Venus for Dummy's

By;  Brad Guth / IEIS      March 12, 2002    (update: November 16, 2002)

This page is certainly not intended to suggest that you're not already smart enough to have figured everything out and, that furthermore, in spite of my somewhat untrained or unpolished documentation efforts (including whatever inaccuracies), that you are still capable of comprehending essentially what it is that I have discovered without any further words. This is however, for those visually as well as mentally impaired, another one of my worthwhile efforts to convey something truly and outrageously invaluable, as for being affordably obtainable and yet, for reasons I am being widely opposed by the vast majority of newcomers as well as with regard to those of the greater establishments, primarily as by those which so thoroughly missed this opportunity in the first place and, have since only compounded upon their pathetic stance, further limited their options as well as compromised their chosen perception and/or manipulation of true history, by intentionally ignoring the greater good and potential of what "GUTH Venus" represents. This has given me the added motivation and the opportunity of time as to be discovering other truths associated with history and science (I had no idea that so many have been committing perjury).

My having to listen to most of my frustrated critics (sort of being on the receiving end of their official flak, seldom of anything constructive), one might actually believe that the planet Venus was always exactly where it is and furthermore, always hot as hell and/or somehow became hot overnight, thereby not one microbe ever made it past go.

Well guess again folks; The Venus of today has it's seasons, primarily those of DAY and NIGHT and, that obnoxious (to Earth humans) atmosphere still contains some (several thousand mega-tonnes worth) of their H2O. Those so called impenetrable thick clouds are not always producing 100% coverage nor at the same density and consistency, as there are semi-transparent zones along with somewhat lesser cloud elevations and even lesser densities at nighttime and, there are rather substantial vertical thermal (convection cooling) issues and, all of this is in addition to all those talked about upper atmospheric winds and even of those much lesser surface winds (significant surface areas for consideration being defined as ranging from -5 km to 10+km, is where those surface winds do vary, but mostly as those associated with vertical convection standards, nighttime offering perhaps 9+K/km differential), which by the freaking way (considering the mostly CO2 aspect) could be providing nearly unlimited conversion energy (especially at the 4+bar/km potential as for creating vertical wind tunnel shafts accommodating power turbines). Then, how about those upper winds (just like right here on Earth, except far better), as those could enable a considerable boost as to traveling about the globe via massive airships (not that massive is even required, as the lift/buoyancy factors are simply so considerable, so much so that travel below or even above those clouds is essentially a done deal).

Some of the most fundamental basics about Venus are as follows

Obviously if you need more thoughtful (focused) details, I'll oblige, as all you'll really need to do is either read on or simply contact me (feel free to correct whatever you like), or if you must, try contacting Club NASA, as they have lots to offer, including somewhat misleading if not simply missing or incomplete documentation (such as upon all of what I've discovered).

Venus is obviously an official planet (even though I've recently made it entirely disappear), a size roughly 95% and 81.5% density that of Earth. Every other thing you need to know about the "status quo" of Venus is within those NASA archives (warning; Lord NASA knows all there is to know).

As such, it has gravity of approximately 81% (in other words; a 250 pound (thermally insulated) astronaut would weigh in @203 pounds on Venus). Less gravity is nearly always an advantage, especially when that's still retaining (unlike Mars) sufficient atmospherics.

It certainly has a lot of atmosphere, perhaps a little too much (far better then not having enough) and, much of that is 96.5% Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and 3.5% Nitrogen (N2), but there is also some free oxygen (perhaps more so at night and especially at altitude, such as above 5 kilometers [16,404']). CO2/O2 components become 50/50 (equal) at roughly 150 km, thereby a vertical gradient exist for O2. Any amounts of O2 that are under pressure are of greater potential for supporting life, especially of cold blooded life that does not have to waste it's energy staying warm or cool, like pathetically inefficient humans do.

Venus rotates slowly, so that their day/night periods are worth roughly 122/122 or a total of 243+ Earth days (for you and I, this would represent something more like the nearly ideal 4 month seasons of day and then night).

If need be, nocturnals could remain situated for up to 4 months, prior to relocating (via airship) to their sunset community, two of which sites have been located at (duh) 180 degrees from the primary site.

Daytime is obviously still illuminated (through those thick clouds) by the sun, where some white light (perhaps 10%) plus more of near-UV and just UV rays do in fact penetrate much of the thick atmosphere and, where the bulk of IR rays are for the most part blocked as they continue re-heat that clouded upper atmosphere. As a result, little IR surface heating occurs, therefore little surface penetration, just loads of thermal convection issues exist which are much easier for life as well as technology to deal with.

Nighttime (roughly 2900 hours worth) is obviously extremely dark, as no stars and obviously no moon illumination and, in spite of what NASA records state, it somewhat cools off (especially above 10km), as substantial vertical up/down drafts of that highly thermally conductive CO2 occur, thus sufficient time for surface cooling to take place as well, especially since the surface was not deep IR heated in the first place. So, unless there's ongoing geothermal activity, the surface tapers off at night.

The daytime surface temperature (according to NASA records) at 10 km is roughly 650K (that's still fairly hot, but nothing beyond our present day technology to deal with (especially since there's little daytime and absolutely no nighttime IR consideration) and, we're not even all that first hand nor having motivated experience with such greenhouse environments (at least not yet) and, it's entirely possible that their nighttime season could very well drop such elevated surface temperatures to as low as 500K.

The nighttime surface temperature at 10 km is thereby certainly not so hot as by day, especially after 100 or so hours into darkness. By the way; there's lots of Venus territory situated at 10+ km, which is equal to you being on Earth at 32,800 ft., in which case (even though it can reach 135F in the Earthly valley below) within no time you would become essentially freeze dried and very dead (especially at night).

The atmospheric daytime pressure at ground zero (radius at roughly 6052 km) is reported as 92 bar or nearly 1340 pounds per square inch (perhaps a bit higher at [96+] nighttime, simply because cooler CO2 weighs more), however, at 10 km the nighttime pressure is something closer to 800 pounds per square inch. By the way once again, on Earth we have literally hundreds of crew onboard various submarines that do manage to survive quite nicely at similar external pressures and absolutely no sunlight to boot. Known life forms can and do over time acclimate to such pressures. You certainly will never freeze on Venus, but you might see those elevated nighttime temperatures falling below 500K (that's sufficiently below the boiling point of water).

Fluids are possible to openly exist on Venus, such as Hydrogen Peroxide (h2o2) as well as many other petrol/chemical considerations, which the mostly CO2 atmosphere makes for a rather interesting alternative (environmentally stable and friendly at that) and, as for providing alternate Oxidisers of sorts, by which some even produce surplus Oxygen and Water as major elements and/or as byproducts of their combustion. Technically, it becomes less complex and much lesser compromising for life to acclimate to that mostly hot CO2 environment, then it's been for us humans that require massively energy consuming nuclear submarines in order to survive under water (at best we can only manage that feat for a couple years). As compared to life surviving on Mars, there's no contest, especially when the atmosphere is essentially nonexistent and, what there is of it is damn cold, with no other surface accessible geothermal resources for even processing upon whatever there is, not that hundreds of billions of dollars couldn't melt some of that thick ice (burning up that much money should melt something).

As other potential fluids and fuels go (besides whatever fossil potential), common resources such as Hydrogen (remaining in those cool clouds), just as here on Earth and perhaps even more so on Venus, where Hydrogen can be fairly easily produced as simply gathered from that upper atmosphere, being effectively stored and as such potential energy elements go, at least as in the form of h2o2, where H2 as well as H2O are each stable and extremely safe (especially on Venus). Other energy options, even nuclear has been suggested, and with darn good motivational reasoning.

(It's not that NASA could not have discovered all this, they just had far better things to do, like spending all the rest of our money towards acquiring those potentially lethal Mars microbes and, otherwise doing whatever "spin" and subsequent "damage control", still taking great a deal of effort and resources as for supporting those Apollo missions).

About all that heat issue;  Air conditioning is not an Earth secret and, it is not even rocket science. Most any element, such as CO2 and even plain old H2O can be effectively utilized as a vastly superior solutions to that of freon. Air conditioning needs only a viable thermal differential as to accomplish cooling. Compressing CO2 would most certainly become an obvious solution that nearly any moron could figure out and, I'm fairly certain Venus has a sufficient supply of CO2, perhaps even enough hot lizard morons to boot. For simple cycle CO2 air conditioning to occur, a mere 2:1 compression of that ambient CO2 is more then considerable, as depending upon altitude (say 5+km), that could easily representing more then 1000 psi differential and, of a very thermally good conductor at that.

ABOUT EVOLUTION or PERHAPS GOD"s WILL; In spite of what NASA want's you and I to believe in, planetary evolution happened on Venus, perhaps more so intense then here on Earth (Lord knows, they certainly had their fair share of sufficient motivation). Evolution may also have managed to survive the existing greenhouse impact because, that condition simply did not occur over night and, even if it did, again in spite of what NASA states, there were viable energy options for those wishing to survive. At some very early point in solar system time, the planet Venus (upon arriving into this solar system) may very well have been a mere 2.5 million kilometers away from Earth, close enough for the smarter DNA of Venus to have jumped ship before becoming situated where they are today (stuck here on Earth and most of their descendants apparently working for NASA).

ENERGY and SIMPLY LOTS OF IT;  Perhaps still not understood nor sufficient for Earth humans but, more then sufficient for any lizardkind. As from various natural (some renewable) resources, including vertical pressure and temperature differentials of that nifty CO2 kinetic energy, then of whatever petrochemical and/or electrochemical reactions. Subsequently extracting oxygen (as well as other elements like CO as fuel) can be produced, thus N2/O2 further supporting any initial H2SO4 gathering, then ambient (nearly free) distillation for obtaining H2O extraction and subsequently producing H2O2 as well as volumes of H2 from just the raw content of those clouds, then otherwise deriving further loads of CO/O2 as fuel and oxidiser elements from all that bulk of already toasty and compressed CO2 (unlike Mars requiring at least an unobtainable 60,000:1 compression, on Venus merely an efficient 5:1 compression and you've got viable CO/O2 extraction potential as well as loads of air conditioning).

Without our having the same impending needs nor life essentials of survival motivation, we now have electro-converting sort of filters functioning as fairly basic element separators, those which can technically either convert, filter out and/or displace whatever excess CO2 (at least as for limited living/working habitats). A selection of environmental chambers (including transports, housing, crew cabins, reverse-greenhouse for growing of whatever, underground excavated mines or even of natural caves) can easily be configured as safe havens, if need be, de-pressurized and/or the CO2 atmosphere merely displaced with the much lighter (thermally insulating) elements as N2/O2 and of even a little H2 as for habitat outer insulation barriers consisting of glass/ceramic spheres of H2. Another entirely worthy energy production consideration is through applying a sterling solar power conversion which works quite nicely right here on Earth and, by they way folks, the compressed/vaporized primary gas element within these relatively high output sterling power generators has been good old Hydrogen and, at "GUTH Venus #1" there seems to exist several massive parabolic structured considerations (these structures are sufficiently massive and are not those facing North/South, but East/West). Sterling energy is also adaptive to other natural geothermal considerations like lava has to offer. It's purely those differentials of pressure and/or temperature that offers energy and, Venus (again unlike Mars) has lots.

LOCAL ROADS or CAUSEWAYS; Because of surface terrain and obvious high temperatures (especially daytime and at lower elevations, especially below 5 km), surface transportation may have never existed or long ago been ruled out (except for fairly localized requirements where suitable shuttle pods or environmentally protected vessels [like submarines utilized on Earth] would be applied). Therefore, Venus is not likely to have developed extended global roads (why roads when you've got the nearly ideal ocean of crystal clear CO2 to navigate through and, 64+kg/m3 worth of buoyancy to boot, then perhaps even on-the-fly renewable CO/O2 to burn). The primary discovery site of "GUTH Venus" offers several local community roads or perhaps rail beds along with all the infrastructure to boot.

Remember; this is mostly a guy lizard planet, where cooking is merely a small external appendage to your home with a controlled through vent for some of that toasty as well as sterile CO2, then clean up is truly a snap (talk about the ultimate self cleaning oven, this could also become the ultimate water-less dishwasher for all of your fine sets of ceramic dinnerware. The residential septic system is equally efficient and absolutely sterile. There's never been a sick lizard on Venus, at least not associated with waste disposal nor from contaminated cooking or utensils.

Air transport is quite another issue; Altogether feasible (likely invented out of practical incentives and of basic necessity before any land transportation, I mean why the hell not?) and simply more so capable as to such capability existing on Venus then on Earth (Mars is absolutely zip). Because of the heavier atmospherics, such an airship applying Hydrogen as buoyancy lift, powered by CO/O2 and perhaps some H2O2 plus something similar to Kerosene (as nearly any combustible substance can be introduced along with H2O2 in order to greatly enhance the end result), could very well have resolved their transportation energy requirements. Constructing such rigid airships has rather significant advantages over doing so on Earth, even besides the 81% gravity advantage, as it's so much simpler and considerably stronger per pound of materials needed if you must only deal with external pressures and, not otherwise having to pressurize the vessel interiors nor of the H2 containment spheres. A de-pressurized cabin interior is simply vastly (engineering wise) superior for that of containing N2/O2 as well as for accommodating whatever amounts of H2, just as will for accommodating passengers and crew and, the sheer capacity for lifting and propelling massive weight becomes essentially a non-issue, like starting us off at 64+kg/m3. Alloy steels, ceramics, H2 as thermal insulation and CO2-->CO/O2 air conditioning certainly can't be all that inconceivable, especially where there is ample resources as well as valid motivation as to do something or else you die.

MORE ON INSULATION:  With the 64+kg/m3 available, ceramic sphere containment of H2 (essentually captive under a vacuum if those spheres were manufactured at sufficient altitude) could have become the ultimate solution, as to retaining as much valuable H2 as possible. Containing H2 under even the slightest of vacuum is obviously a win-win for technology, as the more vacuum the better. All sizes of such spheres could exist/coexist (I'm thinking 1mm to 100mm spheres), obviously micro spheres could be structurally incorporated into almost anything. Remember that insulation need only deal with thermal conduction issues and not IR, that certainly goes for biological exoskeletal or platelet types of insulation as well. A fairly large/thick form of biological hide could be comprised of H2 cells, sufficient for obtaining R-200.

ASTRONOMY on Venus; If in fact you have a rather substantial airship capability and, if that ship were to navigate itself to an altitude of 60 km or even 75 km, the potential for astronomy observations (obviously this effort is during their nighttime) is not such a complex task, as technically such a rigid airship could manage this. Inter-planetary communications from such a high flying airship is not only fully possible but highly probable, then as for communications via light illumination emissions is fairly universal to nearly every recorded life form (of course, we'll still have to exclude those braille NASA image interpreters, as those which still can't see a damn thing as existing at "GUTH Venus").

Dealing with  The Seasons  of day and night;  Again, we are dealing with 2900+ hour intervals and, if you were to apply an appropriate airship technology, so as to having transports suitable as to avoiding those hotter daytime environments, surviving seems to become another non-issue, as all you would need is that of an alternate elevated base camp, like at 180 from the one you're at, so that as the sun rises, you and your family could board the Metro Airship and take that 100 hour journey to the sunset community (we have birds that migrate further then that right here on Earth).

Why has NASA failed to realize, let alone act upon any of this?
That's a very good question, or perhaps more like worth a thousand other far better questions, which I believe involves many reasons, mostly backed by perfectly good motives and logic, but then also, and perhaps more as to how this discovery was so badly overlooked is because of some fairly sinister ulterior motives and then further impacted by all sorts of hidden NSA/DoD agendas. Once you perpetrate any ruse, such as the Cold-War and then compound upon that with the Apollo program, you have little choice but to hold the line long enough, at least until all those involved are either very dead or so removed from public access, so that they pose no further threat towards those remaining (there's always going to be those remaining).

For myself to have come along and uncover what I have and, as for myself to go public (basically circumventing Club NASA's "nondisclosure policy") has become a considerable "spin" and "damage control" fiasco (not that I didn't give NASA the first couple of months, more like 6 months worth of options). In other words, they are obviously more so damned if they do and even somewhat damned if they don't acknowledge what I have to offer.

Time has been running out; October/November 2002 is when Venus will be nearly 105 times the distance of our moon, where international efforts at "first contact" are going to be underway. This initial effort should start as soon as August 2002 and continue past January 2003. Obviously we have been seriously needing a replacement Magellan mission and, fortunately other Nations now have sufficient technology as will as the need to succeed at something that has become so obtainable and thereby affordable. If NASA elects to sit this one out, not only will America become second if not third in space research and exploration, but we as Americans will not have capitalized upon the greater potential of achieving planetary exchanges, thereby all of the rewards for doing so.

Obviously our chief commander and war-lord president Bush would rather be keeping us at war and/or on the brink, doing whatever it takes as to avoid getting this "GUTH Venus" discovery into any mainstream environment. It's called "artificial diversion" or, sort of "disinformation" on steroids. Fortunately this opportunity doesn't need president war-lord Bush, nor NASA, nor of any other new technology. Unfortunately, a large number good folks have been dying and even more are soon to die, simply to further reinforce the greatest ruse ever and, as to bolster our global authority, much of which has been based upon lies, or at the very least, distortions of the truth.

So, how can my opposition honestly express anything negative against my research, when their pagan God has been directly involved with some of the worst possible carnage of the past three decades ever recorded. How exactly do my inaccuracies fair against the truths of what we, as a nation, have done to this world or perhaps failed to do because we were too damn busy doing those really bad things.

As much as the planet Mars has been in the news, there is simply nothing whatsoever artificial existing on Mars other then perhaps what some microbes have managed to evolve into, whereas on Venus there exist massive complex structures, including reservoirs (some holding fluids), a rather substantial bridge, a raised airport of sorts, another massive airship consideration along with multiple infrastructure issues including a number of big and tall buildings and fairly obvious other signs of considerable mining and/or excavations and, there is even what looks as that of a fluid arch. Not all that bad for a hot and nasty planet. Perhaps whomever lives there is big, mean as hell and ready for action, not likely the sort of church going soul one might hope for.

The "extraordinary proof" backing up this discovery, simply far surpasses the NASA standards set forth by those infamous Apollo missions. Unfortunately, I had to discover the true definition of "extraordinary" upon my own and, to do that required that I further research into the archives of not just about Venus and nearly all the associated missions including the Magellan phase, but also into NASA's past, as obviously their higher standards for establishing "extraordinary proof" had to have been developed and thoroughly based and/or founded upon whatever had been accomplished or not in their past. After all, NASA has set the standards for space research.

NASA may not further claim as being the source of establishing "truths" but, they certainly set and then moderate to death those standards by which all others must comply. Thus "truth" is entirely variable, as being easily excluded and/or skewed, especially if that truth somehow reflects poorly upon NASA. Remember, those ENRON/Andersen employees had to have come from somewhere.

Upon my further discovering what "extraordinary" means, it now seems more important to perhaps redefine "truth" before we much bother with our adhering to any "extraordinary proof" standards. If the "truth" can be so easily skewed as to accommodate the needs at hand, then perhaps the "extraordinary proof" standards can equally be skewed. If my discovery imposes no threat to humanity (something those Mars microbes can not claim) and, if the effort to realize and capitalize upon the opportunity that may yet exist for us on Venus, as something not only highly obtainable but least costly by a wide margin as well as zero risk to humanity by attempting "first contact", as being that much more so totally safe and even more so cost effective, then what's all the fuss over?, why are those in power so intent upon suppressing if not outright destroying this discovery and thereby denying humanity the opportunity to advance? Perhaps this has been the very same ulterior logic as being applied towards anyone and especially of any other Nations attempting to re-survey the moon, as they have equally been bombarded with NASA flak and threats, what's becoming really scary is, our leaders are now seriously considering fully implementing our biggest guns and expediting upon star-wars technology so as to maximize our global bully stance and, likewise upholding our space dominance, as if we are somehow the chosen one or even entitled.

Something needs to done, and soon;  Other Nations must openly express their wishes and expedite upon this Venus adventure before it's too late during this cycle to safely get something off the ground or at least towards communicating. The US is capable of coming clean and paying whatever the price, however, and perhaps further unfortunate for humanity, NASA will not likely do so without another fight because, there is simply far too much investment, reliance and dependence upon our past and subsequent perceptions of the truth and, it will be nearly imperative that America is perceived as remaining the all-knowing and most powerful Nation. In my lifetime, perceptions have truly become the predominate national security factor, where "truth" and of that so called "extraordinary proof" has obviously been skewed to death (literally to the deaths of so many others).

If you would care to submit your words or merely to edit and thereby polish upon what I have to say, please do so. Just remember that, I merely discovered the Venus oversight and then was essentially forced into discovering the logic behind all the subsequent discovery bashings. If you have no ties into NASA/NSA/DoD, you can be safe in submitting whatever, however, if you ever signed that "nondisclosure policy" you will have to deliver your dialog through isolated channels and, then being certain to thoroughly destroy all of your original files (burning them is good, including your floppy, CD's and hard drives). I do have some fairly extensive software that will scrub your files to death, however, as compared to burning, there is no contest. Once I have your data and no way of knowing who you really are, only then will I utilize whatever you have to offer and, I'll even apply my very own form of documentation encryption (poor syntax) so that it will appear as being from my lobes rather then yours (in other words, in order to further protect your identity, I will not simply cut and paste).

I should not have to be carrying on about the past, except for the fact that the past is exactly why NASA and pro-NASA types can not allow themselves to seeing anything on Venus (as that would represent a whole lot of bad PR). If I brought back an official Venus sign post and presented that as evidence, NASA, just like ENRON, would still not (again just like ENRON and Andersen) admit to any wrong doing nor shirking of their responsibilities and furthermore, probably stick to that stance until their death if so backed by their very own NSA/DoD black hole accounting firm (meaning that; mass quantities of our moneys keeps funneling in, yet nothing whatsoever that was to be expected ever seems to come out). For various legitimate reasons, according again to pro-NASA types, they simply had far better and vastly more important issues to contend with and, discovering anything indicating the greater possibility of life existing outside of Earth was obviously not one of those pressing issues.

Need I remind everyone; This page will become edited and revised ever upward (occasionally sideways), adding a little of my own heat in the form of links and whatever I think will fly. Your input is most welcome, just tell me whatever you think will further hot this opportunity up and, don't worry about NASA, they literally have too many other irons in the fire (if you think ENRON and Andersen shredding documents is something, perhaps you should checkout the heat waves comming off the stacks of all those NASA incinerators (Apollo documents and those original negatives; What documents and what negatives?).

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