Watch your backside, the enforcers are running amuck

(NASA's crack "spin and damage control" freaks are playing with fire again)

by; Brad Guth / IEIS    updated: May 20, 2003

Astrobiliogy, astrophysics or of anything to do with applied science and/or the laws of physics; sorry folks but, these can not be implied on a case by case basis. You can not say of selected science and physics that upholds your way of thinking can not be applied as equally to what Venus has to offer and, not expect my returning the favor because, that's simply not going to happen.

Actually there's no such thing as astrobiology, though perhaps there's something in exobiology but really there's only biology that applies to all known forms of life as well as for whatever ET has to offer. Perhaps there's a "fruit loop" ology that's somewhat like the sorts of opposition I've been receiving, as that would certainly explain the pure nonsense factor, where the undertow of what most critics call constructive criticism has not only come without references but is more than obviously having the intent of destroying the value and point of what's at stake. Sort of like going in for some cosmetic surgery and discovering that they had harvested your organs while they were at it.

I certainly don't mean to be disrespectful but, once again folks, it seems as though I'm looking at or simply another fool on the hill besides myself. Sorry folks, I just now tried this link (provided by the critic) and it fails, just like this ruse of NASA is failing at accomplishing whatever "spin and damage control". Instead of the phony link as above, you'll find his own words at this "", of which has once again closed their doors to the truth. Seems that you can't call a spade a spade, in fact this sort of fictitious sole even created that fictitious web site "", then obviously because he's one of the Godfathers of Space-Talk, he pulled my last post/reply from the "Structures clearly identified on Venus" and blocked others by closing out the discussion. My intended reply to his final post was as follows:

OK other fool on the hill; I never mentioned anything about my being "King of the world", as if I were I'd first be eliminating such ridiculous folks that elect to follow a pagan god off the nearest cliff, only to be landing in a nondisclosure toilet like the ones you seem to use every day.

As I've stipulated before, you can always show me your observational support, of alternative SAR images of what looks artificial but clearly isn't, as in respect to either of the images presented on the following two pages. Obviously you must have such examples, as otherwise how can you make such statements against what looks and tast and even feels like something other than natural?

My revised or edited pages on Venus nocturnal life is certainly not as polished as your butt, but that's certainly not the point, or perhaps it is the point of what your butt is suggesting.

Here's a thought; perhaps Earth was terraformed, whereby our God (your God) was Venus lizard folk?

I'll try to read through more of your rantings with some respect, I'll even consider that you're entirely right in remaining absolutely negative about absolutely everything that upsets your idea of life as being restricted to Earth and only Earth (I had no idea that your God or perhaps it's just your intelligence was so limited in scope).

BTW; I've started another round of tit for tat's with regard to relocating ISS to VL2: I'm sure that you'll have nothing to offer but negatives to express upon either of these two pages. Have fun.

A typical quote from this upstanding critic:

"Please understand that what I can trying to express is that in the formulation of scientific ideas, constructive criticism can only serve to enhance one's theory by pointing out where one may have gone wrong so that one may correct those errors. Actual scientists commonly make mistakes, themselves, but these mistakes can be corrected IF one allows oneself to be open to skeptism."

I've always received honest constructive criticism and/or skeptism with great interest, that's because truly constructive criticisms arrive with their valid references and of something backing such up, as in regarding the laws of science and physics that would have to apply equally to Venus as to Earth or of any other planet which indicated such a degree of natural energies and of such positive evolutionary properties as clearly shown of Venus. Unfortunately, what my esteemed critics refer to as their constructive criticism is actually satanic bashings because, there's been nothing of substance by their reference that substantiates upon their contention that somehow life as well as intelligence must be confined to an Earth environment. This is the rubbish talk of sadistic fools disbelieving in evolution (other than their own) as well as in life itself or perhaps even upon creation, as the very same science and law of physics seems to include upon the possibility of other life NOT as we know it, kicking butt if need be on Venus. Skeptism is a given, as I expected those believing in plan "A" to absolutely refuse to believe in plan "B" irregardless of whatever anyone has to offer or say, by which I don't expect any substantiation coming from a skeptic anymore than I'd expect the Pope to make restitution to the Cathars or Phantom Works to come clean about the shuttle COLUMBIA (I'm intentionally leaving NASA out of this loop because, I've come to understand that NASA is merely the bus driver, or otherwise playing dumb as a post about much of anything).

Two years ago I'd be a whole lot nicer, a whole lot more understanding and appreciative of those offering their expertise. However, the key phrase being "offering their expertise" was anything but what happened, unless you consider tossing molten flak at this opportunity as being a good thing.

Some further remarks as taken out of context but, you can always read the entire dialog, with the understanding that this Space-Talk Godfather has the key to accessing his dialog (while shutting out all others including myself) at any time and, as such editing upon his comments to suit those onlookers, thus making himself look very proper and polite, very much unlike some of his original statements of which within context were being downright disrespectful if not intentionally irresponsible.

"In addition, I am very sorry, but those images prove absolutely nothing. I openly recommend that you immediately seek psychiatric assistance. I am not trying to be humorous or cruel or anything of that kind; you seem to be a paranoid individual who apparently sees things that do not exist."

"However, as you say, there is still the possibility of life of a kind which we do not presently have the scientific knowledge to understand. However, it is just as likely that we do not have one kind of scientific knowledge as another; thus, we can not, at the moment, say whether some unknown form of biochemistry exists on Venus or whether some unknown geological process produces the effects you claim to be observing. Therefore, it is a useless scientific speculation to say that it is likely that some form of biochemistry exists on Venus of which we have no former scientific precedent."

"Therefore, the fact that some structures on Venus may have no previous geological precedent should not surprize us - it's all within the bounds of known physics to have strange looking mountains and so forth."

"Therefore, it is a useless scientific speculation to say that it is likely that some form of biochemistry exists on Venus of which we have no former scientific precedent."

Speaking about "useless"; besides his playing God with on-again off-again science and physics to suit a given agenda, apparently this fool on the hill has never owned a camera nor flown while taking pictures, as what in hell ever created such a freaking (gravity defying) bridge that's spanning such a wide canyon or rille certainly was not of geophysics on steroids, nor were these spectacular as well as symmetrical accomplishments attributed by mere microbes, at least I should hope they weren't, not to mention all the other stuff.

I believe these sorts of supposedly constructive criticisms as statements of fact are a joke, right, a bloody joke because basically they're in blatant denial upon the very process by which the bulk of discoveries occurred right here on Earth and, that's often been without there otherwise being any outward indications, so entirely unlike my discovering upon those very artificial looking attributes existing on Venus, which seem to boldly indicate that something or someone other most certainly modified upon their surroundings and, most likely did so in order to suit the environment at hand and, I believe that should imply even if such life has no hands and it most certainly applies to pre-greenhouse as I've openly accepted. In fact that was my first of conjectures when stipulating upon such directly to NASA nearly 2 and a half years ago, except at the time I simply didn't realize that the toilet flushing noise in the background was going to become their idea of taking action.

As a further example of constructive criticism that's not; oddly, there's been ample support by these very same critics for at least microbe and/or of larger life remaining on Mars, even though the environment of Mars is far worse off than Venus, especially if such life had to survive upon the planetary resources at hand, where there's certainly damn little that isn't dry-ice or otherwise solar and cosmic radiated to death about Mars. Without energy resources, all sorts of life as we know of will manage badly within environments ill suited for naked humans, not to mention stupid ones. Without shielding from cosmic and solar radiation, there's lesser hope for anything larger than microbe to have mutated sufficiently and/or have migrated to remaining sufficiently underground so as to have survived, as hot or cold, life can't so easily survive the sorts of radiation bombardment without considerable DNA/RNA damage, as few cells offer the degree of infrastructure that's tolerant to such an environment. Obviously I'm leaving the door wide open for any Mars tolerant form of life, as I'm not going to be like my critics and exclude upon something other that's new simply because it wasn't my idea or that it makes my pagan God look bad.

Never the less, as even though one's morals or lack thereof upon whatever actions and/or inactions are somehow not to be questioned by club members (least of all by outsiders), whereas this wonderfully kind and supposed astrobiology sole or Godfather of Space-Talk seems to be yet another fool (like some of those Godfathers of BBCI), out looking for or perhaps just hiding from those hard irrefutable numbers, that which obviously I can never provide to their satisfaction, no matters what I do because, they have no honest intentions of exploring truths, where there only goal has been to suppress whatever is tarnishing their pagan god or perhaps worse yet impacting their paycheck. Obviously if there wasn't anything to tarnish in the first place, in which case there wouldn't be any of this warm an fuzzy flak to return. I'm certainly not smart enough to create flak, let alone can I return flak if others aren't tossing it at me in the first place.

Unlike my critics attempting or pretending as being independent soles, I'll still consider these folks to being part of NASA, even if they're not being directly employed. Exactly like the crowds that gather at illegal Cock fights or at a street drag race to cheer on and even wager upon the outcome, where these fools are all just as guilty as those perpetrating such crimes against humanity and, as such punishment should be applied, as otherwise we'll continue having immoral actions taken by others, along with their crowds of supporters while the rest of are having to deal with all of their collateral damage and carnage. In most civil states, there are bystander laws imposed upon those that encourage others into breaking the law and even a few states holding such bystanders directly and as equally responsible for whatever damages and, that includes 2nd degree murder if there's any cause for such.

Perhaps the only really bad word that I've overused or over-implied is "God", in that I seem to have indicated that I'm some sort of a religious believer in a specific religious cult. Will, that's not the case at all, I just think it's damn interesting to note how so many of my opponents seem so Godly willing and able as to accomplish the devil's work on behalf of their favorite cloak, as though somehow their NASA has become a worthy God, thereby obviously entitled as to taking lives, of many lives when they've worked on behalf of NSA/DoD agendas, to the point of bringing us such warm memories as the USS LIBERTY fiasco, 9/11 and so on. Instead of there being the research and exploration leadership of which we need and thought we had, where we've gotten lots more than we ever bargained for. Perhaps the worst is yet to emerge.

Here I've come along with my fairly old "news flash", by having to stipulate that essentially we as humans are not so perfect and, that some of us weren't doing their job all that well, where as a result we've missed out on yet another grand opportunity as of 13+ plus years ago, where actually it's been as a result of decades of orchestrated disinformation and of worse cold-war things that culminated into making all this into the situation it is. Basically, the status quo has been is in their "spin mode", protecting their butts and accomplishing whatever "damage control" and of "dog wagging" it takes, as apparently doing so at all cost, where they (pro-NASA types) must suppress truths as well as this discovery because, this obviously uncovers truths that need to remain suppressed until hell freezes over (I do believe even the Pope would concur).

In spite of all the ongoing flak and door slamming; within the primary image of my discovery, even though the dimensional numbers associated with those multiple items that are certainly looking far more artificial than not may vary from 75 to 225 meter per pixel (as taken from the original 1:1 format and depending upon whom you're speaking with), as to how that even a 10 meter per pixel format would alter or change any pattern outcome of what's there to be seen is absolutely outside of known laws of physics, not to mention rational thinking. So, it's apparent that no matters what I offered and of the raw fact that of what's bigger is certainly something better off than not, is oddly insufficient for this other fool that's sitting on the hill.

Understandably, when I myself go about researching upon the most often "need to know" basis and, then I go about explaining in the best way I know upon the "what if's" of what's clearly unrecorded as for being anything natural, thus leaving lesser doubt about what other these highly complex and symmetrical formations could represent, against such others as critics bashing away while they selectively disregard the raw necessity of substantiating their own counter claim that all is somehow supposedly purely natural (pre-greenhouse as well as post-greenhouse) without even a worthy conjecture as to how such could have occurred, then what can I say, other than I simply do not understand their variable laws of science, nor of their skewed physics as well as for whatever their skewed biology can deliver, not to mention skewed history.

Even though I've researched to discover and learn that many others smarter than myself have their own profound conclusions as well as sufficient proof that other life can coexist where humanity can not sustain itself without a good deal of technology and, of doing such upon 1% O2 or less and at substantially greater temperatures at even 1 bar, as well as of sustaining much greater temperatures where there's additional pressures involved. Never the less, these "all-knowing" wizards of NASA's "spin and damage control" cults, they go about their sadistic business of protecting their pagan god as though there's no tomorrow, of which in many instances there was in fact no tomorrow for those of 9/11, flight-800, of the 6-Day war or of the USS LIBERTY fiasco and I could go on and on, as now they've even got themselves another fine batch of roasted astronauts to pride over. Gee, I can't wait to see what's next.

Perhaps it's another good thing that this latest of typically over-qualified critic wasn't a scuba diver, as he'd soon have to disbelieve in anything of life he discovered below 100' (4 bar absolute) and perhaps that's including himself. Lets see, I wonder of what's swimming around at 75 bar (2500') as living around and throughout those volcanic smokers, of what's been existing in their hot and nasty environment and, of how much O2 there is and of how much illumination exist and from what sources???

QUESTION;  If life on Earth can manage at thousands of feet below the surface, at hardly any O2 and at temperatures and of obvious pressures that would instantly exterminate naked human life, then what exactly is the problem with the Venus atmosphere?

So, even though I've bothered myself to further re-edit the "Venus by the numbers" page and, lo and behold, even though I've elected to share in what I've learned and, that oddly I still can't share a single counter image offered by any of the opposition (because they've offered none), only of their "doom and gloom" preachings against anything as complex nor as for being rational community like as what's existing on Venus, where irregardless of the science and physics that supports my conjectures, I keep getting their unsupported bashings by way of incoming flak, of such warm and fuzzy bashings intended to destroy what little humanity has left to grasp onto. In other words, morality and honesty be damned, this strong opposition (NASA orchestrated and fortified) to anything Venus has been solely intent upon destroying our future and of making you and myself pay for that to happen and, as I've already stated, so many have paid the ultimate price, yet like the Pope, this opposition to absolutely anything Venus is still not sufficiently happy until every Cathar is dead, as well as for any of their following (sort of makes Hitler look like a nice day-care provider, certainly a whole lot smarter).

And, don't start off by telling me that simply because Hitler is dead, that he wasn't damn smart. Thousands of individuals smarter than you and of all your friends as well as myself combined were victimized and, most were terribly punished if not murdered simply because they were smarter than others or simply because they discovered/uncovered certain truths. Just because certain folks have become prematurely dead and gone, that doesn't represent that they were the least bit wrong nor dumb, just fools for their believing in the morals of humanity (what morals? these astronomy, astrophysics and subsequent astrobiology or whatever pro-NASA types will just as soon "wag the dog" as eat their own kind and, of this pretentious and obviously phony guy from is of no exception). I've also stated that as long as you can allow someone other to accomplish your dirty work for you and, you see to it that that individual has a clear path for accomplishing whatever dastardly deed on your behalf, guess what, that too is an immoral act of truly despicable standards, yet our cold-wars and of many other unfortunate happenings are likely to have been knowingly advanced if not initiated upon just such acts. This is not about just being a bystander, more like a fight promoter or perhaps a pimp or at the very least an illegal drug trafficker, somewhat like how the British utilized opium against China in order to take whatever they wanted.

Of course, there are a few aspects that would actually make all of this GUTH Venus stuff so much worse for America and American interest, such as having ESA, Russia, China, India, Germany, Cuba or God forbid France making "first contact" and justly reaping the rewards, where that "worst than death" consideration would become their informing the world that it was actually Brad Guth that discovered exactly what was what and then some as of nearly 2.5 years ago and, that I had been treated like so much dirt by not only NASA but of those communities worshiping the very ground by which our NASA walks upon (actually worshiping the money and/or the prestige and immense power gained by association, that's including their obtaining isolation from whatever moral responsibilities and subsequent guilt, especially within the cloak and dagger cults of NSA/DoD factions).

Perhaps unlike yourself, I've lost track of exactly how many sanctimonious pretentious types I've encountered, those skewing whatever science and physics it takes as to insuring that history as well as intelligence remains in the toilet, rather than utilizing their supposed intellect to further explore and explain upon what's possible in spite of our skewed education and in spite of what their privet little world might prefer to believe in. The Pope certainly managed this process by exterminating all those opposing their teachings and/or interfering with their profit takings and, for the most part that worked but, perhaps now it's payback time.

So, if you have something of honest geology or biology and/or of astrophysics that can clearly stipulate by the numbers, that somehow other life could not have possibly existed nor influenced a damn thing on Venus, let alone have survived any onset of their present greenhouse environment, as if so I'm all eyes and ears and, I'll be the first to post links to such documentation or even to your own research page, which may even prove somewhat difficult because, a good number of my critics have published words and of those supported by the science and physics backing up their published conjectures for that of justifying our adventuring far beyond our solar system, in search of ET if not the meaning of life itself (where apparently cost as well as risk be damned).

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