Those 2900 hour Day/Night Seasons of Venus

( this is just for the fun of my giving into a little too much leeway towards the possibilities )
(by; Brad Guth / GASA~IEIS     update: June 27, 2004)

Actually we're having to talk more like the season of DAY verses the cooler and obviously pitch black as hell season of NIGHT. On Venus, their daytime season is some 2900+hours worth, or 120+ Earth days, as equally their nighttime season represents the same 2900+hours worth, except somewhat cooler and obviously humanly dark, but visually only that of a relative dim environment as for some nocturnal smart ass lizard folk.

Think of enduring the season of Day as something like finding yourself within a black and locked car, with everything being electric including those windows and door locks and then guess what, you're going to be stuck there in the blazing sun with a dead battery, whereas essentially you have become locked in just as that early morning season of Day begins to rise. And, try to remember that this effort is a form of lousy humor, which is something obviously forbidden (punishable by death) among NASA borg types, as I've come to understand that NASA is simply too damn serious for their own good, whereas perhaps a little humor might accidently reveal a little too much truth and consequences to boot.

An hour or so into this Venus sunrise, you and your sweety start off your morning by sort of thawing out, being cold blooded and all, whereas you soon acclimate and perhaps even feel fairly good. Of course, those thick clouds pretty much prevent your actually seeing any sun, but none the less, some penetrating IR plus those additional near-UV rays start doing their thing. Everyone else is off and going quite nicely in their family surface transport pods, headed for the short trip to your community metro airship. But lo and behold, your pod is no longer on the move.

The second hour is perhaps indicating upon the beginning of the end, as this is where your basalt fabric clothes and/or exoskeleton shields or platelets are soon wet with B.O., becoming covered in corrosive subdermal scale sweat and, of those pyrex pod windows (in spite of all the heat) are becoming nearly all fogged up with your precious body fluids.

Now that you happen to look into your rear view mirror, noticing your two lizard kids and the family's 600 pound pet alligator dog as barely able to keep their secondary eyelids open, a pool of highly corrosive dog slobber is soaking into your expensive alligator hide interior and, right next to you is your not so happy wife (her two foot forked tongue equally panting and sweating like a spent race horse), very much indicating there's not going to be any sex tonight sort of tongue sweat.

Another hour goes by, and it's certainly not looking all that promising, in fact, you are now so freaking hot that sleep seems like the only remaining alternative to a simply scorching sort of death. Since the environment demand a degree of toughness as per methods of transport, there's no freaking way of even busting out, and not that escaping into the raw outdoors is such a good idea unless you're darn good at holding your breath and don't mind losing a few mm worth of outer scale due to the rising heat.

By now your lizard kids and alligator like dog have been out hot and, your wife is otherwise about to punch whatever is left of your lights out for being so absolutely stupid, as to getting everyone locked into that cheap ass pod, having that dead battery and all in the first place. But then, as she is nearly passing out from all the heat, her scales are becoming noticeably faded and, those windows have been so fogged solid with bodily fluids which used to be keeping your family alive, that there is little chance of outsiders seeing in (sort of like NASA originally not seeing a damn thing at "GUTH Venus" for well over a decade, and of those Andersen freaks not seeing all of the outright blatant fraud going on at ENRON, and/or of Saddam wondering where in the puck those supposed WMD are when you need them).

Who's idea was it to wait until the last minute, then having to take the family cluncker pod instead of just using the metro airporter service? Seems as though mister "know it all" lizard lips, besides getting his entire family stuck in their Dodge Dart transport pod (after sunrise at that) is having another one of those bad scale days as well, even cancelled their cell phone service in order to save a few more bucks that obviously should have gone into a new battery for their family pod, but no, can't do that and, he (as being a typical NASA sort of know-it-all guy) will never admit to making yet another horrific mistake (sounds an offal like some of those local pro-NASA supporters I've been up against).

Now that your pod is seriously ranging above 400K, and obviously still rising, though fortunately for being cold blooded isn't adding all that much in terms of Venus Thermal Units (VTUs). Perhaps by now you are hopping for a quick death or that of an unusually early sunset, but then you realize that sunset is not for another 2895 hours. Damn, damn, damn! There you are, situated on Venus, where everyone else (obviously a whole lot smarter then yourself) has been either fully sheltered within those massively constructed stone and basalt composite structures and/or remaining comfortably situated underground, or else getting onboard the fully air conditioned metro airship, whereas ample energy resources for cooling as well as air purification exist and, otherwise many others have been long on their way to the airship via that local airporter service, as to getting themselves onboard the airship for their life saving migration trip to either of at least two sunset community sites of "GUTH Venus #2 or #3, with one of the ultimate destinations being Istar Terra.

Once again, you swipe your scales across those heavily fogged triple pane pyrex windows, only to notice a steady stream of other functioning supply and metro passenger pods being transported to that "fully air conditioned" mother airship, that massive (360 X 2400 meter airship which is powered by CO2-->CO/O2 plus a little H2O2 for the kick start), as being fully basalt and silica composite structured as well as R-1024/m insulated, and offering sufficiently depressurized cabin and cargo holds which everyone else has been working so hard at stockpiling with all of their mining and produce production, just as this had always been the case for the last hundred centuries and, was therefore scheduled to soon leave upon schedule as per the seasonal (darkness to daylight) change, thus no surprises here, whereas everyone else is obviously NOT stuck in their personal pod are soon going to complete their boarding shortly after sunrise, so that the normally uneventful journey to their sunset community would be such that the season of Day would be left far behind, their city and homes being tended only by those specialized defensive troops, technicians and scientist (those charged with sort of holding down the fort while accomplishing whatever maintenance as necessary so as to protect, preserve and nurture the mostly underground facilities).

Actually, that sunrise (due to those thick and extremely elevated clouds) is more like a hunred some odd hours of predawn illumination timeline. Plenty of time before those IR and near-UV solar elements starts doing a serious number on your already toasty hot environment.

The defence of your city; this is still the primary objective of those remaining specialized technical RILG folks (those of the Royal Islamic Lizard Guard), where such high ground, especially that associated with a suitable terrain and nearby natural resources, not to mention all their well established infrastructure such as their massive interplanetary airport, suspension bridge, airship silo/hanger, multiple reservoirs, massive sterling/solar energy collectors and so on, is about as valuable as life itself, in fact it is life itself. As millions of years ago, when Venus was slowly altering from being a lush and reasonably cool but tropical environment, those capable and sufficiently smarter then the rest were quickly placing claim onto such precious elevated areas, such as "GUTH Venus" and "Istar Terra". And, because the availability of such high territories is ever so much less today, whereas at the very least opportunity could allow others (undesirable's and probably Islamic or even Jewish lizard types at that, or perhaps far worse, a Scientologist faction of those Taliban) would obtain access to your homeland and, it's not all that likely they'll be all that interested in sharing a damn thing, least of all interested in sharing precious oil nor other energy related reserves.

In addition to whatever basic robotic defences; a remaining technical and tactical support staff, along with their depressurized personal transport pods are not so worried about breaking out in any sweat over much of anything because, atmospheric air conditioning via direct CO2-->CO/O2 energy consumption as well as sterling type heat/energy geothermal conversion and then from their many vertical wind tunnel turbines (extracting mega watts from the 4+bar/km at perhaps 10+m/s) is keeping their living and work places as well as personal transport pods and home interiors a whole lot cooler then hell. Once everyone else is onboard the main airship, those tunnels and silo hatches are obviously to be secured behind them and, then the mostly underground interior entrances or interface are re-evacuated so that the air (becoming a greater proportion of N2 and a perhaps otherwise H2 and a mere 1% worth of O2) becomes vastly more suitable, then as their solar/sterling powered illumination powered technology comes on line, along with the all essential sterling type and/or of those vertical CO2 wind power enables their environmental AC to becoming fully on line, whereas lizard life can be supported as within massive structures and then obviously as much as need be underground until a little after the next sunset.

Try to remember that, good thermal insulation as well as whatever atmospheric cooling (AC) is not of any Earth exclusive. Hells bells folks, it took mankind millions of years just to figure out how to manipulate upon some of our most commonly available elements and, to utilizing various gasses as for accomplishing things that if we weren't so focused upon cold-wars and of taking someone others oil, whereas instead we should have accomplished and utilized such technology long before. So, obviously mankind is not all that bright, at least not those of us from Earth that are still out and about snipe hunting for those WMD.

Next;  the never ending task of the growing cycles for their food will soon consume the hourly lives of those left encharge with such responsibilities, as they must ultimately prepare for their mostly underground Day season of 2900 hours worth, and otherwise performing their various task(s) at hand before the coming sunset and/or season of nighttime, as that's when their reptilian community will be returning in mass, all 50,000+ which will arrive via that very same massive airship, along with a few thousand others lucky enough to afford their own personal transports (airship yachts), as of the smaller craft will be landing first at the "GUTH Venus International Airport" (situated just North of downtown), where everyone returning home will be fully expecting all to be in good working order, as well as a fresh batch of food (pizza) and plenty of cold beer on hand.

Even though such a massive airship transports 50,000+ hardy lizard folk and, is otherwise capably transporting some 350,000 metric tons worth of precious fluids, minerals, chemicals and construction materials, and since it may be yet another 1500 hours before any significant acidic precipitation accumulates into those otherwise parched high mountain reservoirs, I believe this is where such cloud distilation efforts earn their keep. Of smaller transports utilizing the airport/tarmac complex (situated just North of town) will each be contributing at least another 1000 metric tons worth of gathered and distilled fluids (mostly of H2O or of that processed into H2O2), and/or of transfering chemicals and minerals in addition to their accommodating a hundred or so passengers, as these and even of smaller robotic airships are making regular excursions into those 40+km clouds (the base of such nighttime clouds could upon occasion and in limited spots fall below 20 km), so as to gather upon and process out literally tonnes of their renewable resource of H2O (thanks to the ambient temperatures and pressures, merely pulling a simple vacuum effectively accomplishes this task of extremely efficient airborne distillation process).

With Energy Life is Good enough; insurmountable isuues become surmountable

As a way of life on such a hot and nasty planet, energy means everything;
Besides the considerable kenetic energy extraction from the 4+bar/km, there's a few solar conversion via large parabolic solar collectors comprised of silica retro-reflectors feeding into sterling photon-heat/energy exchanging having been another method of sustaining life, and as a kid reptilian life in which you might never have known of anything else. Charcoal filters were also a forever known standard of life in hell, as virtually every transport pod and living accommodations was thoroughly ventilated by a process of CO2-->CO/O2 and of the circulated air scrubbed via charcoal filters, so that the bulk of any artificially created sulphuric laden atmospheric haze was essentially scrubbed after being vacuum distilled as prior to being dispersed throughout the complex of interiors.

Auxiliary illumination is simply physics-101, of merely ionising the mostly CO2 creates as much nighttime illumination as needed, and there's even a nifty side benefit of that illumination process accomplishing some of the CO2-->CO/O2 process, especially if there's a spectrum of VU to being had. Being that your lizard vision is nocturnal, and having those larger eyes for a magnitude 5 greater sensitivity than human, as such your peak sensitivity of perhaps 407 nm offers as much as 170,000 lumen/w, as opposed to human sight of 1700 lumen/w at 507 nm. Since the atmosphere below the clouds is crystal clear, and the cloud bottoms are sufficiently reflective, illumination needs are extremely slight, whereas a mere watt of bio-illumination is more than sufficient for any personal needs, and of general area lighting in utilizing the free CO2 by way of aplying a relatively slight voltage per mm offers a good spectrum worth of light, that plus whatever the solar UV interaction from the season of daytime creates atmospheric ionising throughout those upper clouds has produced a rather nice amount of green glow from essentially ionised O2, thus the nighttime sky is often emitting a soft greeenish amount of night-light.

Pure ionised CO2 glows with a "daylight" cool color of roughly 6500K, offering a plasma color of blue white as according to this link:, whereas adding in a touch of N2 and/or by way of introducing slight amounts of a mercury element can obviously shift that spectrum into almost any desired color. Elements of fluorescence are certainly not out of this illumination equation, whereas any number of natural substances coexisting in such a nearly perfect electrical insulative and crystal clear pre-heated environment would go a long ways toward photon/electron efficiency, so much so that detections by the sorts of instruments previously sent into extremely limited zones would not likely have detected upon such.

As with the primary airship fuel being of a CO/O2 and/or Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) as a energy boost formula, this also becomes their primary resource for providing other electro/chemical reactions so as to extract and deliver the likes of much needed Oxygen into their cabin/habitat interiors. In addition to their various fuels and chemical industries, there are those artificial reverse-greenhouse environments in order to produce upon certain foods and even livestock as basically the life blood of virtually every Venus enterprise. In one way or another, every aspect of other technologies and of life on Venus has something to do with providing for and thus protecting and sustaining these two most essential industries of food and fluids by way of applied energy. Energy is actually anywhere and everywhere if you merely established a vertical wind tunnel taking advantage of the 4+bar/km worth of mostly CO2 that essentially acting as a vertical hydrodynamic resource of kinetic energy, thus energy isn't much of a problem unless you're as dumb and dumber as our dumfounded morons within and of those supportive of NASA have demonstrated to a fairlywell.

Observationology, as from the Venus perspective; For their scientific endeavors, as to astronomy upon the likes Earth could be providing all the entertainment they need, whereas such observations have likely been those limited to the sorts of massive ground based SAR imaging efforts that may only partially penetrate their dense atmospheric layers, as unlike that of their unobstructed capability from that of utilizing their massive rigid airship nose-pod observatory, as this is where the upper portion of which houses a fully deployable 60 meter optical plus SAR capable array and then utilizing a signal receiving tower of 240 meters, by which yields better than a 0.01 imaging aperture capability onto a 4096 X 4096 CCD like sensor (I believe that's 2.441e-6/pixel, or do the math yourself). In addition, the various cone like optical receivers developed by nocturnals are those somewhat similar to Earth's, fully capable of identifying and differentiating various light spectrums. Even though their mode of observational operation is at times somewhat limited by the density and altitude of their thick clouds, however, their nighttime of offering less cloud density and somewhat partial coverage permits this cloud cover as being not only much cooler at 40+km and then obviously at times that of sufficiently lower cloud elevations (according to some of our researchers, the lower haze reaching below 20 km), that which from their airship observations can most easily penetrate such clouds in order to cruise above as to view the stars and obviously to spy upon such large planets as Earth, especially come this October 2002, and again in June 2004 when Earth is about as close as they ever get, until the next cycle roles around.

Clearly from above those cloud tops; Under the right airship ballast loading, their astronomy outfitted airship is capable of exceeding 70+km altitude, however fuel demands as for dealing with the cooler temperatures and those much stronger upper atmospheric winds and potentially lethal solar flare exposures may somewhat limit these results, therefore, the preferred astronomy operation or time slot is obviously throughout their midnight of the nighttime season, as from this point on is when those winds slack off, clouds become lower and obviously further cool as well as their crew being shielded from the bulk of solar radiation exposure that wraps itself around the upper atmosphere somewhat like our Van Allen zone of death, becoming something (reptilian or not) that surely wants to be taken advantage of (as without their thick atmosphere and layer of dense clouds reacting much like our Van Allen belts, there's little else except using the mostly CO2 atmosphere itself as the only thing between yourself and certain death as the case upon Mars, whereas those dense Venus clouds and mostly their nighttime cloaked planet of shade below a terrific density of clouds insures avoidance of solar flare radiation that's perhaps greater protected than of what's surrounding Earth has to offer).

Traveling Across Venus; via foot, claw, hoof or whatever, is perhaps not such a good idea, not even at night, as it's still somewhat damn hot and nasty, especially upon anything having to reside much below 5 km, whereas the Venus equivalent of their "Death Valley" is literally just that. So, not all that much recreational outdoors stuff to do (at least not much below 10 km and at nighttime at that) and, few if any theme parks, as their idea of an "extreme sport" is simply going outside to take a whizzz, or perhaps skydiving is their main sport of challenging on another as to achieving the most hang-time that's due to the rather terrific atmospheric slug factor. Equally any form of ground transportation is going to be at somewhat of a significant disadvantage, as anything rubber sure isn't going to last, even most silicones would be hard pressed to endure such an environment and, of steel treads or tracks would soon become a real kidney killer. So, anything requiring a travel of more then a mile or so is more likely going to be resolved via airship transport, or at least of controlled environmental travel pods and, obviously with airships the higher up the better as for staying cool. Their heavy industries (VGMC) that's encharge of manufacturing of such insulated if need be depressurization transport pods structured of mostly basalt and silica composites, as well as those comprising various personal ground travel pods, of all sorts of various work machinery and even of train like commute cars is perhaps their equivalent of our GMC and aerospace industries rolled into one.

From what I've recalled about those WW-II German expertise and technologies, somehow I don't believe German engineers would be having any problem whatsoever with devising upon all sorts of viable transport solutions for Venus, yet lo and behold, as usual the American ideals of practicing their utter arrogance and stupidity seems to continually rule their past, present and future, somewhat as though, if it doesn't fit into an Apollo space toilet it's of no apparent use.

As far as global telecommunications; as reaching at least halfway around their world within this toasty but crystal clear and EMF efficient greenhouse atmosphere that surrounded by a rather nifity (EMF reflective) electrolytic cloud layer has become a real godsend, by efficiently reflecting fairly low power medium frequency communications of 5 to 10 Mhz as though you were merely right next door. I'd say global coverage as damn near walky-talky capable (simply don't need any cell sites or satellites), especially at night. One of our 5 watt CB radios could represent that of a virtual global transceiver (just think, Radio Shack could soon be making another fortune).

As far as getting back to our Mr."know it all" Lizard Lips, and his family still roasting away in his dead transport pod, if at all lucky, they will eventually be rescued, having his sorry ass as well as his entire roasted family on one of their syndicated version of "Dumbest Reptilians", as otherwise they'll simply become luggage or worthy hides for the interior of some other transport pod.

Try out your thinking upon Venus this way;   Osama bin Laden and his truly capable concept of surviving in spite of what every one can possibly toss at him, whereas it seems these sorts of folk had to have been created and trained somewhere very similar to Venus. So, more likely then Cathars, I've been talking about Venus hosting the sorts of testy Islamic Lizard folk, if not a few of those Muslim lizards. I'm also thinking, just to remain on the safe side of "what if", we should try being as polite as possible to these Venus folks and, avoid any references to or further comments by anyone Jewish or Pope like, as I foresee no harm in remaining as cautiously nutural as possible until we have established a long running binary exchange of intellectual property (for that sort of interplanetary communications task, we may need to quickly establish the Venus-L2[VL2] as our communications relay platform, of which this VL2 could be somewhat of a TRACE-II having been outfitted with arrays of relatively low energy laser communication cannons, say those of delivering 5 watts of 0.05 milliradian should pinpoint upon nearly an individual lizard if necessary).

Sorry about all the melodrama. Since no one else was even bothering to submit their supposedly better ideas, so I thought that because it's been a good three years and counting since I've informed NASA, that perhaps a little further conjecturing and/or conceptualizing was in order. Another worthy page or two, as having to deal with what I've referred to as No Lies about other life is regarding our planetary and solar system evolutions and, we still have "The Ultimate Trip to Hell and Back",  then we have another old topic upon Hot Tubs are all the rage,  the page upon loads of "What If" factors, the "Possibilities" page and, a little something for "Air-Travel" and, of so many other worthy concepts are those listed on the first two UPDATE index pages. I'll also attempt to further improve upon those older pages and equally upon this story line, especially as those new insight evolve as to understand the physics and science of such other life (of some obvious forms of life capable of communicating at least via light) that's hopefully still existing on Venus in spite of the incompetence of our NASA.


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