it usable as any acid. In other words folks, that sulphur is simply a harmless crystal/element deposit. So, if you ever needed to construct a battery or, needed some actual acid for processing or leaching out some worthy minerals, you're flat out of luck (this is where that Venus beer comes in real handy, as unless you can manage to piss out a sufficient amount of H2O in order to mix that with the likes of powdered sulphur elements, you don't have JACK). If you wanted any acid, you will have to get yourself onboard one of those (non-existent according to NASA and all of their wizardly supporters) cloud gathering airships and basically go about fishing or rather sucking (vacuum distilling) overhead at 40+km (perhaps long after nighttime at under 20 km), now that's certainly a mission worth doing. Lets see, it's already pitch black on the toasty hot surface and you're taking off in your alloy clad airship to essentially go into acid loaded clouds, potentially as situated as high as 50+km above (this pleasure might be something reserved for your newest VASA recruits, as lizard cadets [members of their "Venus Aeronautical and Space Administration"] with an acid taste for some serious adventure).

The lack of free H20 is certainly a really big negative. However, it is also another win-win as for our pathetic biology having to be associated with so much CO2.

This part is somewhat off topic, as it could be interpreted as a positive:
There's certainly no perceptible problem with operating even N2 buoyancy airships (26 kg/m3), however, once a few tonnes of that H2O has been easily distilled, perhaps processed into H2O2 for safe keeping, as then volumes of H2 or perhaps just that of sustaining a vacuum would certainly take over for the responsibility of creating horrific buoyancy, thus utilizing such rigid airships as from elevations of 5+km and, even that's starting your airship buoyancy off at perhaps 55+kg/m3 within their season of daytime, and only of obtaining greater buoyancy (65+kg/m3) as for doing such within their extended season of nighttime isn't rocket science, it's more like duh-101.

As I promised, here are some truly negative aspects of NASA

Most importantly, this agency is what it is, a bewildering governmental bureaucracy stew of the highest order, thereby anything of which any competitive commercial enterprises can accomplish, this crack governmental agency can alternately manage any such task by a factor of hiring at least ten fold or, more than likely 100 fold, then as to their occupying and outfitting at least 100 times the facility space (of that being only the best and very most expensive space at that).

That way, whenever this community falters, there is a collective borg like hive of auto-protect as well as "nondisclosure" activity that would make those ENRON/Andersen, Tobacco industries and the FORD/Firestone and now WorldCom fiasco combined, as clearly representing a mass conspiracy of mostly gross incompetence and of blatant greed, making all of which look like cotton candy (a lot of fluff and otherwise not much substance as compared to what all of our crack cold-war sustaining NASA/NSA/DoD wizards have long been up to).

Speaking of our beloved NSA/DoD wizards;  we may need to become sympathetic towards these souls after all because, as the vastly superior hybrid humans they are (many have become classified as saints; that's a G-69 rating per their incest cloned status), as such they'll need to be given exceptional freedoms, as otherwise, this degree of inbred intelligence is going to implode upon itself (perhaps a bit sooner and a whole lot bigger and messier then you may think).

The really bad news is;  that even though the vast majority of NASA type souls are good and hard working members of their borg collective, along with their solid borg like families and for even having those borg like dogs as for their necessary dog-wagging, where their unblemished efforts and talents are now becoming at further risk of losing it all, that's all because of a few thousand thoroughly greedy and power hungry idiots (Borg Queen like leaders and their subordinates) that simply either don't understand nor comprehend or simply don't care about when it's time (past due) as to stop playing Russian roulette, while at the same time betting our entire farm and/or World Trade Centers upon the eventual outcome, as so far lately, game wise we obviously have not! been doing so well, as for sort of getting the flaming short end of the stick.

As such warm and fuzzy bureaucracies tend to go, this one is entirely chuck full of hypocrites and otherwise thoroughly bad ass souls. I have a growing list of at least one hundred examples, of which I'll soon be sharing with you, just so that you can appreciate the supreme levels of such blatant arrogance that's been so carefully protected within the confines of that "three monkey nondisclosure cult policy". You and I might guess, if you're not sufficiently bad, you're simply not a qualified team player, at least you're not worth risking NASA/NSA/DoD hidden agendas upon.

When our Administration was asking NASA for their achieving methods of obtaining more from less, then doing all of that faster; As with any respect as towards "GUTH Venus".  Exactly how much less costly and faster can one possibly get?  We already have the qualified planetary images and, we most certainly have the CW/pulse laser/xenon communication technologies at hand as for attempting visual or those of near-UV binary packet communications  (so, was our resident warlord administration/president GW Bush just kidding, lying once again or what?).

At this juncture, not much other needs to be researched nor engineered or even staffed, at least not until a Venus L2 mission is being configured and, for that one I've got a few select plans capable of (God forbid) actually delivering another first, that of a "for profit" expedition/mission, which is something not even remotely worth contemplating nor feasible for anything Mars related (I mean, Mars is actually great if you needed to TBI and then long term freeze/store something at a reasonable cost of a mere ten billion dollars per metric tonne and, that's only if you never wanted to ever retrieve it, as getting it back here might end up costing us another 100 billion more per tonne).

Obviously there are other folks out there, having even better qualifications than I, with their fine examples of even more worthy negatives, such as perhaps dealing or not with the likes of items that another planet issue and, if that should be the case, you can just send those recommendations in to my attention, as I'll post that comment for you, without even mentioning the source (unless you would like to receive all the credits).

As for my updates, as with the "positive" aspects page, as otherwise I'll come back into this "negative focus" document with additions and revisions. So, you might want to check back from time to time, as I know I do, just so as to catch a few of my dyslexic syntax and poor grammar. To most of my opposition, my written delivery and/or composition skills are just cause as to disqualifying the discovery, that's obviously because they truly have nothing whatsoever other to work with.

Here's a few good closing negatives:  I do so much like handing out those pink slips. I also like retroactively disqualifying individual retirements and benefits, upon those which knowingly broke real laws as well as the laws of common decency and morality towards humanity (morally, I still like to think of myself as part of that humanity that doesn't entirely approve of what's been going on) and especially of those which personally benefitted by their doing onto others what they would fear the utmost if such cold-war tactics were applied in reverse. I'm sure none of this is referring to yourself, as only onto those others that were responsible for all the bad doings, that's because you only did what was asked of yourself and, that could only have been what was entirely right and good for humanity. So, if you have a few of those otherwise bad assed souls, or of their replacements still within your group, please point them out, in that way I'll become too busy focusing upon their transgressions as to review into your past associations and accomplishments (notice that I'm assuming you do have accomplishments?).

The good news is, that amidst all this NEGATIVE stuff, there's always something entirely POSITIVE to look forward to, like "what's still alive and kicking at GUTH Venus".

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