or perhaps; DID NOT HAPPEN (what big ass space rock, or what 10th, 12th or whatever planet/dead star?)

By; Brad Guth / IEIS   (updated June 08, 2002)

( perhaps the ultimate true or "truth" reasons why NASA and their vast communities of highly entitled and thereby taxpayer benefitted [literally NASA/God protected] researchers can't see a damn thing existing on Venus is because of the following considerations )

Consider if you will, this awakening concept;  as to be applied in a format that bases upon the discovery and subsequent realization of there being actual (evolved) life existing on another planet. Then to be considering all of the repercussions; how could NASA have responded in any manner other then what has literally taken place. And, why and/or under what ulterior motivation would anyone possibly object to that entirely wholesome consideration.

0 - This has certainly become the really big issue of our century;   NASA/Apollo supposedly went to and walked on the moon. Anything and/or anyone casting a somewhat dimmer light upon any portion of that issue, is to be stopped if not eliminated at all cost. As motives and subsequent government entitlements go, these factors alone are certainly far more then sufficient, as to why NASA can't allow themselves as to seeing a damn thing on Venus (how Venus could possibly relate to our moon fiasco is somewhat complex, made so only by NASA because, to others and myself, there's nothing all that complex about it).

1 - Especially as of 12 years ago;  we didn't, or at least I didn't, have the capability of humanly exploiting upon this opportunity. There existed no viable mechanisms by which us humans could survive such a journey (not even as to Venus L2). Even basic laser communications was not being deployed as anything inter-planetary worthy.

2 - Even if such a discovery and subsequent opportunities were announced today;  we still do not have the required technology as to properly deliver sufficient solar shielding for humans (we certainly have some good ideas as to what that might require [apparently none of such open space radiation knowledge nor experience came from those Apollo missions, at least there has been no documentation of such, just their word], we simply can't manage to deliver that much mass [10+ tonnes/m2] into space, where Russia probably could, but that's another obvious and ongoing cold-war tit for tat issue).

3 - If being asked to merely deploy a few interactive capable two-way audio/video transceivers, as to the elevated (nighttime) surface of Venus;  as far as I can determine, our existing technology was simply woefully inadequate (however no longer impossible, just too busy contriving as how to take advantage of, control and/or kill off Earth humans, as to bother with much of anything else).

4 - If asked as to why we can't simply adapt from our lunar expertise and qualified experience of those supposed reliable landers;  Will, that documentation (just like those ENRON documents) seems not to exist and/or is being conveniently discounted as somehow totally irrelevant.

5 - If asked to otherwiise deliver upon a purely rocket controlled instrumentation lander;  at least as stable and reliable as our supposed lunar landers (especially since we now actually have good "fly-by-wire" technology). Guess what folks; we today still have no such capability (look as hard as you may, you will simply not find it because, it's still [aftert 35 years] undergoing R&D).

Basically;  anything traveling to another planet must be unmanned and capable of being highly radiated, then rudely and unceremoniously dropped (blazing hot) from the sky, only then (if need be) to being bounced off the ground and later righting itself (in spite of all those now totally mysterious [pre-1970's] lunar landers and, all advancements ever since, there essentially is no human or even robotic suitable lander as offering final destination [down-range flight capable] rocket decent controlled landing capability [let alone re-assent capable], of which can be applied onto anything else). Fortunately, the planet Venus (somewhat like Mars, except far better) affords a good aerodynamic alternative of utilizing efficient airfoils and/or viable balloon/airship capabilities, working against a superior thick and relatively stable environment of mostly CO2 (combustible [ CO2-->CO/O2 ] as for rocket fuel at that).

6 - Apparently, if NASA were asked as to demonstrate a return (sample gathering) delivery from such a planet (any planet or even a zero atmosphere moon);  even without the enormous mass of a thoroughly radiated flight crew and the many additional tonnes of essential life support technology, we apparently still can't do that one either. Somehow Russia acquired a robotic sample from our moon, which seems somewhat better then what we have to offer (all of our samples either look and evaluate pretty much like Earth stuff or somehow got thoroughly mixed up with Earthly matter).

Exactly how we ever managed those lunar landings is something that remains a total NSA secret (after 30+ years, how in the holy hell that one remains a secret, especially when all sorts of other [worse] leaks keep showing up, is a true wonder and perhaps representing the real and most ultimate NSA/DoD cold-war accomplishment of the century). I'm certainly impressed.

7 - As my being an outsider (royal thorn);  for NASA and that of their communities of supposedly renowned researchers, for NASA types to even acknowledge that someone other actually accomplished a far better (observational) exploration discovery job, with ZERO tax funding at that, is obviously something sacrilegious and, more then just a little obvious as to having to be derailed at all cost.

I would have to suppose;  if the taxpayers ever found out that others outside of our beloved temples of NASA/NSA/DoD can accomplish far greater things, showing humanity that the light at the end of that proverbial tunnel as something other then yet another American doomsday locomotive, that some may start asking a few too many questions, such as; what in the hell has been going on for the past 4 decades and, more lately within the last decade?

8 - For that before mentioned outsider to even suggest that their pagan God was anything but absolutely perfect and totally sin free;  is yet another quandary, or at the very least a serious paradox (for "damage control" freaks, perhaps this is where that 5th dimension or possibly better yet "quantum spin physics" should have been applied).

9 - Science Fiction (especially for those having the right stuff, plus having motivation and the obvious means), is nearly always cheaper and most certainly safer then doing the real thing;  All one has to do is maintain a sufficient "nondisclosure" threat and otherwise keep paying off those knowing of the truth. Once our astronauts are sent into space and, if Club NASA holds the only key to the men's room, then you and I get exactly whatever God permits us to see and hear. Seed publication funding, and you'll get whatever added outside print support (most of us [especially publishers] will gladly accept easy money, no questions asked). However, a slight problem may soon arise upon "death bed" confessions, so NASA/NSA/DoD may have to either prematurely eliminate such additional threats and/or continue funding all those remaining friends and relatives (as it might not look so good if entire family trees are oddly disappearing). This necessary "damage control" is truly expensive but quite understandable and apparently wholesome because, if you've essentially signed on as a spy, astronaut or whatever, you and anyone you associate with are knowingly expendable and, this factor is well understood (it's part of the package which always includes that little "nondisclosure policy"). Steven King could and perhaps should build a true to life thriller, as just based upon the enforcement of that policy alone.

As you can tell, I could certainly go on and on, however, I have many (perhaps far too many) other pages simply chuck full of ideas and worthy considerations. If you elect not to read those, then merely request a direct one-on-one reply upon any given target and, I'll certainly do my level best, by filling in those blanks where there should not have been any such left for the imagination (sort of like filling in where those missing ENRON documents leave you with the oddest sensation that those involved [including government] have not been telling the truth, where the presents of those very same documents would obviously have alleviated such concerns and, subsequently placed a few dozen wealthy executives and politicians behind bars or worse).

GOVERNMENT No.1, YOU AND I (zero, zip, nada);
Another somewhat interesting possibility about NASA's strange behavior, is now having to do with that 10th or 12th or whatever big ass planet, you know, this is the one NASA insiders (club members) have known about and having multiple hidden agendas applied for perhaps several decades and, just like the previous near miss of a rather significant space rock, we all heard absolutely nothing whatsoever from NASA (until it was too late). The only problem with this next little planet issue, is that it's just a wee bit larger (like 4+X that of Earth) and quite possibly many thousands of times greater in mass then Earth (if this turns out being a dead sun [like the one Venus escaped from], try 100 thousand times more massive) and guess what; it's essentially headed right for our sun and/or us. Here again, there seems to be little if anything NASA can do about it, which is not a significant problem for those entitled, as to being protected by custom doomsday shelters built, thoroughly stockpiled and paid for by you and me, however, oddly unavailable for that of salvaging our butts.

If you just happen to be, or believe you are, a good investigative reporter on the prowl for something or perhaps better yet, an effective (deep pocket) lawyer specializing in Government fraud or how about wrongful death cases, then you might be advised to wander through a few areas of my total wonderment, as to how I perceive all of this absurdity happened and, at what ultimate global cost as well as impact upon all of humanity. As within any good murder/mystery case, even when there is no body and even no actual murder weapon, often it's what evidence is oddly missing (such as those ENRON documents or in this case, that early Apollo "safety report" and then of those subsequent Apollo mission related documents, including the original lunar negatives plus, how about those supposed movies of their 1/6th gravity scaled lander test flights) along with reviewing those ever popular and easily definable "cold-war motives", obvious power "incentives", ample "opportunity" and then, based upon those all essential "time lines", as these are what makes or breaks most any case. Men have long been put to their death upon far lessor evidence. You and I would spend the remainder of our lives behind bars with a mere 10% of what evidence is seemingly available.

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