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Whenever I work at locating new research information, seems other topics often catch my eye, sometimes these even snag one of my three remaining brain cells.

These most interesting links may not even be the least bit related to Venus, however, they each offer something other that's sufficiently real, that's well out of step with our perceived planetary and human evolution. By groups seemingly qualified as such, each of these web sites have been oddly unsupported yet officially impaired through either government agency intervention and/or through elective abstinence by relatively powerful groups such as NASA. It certainly does not help when there's another teams (actually several) of Borg moles ready to attack the least bit of anything that has not received NASA's moderation stamp of approval (sort of like trying to sell an electrical appliance without that little UL sticker, which means only that the ones having those stickers have paid the rather substantial admission price and filed all the appropriate forms, as in most instances (99.999% of the time), no one from UL ever inspected nor tested that appliance, which certainly goes the same for just about anything requiring that USDA stamp of approval (it means absolutely nothing but that it has globally cost you and myself is hundreds of billions every year as well as hundreds of dead folks that the USDA was supposed to prevent such and, I can prove that point without even bringing our infamous SEC into the picture, as that little bombshell disaster would put us way over the annual trillion dollar mark without even trying).

So for now, I'll be leaving all of that wholesome interpretation up to your expertise, as to how and/or why our official resources and thereby taxpayer funding can be justified as to being so badly invested upon "spin", "damage control" and subsequently generating such disinformation as to further restricting public and media access to the truth, yet not one public cent goes towards supporting open research and subsequent disclosures on the following subjects, seems literally deadly wrong if not even a tad bit criminal, but what do I know.

David Sereda's ideas and even better solutions

Not that I'm advertising for just anyone that's been accused by so many of being just another "village idiot" but, it seems as though David Sereda and of his "EVIDENCE the case for NASA UFOs" and many other accomplishments are just about as good as they come. I just recently came across this mutually NASA certified nut case, so obviously I really like him and of what he's bringing to the table (even if his table has been glowing with all that nifty E=hf energy and hovering itself off the ground). Whether or not Sirius is the sole source of life as we know it, or just loaded with those wet alien Gods or perhaps even that of whatever Venus lizard folk, perhaps founding our very own bigoted "life only exist on Earth" fanatics, I believe others like David Sereda that are remaining a little more open minded can learn to appreciate the irony, in that all of us (including pathetically stupid and/or just thoroughly arrogant pro-NASA types) can somehow be accommodated in this galactic soup or perhaps vomit of the day. As it seems sufficiently more likely of some other superior life (be that Sirius, 12th planet or whatever) along with their technology should have been realized by now as not originating from Earth, that if such technology can manage to deliver bulk water to Earth (presumably some of that becoming O3), as well as their selectively populating this as well as any other planet (perhaps terraforming Earth is actually the proper phrase of the day), then why not (as Gods they be) dither on the other end of life's capable spectrum, such as Venus. Since there's so much available natural energy about, could not Venus be terraformed and looked after by those from such an advanced civilization? (seems that's exactly we intend to do about Mars, and we're still relatively stupid as well as downright dangerous).

Earth killer space rock spotted

Here's another example of my not being as good as others at seeing things, as in this following research which obviously took far better expertise as well as better photo software and, because this individual achieved these enlargements, where obviously there was a good deal of photo software performance and subsequent filters employed, yet none of that technology application represents itself as being intentionally fraudulent. As first of all, there simply has to be something there for the photo software to work with (no matters how good the photo software is, it can't materialize pixels into formations out of nothingness) and, as secondly there's certainly no perceptible motive nor ulterior agenda, unless you consider his showing off at accomplishing something he's obviously quite good at as being ulterior, or perhaps witchcraft.

On the following URL page, there's a red arrow supposedly pointing at this object, of which I can't see a damn thing but, obviously there's something there that an experienced observer can see and, that which the photo software had to work with.

Josť V. Chung -- Archives: http://www.gxo.com/spacejunk/colorspace.html

http://www.gxo.com/spacejunk/archives.html and of the associated 2.711 mb movie clip: "June1-02_c3.mpg" is certainly worth the trip as well as for a good deal of download.

This solar movie clip is actually quite interesting, even if disregarding whatever big rock issue, as for what's coming off the sun is certainly quite interesting as well as for all sorts of other fast moving objects and/or energy signatures that seem to light up, at least within the UV spectrum. This UV stuff is also something again that the human eye can't directly resolve and, apparently a good number of supposedly NASA wizards can't even comprehend after the fact, sort of exactly like all those UV images which David Sereda acquired form earlier shuttle mission documentation of the tether experiment and so on.

A better Village Idiot than I

Just to further prove that I'm not the one and only certified "village idiot", here's a lead to an author that's got a few worthwhile things to say about anti-gravity, manna gold and a host of other most interesting data. A couple of e-books as well as in paper backs by Henry Kroll at MITTYMAX.COM. Check out "MANNA Gold of the Gods" and "Space Ships Of The Gods".

Unfortunately, these two books are a wee bit tougher to read through than some of my stuff. So, good luck.

Frozen Mars Trees and those Glass Tubes

The next of these most interesting disclosure issues has to do with those frozen Mars trees and glycol worms or glass tubes, as oddly not being publicised simply because others outside the smelly NASA box have made their assumptions known. Another issue that's been realized but subsequently placed only into a very minor tributary (not main stream my any long shot), by others far more qualified then myself in such matters, may soon become the "end all" of "what if's": The 10th, 12th or whatever planet (actually, this one is apparently no ordinary planet, as it's sort of big [4 X Earth and as Zeta states, 23 times as much mass, which is somewhat lightweight as planets generally go] or perhaps even a thousand times greater in mass if it's more likely a freaking dead star), as now incoming like a bat out of hell, returning home for another brief 3600 year whiplash visit, as this may eventually become (again; in spite of NASA's total nonconcern, disregard or disinformation) our most pressing reality. Something that big, even if a mere 23 times Earth's mass, is not small potatoes, as that planet could be accompanied by hundreds of lunar sized objects.

http://users.lycaeum.org/~martins/nibiru.html  This was another 12th planet lead I thought might be of interest. http://www.mwt.net/~pt50/links.htm  This is simply a link to the rest of what the previous page had to offer.

http://www.geocities.com/solarstormmonitor/Pioneer.html  "An unknown force seeming to pull on a pair of distant space probes has left astronomers with a weighty mystery, one that appears to defy the conventional laws of physics. The Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 spacecraft, which for decades have steadily traveled in opposite directions in the solar system, have covered significantly less space than they should have according to astronomers."  It seems we have ourselves another winner, right here in River City. A rational conjecture or if you like "an assumption" based upon a worthy seed or two., actually nearly a full bag of seeds. Yet our teams of crack NASA wizards have been so busy with their cloaking on behalf of NSA/DoD, that obviously insufficient talents, time and resources have been applied. It certainly appears this 12th planet or dead star issue is worth a whole lot more then continuing to sweep such matters under that bulging rug, under which carpet are those Apollo photo negatives, the lunar lander technical supports documents and even my "GUTH Venus" files of "I told you so" information regarding life on Venus.

This next consideration of ongoing reality as yet another "should have been", "could have been" openly expedited research opportunity;  and, just because I can foresee a potential connection or relationship with ties to the "GUTH Venus" ET discovery, as that based upon my subsequent planetary and solar system evolution conjecture, here once again, there is certainly no good reason for others to perceive the same as I, especially if those efforts as pertaining to this consideration places your job as well as your personal health on the line;  http://www.viewzone.com/expo2002.html and also this follow up page.   It seems somewhat odd however, that others would even try to inhibit let alone expel such worthy exploration discoveries, I mean, how pathetically shallow, arrogant and egotistical are these pro-NASA types?

Attempting to get almost anything the least bit controversial published is pretty much like trying to run a series of whatever advertisements or even news articles without having to first pay, which as you know, this is simply not done (unless you happen to own your own national publication, of which NASA effectively outright owns many of and then basically controls and/or moderates the remainder of others by being a primary financial contributor). In other words, whatever you and I read as supposedly independent news and/or as a report upon almost any discovery, this is in fact a fully funded/sponsored info commercial, as in one way or another, any supposedly independent release of information has been thoroughly bought and paid for by product sponsors and/or by the original source such as NASA or NSA/DoD and so on (nothing gets into print without funding of some sort and, I've been informed by many publishers of their long standing enforcements by the likes of NASA/NSA/DoD which have been placed upon publications [especially as of lately by the likes of NASA] as to insure that absolute compliance is substantially being reinforced by the sufficient threat of their being expelled from the "cash cow" of any number of government sponsored adds as well as those info-commercials that are being perpetrated as news).

Many authors and a few wealthy researchers have had to circumvent this "status quo" by doing just that, paying for and subsequently getting their research and/or story published. As otherwise, their work (no matters how relevant or important to science or humanity) would never have been told, not even long after they're dead and gone. Even paying for your own research release is most often moderated to death and even potentially foiled by those in positions of sufficient influence. The recent blow up over a legitimate NYT published science article that was privately paid for is a perfectly good example. You can easily pay as to publishing serious smut and much worse without being moderated by society let alone the likes of NASA/NSA/DoD, but just try to publish anything that's the least bit controversial against the brotherhood and, especially from the perspective of the publisher, you've got yourself more than just a little "trouble in River City".

About the only thing that's "independent" about a supposedly free press publication is, those publishers receive their independent payments or commissions up front (sometimes they have even been paid and/or threatened as to not publish something). This financial amount is (as with NASA) a great deal based upon a long running contract or privet internal agreement, where this supposedly honest publisher prints whatever the writer (example; NASA) has to offer with little or no questions asked, as an artical cloaked as representing it's own independent workmanship, and they will gladly keep right on doing so just as long as those fat checks keep rolling in. This effort includes an entirely legitimate long running contract as to placing actual advertisements, such as for whatever government recruiting and/or services promotions and as always a few of those supposedly purely educational or civic minded announcements, which lately don't seem to include much of anything about all those Earth killer asteroids nor as to the 12th planet until is entirely too late and, the very same goes for David Sereda's work and of my discovery of what's been existing on Venus.

Of all the government agencies and their sub-agencies (there are seemingly thousands), NASA alone places the greatest amount of advertisements and/or info-commercials, as well as having the greatest degree of (government paid for) news propaganda "disinformation" as those being delivered onto the easily deceived public (that's including our Senate and Congress), as supposedly representing the free thoughts and talents of a given staff writer of whatever publication, even though an assigned staff writer may have been given the entire context of what to write, but the work is still to be subjected as to being moderated so as to insure that only what NASA wanted to convey is in that article and, nothing whatsoever other.

Well let me tell you something;  those supposedly honest space/science articles (thousands of them), as being represented as thoughtful news worthy contributions, are thoroughly moderated if not entirely scripted by the likes of NASA. Either by an inside mole working on behalf of NASA and/or by having to submit the entire article for supposedly proof reading by NASA and/or their appointed service agency. So, what you and I get to read and see is not necessarily the whole truth, it's only what NASA decides is the truth and/or permits as acceptable controversy. As a good example, I obtained the National Geographic publication "Space Odyssey" by William Harwood and, lo and behold, there's a perfectly good and fairly recent photograph of the ISS, taken obviously from space looking directly at the illuminated surfaces and, there's no significant solar hot spots, so the camera and CCD imaging would have been capable of easily obtaining sufficient contrast ratio to have included stars. Well guess what folks, not only are there no stars but, I discovered intentional dodging that inadvertently obscured a small portion of ISS which should have been seen but, the obviously individual charged with making the final image proof for publication got a little careless (why would anyone even bother as attempting to eliminate those vibrant stars, unless they're still fostering those pathetic Apollo images which also were entirely without stars?)

There is a great deal at stake here folks, and the likes of NASA/NSA/DoD are not taking this matter lightly.

Guess what would happen (not to mention legal restitution), as to that rather substantial flow of money, if any such published article offered anything the least bit tainted, negative or even questionable on behalf of NASA. That publication would instantly lose all of NASA's as well as all other government sponsored articles and advertisements plus, the IRS could come down on them like a tonne of bricks, then their bank accounts would be frozen and soon after would be institutional death to the publication itself.

Any publication that accepts such government moneys (we are talking fairly large amounts) especially from an agency such as NASA, offers their client privet rules and obligations as assurances towards mutually protecting that money source. The problems with most serial killers and your typical vicious mobster is, they don't usually run such adds nor otherwise pay enough towards info news that would ever reflect positively upon their behalf, and guess what folks, there side of the story is virtually never told. That's why we'll never realize the entire truth(s) (if anything) as to why certain groups or individuals feel they have nothing further to lose, little if any option that holds even the promise of a partial resolve to their quest, as instead we seem to get 9/11. Basically, whatever published truth is something that's bought and paid for, too often (as with NASA) that's paid for by you and me as taxpayers.

I am not saying there are no honest news reporting publications out there, just that these are relatively small and/or obscure factions and, as such they certainly can't afford taking any chance that might leverage them into a legal battle against the government. As you must realize, even if there is no ongoing contract of substantial profits by which to lose, NASA will not likely have to sue in any open court as for getting their way, as they can easily (through internal channels of favor exchanging) manipulate any number of other governmental agencies so as to pursue the likes of anyone pushing their buttons.

If they (NASA) should push back at my buttons, many others (even several of my previously staunchest critics) are going to expect someone to further explain why I'm even worth being targeted. As if this should ever happen, then I'll be having my say in court, which then becomes "public record" if not a bloody media circus. So, I'll advise others to either support me or don't push my buttons.

I may not ever be fully able to sufficiently prove we never walked on that moon (we supposedly won that "cold-war", so one way or another what's the freaking big deal) but more importantly, Club NASA certainly can't seem to prove we ever did.

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